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Cheyenne County
Note: Names appear without punctuation and business titles are abbreviated.


    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891
Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe
& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Cheyenne County

Boyer, a farm house postoffice in the northern part of Cheyenne county, seven miles west of Camp Clarke, and about 50 miles from Sidney, the county seat.

Business Listing

Boyer John, postmaster.

Bronson, a flag station on the main line of the U. P. Ry, in the western part of Cheyenne county, eight miles west of Sidney, the county seat.

Business Listing

McCormick J B, justice.
Pomeroy E V S, genl mdse.
Price Frederick, postmaster.

         Camp Clarke, a post office in the central part of Cheyenne county on the north bank of the North Platte
           50 miles north of Sidney the county seat and nearest railway station.  The river here is spanned by a
            good bridge 1,196 feet long.  Population, 15.

            Business Listing

                    Bullard M L, justice.
                    Clarke H S, gel mdse, hardware, drugs, agl implts.
                    Logan Chas E, blacksmith.
                    White D N, postmaster.

         Colton, a side track on the U. P. Ry., nine miles west of Lodge Pole.

            Cyrus, a newly established postoffice in Cheyenne county.

Garman, a post office in the southern part of Cheyenne county, 10 miles from Sidney, the county seat, Population, 20.

Business Listing

Culp D M, justice.
Garman E P, genl mdse, drugs, postmaster.
Garman W R, blacksmith.

            Higgins, a newly established post office in Cheyenne county.

Ickes, a postoffice in Cheyenne county, recently established.

Lodge Pole, a village on the U. P. Ry., in the eastern part of Cheyenne county, 18 miles east of Sidney, tile county seat. Population, 200. Methodists have the only religious society.

Business Listing

Bank of Nebraska, Milton Ahrens pres, George Ahrens cashier.
Buck E U, carpet weaver.
Buckley E V, phys.
Caldwell & Vedder, hardware and lumber.
Carey & Williams, real estate.
Cowdin R J, sheepbreeder.
Fenske E, blacksmith, agl implts.
Fitch N M, restaurant, genl mdse.
Gerhardt W H, hardware, windmills.
Granger R O, nursery.
Hickey Daniel, horse breeder.
Jones Sam, horse breeder.
Kriz Anton, shoemaker.
Lodge Pole Express, J C Wolfe ed and prop.
Lodge Pole House, H P Slowson prop.
Minchell Wm, stone quarry.
Peoples Bank, R A Heaton pres, F Lehmkuhl cashier.
Peters Geo, brick mfr.
Rose Bert, barber.
Rose F M, carpenter, wagonmaker.
Simmons Jno, blacksmith.
Slowson H P, livery, prop Lodge Pole House.
Smith Wm, harnessmaker.
Stickney J Z, hardware, agl implts, coal.
Swift G A, postmaster, grocery and meat market.
Williams C R, sta, tel and ex agt.
Wolfe J C, justice, ed Lodge Pole Express.
Yarletz E L, drugs, phys, justice.
Young J R, genl mdse.

Potter, a station on the U. P. Ry., in Cheyenne county, 18 miles west of Sidney, the county seat, has a population of 176 and is steadily growing. The country surrounding is well adapted for wheat and corn production, and is rapidly being settled by industrious people. There is here found large quantities splendid lime stone, well adapted for building purposes, also clay suitable for the manufacture of brick. Churches: Methodist, Episcopal and Lutheran.

Business Listing

Anderson C, real estate, justice.
Brott E, hardware, agl implts.
Flesher L G, sta, tel and ex agt.
Gettemy R C, real estate.
Henry H, genl mdse.
Herman H H, drugs.
Kimball B F, carpenter.
Lupton J R, pumps and windmills.
McAdam Bros, furniture.
Newell C H, barber.
Potter Lumber Co, A McAdams mgr.
Potter Press The, O Van Olinda pub.
Thompson A, grocery, postmaster.
Thompson C, restaurant.
Thompson C D, flour and feed.
Van Olinda 0, pub The Potter Press

Redington, in the western part of Cheyenne county, on Pumpkinseed creek near Lawrence creek, about 40 miles northwest of Sidney, the county seat. Population, 30.

Sidney is on the U. P. Ry., 414 miles from Omaha, in the south-central part of Cheyenne county. It has an altitude of 4.090 feet, and a population of 1600. Repair shops of the U. P. Ry. are located here, giving employment to a number of men. The town is situated in the midst of a great cattle-raising country, but the land being fertile and well adapted to agriculture, it is being rapidly occupied by a thrifty class of farmers from the older states. There is a United States land office here, for the accomodation of the new settlers. The business of the town is large and varied, extensive communication being had with the northern country toward the Black Hills. Flour mills, grain elevators, a creamery, a nursery, banks, hotels, etc., contribute to increase the commerce and the industries of the city. Fort Sidney, a United States military post, occupying 30 acres of lard, is located near here. Five companies of troops occupy the fort at present, but the government contemplates its abandonment as a military post in the near future. The Sidney Telegraph and the Cheyenne County Journal are the newspapers published here. The churches are Episcopal, Catholic, Lutheran and Methodist. The societies are A. F. & A. M., G. A. R., I. O. O. F., K. of P., and I. O. G. T.

Business Listing

Adams W H, barber.
American Bank, capital $25,000, A S Raymond pres, Geo E Taylor cashier.
Barnhart J C, sta, tel and ex agt. Bartling H, meat market.
Bassett W F, coroner.
Bettendorf K, grocery.
Blanchard Geo F, U S Land register.
Boetcher E & Co, meat market and confectionery.
Booker C D, mgr Gothenburg mill and Elevator Co, flour and feed.
Borgquist C E, drugs.
Brennan W J, drugs, postmaster.
Burger S L, blacksmith.
Cary & Lyont, props Sidney Telegraph, real estate and loans.
Cheyenne County Journal, W W Robertson prop.
Chowins H W Mrs, millinery and dry goods.
Chowins H W & Son, coal.
Cincinnati House, Chas Dreyer prop.
Cline Michael, creamery.
Cohn M, clothing.
Dawson Fred, books and stationery.
DeBrunner M, merchant tailor.
Dick D V, feed stable.
Dliecompson Juan, cigar mfr.
Doran E & Sons, harnessmakers.
Doran & Tobin, saloon and billiards.
Dreyer Chas, prop Cincinnati House.
Essig C D, hardware.
Field C H, phys.
Fowler S O, saloon.
Halstead L M, flour and feed.
Hart John, painter.
Heist & Rayner, attys-at-law.
Hibbard Joseph, blacksmith.
Holden J, shoemaker.
Ickes Adam, genl mdse, pension atty.
Jenner H M, lumber.
Kane Thos, atty.
Kiefer Jacob, atty.
Knox O, loans.
Krueger & Co, nursery.
Lauffer G W, dentist.
Lee E O, atty.
Lee L D, real estate, ins.
Lewis Daniel W, billiards, cigars.
Lichty J H, barber.
McAleese D, grocery.
McFadden H, bakery and restaurant, justice.
McIntosh James J, atty.
McLernon E, genl mdse.
Martin Leroy, county judge.
Merchants Bank (The), capital $20,000, Mancourt & Goodwin props, Ed M Mancourt cashier.
Metropolitan Hotel, R Shuman prop.
Miles W P, atty at law.
Moore G H, photographer.
Myers & Gutfreund, saloon.
Neeves Mark M, U S Land receiver.
Oberfelder & Co, clothing, guns.
Pacific Hotel, U P Ry props, Lew Kelly mgr.
Pease A, hardware, agl implts and lumber.
Radcliffe & Atkins, livery stable.
Ragan J B, lumber.
Randolph C E, chop house.
Reames Peter, notions.
Reilly W C, atty.
Ricker A A, boots and shoes.
Robertson W W, prop Cheyenne County Journal.
Runge G, shoemaker.
Sanders P, groceries.
Scanlon T J, drugs.
Schmidt Patrick, hardware.
Shuman Robt, prop Metropolitan Hotel.
Sidney Milling Co, flour mill.
Sidney Telegraph, Carry & Lyon prop.
Stowitts A D, phys, dentist.
Thoelecke J T, watches, clocks.
Urbach Moritz, liquors, cigars.
Vanauken A M, civil engineer.
Vanderhoof Ed J, groceries, flour.
Waldron Ellen Miss, dressmaking.
Wilson R A Mrs, restaurant.

Wellsville, a postoffice in the northern part of Cheyenne county. Population 20.

Business Listing

Braun Chas, asst postmaster.
Braun Chas & Co, genl mdse.
Bullard M L, justice.
Clarke H T, agl implts.
Logan Chas, blacksmith.

Weyerts, a rural postoffice in the eastern part of Cheyenne county.

Business Listing

Weyerts C M, postmaster, genl mdse.

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