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Union Ledger;
excerpts from a 1905 issue (exact date unknown)

Not Here Today

The approach of the dates of the old settlers' re-union each year reminds us that the pioneers are being called away, and at every reunion we miss familiar faces. The past few years the death record includes a number of the old settlers as well as some of middle age, and from the old settlers' register and The Ledger files we find the following record of deaths of people who had resided in or near this village, also date of death:
Joshua Lynn Feb. 29, 1896
John Ervin Mar 13, 1896
Fleming W. Robb Sr. Apr 10, 1896
Silas Sherwood Aug 27, 1896
Mrs. Jane McCarroll Aug 29, 1896
Mrs. Mareta Du Bois Mar 25, 1897
Abram Hathaway April 9,1897
Milton Wolfe Dec 20, 1897
Mrs Laticia Engell Mar 4, 1898
John O' Donnell July 4, 1898
Mrs Catherine Hargus Jul 29, 1898
Mrs Maria Young Sept 3, 1898
Mrs Nancy Burris Sept 22, 1898
David Hickman Sept 25, 1898
Isaac Dye Sr. Oct 6, 1898
Mrs Sarah J Davis Nov 2, 1898
Mrs Emily Garrison Dec 13, 1898
Evander W Barnum Dec 26, 1898
Simon Young Jan 14, 1899
Mrs Ravina Ervin Mar 8, 1899
Claiborne F Davis Mar 27, 1899
Aquilla D. Johnson May 4, 1899
Wm J Young Oct 12, 1899
Jacob Surface Dec 12, 1899
William A Pell Jan 1, 1900
Mrs Eva Dysart Feb 26, 1900
John Everett Sr Mar 21, 1900
Mrs May McClaflin April 15, 1900
Harrison McClaflin Sept 14, 1900
Arthur A Gifford Sept 16, 1900
Ezekiel P Davis Oct 2, 1900
Robt O Hoback Oct 26, 1900
Albert Eaton Oct 30, 1900
John Smith Nov 8, 1900
Barnett L Reynolds Nov 19, 1900
Mrs Sarah Hickman Jan 23, 1901
Geo W Pell Jan 27, 1901
Eleazer Bales april 3, 1901
Mrs Sarah A Johnson April 9, 1901
Soloman L Comer June 281901
John F Buck Sept 1, 1901
Dr Robt B Wallace Sept 16, 1901
Eugene Pickett Jan 15, 1902
Mrs Sarah McQuin Mar 24, 1902
Thomas Lindsey Mar 26, 1902
Mrs mary Chilcott July 23, 1902
Arthur Shoemaker Oct 16, 1902
Hiram DuBois Dec 15, 1902
John Stine Jan 19, 1903
James Chase Sr Mar 28, 1903
Mrs Ann Hathaway June 5, 1903
Nicholas Trook July 7, 1903
Mrs Theodora Taylor Nov 6, 1903
Henry F Taylor Dec 4, 1903
Mrs Lottie Barkhurst Feb 10, 1904
Mrs Annie Austin Mar 5, 1904
Mrs Sobrina Rose May 22, 1904
Glenn Douge June 18, 1904
Mrs Emma J mills Aug 29, 1904
Franz Bauer Sept 18, 1904
John Eaton Sr Nov 2, 1904
Mrs Jane Folden Nov 25, 1904
Mrs Arella Bramblet Dec 14, 1904
J I Simmons Jan 26, 1905
Henry Wolfe Sr Mar 10, 1905
Walker Jones Mar 27, 1905
Henry J Davis May 9, 1905
Nathaniel Harless April 17, 1905
Mrs Ellen Trook May 11, 1905
Nicholas Young July 13, 1905
Mrs Catherine Wilson Aug 6, 1905
Perhaps a few names may have been omitted in making the above list, and for the purpose of having ing [sic] it accurate and complete it will be published again next week with such additions as may be reported.
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Union Ledger, August 26, 1910

(The printed date was chopped off and someone wrote August 26 before putting it on microfilm. I mention this only because of the following headline.)

Old Settlers 22nd Re-union To Be Held at Union On That Date.


The Plans Are to Make This the Best Re-Union Ever Held in Our Village

          The annual business meeting of the Old Settlers Association was held Monday evening, at which time much enthusiasm was on tap and everything indicated that this year we are to have a splendid celebation on Friday and Saturday, August 19 and 20. W.B. Banning was chairman of the meeting and C.L. Graves was secretary. There was some difficulty in finding a gentleman who was willing to accept the position of president of the association this year, as it is well known that that officer has a heavy load to carry, but after several had pledged their best efforts to assist in the work the following officers were elected:

  • President - W.R. Cross
  • Vice Presidents - John B. Roddy and Al E. Stites
  • Secretary - Charles L. Graves
  • Treasurer - L.R. Upton

          All the above officers are enthusiastic and propose to take hold of the business with a view of making this the best re-union ever held here, and if they succeed in doing this they will be "going some" from start to finish. It is desired that every citizen now get busy and "boost" right along to help in the work as well as encourage the officers. These re-unions have done more than anything else to make a good name for our village, and every business man profits by the advertisement it gives it, and we should all unite forces to make this a record-breaker in the way of a celebration. Everybody get busy and be a "booster."
[Submitted by Becky Applegate, July 2001]

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Tell of Early Days

        Mrs. Minnie Anderson, who is a native born Cass county pioneer, having been born at Plattsmouth on October 16, 1856, reached her 80th birthday last October, and is able to recount many incidents of early Cass county history, having resided in the county throughout the years of her life. Her parents were Rev. and Mrs. A. L. Folden, the father being an early day circuit riding minister, who made the rounds of his parishioners on horseback, preaching in homes and pioneer schoolhouses. Mrs. Anderson well recalls the days when Indians were plentiful about Plattsmouth and over-land trains were being outfitted there to make the trip to California, where gold had been discovered.
        She is happily located in a small apartment in the east part of town, where she does her own housekeeping. She has made brief visits outside the county and lived for a short time in California, but to her, Cass county is and always has been home. She likes it here better than anywhere else she has ever been and is happy and contented among the old time friends and acquaintances of this vicinity.

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