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Prairie Lawn Cemetery

Located on the South East edge of Cody, south side of Hiway 20.
Section 17, Range 33, Township 34.
Caretaker is Karen Ford.

Adams, Barbara Faye Edwards(wife of John P. Adams m.09-16-1919)(dau of Joseph & Hettie Edwards)09-29-189902-01-1998Holbrook, NE
Adams, John(son of Frank B. & Catherine Adams)08-29-189305-31-1989Churubusco, Indiana
Adamson, Arthur (son of Dan) 190003-07-1919
Ames, Delila(wife of S.W.)03-18-182908-11-1910
Ames, S.W.02-16-183302-29-1912
Anderson, C.L.(Donny)Jr.03-25-193209-04-1936
Anderson, Clinton L.(hus of Julia)(son of William M. & Maud Dodd Anderson) 06-29-190305-31-1969Cody, NE
Anderson, Julia Mary Tisthammer(wife of Clinton Anderson m.06-29-1926)(dau of Arne J. & Martha Tisthammer)12-24-190005-21-1996Boone county, Iowa
Anderson, Maud I.07-12-187702-20-1943
Anderson, William M.04-20-187107-04-1942
Andrews, Adell & Baby 01-29-190006-29-1918
Andrews, Anna G.06-25-186206-18-1936
Andrews, Blanche(wife of Robert)12-22-189205-03-1962
Andrews, Charles(hus of Anna Dunlap m.10-09-1881)05-25-186108-24-1941Woodhill, Illinois
Andrews, Eva Ada Barnes(wife of Joe m. 05-30-1927)(dau of Enos & Flutie Sherman Barnes m.09-28-1886)10-16-190211-09-1999
Andrews, Infant (of Raymond)??
Andrews, Joe N.18891968Broken Bow, NE
Andrews, Joseph G.(hus of Eva Barnes m.05-31-1927)10-13-189805-17-1978
Andrews, Oscar DeForrest(hus of Katherine Ellen Ainslie m.1922)01-23-189512-01-1948
Andrews, Robert06-13-189101-21-1978
Andrews, Robin Mae(dau of Cecil)06-14-196606-14-1966
Andrews, Sandra Marie(dau of Harley & Gloria Schaper Andrews)03-15-196210-25-2009Valentine, NE
Banigan, Celestia06-17-183906-11-1914
Banigan Dale(WW2)(son of William & Eva)10-26-190612-30-1954
Banigan, Eva Sisler187301-17-1936
Banigan, William Jerome(hus of Eva Sisler)(son of Pete & Celestia) 07-25-187712-23-1956
Barkley, Caroline A. 1891 07-07-1928
Barnes, Addie10-17-189510-13-1985
Barnes, A.J.08-07-187111-15-1914
Barnes, Baby09-29-195809-29-1958
Barnes, Betty Beryll(dau of Elmer Barnes)05-24-192806-28-1937
Barnes, Caroline (Carrie) Louise(wife of Elmer Barnes m. 06-01-1921)11-07-189407-29-1971Gretna, NE
Barnes, Ellen Rose09-30-192404-26-1941
Barnes, Elmer Clifford(WW1)(hus of Carolyn Dickenson m.06-01-1921)08-26-188701-04-1956Minneola, NE
Barnes, Enos Russell(son of Alvah & Betsy Cornelia McMillan)(father of Eva)09-30-1860 02-23-1956 Filmore co.,Mn.
Barnes, Ettie D.(wife of George W.)11-05-187301-01-1913
Barnes, Eva18671944
Barnes, Flossie A. Marr(wife of Howard)189401-01-1946
Barnes, Floyd Cecil(son of George & Etta Hook Barnes) 10-04-189702-16-1956Cody, Cherry, NE
Barnes, Flutie Francis Sherman(wife of Enos m. 09-28-1866)(dau of Theodore & Mary Galbrith Sherman) 07-03-186901-01-1937
Barnes, George W.03-22-187005-14-1927
Barnes, Hannah Gartside Miller(wife of L.D. Barnes m.07-02-1888)06-30-186212-31-1914Ravlis???, Ill.
Barnes, Howard Enos(hus of #1Flossie Marr m. 06-30-1921, #2 Dora Barnes, #2 Katherine Andrews)06-30-189402-21-1979
Barnes, Katherine Andrews 02-27-189401-02-1946
Barnes, Kathrine Marie Empkey(wife of Randy Lee Barnes)(dua of Charles & Bernadine Empkey)08-02-195010-03-1994Sioux Falls, SD
Barnes, Katherine E. Andrews(wife of Howard Barns)12-29-190102-08-1981
Barnes, L. Hulbert07-21-186406-30-1907
Barnes, Lorenzo Dow (Dan)(hus of#1 Elizabeth Jane Hall m.1856, #2 Hannah Gartside Miller m.07-02-1888)(7th Reg. Ill. Reg.)10-11-183702-17-1923Holmes, County, Ohio
Barnes, Maggie(dau of L.D.)02-189707-27-1897
Barnes, Oliver03-31-189611-26-1952
Barnes, Robert F.03-15-193007-06-1999
Barnes, Rex Delno(hus of Donna Bristow m.05-28-1958)(son of Elmer & Carrie Barnes)07-20-193207-02-2004Cody, NE
Barnes, Ross18661942
Bartholomew, Cecil E.(hus of Harriet Anna Weatherill m. 1905)(son of William S. & Emmaline)11-25-188409-12-1964Sidney, Iowa
Bartholomew, Fremont C.(hus of Velma Bell Heath m.11-1937)09-26-190510-29-1989
Bartholomew, Ryan L.03-15-196402-03-1994
Bartholomew, Velma Bell Heath 11-05-191512-20-2001
Belsky, Robert E.(son of Guy & #1 Wilma Young Belsky)(veteran)05-11-192808-27-1971Gordon, NE
Bennett, Betty D.05-12-192605-05-1995
Bennett, Charles M.(son of John & Frankie)09-07-191402-10-1915
Bennett, Ernest E.09-02-192711-23-1987
Bennett, Frank J.03-27-191211-22-1992
Bennett, Frankie A.01-27-188907-06-1960
Bennett, James185511-11-1936
Bennett, John F.18791947
Bennett, Johnnie Rae07-12-191709-18-1976
Bennett, Lula M.(wife of Frank)05-26-190203-16-1979
Bennett, Robert J.04-07-192412-31-1925
Bennett, Robert Earl King(adopted son & grandson of Frank J. & Lula Bennett)01-01-194709-12-1959
Bennett, Vivian L.06-06-191810-01-1997
Bemisdarfer, Joseph H.07-11-184905-03-1903Penn
Biles, Emma C. Erskin.(wife of Franklin W. m. 11-19-1905)09-30-188704-03-1915
Bowman, Anrew Ray12-14-188406-19-1951
Bowman, Emma M.04-11-186012-05-1939
Bowman, Frank M.06-08-186010-10-1925
Bowman, Margret Ann03-10-188610-04-1961
Brooker, Oliver Infant02-1937
Brown, Infant (dau of Lloyd Brown)11-191811-1918
Brown, Albert A.09-28-187106-19-1932
Brown, Carrie A.18721952
Brown, Charles(hus of Martha Ann Connery m.1929)(son of Josephine & Alice Pourier Brown)08-23-190609-22-1984LaCreek, Bennett, SD
Brown, Clinton(son of Earl Brown)03-30-192112-24-1921
Brown, Hattie E.03-31-190006-01-1967
Brown, Lloyd Harlan08-01-193008-03-1930
Brown, Lloyd O.(hus of Hattie Dunbar m. 11-17-1917)12-05-189503-20-1956Olivet, SD
Brown, Martha Ann Poland(dau of Rolin & Nettie Poland)10-17-189503-16-1989
Burnett, Lydia E.??08-30-1920
Burnett, Perry Porter(hus of Lydia Fincher m.1897)04-17-186508-05-1937Vinton, Clark, Iowa
Bush, Bertha A.06-29-1872 10-23-1929
Butrum, John Wesley(hus of Mary Campbell m. 02-25-1886)06-24-185307-13-1921Lynnville, Jassper county, Iowa
Cady, Bertha May07-14-188305-05-1957
Cady, Otis C.187602-24-1923
Calkins, Addison(Ed)11-10-186311-18-1902
Candler, Letta Banigan10-10-187202-20-1947
Cass, George(son of A.)187503-20-1890
Cassidy, Joe W.09-14-190210-04-1991
Childers, Myrtle02-03-188710-26-1974
Chubb, Carrol(hus of Margaret Florence Morton)08-25-188803-10-1954
Chubb, Frances Estelle Bradshaw186002-12-1929
Chubb, Henry Franklin(hus of Frances)185105-27-1921Vermont
Chubb, Harold(son of C.T.)??11-14-1919
Chubb, Margaret Florence Morton02-19-189507-30-1972
Chubb, Tracey M.?02-12-1921
Clark, Charles Thomas(hus of Gertrude Savage m.1910)06-17-188802-27-1951Summitville, IND.
Clark, Gertrude Savage12-25-188906-12-1976Omaha, NE
Cody, Infant(child of Thomas)08-18-191108-23-1911
Colvin, Alb Bert03-29-189210-18-1969
Colvin, Baby06-191506-1915
Colvin, Wilma Belsky12-25-190604-28-1991
Cook, Elverta Florence08-22-188805-19-1916Stanford, Iowa
Connery, Lillis M.(mother of Ted)06-20-186701-25-1960
Connery, Mamie Bell Reeves(dau of Garrison B. & Mary Reeves)05-29-189803-28-1966Sidney, Iowa
Connery, Ruby06-10-192607-29-1974
Connery, Orin (Mac)08-15-192307-22-2001
Connery, Theodore W.(Ted)(hus of Mamie Reeves m.10-1920)(son of Lillis M. & George Edward Connery)02-14-189604-23-1979Monroe, Wisc.
Connery, Theodore Jr.01-20-192510-25-1993
Cowgill, Catherine18581927
Cowgill, James C. 10-31-185808-05-1919
Cox, Blanche18921962
Cox, John (veteran)12-14-191305-05-1957
Cox, John Sidney188104-19-1949
Cox, Willard??10-19-1979
Cramer, Kenneth B.(veteran)01-4-190902-12-1966
Cramer, Billy05-26-193304-10-1934
Curry, Leo Russell(son of Ralph)02-15-191802-12-1920
Cutcomb, Clarence B.(Pete)10-25-186810-24-1941
Cutcomb, Clayton C.(son of Jesse & Crystal)06-25-191802-17-1919
Cutcomb, Crystal Frances Sissler(dau of E.Sissler)(wife of Jesse Cutcomb m.09-22-1913)09-22-189109-17-1959Deadwood, SD
Cutcomb, Earl Howard(Veteran)(son of Clarence Cutcomb)11-09-188912-18-1929Cody, NE
Cutcomb, Jesse C.09-14-188704-17-1946
Cutcomb, Minnie Louise Barkoff(wife of Clarence(Pete)Cutcomb m.10-05-1887)(dau of George Barkoff)09-01-187112-14-1965Wapello, Iowa
Davis, Abslom02-06-186609-19-1946
Deaver, Charles William(hus of #1 Martha Frances Glidden, #2 Dessie Lea Stephens)(son of Lucy& Henry)12-12-186304-25-1928
Deaver, Janice L.(dau of L.H. & L.C.)02-19-190204-09-1904
Deaver, Joseph Elmer(son of Lucy E.)05-01-189005-07-1907
Deaver, Louise Cleveland08-13-184705-01-1918
Deaver, Louis H.(hus of #1 Louise Cleveland, #2 Lizzie Fisher m.1922)(son of Lucy & Henry)02-12-187304-10-1954
Deaver, Lucy Ann Mannis(wife of #1 Henry Deaver, #2 ??Wolfe))05-16-18461927IND
Dennison, A. Bessie10-27-190502-20-1982
Dennison, Elmer W.01-02-190312-17-1984
Dennison, Eva(dau of J.A.)12-07-189608-01-1898
Dennison, George Harry12-26-183306-14-1941
Dennison, Mabel D.?12-18-1932
DeWitt, Theresa M. Habben Wobig(wife of #1 Clarence Wobig m.10-09-1940, #2 Russell, DeWitt m.06-23-1978)(dau of John & Johanna Dunker Habben)05-17-191508-23-2005Melvin, Iowa
Dooley, Lester W.07-07-191201-24-1997
Dooley, Richard L.06-14-193706-14-1937
Doty, George C.(son of E.H.Doty)05-15-189411-18-1919Riverside, CA
Doty, Leonard Eugene09-3-194012-07-1940
Doty, Lon??
Doty, Pearl?05-22-1929
Doty, Pearl Deloris09-09-193609-19-1936
Doty, Philander (Phil)185003-26-1937
Doty, Rebecca??
Drinkwalter, George Allen(son of Loren (Slim) & Esther Drinkwalter)(Hus of Isla Hamit m. 08-22-1953)12-12-192909-14-2011Kilgore, NE
Douthit, Dortha L. Peterson09-18-191611-25-1947Valentine, NE
Douthit, Jack Lee(buried with Dortha)11-25-194711-25-1947
Douthit, Frank M.05-28-191304-30-1982
Dow, William L.??
Dunbar, baby(child of Ray)?????
Duncan, Rae E.(son)07-16-190912-28-1915
Duncan, Vera May(dau of T.N. & Bessie)12-18-190112-01-1905
Dusenberry, Keith Robert(hus of Candace Abbott m.09-29-1968)(son of Henry & Bernice Dusenberry)04-18-194705-05-2003Davenport, Ia.
Eberly, Deon D.07-30-193905-15-2002
Eberly, Forest F.05-20-189610-22-1982
Eberly, Leona K.11-21-190704-09-1983
Edwards, Billie J.06-09-192408-13-1941
Edwards, Charlie 10-17-189702-07-1977
Edwards, Ellis I.(son of J.E.Edwards)11-06-189302-21-1911
Edwards, Hattie E.03-22-187607-09-1952
Edwards, Joseph E.01-08-186506-03-1937
Edwards, Lucy10-15-190211-08-2001
Elliott, Brenda Jean07-23-196011-03-1974
Ellis, Benjamin B.(hus of Mary Diantha Carney) 1850 1926
Ellis, Dorothy Mae (wife of Robert m.08-04-1948) 6-26-1926 01-27-2001 Mariaville, Ne
Ellis, Mary Diantha Carney 1855 1940
Ellis, Maude Goodin(dau of Susan) 03-30-1888 02-02-1921
Ellis, Ralph Allen (hus of #1 Anna Houtsman m.1900, #2 Maude Goodin m.1916, #3 Goldie Stubbs m.1926))(son of Ben & Mary) 04-26-1881 09-28-1939
Ellis, Robert Manuel(son of Samuel & Ruby Reeves Ellis)(hus of Dorothy May Brown m. 08-04-1948)03-02-192501-29-2011Cody, NE
Ellis, Rock (wv) 1891 1960
Elwess, Charlotte 09-13-193309-13-1933
Elwess, Shirley 09-13-193309-13-1933
Empkey, Bernadine Alice Peterson(dau of Oscar Ludwig & Mabel Florence Spain Peterson)(wife of Charles Henry m. 06-29-1946)11-16-191903-08-2009Nenzel, NE
Empkey, Charles Henry(hus of Bernadine Alice Peterson m.06-29-1945)(son of Walter & Katherine Andrews Empkey)11-04-191808-20-2004Cody, NE
Empkey, Clara Gwynn(dau of Charles & Faye Kime Gwynn)(wife of Walter John Empkey)03-04-1933006-15-2007
Empkey, Douglas Duane(son of Stella & William Empkey)02-01-195802-01-1958Omaha, NE
Empkey, Katherine Agnes Andrews(wife of Walter J. Empkey)11-22-189809-02-1924Morehead, Iowa
Empkey, Mary Regina Lindberg(wife of #1 Herbert Thomas Farmer m.1909, #2 Walter Empkey m.1931)(dau of Thomas & Johanna Lindberg)05-28-189105-08-1986Nenzel, NE
Empkey, Robert G.(WW2)(son of Walter John & Katherine Agnes Andrews Empkey)09-08-192206-22-1990Cody, NE
Empkey, Sally Louise(dau of Charles Empkey)03-25-195106-17-1951
Empkey, Stella Evelyn Sorensen(wife of Willaim Empkey m.11-23-1956)(dau of Frank & Ella Sorensen)11-27-193202-5-1971Ansley, NE
Empkey, Walter J.(hus of Mary Lindberg)02-28-188603-14-1963Cleaveland, Ohio
Ewart, Charles M.04-27-188108-20-1965
Ewart, Esther M.07-01-189307-05-1980
Eyl, Frank04-20-188103-10-1926
Fanning, Cecil L.08-14-190903-22-1998
Fanning, Frances06-24-190701-26-1989
Fanning, Wilma Jean(dau of Cecil & Frances) 193602-07-1941
Farley, Ronald F.04-08-196206-17-1983
Farmer, Donna Lee10-09-193003-27-1934
Farmer, Herbert T.(hus of Mary Lindberg)03-14-188703-18-1931
Farnham, Addie I. Russell18421930
Farnham, Jared18371904
Farnham, Russell
Farnham, Susan M.18421928
Ferris, Eldine Carmen Shangreaux(wife of L.G. Ferris)05-07-190705-27-1947
Fisher, Harold D.19052-12-1910
Fisher, Sadie V.189902-07-1910
Forgette, Fredrich12-06-187710-12-1929
Fullerton, Anna Marie Kleinemeier11-17-189608-15-1967
Fullerton, Doyle O.(son of Ralph earl & Anna Marie Fullerton)(hus of Truby A. Barnes m.06-02-1948)03-31-192109-19-2008Bennett county, SD
Fullerton, Truby A.Barnes02-28-192407-23-1992
Fullerton, Ralph E.(hus of Anna Marie Kleinemeir)189101-09-1947
Fullerton, Roger Dean(son of Delbert & Barbara Fullerton) 02-04-1960 11-03-1979 Valentine, NE
Bale, Barbara Lou Kime(dau of Jake & Edith Mithchell Kime)(wife of Edson Gale Jr m.01-01-1947)05-17-192703-11-2017Cornish, Colorado
Gale, Benjamin Issac(son of Nancy & Issac)04-12-18752-27-1959
Gale, Edson Austin SR.(hus of Jessie Eskew m.06-08-1920)(son of Nancy & Issac)02-26-188008-04-1963
Gale, Issac Newton(hus of Nancy Woodson Young)03-08-184207-05-1928Brushton, NY
Gale, Jessie May Eskew((dau opf James Edward & Theresa Gregg Eskew)07-14-190202-19-1981
Gale, Judy Ann12-20-196612-21-1966
Gale, Nancy(Nannie) W. Young(wife of I.N. Gale)06-02-184210-26-1918
Galloway, Connie Karen09-23-194410-10-944
Galloway, Darlene Chloe Morton(wife of Ted W. Galloway m.04-20-1946)(dau of Lewis & Jesse Morton)12-25-192608-01-2003Eli, NE
Galloway, Ted W.12-06-192209-16-1994
Gardner, Donald D.?08-27-2016
Gardner, Dorothy M.10-24-194003-29-1987
Gardner, Rick J.08-05-196103-15-1998
Garner, Adalid 04-10-184712-27-1899
Gartside, ?? 03-19-186912-13-1940
Gartside, Hannah(wife of L.D.Barnes m.07-02-1888)06-30-186212-31-1914Baylis, Illinois
Gartside,Mary(Grandma)(Mrs. James)182710-01-1910
Gates, Charles P(Slim).05-24-190611-01-1974
Gates, Mildred Chubb(wife of Charles(Slim) Gates m.06-20-1942)10-20-191802-05-2001University Place, NE
Gillaspie, Alexander L.18701946
Gillaspie, Indiana T.11-08-183906-10-1916
Gillaspie, Mary E.18731927
Gillaspie, William T.(son of A.L. & Emma)03-31-189610-17-1912
Goff, Jemima McCuen(wife of James m.04-15-1899)09-18-187202-04-1911
Goodin, Elmer C.(son of Walter & Maggie)11-18-191805-02-1971
Goodin, John Wesley??
Goodin, Mrs. Jack(unreadable)????
Goodin, Maggie Ellen Gibson(wife of #1 Walter Goodin, #2 Leo Hagler m.01-16-1954)(dau of riley & Charlotte Gibson)03-27-189602-11-1980Kansas
Goodin, Myrtle Barnes(dau of Enos & Fluty Barnes)(wife of Walter Wesley Goodin)06-14-188905-08-1909
Goodin, Neal W.(son of Walter & Maggie)05-24-191506-17-1915
Goodin, Susan(wife of S.J.)08-23-184510-19-1917
Goodin, Walter Wesley(hus of #1 Myrtle Barnes m.09-28-1906, #2 Maggie ellen Gibson m.06-10-1913)(son of Samuel J. & Susan Ireland Goodin)04-08-187604-24-1949Adams county, Iowa
Goodrich, Addie Julia(dau of C. & Cora M.)10-26-190201-16-1903
Goodrich, Alice S.192807-24-1936
Goodrich, Bert Oscar(hus of #1 Abbie Merriel m.05-05-1896, #2 Grace Elizabeth Knowles)(son of Oscar & Julia)09-01-187203-04-1938St. Charles, Illinois
Goodrich, Charles O.(hus of Cora May Winslow m.07-12-1891)(twin of Chester)10-04-186607-24-1941Illinois
Goodrich, Cora M.Winslow(wife of Charles)05-06-187510-15-1961
Goodrich, Genevieve Doty(dau of Lon & Pearl Doty)(wife #1 of Frank Jarchow m.08-22-1922, #2 A.L. Goodrich m.04-14-1973)10-30-190209-03-1984Rushville, NE
Goodrich, Grace Elizabeth Knowles18891972
Goodrich, Julia A. Powers12-27-184303-25-1910
Goodrich, Kenneth G.09-06-190704-14-1947
Goodrich, Lloyd Leroy12-303-191702-07-1918
Goodrich, Oscar Charles(Co C 17, Ill. Cav.)(hus of Julia Powers m. 03-20-1864) 05-06-183902-11-1913Washington county, NY
Goodrich, Vera 02-14-191808-02-1935
Goodwin, Arthur Herbert(veteran)(hus of Vera Caroline Wobig)(son of Arthur & Effie)02-15-189604-20-1952Lincoln, NE
Goodwin, Arthur Orin(hus of Effie Maria Kuypers)08-25-186604-24-1933Vermont
Goodwin, Dwire Dator(son of Ira D. & Elsie Goodwin)(hus of Nancy Lentz m.06-23-1956)03-12-193704-06-2008???Stuart, NE
Goodwin, Effie M.05-18-187303-28-1947
Goodwin, Horold(son of A.O. & E.)02-25-189804-01-1911
Goodwin, Vera Caroline Wobig(wife of #1 Arthur H. Goodwin, #2 Lorraine Severns)(dau of Herman & Claire Wobig)03-24-190410-16-1955
Green, Duane K.02-01-195902-03-1959
Grandstaff, Eugenia Johanna (Penny)(dau of Peter & Theresa Herauf)09-22-192311-19-2003Dodge, ND
Grandstaff, Floyd03-02-191911-21-1980
Grinden, Inez O.08-28-189909-10-1970
Grinden, Olaf Ingmar(WW1)09-14-189006-20-1973
Gullion, Mary Etta12-17-191808-27-1919
Gunderson,Harry P.(son of H. & Maude) 05-21-189101-14-1892
Gunderson, Annie E.(wife of G.)07-18-186205-05-1904
Gunderson, Elmer H.12-02-189512-06-1903
Haffield, Gertrude M.10-15-191612-18-1992
Hall, Albert H.01-03-190303-25-1903
Hamilton, Florence Arlene Hansen12-19-193409-21-1998South of Nenzel, NE
Hanks, Lizzey05-22-187511-15-1906
Hanks, Lullu07-22-187001-23-1896
Hanson, Glen06-10-192802-07-1993
Haskett, S.Frank 185101-26-1916Iowa
Hauver, Bertha Morford(wife of George)03-10-189307-331-1979
Hauver, Clara B. Seager(wife of G.L.)(dau of George Seager)03-03-186102-19-1911
Hauver, George L.(hus of #1 Clara Seager m.1881, #2 Bertha Morford m.1916)12-21-185810-19-1948NY
Hauver, James Melvin(veteran)(hus of Dorothy Harrison)(son of Lillian & Jesse Hauver)09-10-192710-09-1958
Hauver, Jesse M.(veteran)(hus of Lilliam Davey)11-07-189006-02-1961
Hauver, Lillian M.Davey(wife of Jesse Hauver m.08-30-1924)(dau of James F. Millward & Elizabeth K. Davey)03-23-19062-11-1985PA.
Heath, Artie Lulu Sellers10-09-188309-05-1963Syracuse, Ne
Heath, Clyde02-12-191205-11-1984
Heath, El L.(hus of Ella C. Bailey)04-18-185303-03-1914Cuyahoga county, Ohio
Heath, Floyd(Mary E. Powell m.01-04-1941)(son of Frank & Lulu Heath)02-11-190709-01-1974
Heath, Frank O.(hus of Artie Lulu Sellers m.07-23-1905)(son of George)11-02-187908-01-1943Steamboat Rock, Iowa
Heath, John Mackey(son of El. L. & Ella C.)12-04-187912-27-1904
Heath, Nile K.11-27-192004-02-1991
Heath, Roy Frances(son of Frank & Lula)11-01-190603-20-1907
Heath, Uri(son of El Heath)12-27-182408-22-1902
Heckman, Anna Kaplan(wife of #1 Milton Brown m.07-03-1886, #2 James O'Bannon m.08-20-1891,#3 Jason Len Heckman m.12-1911) 12-12-186912-06-1940Cedar Rapids, Ia
Hehn, Dorothy E.(dau of Waller)01-28-192001-08-1921
Hendricks, Dewey(son of J.E.)10-13-1898 05-10-1899
Hendricks, Guy E.03-12-189510-25-1900
Hendricks, Harry L.11-07-1889 09-22-1900
Hendriccks, John Edward (Ed)(son of Hugh R. & Mary Elizabeth Clark Hendricks)(hus of Martha Louise Craig m. 10-12-1888)01-08-1864 12-05-1928Ohio
Hendricks, Martha L.(dau of Chauncy C. & Alvina Larrabee Craig)(wife of John Edmond Hendricks m. 10-12-1888) 06-05-1869 11-30-1932Blue Earth County, Minn.
Heskett, Frank185101-28-1916Iowa
Hines, Linda Loy194712-18-1956
Hintron, Arvelyn M. Olson(dau of August O. & Minnie Walser Olson)(wife of Verne (Homer)Hinton m. 05-16-1931)12-11-191310-30-2009Cherry Counyt, NE
Hinton, Bessie R. Hauver(wife of Fred Hinton)(dau of George & Clara Hauver)01-01-189201-30-1973
Hinton, Catherine10-02-191406-10-1992
Hinton, Fred W.(hus of Bessie Hauver m.1910)(son of John & Theresa Hinton)08-05-187702-27-1968Keytsville, MO
Hinton, Howard(hus of Catherine Doty m. 1933)10-22-190706-16-1975
Hinton, Joseph Edward (hus of Lena Wren m. 1895) (son of John & Therese Ehrett Hinton)10-17-186207-29-1933Keytesville, MO
Hinton, Catherine Doty(wife of Howard Hinton)10-02-191411-04-1995
Hinton, Lena Wren(dau of James & Anna Horton Wren)04-24-187108-24-1962Keytsville, MO
Hinton, V. Homer(hus of Arvelyn Olson m.05-16-1931)(son of Joe & Lena Hinton)09-06-190504-25-2003Cody, NE
Hoffman, Bobbie Ray(Baby)02-23-193102-23-1931
Hook, Amy Pearl (wife of Earl)11-07-188310-17-1913
Hook, Ida Agusta11-27-187603-12-1943
Hook, John F.02-02-183511-21-1910
Hook, Ross05-29-186604-23-1942
Hook, Roy(son of Mr. & Mrs. Ross Hook)11-21-189605-025-1915
Hook, William Lee(infant)08-10-194308-11-1943
Hook, William(son of Frank & Martha Hill Hook)06-24-187001-15-1958Stratford, Iowa
Houtman, Charles E.19041978
Houtman, Ulin B.19011968
Hunt, Elsworth M.(Hus of Iva m.04-21-1920)03-22-190106-06-1993
Hunt, Iva P.06-20-189706-20-1990
Hunt, Orin B.02-09-191206-14-1931
Jackson, Andrew E.(hus of Eliza Bradley m.03-15-1862)03-12-183909-18-1916Bloomington, IND
Jackson, Clifford11-21-189812-01-1951
Jackson, Ella E.10-08-185707-18-1929
Jackson, Eunice D.12-11-189903-29-1930
Jackson, Harold L.11-30-192410-28-1989
Jackson, James Bradley(hus of Mary Etta Evans m.12-29-1886)(son of Andrew & Elizabeth J.)3-06-186402-07-1941
Jackson, Joseph18491910
Jackson, Lewis W.19281928
Jackson, Lorena E.Wobig(dau of Herman & Pauline Schroeder Wobig)11-18-190201-23-2000
Jackson, Mary Etta Evans02-08-186201-08-1952Villisca, Iowa
Jackson, Merrill(hus of Lorena Wobig m. 12-28-1921)(son of James & Mary Etta)06-06-190010-12-1973
Jackson, Shelby Lynne08-05-199301-23-2000
Jacobs, Alice M.19101922
Jacobs, Blanche18851955
Jacobs, Jack M.191808-12-1920
Jacobs, John G.188309-03-1920
Jarchow, Blanche E.Stotts(wife of George Jarchow)10-27-188302-09-1924
Jarchow, Caroline01-28-185909-23-1926
Jarchow, Frank D.(WW1)09-06-189401-13-1971
Jarchow, George F.04-28-188101-31-1965Toledo, OHIO
Jarchow, George J.(Cheyenne Sioux Indian War)01-02-185612-28-1922
Jardine, Harry H.190411-14-1957
Johnson, Harris18661908
Johnson, Ida186408-18-1923
Johnson, Kathleen Jane?08-03-198?
Johnson, Mary E. 02-12-1913 04-27-1998 Cody, NE
Johnson, Vernon D.19071953
Jones, John O.(Happy Jack)09-182001-31-1903
Justice, George W.18761926
Keiser, Anna E.08-02-187804-11-1977
Keiser, Carl Curry10-03-189809-02-1934
Keiser, Lois Ann04-13-192804-17-1929
Keiser, Ralph H.11-20-187601-12-1930
Kersey, Donald W.04-09-190304-20-1976
Kersey, Lawrence S.(WW2)10-31-192209-30-1958
Kersey, Pearl07-28-187808-14-1966
Kersey, Reynold Price(WW2)04-08-190801-26-1950
Kersey, William01-26-186503-12-1947
Kibber, Minnie L.Olson 09-24-189102-02-1977
King, Derrell02-13-192007-03-1991
King, Kenneth D.02-22-192410-31-1995
King, Robert(hus of Katie Bull Bear)(son of Earl & Lulu King)08-30-192812-13-1974Casper, WY
Knuth, Carsten Peter12-13-187012-29-1927
Kroeger, Alice M. Work(wife of Walter Kroeger m.11-10-1926)(dau of Peter Diltz Work & Jennie Firebaugh Work)05-21-190511-07-1995Skip Out Creek, Oklahoma Territory
Kroeger, Walter(hus of Alice M. Work m.1926) 12-02-189607-07-1968
Ladely, Baby Bessie(dau of Floyd E. & Hattie E. Ladely)12-05-191412-16-1914
Leggett, Bill??
Leggett, Mrs. William Faubion190507-1937
Leighton, Lucille B. Meyers(wife of Frank Leighton m.04-27-1911)07-19-189307-23-1911Big Run, Jefferson,Pa.
Langguth, August C.(B-8 347th F.A.)06-11-188606-07-1919
Lehtinen, Gus04-15-189006-04-1960
Lester, Clarence E.04-02-190002-09-1904
Lester, Hazel03-18-190309-06-1903
Lierman, Anna M.10-06-190905-17-1992
Lindberg, Edessa Marie Lintt (wife of Peter Jacob Lindberg m.06-23-1924)(dau of Isaac Burton Lintt & Mary Elizabeth Lintt) 12-24-189009-04-1967Lamar, NE
Lindberg, Johanna(dau of Edessa & Peter)
Lindberg, Joseph August(hus of Irene Miles Adams m.12-16-1932)(son of Thomas & Johanna Lindberg)04-07-190012-14-1972Nenzel, NE
Lindberg, Marie 03-26-193003-27-1930
Lindberg, Mary E.(dau of Edessa& Peter)12-04-192812-04-1928
Lindberg, Mary Lou(dau of Joe & Irene Lindberg)05-18-193304-08-1989
Lindberg, Ocie Irene Miles(dau of Leota Peral Jackson Miles & Thomas George Miles)(wife of #1 Andrew James Adams m.12-01-1928, #2 Jospeh August Lindberg m.12-16-1932) 05-09-190909-01-1999Lost Springs, Wy
Lindberg, Peter Jacob(hus of Edessa Lintt Cramer m.06-23-1924)(son of Thomas O. & Johanna Zirfase Lindberg)05-22-189503-11-1976Fort Niobrara, NE
Lintt, Burdette(Jack)06-20-191408-24-1983
Lintt, Eugene08-08-191506-12-1935
Lintt, Floyd(veteran)03-16-189312-13-1954
Lintt, Gaylord Rush05-31-188503-07-1919
Lintt, I.B.18691943
Lintt, Sarah Sayhouse18801973
Livermont, Ruby Winfred(dau of P.A. Livermont)04-07-191312-05-1922
McGee, Emma Eola Klontz(wife of William Franklin McGee m.03-27-1885)10-14-186401-07-1943McConnels Grove, Stephenson, Illinois
McGee, Leonard R.M.(WW2)09-27-1900 12-23-1968
McGee, William Eugene(wv)10-26-1927
McGee, William Franklin(hus of Emma Klos??? m.1886)11-21-185704-26-1937Parish, Ill.
McClaran, Alice M.10-14-187708-06-1970
McClaran, Hayes03-04-187705-15-1947
McClaran, Joe Harvey11-03-190707-31-1993
McClaran, Marie(wife of Joe)03-02-191509-12-1982
McClaran, Thomas J.(adopted son of Joe & Marie)07-25-194405-27-1992
McKenney, Edna J.18981968
McKenney, Ellis L.(hus of Edna)188604-20-1964
McMurtrey, Clara P.08-12-190205-12-1977
Malony, Ada 01-044-1862 12-29-1925
Marrs, Infant (of E. L.) 07-29-192607-29-1926
Martin, Mary E. Russell(wife of R.C.Martin)07-18-185209-04-1919
Mayhew, Clara A.09-15-185801-28-1942
Mayhew, Norman R.18521945
Mayhew, Sidney Norman(son of Norman & Ellen Marie Cox Mayhew)(hus of Judy A. Witt m. 08-26-1962 11-05-194110-11-2008Cody, NE
Means, Mollie Mae10-13-188507-07-1951
Melvin, Letha Shippen03-07-195104-27-1996Kilgore, Ne
Merchen, Roy Dean07-23-197503-26-1980
Meyer, Cecil F.(Co. K. 242 Inf, 42nd Rainbow Div.)(Killed in Hagenau, France)192201-25-1945
Meyer, Charles??
Meyer, Edward S.08-24-188807-21-1979
Meyer, Eva E.188603-20-1960
Meyer, Margaret E.11-21-191607-18-1920
Miles, Leota P.189103-24-1959
Millslagle, Clyde(son of Thomas & Eliza Bamgardner Millslagle)(hus of Hattie Downs m. 01-03-1893)18701899Iowa
Millslagle, Edna(dau of Clyde & Hattie Downs Millslagle)189711-1898
Millslagle, Thomas Wellington(son of Thomas & Eliza Bamgardner Millslagle)(hus of Cora Alice Childers m. 05-19-1889)18661898Eldora, Ia.
Miyao, Tom07-07-188801-21-1963
Mizner, Susan Marie08-30-191810-17-1999
Mizner, Virgil L.(hus of Marie Ellis m.05-27-1937)(son of Frank & Carrie Mizner)07-21-191409-29-2001
Mogle, Agnes A.Wobig(wife of James m.09-14-1916)01-10-189805-16-1985
Mogle, Alice18881896
Mogle, Chauncey Harold (James)12-04-189301-09-1966
Mogle, Ella Bannigan (wife of Wink Mogle m.12-04-1883)01-06-186002-25-1940
Mogle, Frank Jr.(Dump)188406-29-1901
Mogle, James C.(hus of Agnes Augusta Wobig m.09-14-1916)12-04-189301-09-1966
Mogle, Joyce Clifford(John)(veteran)10-08-189505-28-1950
Mogle, Junie Helen White(wife of #1 Harold Baker, #2 Clem Clark, #3 Bill Mogle)(dau of Charles Weldon White & Mary Alice White)06-11-192008-19-2003Brownlee, NE
Moglee, Oscar Franklin(Wink) 09-16-18621920
Mogle, William A.06-01-190505-05-1990
Morgan, Carl18931967
Morgan, L.(veteran)????
Morrow, Alena1891 1964
Morrow, Walter Bruce(son of DeWitt & Lena Morrow ) 08-14-1914 05-31-1927Tripp county, SD
Morse, Mary E. Luke(wife of #1 George N. Wilson m. 1880, #2 J.R. Morse m. 1891)02-09-186104-26-1918Newport, KY
Morton, Amanda Onina Nelson(#1 wife of Lewis Morton m.03-17-1909) 06-16-189204-02-1920
Morton, Leo Victor 03-31-192603-31-1926
Morton, Leona G.02-06-190110-19-1990
Morton, Lewis(hus of #1 Amanda Nelson m.03-1909, #2 Jessie Leona Goodrich m.04-02-1921)02-21-189009-10-1975Yutan, NE
Morton, Sharon Lavelle(dau of Leweis & Jessie)02-08-194107-12-1941
Morton, William Douglas(hus of Mary Etta Sparks m.01-06-1885)09-08-1860 03-18-1937Toledo, IL
Mosher, George F.(WW1)04-17-190102-18-1920
Mudge, Martha E.(wife of E.W.)185907-22-1912
Munn, Andrew A.18641951
Munn, Asa S.(son of A.A. & Tillie)04-06-189102-12-1907
Munn, L.D.18721951
Munn, Lilly May18671935
Munn, Matilda A.11-15-188612-30-1903
Murphy, Lillian M.05-26-186205-27-1902
Nelson, Alexander(son of Chas. & Anna)07-02-189311-11-1913
Nelson, Anna05-11-185602-12-1936
Nelson, Anne02-16-182602-06-1908
Nelson, Annie02-16-189910-1-1899
Nelson, Carl07-02-189309-11-1893
Nelson, Charles((hus of Anna Anderson m. 12-22-1884)10-31-185308-11-1934Wasa Lan, Gamla Karleby, Finland
Nelson, Fredrika Svarvar18731946Finland
Nelson, Philip Frederick(hus of Fredricka Svarvar m.10-10-1897)03-12-18651935Denmark
Nelson, Thomas04-15-185202-09-1919
Nelson, Victor04-13-188808-30-1888
Newberry, Laura B.(dau of A.)11-22-188201-22-1883
Nicklin, Agnes E.18771945
Nicklin, Barton C.04-24-187504-30-1948
Nicklin, Donald Eugene02-12-193404-24-1935
Oldham, James Francis(hus of Ellen M. Brooks m. 07-01-1890)10-14-184012-23-1914Danville, KY
Oldham, Ellen M. Brooks??????
Olson, Alvina09-23-191508-19-1998
Olson, Anna B.08-20-186501-21-1937
Olson, Carl A.06-06-191208-15-1984
Olson, Garold07-22-193208-20-1998
Olson, Minnie L.09-24-1891???
Olson, Myrtle Shippen01-04-191103-12-1998
Olson, August02-20-189004-04-1947
Olson, Rose07-17-193308-20-1998
Orr, David08-20-184107-28-1911
Orr, Eleanor(wife of David)03-01-184811-06-1935
Orr, Lyndon Stuart04-08-191308-03-1915
Owens, Matilda Munn18421917
Palmer, Alanson(veteran)09-12-183608-31-1905
Pense, Minnie E.(wife of Irl L.)02-16-189611-18-1920
Peterson, Clarence06-25-190211-24-1989Lyman County, SD
Peterson, Dorwin O.11-13-191703-12-1989
Peterson, Douglas Dorwin(son of Dorwin & Elwanda Peterson)12-10-195603-19-2006Martin, SD
Peterson, Elwanda (Blondie) Nelson(wife of Dorwin Peterson m.12-26-1941)(dau of Helen & Melvin Nelson)02-22-192107-24-2003Comstock, NE
Peterson, Mabel01-07-190007-03-1976
Peterson, Oscar11-15-188802-919-1974
Peterson, Mathew Richard05-14-197209-06-1974
Peterson, Ruby08-11-190709-20-1989Napoleon, ND
Phillips, William03-10-189011-27-1925
Poland, Nettie11-05-187311-04-1962
Poland, Rollin10-15-186509-21-1940Wisconsin
Pouier, Bessie12-22-191106-23-1980
Pouier, William1-29-190807-03-1991
Powell, Carl(hus of Clara Hibbs m.07-28-1921)(son of Clarence & Winifred F. Fish Powell)02-16-189912-11-1977Central City, NE
Powell, Clara M. Hibbs11-11-189611-11-1991
Prahl, Grace E. Speilmann04-14-188203-02-1957
Prahl, Otto J.(hus of Grace Speilmann m.02-11-1904)(son of Henry J. & Katherine David Prahl)09-11-187808-15-1954Holstein, Germany
Quade, Jill(dau of Ralph Claussen & Mary Jane Christian Claussen)(wife of #1 Scott Kuefler, #2 Howie Quade m.09-14-1985)10-27-196309-30-2012Faith, SD
Reed, Daisy M. 01-01-189203-16-1975
Reed, Della L.18621937
Reed, Frank L.11-06-185405-26-1924
Reed, Frank L. Jr.06-28-188703-15-1966
Reeve, Dennis Lee01-16-196011-27-1963
Reider, Daniel F.02-04-184912-29-1926
Reider, Rose Ellen11-13-184705-22-1922
Ricke, Claude(veteran)??1913
Rieke, Henry W.??
Ricketts, Sarah M.(wife of D.B.)08-15-186402-09-1895
Riemenschneider, A.C. 1860/1862 06-01-1929
Rose, George H.11-27-188811-08-1906
Rose, John D.(veteran)05-22-188805-29-1952
Rose, Loreneo D.06-06-183104-20-1907
Rose, Troy(son of Fred)?03-12-1907
Russell, Addie I.18791930
Russell, Mary E.07-18-185209-14-1919
Schaffer, Mary05-05-1921???
Scharman, John06-23-188010-19-1934
Schied, Dean C.(son of Peter & Frankie Anderson Schied)(hus of Dorothy Gwynn m. 09-21-1945)08--17-192508-16-2009Chicago, IL
Schneider, Amanda Mae10-09-191102-27-1995
Schneider, Henry12-21-190210-08-2002
Schneider, Linda K.04-24-194607-18-1966
Schultz, Elizabeth Anna Cassman Warner Rose (dau of William & Lovica Anna Farris Cassman)(wife of #1 Joe Warner, #2 John Rose, #2 William Schultz m. 03-29-1967)03-08-188803-30-1967Sioux City, Iowa
Schultz, William(veteran)(son of William & Emma Schultz)(hus of Elisabeth Ann Rose m. 03-29-1967)07-15-189312-04-1969Mount Pulaski, Ill.
Seager, Addison(son of Geroge H.)07-31-187005-15-1898
Seager, Elvira(wife of George)03-13-183712-28-1902
Seager, Evelyn Hope(adopted dau of William Barto)06-01-191702-27-1924
Seager, George?1914
Sellers, Charles B.09-21-187706-18-1911
Sellers, Hannah Alice Crane08-28-185602-12-1891Fountain county, IND
Sellers, Lura D. Thompson03-199-186912-13-1940
Sellers, Warson C.(son of W.H.& L.D.Swancutt Sellers)12-24-188309-22-1914
Sellers, William Henry(hus of #1 Hannah Alice Crane m.1876, #2 Abigail Heath #2 Lura Thompson m.04-20-1914)(son of Cyrus Sellers)11-18-184611-27-1914Berks county, PA.
Sesler, E. Lucill01-20-192706-30-1973
Sesler, John (Bill)11-19-192101-25-1973
Sesler, John 18801945
Sesler, Joseph L.03-14-187511-08-1942
Sesler, Linda E.18901953
Sesler, Lillie M.03-24-189511-04-1979
Severns, Harry L.07-02-188903-28-1962
Severns, Hazel18891952
Severns, Vera Goodwin03-23-190410-16-1955
Shangreaux, Claude P.10-17-191201-03-1991
Shangreaux, Darrell B.(hus of Floma)(son of David & Lillie)3-26-191004-17-1992
Shangreaux, Eldine(dau of David & Lillie) 19071947
Shangreaux, Floma A.03-21-191305-06-1986
Shangreaux, John(Veteran)(hus of Lillie Orr m.01-04-1892)(son of Jules Shangreaux)05-01-185006-01-1926Fort Laramie, Wy
Shangreaux, Lillie Orr(dau fo David & Elenore Orr)03-23-187307-31-1941
Shangreaux, Vera Emma(dau of David & Lillie)06-30-189902-03-1928
Shields, Harvey Wesley(hus of Betty Clark m.05-07-1944)(son of Joseph & Dora Shields)03-29-192008-08-2003Sterling, CO.
Shippen, David Vance(hus of Hattie)10-08-186607-1939Wabash Co, IND.
Shippen, Hattie E.08-12-187401-04-1947
Shippen, John A.11-19-190301-11-1959
Shoup, Asa 06-22-186403-17-1927
Skeen, Gertrude(dau of H.B.Skeen)07-08-190501-10-1910
Skeen, Marion(dau of H.B.Skeen)11-19-190301-09-1910
Skeen, Marion E.10-10-187503-30-1939
Skeen, Wilma(dau of H.B.Skeen)01-06-190701-06-1910
Smith, George188407-24-1957
Smith, John L.06-06-182212-14-1887Orvill, Vermont
Snyder, Charles L.04-08-1930 04-08-1930
Snyder, Gary W.08-30-194808-30-1948
Spindler, Minnie01-25-188709-21-1929
Stephens, Amanda Isabell Rickman(wife of Charles Stephens m.1893)01-06-187612-12-1962Iowa
Stephens, Baby(of C.H.)???1908
Stephens, Baby??1905
Stephens, Charles John(hus of Amanda Isabell Rickman m.1893) ?1935
Stevens, Ida Celestia Riemenschneider(dau of Albert C. Riemenschneider)(wife of Erskine Stephens m.08-28-1918) 06-28-190307-30-1926Cody, NE
Stoner, Chris (hus of Fannie Hinton m.02-04-1891)02-21-186306-22-1913Findlay, Ohio
Stoner, Fannie E.Hinton(dau of John & Theresa Hinton)01-12-187008-01-1958
Stoner, Frank Wayne?03-25-1999
Stoner, John A.(son of Chris & Fannie Hinton Stoner)189109-08-1977
Stoner, Mary02-21-190407-10-1995
Stoner, Orville E.05-17-190707-08-1986
Stoner, Virta E.(dau of Chris & Fannie)12-20-190006-02-1982
Stoner, William H.(son of Chris H.& Fannie E.)03-09-189808-09-1913
Storey, Dorothy L.10-24-191610-??-1996
Storey, William03-17-191412-02-1974
Stotts, Baby (dau of Jack & Eileen)01-02-192001-02-1920
Stotts, Andrew Jackson (Jack)(hus of Eileen Elizabeth Wilson m.03-30-1919)(son of Irvin & Mariana Stotts) 03-04-189204-20-1970
Stotts, Andrew J.(WW11)(son of George & Jennie Lou Stotts) 08-29-191806-19-1983Cody, NE
Stotts, Bess Luella Brown(wife of John Boone Stotts m.11-17-1913)(dau of John & Nellie Brown)11-29-189606-24-1993Central City, NE
Stotts, Eileen Elizabeth Wilson(dau of John Harrison Wilson & Helen Catherine Van Buren Wilson) 02-22-189607-10-1968
Stotts, Frederick Clinton (Fred)(hus of Mary West Brown)03-12-189909-26-1966
Stotts, George W.(hus of Jennie Lou Hudnall)(son of Irvin & Mariana Hinton Stotts)10-15-188710-09-1930
Stotts, Irvin Clinton(hus of Mariana (Molly) Hinton m.02-15-1883)(son of James Rector Stotts)01-16-186009-25-1947Westport Landing(Kansas City), MO.
Stotts, John Boone(hus of Bess Brown)(son of Irvin & Mariana Hinton Stotts)04-15-189004-02-1965
Stotts, Jean E.09-16-192711-28-1979
Stotts, James (Jimmie) Luke(son of Luke Stotts)03-09-193106-19-1946Hot Springs, ,SD
Stotts, Luke James(WW1)(hus of Merle Wilson)(son of Irvin & Mariana Stotts)12-26-189311-07-1973
Stotts, Mariana(Molly) Hinton(dau of John & Theresa Hinton)02-22-186009-04-1947
Stotts, Mary L.11-22-190308-11-1980
Stotts, Merle Mildred Wilson(wife of Luke Stotts m.09-01-1924)(dau of John Harrison Wilson & Helen Catherine Van Buren Wilson)06-22-189412-18-1979Hooper, NE
Stotts, Ruth(dau of Irvin & Mariana Hinton Stotts)03-27-189602-11-1968
Stotts, Viola Lessert(wife of Warren W. Stotts m.02-27-1954)(dau of L. Keith & Ruth Marie Larson Lessert)12-01-193506-17-2005Omaha, NE
Stotts, Warren W.(veteran)(hus of Viola M. Lessert m.02-27-1954)(son of Andrew Jackson Stotts & Eileen M. Wilson Stotts)09-19-9302-06-1995Omaha, NE
Stuart, Edward08-23-185901-23-1933
Stuart, Jennie A. Johnson(wife of L.E. Stuart m. 05-03-1886)10-08-186612-23-1907Webster county, Iowa
Stout, Lucinda Ann07-12-185209-29-1927
Swancult, Watson G.12-24-188309-22-1914
Teaford, Mildred C. Hale(dau of Ben & Mary Hale)1919???
Teaford, Wallace H.(hus of Mildred Hale m.06-1937) 07-18-191703-14-1961
Terkildsen, Carl M.(hus of Hilda)12-21-188708-19-1967
Terkildsen, Dorothy Clara(dau of Carl & Hilda Wobig Terkildsen)01-11-192211-28-1938
Terkildsen, Hilda Pauline Wobig(wife of Carl Terkildsen m.03-11-1914)02-27-189404-06-1984?
Terill, Bessie189002-19-1963
Terill, Charles M.04-05-188805-21-1960
Terill, Mildred Louise06-10-192808-28-1929
Thompson, James C.18531937
Tillerson, Bessie11-25-189511-29-1971
Tillerson, Infant(child of J.W.)04-190003-07-1901
Tillerson, William189708-21-1958
Truax, Anna Grace Steele11-09-187406-17-1928Minnesota
Truax, Charles187609-10-1937
Truax, D.A.04-01-186810-27-1894
Truax, Daniel(Civil War)07-04-184305-09-1927Licking Creek Twnsp, Bedford, PA
Truax, Harriet(dau of Daniel & Julia)12-29-187003-14-1910
Traux, Joseph18761952
Truax, Julia A.(wife of Daniel)05-06-184402-16-1913
Turner, Emma Farr (dau of F.M. & Fannie Farr)(wife of H. M. Turner m. 12-24-1895)01-20-187508-06-1939Leonard, SD
Turner, Frances E.18961939
Turner, George Farr(hus of Ruth Johanna Farmer m.07-17-1926) 01-13-190605-16-1938Cherry Box, Missouri
Turner, Henry M.187210-21-1955
Turner, Otto C.189606-02-1944
Walkup, Ira18791946Missouri
West, Jesse V.11-22-187402-02-1952
West, Nina V. Ramp(wife of Jess West)09-30-188402-12-1956Lacon, Ill
White, Cora G.(dau of D.P. & Mary) 04-26-187507-11-1895
White, Mary L.03-01-184704-09-1893
White, Milo Ervin(hus of Lena Martin m.07-10-1907)04-17-188512-31-1918Harlan county, NE
Winchester, James I.186706-16-1950
Winchester, John C.189003-23-1917
Winchester, Sarah E.18461930
Wobig, Arnold(Boots)(hus of Ruby Clark m.1942)12-07-190702-27-1982
Wobig, Clara Schroeder10-18-187405-11-1953Scribner, NE
Wobig, Clarence W.(hus of Theresa)12-10-190704-13-1967
Wobig, Clinton(hus of Jessie Gale)(son of Paul & Lavina)01-22-192112-26-1987
Wobig, Donald (Buzz)(cremated)(hus of Helen Marie Dahlgren m.1949)05-2-192604-12-1982
Wobig, Earl Gilbert(hus of Marie Herron m.1941)08-28-191809-09-1998
Wobig, Harry E.(hus of Hazel Bennett)(son of Hattie & Charles Karl Wobig)07-05-189409-30-1963Scribner, NE
Wobig, Harvey W.(hus of Hazel O. Wobig)12-09-189904-28-1983
Wobig, Hazel Mae Bennett(wife of Harry Wobig m.04-08-1921)(dau of Shelby & Margaret Mae Bennett)02-22-190402-036-1976Phillipsburg, Kansas
Wobig, Hazel O.12-15-190407-10-1994
Wobig, Herman(hus of Clara Schroeder m.04-05-1893)(son of August & Caroline Wagner Wobig)03-01-186801-09-1965Germany
Wobig, Jessie Gale(dau of Edson & Jessie Gale)192411-23-1996
Wobig, Lavina P. Faubion(dau of John & Alice Faubion) 01-09-189902-08-1979Kansas
Wobig, Max Reynold(hus of Marguerite Clark m.09-01-1934(son of Herman Carl & Clara Schroeder Wobig)05-27-191112-29-1999Scribner, NE
Wobig, Marguerite Marion May Clark(dau of Charles & Gertrude Clark )(wife of Max Wobig m. 09-01-1934)12-27-191112-01-2007Rushville, NE
Wobig, Melvin Earl(son of Harvey W. & Hazel Wobig)12-28-19282-12-2004Cody, NE
Wobig, Paul Herman(hus of Lavina Faubion)09-28-189602-14-1977Hooper, NE
Wobig, Ruby L.01-30-191510-18-1989
Wobig, Theresa M.(wife of #1 Clarence Wobig, #2 Rev. Russell DeWitt m.1978)1915???
Wobig, William Donald09-19-195103-07-1997
Wood, Corda & baby girl(wife of M.C.)09-30-187506-21-1917
Yancey, Frank(hus of Maude)03-05-188504-15-1964
Yancey, James Milton05-03-193610-31-1944
Yancey, John E.(hus of Viola (Olie) Cutcomb m.1923)(son of John & Rosie Yancey)12-04-189708-05-1983Keytesville, Missouri
Yancey, John F.(hus of Rosa G. Powell m.02-06-1879)12-03-185507-04-1927Howard county, MO.
Yancey, Maude Stotts(wife of Frank Yancey)08-21-188511-15-1977
Yancey, Verne Powell08-13-190208-31-1903
Yancey, Viola (Olie)Cutcomb(wife of John Yancy m.06-1922)06-27-189712-20-1977
Young, John E.(son of John & Rosie Powell Yancy)12-04-189708-06-1983Keytesville, Missouri
Zimmerman, ??????

There are also 38 unmarked graves, 5 unreadable, 1 large rock, 1 marble stone with no info,and 2 pieces of Petrified wood in this cemetery.

A big THANK YOU to Clara Gwynn Empkey who had worked diligently helping to update this information. Without her wonderful help, our records would not be this complete. We miss her and mourn her passing. She was a wonderful friend, contributor and lover of genealogy. She will be impossible to replace.

We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Cherry County Coordinator. The above information was compiled from the records of the Prairielawn Cemetery Board,given for this project by Karen Ford, Clara Empkey, Doris Torguson,and other research information.

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