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  Dane Cemetery

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Dane Cemetery

Located 6 miles east of Gordon, NE.
Section 7, Range 39, Townshp 25.

Anderson, Eric Jr.(son of Eric & Hanna)02-13-189202-20-1897Gordon, NE.
Anderson, Eric Sr.04-20-185508-23-1891
Christiansen, Peter01-04-189801-22-1898Gordon, NE
Hansen, Christian L.?1919Denmark
Hansen, Kuistine Marie Peterson(wife of Christian L.)08-06-184303-28-1917Denmark
Hansen, Neils181601-19-1905
Hansen, Peter K.(hus of Mamie Johnson m.02-09-1905)10-02-187911-08-1906Denmark
Holtz, Mrs. Christine182002-04-1909
Jensen, Anna Kirstine(dau of Jorgen & Maren)03-23-189403-28-1897Gordon, NE.
Jensen, Niels Andrew(son of John Frederick Nielsen & Ane Marie Anderson)04-10-189505-03-1895Gordon, NE
Jorgensen, Karen Asta Ingeborg hillerup(dau of Hillerup & Marie)10-31-189208-08-1895Gordon, NE
Kragh, Theodore Lauritsen(son of Christian & Marie)03-02-189507-01-1895Gordon, NE
Lamham, Velma04-01-191504-06-1915
Nelson, Pearl(dau of Christian & Margaritte)09-21-190010-04-1900
Nielson, Hans Christian(son of Andy P.)04-10-192004-19-1920
Oersted, Anton Niels12-08-187612-12-1918
Petersen, Ever??
Petersen, Inger??
Petersen, Peter??
Peterson, Hans05-07-184105-20-1917
Peterson, Nels P.02-11-184311-20-1914
Peterson, Peter Christen05-14-186901-13-1915
Peterson, Ruth(baby)1 day1928
Pifer, Herschel Percy03-28-189305-28-1895
Schacht, Maria19001906Germany
Troelson, Mathilda H.(dau of P. & M.)04-17-191106-04-1911

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