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  McCann-Riverside Cemetery

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Riverside-McCann Cemetery
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Located on the hillside close to McCann creek located on the Galloway property. Section 33, Township 33, Range 31. Located south of Kilgore, NE about 10 miles. Many graves are marked with stones. The Cemetery Plot was contributed by Margaret Galloway, wife of late Walter Galloway, third son of Pete and Emma Galloway. The plot was drawn up by Walter and Margaret's daughter, Yvonne Galloway Gothard.

Anderson, Hans(Child buried at Anderson bridge grave fenced with posts only)
Galloway, Mrs Ash????
Galloway, Amelia Elizabeth Fergusen(wife of #1 Abram Hedershot m. 1831, #2 Peter Galloway m. 1866)09-05-183105-14-1918NJ
Galloway, Emma Celia Wilson(wife of Peter Galloway)02-15-1884 06-10-1945Long Pine, NE
Galloway, Peter C.(hus of #1 Emma Celia Wilson,(dau ofJohn & Charity Wilson) #2 Amelia Ferguson) 01-21-1868 06-20-1955Slabtown, Pa.
Galloway,Walter Raymond(hus of Margaret Morton m. 1939 born 07-24-1920)(son of Peter & Emma) 05-20-1912 03-31-1965McCann, NE.
Hendershot, David(son of Amelia Galloway) 01-09-1858 1907Wilkesbarre, Pa.
Hendershot, Ella Mae Tripp(wife of George Hendershot)?? 1924? Peckville, PA.
Hendershot, George(son of Amelia Galloway) 08-01-1860 02-14-1942
Hendershot, Herbert(son of George Hendershot)18881902
Hills, Charity Rebecca04-13-1842 08-22-1895
Hudelson, Bill(husband of daughter of John Wilson, Rose) 06-10-1852 02-19-1943Mt. Sterling, Illinois
Hudelson, Rose Wilson(dau of John Wilson) 10-03-1871 02-04-1926Grant, Michigan
Kudelka, baby(child of Joe Kudelka)????
Meade, Emma?? about 1896
Meade, Frank?? 09-?? 1886
Meade, Mrs Frank?? ??
Meade, Stephen D.?? 12-21-1888
Meade, Mrs. Stephen ?? 12-21-1888
Meade, Emily J.(Emma)??09-10-1891
Meade, William ? 10-01-1886
Schwidersky or(Dunosky), Frederick(Dave Hendershots wife, Minnie's father)?About 1898
Sonnenfelt, Connie June(Peter Galloway's daughter, Celia's daughter)03-06-1934 08-24-1934
Sonnenfelt, Robert James(Peter Galloway's daughter, Celia's son)10-16- 1924 08-13-1929
Tripp, Earl(borther in law to George Hendershot) ?? 12-29-1913
Wilson, John P.(Co.G 21st Michigan Inf)(hus of Charity Rebecca Hills)(father of Emma Galloway)02-04-1829 05-22-1903Oswego Co.,NY
Wilson, Ralph<(son of John P. Wilson)/td>05-24-1868 08-06-1918Oceana, Michigan
Wilson, Charity Rebecca Hills(wife of John P. Wilson)04-13-1842 08-22-1895Pennington Co.,PA

McCann Community Graves
Anderson, Afilda Sophia(child buried above Anderson bridge on south side of the river, stone08-01-188409-1891
Williamson, James(cowboy of McCann Ranch buried south of river south of McCann Creek, stone)??05-05-1879
Indian woman and child(buried just south of McCann cowboy grave, fenced)??after cowboy's death

1- Metal marker- no info
16 rocks
1 post
We apologize for any errors in reading or transcribing of information. For corrections, please contact the Cherry County Coordinator. Information on births and deaths donated by Ruth Harms who walked the cemetery in 1974 and updated by Debbie Galloway-04-16-2005.

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