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Cass County NEGenWeb Project
Queries and Surnames

All query, surname and Researcher pages are now managed using CCHelper, an application written by Patty Lindsay.

NOTE: All queries and surnames that were submitted before we began using CCHelper in October, 2001 have been included in the new system. The information from those entries are merged into the surname index, query index and researcher profile lists.

Another source for Cass County queries is the Rootsweb/Ancestry message board. The former GenConnect boards have all been combined into one board now. If you want to look at just queries, obituaries, wills, etc., you will need to use their search function. If you have your browser set to warn you about cookies, you do not need to allow a cookie to be set in order to view or post a message. The messages submitted to these boards are submitted to Rootsweb/Ancestry, and not to the USGenWeb Project.


You are welcome to post queries and surnames.
All queries MUST have a Cass County connection.

We are now using an automatic query submission program called QueryExpress, offered through the USGenWeb Project. You can now submit your queries and surnames through a form, and then view the most recent entries. Please remember to follow the guidelines in How to Write (or not to Write) a Query by following the link below.

Submit a query using the Automatic Form.

View the most recent Queries
Change your Email address
View the latest email address changes

If you would prefer to email your query, please send your query to

David Gochenour

Be sure to include Cass Co. QUERY in the subject line,
your name, and your email address or snailmail address, so people can contact you.

Please check out How to Write (or not to write) a Query for some good tips,
courtesy of Bill Oliver and the NE County Unknown site.


Main Page and Search Engine for this site.
Links to Data and Online Resources for Cass County NOT on this Site

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