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Entrance of Merriman Memorial Cemetery
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Located south west edge of Merriman, NE
Section 18, Townsip 34, Range 37.

Adamas, Mary L.02-02-188811-12-1918
Alder, Daniel E.(son of Herbert & Bessie)08-17-191710-10-1917
Arnot, Emma Josephine Betlach(wife of Howard)18991953
Arnot, Howard Frank(veteran)(son of Francis & Julia Etta Quible Arnot)18911962
Ayers, Harry L.(hus of Winnie Crowe m.11-02-1902)18771961
Ayers, Winnie Crowe(dau of Katherine & Joel Crowe)01-09-187911-26-1930
Bayliss, Lily May18871952
Bayliss, Orrin B.18941966
Bayliss, Son(of William)191606-17-1921
Brown, Alex18501932
Brown, Harriet18541949
Buckles, Freddie(son of Jim & May)03-192303-1923
Childers, Camyn Stuart(son of Clyde & Myrtle)06-20-190603-27-1907
Childers, James07-06-186001-04-1905
Childers, Martha18611946
Coats, Mary C.(wife of G.W.)09-14-186203-31-1920
Cutshall, Vera Hester(dau of C.W. & Susie)07-13-191306-26-1914
DeVine, Elwin F.11-21-185806-02-1920
DeVine, Herbert(son of E.F.& Emma)11-21-188410-05-1902
Dibble, Archie12-01-189112-11-1898
Farleigh, Ann Carol19431961
Fish, Miles S. Jr.09-05-193603-31-1971
Fortner, Rosa Conner(dau of Mrs. John Fortner)?10-19-1919
Fretwell, Lee18641917
Fritsch, Edith K.01-12-188502-22-1918
Fritsch, Leion L.11-15-190608-2-1914
Galloway, August John(hus of Hazel Shook m. 1927)(son of Peter & Emma)08-07-190301-17-1948
Galloway, Mack Dale(son of August & Hazel Galloway)(hus of ?)09-16-193002-23-2011
Galloway, Richard Dan11-13-193109-02-1934
Gibbons, Infant Child(of Frank)?1916
Gustin, Susan A.08-15-182805-03-1904
Guyette, Virginia Ellen01-28-192803-05-1928
Hail, Samuel10-15-184301-17-1918
Harner, Jay Cook18981961
Harner, Jay Cook Jr.19321932
Harner, Margaret190119??
Harvey, Leon E.(son of C.L. & Susan V.)2-16-190112-25-1905
Hays, Alonzo J.18651922
Hayes, Earl H.06-19-190?06-20-1968
Hays, Emma A.18661926
Hays, George H.12-25-185602-04-1915
Heckle, Caroline Beaver10-15-184805-20-1919
Heckle, Henry184909-17-1920
Hetrick, Charles A.(hus of Julia m.11-11-1870)10-18-184906-07-1913
Hetrick, Julia Anna Moore12-22-184803-11-1924
Hicks, Elizabeth A.18531942
Howton, Buck19121974
Howton, Oliver T.03-11-191207-11-1974
Howton, Pauline19181974
Howton, Rita P.11-24-191807-11-1974
Hussong, Frederick03-01-187512-8-1901
Jensen, Della E. Nicols(wife of Julius Jensen m.01-02-1906)18831977
Jensen, Julius Andrew18771957
Jensen, Paul E.(son of Julius & Della)19081952
Jensen, Son(of H.& M.)08-26-191209-09-1912
Jessen, Gorge H.18541926
Jessen, Rosena18511929
Jessen, Wilhelmia18891938
Jessen, Willie C.18891920
Johnson, Edwin William01-01-184702-26-1920
Johnson, Jens?09-29-1916
Kirchner, George?10-27-1918
Kirstine, Clarence O.19121964
Leeper, Thomas Melvin07-28-195508-20-1955
Leeper, Melvin? ?
Leeper, Mrs Melvin??
Leeper, Roy O.(hus of #1 Bernadine Goodfellow m.1933, #2 Rosamond Lorenz m.1946)(son of Thomas & Bessie)19071970
Lindley, Elizabeth A.18491923
Lindley, George B.18491926
Logan, Lynford Clark06-20-193801-13-1939
McCray, Charles(hus of Orpha A. VanMeter187306-30-1930
McCray, Orpha A. VanMeter?01-20-1978
McKee, Baby(child of George McKee)?11-03-1926
Mifflin, Mary Ann10-20-184301-14-1918Kentucky
Moran, Elaine(dau of Fred R. & Lenna B.)07-29-190608-29-1906
Moser, Anthony(veteran Co. 6, 16th inf.)18331922
Neumeyer, Margaret I.19061933
Neumeyer, Perry O.19031958
Peery, Mrs. C.L.?07-15-1921
Perriten, Christian18911954
Perriten, Elida189119??
Porge, Leola Ethel11-01-191003-25-1923
Pruden, Alice Nelson(dau of Charles & Anna Svarfar Nelson)18901965
Pruden, James(hus of Alice Nelson m.11-12-112)(son of Peter & Minerva)10-20-18711924
Pruden, Minerva Susan Frost(dau of Ebenezer Frost)10-30-18401917Piqua, Ohio
Pruden, Peter W.(Veteran-Co. F., 83rd Inf.)(Minerva Susan Frost m.02-12-1860) 12-29-183401-23-1904Shelby county, Ohio
Ricketts, Jennie A.M.(wife of W.D.)04-21-186302-22-1915
Ricketts, William D.18601948
Roberts, Georgie(son of George & Lizzie )06-09-190405-26-1905
Rose, Margaret18721917
Rose, Retha (dau of C.H. & M.A.)05-10-191305-14-1914
Scott, Tressie L.10-29-189404-01-1908
Scott, Joseph V.(hus of Eliza McColm) 08-13-18521929
Shay, William(son of W.R.)01-04-191904-1919
Shoat, George F.183709-12-1917
Slade, Daisy Scott(wife of William Slade m.1913)18771957
Slade, Virginia T.(dau of William D.A.)05-24-191608-20-1916
Slade, William18791934
Smart, Mary V. Buckles08-28-185308-23-1914
Squires, Oscar18761920
Stasch, Edward06-22-190206-24-1984Kilgore, NE
Stasch,, Elsie Truax(wife of Edward m.04-13-1929)01-30-191005-26-1979Cody, NE
Thayer, Baby?08-21-1957
Van Meter, Orpha A.18861978
Waddell, Albert W.18761946
Waddell, Josephine O.18771932
White, Charles I.(son of Burton E. & Anna A.)07-02-1897?
White, Hugo(son of W.R.& S.E.)12-11-189508-28-1896
White, infant(son of W.R. & S.E.)01-30-189902-13-1899
Wickman, Freddy(son of Erick & Augusta)12-27-191101-07-1912
Yepp, Maria Theresa?09-10-1962

There are 3 unmarked graves
1 Iron Stake
1 Wooden Cross
1 wooden Stake
4 White Crosses
Fenced in plot-Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States-cement slab-unreadable
3 Iron cross
2 together
1 homemade headstone-no info
3 wooden slabs

We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Cherry County Coordinator. Information on births and deaths donated by Ruth Harms who walked the cemetery in 1974.

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