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"1885/86 Plattsmouth Business Gazetteer"

Plattsmouth, Cass CO. NE
Beautifully located on the high bluffs of the Missouri River, 21 miles south of Omaha, and 54 miles from Lincoln, is the city of Plattsmouth, judicial seat of Cass County. Plattsmouth has an assessed valuation of $900,000, and a population of 6,000. Its schools, churches, business blocks and manufactories are of a high order, while its favorable elevations afford charming sites for residences and an expansive view of the river, valley and distant bluffs on the Iowa side. The high school building, situated on one of the highest eminences is a prominent landmark, well adapted to educational requirements, and it will compare favorably with any similar institution in the state. The B. & M. R. R. [railroad] has here its initial point, as well as extensive machine and repair shops. A fine bridge gives this road connection with the C. B. & Q. [railroad] system east of the river. This is of steel, 2,900 feet in length, the two main spans having a length of 400 feet each and is suspended 60 feet above the water's surface, The piers are sunk to bedrock, fifty feet below water mark, and the structure is one of the most substantial examples of engineering skill to be found upon the river. The constant employment of over 500 men in the machine shops of the B. & M. [railroad] is a great advantage to the laboring classes, the average disbursements of this company being over $35,000 per month. There are seventeen acres enclosed, eight of which are occupied by buildings, three round houses having a capacity of sixty engines. The Plattsmouth foundry and machine shop is a prominent factor in the manufacturing business. Large elevators, extensive flouring mills and a canning factory are in prosperous condition, and afford employment to many persons. A fine system of water works, adequate to the increasing needs of the city, is to be introduced this season. The Electric light is already in use. During the past year a $10,000 bank building, a $5,000 store, and a new
school building have been erected, and new buildings already contracted for will be completed at an early day, including two brick stores to cost $5,000 and $6,000 respectively. Banks doing business in the city are; The Bank of Cass County, capital $50,000, surplus $35,000, C. H.Parmele, pres., J. M. Patterson, cashier; The citizens' bank, authorized capital $100,000. Paid up capital $50,000, John Black, president, W. H. Cushing, Cashier, and the first National Bank, capital $50,000, surplus $ 11,000. The Newspapers of Plattsmouth contribute no little to the reputation of the town by their able and constant advocacy of its various interests. The Plattsmouth Herald, daily and weekly, is published by a stock company, of which R. B. Windham is manager. This paper is republican in politics. The Plattsmouth Journal, Sherman & Cutright, Proprietors, is a daily paper conducted in the interest of the ruling party. Both these journals enjoy a liberal patronage and have a wide circulation in southeastern Nebraska. The hotels are: The Perkins House, where the traveler receives good attention. It is a handsome three-story brick structure containing about 70 rooms. The City Hotel also does a good business. There are several other public houses doing a good business. Church facilities are ample, the following denominations having houses of worship: Lutheran, Rev. Jno. Frank, pastor; Catholic, Rev. T. J. Carney, Pastor; Methodist, Rec. W. B. Alexander, pastor; Christian, Rev. G. B. Mullis, pastor; Episcopal, H. B. Burgess, pastor, and Presbyterian, J. T. Baird, pastor. The secret societies having organized bodies here are: Plattsmouth Lodge, No. 6, A. F. & A. M., Niobrara Chapter, No 3, R. A. M.; Mount Zion Commandry, No 5. K. T: Platte Encampment, No 3, I.O.O. F.; Knights of Honor, No 1043, and McConihe Post, No 45, G.A.R.
invisible place holderCity Officers
  • Mayor - J. D. Simpson
  • Clerk - C. H. Smith
  • Treasurer - J. H. Waterman
  • Attorney - Hon. I. M. Chapman
  • Marshal - W. H. Mellick.

Businesses and Professionals
American Express Co. J. D. Simpson agt.
Antill, J. P., confectionery
Back, Aug., Groceries, crockery.
Bachelder, R., Contractor.
Baker, W. H., Books notions.
Bank of Cass County, Capl. $50,000.
C. H. Parmele, pres. Fred Gorder, Vice-pres. J. M. Patterson, Cashier.
Baumister, J. F., groceries
Baur & Wohlfarth, groceries
Beeson, Frank, machine shops.
Beeson & Sullivan, attorney at law, practice in all courts, real estate, loans and insurance, C. N. Sullivan notary
Bennett & Lewis, groceries and crockery
Benson, A. C., laundry
Bilstein, R., meat market
Black, E. W., stock shipper
Boeck & Birdsall, boots, shoes.
Boeck, Henry, furniture, coroner
Boone, J. C., barber
Brekenfeld, C., saloon
Brown, G. B., blacksmith
Campbell, J. A., blacksmith
Carruth, Frank, jewelry, sewing machines
Chambers, J. G., harnessmaker
Chapman & Polk, notary public.
Citizens Bank, capital $ 100,000, paid up $ 50,000
John Black, pres., Frank Carruth, Vice-pres., W. H. Cushing, cashier.
City Hotel, Fred Goose propr.
Clark, A., groceries, crockery
Clutter & Donaldson, dentists
Connor, J. A., grain elevator
Cook E. W., physician
Cook & Kuhney, Barbers
Cottage House, James Woodson propr.
Cox, J. R., hardware
Crites & Ramsey, attys at law
Donnally, R., blacksmith
Dorack, James, broom maker
Dovey, E. G. & sons, genl mdse
Dressler, K., tailor
Duke, J. S., hardware
Egenberger, J. V., bakeryElectric Light Co. of Plattsmouth E. J. & S. B. Honey & C. D. Jones proprs.
Elson, B., dry goods. Etc.
Fetzer, Joseph, shoemaker
First National Bank, capital $50,000, surplus $11,000
John Fitsgerald, pres., A. U. McLaughlin, cashier, F. E. White Vice-pres.
Fisher, J. C., drugs, etc.
Fitzgerald Hall, M. A. Hartigan, mgr.
Foster, Jennie Mrs., physician
Free Reading Room by ladies Library Association contains 250 volumes. Miss May Cranmer, Librarian
Fricke, F. J. & Co., Drugs
Gardiner, J. F., surveyor general of NE.
Golding, Levi, genl. Mdse
Goose, Fred, propr. city hotel. Best dollar a day house in town
Gorder, Fred, agl implts
Grace, James, Saloon
Greve, John, Saloon
Guthman, Oswald, Saloon
Hall, J. H., physician
Hartigan, M. A., Atty, real estate
Hawksworth. D., master mechanic, B. & M. Shops
Heisel, C., Flouring mills
Herold, Wm., Genl mdse
Herrmann, C. L., billiards, Cigars
Herrmann, Fred, dry goods, carpets.
Herrmann, Lizzie, Millinery
Hesser, W. J., Florist
Holmes. C. M., Livery stable
Jennings, J. W. & Co., Abstracters, real estate and Loan agts.
Johns. H. C., Photographer
Johnson Bros. Hardware, sewing machines
Johnson, J. F. Mrs., Millinery
Jonathan Holt & Co., meat market
Jones, D. M., brick contractor
Jones, W. D., livery
Kern, A. Propr. B & M. house
Kern & Mockenhaupt, brick mfr.
Kinkead Bros., Painters
Kinser. G. W., gunsmith
Larson, L. G., contractor, builder
Latham, F., sta. and tel agent
Lee, A. E. Mrs., dressmaker
Leesley, J. E., propr. Plattsmouth Nursery
Lenhoff, F. D., brick mfr.
Leonard, V. V., photpgrapher
Livingston, R. R. & T. P., physicians and surgeons, and medical directors for B. & M. R. R.
McCourt, F., groceries
McElwain, M., painter
McVey, & Bons, Saloon, Billiards
Malick, W. H., painter
Marshall, C. A., dentist
Mathews, J. S., attorney, real estate and notary public
Mathews, U. V., hardware
Melvin, W. T., confectionery and gunsmith
Merges. P., boots, Shoes
Miller, David, harnessmaker
Moor. L. A., florist
Morley, Ed., barber, bathrooms
Morrissey Bros., grain elevator
Moyer, S & C., clothing
Mumm, Peter, saloon
Murphy, M. B. & co., groceries
Newberry, J. C., Justice
Newell & Davis, grain elevator
O'Donohoe, M., Attorney at law
Oliver & Ramge, meat market
O'Neil, L., meat market
O'Rouk, Morris, tailor
Osborn Bros., Carpenters and builders
Padington, D. E., carpenter
Palmer, H. E., state agent Home Insurance Co. N. Y.
Patterson, Ambrose, livery stable
Pearlman, I., Second-hand goods
Pepperberg, Julius, cigar mfr.
Peterson, J. C. & Bro., Packers, butchers and dealers in live stock
Plattsmouth Canning Co., F. R. Guthman, pres. Fred Gorder, vice-pres.
E. B. Lewis, secy., A. W. McLaughlin, treas.
Plattsmouth Daily Herald
Plattsmouth Herald Publishing Co. pubs, R. B. Windham, secy. and mgr.
Plattsmouth Gas and Electric Light Co. E. A. Hovey, pres., S. B. Hovey, vice-pres., C. D. Jones secy.
Plattsmouth Herald Pub Co. pubs Plattsmouth Herald
Plattsmouth Journal, Sherman & Cutright pubs.
Plattsmouth Live Stock Co. C. H. Parmele, pres., C. M. Holmes, vice-pres., S. H. Atwood, secy.
Poisall, & Spencer, groceries.
Potinger, W., Justice of the peace
Rauen, Peter, wagon maker
Richey Bros., lumber
Robine, Chas., barber
Rockwood Hall, A. Salisbury mgr.
Ruffner, P. E., agl inplts, sewing machines.
Salisbury, A., dentist
Schatter, J., jewelry, musical instruments.
Schildknecht, W. H., physician
Schlegel, M. Mrs., cigar mfr.
Schnellbacher, M., blacksmith
Shannon, J. W., livery
Sherman, & Cutright, pubs Plattsmouth Journal
Sherwood, Robert, boots and shoes
Shipman, A., Physician
Simpson, J. D., agt. Wells Fargo, and American Ex co.
Smith & Black Bros., drugs
Solomon & Nathan, dry goods
Spies Herman, cigar mfr.
Stamm, Ed., Cigar mfr.
Stright, O. M., harnessmaker
Strode & Clark, attys. notaries
Strodelmann, F., propr. Palace Hotel
Threkeld, E. C., billiard hall
Turner, M., cigars and billiards.
Unruh, J. I., Furniture
Vanatta, S. P., attorney at law
Van Every, G. E., mgr. telephone Ex.
Warfel, John W., watchmaker
Warrick, W. J., drugs, books, wallpaper, paints and oils
Waterman, H. A. & sons., Lunber, mgrs. Waterman Opera House
Wead, C. M., supply agt.
Weckbach, J. V., genl mdse, carpets and millinery goods
Weidmann, Geo. P., saloon
Wells Fargo & Cos Ex, J. D. Simpson agt.
Wescott, C. E., clothing
White & Cummings, coal dealer.
White, F. E. grain elevator and shipper
White, F. S., genl mdse.
Wilson F. H., notary Insurance
Windham, R. B., attorney at law
Wing, Lee, Laundry
Wise & Hyers, Loan and real estate agts.
Wise, J. N., Postmaster
Wise, W. S., attorney at law, notary public.
Woodson, James, propr Cattage House.
Young, J. P., books and music.

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