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Submitted by: Dave Tyson

THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, March 4, 1910 vol. 19 no. 30 page 3

A Birthday Party.

One of These "Girls" Aged 80.

A very enjoyable gathering occurred at the pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs, A. W. Neihart Tuesday afternoon, Feb 28.

The occassion was to congratulate the mother of Mrs. Neihart, Mrs. Louisa Hollenbeck, on passing the 77th birthday of her long life. It was a great surprise to Mrs. Hollenbeck as she was bidden to come spend the afternoon with her daughter, to find thirteen, --not an unlucky number for the dear lady said to these friends, "I make the fourteenth." Looking into the faces of these ladies you would not have said, "They are on the shady side of life," but the sunny slope. Each one was in her best "bib and tucker" with smiling faces for the occasion, and our best manners, as our good mothers of long ago had taught us, each one paying our best respects to Mrs. Hollenbeck, whom we had come to honor. Sure you would not have called us old, one at least had seen 80 summers, others all the way back to 60 years or less. Mr. Neihart our host, is a good judge and he called us "girls." Mrs. Hollenbeck was presented with several pretty presents, and a shower of birthday cards from friends both in and out of town. After a pleasant chat of an hour Mr. Neihart came up stairs saying, "Now girls get ready to have your pictures taken." Setting down his camera, he proceeded to arrange the finest group with which Elmwood has been honored for a long time. Of course Mrs. Hollenbeck occupied the center seated in a big chair, friends to the right of her and friends to the left of her, a group of friends behind her.

We all felt honored to be there. After this we were called to Mrs. Neihart's pretty sunny dining room where a festive picture met our eyes. Long red and white festoons from the chandelier down to the corners of table where they were held with large white chrysanthemums. The centre piece was an immense frosted cake, with a red and white bouquet of flowers, surrounded by seventy-seven red wax candles, burning with great brilliancy. The pretty white linen cloth ornamented with red and white Japanese napkins, unique little cut glass dishes of jellies, pickles, even to the customary after dinner mints, were all in evidence.

When we were all seated, and grace reverently said, dinner was brought in. It is scarce necessary to speak of the quality of the dinner, for Elmwood is famed for good dinners and fine cooks with whom Mrs. Neihart takes a high place. A pleasant little token was given each guest before they left the table in the form of a fresh Japanese napkin on which Mrs. Hollenbeck wrote her name. So ended this pleasant gathering, the ladies present being Mesdames Hollenbeck, Alton, Buster, Earnst, Hall, Royer, Woodard, Lefler, Bailey, Sarah Hall, Peck, Hylton, Swarts, Hobbs

THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, March 4, 1910 vol. 19 no. 30 page 1 Miss Aleetha ROUSE [has] 16th birthday surprise party.


Millard Kline, of Lincoln, visited Cyrus Tyson Tuesday and Wednesday. The young men will go to Colorado where they have invested in land.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, 8 Apr 1910, vol. 19 no. 35, p4.

Alvo Items:
Miss Flora Boyles is home from Iowa City, for visit with parents, during spring vacation.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, 8 Apr 1910 p5.

Cyrus Tyson and Millard Kline lost a valuable horse in Lincoln Saturday. The young men were driving through to Wyoming, and Cyrus had gotten as far as Lincoln, to which he was accompanied by his father. It is thought the animal was overfed.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, 15 Apr 1910, vol. 19 no. 36, p1.

Mrs. W. H. Cassel went to Valpraiso Saturday for visit with son Earl and family.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, 15 Apr 1910 vol. 19 no. 36, p1.

Dr. Alton was called to Wabash Tuesday eve. to see Ira Bosworth, who was badly injured by falling out of a freight car while unloading household goods.

O. M. Wood took Misses Edna Lefler, Lottie , Florence Comer, Lola Lamphear and Mr. Noel Tyson to Louisville Sat. to the teachers meeting.
Comment by submitter "There was a SKEEN family in Cass at one time."
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, Apr 22, 1910 19:37 p4.

Miss Fara Eidenmiller is teaching the Fairview school, the regular teacher, Noel Tyson, being laid up with rheumatism.

Noel Tyson and Miss Verna Ward visited friends near Weeping Water Sunday.

Wabbash Wafers. Mr. and Mrs. Turner Zink, of Weeping Water, were visiting their sons this week.


Mrs. Branson and son Barton were Lincoln passengers Tuesday evening.

J. J. Gustin and family from Murdock to home of brother Ed Gustin.

Dr. Alton a Wabash visitor Monday.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, May 6, 1910 pl, vol 19 No. 39

Alice White, died age 14 yrs., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James White, residing south of Elmwood. Appendicitis. Funeral held Wednesday. Interred Palmyra Cemetery.

THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, May 6, 1910 p5, Vol 19, No. 39

Flossie and Florence Wollen - sisters of A.V. Wollen - implement man, from Weeping Water for visit.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ivy McCrory Monday morning - a baby girl.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, May 6, 1910 p8, Vol. 19 No. 39

Miss Mabel Davis, of Bethany, in town Tuesday.

Miss Myrtle Deles Dernier to Fremont Monday.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, May 13, 1910 p4, vol 19., no. 40

Elmwood relatives received news of birth of daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Willcockson at their home in Kansas City, Missouri, 1117 Gilhan(?) Block.

Miss Ida McFall, Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Riker(?) and Mrs. Edna Alton were visitors at the Dan Eells home in Lincoln Wednesday.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, May 13, 1910 p4, vol. 19, no. 40

Wabash Wafers: Dr. Alton, Elmwood, made professional call Tuesday.

Mr. Howard Bloodgood and Miss Lydia Squiers, Wabash, were married at M.E. parsonage in Laramie, Wyoming, May 4th. They will reside on a cattle ranch a few miles from Laramie.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, May 13, 1910 p5, vol. 19, no. 40

Dr. Alton reports the birth of a baby girl to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Smith, north of Murdock.

Miss Alma Kuenning, of vicinity, married Roy E. Wood, Wednesday at home of bride's parents. Father of bride, Mr. Henry Kuenning emigrated to Nebraska with fellow townsman L.W. Roettger; the latter and wife and Mr. and Mrs. Langhorst, also old friends of Mr. Kuenning, being in attendance.

Rev. and Mrs. L.A. Chapman, removed to Charmi (Carmi?) Illinois, writes.

A.W. Neihart visited his parents at Nebraska City.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, May 13, 1910

The Kensington will sew for Mrs. M.H. Tyson, Thursday afternoon, May 26th.

Girl born to Dr. and Mrs. I.D. Jones, Murdock, May 4.

John McCaig was down from Omaha Saturday with his electrical apparatus displaying the principles of copper cable lightning rods. Mr. McCaig is an early settler of Stove Creek Precinct and brother of the late David McCaig.

Graduation Announcement May 27
Class Play May 26
(Langhorst Opera House)?
Play:"Unfangling Tony"
Gladys Mannering, an only child.........Ethel Tyson
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, May 20, 1910 p8 vol. 19 no. 41

At home of bride's parents last Sunday, Lillian Bogengrief, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bogengrief, married Max A. Fisher of Cleveland, Ohio. Couple left for Colorado Springs where Fisher plays in the Midland Lyceum Band.

Mrs. S.D. Eells returned from her Kansas trip, now visiting Lincoln at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Eells, after which she will go to Minnesota to join her daughter in Minneapolis.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, May 27, 1910 p1 vol. 19 no. 42

A. W. Neihart & Co. sold fine piano to Mr. Frank Buell this week.

Nona Neihart received phone call from Wabash to teach music there. Twelve pupils. (She) will teach at Union, Mon., Tues., Wed., Wabash, Thurs. and Elmwood, Fri. and Sat.

Miss Agnes Langhorst visited and is leaving Sat. for home in Berlin. Just closed a successful season of hat trimming at Essex, Iowa.

(To) Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Olson (flour miller?), baby girl (born) Monday evening.

John T. Rivett, brother of Charles Rivett, formerly of Elmwood, died at Angora, Nebraska Tuesday evening. Interment Wyuka Cemetery.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, May 27, 1910 p4 vol. 19 no. 42

John Dreamer, born September 18, 1828, Germany; died Elmwood, May 22, 1910; 81 years 8 months 14 days. 1861 came to America and settled in Missouri. 1871 to Cass County, near Alvo; about 1902 to Elmwood. 1862 he married Anna Wuerman.
Ten children born (to the union), two preceded their father in death. Member of the Evangelical Association (since) 1874. Died of heart disease and old age.
Card of Thanks (signed) Mrs. John Dreamer and family.

Adolph ROSENKOETTER, Sr. (H. A. ROSENKOETTER, 1844-1910) bron Flkendiek Kreishnerford, Germany December 12, 1844. Died Elmwood, May 20, 1810; 65Y 5M 8D. In 1866 married (Anna, 1843 - 1916), five children.
1881 came to America, locating in Missouri, then Sterling, Colorado, five years ago to Elmwood. Member, Evangelical Association. (He) leaves wife, one son, two daughters. Interment Elmwood Cemetery.

(Other Papers) >From the Louisville Courier
W.S. Waters of Lincoln, Dr. W.A. Alton and Attorney William DelesDernier of Elmwood passed through on their way home from Plattsmouth. Dr. Alton and Mr. Waters favored the Courier with a pleasant call.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, May 27, 1910 p5 vol. 19 no. 42


Mrs. L. R. Tyson and two little children of Cheyenne, Wyo., are making a visit with Elmwood relatives and friends. Mrs. Tyson is on her way home from Kansas City where she attende a meeting of the Womens Auxillary to the National Railway Mail Clerks Association, she being secretary of the body.
Sixteen years have elapsed since Mrs. Tyson was here last and she say Elmwood has grown and improved wonderfully in that time. Many new faces take the place of the ones she knew. Boys and girls have grown to be men and women, the older ones have passed away, and in fact Elmwood has changed so she hardly recognizes the place. She says Lester sends regards to all inquiring friends.

Alumni Banquet - On Saturday evening, May 28, at the A. F. & A. M. hall, was held the fifth annual meeting of the Alumni Association of the E. H. S. The graduating class, numbering fourteen, were initiated into the mysteries of the order, and all present enjoyed a pleasant evening. Both hall and dining room were decorated in the association colors, and the menu cards of the same -- scarlet and grey. Mrs. Gamble acted as toastmistress. After luncheon a goodly number went back to the hall and spent the remainder of the evening singing old songs and talking over school days.

Elmwood Will Celebrate .
Owing to the fact that none of our neighboring towns have planned for an observance of the 4th of July this year, the Elmwood Park Association and business men of Elmwood have determined to arrange a monster celebration of that day. There will be an unusually good oration, plenty of music, two exciting base ball games, tug of war, athletic events of all kinds and amusement for young and old. Plan to attend. Watch for the big bills.

Mrs. Jno. Cobb, Mrs. C. S. Aldrich and baby, and Mrs. Mary Streeter left Wednesday afternoon for their old home at Cedar Falls, Iowa, for a visit of about three weeks. Mrs. Aldrich will visit Tipton, Marshalltown, and Boone on her homeward trip.

Dr. Liston was called to Eagle Monday to attend one, Thomas Ryan, who had indulged in a little too much of the fluid that intoxicates and was found on the M.P. tracks with a fractured skull and in an unconcious condition. It is said he was sleeping on the track when struck by a passenger train.

Charles Bohannan came down from Lincoln Saturday to attend the annual Alumni banquet. Charley will not fill appointment at the state university, contrary to the announcement made in these columns heretofore, but will accept a position on the faculty of the Plainview school which was recently tendered him.

C. A. Julian & Sons, 2148 Potter St., Lincoln, are just finishing one of their fine ten foot patented caves at the home of the editor. Several of these caves have been ordered built in the vicinity of Murdock, Fred Stoch having already had one installed. We think they are the only cave and respectfully invite our friends to a careful inspection of one at our place.

Misses Verona, Agnes and Frances Langhorst of Berlin (later, Otoe) attended commencement (Elmwood High)

Marriage license issued to Sterling Rhoden of Wakeeney, Kansas and Nona P. Moreland of Lincoln.
THE ELMWOOD LEADER-ECHO Friday, June 3, 1910 vol. 19 no. 43 p. 4

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