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Entrance of Merriman St. Elizabeth Cemetery
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Located north east of Merriman, NE about 1 mile.
Section 17, Townsip 34, Range 37.

The Catholic Cemetery is located 1 mile north an east of Merriman. It was established about 1900, on land donated by Herbert Green. The first person buried there was an unidentified man killed in a train accident in Merriman. The Green family with the help of neighbors prepared the man for burial. This information was written by Mrs. Vanessa Oleske.

Christensen, Janet E.19601968
Christensen, Mary G.18811959
Clarke, John C.18351927
Coffee, Nora06-22-186508-10-1926
Eyle, Edward F.04-04-187905-08-1946
Eyle, M. Evelyn18821956
Fagan, Infants??
Fagan, Jessie M.(dau of John & Maude Fagan)10-06-189512-06-1946
Fagan, John Edward(son of William) 05-17-185907-09-1930Iowa
Fagan, Maud Veronica Brown(wife of John E. Fagan m.11-28-1888)10-13-187101-06-1919
Germaine(Jerman), Peter3-10-185102-05-1920
Green, Elizabeth M. Clark(wife of Herbert)12-06-18501907
Green, Florence Scott(wife of Vern Green m.07-105-1912)04-08-186604-24-1956
Green, Herbert12-26-185504-28-1932
Green, Infant(son of Alvin & Clara)03-22-1909?
Green, Infant(son of A.B.& C.M.) 09-09-191409-09-1914
Green, Marian Elizabeth (dau of Alvin & Clara)02-02-191108-05-1913
Green, Vernon??
Grigg, Margaret I.10-24-190907-30-1911
Jermon, J.W.(Bill)1876196?
Jones, Clara??
Larsen, Anne18721958
Larsen, Charles18721947
Lessert, Albert Clairmore?03-18-1941
Lessert, Lawrence Keith(husof Ruth M. Larson m.01-08-1933)(son of Richard & Viola)08-26-191112-24-1979
Lessert, Louis Benjamin 02-28-183403-09-1917
Lessert, Richard C.(hus of Viola Green m.07-25-1910)(son of Benjamin & Lucille Cottier Lessert)10-27-188812-24-1966Gamble,SD
Lessert, Ruth L. Larson(dau of Hjalmar Albert & Maria Norquist Larson)(wife of L. Keith Lessert m. 01-08-1934)02-17-191310-01-2000Omaha, NE
Lessert, Viola V. Green(dau of Herbert & Elizabeth Clark Green) 04-19-188602-02-1976
Linenbrink, Henry09-21-188510-10-1969
Linenbrink, Margaret10-03-1898?
Linenbrink, Nick ((son of Henry & Margaret Linenbrink)04-16-193207-06-2012Callaway, NE
Linenbrink, William Donald(son of Henry & Margaret Brosius Linenbrink)(hus of Stella A. Simons m. 12-08-1952)06-25-193008-03-2008Callaway, NE
Marshall, Charles P.(son of John)09-21-191410-17-1957
Marshall, Hazelle M.05-17-189405-28-1949
Marshall, John W.06-25-189007-21-1969
Marshall, Par(son of Alma & Charles)10-24-194511-11-1949
Millspaugh, Donna Marie(dau of John Millspaugh)10-08-192812-03-1928
Oleske, Andrew J.(WW11)09-25-191703-24-1967
Risse, Henry(WW1 Co d,210th Engrs. 10th Div.)04-0-189101-29-1965
Risse, Henry(husband of Minnie m.07-02-1919)18911965
Risse, Minnie189619??
Starr, Anna Belle(wife of Orville Starr m.1917)(dau of John & Mayd Fagan) 18971937
Trump, Kylie Kristine(dau of Steve & Benita Trump)01-22-200108-07-2005Valentine, NE
Vinton, Martha Elizabeth12-07-196401-04-1965
Ward, Elbridge G.(Spanish American War)05-28-186902-25-1950
Ward, HelenInfant?
Ward, Nellie18841937
Weber, Emma18691938
Weber, Frank E.18921972
Weber, Fred M.19071962
Weber, Vera E.1911?
Weber, William 18631942
We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Cherry County Coordinator. Information on births and deaths donated by Ruth Harms who walked the cemetery in 1974.

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