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1870 Census Mortality Schedule

"1870 Federal Census, Schedule 2.- Persons who Died during the year ending 1st June, 1870, in the County of Cass, State of Nebraska, enumerated by me,?--------?"

Transcribed from "Federal Non-Population Decennial Census Schedules for Nebraska," National Archives Microfilm Publications, Call No. T1128, Roll 3. Transcription by Wendy J. Anderson.

Original Enumeration Columns
1 - Number of the family as given in the 2d column of Schedule 1.
2 - NAME OF EVERY PERSON WHO DIED during the year ending 1st June, 1870,whose usual place of abode at the time of death was in this family.
Description (columns 3-6)
3 - Age last birth-day. If under one year, give months in fractions
4 - Sex
5 - Color - White, Black, Mulatto, Chinese, Indian (all those enumerated on this schedule were listed as white.)
6 - Married or Widowed .
7 - PLACE OF BIRTH Naming the State, Territory, or Country of the U.S. or the country if of foreign birth.
PARENTAGE (columns 8 and 9)
8 - Father of foreign birth.
9 - Mother of foreign birth.
10 - The month in which the person died

KEY- Please note that each entry extends down 2 rows.

  • Row 1:
    • - Name of deceased
    • - A-Sx-MS: Age - Sex - Marital Status; "marr"= married, "wid"=widowed (If neither the space was left blank and is here indicated by -0)
    • - PoB: Place of Birth
    • - Par: Parentage; x - x = father of foreign birth - mother of foreign birth
    • - Occupation
    • - Prec : HH# Precinct and household number where enumerated on the regular Population Schedule
  • Row 2:
    • - Month of Death: standard abbreviations are used
    • - Cause of Death: written as found on schedule

For definitions of many of the illnesses cited, visit The Olive Tree'sGlossary of Disease

Name A-Sx-MSPoBParOccup. Prec : HH#
MoDCause of Death
Ackerson, Alling18y-?-0 Sweden1-1 PP : 51
Allen, Henry C. 2y-m-0 Neb.   LIB : 17
Mar.Scarlet Fever
Allen, Joseph 5m-m-0 Neb.    LIB : 17
Mar. Scarlet Fever
Barnes, Nancy 1y-f-0 IA   LIB : 80
Junescalded to death
Beard, George 22y-m-0 Va. Farm Laborer AV : 69
Apr. Rickets
Boeck, George2y-m-0 Neb.1-1 RB : 75
Nov.Carabropina Fever
Burton, Hitts11m-m-0Neb.  PLM : 23
MayCongestion of Lungs
Cameron, E. R. C.*1d-m-0?? 1-1   PLM : 85
Aug.Still Born*
Canady, Riley50y-m-marrInd.  Farmer AV : 90
JulyHeart disease
Carpenter, Andrew41y-m-marr.Va.  Laborer PLM : 170
Oct. [Bilious] Colic
Chamberlain, George2y-m-0?   PLM : 51
Clemmons, Elizabeth21y-f-0Iowa1-1 school teacher RB : 34
Oct.Acute Dropsy
Cole, Oren R.4y-m-0 IA  RB : 85
Julyscarlet fever
Connor, Charles14y-m-0OH   OP : 27
? Lung Fever
Connor, Ida10y-f-0OH  OP : 27
Feb.Lung Fever
Copple, George1m-m-0Neb.  LIB : 51
Aug.convulsions spasms
Crabtree, Emily42y-f-marrConn. Keeping house EMG : 25
Sep. Childbirth
Crocker, Lindell L.19y-m-0Pa. Surveyor PLM : 15-?-
Sep. Killed by Sioux Indian
Cummins, Ernest02y-m-0Neb.   PP : 50
Dulanty, Mary Jane10m-f-0 Wis.  PLM : 30
Dec.Lung Fever
Edmundson, Francis1y-m-0IA  LIB : 67
Oct. Croup
Egan, Sarah 38y-f-marrIreland1-1 Keeping house PLM : 280
MayInflammation of bowels
Ferree, Anne51y-f-marr.PA keeping house  PP : 18
Freeman, Ines3y-f-0 Neb.  LIB : 55
Jul.Scarlet Fever
Garrett, Sarah19y-f-0Ohio At Home SC : 83
Feb.Typhoid Fever
Goos, George7y-m-0 Schleswig1-1  PLM : 274
MayPoisened by wild berries
Griffith, Esther2m-f-0Neb.  AV : 69
Aug.Inflammation of Bowels
Guider, Ida2y-f-0Wis.  SB : 60
Hicks, Mary 30y-f-marrEngland1-1  Keeping house PLM : 313
Hobbs, Lilly0-f-0Neb.  RB : 94
Oct. stillborn
Hobbs, Myrtle0-f-0Neb.  RB : 94
Oct. stillborn
Irish, William W.33y-m-marr.Vt.  Pastry Cook PLM : 145
Nov.[Suicide by shooting] Fire Arms
Jones, Della1y-f-0 Neb.  LIB : 10
Apr.Scarlet Fever
Jones, Louisa10y-f-0Neb.  LIB : 72
Aug.Brain Inflam of
Jones, Nancy4y-f-0Neb.  LIB : 72
JuneBrain Inflam of
Juda, Amanda2y-f-0Mo1-1  PLM : 147
MayScarlet Fever
Juda, Samuel 8m-m-0Mo1-1  PLM : 149
MayScarlet Fever
Latta, Jane 70y-f-wid.PA 1-0  RB : 122
Dec.[Bilious] Colic
Latta, Letitia35y-f-marr.PA keeping house RB : 8-?-
Lazenby, Emily A.31y-f-marr.Ind. keeping house PLM : 115
Leach, Sarah Ida ---f-0Neb.  PLM : 38
Jan. stillborn
Levy, Harris L.42y-m-marr.Poland1-1 Farmer LOU : 114
Aug.Killed by Indians
Lynn, F. E.2y-m-0Neb.  AV : 6
Mar.Scarlet Fever
Martin, Nelson11y-m-0Penn.  SC : 77
McChord, Elizabeth 87y-f-wid.VA  RB : 1-?-6
Feb.General Debility
McIntosh, Lucia21y-f-0Ohio  PLM : 170
Merton, William39-m-marr.OH  farmer OP : 36
MarLung Fever
Murphy, Margt.32y-f-marrN.Y.1-0 Keeping house PLM : 253
Murphy, Margt.?m-f-0Neb.1-0  PLM : ???
Peak, Mary43y-f-marr. NY1-1 keeping house  PP : 19
Nov.Typhoid Fever
Pierce, Lewis P.26y-m-0Vt. Farmer PLM : 18
Feb.Pulmonary Consumption
Pocock, John3m-m-0Neb.  RB : 28
Feb.Cholera Infantum
Quaid, Catherine16y-f-0Wis.1-1 At Home  PLM : 263
Jan.Hemmorhage of Lungs
Richardson, Amanda1y-f-0Neb.  EMG : 61
Aug.Congestion of Lungs
Roden, Lilly8m-f-0 Neb.  MTP : 48
Apr.Lung Disease
Ruffner, Peter A.56y-m-wid.Va. Farmer PLM : 125
Schlantz, Frederick56y-m-marr.Prussia1-1 Farmer LOU : 12
Shaffer, Frederick 78y-m-widVa. Farmer PLM : 383
Oct. [Fits] Convulsions
Shera, Joseph C. A.11y-m-0 Ireland1-1  RB : 50
Mar.Acute Rheumatism
Sibert, Susan26y-f-marrVA  OP : 26
Smith, W. A.34y-m-marr. ?  sea captain PP : 27
Feb.Accidentally shot by Firearms
Snyder, Abraham72y-m-marr.VA  farmer PP : 59
Apr.Heart Disease
Spires, Leonard8m-m-0Neb.1-0  PLM : 137
Feb.Lung Fever
Stafford, Elisha49y-m-marr.Va. farmer TIP : 70
Stattler, Emma 6y-f-0Neb.  AV : 3
Apr.Scarlet Fever
Sullivan, Thomas A02y-m-0 Neb.  RB : 4
JuneLung Fever
Thomas, Wm. L.38y-m-marrOhio Daguerrean Artist SB : ??
Aug.Disease of Liver
Tucker, Sonora10m-f-0Neb.  PLM : 57
Mar.Inflamation of Brain
Tutt, Edwin G.4y-m-0Neb.  PLM : 125
Oct. Typhoid Fever
Tutt, Grace E.3m-f-0Neb.  PLM : 125
Apr. Disease of Lungs
Wiles, Malcolm02y-m-0Neb.  PP : 67
Oct. Paralysis

*Remarks at bottom of enumeration page read: "E.R.C. Cameron was born prematurely in consequence of an accident on the R.R. and survived but one day.

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