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Giles Cemetery

Located south west of Ainsworth near Elsmere, Ne.on the Giles Ranch.
Section ?, Range 25, Township 25.
All graves are marked.
Caretaker is Cyndie Smith 308-834-3290

Elsmere, Ne
Name Birth Death Born At
Baxter, Lillie S.(wife of Ross Baxter m. 08-23-1938)(dau of Otto & Anna Crooker Strand)07-03-192212-13-2002Purdum, NE
Baxter, Milton Gary(son of Ross & Lillie) 1939 1943
Cooper, Sophia M. 1832 1917
Cooper, Sylvester M. 1833 1919
Crooker, Alice A. McCallum(dau of David & Lillie Petet McCallum)(wife of Carl Bud Crroker m. 08-11-1952)04-22-193108-23-2014Anselmo, NE
Crooker, Alta Violet Anderson(wife of Claude) 06-24-1905 03-18-1988 Johnstown, NE
Crooker, Carl W. Bud (husband of Alice Crooker)19302012
Crooker, Carl Wallace Bud(son of Claude & Alta Anderson Crooker)(hus of Alice McCallum m. 08-11-1952)03-23-193008-16-2012Koshopah, NE
Crooker, Claude Wallace(husband of Alta)(son of Lydia & Lewis Crooker) 09-13-1900 06-16-1981 Elsmere, NE
Crooker, Donna Lee(dau of Timothy & Thelma) 02-18-1929 11-03-1929
Crooker, Kenneth D.03-31-193111-28-1995
Crooker, Lewis Wallace(husband of Lydia)(son of Timothy Steven &Irene Augusta Brookings Crooker) 12-21-1861 08-29-1932 Bath, Maine
Crooker, Lydia Ann Giles(wife of Lewis Wallace Crooker m. 02-19-1885)(dau of George & Christianna Giles) 10-08-1858 11-17-1956Peoria Co., Ill
Crooker, Richard Harrison(15th Service Co.Signal Corps, died from flu)(son of Lydia Giles Crooker & Lewis Crooker) 1892 1918
Crooker, Stanley Reuben(inf of Claude & Alta) 08-24-1942 09-28-1942
Donason, Iris Irene Crooker(wife of Charley m.01-03-1959)(dau of Cluade W. & Alta V. Anderson Crooker) 05-25-1941 03-19-2001 Koshopah, NE
Ellis, child(of Rosamond Giles b.10-13-1878 Afton, Union Co., Iowa& James Augustus (Gus) Ellis m.07-24-1895) No Dates
Ellis, child(of Rosamond & Gus) No dates
Fetherston, Elsie C. 1887 1913
Fink, Pearl Angeline Smith(dau of Albert e. & Mae Wood Smith)(wife of #1 Ken Cook m. 1942, #2 Melvin Fink m.04-27-1947)04-29-192609-27-2014Saco, MT
Giles, Astrid Stav(wife #2 of Charles)10-17-1898 07-07-1989Oslo, Norway
Giles, Infant (dau of Parker & Carrie) 10-12-1901 10-17-1901
Giles, Carrie Frances Cooper(wife of Parker)(dau of Sylvester Cooper & Sophie Brookings)10-21-1872 10-09-1956 East Wahefield, New Hampshire
Giles, Charles Michael(Charley)(husband of Astrid Stav m.09-22-1921)(son of Lawrence & Elizabeth Breeding Giles)(WW1 Army) 08-28--1897 08-24-1979 Elsmere, NE
Giles, Christianna Sweeley (daughter of Joseph (Schrville Changed to Sweeley or Sweely) Sweeley& Christianna Gerlach Sweeley) 10-25-1839 04-18-1899Lycoming Co., PA
Giles, Esther Myers(wife #1 Charles Giles)18951921
Giles, Etta Mae(dau of Parker Giles & Carrie F. Cooper) 07-30-1903 04-12-1992 Elsmere, Ne
Giles, Frances Bweta(dau of Parker &Carrie) 01-07-1907 11-03-1997 Elsmere, NE
Giles, George(husband of Christianna Sweeley m. 11-26-1857 at Pekin, Pazewell Co,Ill.)(son of Thomas Giles 2nd 1788-1838 &Ann Picken 1783-1854)(father)(children are: Richard, Parker R., Lawrence, Cornelia(Nellie)Rodocker, Rosamond Luella Ellis, Lydia Ann Crooker ) 09-1827 01-13-1925Richland, Oswego Co,NY
Giles, George L.(son of Lawrence & Lizzie) 03-13-1893 06-19-1894Elsmere, ME
Giles, George S.(husband of Mary Louise Hanna) 08-28-1922 02-11-1994 Elsmere, Ne
Giles, George W.(son of Richard & Olive) 06-23-1916 06-23-1916Elsmere, NE
Giles, George Lawrence(Larry)(husband of #1 Elizabeth Belle Breeding m. 02-58-1889, #2 Elizabeth Louellen (Lizzie)Burris m.06-16-1907)(son of George & Christianna Sweely Giles) 06-23-1862 03-19-1929Peoria, Ill
Giles, Lizzie Breeding(wife of George Lawrence ) 1873 02-02-1902
Giles, Olive Irene(wife of Richard) 03-04-1887 01-24-1937 Armstrong County, PA
Giles, Parker Junior(son of Parker & Carrie) 09-01-1908 10-10-1981 Elsmere, NE
Giles, Parkerson Ryan(husband of Carrie Frances Cooper m.05-12-1896)(son of George & Christianna) 07-30-1864 09-11-1931 Peoria, Ill
Giles, Richard (husband of Olive Irene Fulmer m.12-19-1906)(son of George & Christianna) 10-27-1867 10-13-1947 Peoria, Ill
John, Selma Georgia08-12-192606-04-1999
Meyers Child(of John & Sadie) No dates
Meyers, Child (of John & Sadie) No dates
Peterson, Alvah J. ? 1920
Peterson, Grace Irene(wife of Alvah) 02-07-1886 08-20-1940 York, Ne
Rodocker, Cornelia Elsie Giles (wife of Simon Peter m.11-02-1899)(dau of George & Christianna Giles) 06-20-1860 09-02-1931Peoria Co., Ill
Rodocker, Simon Peter(husband of Cornelia) 02-10-1862 07-08-1937
Shaul, Elmo Harry(husband of #1 Martha Strand m.06-14-1947 #2 Beverly Brainard Strand m.12-30-1989) 12-18-1922 12-11-2000 Wood Lake, Ne
Shaul, Martha Pauline Strand(wife of Elmo)(dau of Ottoa &l Anna Strand) 06-16-1926 12-10-1988 Koshopah, Ne
Strand, infant(dau of Herbert & Dencie Fisher) 09-11-1936 09-12-1936
Strand, Anna Elizabeth Crooker(wife of Otto Strand 06-30-1907)(dau of Lydia Giles Crooker & Lewis Crooker) 11-29-1889 06-22-1985 Elsmere, Ne
Strand, Herbert O.(son of Otto Strand &Anna Crooker) 06-13-1908 03-11-1984 Brown County, NE
Strand, Otto(husband of Anna Crooker)(son of Ole Olson (Strand)& Anna Jerde Strand m.02-15-1881) (Strand added after he came from Lyngdahl, Norway) 07-25-1882 03-04-1932 Aurora, Ne
Strand, Paul L. (son of Otto & Anna )(Army) 03-01-1910 10-24-1992 Koshopah, Ne
Strand, Stephen Gary(husband of#1 Kelly Hood, #2 Becky Blackmore, son of Paul & Lotus McNare Strand) 06-05-194305-13-2001Ainsworth, Brown, NE

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