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The Avoca and Alvo Departments, Plattsmouth Journal, August 27, 1909


      The Avoca school will open September 6th.
      Fred McGrady has rented the Bates property.
      Orlando Tefft was an Omaha visitor Wednesday.
      Ollie Ward was down from Elmwood last week.
      Roy Fahnestock was down from Omaha over Sunday.
      Miss Pearl Harmon is visiting relatives at Sedalia, Mo.
      Henry Wulf and wife left last week for a trip west.
      Jeff Welcher and wife were at Berlin Tuesday evening.
      Charles Heckathorn was visiting Avoca relatives last week.
      Gus Mohr and family attended the picnic at Unadilla Thursday.
      Henry Hunterman and wife were at Omaha a few days last week.
      Clarence Tefft and family were visiting in Avoca last Saturday.
      Vilas Sheldon was transacting business business in Avoca last Saturday.
      Oscar Johnson was here from Weeping Water Monday evening.
      J. C. Zimmerer and T. H. Straub went to Omaha Sunday in the auto.
      John Bogard left Thursday for Seattle and other northwest points.
      Frank Shaeffer was down from Weeping Water one day last week.
      A cement crossing is being put in from the hotel to Dr. Brendel's office.
      T. W. Malcolm has rented the A. Zimmerer farm for the coming season.
      Mary Admenson of Berlin was visiting with her friends in Avoca last week.
      H. G. Wellensiek had business in southwest Nebraska several days this week.
      William Goliner, Ben Mohr, Gus Mohr and Jeff Welcher were at Omaha Sunday.
      Charles Benedict, who has been away for a few months on a trip returned last Friday.
      William Thiele was here from Berlin several days last week visiting relatives and friends.
      Nicholas Trook and Charles Everett were visiting relatives at Lincoln several days this week.
      Fred Buckman and Joseph Yonkerst left Monday for a trip to Colorado to look at real estate.
      George Malcolm, R. F. D. carrier, is enjoying a vacation. His brother Theron is carrying the mail.
      Prof. J. L. Zink and wife arrived home Tuesday evening from their visit at Dorchester and Panama.
      Mrs. J. C. Zimmerer and son Oscar spent several days this week visiting with relatives near Nebraska City.
      Mrs. Baldwin of Sedalia, Mo., has been spending the week visiting at the home of A. T. Harmon, west of here.
      Jeff Welcher has been painting at Henry Straub's, also painting and papering the interior of the school house this week.
      Straub Bros. left Tuesday for Des Moines with their herd of fine Galloways. They expect to go from there to Lincoln, Denver, and Seatlle.
      Samuel Johnson, wife Imo and Audrey Harmon left Wednesday for a trip to western Nebraska. They will make the trip in an automobile.

Settles Two Estates.
      The county court yesterday and today was engaged in hearing two probate matters of importance. Yesterday the final settlement of the Thomas L. Campbell estate took place and the administrator was discharged and his bondmen released. The distribution of this estate occasioned some trouble owing to advancements having been made four of the heirs.
      After considerable time and trouble, the share due the several heirs who numbered nine in all were figured out and the court entered a decree assigning the residue of the estate to them. Judge M. Archer appeared for the estate. The estate which was settled up this morning was the Simon B. Judkins estate from near Elmwood. Attorney William DelesDernier appeared as attorney for the estate.
      This case also presented some puzzling features owing to advancements having been made which were in excess of the heir's share of the estate. Judge Beeson in conjunction with Attorney DelesDernier finally worked out a scheme of distribution which disposed of the residue of the estate., a finding being entered showing that the heir in question had received in advancements more than the proportion of the estate would have been to which she was entitled.

Had a Fine Trip.
      Joe Peters, wife and family returned to their home in this city this morning after spending several weeks in Chicago and eastern cities, taking a vacation. They are looking the picture of health and have been having a royal time during their trip. They visited a number of places in the east and everywhere found something which helped them pass the time and make things highly enjoyable.
      Mr. Peters will resume his duties with the Burlington, feeling much refreshed by the trip. Mr. Peters and family spent a number of days at Fort Madison, Ia., where Mrs. Peters' brother lives, and they were greatly pleased with the city. Joe states it is one of the prettiest towns he has seen for a long time. The Mississippi River at this point is literally alive with motor boats, every one who can afford one of them having his own, and they skip about on the waters in every direction.
      The Iowa State penitentiary is located at this point, and it is a large and commodious structure. Arch Stevenson, formerly of Glenwood and well known in this city, is a guard at this institution, and Mr. Peters met him and had a long visit with him. He asked to be remembered to all the boys here. In addition to visiting in Fort Madison, Mr. Peters made a visit of several days at Aurora, also a delightful city, and, as stated above, at Chicago.

The Governor To Be Here.
      Hon. R. B. Windham this morning received positive assurance from Governor Shallenberger that he will be here and deliver an address on Pioneer day, September 2. Mr. Windham held a lengthy conversation with the governor over the phone and explained to him in detail the scope of the big gathering, the governor taking great interest in the matter and extending his assurance that he would attend and would consider it a pleasure to address the early settlers and all others.
      Mr. Windham was quite pleased at his success in securing Governor Shallenberger as the stellar attraction for that day. Governor Shallenberger at Plattsmouth on Pioneer Day, September 2.


      Miss Pearl Wauga of Lincoln was visiting Miss Orpha Mullen a few days this week.
      J. E. Casey went Lincoln Monday on No. 17.
      Mrs. George Hall was trading in Omaha Monday.
      Carlton Guillion, wife and son Raymond were in Omaha Monday.
      Harry Appleman and family have returned from their Aurora visit.
      Mrs. Vincent is having a cement walk laid in front of the postoffice.
      Mrs. Harry Parsell and daughter returned home from Wilber last Thursday. They were accompanied by here sisters, the Misses Beatrice Tucker and Agatha Tucker, who will remain some time with her.
      Jake Shaffer was a business visitor to Lincoln Tuesday evening, returning Wednesday noon.
      Miss Hopkins of Havelock visited with Miss Aletha Rouse the first of the week.
      M. C. Keefer and wife went to Lincoln Monday evening.
      Mrs. L. D. Bobbitt and daughter Hazel returned home Monday evening. They were accompanied by Mrs. Bobbitt's little brother Charley and sister, Aurel Foreman.
      Willis Benn of Rock Island, Ill., came in Wednesday evening to visit his niece, Mrs. J. A. Shaffer.
      Miss Marie Stroemer entertained her friends, Flora Boyles and Pearl Keefer, at dinner Sunday.
      Charles Sutton and family came in Saturday evening from Oklahoma , and has moved in to his sister's property in East Alvo for the present.
      George Hall, Frank Uptegrove and Harry Parsell went to South Dakota Monday morning.
      Arthur Prouty of Wichita, Kas., spent a few days at home last week.
      L. D. Mullen and James Grove were Murdock callers last Wednesday.
      Mel Prouty Jr. and son Lloyd returned home Wednesday from Juniata, where they have been visiting.
      L. Friend and wife returned from Des Moines, Ia., Wednesday afternoon on the Rock Island Flyer. They report and enjoyable visit.
      J. H. Foreman returned to Omaha Wednesday.
      James Jordan was an Omaha visitor Saturday.
      Mrs. A. I. Bird and children and Mrs. J. A. Shaffer drove to Lincoln Saturday.
      James Friend and wife of University Place, were visiting the home folks the first of the week.
      Charles Strong was doing business in Lincoln Thursday.
      Mrs. W. E. Carey went to Lincoln Thursday.
      C. F. Rosenow and wife attended the Elmwood chautauqua Sunday evening.
      L. F. Brillhart returned Friday of last week from Johnson where he attended the last sickness and burial of Mrs. Brillhart's father.
      Miss Cook of Furnas county is visiting with Mrs. Bingkitzel and Mrs. E. M. Stone this week.
      Our townsman, F. S. Allen, has rented a butcher shop out on West street, University Place, where he expects to begin business September first.

Daily Personal News, The Plattsmouth Journal, August 30, 1909

      Mrs. Joseph W. Johnson was a passenger this morning on the early train for the north.
      Miss Helen Clark is spending the day in Omaha, being a passenger for that city this morning on No. 15.
      H. E. Weidman and wife are spending today in Omaha, going to that city this morning on the early train.
      Mrs. N. S. Bethers and daughter are spending today in Omaha, going to that city this morning on the early train.
      O. T. Davis of Union is in the city this morning looking after business matters, having come up last evening on the M. P.
      L. V. Copenhaver, wife and children departed this morning for Syracuse, where they will visit until Monday with friends.
      Mrs. Charles Martin and son were passenger this morning for Lincoln, where they will spend a week visiting with relatives.
      Mrs. Charles Vitousek was a passenger this morning on the early train for Omaha, whre she will spend the day with friends.
      C. J. Balser and family are spending today in Omaha, where they will visit friends and where he will attend to some business matters.
      Ira Clark of Union came up last evening on the M. P. train to attend to some business matters in the city, returning to his home this morning.
      Miss Sophia Chaloupka was a passenger this morning on the early train for Omaha, where she will spend the day visiting with friends.
      Mrs. Dr. Elster and sister, Mrs. Asa Snyder, were passengers this morning for Omaha, Mrs. Snyder having been making a visit in this city with relatives.
      G. W. Bowers of Clearwater, Neb., who has been visiting in the city with his father for a week past, departed for his home this morning. He was accompanied by Miss Nellie Svoboda of Omaha as far as her home in that city, Miss Svoboda having been visiting with Mr. Bowers family here for several weeks.
      Mrs. John Harvey of Black Hills, S.D., arrived in the city today for a visit with her sister-in-law, Mrs. George Goodman, for several days. Mrs. Goodman was a passenger yesterday afternoon for Omaha to meet her, but found after getting there that she would have to wait until 2 o'clock this morning for the train, so she returned home and met her at the station here.
      Mrs. John Lutz and Miss Sattler, who have been spending several weeks in Pekin, Ill., and vicinity visiting with relatives and friends, returned home this morning. They had a most delightful and highly enjoyable trip and regretted to have to come home, having met so many good friends who were anxious to show them a good time. All the good people in that section, with relatives here, were anxious to be remembered to them.
      Mrs. E. E. Hilton is among those spending today in Omaha, having gone to that city on the morning train.
      Mrs. Joseph Wooster is spending today in Omaha, having gone to that city this morning on the early Burlington train.
      Miss Emma Meyers is attending to business matters today in Omaha, going to that city on the early train this morning.
      Mr. Abbott of Ashland, Neb., is in the city making a visit with his son-in-law, Mr. Harmon and Mrs. Harmon, his daughter.
      Mrs. John J. Svoboda and children depart this afternoon for Havelock, where they will visit over Sunday with Mrs. Fogarty and family.
      Mrs. James Holmes and son Ralph of Murray, Mrs. George Alwine and Randolf Keenan of Omaha were guests of Mrs. C. A. Rawls yesterday.
      Mrs. Henry Donat and son Edward are visitors in Omaha today going to that city on the early morning train.
      Mrs. C. A. Marshall and her daughter, Mrs. Edna Eaton, are spending today with friends in Omaha, going to that city on the morning train.
      James Glenn of Glenwood, who has been spending a few days in the city, returned to that city this morning, having a business deal under way there.
      Theodore Miller and mother who have been visiting in the city the guest of Mrs. Henry Steinhauer, departed this morning for their home at Craig, Mo.
      Miss Mary Bird, who has been spending her vacation at her home in this city, departed this morning for her studies at the college at Parkville, Mo.
      Miss Maud Fitch fo Bartlett, Ia., who has been spending several days in the city the guest of her cousin, Mrs. Ingalls, returned to her home this morning.
      Mrs. Fred Kunsman and daughter, Miss Elizabeth,k were passengers this morning for Omaha, where they will spend the day with Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Kunsman's sister.
      A motion has been filed in district court today to be allowed to take depositions in the White-Sturm case. Judge Travis allowed the motion. The case is set for August 31.
      Miss Mabel Leesley and her guest, Miss Clara Reuland of Chicago, Ill., were passenger on the morning train for Omaha, where they will spend the day visiting friends and seeing the big city.
      Mrs. Thoams Wailing returned to her home in this city yesterday after several weeks at the hospital in Omaha, where she was operated upon. She is feeling greatly improved and there is no doubt that this condition will continue in her case. Her many friends will be delighted with this news and glad that she is once more among them in so favorable a condition.
      Mrs. William Budig is spending today in Omaha, being a passenger for that city on the morning train.
      W. A. Robertson came in this morning from Lincoln, where he had been for several days on business matters. The ride is a very hot and frightfully dusty one this weather.
      Mrs. M. S. Briggs and son Leland, who have been visiting with relatives and friends in Central City, Lincoln and Bethany, returned to their home in this city last evening.
      Mrs. McDowell and son of Vermillion, S.D., and Mrs. Guthrie fo Bartlett, Ia., who have been visiting in the city the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Owens for several days, departed this morning for Mrs. Guthrie's home at Bartlett, where the McDowells will spend several days visiting previous to returning to their home.
      Anton H. Koubek, fire chief, was a passenger this morning for Omaha, being called there by a telephone message from his sister, who has been in the hospital there for several weeks, announcing her desire to return home today. She comes back to her home quite recovered form her recent spell of illness and will be warmly greeted by her many friends, who rejoice with her at good health once more putting in an appearance.

Brakeman Fatally Injured

Plattsmouth Journal, Date Unknown
      Brakeman James Love, who has been working on conductor Geo. Griswold's train, the freight that runs out of here to Lincoln, came near meeting instant death Saturday evening at Wabash, and the injuries he received resulted in his death Wednesday night at the hospital in Kansas City.
      Love and hallie Delaney, brakemen, were on a car as the train pulled into the station, Love being at tip of the side ladder giving signals. As the car passed the depot Love was hit on the head by the projecting iron rod that holds the depot signal board.
      The train men who saw the accident hurried to the injured man and found him unconscious, and he was put on the train andtaken to weeping Water where Dr. Hungate attended him, finding the skull fractured back of the right ear.
      Love was brought here on the midnight passenger train, accompanied by his wife who arrived from Lincoln, and he was transferred here to the main line train and taken to the company hospital in Kansas City, where his death occurred Wednesday night.
      The unfortunate man's home was in Lincoln, and he had been on Griswold's train about three weeks, laying over here between trips. He had formed many acquaintances in this village, and was regarded as a gentleman of excellent character, a pleasant companion and faithful employe of the railroad company.

Plattsmouth Journal, Monday, December 17, 1917


From Friday's Daily.

Yesterday were gathered a large number of the family of Mrs. Maria Gapen, at the home where she has lived for much more than a half century, to celebrate the passing of another milestone, in the journey of life by this good lady. Miss Maria Eikenberry was born December 13th, 1830, in Union County, Ind., just a few miles from the Ohio state line, and when about six years of age removed to near Burlington, Iowa, where she lived until 1856 when she with her family removed to Plattsmouth and settled near this city. The following year she was united in marriage with Joshua Gapen, it being Jan. 8, 1857. They settled on the home where she lives at this time and during her life in Nebraska has maintained this as her home. Here the large family which now number with their children and childrens' children a large number were raised. The children of this good woman are Samuel Gapen now living at Manderson, Wyo. The eldest son and who is farming there, Mrs. Martha Wiles, living northwest of Mynard, where she has lived for nearly forty years, and mother of four sons, all excellent young men. Elbert the oldest, Ralph, Glenne and Myron, all making their home near dinner which was partaken of by those in attendance and wishing Grandmother Gapen much joy in passing her 87th milestone, and that she may enjoy many more.

(Contributed by Becky Applegate Apr 2003)

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