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Kate Chapin & John A. Beeler

Posted by Cathy Lampshire on Mon, 2 April 2001, great-great granddaughter of Kate and John
© Copyright Cathy Lampshire and Julia Ryden (for presentation format) April 2001 This information may not be copied or reproduced without specific permission.

Personal letter, dated Sept. 3, 1881 from KATE CHAPIN BEELER to her husband JOHN ABRAHAM BEELER. John stayed home in Salem, Kansas while Kate took their two children to Greenwood, Nebraska to visit relatives. Kate and John were married in Cass County, Nebraska in 1874.

Dear old hubby,
     Received your letter and read every word Wednesday and it did me a world of good for I had the blues dreadful. I except its lonesome (wish I could come over and sleep with you) wish I had some of mothers melons. Have not seen a good melon since left there. Tell her to save me one for I am coming home soon. Ethe [daughter Ethel] is home sick and says she wishes she could see her Pa and asks everyday how soon we are going home. Berty [son John Bertrum] is well and just as full of mischief and home sick. Grandpa says he is dreadful smart boy and every one says how much he looks and acts like John. He spends most of his time when here at Grandpa CHEUVRONT chasing the pigs & chickens. Tells them all his Pa has gone in the buggy.
      You wanted to know what condition the people and crops were in so I will tell you the best I can. The people have as good health as could expected this hot weather One of Carnes boys died with the diptheria and another one has it but was getting better the last I heard. There is a good deal of sickness among small children and in regard of the weather it is dreadful hot and dry and dusty and hot southwind is drying everything up. Had little shower last night. Hardly enough to ________ [settle] the dust. They have not had a good rain to wet the ground down an inch since in June. Corn is not much better here than it is there. Wheat down and 7 and 10 bushel to the acker (I don't know whether that is spealt rite or not) corn is selling at 40 ____ in Greenwood.
      Mr. B in regard to that divorce just _________ in (so you don't get away with Mr. Gates leave him ________ me)
      Mailed you a letter the same day I received yours did not write much had the blues to bad. Received those papers was glad to get them. remember me again. send me the Review next time. Sunday morning and no rain yet and the wind is blowing a gail from the south and hot enough to roast eggs. Well John you did not say wheater you was well or not. I am so afraid you will get sick you must take good care of your self and don't work to hard. Wish I could see you this morning how I would hug you. I will give you my program for this week. Am going to Pa to day and tomorrow will wash in the fournoon and iron in the afternoon. Go to Alta's [Alta Angeline CHEUVRONT COLEMAN] in the evening Tuesday. Alta & Sarah [Sarah CHEUVRONT METHENY] and I are going to see Polly LOFTON Wednesday. Alta & I are going to Chalke [Elic Chalker COLEMAN, Jr.?] and Thursday will spend the day with Alta and return to Grandpa's Friday. Last week I visited in Greenwood had a very good visit think I will get around in another week. Do not want to stay lone for I will get to homesick. Wish Mother [mother-in-law Sylvia JONES BEILER ARMSTRONG] was here in my place you know she likes to visit I don't.
      Well I have written all the news and nonsense I can think of at the present. Will close hoping this will find you well and harty good and kisses, kisses, kisses.

Your little wife Kate

      P.S. Fanny CARRE was married 5 years ago and lives out south near where the old man lived. He is in the black hills, his wife is with him. Moses and Alice live in Greenwood yet. Don't forget to water my Plants.

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