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November 15, 1909, Sidney, Nebraska 

Photograph of Sidney High School Students taken November 15, 1909.  There are 60 individuals in the photo; 56 names are listed.  Four spaces in the list may be spaces for the unknown names, or merely a division for the rows.  I personally can identify those whose names appear highlighted: my aunt Viola Osborn, at the left in the back row; my father Jess Osborn, arms folded across his chest in the fourth row; family friend Clara Klein, second from left front row; and neighbor Hannah Hendricks Rabe, far right, first row.  I feel relatively confident that the first 13 names are the individuals in the front row.  Hazel Hand is listed twice as # 6 and # 17, so one of those is misidentified.  The  handwritten list of names was made by Jess Osborn and Viola Osborn in later years when they were able to identify some of the girls’ married names which are shown here in ( ). 
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?subject=Cheyenne_Photo">Patricia Osborn Olmstead of Pearl, Mississippi. 
1.   Ella Erickson 
2.   Clara Klein 
3.   Emma Hand 
4.   Blanch Wagner 
5.   Ethel Bangert 
6.   Hazel Hand (listed again)* 
7.   Henrietta Shoemaker 
8.   Eva Lobb 
9.   Viola Chambers (m. Olson) 
10. Ethel Klein 
11. Irene Sweet 
12. Lolly Merifield 
13. Hannah Hendricks (m. Rabe) 

14.  Professor Earl M. Cline 
15. Superintendent W. R. Pate 
16.  Edith Martin 
17. Hazel Hand (listed again)* 
18. Aletta Foster (m. Lesuer) 
19.  Frances Hart 
20.  May Lathrop 
21. Hazel King (m. Pierson) 
22. Thomas Birdwell 
23. Annie Laurie Johnston 
24. Al Greenlee 
25. Alva Bozzo 
26. Jack Null 
27. Earl Gates 
28. Sidney Schraeder 


29. Blaine Grabill 
30. Stub Dedrick 
31. Marius Christensen 

32. Faye Bangert (m.Emmrick) 
33. Luella Lipska 
34. Ethel Wright (m. Stuht) 
35. Milton Wright 
36. Jack Witters 
37. Kenneth Bassett 
38. Irving Oberfelter 
39. Miss Amelia Weir 
40. Miss McMillan 

41. Anna Chambers (m. Emerick) 
42. Mabel Clossman (m. Schroeder) 
43. Elmer Grabill 
44. Vance Doty 
45. Jess Osborn 
46. Fred Parks 

47. Viola Osborn (m. Miller) 
48. Mona Corbett 
49. Alva Birdwell 
50. Verner Merrifield 
51. Russell Dedrick 
52. John Costello 
53. Edward Shoemaker 
54. Earl McConnell 
55. Lewellyn Martin 
56.  John Null 



1915, Sidney, Nebraska 

Helen Marie Bassett in white dress, front row, 4th from right. Others unknown. 

If you can identify any of the other people in this photograph, please drop us a note here or contact Sandy, the contributor of the photo. 


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