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Entrance of Kilgore Cemetery
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South of Hiway 20
Section 10,Range 31, Township 34

Caretaker is Oren Van Winkle. A big thank you to Orin Van Winkle for taking the time to update the cemetery info in 11-2003 and for the updated picture of the Cemetery Entrances. It is greatly appreciated.

Adams, John H.18791962
Adams, Julia O.18841948
Ainslie, Martin??
Anderson, Axel D.(son of Wilhelm & Olive Andersson)18821910
Anderson, Olive D.18611914
Anderson, Wilhelm18601949Sweden
Bendston, Martha18911979
Bishop, Arlene?01-01-1917
Bishop, Donald07-6-191908-16-1919
Bishop, Glennie04-27-191604-27-1916
Bishop, Zella10-20-191710-24-1917
Bishop, Leonard04-27-191604-27-1916
Blank, Bertha Kudelka06-13-188401-20-1971
Blank, Elizabeth Lizzie Ulcher18591935
Blank, Fred Sr.(hus of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ulcher m. 1879)05-03-185903-31-1912Germany
Blank, Fred W.190504-12-1957
Blank, John09-21-188406-06-1946
Brackett, Avelyn Thompson(husband of Jennie A. Henthorne m. 01-28-1892)10-03-187208-20-1955Ira, New York
Brackett, Franklin F.(father of Avelyn T.Brackett)07-07-184303-09-1905
Brackett, Jennie A. Henthorne05-24-186808-22-1956Hannibal, NY
Brackett, Lillie Ada Robertson(wife of William m. 12-24-1916)11-24-189801-25-1986Kilgore, NE
Brackett, Mother18461924
Brooker, George19201998
Buttinghaus, Herman (Spanish War veteran)18641941
Buttinghaus, Lizzie A.18781957
Carr, Lewis(husband of Effie Thompson)11-01-186403-28-1923Illinois
Carson, Johnny??
Childers, Amis F.183401-13-1910
Childers, Sarah E. (wife of Amis)185103-19-1895
Churchhill, George D.18931937
Claussen, George??
Coleman, Elsie M.Grieser 190010-01-1978
Coleman, Ernest H.(son of G.W. & B.)06-05-190108-03-1906
Coleman, Floyd Z. (son of Susannah & Hugh)09-15-191512-15-1915
Coleman, George Washington(hus of Isabelle Hoffman m.04-17-1883)(son of Samuel & Susan)185907-01-1934
Coleman, Howard Dewey(hus of Elsie Grieser m.01-22-1919)(son of G.W. & Isabelle)05-23-189905-20-1968
Coleman, Hugh(hus of Susannah Jane Claybough m.05-26-1908)(son of G.W. & Isabelle)18871970
Coleman, Infant(son of Howard)19191920
Coleman, Isabelle Hoffman186904-06-1941
Coleman, Susan Jane Taylor Coleman(wife of Samuel James Coleman m. 1846)(mother of Martha Hoffman, grandmother of Grace Osterman)12-25-183105-12-1916South Carolina
Coleman, Susannah Jane Claybough(dau of Henry & Mary Claybough)18881967
Coryell, Frankie W.19051916
Coryell, Ruth May19071919
Danofsky, Elizabeth18391902Germany
Danofsky, Paul H.04-07-187412-29-1910
Datus, August Klon(hus of Romie Hoffman m.02-28-1905)07-07-187412-09-1956Lowell Lake County, IND
Datus, Donald Luke(son of August Bill & Romie Victoria Hoffman Datus)09-28-192306-18-2008Kilgore, NE
Datus, Elfieda Menhold(dau of Fred & Sena Menholt)(wife of John Wesley (Jack )Datus m.04-28-192810-24-190801-03-2009Hurley, SD
Datus, Jack(son of August & Romie)11-22-190803-30-1979
Datus, Romie Victoria Hoffman01-17-188612-11-1964Kilgore, NE
Davis, Earl Walter12-188411-1965
Davis, Isaiah(son of William & Lucinda)10-22-185609-13-1931
Davis, John H.(son of William & Lucinda)04-30-185307-30-1911
Davis, Lucinda Meyers (wife of W.P.)06-27-182708-14-1903
Davis, Mary E.18281894
Davis, Stephen G.18331914
Davis, William A.(son of William & Lucinda)18601905VA.
Davis, William Perry(hus of Lucinda Meyers) 01-28-1823 05-25-1904VA.
Detgen, John06-29-184312-15-1911
DuPratt, Joe(civil war)??
Elliott, Nathaniel07-10-183103-30-1916
Elwese, Alfred T.18821920
Emrick, Boy19091911
Fisher, Herman Joseph19001931
Fox, Anna Mary Laue187509-1924
Fox, Eldon(son of Henry & Mary Fox)19401995
Fox, Henry A.(hus of Anna Laue m. 1894)10-28-187204-1941
Fox, Henry18991996
Fox, Mary19021991
Fox, Robert Wesley11-11-193612-19-1936
Fox, Ulrich Wesley(Wes)(hus of Margaret Manifold m.06-06-1934)(son of Henry & Anna Riecke Fox) 06-10-190901-03-2005Kilgore, NE
Goodrich, Eve M.19041940
Goodrich, Lewis 18951955
Goodrich, Martha Ann Olsen(wife of Leland)19361966
Grantham, W. B.07-13-190111-08-1918
Grow, Charles T.187704-10-1970
Grow, Fannie18801945
Guest, Donal H.(son of Hugh & Minnie Phillips Guest)(hus of Bonnie Weber m. 04-01-1954)09-16-193105-28-2008Council Bluffs, IA.
Hamit, Charlie19071989
Hamit, David D.19351952
Hand, Carolyn Marie Groves(dau of Clarnece & Agatha Grovess)(wife of James D. Hand m. 11-27-1964)12-20-194208-29-2008Ainsworth, NE
Hand, Irene19101974
Hand, Irene(dau of L.M. & N.M.)0-12-190805-05-1908
Hand, James Dale (Son of Glenn & Irene Grnathem Hand)(hus of Carolyn Marie Groves m.11-27-1964)07-16-194208-2012Kilgore, NE
Hand, Mother12-185206-21-1940
Hand, Richard Dick(son of Cyrus Gloen & Martha Iren Grantham Hand)(hus of Shirley Rauer m. 03-15-1955)07-19-193312-30-2016
Hand, Syrus Glen19041976
Hannah, Carl C.(WW1 veteran)(hus of ? Coleman)08-27-1939?
Hart, Cecil Ferren(WW1)(hus of Norma Julia Horner m. 04-13-1920)12-03-189504-26-1972Coloma Station, WISC.
Hart, Norma Julia Horner190306-04-1972
Hartman, Deanna Hutchison (dau of Rex & Barbara Hutchison)(wife of Melvin Hartmann m. 02-14-1992)11-22-194906-18-2012Valentine, NE
Hempel, Jacob18491930
Hempel, Mariles18451926
Hempel, Oren P.(son of Peter)1931915
Hendershot, William E.(veteran WW11)01-23-19055-29-1972
Hill, Alma M. Witherwax (wife of Edward Hill) m.10-29-1913)189203-25-1972
Hill, Edward09-23-189405-07-1961Orchard, NE
Hill, Cena19201997
Hill, Grover19171996
Hirschler, Arleen(child died from turnips)19171919
Hirschler, Dale(child from turnips) 19151919
Hoffman, Annie M. Hoyt18731927
Hoffman, Baby(child of Elmer & FLorence)07-09-190407-15-1904
Hoffman, Bessie Myrtle Barnes Goodin(dau of Walter & Myrtle Barnes Goodin04-15-190909-12-1964
Hoffman, Cora Alice Childers(dau of Amos & Sarah Harger Childers)(wife of Frank Sherman Hoffman) 11-24-18731941
Hoffman, Dick(son of Homer & Bessie Hoffman)19281990
Hoffman, Elmer Edwin(hus of Florence Childers m.04-09-1893)(son of George & Rosetta Hoffman) 03-17-187104-21-1934Boone county, IOWA
Hoffman, Elmer Wesley(son of Elmer & Florence)06-22-191203-02-1920
Hoffman, Florence Childers(dau of Amos & Sarah)03-03-187807-27-1930Chariton county, MO.
Hoffman, Frank F.(WW 1 338 Field Arty 88 Div.)(son of Frank & Anna)01-27-189109-28-1966
Hoffman, Frank Sherman(hus of #1 Anna Hoyt, #2 Cora Alice Childers m. 04-20-1894)02-04-186704-02-1929Boonesboro, Iowa
Hoffman, Guy Henry(son of Elmer & Florence)12-02-189904-18-1916
Hoffman, Homer N.(hus of Bessie Myrtle Barnes Goodin m.09-26-1927)(son of Frank)11-28-190012-12-1969
Hoffman, James(half brother of Frank, was a minister)18801956
Hoffman, Lana Rosetta Clark (wife of George Hoffman m.09-20-1849)189503-20-1915
Hoffman, Martha Jane Coleman(Matt)18541936
Hoffman, Mathias(Kool)(hus of Martha Coleman m.1880)(son of Jefferson) 18521943Boone county, Iowa
Horner, Dorothy19221989
Howard, Ivan19121979
Johnson, Avis C.02-17-184201-05-1903
Johnson, James A. W.(minister)18671929
Johnson, Sylvanus(veteran Co. H. 15th Iowa Inf.)(Minister)??
Jones, Frank(brother of Floyd)188502-29-1968
Jones, Floyd M.(well known cowboy)18881965
Joseph, Kenneth11-01-192603-26-1982
Joseph, Alice19021995
Joseph, Tom(hus of Alice Ellen Swim m. 06-01-1924) 190001-24-1981
Kalkofen, Bert Alonzo08-24-189102-17-1920
Kalkofen, Gustave T.05-22-184901-16-1913Germany
King, Betty J.01-15-192508-03-1960
King, Florence H.18961965
King, Robert T.18731963
King, Roy D.(WW11)10-01-191909-08-1968
Kludsikofsky, Augusta Schultz05-09-185910-14-1930Elbing, Germany
Kludsikofsky, Frank(hus of Augusta Schultz)01-29-185810-25-1940Papanen, Germany
Kudelka, Mary Soukup?12-2-1912
Kudelka, Orthello L. Van Winkle(wife of Freddie Kudelka m.04-12-1940)(dau of Ira(Bud)& Mae Van Winkle)10-14-191308-14-1986Valentine, Ne
Lance, Addie(child of H.& M.)??
Lance, Maude(child of H. & M.)??
Lance, Minnie(child of H. & M.)??
Latta, Grace Viola18941968
Lurz, Joseph(hus of Maria Kirsch)(son of Gottlieb & Crescentia Hoeld Lurz)02-26-184101-08-1916
Lurz, Maria Karolina Kirsch07-26-183502-19-1912
McMurtrey, Erba (Hub)(hus of Muriel Hoffman m.12-20-1919)(son of Patrick Boone McMurtrey & Mary Elizabeth McMurtrey)10-07-189110-27-1977Missouri
McMurtrey, John G.(hus of Lucy Dickey m.1915) (son of Alf)(nephew of Erba & Murial McMurtrey)03-11-189306-1967Washington county, MO.
McMurtrey, Kathryn L. Herrington01-25-192601-19-2001Merriman, NE
McMurtrey, Lucy L. Dickey10-25-188802-1974
McMurtrey, Muriel Hoffman(dau of Frank Sherman Hoffman)19021996
Mecham, A. Guy18951966
Mecham, Bertha M.18991938
Mecham, Leo(son of Guy & Bertha)11-21-191905-06-1920
Monnier, Babies??
Monnier, Bob??
Monnier, Charles Henry(son of George)05-28-186002-10-1910
Monnier, George H. Jr.(hus of Golide M. Couser m.04-03-1927)189910-04-1952
Monnier, Marianne(dau of George W.)05-16-190202-18-1905
Murphy, Harley N.(son of Orley & Anna)02-16-191407-01-1914
Murphy, Marjorie Elizabeth(dau of Frances)04-19-190503-18-1911
Nine, Infant son(of Stanley Nine)09-02-192609-03-1926
Nine, Audra E.(wife of Stanley W. Nine)11-15-190010-24-1976
Nine, Clyde19021913
Nine, Edgar (Ted)07-02-190210-07-1976
Nine, Grant18711945
Nine, James(son of Robert Nine)19641987
Nine, Judy Quattlebaum(wife of Robert Nine m.1963)?01-08-2014
Nine, Stanley W. (WW1 Co g. 47th Inf.)04-10-189103-18-1963
Nine, Virginia E.18671960
Olsen, Lloyd L.02-28-190312-03-1990
Olsen, Marie E.02-25-191204-06-1972
Osterman, Ernest Henry(son of Ferdinand Henry & Grace Mae)01-16-191111-1931
Osterman, Ferdinand H.18851955
Osterman, Gladys Mae Hoffman03-08-188803-06-1977
Osterman, Grace M.(wife of Ferdinand H.)1888?
Osterman, Joan Drusilla(dau of Lee Laverne & Lorraine)08-26-193608-26-1936Crookston, NE
Osterman, Lee19131990
Osterman, Romie M.(dau of T.H. & G.M.)07-18-190609-28-1913
Peterson, Alfred Hedvick(James)(WW1)18681956
Peterson, Almer James(WW1)(hus of Viva Rogers Grantham m.12-13-1935)(son of Alfred H. & Caroline Peterson)03-03-189309-04-1974Lanesboro, Fillmore, Minnesota
Peterson, Calvin Nile(son of Herman Nile & Hattie Tillerson Peterson)11-24-192403-30-1925
Perterson, Carl James(son of Alfred & Caroline)02-13-190802-20-1908
Peterson, Caroline Evans(wife of Alfred H.)05-28-186802-18-1908Minnesota
Peterson, Clarence(hus of Ruby Howard m.07-25-1925)(son of Alfred Hedvick & Caroline Evans Peterson)06-25-190211-24-1989Presho, Lyman County, SD
Peterson, Gilma Bendene(dau of Alfred & Caroline)18951935Minnesota
Peterson, Ruby Cordie Howard(dau of Edward Oliver & GyeGettie Homan Howard) (wife of Clarence)08-11-190709-20-1989Napoleon, ND
Peterson, Viva May Rogers(#1 Noah K. Grantham m.03-05-1932, #2 Almer J. Peterson m. 12-13-1935)(dau of Alfred & Lena Hoffman Rogers) 08-04-191210-21-2000Cherry Co, NE
Peterson, Zelda Caroline(Dau of Herman N. & Hattie Peterson)03-04-191912-09-1919
Rauer, Charles E.18911953
Rauer, Lola E. Davey10-15-189401-10-1978
Robertson, Sylvanus (Bud)(hus of #1 Sadie Denton m.1920, #2 Hazel Kudelka Clark m.1959)(son of Jessie & Merrick)19001974
Robertson, Jessie I. Story(dau of William & Lydia McKenney Story)10-17-187604-10-1947
Robertson, Merrick Edward(hus of Jessie Story m.10-01-1896)11-22-185910-11-1928Sullivan, IND
Robertson, Sadie Denton18981957
Ross, Alf19101988
Ross, Theodore Arnold(son of Arnold Carl Oscar & Kathleen LeVeve Boltz Ross)(hus of #1 Billy Louise Brown m.03-18-1962, #2 Susan Celeste Bennett m. 06-10-1989)05-05-194111-07-2010Idaho Falls, ID
Ross, Vera19091996
Rothleutner, Cornelia A. Davis185810-01-1940
Rothleutner, Elise Grabe(wife of Joseph)(dau of Elise & Fred Grabe)02-25-188708-13-1983
Rothleutner, Frank W.(hus of Cornelia Davis m.01-16-1887)185911-16-1924Bergstadt, Moravia, Austira
Rothleutner, Joseph Augustus(Gus)(hus of Elise Grabe m.06-10-1914)(son of Frank & Cornelia Davis Rothleutner)01-26-188805-18-1948
Rothleutner, Stanley M.(son of Frank & Cornelia)09-12-188902-24-1969
Rothleutner, Wesley M.(veteran)(hus of Phyllis Carnes m.06-10-1948)(son of Joseph & Elise Grabe Rothleutner) 09-17-192308-19-1992
Savage, Carroll(child of Milton & Vivian Hart Savage)19481960
Savage, Cecil Ray(son of Robert & Alma Osterman Savage)(hus of Dorothy Hart m. 10-28-194003-28-192111-23-2008Kilgore, NE.
Savage, Donna(dau of Cecil & Dorothy Hart Savage)19541961
Savage, Max19261926
Savage, Milton19161993
Savage, Vivian GGeneva Hart(dau of Cecil & Norma Horner Hart)(wife of Milton Savage m. 10-23-1944)06-14-192406-04-2010Kilgore, NE
Schroeder, Hazel Gramton?05-15-1972
Schulz, Charles Carl(hus of #1 Laura Seger m.06-17-1909, #2 Mabel Bliss m. 06-14-1917)(son of John & Gottliebe)11-30-188005-30-1960
Schulz, Eleonora03-21-183411-17-1915
Schulz, Gottliebe(wife of John Schulz)11-22-185405-02-1930Guringen, Wesst Prussia
Schulz, Henry(hus of Elenora)04-24-183402-12-1905
Schulz, John02-09-185006-13-1942Guhringen, West Prussia
Schulz, Laura M.Seger05-08-187705-16-1913
Schulz, Mabel O.Bliss07-27-1895?
Shook, Dorothy Emily12-09-191502-23-1920
Smith, William S.(cremated)06-27-193611-09-1977
Snyder, Infant(son of J.C. & Martha C.)08-04-191108-04-1911
Stack, Charles Leon06-10-189811-07-1918
Steinbrecher, Herbert19081983
Steinbrecher, Minnie12-29-188912-31-1978
Steinbrecher, Rose18671929
Stetter, Ella Hoffman(wife of George W. Stetter m.1918)05-29-189702-06-1980Kilgore, NE
Stoner, Infant(son of Charles & Mildred)19581958
Stoner, Mary A. Hoffman(dau of Frank & Cora Hoffman)18991971
Stoner, Rollie E.18971985
Story, Albert186819??
Story, Joseph Lewes19091924
Story, Josephine Hoffman18791961
Story, Maude May18771915
Stubbs, Nina09-08-191804-23-1927
Stubbs, William N. 06-18-192004-23-1927
Thomas, Dean01-07-189511-26-1919
Trappel, Anna Blank18861960
Trappel, Anne01-23-190406-22-1994
Trappel, Teunis(Anton)07-20-18771951Wervershoof, Netherlands
Trappel, Diewertje(Dora) Ruieter(wife of Meindert)10-31-18491915
Trappel, Harry(WW11)08-22-191103-29-1960
Trappel, Meindert01-15-18481926Zwaag, Netherlands
Trappel, Tony(son of Anton, brother of Harry & Lillian)09-08-190906-30-1989
Tryon, Annie19032003
Tryon, Clinton J.(veteran WW11)10-27-191902-7-1969
Tryon, Eugene W.(veteran WW1)04-13-189507-4-1968
Tryon, Lloyd19211993
Tryon, May19231989
Van Winkle, Ira(hus of Gladys Olsen m.1934)(son of Ira & Mae Spain Van Winkle)08-15-190805-22-1981
Van Winkle, Ira A. SR.(Bud)(hus of Mae Spain m.10-1907)(son of James & Sarah Hedges Van Winkle)12-03-188004-05-1939Kesburg, Il.
Van Winkle, Mae E. Spain1892???
Wallingford, Glen C.(moved to Chadron, NE cem.)19081964
Wallingford, Linie S.(buried at Chadron, NE cem.)19082003
Weber, Bertha Louise Schulz(wife of#1 Carl Frederick Weber m.1897, #2 Rev. Gust Freigang m.06-03-1928) (dau of Henry & Elenora Schulz)12-30-187503-03-1930Germany
Weber, Carl Frederick(Fred)(hus of Bertha Loiuise Schulz m.09-1897)06-24-186707-04-1917
Weber, Elizabeth Hudnall190305-16-1982
Weber, Walter (Shorty)(hus of Elizabeth Hudnall m.1925)(son of Carl & Bertha)190105-17-1981
Weihe, Alice Ilene Hoffman(wife of Rudolph Weihe m.01-05-1952)(dau of Walter & Eva Hoffman)07-03-193412-30-2007Rosebud, SD
Weihe, Rudolph Henry(hus of Alice Ilene Hoffman m.01-05-1952)(son of William & Laura Long Weihe)07-24-190910-06-1984Crookston, NE
Welker, Eldine Yvonne Rauer(dau of Harold & Lilliam Trappel Rauer)(wife of Dean Welker m.06-22-1957)11-17-193612-15-2007
Wilmore, Janet18621958
Wilson, Hazel19011933
Wilson, Mother04-08-183406-20-1902
Wilson, William A.2-02-186306-23-1903
Witt, Karl C.H.05-25-1915
Wood, Ethel Merle King(wife of Dean W. Wood)06-24-189903-24-1920
Wray, John H.18721948
Wray, Mankin07-07-182702-19-1913
Wray, Minnie L.18721955
Wray, Nina V.18641949
Wray, Sarah10-14-183201-08-1912
Wray, William18701853

There are 29 markers with information gone
1 wooden cross no information'

We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Cherry County Coordinator. Information on births and deaths donated by Ruth Harms who walked the cemetery in 1974.

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