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  Dry Valley Cemetery

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Dry Valley Cemetery
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Dry Valley Cemetery

Located north and west of Mullen,Ne.
Cherry County Section 6, Range 32, Township 26.
Land for the cemetery was donated by Robert Boyer.

There is brass plate on each of the window sills with Contributors names listed. One was donated by Doctor Roth and daughter Elsie. This information was donated by Stephen Wineteer

Alexander, Kent E. 01-28-192507-19-1925
Aspinall, Helen B.(dau of Thomas & Isabella)(Moved to Grand Island)10-16-191410-22-1925
Aspinall, Jean L.09-27-191111-10-1911
Aspinall, Thomas P.(husband of Isabella Burr)(Moved)03-18-186711-17-1922Muskegan, Michigan
Barent, George(Son of John)??
Birthwell, Henry Alden1900?
Birtwell, Ollie?1912
Boyer, DuaneMoved
Carr, Thomas Glen (son of Thomas & Mary)07-13-190605-10-1916
Carr, Infant(son of S.H.& Rosa D.)?04-19-1904
Carr, Janet Hogg(wife of Lee)?1945
Carr, Lee(Pvt 1 Cl, 314 SN TN, 89 Div)(hus of Janet Hogg m.09-30-1925)(son of Thomas & Mary)188806-08-1938
Carr, Mary Jane Boyer(wife of Thomas m.12-31-1882)07-07-18661931Virginia
Carr, Teddy(son of Thomas& Mary)06-30-191011-10-1910
Carr, Thomas(son of Thomas & Mary)
Carr, Thomas Warner12-13-185807-11-1929New River, Virginia
Cash, ???09-03-1945
Cash, ????
Claudill, Baby son(of J.L.&R.)??
Claudill, Baby son(of J.L.&R.)??
Cornelius, Baby??
Cornelius, Baby??
Cotant, Elisabeth(grandma)??
Contant, Elsie M.(baby)??
Cotant, George L.(baby)??
Cotant, Ida F.?12-28-1927
Cotant, John H.?12-03-1947
Contant, Raymon H.(baby)??
Daman, Rev. G.W.183504-04-1913
Daman, Mrs. G.W.??
Doss, Martha11-05-184710-15-1918
Dowell, Thomas Earl10-06-186403-18-1911
Elliott, Leo L.moved 1934
Engleke, Denamoved 01-1930
Enwall, Louis??
Frazey, Thomas E.?07-23-1927
Frazey, Warren T.19171920
Garett, Child(of Roy G.)??
Goodman, Sam??
Graham, Andy Wayne(son of L.L. & Mary)19161918
Graham, Mary Ethel(wife of L.L.)18921917
Hampton, Sarah18351921
Hodges, James18801928
Hovey, Grandaughter (of Mrs. Hovey)??
Howard, Veda??
Isom, Grandma Doss??
Isom, Mattie E.Carr(dau of Thomas & Mary Carr)09-27-188505-16-1927
Isom, Wanda Rose(dau of Mattie Carr Isom)05-16-192705-17-1927
Jacobson, Baby Boy??
Jacobson, Baby Boy??
Jacobson, Baby Girl??
Jacobson, Elmer Jay19261930
Jacobson, Nina Isabel08-13-191311-08-1913
Jines, Mable Irean05-15-191405-19-1915
Johnson, Albertmoved 06-21-1941
Johnson, Mrs. A.Moved 10-06-1938
Johnson, Baby (of A.K.J.)??
Johnson, George W.?02-18-1938
Johnson, Mary Etta18721926
Johnson, William Grant18641938
Kaufman, Marven(son of Bert & Orpha)19101912
Kirk, Alexander(moved to Valentine 10-1947)185701-11-1913
Kirk, Baby??
Kirk, Dau R.01-01-191102-5-1911
Lanum, Baby(Parry Lee)?04-1927
Leverton, Clyde??
Long, Baby(of Floyd)?1927
McIntosh, Robert Louis?1913
McIntosh, Ruth?1936
McKee, Natianol05-08-191505-19-1915
McLenticke, Mrs.??
Marsh, Charlie N.06-22-187110-28-1938
Marsh, Delila03-01-18711946
Medema, J.G.185006-07-1938
Mickey, Hannah(wife of S.P.)06-23-185504-02-1909
Phipps, Detta (Baby)??
Phillips, Eloise?1918
Palmgren, Vedor(son of Lars & Anhild Palmgren)Moved?
Pool, Delia Jane18761963
Pool, John R.18301920
P1ool, Missouri18451936
Pratt, Albert?1915
Pratt, Alberta ?1915
Pratt, Girl??
Reavis, Baby Burlin??
Reavis, Geroge W.(Veteran)02-21-188107-22-1912
Richardson, Charles T.18511930
Rittenhouse, Ethel?1916
Rittenhouse, Mr. M.??
Roth, Catherine Doerr18431924
Wienteer,Mary Alice(dau of Solomon Edwin Wineteer, born 09-19-1889 in Albion as Solomon Mymey and adopted by Clement & Elizabeth Wineteer) & Mabel Frances England Wineteer, born 02-26-1887 in Phillips )05-28-191803-1919
Woods, Marjorie19191922

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