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Entrance of Mt. Hope Cemetery-Wood Lake, Ne
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Complete Listing

Located on the North East edge of Wood Lake close to Hiway 20.
Section 22, range 25, Township 31.

Allen, Dorothy Evelyn Bush Best(wife of #1 Lyle L. Best m. 08-25-1935, #2 Ray Allen m. 02-1966)(dau of John Henry & Mary Elizabeth Becker Bush)04-15-191204-20-2002Cherry County, NE
Anderson, Yvonne 1924 1935 ? 78 D 2
Arnett, Keith L(WW11)191704-09-1973?39B3
Arnett, Kevin ? ? ? 39 B 1
Arnett, Mary E. Kreycik Cronin(wife of #1 Leo Cronin m.06-1937, #2 Keith Arnett m.09-1967)(dau of George & Mary Kreycik)(cremains) 09-03-1917 01-15-1997Wood Lake, Ne39B2
Ayers, John Thomas(son of James & Lyde Baird) 06-18-1871 02-11-1964Brown Co., NE92B5
Baier, Jacob Demop(husband of Ida May) 08-14-1868 11-11-1934Mason Co., W.Virg.87A2
Baier,Ida May (wife of Jacob) 04-11-1874 08-28-1948?87A3
Bailey,Abel 1858 194636A3
Bailey, Dema 1865 1951 ?36A4
Bailey,Floyde F.(son of C.M.) 05-21-1890 07-25-1900?87C4
Baker, Alice Cordelia Mulvain(wife of Geo. W.) 11-07-1850 07-31-1939Brown Co., Ohio32C3
Bakewell, Lillian 1894 1898 ? 88 B 4
Ballard, Billie(WW11)(son of W.N.) 09-05-1917 04-19-1995?34A2
Ballard, Catherine E. 1882 1966?34B1
Ballard, Charles Donald(son of W.N.) 06-17-1915 09-07-1917?34B4
Ballard, Charlie C. 1876 1966?34A4
Ballard, Edward Willoughby(son of William & Catherine) 01-02-1904 07-05-2000 Oasis, Cherry Co., Ne 34A1
Ballard, Homer C.( Neb WW11-Korea)01-03-192409-07-1969?34A3
Ballard, Thomas C. 1913 1939?34B3
Ballard, William Nelson 1874 1942?34B2
Banks, Johnie 1904 1904 ? 88 D 1
Banks, Mabel 1901 1901 ? 88 D 3
Banks, Marie 1901 1901 ? 88 D 3
Banks, Willis 1903 1903 ? 88 D 2
Beck, Gertrude(wife of Harold W.) 09-10-1909 12-12-1985?50D1
Beck, Harold Edward(son of Harold & Gertrude) 02-24-1946 03-02-1946Ainsworth, NE57A1
Beck, Harold W. 02-25-1904 09-09-1983?50D2
Benson, Andrew 04-18-185302-14-1914?95D2
Benson, Anna 01-17-1888 02-20-1921?95D4
Benson, Ingeborg12-31-185706-19-1939?95D3
Best, Dorothy Allen ? ? ? 45 C 4
Best, LeRoy(Roy)Charles(husband of Louise Frank m. 06-12-1907)(son of Leaned Best) 03-11-1881 11-04-1962NE45D2
Best, Louise(Lucy) Magdalena Frank 11-07-1885 01-28-1973?45D1
Best, Lyle LeRoy(hus of Dorothy Allen m. 1942)(son of Charle LeRoy(Roy) & Louise(Lucy)Frank m.06-12-1907) 1911 1957?45C3
Bidgood, Grave ? ? ? 62 A 1
Bidgood,Elsie Thomas 1867 1943?62A3
Bidgood,Wesley Grant 1863 1938?62A3
Birdsall, Grave ? ? ? 38 A 1
Birdsall, Nettie Iola 1894 192138A2
Blakewell,Lillian(dau.Of G.H. & M.A.)12-02-1898 12-06-1898
Bloom, Esther Belle 04-20-1899 02-08-1988?33C1
Bloom, George A.(Dee Dee)02-08-186802-23-1967?33D4
Bloom, Louise J.Cozad(dau of Bert E.& Grace M. Cozad)(wife of George Allen Bloom m.11-29-1947) 02-26-1927 09-23-1984 Merna, NE 33 D 1
Bloom, Rose Ellen Everson(wife of Leo Arthur)10-17-1874 02-21-1943Fremont, Iowa33D3
Bloom, Sedric Cleo 05-08-1896 09-03-1980?33C2
Bowman,Carl Johan01-04-184202-15-1926Sweden75C?
Boynton, Bruce J. 12-09-1921 08-28-1985?53B1
Bruce, Mary 1958 1937 ? 78 D 4
Bruce, Robert N. 1854 12-20-1902 ? 85 C 1
Bruce, Tobias 1888 1899 ? 85 C 2
Buck, Whitacre(Son of O.O. & L.M).1898 02-17-1900?90C5
Burbank, Joseph H.(veteran) 1833 1913 ?95A1
Burbank, Sarah J. 1838 1914?95A2
Burge,Tex 1880 1951?84A2
Butterfield, Charles Adolph 02-09-1857 01-29-1942 Bellvue, Ne95C1
Butterfield, E. L. (sister) 1906 1908 ? 95 C 4
Butterfield, Sophia Ann Julian(wife of Charles Adolph) 10-30-1860 05-27-1934 Cornwall, England95C2
Butterfield, W.M. 1889 1910 ? 95 C 3
Cahill, Ashley Celeste 05-30-1977 06-03-1977?68A4
Cahill, Blanche A.(wife of Edward m.12-25-1915) 1893 1975?60C3
Cahill, Buddy 03-08-1976 03-21-1996
Cahill, Edward 12-07-1893 03-08-1976 ?60C 2
Cahill, James 1932 1941 ? 60 A 4
Cahill, Murrel 1916 1942 ? 60 A 3
Cahill, William Weir 05-24-1937 03-21-1996 ?60C4
Callen, Etna Dell 1872 02-03-1890 ? 86 D 2
Callen, Joseph M. 1827 08-19-1894 ? 86 D 1
Carr, Mollie J. (Wife of T.J). 07-21-1846 01-24-1896?86A3
Carter, Elsie (Dolly )Welke(wife of Russel Carter m.08-02-1928)(dau of Gustave & Elsa Lurz Welke)01-01-191003-13-2003Wood Lake, NE
Carter, Ira Russel(husband of Elsie (Dollie) Welke m. 1928)01-04-1903 02-04-1971Friend, NE53A2
Carter, Loran 1872 1938 ? 78 C 4
Carter, Sarah Blanch O'Bloness(wife of Loran) 09-28-1876 10-10-1948 Sailorville, Iowa78C3
Chamberlain,Annie H. Wentworth(wife of Henry E.) 06-12-1865 03-05-1934Milton, New Hampshire51C2
Chandler, P. 1819 07-08-1903
Chase, Theodore Kase(husband of Edith Anna Lydiatt m.1942)(son of Anna Kase Chase & Osborn Stickney Chase) 1905 1975 ?44B4
Clark, Lester(son of William Taylor Clark & Nellie Johnston Clark) 1914 1916 ? 76A A 7
Clarkson, Emerline L.1838 1930?87D3
Clausen, Eugene Elroy(WW11) 04-08-1918 02-14-1985?91AB4
Clausen, Thelma V. 02-29-1928 05-26-1975?91AB3
Coble, Adelbert D.(Deb)(WW11)(husband of Florence Farmer m.10-26-1947)(son of Lewis & Gladys Minard Coble)08-17-1921 02-25-1989 Johnstown, Brown, NE58A2
Coble, Florence Regina Farmer(wife of Adelbert D. Coble m.10-26-1947)(dau of Herbert & Mary Farmer)12-20-192001-26-2005Cody, NE???
Coble, Gladys M.Minard(wife of Lewis m.1920) 04-09-1900 07-20-1982Ohio66C4
Coble, Lewis Arthur(veteran)(son of Arthur V. & Maudie Davis Coble)12-18-1895 03-06-1967Hyannis, Ne66C3
Cole, Joseph Samuel(husband of Lula)06-02-1876 11-11-1934Porter Co., Ind.25D2
Coleman, Elden L.(WW11) 10-20-1913 01-16-1990?91C2
Coleman, Edward 06-14-1911 03-17-1984?37D1
Coleman, George Earl(hus of Ollie Mae McClain m.10-30-1911)(son of Marion & NAncy)05-11-1889 10-12-1957Mariaville, NE91D1
Coleman, George(son of George & Ollie)
Coleman, Howard(son of George & Ollie)
Coleman,Iveal F.(Ne Army)(son of George & Ollie)11-22-1917 05-30-1963?91C3
Coleman, Marion A. 1866 1926?37D3
Coleman, Nancy Eveline(dau of George & Ollie McClain Coleman)(11-16-192612-28-2005Wood Lake, NE
Coleman, Nancy S. 1868 1955?37D2
Coleman, Ollie M.McClain03-07-189312-05-1976?91C4
Coleman, Thelma(dau of George & Ollie)
Cozad, Bert Ernest(husband of Grace May m.08-1904) 03-22-188411-17-1944Custer Co., Ne61A4
Cozad, Grace M. 18871967?61A3
Cozad, Harriett Elizabeth Simons(dau of Frank & Etta Hudson Simons)(hus of Eldon F. Cozad m. 06-02-1943)09-20-192308-30-2007
Cozad, John Simms(son of Burt & Grace)08-08-191304-01-1938Merna, Ne61A2
Cozad, Kenneth B.(husband of Jacqueline G. m.05-27-1947) 09-25-1915 10-16-1995?59A1
Cozad, Richard Ronald(Army)(son of Ronald & Feda Lovejoy) 01-25-1935 04-29-1985Wood Lake, Ne54A4
Cozad, Ronald L.(husband of Freda Lovejoy)(son of Bert & Grace) 03-05-1911 02-26-1980Lillian, NE54A1
Curtis, Nettie A.1859 1955?48B1
Dabney, Dorothy Y.06-12-192406-15-1924?67A2
Dabney, Freda Schatzthauer(wife of H.E. (Casey) Dabney m.06-30-1920)(dau of Andreas & Lenora Schatzthauer) 08-23-1897 08-11-1984?67A4
Dabney, Herman Ellsworth(husband of Freda)(veteran)08-06-189502-21-1947Chicago, Ill67A1
Dabney, James19321941
Dabney, Murrel19161942
Dabney, Thomas A.(Infant)192301-06-1923?67A3
Dain, Rollin 1820 1899 ? 77 B 7
Daniels, Effie 1897 1942 ? 76A A 2
Daniels, Ruth 1924 1927 ? 76A A 1
Dau, Walter (Bud)(husband of Pauline Phyllis Welke) 01-10-1915 03-03-1978?55D2
Davis, Chester C.(Son of Albert & Laretta) 6 months05-10-1902
Davis, Frankie 1903 1904 ? 97 A 5
Davis, Japeth Miller1852 08-24-1902
Davis, Romie E. 09-1897 08-07-1898 ? 78B 5
Davis, Vernie(child of E.L. & Nellie M.)1894 08-07-1898?78B4
Day, Donald Lester(husband of Tillie Kuhl) 05-03-1909 05-19-1990?69C3
Day, Donna T. 1885 1963?74D2
Day, Frank Jerome(son of John & Mahala) 11-03-187912-28-1926?74C1
Day, Glen S. 1905 1927?39C2
Day, Helen M.18731939?35B2
Day, James Hallock 06-26-1864 1934?35B3
Day, John Harris(Civil)(hus of Mahala Elvira Undrwood m.03-17-1861)06-21-1840 07-30-1924 Mary Etta, ILL74C4
Day, John Moore(son of John &Mahala Elvira)09-24-187402-04-1958MO39C3
Day, Patricia Elizabeth Beelman(wife of Gene L. Day m. 06-26-1968)(dau of Chester Beelman & Betty Kelly)01-26-194109-26-2009Chicago, IL
Day, John Moore Jr.(son of John Sr. & Sadie Downing) 09-27-1912 06-30-1981Wood Lake, NE39C4
Day, Mahala Elvira Underwood184601-06-191274C3
Day, Sarah Sadie Downing(wife of John M.)05-02-188309-12-1952 Keya Paha CO., NE39C A
Day, Tillie Kuhl(wife of Donald)04-07-191204-21-1972Springview, NE69C4
Day, Walter Robert Charles(Bud)(husband of Pauline Welke) 01-10-1915 03-03-1978Barnville, MN
Dew, Edna 1923 1927 ? 46 C 3
Dew, Gertrude 1880 1973 ? 46 C 2
Dew, Martin 1874 1945 ? 46 C 1
Densberger, Freda Faye Lovejoy(wife of#1 Ronald Cozad m.06-23-1934,#2 W.A.Bob Densberger m.08-20-1982)(dau of Daniel H. & Leona M. Thetherow Lovejoy) 12-20-1916 01-19-2000 Cherry Co., NE54A2
Dove, Cora Olive18921964?94D1
Dove, Frank A.18841942?94C4
Dove, Mildred Loeb(wife of Raymond) 1904 04-24-1971?67C4
Dove, Wayne Allen07-16-193503-31-1941?94C3
Downing, Joseph H.18811942?74A2
Downing, Josie19791979(9 mo.)?74A1
Downing, Julia B.18891972?74A3
Dukat, Catherine Leone Dorsey(wife of Charles L. Ducket m.02-23-1935)(dau of William S. & Dora A. Isaac Dorsey)10-22-191202-25-2005Whitman, NE
Dukat, Charles L.(hus of Catherine L. Dorsey m.02-23-1935)(son of Nicholas & Barbara Fairfer Ducket) 05-01-1909 08-30-1992Vienna, Austria19D3
Eatinger, Claris H. Jr.(son of Claris Sr. & Helen)07-15-194712-10-1965?54C4
Eatinger, Claris H.(hus of Helen Ballard m.1942) 04-24-1921 02-05-198154C3
Eatinger, Helen S. Ballard(dau of William N. & Catherine E. Ballard)(wife of Claris Eatinger m.12-26-1942)01-29-192601-14-2010Wood Lake, Ne
Eberhart, Sarah Alice (wife of Wilson)188408-1928Little Hocking, Ohio77A4
Eberhart, Wilson E.01-03-185807-09-1915?77A3
Emerson, Beryl M.19111933?50A2
Emerson, Maggie E.1884 1922?50A3
Emery, Russell Edward07-05-191212-08-1913?93A5
Erwin, George09-22-188701-05-1970?66A3
Evans, Mildred T.(twin)12-19-1917 04-06-1918?76A1
Fancher, Lansing188110-27-1943?53A4
Fancher, Loretta188719 ??53A3
Farber, Bertha Lee Graves(wife of John Sr. m.07-20-1915) 01-06-1897 05-09-1993Texarkana, TX52B3
Farber, John V.Sr.(husband of Bertha)(son of Albert & Lydia May Farber)07-16-189209-10-1949Chariton, Iowa52B4
Fast, Verona 08-26-1902 12-19-1988?20B3
Fast, Walter 01-17-1896 01-12-1988?20B4
Fellows, Nettie 1882 1911 ? 76A A 4
Ferguson, James A.06-08-191012-06-1950?53B4
Ferguson, Rodney D.02-09-194112-18-1963?53B3
Ferree, September No dates
Ford, John L. 1902 1981?55B4
Ford, Viola L. 1922 1981?55B3
Gallen, Etna Dell(dau.of J.M. & C.J.)187302-03-1890
Gallen, Joseph M.08-27-182708-19-1894
Ganser, Edith M. Smith188707-06-1979?40C3
Ganser, Fred W.18821959?40C2
Ganser, Jennie Marie(dau of F.W.& Edith Smith Ganser)07-20-191402-11-1928Gering, Ne.40C4
Gardiner, Lena Geusebroek(dau of Steven & Cora DeVogel Geusebriek)(wife of Elom Gardiner m. 06-04-1936)11-27-191409-01-2009Geddes, SD
Gardiner, J.Elmo(husband of Lena) 1908 1981?56A1
Gardiner, Lena Geuseborek(dau of Steven & COra DeVogel Geusebroek)(wife of Elmo Gardiner m. 06-04-193611-07-191409-01-2009Geddes, SD
Gaylord, Garner Webster(hus of Lillian Wood m.06-10-1915)(son of John & Mary Webster)02-02-189310-20-1968MN72B1
Gaylord, Lillian Mae Wood 05-23-189507-31-1957SD72B2
Good, Mabel07-01-189901-18-1938?89D3
Goodwin, Harvey L.(son of John & Mabel Seadore) 06-02-1919 01-10-1994Woodl Lake, NE89D5
Gross, Charles Fredrich Sr.(Ne WW 1) 03-25-189103-11-1959New York City, NY64A3
Gross, Charles J. 03-07-1928 01-17-1984?64A1
Gross, George Edgar (Infant son of Charles & Dorothy)03-03-195403-03-1954Ainsworth, NE64A1
Gross, Mathilda Jons(wife of Charles)12-05-189701-20-1976Cedar Bluffs, Iowa64A4
Groves, Clarence (huaband of Eva Williams) 06-15-189005-23-1972Wood Lake, NE36D2
Groves, Daisy10-05-188704-15-1889?93C2
Groves, Eliza J.12-13-186302-01-1934?36D4
Groves, Jacob W.03-30-186001-12-1934?36D3
Groves, Richard P.01-17-189711-14-1910?93C1
Gudgel, Amber Ann(infant)1981 10-29-1981?22C3
Gulick, Emma(wife of Wm.)185201-25-1891?85A3
Gulick, Roy (son of Wm.& E)(veteran)187706-20-1901?85A2
Hagen, Anna I.(wife of Cash)10-17-187709-29-1969?37C1
Hagen, Cash C.(husband of Anna)01-10-187712-23-1970?37C4
Hagen, Cyrus18511923?37C3
Hamaker, Gaetha 1926 1977 ? 23 A 1
Hamaker, Gene 1928 1984 ? 23 A 4
Hamaker, George 1842 1918 ? 37 B 3
Hamaker, Grace A. Fast(wife of Harry)02-21-189205-16-1974?23A2
Hamaker, Harry(husband of Grace Fast m.1921)189010-18-1928Mills Co., Iowa23A3
Hamaker, Nancy Ann McDonald(wife of George) 01-19-1850 10-27-1933 Tainey, Mo.37B1
Hamaker, Martha Jane07-02-187803-10-1928Smith Co., Kansas32B2
Hamilton, Claude(Ne.Co.T l47 Inf.WW 1)09-11-189507-29-1950?39A2
Hamilton, Amanda Gladys Wheeler(wife of Clyde) 07-3-1903 02-28-1985Colo.39A1
Hamilton, Roy Donald10-09-192309-13-1926Wood Lake, Ne.39A3
Hammond, Annie E.18771956?46B3
Hammond, Evelyn Ring 1900 1985
Hammond, Edward J.(husband of Annie Ellen)06-28-1874 04-11-1943Mills Co., Iowa46B4
Hammond, Ruth H. 1908 2000?41C2
Handy, Mary Ann 1820 1904 ? 97 A 3
Handy, Minnie Sarah Jones186605-30-1929?32A2
Handy, Will 1850 1915 ? 97 A 4
Hanger, Carey 1875 1969 ? 50 A 4
Hanna, Alta B.Story01-20-188905-19-1984?36A2
Hanna, Alyce Ann(dau of George & Myrtle)19281931?22D2
Hanna, Archie B.(husband of Echo)(veteran)02-22-189008-13-1948Mapleton ,MN25C3
Hanna, Archie W.(veteran)19181960?26A4
Hanna, Charles Chester(hus of #1 Janet Elizabeth McQueen m.1910, #2 Thelma Rogers m.06-15-1935)01-04-188511-11-1953Mapleton, MN24B3
Hanna, David(hus of Janet Lambie)18441931Mapleton, MINN49A4
Hanna, Echo Mabel Ralya 03-15-189303-20-1957 Hillsboro,ND25C2
Hanna, George Parker(son of Milt)(hus of #1 Agnes McLamyra m.1914, #2 Myrtle Mickelsen, #3 Lorena Regnier m. 1952) 18891970?22D3
Hanna, James Leon (Jim)(hus of Alta Story m.1915)(son of Milt & Dalla)12-29-189005-05-1973?36A1
Hanna, Janet 18541931?49A2
Hanna, Janet (Jennie) Elizabeth McQueen06-16-188410-04-1924?24B2
Hanna, Myrtle M. Mickelsen(wife of George)06-15-190110-13-1950Omaha, NE22D1
Hanna, Nannie Louis Micheel(dau of Henry & Bertha Micheel)03-22-188710-22-1958?49C2
Hanna, Neil(hus of Nannie Louise Micheel m.12-19-1905)(son of David & Janet)187605-22-1966?49C3
Hanna, Ruth(dau of David & Janet)18881889?49A3
Hanna, Virginia 1914 1989?26A3
Hanna, William Charles(hus of Philomene Thetherow m.12-18-1938)(son of Charles & Janet)09-07-191207-13-1941?34C2
Harling, Gaetha Hamaker(dau of Grace Fast Hamaker & Harry Hamaker) 04-29-1926 12-20-1977
Harris, Henry Sylvester 10-21-1850 03-15-1945 St. Lawrence Co., NY
Harris, Seymour R.18501947?63A4
Hassel, Alfred J.18871952
Hauger? Carey B.18751969
Hawkins, Earnest James(husband of Viola Mae Willhite m.12-31-1644) 05-29-1922 10-28-2000 ENCAMPMENT, WY18D3
Hawking, Viola Mae Willhite 04-26-1926 09-10-1993?18D4
Herron, Chester Lee(son of Wilie & Edna Bell Seadore Herron)(hus of Shirley E. Pike m. 06-01-1962)05-29-193509-05-2011Wood Lake, NE
Herron, Edna 03-09-1899 07-22-1980?99B2
Herron, Elwood194004-21-1974?79C2
Herron, Ernest W.(Korea) 09-05-1933 05-31-1998?99B1
Herron, Franklin05-04-186507-26-1938
Herron, Frank 1896 1930 ? 99 A 4
Herron, Frank18551932?99A2
Herron, Kenneth William(son of Willie ) 10-12-192607-19-1935Meadville, Ne99A3
Herron, Mary 1847 1916 ? 99 A 1
Herron, Mary Ann Dougherty (wife of Frank) 1864 02-24-1932
Herron, Pamela Sue1969 1973?79C3
Herron, Patrick 1843 1927 ? 99 A 1
Herron, Shirley Elaine Pike(wife of Chester Herron m.06-01-1962)(dau of Glen & Nettie Harvey Pike)03-24-194103-05-2005Broken Bow, NE03-24-194103-05-2005
Herron, Willie W.06-23-189408-12-1959?99B1
Hickman, Emma1878 1966?50D3
Hickman, Hazel 1899 1982?50C1
Hickman, Harold 1946 1946 ? 50 C 4
Hickman, Henry Ray(WW11) 1906 1985?63C2
Hickman, Mildred M.(wife of Ray Hickman m. 03-04-1944), 09-13-190612-17-2006
Hickman, Nadine C.(wife of #1 Sid Honaker, #2 John Cowen)(Twin sister was Sally Hickman) 01-21-1934 05-23-1989Cherry Co., Ne.50C3
Hickman, Peggy Jean192806-03-1928?50C3
Hickman, William Carl(US Marine)189912-08-1942?50C2
Hickman, William J.18741952?50D4
Hippe, Luthera 02-12-1910 05-27-1994?56A4
Hippe, Paul 11-24-1906 03-09-1988?56A3
Hoefs, Donald A.(veteran)(son of Paul & Margaret) 02-03-192907-29-1976Wood Lake, NE40B1
Hoefs, Jeanette 09-05-1925 08-03-1998?40B1
Hoefs, Margaret H. Scheer 12-01-190107-03-1951?40B2
Hoefs, Mary Lee 1949 1985 ? 30 A 1
Hoefs, Paul A.(husband of Margaret Roberts)(son of Theodore & Frederica Shock Hoefs)10-02-189005-28-1936?40B3
Hoefs, Pauline Margaret (dau of Paul & Margaret Roberts Hoefs)10-31-192202-09-2011Wood Lake, NE???
Hoefs, Theodore Paul(son of Paul ) 12-10-1932 12-10-1932Cherry Co. Ne40B4
Holliday, Ethel M. McDaniel06-26-189012-12-1989?61C1
Hollopeter, Arlene Faye(wife of Willard M. m.06-12-1960)01-29-1938 03-09-1986?27D2
Hollopeter, Fred (husband of Tina Donahoo m.1933)05-02-190903-05-1968Elsmere, NE66C1
Hollopeter, Jack W. 1940 1986?79A4
Hollopeter, Josiah Wayne(veteran)(son of Ken & Kelly Williams Hollopeter)(hus of Heather White HOrse m.01-21-200509-10-197906-14-2007
Hollopeter, Tina M. Donahoo(wife of Fred m.09-09-1933) 07-31-1910 02-04-1991?66C2
Honey, Sarah10-12-184401-15-1935?50B2
Honey, Washington09-06-1843 03-11-1927?50B3
Hooker, Maude C.1844 1913?74C2
Hookham, Nancy Elizabeth(wife of Wm. Augustus) 04-11-1854 10-25-1934 Springfield, Ill33B4
Hookham, William Augustus 03-22-185111-30-1923?33B3
Howard, James M.(husband of Eunice m.08-02-1953)03-03-1914 04-10-1997?80B1
Howe, Austin18641929?51A3
Hughes, Charles Evans19291962?71B1
Hull, Frances J.Coleman(wife of Ray)18971958?38C3
Hull, George M.18691950?38A4
Hull, Jessie18741960?38A3
Hull, Ruby S.1929 1938?38C4
Hyde, Marshall Jason(husband of Verna)08-25-187804-25-1963Mountain Grove, MO24D3
Hyde, Martha N.07-27-1878 04-18-1927?24D2
Hyde, Verna I.08-29-188908-23-1982?24D4
Hyde, Wilbur Adna 07-25-190908-24-1929Nelson, Ne46B1
Hyde, Wayne Winfield S.1887 03-02-1951?46B2
Isenhart, Lida 18661940?22A3
Isenhart, Mortin 18661922?22A2
Isovelett, George 1895 1895 ? 77 B8
Jameson, Howard W. 18861965?73C2
Jameson, Kathryn Louise Westover(wife of #1 Howard William Jameson m.10-14-1908)(dau of Nelson & Jennie Westover) 12-09-188710-1974Lincoln, Ne73C1
Johnson, Ina Mildred(dau of C.A.)01-1874 08-07-1896
Joint, Ruth 1908 1998 ? 19 B 3
Jones, Franklin S.18831969?68C1
Jones, Marie Louise Albrecht (dau of Reinherd & Emma Hinrichs Albrecht)(wife of Franklin Samuel Jones m.05-04-1925)05-09-19020-14-2007
Jones, Raynond Franklin(son of Franklin Samuel & Minnie Mare Albrecht Jones)(hus of Helen Lois Pedersen m. 04-17-1949)03-25-192612-07-2010Wood Lake, NE
Jorgenson, Harry F.1879 1938?24C1
Jorgenson, Nellie M.18791959?24C2
Kelley, Addie M.18821967?22B3
Kelley, Elwood L.19031955?22B2
Kelley, Florence 1866 1961 ? 75A A 11
Kelley, James N.18731934?22B4
Kelley, Nathan 1861 1932 ? 75A A 10
Kenan, Barney W.(Ne.l63 WW 1)01-19-189507-16-1970?90B1
Kenan, Marie19301933?90B2
Kenan, Violet H.(wife of Barney m.06-11-1928) 09-29-1909 04-02-1994?90A3
Kennedy, Guy E.18871920?86C3
Kennedy, T.E. (Lambert stone) 02-28-186206-17-1895?86C2
Kennicott, Bessie G.18841889?93D1
Kennicott, Joseph Bloomfield(husband of Mary )05-21-188211-29-1962ILL.72A1
Kennicott, Mary E.1887197772A2
Kennicott, Nellie B.1861193993C4
Kennicott, Paul18531935?93D2
King, Humphry no datesage 63102
Kinkead, Annie S.1848 1941?65A3
Kinkead, Charles R.18491916?65A4
Kirkman, Alice C.18691937?24C4
Kirkman, Dick Jerome08-15-186603-15-1955Wihchester, Ill24C3
Kirkman, Harry H.(husband of Mary Marie) (Ne 302 Fld Sig Bn.WW 1)01-08-189607-30-1969NE66A1
Kistler, George Luther Luke 01-04-1908 01-08-1972?55A2
Kistler, Pearl E.10-16-190908-21-1999?55A1
Knodel, Cheryl Ann Lucht19461966?79D3
Knoedler, Carl Christian(hus of Louise Loree Best m. 06-18-1967)(son of Carl Christian Sr. & Gladys Jarjorie Brand Knoedler)05-22-194112-27-2004Lexington, NE???
Kounovsky, Charley(son of J. & Mary)189202-09-1903?94B2
Kounovsky,Edward F.18911971?94A1
Kounovsky, Hanna L.18951976?94A2
Kounovsky,J. Harold 1940 1958?30B4
Kounovsky, Joseph18591936?94A3
Kounovsky, Joseph A.(Ne PM G Dept WW 1)01-18-189308-05-1960?30B3
Kounovsky, Mary18661957?94A4
Kounovsky, Willie05-23-190812-23-1910?94B1
Krampert, Frank 1861 1944 ? 85 C 3
Krampert George 1897 1912 ? 85 C 5
Krampert, Margaret 1862 1931 ? 85 C 4
Krasch, Chester A.08-30-191002-13-1942?38B2
Krasch, Harry H.19001963?38D4
Krasch, Nora18781958?38D2
Krasch, Otto A.18681938 ?38D3
Kreycik, Charles Jonathan(husband of Jewell Elizabeth)05-188812-20-1954Cherry Co., NE31D1
Kreycik, Charles Wm.19191922?39B4
Kreycik, Dean(son of James & Edna)19271938
Kreycik, Dorothy Eleanor Cumbow(dau of Fredrick A. & Alice Shaul Cumbow)(wife of Jack S. Kreycik m. 06-19-1945)04-04-192505-03-2011Valentine, NE???
Kreycik, Edna McCartney(dau of Marshal & Neoka Earhart McCartney) 1897 1990Strang, Ne31A2
Kreycik, George F.(hus of Sylvia Parry)18921971?39D4
Kreycik, James(Jim) S.(hus of Edna McCartney m. 02-15-1922)08-21-188904-28-1976?31A3
Kreycik, Jewell Elizabeth Smith(wife of#1 Jack Brestin-1926, #2 Charles Kreycik-07-01-1938)(dau of David & Ophelia Perrenten Smith) 12-02-190301-12-2003Ponca, NE
Kreycik, Jack Stanley(son of James & Edna McCartney Kreycik)(hus of Dorothy Cumbow)06-11-192408-11-2010Wood Lake, NE
Kreycik, John W.(hus of Martha Hunter m.09-09-1929) 09-25-1901 11-07-1988Arabia, NE31C4
Kreycik, Joseph E.(hus of Elizabeth Bush m.05-23-1917)03-23-189110-28-1972?31B2
Kreycik, Joseph P.(hus of Mary Teresa Vlasnik m. 10-18-1887) (son of Matej & Rosalie Brtek Kreycik)01-1-186609-12-1948Bohemia39D3
Kreycik, M. Elizabeth Bush(dau of John Henry & Mary Beckers Bush) 09-20-188912-23-1976?31B3
Kreycik, Martha Hunter(dau of Nettie & George Hunter) 06-28-1908 02-12-1994?31C3
Kreycik, Mary Teresa Vlasnik(dau of Gira(George) & Katharine Vessaly Vlasnik)03-14-187001-29-1934Chicago, Il39D2
Kreycik, Pamela Jo(dau of Vernon & Ruby)194801-14-1948?31B1
Kreycik, Quinten Dean(son of James & Edna)19271939?31A4
Kreycik, Ruby E. 03-03-1920 06-10-1995?31B1
Kreycik, Sylvia S.18941960?39D1
Kreycik, Vernon C.(hus of Ruby)(son of Joseph & Elizabeth)02-09-191801-23-1952?31B1
Kyser, Grace (wife of Richard) 12-04-1902 01-23-1979?55C2
Kyser, Richard H.05-19-189604-02-1974?55C1
Lambert, H.J.12-16-185112-19-1911?86C1
Lambert, T.E. Kennedy02-28-186206-17-1895
Lambrecht, Henry(hus of Maria Walde m.01-12-1890)09-18-186408-15-1909Hamburg, Germany91A4
Lambrecht, Henry C.(son of Henry & Marie)05-16-190206-20-1947Wood Lake, NE52D4
Lambrecht, Maria Walde02-18-186509-29-1953Gutach,Germany91B1
Lambrecht, Mary C. 1906 1991?52D3
Lane, Charles H.18511917?84B3
Lane, Leonard M.(Air Force)19211943?61C2
Lane, Myra M.1865 1936?84B2
Lane, Paul L.18871908?84B4
Lausen, Henry18691957?22A4
Leach, David18291901?87D5
Lee, Christine Skirving (wife of Robert Stetson Lee)(dau of James & Mary Ann Skirving)03-14-187509-15-1939?35D3
Lee, Esther Higgins(wife of Marion)(dau of George & Agnes Higgins)05-28-190401-27-1943Fairbury, NE52A1
Lee, Helen11-24-1914 12-15-1922?35D4
Lee, Margaret L. Richmond(wife of Marion Lee m.02-03-1944)(dau of Jesse & Edna Richmond)09-28-1920 03-21-2001Sherman Co., Ne
Lee, Marion(hus of#1 Esther Anne Higgins m. 06-03-1928, #2 Margaret Richomnd m.1944) 11-26-1902 1990 ?52A3
Lee, Ralph J.19041960?71C1
Lee, Robert Stetson(hus of Christine Skirving m.03-15-1900)(son of J.R. & Mary Lee)09-26-187403-16-1968Fremont, NE35D2
Lenker, Tree ?? ?? ?? 60 A 1
Levee, Lide T. (wife of A.M.)184406-29-1900?87B4
Levee, Wren H. (dau of E.W. & C.)08-25-189805-04-1900?87A4
Lewis, F.J.(Chuck)18851967?23C4
Lewis, Ida L.1890 1986?23C3
Lochmiller, Walter Arlington04-18-1923 07-22-1931Johnstown, Ne76D4
Lockwood, Lucy Pearl 06-17-1893 04-16-1985?48B4
Loeb, Mildred 1904 1971 ? 67 C 4
Loeb, Raymond Henry(husband of Mildred) 03-28-1900 03-04-1950 Wayne Co., NE67C3
Loeb, William James (husband of Denise Marie) 07-06-1922 12-09-1953 Laurel, NE 67C2
Logerwell, Bernard L.19111954?72C1
Londer, Fred W. 03-21-190110-28-1977?26D3
Londer, Ortha May(wife of Fred Londer) 08-21-1917 01-05-1984Ainsworth, NE26D4
Lotspeick, Albert Marion(husband of Rhoda)03-24-1861 11-26-1945Mt.Pleasant, Iowa 76C1
Lotspeich, R. Elizabeth Vannest (wife of Albert) 02-05-1880 11-06-1980Newton, Jasper, Iowa76C2
Lovelett, C.O. no dates
Lovelett, George Othie(son of E.S. & H.E.)03-23-189504-09-1895
Lucht, Cheryl Ann L. Knodel19461966
Lucht, Edna Delores(dau of Edward & Genivive Turner) 07-19-193104-29-1950Stuart, NE79D4
Lucht, Edward O.19071968?79D1
Lucht, Eric (Bud) Edward(husband of Betty Mae Smith m.08-08-1953)(son of Edward Otto &: Genevieve LaNora Turner Lucht)10-27-192910-08-2002Bassett, Rock, NE
Lucht, Genevieve L. Turner(wife of Edward Otto Lucht) 04-14-1910 10-23-1996Newport, NE79D2
Lucht, Vivian Ilene192802-17-1949Bassett, NE79D5
Lurz,(Lutz)Otto(son of Friedrick Karl & Eva Schnelle Lurz) 12-21-188007-25-1896?77D6
Lydiatt, Charles William(husband of Pearl) 1881 01-28-1949 ?75AA9
Lydiatt, Elizabeth Jeffrey (wife of Thomas) 18571936?75AA7
Lydiatt, G.Ernest(son of Thomas & Elizabeth)(hus of Gladys Shaul) 1878 1958 ? 64 C 4
Lydiatt, Floyd (son of Ernest & Gladys) 1916 1916 ? 64 C 3
Lydiatt, George Ernest(husband of Gladys)09-28-187810-11-1958Seward Co. ,NE
Lydiatt, Gladys Shaul(dau of Ivan Shaul) 1886 1975 ?64C3
Lydiatt, Thomas(husband of Elizabeth(Bessie) Jeffery) 18491928?75AA6
Lydiatt, William(Brother of Thomas Lydiatt) 1847 1939 ? 75A A 8
McCauley, Blanch Baier 02-12-1904 05-05-1994?87A1
McCoy, Gertrude Kennicott(Dau of Paul & Nellie Bloomfield)12-22-188009-13-1973Arlington Heights, Il.???
McDaniel, Mary Emily Rockwell(dau of Seth & Hannah Rockwell) 1867 08-1936Toulon, IL.51D1
McDaniel, Oscar Wiley(Judge)(hus of Mary Emily Rockwell m.02-13-1889) 04-15-1866 10-02-1956Radford, VA.51D2
McDonald, George E. 1900 1953?91D4
McNamee, Eva Sylvia Richardson(wife of Leonard m.03-20-1907)(dau of David J. & Nancy Richardson) 04-19-1889 11-20-1983Johnstown, NE83A3
McNamee, Elsie Pearl(dau of Leonard P & Eva ) 07-12-1908 09-15-1909?83A2
McNamee, Leonard Porter(husband of Eva Richardson)(son of Robert & Clarista Butcher McNamee) 03-03-1874 05-25-1960 Bethany, MO83A 4
McNamee, Nyle Wesley(son of Leonard & Eva Richardson McNamee) 10-29-1921 04-27-1954Johnstown, NE83A1
McVey, Harold W.19071923?35C3
McVey, Mabel M. 18811952?35C4
McVey, William I.10-29-1879 03-20-1952Memphis, Mo.35C1
Malman, Sophia 1813 1900 ? 88 C 4
Meeker, Rose Helen Verner 1902 1993 Lodgepole, Ne 55 B 2
Meeker, Roy Alvin(hus of Rose Verner03-30-190204-21-1973Mt. Pleasant, Iowa55B1
Masters, Ida M. McDaniel 1900 1979?61C3
Masters, J. Grant 1897 1962?61C4
Masters, Leo E.(WW11) 11-27-1919 09-19-1993?61C4
Mechan, Myrtle ?? 09-22-1936 Sturgis, Mich
Meeker, Rose Helen Verner(wife of Roy Alvin Meeker) 09-24-1902 02-06-1993
Micheel, Arnold 1905 1905 ? 88 A 3
Micheel,Carl A.(hus of Ruth Rhinehood Keller m. 1910)1884 06-03-1974?22C3
Micheel, Carl J. (Korea) 1925 1989?22C1
Micheel, Henry 1907 1907 ? 88 A 4
Micheel, John Bennett 1933 2001 ? 24 A 1
Micheel, Leon 1911 2001 ? 22 C 1
Micheel, Martha 1909 1910 ? 88 A 5
Micheel, Melvin Wilson(veteran)(son of Carl A. & Ruth Keller Micheel)?08-18-2007
Micheel, Otto 1893 1894 ? 88 A 2
Micheel, Otto P.(hus of Gerda Thiel m.03-22-1888)09-03-186308-15-1916Holstein, Germany88A6
Micheel, Ruth Rhinehood Keller1890 1932?22C2
Micheel, William E.(veteran)05-30-189008-21-1926?24A3
Mickey, Benjamin H.1889 1930?49D3
Mickey, Mary Hanna(wife of Benjamin m.1911)(dau of David & Janet)18841970?49D2
Miller, Japeth184208-24-1902?101
Mitchell, Eloise V. Miner(wife of Albert Bill m.05-30-1958)(dau of Leslie & Via Pearl Sutton Miner) 08-11-1928 07-15-2000 Sargent, Ne.21D3
Morley, Grace R. L. Marsh(wife of Harold) 12-04-1902 01-23-1979 Meadow Grove, NE
Morris, Alfred E.(hus of Elizabeth Jane Thompson m.09-30-1885)(son of James)03-13-1862 04-11-1921Quincy, Iowa47A2
Morris, Elizabeth Jane Thompson(wife of Alfred E.) 12-08-1859 03-05-1951Cedar Co., Iowa47A3
Morris, Everett George(hus of Olga Lena Schlueter m.10-29-1914)(son of Alfred & Elizabeth) (07-26-188803-04-1956Wood Lake, NE47B2
Morris, Everett G.(hus of Gladys Peterson m.1939) 08-07-1915 06-14-1991?27A3
Morris, Gladys A. Peterson(wife of Everett m.10-01-1939) 07-04-1917 09-12-1998?27A4
Morris, John Franklin(Jack)(hus of Lucy Ann Metzger m.02-10-1918)(son of Alfred & Elizabeth) 1893 1981 ? 47 D 4
Morris, James Alfred (hus of Kathryn Leola West m.06-22-1910)(son of Alfred & Elizabeth)09-10-188610-17-1967Wood Lake,NE48D1
Morris, James C. 02-13-1967 06-27-1986?27C3
Morris, Kathryn Leola (Leo) West03-25-18891974?48D2
Morris, Lucy Ann Metzger189605-12-1976Cheyenne, WY47D3
Morris, Olga Lena Schlueter18911993Wood Lake, NE47B1
Morris, William Stanley (WW11) 1919 1994 ? 47 B 3
Moshage, Helena, (his wife)18631924?23D3
Moshage, William186019 ??23D3
Mulfinger, Regina B.07-04-184101-30-1922?88B3
Mulligan, Bernys Marie Lovejoy(dau of John & Fern Hartman Lovejoy)(wife of John Joseph Mulligan m. 08-04-1930)12-04-191403-04-2009Valentine, NE???
Mulligan, John Joseph(husband of Margaret Ann Dixon m.06-27-1904)03-02-1884 01-06-1958O'Neill, NE26B4
Mulligan, John J. Jr.(hus of Bernys Lovejoy) 12-08-1908 04-03-1995?26B2
Mulligan, Margaret Ann Dixon05-06-188207-30-1973?26B3
Mulligan, Robert (Bob)J.(son of John J. & Bernys(Dick)M. Lovejoy Mulligan)(hus of #1 Mary E. Denny m. 1961, #2 Sherry Harsh Moody m.1987)08-18-194204-10-2009Valentine, NE???
Mulligan,William A. 01-14-1919 11-07-1982?40A3
Mundt, Cecelia Hanson12-16-186004-09-1936Germany51B2
Mundt, Cornelia 1892 1935 ? 78 C 2
Mundt, Frank Christ(hus of Cornelia Townsend)(son of John & Cecelia Hansen)05-09-1885 05-03-1958 Gladbrook, Iowa 78C1
Mundt, John(hus of Cecelia Hansen m.01-18-1881) 02-07-185907-25-1931Chicago, Il51B3
Mundt, Mata Schatzthauer(wife of John Mundt m.1909)(dau of Andreas & Lenora Schatzthauer)1889 11-14-1976
Nelson, Mary Ethel Butterfield(dau of Charles & Sofie Julyan)06-05-188612-09-1954Plainview, NE52D1
Nelson, Robert Andrew02-08-188205-18-1944Omaha, NE52D2
Nettie, Sarah Dewey Nettie SwanNo dates
O'Brien, Cora A.18751957?52B1
O'Brien, George 18711937?52B2
O'Halloran, Elizabeth C. 1889 1988?71A2
O'Halloran, George Washington(husband of Rachel Eva Craken)01-20-186708-17-1936St. Charles, Mo.62C3
O'Halloran, James Emor(hus of Elizabeth)18911969?71A1
O'Halloran, Rachel Eva Craken(dau of John )08-22-187302-18-1963Douglas Co., MO62C2
Osburn, Debra Darlen Mundorf(wife of Dan Osburn m.08-20-1978)04-12-196011-21-2009Ainsworth, NE
Osterhouse, Jacob H.187111-14-1948?89A5
Osterhouse, Maxine Ann (dau of Harold & Myrtle)01-08-193806-19-1939Wood Lake, Ne89A3
Owens, Charles W.02-09-185701-06-1929?93A3
Owens, Margaret J.18841967?93A2
Paine, Claude S.18811943?52C2
Paine, Henrietta Ellen Vasey 03-17-188101-27-1977?52C1
Palmer, Emma 1888 1935 ? 78 D 5
Parker, Daniel W. 03-30-184007-27-1922?65C2
Parker, Francis M.(dau of Wm. & Minnie)06-07-190705-19-1921?36B2
Parker, Mary Findley(wife of Daniel W.)04-09-184806-02-1914?65C3
Parker, Minnie M.07-28-188710-17-1957?36B4
Parker, William F.(husband of Minnie M.)02-17-188101-24-1931?36B1
Parkhurst, Mary E. Ballard Morgan(wife of #1 Ellsworth Morgan #2 ?? Parkhurst) 03-31-1908 03-14-2001 Cherry Co., Ne 59 C 1
Parsons, Burtis Alonzo(son of Forest Parsons)07-20-192611-21-1926
Payne, Henrietta Vasey03-17-188101-27-1977
Pearson, Benjamin W.(hus of #1 Sarah Bieber, #2 Lena Schock Shaul)10-06-186203-13-1932London, England35A3
Pearson, Sarah Bieber02-02-185912-04-1924Misssouri35A2
Pedersen, Golda V.(wife of John m.05-28-1929)1911 1990?80A1
Pedersen, John M. 1901 1983 ?80A2
Peterson, Jean Kreycik 1922 1992?31A3
Phelps, Chas. W.04-05-190804-19-1908?77B1
Phelps, Ezoa(child of J.E. & L.B.)07-08-190107-12-1901?77B2
Phelps, Harry Junod 01-17-189504-05-1908?77B3
Pieper, Anna Alfrieda Mundt(wife of #1 Ferdinand Julius Welke, #2 Herman Pieper) 09-06-1894 09-25-1978 Hay Springs, NE
Piper, Mary Etta Ganow(dau of Mellow & Susan Ganow) 12-05-1874 04-05-1919Ft. Collins, Colo.48A2
Piper, Lucien E.(Pat)(hus of Mary Etta Ganow)01-19-186410-25-1931Kankakee, ILL48a4
Piper, Ralph A. (son of Lucien & Etta, killed in Battle in France)07-06-189409-13-1918?48A3
Provost, Glen Cleo(veteran)189411-23-1925?32d3
Provost, Idora18731947?32d4
Provost, Neal(son of Leonard & Sarah)04-08-186211-16-1953Hamburg, Iowa32d2
Quick, George Henry(son o Homer & Eva Woods)(Ne Co A. WW 1)07-19-189203-14-1966Johnstown, NE51a4
Ralston, Charlotte Hanna 1895 1993?49b2
Ralston, (Major) Orville A.(millitary)1894 1942 ?49B3
Ralya, Emma Veva Turner(wife of George Edward)06-12-1870 09-19-1950Blackearth, WIsc.45C2
Ralya, George Edward(husband of Emma )03-14-186402-15-1952Niles ,Ohio45C1
Randall, Arthur 1887 1920 ? 53 C 2
Randall, Mildred 1887 1954 ? 53 C 3
Rath, Anna18751970?38B3
Rath, Samuel18631940?38B4
Reddick, Edith L. Johnson11-27-188408-06-1912?95B4
Reddick, Ella Soukup12-29-1888 10-07-1985Abie, NE95B6
Reddick, Elmer L.(hus of #1 Edith Johnson, #2 Ella Soukup m.05-1918)12-26-187703-25-1957Sinking Springs, Ohio95B5
Reddick, Harold(son of Elmer & Edith)06-18-190701-10-1908?95B3
Reed, E.W. ?June 1896????
Reiser, Eduard(Ed) Ludwig Karl 10-23-186910-09-1941Pomerin, Germany84A3
Reyman, Bruce A. Sr.(hus of Edith Hutchison)(son of Claude & Minnie Reyman)04-20-189512-24-1974?30C2
Reyman, Claude B.18681924?33A3
Reyman, Cory Lou(son of Claude & Yvonne) 05-13-1971 07-06-1992?30D1
Reyman, Edith M. 1906 1980?30C1
Reyman, Minnie B.18661932?33A2
Ricedorff, Burr Clifton(husband of Eileen Provost)11-21-189308-06-1974Sioux Co., NE32C1
Ricedorff, Eileen E.Provost(wife of Burr) 10-27-1896 07-22-1992Seward ,NE32C2
Richardson, Betty Ellen19291931?63A3
Richardson, Ennis E. 1909 1992?51D4
Richardson, Fern L.18931983?63A2
Richardson, Lorne S. 1912 1984
Richardson, Samuel M.18811962?63A1
Richardson, Shirley Jean19301937?51D3
Richardson, William J. 1910 1991?51D3
Ring, Evelyn 1900 1985 ? 41 C 4
Ritter, Carl(hus of Katherine Clasen Scholtes m.08-23-1954)190607-13-1981
Ritter, Dora May Jarrett12-01-1879 10-17-1952?71C2
Ritter, Fred W.(hus of #1 Dora May Jarrett m.1903, #2 Mabel Chirstopher m.11-01-1953) 02-29-1884 11-19-1976?71C3
Ritter, Harry William(husband of Mary Ida Welke m.06-1935)(son of Fred & Dora)11-15-190402-03-1962PENN71D1
Ritter, Mabel E. Christopher02-05-188806-21-1974?71C4
Ritter, Mary Ida Welke(wife of Harry)01-07-190112-09-1970Wod Lake, NE71D2
Roan, Lionel Martin(son of W.M. & L.J.)190008-12-1902?90C1
Roan, Louise Julia Marlin(wife of Wm.)03-26-187704-05-1932England90C2
Roan, Wm. (Matt)18791958?90C3
Robertson, James W.10-22-187008-24-1903?91D5
Rogers, Alfred J.18721942?98A2
Rogers, Leona L.Hoffman(wife of Alfred)10-15-188407-01-1930?98A1
Rutt, Olive Opal(dau of H.R. &Lucinda)11-08-190201-28-1903?93A1
Sadler, Alice Isabella Mavis Lydiatt(wife of Vernon) 10-30-1896 04-02-1989Elwood, NE75AA4
Sadler, Vernon 1887 12-1935?75AA5
Samuelson, Augusta 1860 1927 ? 75A A 1
Schatzthauer, Andreas(hus of Lenora Schnyder)06-25-18511934Weissenhorn, Germany78A1
Schatzthauer, Hannah(dau of Andreas & Lenora) 1890 1975 ? 78 A 4
Schatzthauer, Lenora (Lena) Schnyder)09-25-185710-02-1921Holstein, Germany78A2
Schatzthauer, Otto(hus of Grace Krash)(son of Andreas & Lenora Schyner Schatzthauer)01-21-188804-08-1919?78A3
Scheer, Margaret Mary Roberts(wife of J.P.)11-01-190107-03-1951Kansas City, MO
Scott, Elmira 1905 1905 ? 96 A 3
Scott, John 1908 1908 ? 96 A 2
Scott, Thelma(dau of A.G. & S.A.)07-20-190302-18-1904?96A4
Scott, Viola 1916 1917 ? 96 A 1
Seadore, Eldon(son of Jacob & Rose)01-07-189102-09-1951Wood Lake, NE90A2
Seadore, Etta01-31-187808-19-1951?89C1
Seadore, Jacob(husband of Rose)02-29-186103-25-1944Ottawa, Iowa89C4
Seadore, Joseph 04-07-186504-24-1953?89C2
Seadore, Rose(wife of Dick)187202-21-1938?89C5
Seadore, Wilbert08-08-1896 02-17-1967?89C3
Secor, Bernice 1919 1995?26D2
Secor, Elmer 1912 1981?26D1
Shapiro, Elizabeth Jean Morris(dau of Everett Sr & Olga L. Morris)(wife of Phillip Shapiro m. 09-04-1995)05-22-192503-15-2006
Sharp, Louise H. 09-14-1913 07-09-1995?19B2
Shaul, Annie Matilda03-07-186708-18-1958MO64C1
Shaul, Bertha May(wife of Russell m.06-12-1934) 02-16-1902 06-30-1986?25A4
Shaul, Clarence(hus of Stella Butterfield)(son of George & Lena) 1891 1928 ? 88 D 4
Shaul, George(hus of Lena Schock m.02-11-1891)18661906?87B8
Shaul, Gertrude 1913 1914 ? 95 D 1
Shaul, Harry A.(husband of Pauline Carter m.11-03-1920)(son of George & Lena)10-09-189307-14-1987Wisner, NE72B3
Shaul, Ivan C.(hus of Annie Day m. 03-07-1884)18591940?64C2
Shaul, Lawrence L.(son of George M. & Lena)12-20-189905-09-1901?87B7
Shaul, Lena Schock(wife of #1 George Shaul m.02-11-1891, #2 Benjamin Pearson m.06-1927, #3 Otto Hoefs m.06-1935)(dau of William & Augusta Schock)187003-14-1960?87B9
Shaul, Lynn Leonard(husband of Pearle Davis)(son of George & Lena) 08-07-1904 12-31-1980Wood Lake, NE58C4
Shaul, Menzo183306-29-1920?65A2
Shaul, Minnie F.19071932?25A2
Shaul, Pauline Irene Carter(wife of Harry)12-02-190102-02-1974Des Moines, Iowa72B4
Shaul, Pearle Frances Davis(wife of Lynn) 10-03-1903 01-04-1982Vendalea, ILL58C3
Shaul, Russell H.F. 11-28-1898 05-06-1993?25A3
Shaul, Sarah Harris(wife of Menzo Shaul m.07-03-1860)07-04-184004-01-1923New York65A1
Sheehan, Bartholomew179906-09-1901?95A5
Shepard, Bobby 1931 1981 ? 37 A 4
Shepard, Columbus M.18491919?37A2
Shepard, Eunice A.18591950?37A3
Shepard, J.Franklin10-24-188212-30-1963?37A1
Shepard, John E.03-18-189104-16-1968?37A4
Shepard, Leon18501910?96B1
Shepard, Mattie 18661936?96B2
Sider, Elmer A.18441952?32A3
Sider, Jane Wyant18731962
Soles, Frieda A. Valentine Stone(wife of #1 Joseph Stone m.04-27-1927, #2 Ralph Soles m.06-16-1962) 01-20-1905 03-17-1997 Johnstown, Ne
Sparks, Daniel Ludwig (hus of Mary Jane Morris)19061969?48D4
Sparks, Mary Jane Morris19111963?48D3
Steele, Baby 1922 1922 ? 40 D 3
Steele, Baby19181918?40D3
Steele, Buddy Bernard(son of Anton & Cleal)08-14-194108-14-1941Ainsworth, Ne40D1
Steele, Genevieve I.(dau of Ira)01-221-192801-24-1928?40D4
Steele, Genevieve M. 1893 1984?40D1
Steele, Ira Orton(husband of Genevine)06-19-188312-20-1952Yellow Medicine Co., Minn.40D4
Steele, Mary Annette(dau of Orton & Cleo)11-1-193602-07-1937Ainsworth, NE40D2
Stone, Baby (child of Raymond & Cathleen) 04-27-1935 04-27-1935 Wood Lake, Ne
Stone, Frieda A. Valentine Lockmiller Stone Soles(wife of #1 Walter Lockmiller, #2 Joseph Stone, #3 Ralph Soles)(dau of Arlington & Pearl Etta Pfeifer)01-20-190503-17-1997Johnstown, Ne45D3
Stone, Jessie James(son of Edson & Celia Bradley)07-17-188203-21-1964Auburn, IOwa40A1
Stone, Joseph John (husband of Freda)10-10-190508-22-1960Dixson CO., NE45D4
Stone, Lawrence Leroy(husband of Ruth)08-08-190910-29-1965Ponca, NE51A1
Stone, Margaret Loretta Swift(wife of Jessie)10-02-188104-16-1966Ponca, NE40A2
Story, C L 1861 1905 ? 91 B 5
Story, D L 1906 1907 ? 91 B 7
Strong, Iona B.01-03-190102-06-1965?51C1
Swan, Sarah Dewey NettieNo dates?90D7
Tack, August18871918?74B2
Tack, Emma18901918?74B1
Tate, Fremont Washington(husband of Mary Potter m.03-22-1887)11-01-185707-01-1941Sheffield, Nova Scotia34D4
Tate, James Archie 1891 1979?34D2
Tate, Mary Adelaide Potter09-14-18691955Springfield, Ill.34D3
Tate, Zetta C.(dau of Fremont & Mary Potter Tate) 02-15-1900 1980Litchfield, NE34D1
Tatum, A. Paul 1927 1995 ?21D1
Tatum, Della J.(wife of A.Paul m.10-08-1949) 1934 1991?21D2
Taylor, Julia B.09-23-189001-22-1974?41A2
Taylor, William J.08-31-187811-06-1959?41A3
Tetherow, Ardith Jeannine Smittinger(dau of Howard & Wilma Murray Smittinger)(wife of Paul N. Tetherow)03-23-193004-30-2004Decatur, Ill.???
Tetherow, Inf. (Dau of Paul & Jeannine)19541954?45B1
Tetherow, Jennie Reece(wife of George William Tetherow m.01-13-1885)12-10-186305-17-1929Andrew county, MO45A3
Tetherow, Minnie Mae Brown18941989?45B3
Tetherow, Pearl Nathan(hus of Minnie Mae Brown m.04-19-1914)(son of George & Jennie)10-02-188801-15-1963Lincoln County, KS45B2
Thayer, Alvie M.19081968?68C4
Thayer, Mable E.19091999?68C3
Thomas, Elsie Thomas Bidgood18671943
Thomas, Eunice R.18311917?62A4
Thomas, Harry B.(WW 11)04-11-192201-12-1945?96D4
Thomas, John J.(Co. I 5 NY HA)No dates??96C4
Thomas, Lloyd Leroy (Ne Pfc Hq Co 26 Infy)06-06-192907-28-1955?96C2
Thomas, Margaret Mary Woods(wife of John F.) 03-27-1856 09-19-1931 Highland, Wisc.
Tift, Leroy05-30-193408-11-1934?84A1
Tinkham, Walter(son of Tom & Luella Wilson Tinkham)?1920
Tisch, Ethel Ella Ralya (dau of George & Emma Turner Ralya) 09-16-1889 02-14-1982Hillsboron, ND46A3
Tische, Dr. James Matthew(hus of Ethel Ralya m.08-16-1917)(son of Matt & Mary Tische)01-27-187809-30-1929Minnesota46A2
Tisch, Kirk L.(son of James & Patty Guyette Tisch) 01-19-1957 08-08-1992?46A3
Tische, Mary Ethel06-18-191806-19-1918?46A1
Tisch, Willa Marie(dau of James & Ethel) 09-11-1929 07-29-1998?46A4
Turnquist, Colleen C. 10-08-1928 12-04-1994?20B1
Turnquist, Everett C.(hus of Hazel Waggoner m.1920) 01-28-1895 03-1983?47C4
Turnquist, Hazel S. Waggoner 1896 1975?47C3
Turnquist, Maurice E.(WW11) 02-20-1924 10-06-1993?20B2
Turnquist, Minnie Marie Carlson 186711-30-1955Kortorp, Sweden47C2
Turnquist, Oscar(hus of Minnie Carlson m.1890)186908-01-1919Sweden47C1
Uck, Dora18701932?36C3
Uck, Nicholas J.18681929?36C2
Valentine, Baby01-09-189601-13-1896?86B2
Valentine, Lona D.(child of E.D. & K.B.)07-189710-22-1897
Vandegrift, Julia E.(wife of Elza E.)06-12-188210-18-1907?86B1
Vian, Donna May(dau of Guy & Grace) 09-04-1935 04-22-1936 Cherry Co., Ne
Vian, Grace Bertha Brown 1893 1967 ? 46 D 3
Vian, Lettie Ann Thacher(wife of Millard W.)11-28-1871 11-04-1955 Sedalia, Daviess County, MO46D1
Vian, Millard Willis(hus of Lettie Ann Thacker m.11-08-1887) 05-05-1863 07-25-1930 Abilene, KS46D2
Vian, Norman(Guy)(hus of Grace Bertha Brown m.07-19-1911) 1892 1970 Kansas 46 D 4
Wang, Ida Holm18721938?98A5
Ward, Swan 1834 1903 ? 88 C 1
Weber, Harriet 09-27-1865 01-20-1948 Ohio
Webster, Lorena L.06-26-184101-11-1923?23B1
Webster, Martin(hus of Lorena L.)(Parents of Mabel Webster Wood)12-27-183502-16-1923?23B2
Weinbar, James Ralph(WW1) 1894 1978?37B4
Weisner, Mary M.02-13-186810-09-1897
Welke, Baby No Dates ? ? 73 A 2
Welke, Anna E. Mundt Peiper(wife of #1 Fred Welke, #2 Herman Peiper)1894 09-25-1978?73A3
Welke, Carl Walter (hus of Jane Morehouse)(son of Gustave & Elsa Lurz Welke) 04-04-1915 12-30-1999Wood Lake, NE55A3
Welke, Elsa Lurz12-17-187808-11-1969Germany77D7
Welke, Emily Schultz 05-21-1849 02-11-1920 Germany 77 C 4
Welke, Ferdinand (Fred) Julius(hus of #1 Mathilda Burtzlaff m.1906, #2 Anna Mundt m.06-03-1914)(son of Fritz & Emily) 06-26-188008-21-1952Germany73A4
Welke, Johann(Fritz)(hus of Emily Schultz m.1872)03-11-184004-14-1909West Prussen77D4
Welke, Gustave Alber(hus of Elsa Lurz m.06-24-1906)(son of Fritz & Emily)01-31-187608-01-1924?77D8
Welke, Herman (hus of Elsa Lurz m.1895)(son of Fritz & Emily)01-08-187305-20-1905Germany77D5
Welke, J.F.03-11-184004-14-1909
Welke, Mathaldia M.Burtzlaff02-13-188504-06-1912?77D1
Welke, Michael Dean 04-28-1957 04-28-1957 Ainsworth, NE
Welke, Wilma Jewel10-04-191104-20-1912?77D2
Welke, William John(Bill)(son of Herman Welke & Elsa Lurz) 02-01-1899 05-14-1978Wood Lake, NE55A4
Welker, Emma Louise Sherman?04-19-1940
Welker, Eva E. Snow186907-1913 ?92A2
Welker, Harold Alva(husband of Muriel Ayers)(son of Grant & Eva)(WW1)09-03-189406-05-1974Ainsworth, NE92B3
Welker, Muriel A.19071980?92B4
Welker, Nile E.(hus of Bertha Krumm m.06-09-1925)(son of Grant & Eva)189604-24-1934?92B2
Welker, Russel Leroy(son of Grant & Eva Snow Welker)(veteran)03-13-189009-21-1918?92B1
Welker, Ulysses Grant(husband of #1 Eva E. Snow m.1889, #2 Emma Louisa Sherman m.09-1916)(son of Jacob Benjamin & Mary Richards Welker)01-03-186903-11-1946La Grand, Iowa92A1
Wendler, Ida M. Born187205-17-1946?25B4
Wendler, Max Alvin(hus of Ida Born)187208-01-1942?25B3
Wenz, Albert 1904 1981?69C2
West, Alzada Amanda Handy 03-30-1856 01-30-1935?97A2
West, Justus Fones 03-19-185511-07-1923?97A1
Wheeler, Kenneth D.(korea)(husband of Jacqueline m.06-30-1956) 06-23-1932 01-01- 1998?17A4
Wiesner, Mary 1868 1897 ? 88 B 2
Wiley, Lela Frances Tucker(wife of Willis Wiley m.11-27-1935)12-16-189807-20-1974?73C3
Wiley, Willis Fairfield188401-13-1969?73C4
Williams, Blanche18881960?32B4
Williams, Charles T.18791958?63C4
Williams, Hattie A.18801957?63C3
Williams, Harve18861960?32B3
Wilson, Ada Jane Steele(Dau of Andrew & Julia Sabin Steele) 12-18-1889 1985?52C3
Wilson, Allan J.08-18-192102-17-1922?76A3
Wilson, Beryl L.19181970?69A2
Wilson, Charliy(hus of Ada Steele m.08-27-1905)(son of Francis & Lucy Ann Fagher Wilson)08-04-18751953South Whitley, IND52C4
Wilson, Clifford Larry01-02-193301-28-1933?76B1
Wilson, Melvin Eugene(son of Harry & Effie07-29-191009-06-1932Rapid City ,Sd76A4
Wood, Albert(hus of Mabel Webster)18781938?23B4
Wood, Esther Alice Kuhns185409-26-1944?23B3
Wood, John Wesley(hus of Esther Kuhns) 11-30-18501937Muncie, IND23B4
Wood, Mabel18801961?23B3
Wrage, Betty M. Shaul(dau of Harry & Pauline Carter Shaul) 1924 1997?72A4
Wrage, Douglas A.(WW11)(hus of Betty Shaul) 1923 1987?72A3
Wrage, Henry Arnold(H.A.)(husband of Hilda H.Olson)(son of Henry Gilbert Wrage & Bessie McCarragher Wrage) 11-02-1881 02-26-1955 Washington Co., NE53D4
Wrage, Hilda Henrietta Olson(dau of Jon) 08-22-1881 04-07-1965 Sweden53D3
Wrage, Henry Wesley(Bud) (husband of Virginia Mulligan)(son of Henry G. & Bessie McCarragher Wrage) 01-19-1915 10-29-1988?56B3
Wrage, Maurice J.(Mick)(husband of Doris Peterson)(son of Henry G. & Hilda) 02-07-1918 12-10-1982?55D4
Wrage, Randy(son of Douglas & Bettu Shaul Wrage) 1952 1957 ? 53 D 1
Wrage, V. Virginia Mulliagan(dau of Johon & Margaret Mulligan)(wife of Bud Wrage m. 06-02-1939)02-12-191611-28-2007King, NE
Wyant, Jane 1873 1962 ? 32 A 4
Yingst, Charles18581935?48B2
Yingst, Eunice18601943?48B3
Zahl, Vera M. 03-04-1919 10-29-1992?59C4

11-02-1908- Arabia, Nebraska. On the ranch of her parents John & Lulu L. Bunn, little Eunice Hilda Bunn was laid to rest, at the the age of 6 years,8 days. She was burned in an accident over 3/4 of her body on 10-17-1908. She was born 10-24-1902 at Cody, NE.

This cemetery transcribed by Phyllis Quinn . Dates of Birth & Death and picture of cemetery donated by Ruth Harms, who walked the cemetery in 1975.The cemetery was rewalked by Doris & Edward Torguson May-2000. More Cemetery data was donated by Harold & Darlene Low from Wood Lake, who have researched the cemetery records recently. We apologize for any errors in transcribing or reading of information. For corrections please contact the Cherry County Coordinator.
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