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Intro. to 1905 Plat Book

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1905 Plat Book of Cass County, Nebraska; continued


PLATTSMOUTH, the county seat of Cass County, dates its birth from November, 1854.

The Plattsmouth Town Company, organized October 20, 1854, comprised the following persons: Samuel Martin, James O'Neil, C. Nuckolls, J.S. Sharp, Manly Green and Lafayette Nuckolls.

The survey of the town was made by Oliver N. Tyson.

March 14, 1855, by a special act of the legislature, the boundaries of Cass County were approved and the seat of justice located at Plattsmouth and the town duly incorporated.

Samuel Martin, under a special permit from the secretary of war, crossed the Missouri River early in the spring of 1853 to establish an Indian trading post below the mouth of the Platte River in Nebraska.

The first building he erected was of logs from a former log house on the Iowa side.

In this work he was assisted by James O'Neil, Col. J.L. Sharp and L.G. Todd.

This was the first residence and also the first store building in Plattsmouth.


First merchant, Samuel Martin, 1853, succeeded after his death December 15, 1854, by Slaughter & Worley, the latter having, it is said, suggested the name for the town.

First postoffice, established in fall of 1855, Wheatley Michelwait, P.M.; John A. Worley, first deputy P.M.

First mayor, Wheatley Michelwait, elected December, 1856.

First ordinance approved March 2, 1857, levying a tax of one-half of one per cent on all taxable property in the city, to be used in improving the streets and steamboat landings.

First religious service, October, 1854, at the house of Thomas Ashley, by Abraham Towner.


Numerous additions have been laid out since those days until to-day, the platted portion of Plattsmouth covers about 1,128 acres and about 1,840 acres are included inside the corporate limits.

The Burlington railroad repair shops are located here, which employ as a rule from 400 to 600 men, adding materially to the business of the town.

The business men of the town are progressive and up-to-date, some of the business establishments being such as would grace a city much larger.Among the institutions that have helped and are helping to make Plattsmouth should be mentioned:
THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, George E. Dovey, president; F.E. White, vice-president; H.N. Dovey, cashier. Established in 1871
THE BANK OF CASS COUNTY, with a capital of $50,000.
SATTLER & FASSBENDER'S attractive furniture store.
GERING & CO., Druggists.
AUGUST GORDER, agricultural implements.
E.A. WURL, general merchandise.
C. HUISEL, pioneer miller.
CHRIS MOCHENHAUPT, brick manufacturer.
JOSEPH FETZER, the shoe man.
F.G. FRICKE, drugs.
W.W. COATES, wholesale and retail books.
J.V. EGENBERGER, coal, wood and flour dealer.
SNYDER & CO., jewelers.
J.W. CRABILL, jeweler.
C.A. MARSHALL, dentist.
F.M. RICHEY & SONS, lumber dealers.
JOHN WATERMAN, lumber dealer.
ED DONAT, wholesale beer.
PHILIP THIEROLF, wholesale dealer in Anheuser Busch beer
JOHN BAUER, Jr., hardware, tin and furnace work.

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