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Ann Constance Quinnett Annette Marie Quinnett
C. F. Rathbun Charles A. Rathbun Ellen Rathbun Lorean E. Rathbun J. Ray
Jon Royal Redon Patience Patricia Redon Sanford Patrick Reed Catherine E. Reichart Charles F. Reichart
Fred T. Reichart George Reichart George O. Reichart Jacob Reichart Kathryn Depuy Reichart
Lucille J. Reichart Mary Reichart Isaac S. Reihart Adam G. Rentschler Anna B. Rentschler
Betty A. Richards Edna M. Richards Paul E. Richards Randall Joseph Riley NFN Robbins
Alan Dale Robbins Charlotte Hitt Robbins Thomas E. Robbins Thomas R. Robbins Verona J. Robbins
M. Robert Albert Roe Edward A. Roe Louise M. Roe Montie Roe
James G. Root James L. Root Judy A. Root Frank F. Ross Jack J. Ross
Mirth E. Ross
Duane W. Sachs Muanita Sachs Claude S. Sack Martha C. Sack Custav Salberg
Elizabeth Salberg NFN Schlater Dasie Schlater Edward Schlater Ida E. Schlater
John C. Schlater Born 1834 John C. Schlater Born 1874 John O. Schlater Marie Schlater Richard Schlater
Timothy Schlater Zenadia Schlater Frederick M. Schmader Joseph Schmader Mildred M. Schmader
Sigrid C. Schmader Willie C. Schmader Infant Daughter Schmander Dan Schoeman Eva Schoeman
George H. Schoeman Idella A. Schoeman Wilma Schoeman David M. Schreiner Mary A. Schwalm
William S. Schwalm Edgar C. Scott Howard Eugene Scott Joyce D. Scott Donta Secord
D. R. S. Secord Billie Seiver Catherine M. Seiver Elwood J. Seiver Wm. Claude Seiver
Camden M. Seybert Fred C. Shelhorn Hattie B. Shelhorn John B. Shelhorn Kenneth L. Shelhorn
James L. Sherman Mary E. Shipman Arthur S. Shogren Baby Boy Shogren Baby Girl Shogren
Emma A. Shogren John A. Shogren Alyce L. Shryock Keith Edwin Shryock E. Keith Shryock
Elvin C. Shryock Frank G. Shryock Patricia A. Shryock Dick Shryock Charles Loyd Shubert
Florence M. Shubert James L. Simpson Ethel Sinnard C. A. Ole Sjogren Charlotte G. Sjogren
Clara Kugler Sjogren David T. Sjogren Martin Sjogren Sr. Martin W. Sjogren Ruth L. Sjogren
Unknown Slieudupuy Charles E. Smith Hazel Smith Lawrence Smith Louise T. Smith
NFN Spangler Elmer Spangler Ivan J. Spangler John C. Spangler Katie A. Spangler
Ruth M. Spangler Theodore G. Spangler Jackson Curtis Spaun Grace Stack Donna L. Stambaugh
William B. Stambaugh NFN Stander NFN Stander 2 Arthur R. Stander Bedella A. Stander
Carrie E. Stander Charlotte Stander Clarance Alfred Stander Elizabeth Stander Eliza M. Stander
Father Stander Francis R. Stander F. Russell Stander George Stander Glenn H. Stander
Harold J. Stander Henry Stander Herbert L. Stander James Stander Born 1862 James Stander No Dates
Lela May Stander Lester Clarence Stander Mother Stander Nellie Jane Stander Olive C. Stander
Peter C. Stander Ruth Agnes Stander David F. Staples Frances H. Staples Franklin E. Staples
J. Wilson Starkey Anna E. Steele Dora Steele Geo Emery Steele Infant Daughter Steele
James A. Sterling Ouidal Sterling Thelma L. Mason Sterling Ella D. Stevenson John Stickelberg
Anna Stiffler Emory Earl Stiffler Euena F. Fern Storovich Gerald D. Giggs Storovich Cecilia Evalyn Stratton
Emma Stratton John Thomas Stratton John W. Stratton John W. Stratton Military Stone Margerite M. Streeter
Richard B. Streeter Richard B. Streeter Military Stone Clifford C. Suiter Gladys G. Suiter Mary Alice Suiter
Samuel Philip Suiter Ola Sumner Unreadable Sumner Clarence E. Sutton Darvin Sutton
Marvin Sutton Zelma M. Sutton Sylvia A. NLN
Florence R. Taggart Stuart H. Taggart NFN Taylor Clara Taylor Howard Taylor
Earl W. Tempelmeyer Rose E. Tempelmeyer Thomas Temple B. W. Teodorsk James E. Thackrey
Clarence C. Thomas Cora M. Thomas Father Thomas Ivan L. Thomas Luther J. Thomas
Mary E. Thomas Mother Thomas Waldo E. Thomas William M. Thomas William M. Thomas Military Stone
Clara B. Thompson George L. Thompson James W. Thompson John W. Thompson Mary E. Thompson
Mildred Thompson Vaughn Thompson Mae L. Thoreson Randy E. Thoreson Wilbur M. Thoreson
A. Ray Thornton Charles M. Thornton Clara M. Thornton Daniel Thornton Daniel Roy Thornton
Grace M. Thornton Mathew John Thornton Nellie M. Thornton Howard F. Stub Thurman Vera H. Dutch Thurman
Ellen Ball Tinker Donald J. Tlustos Esther E. Tlustos Janice L. Tlustos Robert E. Tlustos
Charles W. Bill Trembly Georgia Delezene Trembly Claude E. Twiss Eddie Twiss Georgie M. Twiss
Hanna F. Twiss Hazel S. Twiss John J. Twiss John Robert Twiss Lawrence Earl Twiss
Marjorie E. Twiss Mary E. Twiss Minnie Twiss Priscilla Twiss Ralph J. Twiss
Rosa M. Twiss Samuel A. Twiss S. A. T. Twiss Dora O. Tyo Thomas E. Tyo
Alletha B. Uhley Ralph E. Uhley NFN Urwin Alfred Urwin Amelia L. Urwin
Arley Urwin Barbara E. Lockie Urwin Charles E. Urwin Don E. Urwin Father Urwin
John Urwin Lula Jeanine Urwin Mable A. Urwin Minnie Urwin Mother Urwin
Norman Gene Urwin Oliver Urwin Susie A. Urwin Thomas Urwin Jr. Vernon R. Urwin
Vestal Urwin William Urwin William A. Urwin Ernest John Ustohal
Children Of Valentine LeRoy Valentine Pearl M. Valentine Abraham VanBuskirk Sarah VanBuskirk
Chas Vanscoyoc Elma Vanscoyoc Father VanScoyoc Mary Vanscoyoc Mother VanScoyoc
Owen VanScoyoc Rosa VanScoyoc Marian Waugh Vincent Richard Morgan Vincent
Helen A. Wagoner Robert D. Wagoner Charles G. Walker Jessie J. Walker Linnie E. Walker
Luther Walker Mary Emily Walker Ned Walker Ned E. Walker Robert L. Walker
Jimmie A. Welton Max L. Welton Rhoda M. Welton Brady Wheeler Charles F. Wheeler
Ethyl M. Wheeler Eugene Wheeler Florence Wheeler Josephine L. Wheeler Martha J. Wheeler
Vernon E. Wheeler Vernon E. Wheeler Military Stone Georgia E. Whitebread Harry N. Whitebread Gertrude A. Stander White
Kenneth V. White Adafern A. Wildrick Ralph H. Wildrick Richard D. Wiles William Born 2 18 1885
Genevieve C. Williams LaRue E. Williams Candice Renee Williamson Thedora A. Winters Waldon L. Winters
NFN Wirth Amelia Wirth Chris Wirth Harry Wirth Ida C. Wirth
Margaret M. Wirth William H. Wirth Arthur H. Woehler Ethel M. Woehler George H. Wood
Gertrude M. Wood Joseph P. Wood Julian Wood Julian J. Wood Earl Bruce Woodman
Norman Jean Ahl Woodman Mary Wood Mary L. Wood William A. Wood Chauncey J. Woolhiser
Joseph J. Woolhiser Mabel Woolhiser Olive B. Woolhiser Ruth E. Woolhiser Vic Woolhiser
Virgil V. Woolhiser Eward H. Worthman Hattie M. Worthman Herbert W. Worthman Margaret J. Worthman
Margaret E. Wright Preston L. Wright
Alice C. Yanak Patricia Yanak Tony Yanak Henry Youngquist Velma F. Youngquist
Madeline V. Zajic Rudolph R. Zajic David Francis Ziers Emma Dorothy Ziers

Main Page and Search Engine for this site.
Links to Data and Online Resources for Cass County NOT on this Site

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