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CASS CO. Registrations
on Tuesday, June 5, 1917

(page 1 of 4) Covers Precincts: Tipton, Greenwood, Salt Creek, Stove Creek, Elmwood, South Bend, Weeping Water, and Center.

This material transcribed and copyrighted © January 1, 2000 byJean Lambert

Plattsmouth Men Between the Ages of 21 and 31 Register For Service of the Republic.

Registration day, when over 10,000,000 of the male residents of the United States of America registered their names before the boards in the voting precincts for the purpose of complying with the selective draft, was on in full blast today all over the nation. In this city the call was heeded by all those falling within the age limit of 21 to 31, and from the opening of the places of registration there was a steady stream of young men answering the call of the nation to arms. The greater part of the young men being employed in the Burlington shops, made the registration more slow than otherwise during the working hours, as they were sent out two at a time to register in their respective wards.

The number that will be secured in Plattsmouth within the ages set out above will be for 400 to 450 and from these the selection of the men for service will be made by the exemption board that will pass upon the claims of those who claim exemption, including married men, those with dependents, physically incapacitated and otherwise exempted under the act.

This method of selecting the army is undoubtedly the best that could be devised as it includes the rich and the poor, and only those who have dependents upon them will be passed up in the selection of those who will serve Uncle Sam. The selective draft will make it possible to have the men put where they can do the best possible good for the country during the time of the war, either in the field or in other lines equally as vital to the welfare of the nation.

In this city the day was very quiet, with no effort made to interfere with the operation of the selective draft and but very little discussion of the matter on the part of anyone, or at least in a public manner.

The Following are the Names of Those Who Registered Tuesday, June 5th, 1917, in the City of Plattsmouth and the County of Cass, Under the Selective Draft Law Which Requires " Every Man Between the Ages of 21 and 31 Inclusive to Register."

Allen, Orill Ambrose
Adams, Jay
Adams, Arthur Walter
Aden, Reuben Ray
Allaway, Jay
Adams, Elmer Ralph
Alloway, Chas. Robert
Allen, Ralph Evert
Burpo, Albert Luther
Boobyer, Frederick
Blomenkamp, Frederic William
Burdick, Leon ReRoy
Collins, John Waiter
Dornself, Louis Johann
Dettmer, Henry
Dettmer, Fred
Edwards, Frank Landen
Foreman, John Dee
Gorman, Harry Joseph
Gonzales, Wright Ellis
Gardner, Arthur
Hartsock, Harry Lavern
Henriksen, Sherman
Henriksen, Henry
Hall, Eugene E.
Holke, Emil Henry
Hail, Sumner B.
Johnson, Victor Edward
Jacobmeier, Walter Rudolph
Knapton, William Orris
Linson, George Newton
Myers, Edward Truman
Myers, Charles Henry
Morrison, Edward Gilbert
Mottie, Charles
Muenchau, Frederick
Miller, Archie Isaary
Moreland, Walter Nepeir
Munchau, Daniel
Mick, H.R.
Otto, Oscar
Pettit, Gilbert Horace
Prentic, Fred Henry
Pavey, William Francis
Poppino, Allen G.
Persell, Ralph Joseph
Rasp, Harvy Elmer
Root, Benjamin H.
Roelofsz, Charley H. C.
Rackenbach, John Carl
Renner, Henry George
Rocknbach, Henry Adam
Root, Charles Webster
Reitter, George Juilius
Reid, Alva Guy
Smith, William Aloysius
Smith John Paul
Skinner, Arthur Lewis
Steward, Roy
Seeman, Fred
Scattergood, William L.
Seymour, Clyde Ellery
Standley, Harold Moses
Stewart, Willim Lee
Swarts, Wayne
Trumble, Charles Alexander
Timble, George Gover
Trimble, Clyde Harvey
Trumble, Valentine
Trunkenbolz, George H.
Trumble, Ernest Lorenzo
Umland, William August
Vickers, Roy Albert
Wulf, William August
West, Clyd Sumner
Wall, Harold Ray
Wulf, Rudolph Carl
Williams, George Robert
Weyers, William Fred
Weyers, Otto Walter
Weyers, Walter Fred
Wulf, Henry John
Westlake, Jesse
White, Richard George
Wiggs, William Wilson
Wulf, George Ernest
Wagner, Ralph Omar

Adolphson, Richard
Anderson, David
Appleman, Reuben Clifford
Bornemeier, Herman Louie
Boyles, Dale Skiles
Backenmeyer, William Alfred
Bergers, Nicholas Paul
Buckingham, Paul P.
Bird, Freddie Roscoe
Bennett, Earl
Bush, Marion Roy
Bucknigham, Clifford C.
Bohn, William Henry
Clymer, Pearly
Chapin, Roy Mefford
Clark, Leon Fred
Clark, Raymond Desmond
Dumont, Henry
Dimmitt, Glenn Wolfe
Erickson, George Victor
Franks, Walter
Frigas, Andy
Foreman, Clay Clarence
Gordan, Milo Clifford
Giller, Edwin Clinton
Gardner, Harry
Holka, John Lonzo
Hansen, Clay Lars
Hoffman, William George
Haertel, Charles Otto, Jr.
House, Homer Leslie
Jones, Aden
Jardine, Earl Mont
Jordan, Charles Mitchell
Johnson, Oglesby
Kitzel, Olin Albert
Larsen, Edward
Miles, Charles Edward
Miles, Ralph Herbert
Meffod, Emmett Preston
Marshall, Don Leslie
Newsham, Frank Devine
Olson, Frank August
Olson, Walter Wilmer
Prouty, Edgar Lee
Prouty, Orval Francis
Ring, Guy Eligaub
Renwanz, William Carl
Ricke, August Henry
Stroemer, Alfred Berchard
Saddares, Harry
Strong, Hubert Plummer
Schuelke, Ervin Albert
Sloniger, Earl Wesley
Swacker, Robert
Schroder, Harry Benjamin
Skinner, John Beryl
Schroeder, Harvey Wallace
Stock, Gustav Simon
Taylor, Elbert Everett
Wilken, Frederick William
Aaron, Ralph
Armstrong, Clifford William
Akerlund, Eric
Anderson, Leonard Albert
Armstrong, Evan Henry
Anderson, Arthur, F. E.
Bauers, Edward Ernest
Bischof, Fritz Anton
Bauers, Henry Ed
Bauers, Emil Ernest
Bauers, Otto Albert
Bolen, Vance Holcomb
Buck, William M.
Boucher, Henry Warren
Burks, Robert Clifford
Buck, Elmer Ervin
Bricker, Harry Balincourt
Barnett, Edmond Augustus
Brinkman, Otto C.E.
Blackman, William Charles
Clease, James Edgar
Coleman, Harley Harrison
Comstock, Franklin Roy
Creamer, Leander
Coinn, Ervin Otis
Coleman, Elmer Chalker
Conn, Cassius Clay
Cope, William J.E.
Dean, Albert Edward
Dale, Ernest Edward
Dewey, Vern B.
Dunning, Charles A.
Edwards, Irl Richard
Fulmer, Cedric Adalton
Forest, Edgar George
Fields, Robert
Freeman, Charles
Gillian, Herman
Gartner, Howard William
Gray, Harlo Edward
Goodfellow, Sidney Robert
Hail, Bert
Hurlbut, Clarence Elmer
Jeffrey, Arthur Edward
Johnson, William
Kelly, William
Keller, Roy Wilson
Kimberly, Arthur Raymond
Kyle, George Henry
Kovacsek, Johan
Kelly, Francis John
Kane, Frank Joseph
Lemon, Lorenz D.
Limpach, Nicholas
Laughlin, Lewis Loder
Marcy, Kenneth Ira
Mathis, Elmer Elwood
Miklavich, Ivan
Maynard, John Albert
Miller, Alfred Lee
McDowell, Emory Eugene
McFadden, Harry Weber
McDonalad, Edwin Leroy
Nichols, Roscoe Pearl
Nearly, Frank A.
Nelson, George William
Neckals, Earl
Nichols, John
Park, Sedgwick Rhodes
Pailing, Aaron Edgar
Parks, Carl Harrison
Perkins, Frank Bowditch
Palm, Henry
Reece, Arthur Henry
Roberts, Thomas Clifford
Reece, Philip Ray
Russell, Clyde LaFayett
Rouse, Urban P.
Ryan, James Edwin
Rouise, Ray Franklin
Swadley, Isaac Earl
Schildemeyer, Daniel Charles
Stewart, Walter Mitchell
Stradley, Louis Edward
Stevens, Andrew J.
Smith, Ernest Francis
Shepler, Verne Ray
Sake, Anton John
Slater, Harry Harvey
Stewart, Charley Floyd
Sweem, Robert Lafeyett
Sturminski, Frank
Taylor, Elden Elbert
Westedt, Henry
Wilkinson, Francis Clifford
Wiedeman, Carl Edgar

Atchison, Glenn Robert
Bogenrief, Walter Wesley
Bogenrief, Guy Cecil
Boyles, Thor
Bucknell, Clarence William
Bothwell, Norvell D.
Breckenfeld, Claude W.
Cleveland, Herold Thomas
Clements, Guy L.
Capwell, Joseph Alfred
Clapp, Henry L. Jr.
Clements, Orley D.
Durbin, Earl
Deles Dernier Noah Reynolds
Dehuling, Albert August
Eveland, George Raymond
Emmons, Joseph Terry
Engelking, Herman Fred
Eidenmiller, Fred
Fleischman, Otto William
Fieischman, William John
Fleischman, Herman Fredrick
Fischer, William J. H.
Fischer, John P.O.
Frisbee, Leon Henry
Green, Thad Harry
Gonzales, John Clark
Gillett, John Francis
Gerbeling, Floyd Herbert
Grooms, William Henry
Humphrey, Ellis Samuel
Horton, Everett E.
Hill, James Grover
Hall, Edwin Kelly
Hollenbeck, Ernest Leroy
Hall, Myrl Phyleman
Hoffman, Benjamin Edvin
Hoffman, William Hawker
Hill, Lowell Vernon
Hayes, Harley Philip
Hall, Walte R.
Kunz, George Fredrich
Kunz, Albert Will
Kunz, Fred Carl
Kear, Charles B.
Kunz, Irvin Oaker
Kimbell Guy Carlos
Kacamarek, Joe Gustave
Lean, Edward Leroy
Langhaurst, William
Lenz, George F.
Lemons, Henry M.
Lesh, Gay winnett
Loomis, Fred P.
Linder, Frank William
Lorenz, Arthur Henry
Lynn, Ralph William
Miller, Lloyd Jess
Moomey, George Irvin
Morgan, Floyd Earl
McCrory, Francis Marlion
McLaughlin, Leonard J.
Osborne, Ernest Bliss
Oehlerking, Albert Henry
Parminter, Hugh Ernest
Parrish, Charles
Preston, George Raymond
Penerman, George L. J.
Perez, Luis
Quinn, James McKinnie
Ring, Otto M.
Rosenow, Emil G.
Rogge, Fred Henry
Redder, Walter Joseph
Soller, Wm. Henry
Skinner, Alva Albert
Schneider, Arthur
Swarts, George Ralph
Stokes, Frank W.
Soeker, Edward Theordore
Shreve, Ralph
Seoker, Albert William
Sterner, Jake
Scott, Carl Wilson
Stege, Frank Ernest
Schick, William Jacob, Jr.
Shreve, Guy Harold
Tolhurst, Richard Harry
Tyson, Noel Lewis
Turner, John E.
Uhley, Ralph Earl
Vogt, Henry
Williams, Harry Henry
Winkler, William Carl
Winn, William Bynum
Wall, Frank Cameron
Wade, Roy Alfred

Buell, Charlie McKinley
Brakhage, John William
Bronemeier, Ludwig Albert
Buell, Fred Bradford
Brunkow, Ferd August
Bornemeier, Arthur Emil
Bauers, August Herman
Boldan, Clark Ray
Bornemeier, Martin Theodore
Cordes, Fred Henry
Copple, Glenn Earl
Creamer, Ralph Paul
Dehning, Louis Henry
Deford, Ralpherd Lee
Elliott, Pliny Richard
Gustin, Joseph Francis
Gorthey, Leroy Buell
Gakemeier, August Charles
Gillespie, Harry
Gakemeier, John Albert
Holka, William Edward
Heler, Arthur Fred
Hopkins, John
Hornbeck, William Lewis
Heier, William Edward
Jones, Jesse William
Kuehn, Herman Adolf
Krueger, John William
Kral, Anton Cyril
Kupke, Herman Chas.
Lake, Guy Melvin
Lake, Fred Daniel
Meierjurgen, Carl Louis
Morris, Jesse John
McDonald, Lacey G.
McDonald, Merrill Edward
Nickel, John Peter
Neben, Fred Christ
Pool, Albert Perry
Parsell, William Ray
Rikli, Leo Rollen
Reeve, Ralph Richard
Riechman, Fred Emil
Rieckman, Otto Edward
Rager, Ralph Colin
Rager, Thoedore Stanton
Rameries, Francisco
Stachetzkie, William Albert
Streich, Gustav Herman
Stock, Fred Albert
Stohlman, Walter Andrew
Schmidt, Louis Herman
Stout, Charlie Thomas
Schweppe, Herman Fred
Squires, Benjamin Harrison
Schlueter, Will Louie
Timm, Emil Ernest
Timm, Henry William
Towle, Fred Lawrence
Tool, Harold Warren
Towle, Walter Bernard
VanEvery, William Glan
Westfall, Henry William C.
Weichel, Harry Mallery
Wiggs, John Cleveland
Wilken, William Henry
Wilken, Henry George
Zierott, Herman Julius
Armstrong, Glenn Ellsworth
Anthony, Harry Raymond
Buell, Charles Nelson
Bornmann, George W. A.
Bryan, Harold Blaine
Bouton, Chester
Boot, L. Avern
Buskirk, John Henry
Cook, Richard Nicholas
Davis, Ross M.
Deason, Evan
Detsauer, Louis Renholt
Dill, Oscar Blon
Dill, Ross James
Easert, Fred William
Hightshoe, Oval Harrison
Hamdan, Addullah
Kirell, Virgil Hill
Leddy, William
Leuhr, Albert Robert
Leuhr, Arthur George
Meacham, William
Parker, Cecil Eugene
Peters, W.F
Ring, Clarence Elbert
Romin, Henry
Rau, Edward William
Reasoner, Hobart Ray
Richards, Stanley Dwight
Richards, Forrest Leroy
Rikli, Emil
Rikli, William Ed
Richardson, Lloyd D.
Scheel, Herman Albert
Sturzeneeger, Alfonso John
Stock, William Fredrich
Schilmeyer, Wiliam Max
Scheel, John Edward
Stander, Francis R.
Sweeney, John Fredrich
Timm, John William
Thimgan, Fred Carl
Thimgan, George Jobs August
Weaver, Judd Samuel
Weaver, Taimage Benn
Wehrmann, Conrad Louis
Willis, Harry Ellsworth

Albers, Lorenz
Aagaard, Edward Nielson
Box, Walter Goodson
Boule, Howard Stephen
Buemann, Niela Marius
Boyle, Frank Stuart
Baker, Chars. Rodger
Box, John Albert
Carsten, Fred Louis
Dankleff, Herman
Dankleff, Otto John
Dowler, Edward Arthur
Dowler, Arley Richard
Dwinell, George
Gregg, Roy O.
Grafe, Louis Henry Fred
Gerard, Paul Eddy
Grafe, John Fred
Hughes, John Dorman
Hobbs, Emmet Lio
Holland, Frank
Hingst, John Zum
Heneger, Edward Porter
Haveman, Fred Henry
Harmon, Stephen Harold
Hopkins, Charles Seph
Hunteman, Fred Dick
Hauschild, Harry Henry
Henson, Hobert
Lorns, Clarence Archie
Jones, Watson Cromwell
Johnson, Martin C.
Jorgensen, George
Jorgensen, George
Jensen, Anton
Jensen, Andrew Peter
Jensen, Andrew Peter
Keckler, Ralph Larillard
Klepser, Fred
Koester, Fred John Henry
Ludwig, George August
Little, Willard
Levy, Maxwell S.
Mueller, John Albert
Nelson, Alfred
Little, Willard
Levy, Maxwell S.
Mueller, John Albert
Nelson, Alfred
Oldenburf, William Carl
Printz, Albert
Patterson, Birt
Persinger, Lee Edghill
Palmer, George Newel
Poska, Sam David
Raines, Ross McCoy
Roblyer, Major Andrew
Roth, Lewis
Ruhga, Henry Bernard
Richaert, Carl Henry
Robbins, William Edward
Rehmeier, Fred W. L.
Rohlfs, Alfred Fritz Henry
Ruhge, Walter John
Reynolds, Perl Beng.
Sperry, John Edward
Spencer, Fred
Stoll, George Joseph
Sudduth, Dan Ezra
Thomassen, Harold Sigvard
Ulrich, Red V.
Wegener, Herman William
Wulf, William Fred
Anderson, Oskar Lauritz
Bowmann, Glenn
Bornemeier, Albert Henry
Baker, Robert Oscar
Breckenridge, Matte James
Boschert, Daniel Wallace
Bell, Clair Logan
Christensen, Miller Sam
Cross, Mike
Domingo, George M.
Engel, Herman Henry
Erhart, Frank Arnold
Erhart, Clarence Bernard
Frost, Walter Henry
Frans, Thurman G.
Fleming, Paul Erhardt
Gaebel, Louis Will
Graham, Willie
Glaubitz, Alfred Frank
Guehlstorff, Edward L.
Groessner, Reuben Albert
Goehry, Paul Edmund
Glaubitz, Frank Paul
Gaebel, Alfred Fred
Harrington, Avery Hanson
Harrington, William James
Hanson, Carl Lewis
Heneger, Thos. James
Jochim, John Steven Fred
Jochim, Edward Julius
Kraft, John George Fred
Keckler, Eli Dudley
Krecklow, Louis Carl August
Livingston, Harrison Jesse
Lau, Charles Herman
Lorenson, Lewis
Lorensen, Grover Chris
Lorensen, Fred Ferdinand
Murphy, Charles Michael Jr.
Miller, Joseph E.
Murphy, Humphrey Dennis
Mitchell, Cecil Albine
Miller, James Hansen
Medved, Anton
Murphy, Frank Edward
Miller, Virgil Orval
Mohler, William Edward
Marshall, Frank S.
Murphy, John
Mockenhaupt, Walter William
Mogensen, Otto Kristian
Murphy, James, Jr.
Mockenhaupt, Valentine August
Neumann, John Christ
O'Brien, Walter James
Obernalte, Henry
O'Brien, Henry William H.
O'Brien, Patrick Hugh
Olsen, Soren
Quinn, Earl John
Rouse, Lester Warren
Reuter, Henry Earnest
Rauth, Aarm Francis
Rau, Joepsh Edward
Rouler, Fred August
Rockwell, Calvin Daneil
Rawth, Herman John
Reister, Frank Chris
Schliedfort, Oris Anton
Steinkamp, Roy
Schoeman, Daniel William
Shelborn, John Burnet
Stander, John Peter
Tighe, Paul Alphonso
Taylor, Frank
Tighe, Leo Humprhey
Wright, Harvy Lee
Wilgn, Roy Elwis
Wiather, Ramond Laurance



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