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Guy V. Doran
HEYENNE County has one of the most colorful histories of any Nebraska region. Its past was marked by fierce Indian battles the development of a huge cattle industry and the collapse of that business in favor of farming. During the evolution of the county, the Mormon, the Overland and the Oregon Trails were pounded into its soul by thousands of wagon wheels. The county was the headquarters for the construction of two railroad lines and just beyond its borders were the sites of two great government forts.
   In 1867, a few years prior to organization of Cheyenne County, the Union Pacific railroad was built across the county at a time when few white men lived in this territory. It was inhabited entirely by Indians except for soldiers and traders stationed at Fort Laramie and Fort Sedgwick, a few soldiers stationed at the telegraph stations of Pole Creek Crossing about four miles east of Sidney, Mud Springs (now Simla) and Fort Mitchell, and a few ranchers along the trails who supplied stock to freighters and stage lines. Among the latter were Charles and Jim Moore, who had a ranch on the North Platte at Cedar Creek and one on the South Platte south of Sterling. The Coad Brothers had ranches on the North Platte at the present site of Gering and on the South Platte south of Sterling; John Bratt ranched at Julesburg, and Ed Creighton had ranches on Pumpkin creek and Horse creek.
   Construction of the Union Pacific diverted almost all the freight and passenger traffic from the great trails along the North and South Platte rivers to the railroad and to the new trail which followed it up the Lodge Pole valley. As a consequence, the Lodge Pole valley began a period of great activity. The town of Sidney was established as a division point by the railroad and named after its New York solicitor, Sidney Dillon, who later became president of the line.
   Indians were a constant source of danger and trouble during the settling of Cheyenne County. The Grattan massacre occurred in the vicinity of the northwest border of the county in August, 1854. The Ash Hollow massacre took place near the present site of Lewellen in September, 1855. Julesburg was attacked and burned in January, 1864. That same year, the station at Mud Springs and many of the ranches in the county were attacked and many ranchers killed. On April 29, 1868, Sidney was attacked and before the Indians could be driven away, Thomas Cahoon, a conductor on the railroad, lost his scalp and William Edmondson, another conductor, was killed. In April, 1869, Daniel Richardson, a section man, stationed at Sidney, went to the creek for water and was surprised and killed by the Indians. It was not safe to venture on the prairie alone in those days. Ranchers were continually troubled by Indians stealing their horses. And it was not until after the Battle of Wounded Knee in 1891 that the settlers could breathe freely and have no further fear of Indian raids.
   To protect the Union Pacific builders, the government stationed a company of soldiers at Sidney in 1867. This company first established a post at the top of the hill just north of the town. It consisted of nothing more than a tent camp and a blockhouse. Later the camp was moved to a location south of the tracks, using the blockhouse on the hill for a lookout station. The following year, 1868, the fort was built and four additional companies of soldiers were transferred to it from Fort Sedgwick.
   The fort was located to the south and east of the town and covered quite a large area. Among the troops stationed here at various times were the Third and Fifth cavalry, the Ninth, Twenty-first and Twenty-third infantry, Major North and his Pawnee Scouts and another company of Indians. The Twenty-first infantry, with Col. William Morrow in command, was stationed here when the fort was abandoned June 1, 1894.
   Not long after the building of the railroad and the founding of Sidney it was discovered that this country was especially well adapted to cattle raising. Soon many ranches were established and thousands of cattle were driven up from Texas. Naturally, this meant more rapid settlement of the country and a great increase in white population.
   Ed Creighton was the first to stock his ranches with Texas cattle. They were driven up the Chisholm Trail to Ogallala in 1869. The following year Coad Brothers purchased 10,000 head of Texas cattle and put them on their ranches on the south side of the North Platte near Scottsbluff and at the head of Pumpkin creek. About this time H. V. Redington brought in several thousand head of Texas cattle and located on Lawrens Fork, near the present town of Redington, which was named for him. With John Adams as a partner he also established a large ranch on the Lodgepole, near the present town of Potter. Charles and Jim Moore stocked their ranches on both the North and South Platte rivers. Soon other men were entering the cattle business. Tom Kane located an eight thousand acre ranch south of the North Platte river, which was taken over later by Coad Brothers. The Bosler Brothers started on the north side of the North Platte, with headquarters about where Lewellen now stands. Part of their large ranch was occupied by Boyd Brothers. One of these brothers, James E. Boyd, later became a Nebraska governor.

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   Bill -Paxton of Omaha located a ranch near Ogallala. In 1871 the Power Brothers of Texas ranched on the north side of the North Platte river about where Scottsbluff now stands. They sold their land in 1873 to Dennis Sheedy, who later sold to William Paxton. Tom Kane and an English syndicate established a ranch with headquarters about four miles west of Sidney. Henry Neumann had a ranch near the present town of Sunol. Another large ranch was south of Sidney in the Sterling neighborhood. Sheidley Brothers were large operators on the North Platte from Cedar Creek to Ogallala. Laing Brothers and Ed Doran had ranches on Lawrens Fork above the Redington ranch. Walrath Brothers operated in the Big Spring area. M. A. Bordwell claimed the range on the Lodgepole creek from Sidney to Lodgepole. Tusler Brothers were located on Greenwood and claimed the range from Sidney to Camp Clarke. Other large ranchers of the county were Seth Mabry, C. McCarty, D. B. Lynch; John W. Griffin, Pratt & Ferris, Wheeler & Merchant, Mayberry & Millett, Van Camp & Tenbrook, Van Tassell, Gun, and Keeline.
   By 1870 the population had increased to such an extent that those living here felt they should be incorporated into the political activities of the state and be governed by organized law. Thomas Kane was sent to Lincoln to lay the matter before the governor. In August of 1870, Gov. David Butler issued a proclamation setting forth the boundaries of the new county of Cheyenne, designating Sidney the county seat and appointing the following officers: Thomas Kane, treasurer; John Ellis, sheriff; D. Kelliher, judge; H. L. Ellsworth, Fred Glover and Charles Moore, commissioners, and H. A. Dygart, clerk, who held the office only a short time. The vacancy was filled by D. A. Martin.
   At the first regular election held in October, 1871, the following officers were named: Dennis Carrigan, commissioner; George C. Cook, sheriff; George W. Heist, judge; James A. Moore, treasurer and L. Connell, clerk.
   The new county was 70 miles wide and 108 miles long. It covered the entire south half of the Panhandle and contained 7,560 square miles or 4,838,400 acres. The north half of the Panhandle was then unorganized territory and was attached to Cheyenne County for judicial purposes. Thus, literally, Cheyenne County was the entire Panhandle until 1885, when the counties of Sioux, Dawes and Sheridan were formed in the unorganized territory and jurisdiction of Cheyenne County officers ended there.
   As the population of the county increased, towns sprang up in different sections. Big Spring, Chappell, Lodgepole, Potter and Antelopeville (Kimball), established as telegraph stations on the Union Pacific railroad, gradually grew to importance. Harrisburg, Gering, Redington, Bayard and Mitchell were small towns in the north end of the county.
   Because of the long distances between many of these towns and the county seat, it became necessary to divide the county. So, in January, 1889, the present counties of Kimball, Banner and Scotts Bluff were formed from the western third of the county, with Kimball, Harrisburg and Gering their respective county seats, and the east third was cut off to form Deuel County, with Chappell the county seat. In November, 1908, the north portion of the remaining third was taken away to form Morrill County, with Bridgeport the county seat, leaving Cheyenne County with its present area of 1,194 square miles, approximately thirty miles wide and forty miles long--a little more than 15 percent of its original area.
   The first school district in. the county was organized at Sidney in the fall of 1871. Some half dozen voters organized the district, electing C. E. Borquist, moderator; Dennis Carrigan, director, and Joseph Cleybourne, treasurer. The first school was taught in the winter of 1871-72 by Mrs. Irene Sherwood, at her residence. Some ten or twelve pupils attended.
   The first white child known to have been borne (sic) in the county was Fanny Fisher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fisher. She was born at Sidney in 1869. It is quite reliably stated that a white child was born in Sidney before the Fisher girl's birth, but who the child was cannot be learned. The story is that during an Indian attack shortly after the railroad was built, the populace sought refuge within the roundhouse and the baby was born there during the attack. The story of the birth cannot be proved, but bullet holes in the brick walls and heavy wooden doors of the old roundhouse, before it was torn down in 1935, were evidence of the attack.
   The first marriage of white persons in the county was that of Henry Neumann and Miss May McMurray, who were united at Sidney in September, 1869.
   Sidney, the county seat of Cheyenne County; was laid out by the Union Pacific when the railroad was being constructed. Outside of the railroad buildings, the first building in Sidney was of logs. It had been the ranch home of one "French Louie" at Lodgepole Crossing about four miles east of Sidney. Frequent Indian raids and stealing of his stock had discouraged Louie from ranching, so he moved his log building to Sidney and sold liquor and supplies to the railroaders. The history of this building is not clear, but it is believed to have stood on the present Courthouse block, facing Tenth Avenue. It was used for some years as a jail but has long since been torn down.
   The first settlers at Sidney, besides French Louie and those connected with the railroad and the fort, were Charles and Jim Moore, Dennis Carrigan and Tom Kane. The Moore brothers had been active ranchers and traders in this territory before the advent of the railroad and when Sidney was founded.

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   Charles built a large building on Front Street in which he conducted Sidney's first hotel and general store. Jim built a large structure opposite the fort, where the present East Ward school stands and did business with the soldiers. About the same time Dennis Carrigan and Tom Kane each erected large buildings on Front Street in which they conducted general stores. All these men played an important part in the history and development of Sidney and Cheyenne County.
   In the fall of 1873 Lawrence Connell, a young attorney, established The Sidney Telegraph. It was the first newspaper in the vast territory covering western Nebraska, northern Colorado, western Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. Although the ownership of this newspaper has changed hands several times, it is still being published and today is the oldest business institution in western Nebraska. It has played a large part in the development of Sidney and Cheyenne County and now is one of the outstanding newspapers in the state. Its owner and publisher since 1921 has been Guy V. Doran, who was born at Sidney in 1883.
   In August, 1876, the first bank in the county, The Cheyenne County Bank, was established by William Raynolds of Central City, Colo., and A. H. Wallace of Omaha. It was temporarily located on Front Street and later erected a new building on the present site of The American National Bank.
   Though prosperous as a frontier town, Sidney's population numbered approximately 500 until after the discovery of gold in the Black Hills in 1875. Being the closest town on the railroad to the Black Hills, it naturally had an advantage over other towns in securing the trade and travel of that district. Coupled with this, an enterprising gentleman by the name of Henry T. Clarke built a bridge across the North Platte, on the Sidney-Black Hills route, which assured passage over the river at all seasons. This not only made Sidney the logical distributing point for the Black Hills, but also for all the military posts and Indian agencies to the northwest, including the Big Horn and Powder River districts. The bridge opened for travel May 6, 1876.
   Large freighting outfits established headquarters at Sidney, running trains of six and eight bull or mule teams to the hills and the northwest. Large and commodious business houses were erected and stocked. Wholesale houses did a tremendous business in supplying this great territory. It was not uncommon for a million pounds of freight to leave Sidney daily. The freighting firm of Pratt & Ferris handled the larger share of this business. Other freighters who shared in the trade were C. A. Moore, H. T. Clarke, Hugh Behan, Kelley & Harmes, Daugherty, Kelly & Co., Parrott & Campbell, W. T. Eubanks, Charles Trognitz, John Pantenburg and others. Among the prominent wholesale firms in Sidney were Adams, Redington & Haas, C. A. Moore, Dennis, Carrigan, H. T. Clarke, Oberfelder & Co., Kellner & Co., Kennard & Simpson, Samuel Burns, G. W. Dudley, M. Urbach, H. McFadden, L. H. Essig, A. S. Brown, John McDonald, Henry Gantz & Son, A. J. Haskell, C. E. Borquist, Haas, Persinger & Co., P. J. Cohn & Co., John Cameron, I. Rubel & Co., Doran & Tobin, L. H. Bordwell, R. S. Van Tassell.
   In February, 1876, J. H. Dear established a stage and mail line between Sidney and the Black Hills and in August of the same year, H. T. Clarke instituted a pony express service over the route. The stage line did an enormous business. Hundreds of strangers, transferring from railroad to stages, thronged the streets of Sidney daily. Sidney grew by leaps and bounds and, at the height of the Black Hills rush, had a population of approximately five thousand.
   This mushroom growth which brought in hundreds of roving toughs and the fact it was located on the frontier resulted in lawlessness. Everything was "wide open"--there was gambling, saloons and dance halls. There were eighty-seven places where liquor could be purchased legally. There was a bar in almost every hotel, restaurant, billiard parlor and dance hall. Drug stores and grocery stores sold liquor. It was the gathering place of cowboys for hundreds of miles; it was headquarters for hundreds of bull-whackers and mule-skinners; it was the rendezvous for desperate characters from over the world; it was a garrison for a dissolute class of soldiers. When these things are considered, it is understandable that many fights, killings and lynchings occurred. In 1882 there were some 200 persons buried in "Boot Hill" cemetery. Few had died a natural death. Some were killed by Indians, many were killed in drunken brawls and several met death at the end of a rope.
   One of the lynchings, described in the Telegraph, was that of Charles Reed, in May, 1879, for the murder of Henry Loomis. Another was the hanging of "Red" McDonald because he was a gambler and refused to leave the city when ordered to do so by a self-appointed committee of reformers. This occurred in the year 1881 and was the county's last lynching. Though murder was frequent, not a single legal hanging took place in the county until May 21, 1886, when Jim Reynolds paid the penalty for the murder of James and John Pinkston.
   In describing Sidney conditions in 1882, the Western Historical Company's History of Nebraska comments: "Sufficient is to say that the town is becoming more moral in its tone, there now being only four murderers in jail here, and their crimes were all committed outside of the town."
   Many famous and notorious characters were frequent visitors or residents in Sidney during these days. Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody) was a frequent visitor. Wild Bill Hickock, Calamity Jane, Sam Bass, Butch Cassidy and "Doc" Middleton once made this town their homes. Major North and his Pawnee Scouts were stationed here. "Doc" Middle-

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ton is said to have committed his first crime here. In a fight with a number of soldiers, he killed one in self defense, then fled to the unsettled country in the north and became an outlaw.
   While much has been written as to the roughness of the town, not all its citizens were that type. The greater number were fine people. They were hardy, fearless and adventurous. They had come to wrest a fortune from a wild and untamed country, to build homes and raise families and leave a rich heritage. Severe measures were necessary at times and while drinking, gambling and carousing were countenanced, dishonesty or disrespect for women was met with stern punishment. If the stranger attended to his own affairs and kept away from drinking and dance houses, he was perfectly safe. Business houses were as free from quarrels as they are today. The class that made trouble was not the residents, but characters drawn together from all parts of the world, who, when they came into town, proceeded to have a good time in their own fashion, and disturbances were generally confined to saloons and dance halls.
   After the building of the Northwestern railroad, which cut the Black Hills and the northwest trade from Sidney, the town settled down to a humdrum existence, living on the trade of the ranchers. When the fort was abandoned in 1894, the town was dealt another severe blow. Construction of the Burlington railroad across the county from north to south, again gave Sidney a period of prosperity and excitement. Four saloons furnished entertainment for the graders, with music and gambling running day and night.
   The population of Sidney in 1900 was 1,001; today it has a population estimated at between 3,500 and 4,000, with an assessed valuation of $3,125,950. It has a beautiful stone courthouse, built in 1911 at a cost of $100,000; a magnificent city hall and auditorium, built in 1930 for $130,000; a modern $100,000 high school building, built in 1931; three grade school buildings; three parks, with band shell, shelter house, swimming pool, and five miles of paved streets, with storm sewers in the business district. Fire at various times has destroyed practically all the original business buildings of the city and they have been replaced with modem, fireproof structures of either brick or native stone.
   Sidney today is one of the most important points in the state for the distribution of farm machinery and oil products and is the trading center for some twenty thousand people. It has six churches-Catholic, Christian, Episcopal, Presbyterian and two Lutheran. There is a large Catholic academy and a smaller Lutheran school. Present Sidney officers are Dr. Riley E. Roche, mayor; Carl Jones, clerk; Leslie Neubauer, treasurer; Roy Thomas, George Thompson, Tom Kokjer, Ernest Blome, Patrick Ells and Jack Heavrin, councilmen.
   During the early period of the cattle industry in Cheyenne County, it was not necessary to own a large tract of land in order to be a rancher. The range was free. All a cattleman needed in the way of deeded land was a small tract on a running stream, which he usually could homestead. A house, some sheds and a corral were sufficient improvements. He then claimed the range adjacent to his land and turned his stock loose on it. Each rancher respected the claim of other ranchers to their adjacent ranges and it was rather unhealthy for a. newcomer to attempt to "squat" on range already claimed.
   Although each rancher turned his cattle onto his own range, in time they would drift to other ranges, sometimes many miles from home. Thus, it was necessary each spring and fall to stage a roundup, in which all the cattlemen participated. In the roundups, the entire country was scoured systematically by cowboys, the cattle separated and driven back to their own range. The calves were branded and the stock which was ready for market was cut out and driven to the railroad for shipment. Hundreds of men participated in these roundups, which lasted from three to six weeks.
   Because of the free range and small expense to raising cattle, the business was very profitable. The fortunes of the Creightons, the Coads and the Paxtons of Omaha, the Sheidleys of Kansas City, the Iliffs and the Sheedys of Denver were built up in Cheyenne County.
   By 1882 there were more than 200,000 head of cattle in the county and no one knows how many hundreds of thousands had been shipped out. The reputation of the county as a cattle raiser's Utopia had traveled far and wide. Eastern and English capitalists formed syndicates to purchase and consolidate ranches in the county, paying enormous prices for them. One of these, the Bay State Cattle Co., paid 750,000 in 1882 for the Creighton ranches and stock, and in 1883 paid Coad Brothers $912,853 for their property. Other ranches were soon acquired by this company, until it controlled practically the entire range south of the North Platte river. In the mean time, ranches of the Bosler Brothers, William Paxton, Boyd Brothers and others on the north side of the river were being consolidated into the Ogallala Land & Cattle Co. the Rush Creek Land & Cattle Co. absorbed most of the ranches between the two Platte rivers from Sidney east.
   About 1884, eastern farmers got the idea that farming in this country would be profitable. Free 160 acre homesteads could be had from the government. There followed a period of migration and settlement. "Grangers," as they were called, settled on ranges of the big cattle companies and began to till the soil. Cattle men first considered this only a foolhardy venture. They did not think farming could be carried on successfully here and, if a farmer should raise anything, the cattle would destroy it. There were no herd laws in those days, and the farmer had no recourse. However, the

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grangers kept coming in such numbers that soon the range was dotted with dugouts, sod houses and plowed fields. This led to bitter times between cattle men and grangers, with an occasional shooting scrape. The cattle barons fenced their ranges and did everything they could to discourage settlement, but to no avail. The grangers took their case to court and forced the cattle companies to remove their fences from government land. They then succeeded in getting a herd law passed which required the herding of stock and made the owners liable for damage done by stock. This began the breaking up of the great cattle companies and cattle industry of Cheyenne County. However, stock raising continued to be the principal industry of the county for many more years, until 1910 or 1915.
   The history of the grangers and their fight for existence in the land of the cattle kings would cover many pages. They not only had to fight the cattle men, but the elements and pests as well. Most of them were poorly financed, had little farming equipment and none of them knew how to farm this semi-arid country. They knew nothing of summer fallowing or other moisture conserving methods. They planted corn or spring grains and expected them to grow without further attention. Grasshopper plagues and the drouth of 1893, '94 and '95 made many of them leave the country. A number, however, were better financed and were more able farmers. By combining stock raising with farming they weathered the bad years and some became wealthy. Many still live in the county and are numbered among its most substantial citizens. They have increased their land holdings, built fine homes and reared excellent families.
   It was not until 1908 that a real effort was made to settle farmers in the county. After the Kinkaid law was passed April 28, 1904, allowing 640 acre homesteads, all of the government land in the county was immediately filed upon. With free government land off the market, land agents began to bring in farmer-buyers from eastern Nebraska and Iowa. Quite a boom in land sales was experienced from 1908 to 1911 and many new farmers arrived. By this time they had learned how to farm this country, and knew that by conserving moisture and planting winter wheat, farming could be made profitable. Land at this period sold for from $5 to $30 per acre.
   The World War with its higher wheat prices caused another rush of settlers to the county in 1915 to 1920. Good land without improvements sold for as much as $100 per acre at this time. The county today is completely settled and farming is by far its chief industry. Some stock raising is still conducted in the valleys and the rough, hilly country bordering them. Farm homes dot the county and highways are laid out on almost every section line. There are sixty-eight schools in the county, eight of them high schools. There are five thriving towns in the county besides Sidney.
   The county today is one of the greatest winter wheat producing areas in the world. Other grains such as oats, barley, rye and corn also are raised but wheat is the principal crop of the table lands. In the valleys pump irrigation is developing rapidly and some of the wells flow at more than 2,000 gallons per minute. Land under these wells produces excellent crops of sugar beets, potatoes, corn, grain, garden truck, etc. It is estimated there are 50,000 irrigable acres in the county.
   The valuation of the county today is $20,000,000 and it has a population of 12,000. Blessed with such an abundance of good land, residents of this section expect to continue their contributions to the nation's bread basket.

   ACKERMAN, WILLIAM PRESCOTT: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Omaha, Neb Aug 6, 1895; s of William F Ackerman-Rosa Prescott; ed Havelock HS; U of N; Sigma Phi Epsilon; m Lenore Cartwright Sept 1917 Bridgeport (dec Feb 1920); m Marie G Castner Aug 1922, Fort Collins Colo; s William P Jr; Robert J; d Joline Marie, Joanne Lenore; 1917-20 real est & ins agt, Bridgeport; 1921-26 owner & mgr of Ackerman orchestra, playing in middle west; 1926-37 in real est & ins bus, Bridgeport; 1929-37 RFD carrier, Bridgeport; during World War 1917-19 with 323rd aux remount OTS, sgt; past comm Amer Leg post 29; 1937- dist comm Amer Leg 4th dist Dept of Neb; Rotary; C of C; Country Club; past master AF&AM 285; Scot Rite 32o; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off 937 Jackson; res 1646 Newton, Sidney.

   BAKER, ROSCOE STANLEY: Dental Surgeon; b Holstein, Neb May 9, 1904; s of Madison 0 Baker-Ida May Bates; ed Goshen Co Wyo & Sidney; U of N, DDS 1931; one of three to receive hon membership in Omicron Kappa Upsilon 1931; Delta Sigma Delta; m Mathilde Margaret Hansen May 25, 1928 Sidney; 1926-28 tchr Jr HS Sidney; 1931- dentist, Sidney; W Dist Dental Soc, Neb St & ADA; AF&AM; 1st VP Lions, past secy-treas; mbr bd of vestrymen Episc Ch; hobby, fishing; off 930 Tenth; res 1725 Osage, Sidney.

   BARLOW, GEORGE WILLIAM: Bank Cashier; b Lodgepole, Neb June 24, 1895; s of Lewis R Barlow-Clara Bates; ed Lodgepole; m Winifred Johnson Aug 10, 1927 Cheyenne Wyo; s Charles R, George W; 1914-17 with First State Bank, Lodgepole; 1919-34 cash Farmers State Bank, Sunol; 1935- cash Dalton State Bank; 1936- mbr town bd; during World War 1917-19 sgt in 2nd co Tampa coast arty corps; Amer Leg; AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobbies, livestock, ranching; res Dalton.

   BARLOW, ROBERT ANDREW: County Judge; b Fulton Co, Ill Aug 29, 1883; s of Frank M Barlow-Jennie R Carter; ed Fulton & Peoria Co Ill; Grand Island Bus Coll; m Grace T Hart July 14, 1907 Sidney; s Robert A Jr; d Grace Virginia (Mrs Harold Chesebro), Gretchen Marian (Mrs Donald Sample), Marjorie Ann; 1904-18 cash Amer Bank, Sidney; 1918-21 cash Liberty State Bank, Sidney; 1921- 32 real est & ins bus, Sidney; 1932- Cheyenne Co judge; 1930- US commr Neb dist; 1934 pres Neb St Vol Firemans Assn; past chmn of Cheyenne Co Dem Central Com; Cath Ch; res 1136 14th Ave, Sidney.

   BARSTOW, LOUIS COLEMAN: Dentist; b Council Bluffs, Ia Jan 5, 1897; s of Guy E Barstow-Jessie Williams; ed Council Bluffs Ia. HS; Creighton U, DDS 1919; m Shirley S Philbrick Dec 22, 1924 Kansas City Mo; 1919-36 dentist, Fullerton: 1936- dentist, Sidney; during World War priv in inf; 1st lt ROA; past comm. Amer Leg post 151; Neb St & ADA; VP C of C; Presby Ch; hobby, hunting; off 1001 10th; res 1724 Newton, Sidney.

   BATES, JOHN ALBERT: Real Estate Agent; b Wayne Co, N Y Dec 28, 1866; s of George W Bates-Ellen V Rice; ed Wayne Co N Y; m Bell Scanlon June 18, 1888 Cheyenne Wyo (dec 1934); s William LaVern; d


Who's Who
Ruby, Bertha (Mrs Frank Kucera), Doris (Mrs Harold Rowin), Nellie (Mrs Howard Hayden); 1887-88 clk in P 0 & drug store, Lodgepore (sic); 1888-1927 homesteader, ranching & livestock dlr, Cheyenne Co; 1927- in real est bus, raising & training saddle horses; past mbr town bd; MWA; AF&AM; Presby Ch; hobby, horses; res Lodgepole.

    BLOME, ERNEST ROBERT: Auto & Implement Dealer; b Bancroft, Neb June 22, 1898; s of August Blome- Lydia Daiss; ed Bancroft; Fremont Normal; Midland Coll; m Myrtle Hamer Oct 19, 1934 Los Angeles Cal; s Gordon James; d Constance Rita; 1919-23 farmer Cheyenne Co; 1923- ptr Scherer & Blome Automobiles & Farm Impls, Sidney & Dalton; during World War enl 1917 in regular army attached to 33rd div, 1918 with AEF in Neb base hosp 49 Allerey France; past post comm & past co comm Amer Leg post 17; mbr Sidney city coun; C of C; AF&AM; Trinity Luth Ch; hobby, children; off 1040 Forest; res 1204 13th Ave, Sidney.

   BRETERNITZ, WILLIAM: Merchant; b Rochester, N Y Feb 4, 1872; s of Louis Breternitz-Magdeline West; ed North Platte; m Annie Lensen Dec 1900 North Platte; s Edwin C, Ray H; d May Louise (Mrs Earl Hayworth); came to Neb 1884; 1889-96 assoc with Urbach & Schuff bakery, North Platte; 1913 owner & opr Breternitz & Co bakery, Sidney; past mbr city coun 16 years; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Shrine; Luth Ch; hobby, civic work; off 931 Ill; res 1430 Linden, Sidney.

   BRUCKNER, OSCAR ROBERT: Merchant; b Saline Co, Mo Nov 19, 1889, s of Samuel Bruckner-Bertha Winkelmeyer; ed Saline Co & Higginsville Mo; Browns Bus Coll, Higginsville; m Fern Hoerer Aug 26, 1919 Kansas City Kas; 1912-17 with brother in stores, Slater & Louisiana Mo; 1920-22 in merc bus Kas City Mo; 1922-35 owner & mgr Bruckner Variety stores, Humboldt & Pawnee City Neb; 1935 owner, mgr Bruckner's Ben Franklin Store, Sidney; 1907-11 with USN on USS Kentucky; during World War 1917-19 in 42nd or Rainbow div AEF stationed in France; C of C; Rotary; AF&AM; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res 1444 King, Sidney.

   BUSH, FRED ALFRED: Owner of Laundry; b Ontario, Canada July 16, 1880; s of Jacob Bush-Margaret Rumohr; ed Schuyler; m Tessie Jack Dec 25, 1900 Lyons; s Harvey D, Jarvis C, Stuart K; d Lela (Mrs Robert Bickham), Olive (Mrs William Wunsch), Ruth; 1901-06 with Orchard & Wilhelm, Omaha; 1906-11 ptr & mgr, Council Bluffs Rug Mfg Co; 1911-14 owner & mgr Bush Upholstering Co, Kearney; 1914- owner & mgr Sidney Laundry & Dry Cleaning est; 1916-20 mbr sch bd, Sidney; 1928-34 mbr city coun; Presby Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res 1112 Grant, Sidney.

   CAMPBELL, DAN: Clerk of District Court; b Hamilton Ontario, Canada Aug 31, 1868; s of Joseph Campbell-Hannah Featherstone; ed Champaign Co Ill; m Dorothea Wright Apr 10, 1901 Melbourne Australia; s Rupert Daniel; d Elvira (Mrs C G Olson); 1890-1902 with McCormick Harvesting Machine Co, Ia, Chicago & Melbourne, Australia; 1904-34 field man for John Deere Plow Co, Sidney; 1934- clk of dist court, Sidney; past mbr town bd; Lions; dir, Country Club; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Shrine; Episc Ch, mbr vestry bd; hobby, outdoor sports; off Courthouse; res 918 7th, Sidney.

   COOK, HULL ALDEN: Physician & Surgeon; b Washington, D C Apr 10, 1911; s of Leroy Wilson Cook- Hazel Hull; ed Boulder Colo,, U of Colo, MD 1936; Phi Beta Pi; m Ruth Muirhead June 30, 1939 Moose Wyo; 1936-37 interne Robert G Breen Memorial Hosp, San Antonio Tex; 1937- prac med Sidney Neb; 1939- Cheyenne Co phys; 1939- part owner & mgr of Taylor Hosp, Sidney; Cheyenne-Kimball-Deuel Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; hobby, mountain climbing; off 828 10th St; res 1321 Maple, Sidney.

   DEAVER, CHARLES N: Grain Dealer; b Gilead, Neb Oct 30, 1893; s of Hugh James Deaver-Mary Louise Smith; ed Thayer Co; m Anna Novotny May 29, 1917 Fairbury; s Keith C; d Valora, Marcelyn; 1914-19 farmer, Thayer Co; 1919-20 with Neb St Bank, Milligan; 1920- grain dlr, Colton, Lorenzo & Potter; pas mbr sch bd dist 64; Cath Ch; res RFD Sidney.

   DeBRUNNER, J LOUIS: Pioneer; b New York City, N Y May 21, 1865; s of Marcus DeBrunner-Anna ___; ed Lincoln; m Addle Fushia Sept 4, 1894 Lodgepole; s Francis (dec), Ernest, Dewey; 1874 came to Neb; 1885-93 farmer & stockraiser Cheyenne Co Neb; 1893- in building trade, Lodgepole, 1924 chmn town bd; Cath Ch; res Lodgepole.

   DEMERS, JOHN CLARENCE: Grain & Lumber Dealer; b Jefferson, S D Mar 16, 1890; s of Louis F Demers-Maryann Ryan; ed Emerson Neb; m Merle Francis June 30, 1917 Denver; s John D, Raymond F, Donald; d Joyce Elaine; 1910-13 constructed grain elevators, Western; 1913- grain & lbr dlr, Sunol; past mbr sch bd; Neb Grain Dlrs Assn; hobbies, hunting & fishing; res Sunol.

   DORAN, GUY V: Publisher; b Sidney, Neb Oct 26, 1883; s of Edmund Doran-Catherine Behan; ed Sidney HS 1899; LBC 1902; m Mabel Gapen Dec 12, 1909 Grand Island; d Helen Catherine (Mrs J C Bush); 1899 rural sch tchr; storekeeper UP RR Sidney; 1901 tchr Sidney sch; 1904-08 steno & clk for various firms in Seattle & Toppenish Wash, Omaha & Chicago; 1909 Cheyenne Co dep clk; 1910-21 in retail auto bus Kansas City Mo; 1921- owner of controlling int in The Telegraph publishing co, Sidney; The Telegraph a semi-weekly indep paper, owner of 3 large buildings, one housing the Telegraph, also owns 4 Cheyenne Co farms; 1932 Dem nominee for congress; defeated by 42 votes, 1934 again candidate but unsuccessful; has participated in development of Cheyenne Co, advocates development of Lodgepole Valley & Sidney Draw through pump irrigation; C of C; Rotary; Sidney Country Club; hobbies, travel & golf; off Telegraph Bldg 11th & Ill, res 1525 Linden, Sidney.

   DORAN, HENRY THOMAS: Realtor & Abstractor; b Waddington, N Y Sept 30, 1871; s of Edmund Doran-Catherine Behan; ed Waddington N Y Sidney; m Katharine M Bettendorf Oct 26, 1896 Sidney; s Goldwin H; d Evelyn M (Mrs Earle E Winter); 1887-96 with E Doran & Son, Sidney; 1896-1905 owner mgr of H T Doran store, Sidney; 1905-07 dept mgr Simon Fishman Dept store, Sidney; 1907 elec Cheyenne Co clk & ex-officio clk of dist court; reelec 1909, 1912; 1907 owner & mgr Cheyenne Co Abstract Co, Sidney; past mbr town bd; C of C; Cath Ch; res 1926 Illinois, Sidney.

   ECKERT, SAMUEL WOLFORD: Rancher & Farmer; b St Paul, Ind Sept 4, 1886; s of Jacob Eckert-Nancy Poffenberger; ed Cheyenne Co; m Temple Broughton Dec 8, 1909 Sidney; s Vernon E; d Ella (Mrs Harold Buckingham), Jessie (Mrs Vernon Sanders), Maxine, Ada Mae, Charline; came to Neb 1886; 1906 with UP RR; 1907- rancher & farmer; Cheyenne Cc; past mbr sch bd dist 70 J; dir Dalton Co-op Soc; res RFD, Dalton.

   FENSKE, ALBERT ANDREW: Livestock Raiser; b Lodgepole, Neb Apr 1, 1892; s of Emil Fenske-Anna Newman; ed Lodgepole; Toland Bus Coll, Nebraska City; m Lois Harriet Booth Jan 18, 1920 Sunol; s Albert, jr; d Ruth, Naomi, Glenis; 1910-15 with Otoe Brewing Co, Nebraska City; 1915-16 grain buyer for Trans-Mississippi Grain Co, Colton; 1916-28 grain, lbr, hdw & impl dlr, Penske Bros, Sunol; 1928- owner & opr Penske Bros farm machinery & livestock, Sunol; 1932- Cheyenne Co comm; past secy of sch bd dist 12; past master AF&AM 306, Lodgepole; BPOE; German Luth Ch; res Sunol.

   FOSTER, JOSEPH HERBERT: County Assessor; b Coles Co, Ill Apr 9, 1873; s of Josiah H Foster-Susan Frances Hayden; ed Douglas Co Ill; m Edith Maud Davison Dec 6, 1897 Sidney; d Frances Mary (Mrs C L Corkins); 1888 with father homesteaded north of Potter; 1894-98 tchr Cheyenne Co schs; 1898-1920 homesteader, rancher & stock raiser in Cheyerme Co; 1920-29 pres & gen mgr Farmers State Bank, Dalton; 1929- with Merc Ins Co of Amer, Cheyenne Co; 1934, 1938- Cheyenne Co assessor; past mbr sch bd dist 91, Dalton; AF&AM; IOOF; Meth Ch: res 1832 Maple, Sidney.

   GAPEN, HENRY ELI: Retired; b Jefferson Co, Penn Sept 19, 1863; s of William E Gapen-Helen Minor; ed Bloomington Ill; studied law in off of Gapen & Ewing, Bloomington, Ill; 1892 adm to Neb Bar; 1885-87 clk in U S land, law & abstract off Deadwood S D; 1887-94 chief clk US land off Sidney; 1894-1922 prac law, Sidney; 1895-1905 Cheyenne Co atty; 1895-1918 ptr of brother in Sidney Telegraph; 1918-21 owner & publisher Sidney Telegraph; 1922- ret; past Cheyenne Co judge two terms; past master AF&AM; Presby Ch; Rep; res 1625 Linden, Sidney.

   GEHRIG, WILLIAM EDWARD: Mortician; b Morgan Co, Colo Nov 10, 1899; s of Joseph Gehrig-Veronica Meenan; ed Brush Colo; studied undertaking with Edwards, Gamish &


in Nebraska
Heath, Los Angeles; m Hazel Alfreda Kent July 3, 1920 Fort Morgan Colo; s William Edward; d Marjorie Lee, Luetta, Verna, Hazel Marie, Virginia (Mrs Rolan Robison); 1916-25 with Olinger Mortuary, Denver; 1925- owner & mgr Gehrig Mortuary, Sidney; past vice comm Amer Leg post 17; Neb & Natl Funeral Dirs Assns; Lions; C of C; KC; Cath Ch; hobby, baseball; res 1140 10th Ave, Sidney.

   GOODWIN, FRANCIS le BARON FIFTH: Farmer; b Malvern, Ia Dec 18, 1888; s of Francis le Baron Goodwin-Sarah Ann Aistrop; ed Malvern Ia; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha; WSTC; m Ruth Wyant Mar 13, 1916 Malvern Ia; s Francis le Baron VI; d Ruth Maxine (Mrs LaVern Thomas), Frances Dorothy, Lois Jane (dec), Helen Alice Ann, Geraldine Viola; 1909-13 in real est bus, Kimball; 1913-15 with U S Rubber Co, Omaha; 1915- owner & opr wheat farm, Cheyenne & Kimball Cos; 1931-35 supvr of loans for Lincoln Nat Life Ins Co, Fort Wayne Ind; past mbr dist 77 sch bd; AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobby, agriculture; res 1328 Maple, Sidney.

   GRABILL, ISAAC E: Grain Dealer; b Lancaster Co, Penn May 1865; s of Jacob Grabill-Katherine ___ ; ed Lancaster Co Penn; m Amanda Friable Oct 1892 Lime Springs Ia; s Elmer, Blaine; d Beulah (Mrs Beulah Findlandson), Katherine (Mrs Kenneth Sutherland); 1886-1904 grain buyer, Hudson S, D; 1904-07 rancher, Cheyenne Co; 1907- grain buyer, Sidney; past mayor, 3 terms; secy-treas Cheyenne Co Trading Co, Sidney; past mbr town bd; past master AF&AM, Hudson S D; Presby Ch; res 905 Linden, Sidney.

   GREENLEE, ANDREW KEITH: Merchant; b Crossingville, Penn Oct 25, 1860; s of Albert Greenlee-Martha Barnes; ed Springboro Penn; Edinboro Penn Normal; Ind Normal, Valparaiso; m Elizabeth McAllister May 20, 1888 Sidney; s Albert D, Roy E; d Martha R (Mrs LeRoy Jones), Catherine; 1881- 83 assoc with Higgernell Bros store, Higgernell Penn; 1884 with York Rolling Mills, York; 1886-92 homesteaded & farmed in Cheyenne Co; 1893-94 owner & opr variety store, Sidney; 1895-1909 ptr in Greenlee & Benson Store, Sidney; 1909-20 secy Sidney Merc Co; 1921 pres & gen mgr Sidney Merc Co; 1922- pres & gen mgr Greenlee's Inc, Sidney; past mbr sch & town bds; 1902-06 Cheyenne Co treas; C of C; Sidney Country Club; AF&AM; Past noble grand IOOF 91; past sr warden, Episc Ch: hobbies, hunting & fishing; off 845 10th; res 1340 12th Ave, Sidney.

   GRIMM, BENJAMIN HAYES: Physician & Surgeon; b Wilber, Neb May 6, 1910; s of Joseph Lee Grimm- Sadie Kimport; ed Wilber & Gering; U of N, BSc 1934, MD 1936; Alpha Omega Alpha; Delta Upsilon; Phi Rho Sigma; m Evelyn Haase Feb 1, 1936 Emerson; 1927-28 tchr dist 49 Scotts Bluff Co; 1929- 30 tchr Jr HS Minatare; 1936-37 interne Presby Hosp., Denver; 1938- prac med Sidney; 1939 part owner & mgr Taylor Hosp, Sidney; Cheyenne-Kimball-Deuel Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Lions; AF&AM; Presby Ch; hobby, photography; off 930 10th; res 1206 18th, Sidney.

   GUNDERSON, GEORGE H: Blacksmith; b Florence, Neb Jan 9, 1875; s of Hans Gunderson-Dorothy Hansen; ed Florence Neb; m Gertrude Frederickson Sept 15, 1898 Kimball; s George C, Leroy; d Ida (Mrs George Earlywine), Helen (Mrs Ray Matthison), Alice (Mrs Clarence Findlay); 1896-1908 sheep raiser, Kimball Co; 1909- ornamental iron worker & blacksmith, Potter; past mbr town & sch bd; Western Neb Assn of Blacksmiths; IOOF; Luth Ch; res Potter.

   HAGEMEISTER, WILLIAM: Farmer & Grain Buyer; b Germany Aug 28, 1876; s of Frederick Hagemeister-Louise Stermer; ed Hamilton Co; Omaha Comml Coll; m Rose Ely Aug 17, 1898 Aurora; s Dean W, Lee D, Bruce F; d Doris Rose (Mrs. Lloyd Juelfs); 1897-1900 owner & mgr Elmwood Mill; 1900-05 owner & mgr Farmers Valley Mill, Henderson; 1905-11 mgr William Krotter Co, Butte, former mgr S A Foster Lbr Co, Arcadia; 1914-20 mgr Benedict Lbr & Fuel Co; 1920-30 mgr Home Lbr & Grain Co, Potter; 1930- owner & opr grain elevator, feed mill & farm, Potter; past mbr town bd & sch bd; secy-treas Comml Club; Meth Ch, bd mbr since 1920; hobby, travel; res Potter.

   HAHLER, JOSEPH: Auto Dealer; b Wurzberg, Germany Aug 6, 1880; s of Joseph Hahler-Marie Bruckner; ed Wurzberg, Germany; m Ellen Johnson Nov 1906 North Platte; s Julius, Joseph; d Katherine (Mrs C A Bradley), Marie (Mrs E E Layton), Helen; 1903 came to Neb; 1903-06 with Central Market, North Platte; 1906-04 owner & mgr Central Market, Sidney; 1914-16 ptr in Hahler & Treinen auto agcy Sidney; 1916- owner & mgr of Hahler Motor Co; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; WOW; Cath Ch; hobby; fishing; off 1117 Illinois; res 1701 Newton, Sidney.

   HARDY, ARTHUR SHERBURNE: Furniture Dealer; b Cleveland, 0 July 13, 1882; s of Edwin Clement Hardy-Margaret Spath; ed Omaha; U of N, BA 1908; Kappa Sigma; m Clare Boydston Mar 13, 1909 Ord; s Arthur Boydston; d Lois (Mrs Robert Clark), Florence Lucille, Betty Jo Ann; 1909-10 with Omaha Light & Power Co; 1911-12 mgr Sidney Electric Service Co; 1912-14 constructed municipal light plant, Sidney; 1916- owner & opr Comml Hotel, Sidney; 1932- owner & mgr Hardy Furn Store, Sidney; past mbr town & sch bds; ch mbr Sidney Country Club, past mbr bd of dirs; C of C; Rotary; AF&AM; Presby Ch; hobby, electrical machinery; off 1021 10th Ave; res 728 Illinois, Sidney.

   HEATON, PATRICK JAMES: Attorney; b Central City, Neb Mar 17, 1904; s of Patrick S Heaton-Ada Huniscote; ed Central City; Neb Central Coll; BA 1926; Creighton U, LLB 1929; Cath U, Washington DC, LLM 1930; Gamma Eta Gamma; m Katharine Guting July 7, 1930 Fremont; s Patrick J, James L, Michael P; d Catherine Ann, Margaret Mary; 1930- prac law, Sidney; 1935-39 Cheyenne Co atty; 1934- Dalton city atty; Western Neb, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; C of C; Riciboni Ronian Law Seminar; state advocate KC; Cath Ch; past VP Dem State Central Com, 1937- secy exec com; past pres Y D Club of Neb; hobby, hunting; off 840 1/2 10th Ave; res 1906 Maple, Sidney.

   JOHNSON, CLARENCE WILLIAM: Merchant; b Banner Co, Neb Oct 11, 1892; s of Charles W Johnson- Ellen Nelson; ed Potter; m Edith Challburg June 12, 1918 Redwood City, Cal; s Byron M; d Marjorie; 1913- owner & mgr Johnsons Store, Potter; 1936- mbr sch bd dist 9 Potter; AF&AM 32o; OES; Meth Ch; res Potter.

   JONES, CARL CONANT: City clerk & water commissioner; b Oneida, Ill Oct 6, 1882; s of Charles Leonard Jones-Octavia Howard; ed Hastings; Hastings Bus Coll; m Ellen Burgess (dec), m Lucy Irene Howard Oct 5, 1914 Sidney; s Robert L; d Catherine (Mrs Burnett Atkins), Helen L, Alice Janette; 1903-07 with C L Jones & Son, Hastings; 1908-09 farmer, rancher, Nuckolls Co; 1910-15 ptr in St George Ranch, Cheyenne Co; 1915-16 with Sidney Lbr Co; 1917-19 mgr Farmers Lbr & Supply Co, Gurley; 1919-21 with John Deere Impl Cc; 1923-29 with UP RR, Sidney; 1929- city clk & water commr; past mbr Gurley town bd; pres C of C; past master AF&AM 75; Meth Ch; hobby, gardening; res 404 12th Ave, Sidney.

   JORGENSON, ALBERT JAMES: Banker; b Council Bluffs, Ia Jan 18, 1886; s of Christian Jorgenson-Anna Fredericksen; ed Council Bluffs Ia; Western Bus Coll; m Mary Ann Draper Sept 12, 1907 Council Bluffs; s Donald William; d Gwendolyn; 1904-07 with Charles E Walters & Co, Council Bluffs; 1907-10 with Travelers Ins Co. Council Bluffs; 1910-13 real est bus with J C McNish Land Co Sidney; 1913-16 ptr in real est firm of Jorgenson & Jones; 1916-21 ptr in real est firm of Osborn & Jorgenson; 1921-25 receiver & liquidation agt for state guaranty fund, Kimball & Cheyenne Cos; 1925- pres of Amer Natl Bank, Sidney; 1918-28 mbr city coun; 1938- pres of Neb Bankers Assn; Amer Bankers Assn; Izaak Walton; Lions; C of C; Sidney Country Club; AF&AM; past worthy patron OES 108; bd mbr Light Memorial Presby Ch; hobbies, trap shooting & hunting; res 1344 Dodge, Sidney.

   KAHSE, WILLIAM THEODORE: Clergyman; b Hanover, Germany June 27, 1870; s of Fredick Kahse- Wilhelmine Kolkohorst; ed Hanover; Midland Coll 1Atchison, Kas, BA 1902, West Theol Seminary, Atchison, Kas; Chicago Theological Seminary, Maywood, Ill; Midland Coll, DD 1923; m Amelia Jaedicke Messall May 24, 1933; s Luther W, Paul T, Victor R; d Ruth A, Irene V; 1905 ordained as minister; 1903-08 pastor St Pauls, Grand Island; 1908-11 pastor First Luth Ch of Colorado Springs Colo; 1911-13 field secy Midland Coll; 1913-22 missionary supt Luth synod of Neb; 1922- pastor Trinity Luth Ch, Sidney; 1926- dean of Lodgepole Ministerial Alliance; pres Sidney Ministerial Union since 1930; secy Rocky Mountain synod 1910;

   1 Midland Coll was first located at Atchison, Kas. Fremont Normal of Fremont Neb later became defunct & Midland was moved to Fremont about 1919.

Who's Who
del to natl ch conv 4 times; 1927 att world conf on Faith & Order, Lausanne Switzerland; Rotary; C of C; hobby, bee keeping; res 1129 10th Ave, Sidney.

   KEPLER, RICHARD PROUDFOOT: Attorney; b Davenport, Ia. May 10, 1872; s of John Kepler-Ann Douglass ed Scott Co Ia; Western Coll, Toledo Ia, BSc 1892; U of Ia, LLB 1896; m Bertha Davis Mar 15, 1898 Gladbrook Ia; s Kenneth D, James Hollis, Richard Gene (dec); 1896 prac law Toledo Ia; 1897-99 ptr in law firm Hitchcock & Kepler, Traer Is; 1899-1900 prac law Gladbrook Is; 1900 & 1904 co atty Tama Co Is; 1905-20 prac law Toledo Ia; 1920- prac law Sidney; Cheyenne Co atty, 1922, 1930 & 1938; former city atty Sidney; mbr Western Neb & Neb St Bar Assns; AF&AM 32 degree; Sidney Country Club; hobby, betterment of youth; off 940 10th Ave; res 1045 King, Sidney.

   KOKJER, THOMAS EDGAR: Auto Dealer; b Clarks, Neb Dec 18, 1891; s of Hans Kokjer-Malina Hartwell; ed Clarks; U of N, BSc 1915; Sigma Phi; m Isabelle Hawkins July 13, 1921 San Antonio; s Carter Hines, Thomas Lorton; d Ann Eleanor; 1915 with Neb Soil Survey; 1916-17 farmer, Merrick Co; 1924-32 assoc with A H Jones Chrysler Agcy, Alliance; 1932- owner & opr Kokjer Motor Co; mbr town bd; during World War 1917 2nd lt, flying instr Kelly Field Tex; Amer Leg; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; Country Club; Lions; C of C; AF&AM; mbr vestry bd, Episc Ch; hobbies, mountains & travel; off 1200 Jackson;. res 1342 Maple, Sidney.

   KRATZ, EARL RUFUS: Attorney; b Onawa, Ia, Sept 7, 1885; s of George Kratz-Olive Coats; ed Lyons; Omaha Law Sch; admited to Neb Bar 1925; m Kathryn Sharmer July 1918 San Francisco; 1907 owner & opr land investment & abstract bus, Sidney; 1925- prac law, Sidney; Western Neb Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; Amer Title Assn: C of C; past pres Rotary Club; 1920-35 secy Sidney Country Club; AF&AM; hobbies, hunting & fishing; off 940 10th Ave res 1500 Jackson, Sidney.

   KRATZ, GOLDEN PAUL: Attorney; b Randolph, Neb Sept 14, 1892; s of George Kratz-Olive A Coates; ed Lyons; U of N, LLB 1916; Phi Alpha Delta; m Clara Paper Nov 1, 1919 Linncoln (sic); s Kent P, Dean G; 1916-17 with West Publishing Co, New Orleans La; 1919-20 real est dlr in Colo. Neb & Kas; 1920-21 with West Publishing Co, Charleston W Va; 1922- prac law Sidney; 1929-32 Cheyenne Co judge; former dep co atty; during World War 1917-19 with 39th div, stationed at Camp Beauregard La, with 37th div stationed at Camp Shelby Miss; 1933-34 dept comm, Amer Leg, 1936-37 natl exec committeeman from Neb; Western Neb, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; Lions; Sidney Country Club; AF&AM; 1932-33 grand chancellor KP; off 932 Jackson: res 1532 Maple, Sidney.

   LADEGARD, NIELS WILHELM: Pharmacist; b Custer, Neb Mar 8, 1889; s of Knudson H Ladegard-Minnie A Paulson; ed Sherman Co; Creighton U, PhG 1912; m Mayme L Adamson Aug 25, 1916 Loup City; d Thelma C, Wilma Jane; 1912-16 pharm in W T Chase Drug Store, Loup City; 1916- owner & mgr Western Drug Co, Sidney; 1925 mbr sch bd dist 1, Sidney; dir Sidney Fed Savings & Loan Assn; Sidney Country Club; C of C; ch mbr Lions; past master AF&AM 75; Shrine, Scot Rite; bd mbr Meth Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 836 Tenth Ave; res 504 Jackson, Sidney.

   LARSON, W LeROY: Postmaster; b Bertrand, Neb Oct 11, 1889; s of Richard P Larson-Harriette Hurd; ed Bertrand; Creighton U, PhG; m Mabel Edna Buckles Feb 5, 1917 Denver; s William LeRoy Jr; d Virginia (Mrs Ralph Witters), Jeanette; 1911-15 with drug stores in Mont, Ida, Wash, Ind & Cal; 1915-18 owner & mgr of Potter Drug Store; 1916-23 owner & mgr of Larson Music Co, Sidney; 1923-33 owner & mgr of Neb Land Co; 1934- P M Sidney; helped org & was first pres of Cheyenne Co Real Est bd, also Parents Music Assn; past mbr town bd & sch bd Stapleton; past dir Neb Real Est Assn; Neb ch Natl Assn of P Ms, Rotary; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, chemistry; res 1300 11th, Sidney.

   LINDLEY, HARVEY ANDERSON: Merchant; Warren Co, Ill Dec 22, 1878; s of Levi Lindley-Anna Amann; ed Jefferson Co; m Elizabeth Grebe Jan 1, 1901 DeWit; s Glenn, Allen, Harry, Cecil; d Fern (Mrs James Cox), Ruth (Mrs H F Bolla); 1900-10 farmer, Jefferson Co; 1911-12 farmer, Deuel Co; 1912-18 with Farmers Lbr & Hdw, & Chappel Lbr & Hdw, Chappell; 1918-23 with Lodgepole Lbr & Grain Co; 1923- owner & mgr H Lindley & Son, Lodgepole; past mbr town bd Lodgepole, Chappel 2 terms; past regent Deuel Co HS; RNA; AF&AM; Meth Ch; res Lodgepole.

   LINK, ANTON: Clergyman; b Provdence of Hessen-Nassau, Germany Feb 6, 1883; s of George W Link-Katherine Mueller; ed Hessen-Nassau; philosophy & theology, Freiburg U, Switzerland, BA 1910; ordained 1910; 1910-13 priest in chg of St Patricks Parish, Prairie Center; 1913- priest in chg of St Patricks Parish, helped erect ch rectory & estab St Patricks Acad, Sidney 1927- state chaplain, KC; KC 4th degree; res 1020 13th Ave, Sidney.

   LOWE, JOHN HAVENS: Editor; b Sidney, Neb Sept 1, 1908; s of Lester G Lowe-Helen Garner; ed Sidney, Los Angeles; U of N; Kappa Sigma; m Wilmena Kennedy Nov 14, 1936 Sterling Colo; d Sally Dee; 1929- editor & advertising mgr Sidney Telegraph; secy C of C since 1937; Lions; Episc Ch, mbr bd since 1934; res 1429 Jackson, Sidney.

   MCINTOSH, MRS MAYME: Homemaker; b Philadelphia, Penn Dee 26, 1873; d of Hugh McFadden-Sarah Dougherty; ed Sidney; Madames of the Sacred Heart, Omaha; m John Thomas McIntosh Oct 25, 1899 Sidney; s James Clifton; d Jean Heelan; 1874 came to Sidney; 1912- mbr Sidney lib bd; past pres Womans Club; PEO; Cath Ch; hobby, books; res 1240 12th Ave, Sidney.

   MALEY, SAMUEL A: Wheat Grower; b Warren Co, Ill July 18, 1869; s of Augustus W Maley-Mary Jane Acheson; ed Stanwood Ia; m Anna Robinson Feb 13, 1889 Mechanicsville Ia (dec); s Oran G, Samuel R; d Doris (Mrs Arthur Daugherty); m Louise McGlaughlin Mar 4, 1935 Hollywood Cal; 1889-1916 farmer near Stanwood Ia, one of the largest stock buyers in Ia; 1916- wheat grower Cheyenne Co, one of the largest wheat growers in western Neb; 1917-18 with US govt as purchaser of horses for US army; United Presby Ch; hobby, livestock; 1244 16th Sidney.

   MARTIN, PAUL LEROY: Attorney; b Sidney, Neb July 4, 1891; s of Leroy Martin-Margaret Hines; ed Sidney HS; U of N, LLB 1915; Delta Chi; m Dorothy Stephens June 12, 1918 Long Beach Cal; s Paul Stephens, Douglas Logan; d Patricia Lee, Jane Alison; 1915-17 secy to Moses P Kinkaid, US congressman; 1918- prac law Sidney; 1939- Sidney city aty; during World War in OTC, 2nd lt inf Camp Pike Ark; past comm Amer Leg post 17; VP Amer Natl Bank Sidney; past pres Cheyenne Co & Western Neb Bar Assns; Neb St Bar Assn; past pres U of N Alumni Assn; AF&AM 32 degree, Shrine; Episc Ch, mbr of bishopric & coun missionary dist of Western Neb Prot Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, hunting; off 834 10th Ave; res 1614 Maple, Sidney.

   MELTON, HARVEY B: Pioneer; b Harrison Co, Ind Jan 22, 1854; s of James H Melton-Katherine Snyder; ed Harrison Co Ind; 1876 came to York Co; 1876-86 farmer & stock raiser, York Co; 1886-1921 farmer & stock raiser, Cheyenne Co; 1921- ret; AF&AM; Meth Ch; res Lodgepole.

   MINCHELL, G E: Postmaster; b Sidney, Neb May 11, 1882; s of William E Minchell-Rachael Brown; ed Cheyenne Co; m Helen Petteys June 22, 1910 Chappell; s George William; d Frances, Doris; 1903-14 with UP RR in Neb & Wyo; 1914-21 owner & mgr Lodgepole Tele Co; 1921-36 owner & mgr gen store, Lodgepole; 1936- P M, Lodgepole; past treas sch bd; Neb Ch Natl Assn of P Ms; 1929- secy AF&AM 306, past master 306 & 205; Meth Ch; res Lodgepole.

   MOORE, GEORGE WASHINGTON: Merchant; b Danville, Wis July 14, 1880; s of George W Moore-Jane Sweet; ed Dodge Co Wis; m Julia A Sanders May 27, 1903 Sidney; s Clifford A, Kermit Lee; d Inez (Mrs Raymond Maley); 1900-16 owner & opr barber shop, Sidney; 1916-29 paint contr, Sidney; 1929- owner & opr Sidney Glass & Paint store, Sidney; past mbr city coun; AF&AM 32o; Shrine; Meth Ch; res 842 10th Ave, Sidney.

   NEUBAUER, LESLIE: Secretary Savings & Loan Association; b Fort Scott, Kas Sept 30, 1872; s of Julius Neubauer-Marie Sievert; ed Sidney; m Lena L Jessen April 10, 1924 Greeley Colo; 1893-1900 with Bassetts Drug Store, Sidney and others in Wyo & Neb; 1900-05 in co clks off; 1912-21 bkkpr, asst cash & cash First Natl Bank, Sidney; 1921- secy Sidney Fed Savings & Loan Assn; treas sch dist 1 since 1926; city treas since 1926; past village clk, 1st city clk of Sidney; past master AF&AM 75; Scot Rite 32o; hobby, gardening; off 820 10th Ave; res 1924 Forest, Sidney.


in Nebraska
   OLDERSHAW, EDITH: County Superintendent of Schools; b Sidney, Neb; d of John Oldershaw-Susannah Edis; ed Sidney HS; KSTC; U of Colo; U of Iowa; San Diego Cal Tchrs Coll; 1918-39 prin of Frances E Willard School, Sidney; 1938- Cheyenne Co supt of schs; YWCA; Royal Neighbor; Sidney Womans Club; Episc Ch; hobbies, gardening, industrial arts; off Courthouse; res 1317 Forrest, Sidney.

   OLSON, OSCAR ALBIN: Stockman; b Laramie, Wyo Mar 11, 1897; s of Nels W Olson-Matilda Berg; ed Cheyenne Co; Neb Coll of Agr; m Viola Chambers Oct 2, 1918 Sidney; s Kenneth Calvin; d Hazel Helen, Florence Marjorie; 1918- farmer & stock raiser, Cheyenne Co; 1934- secy Farmers Union local 443, 1934 introduced pump irrigation in Cheyenne Co also first in co to raise sugar beets; 1934 mbr bd of dir Cheyenne Co Fair Assn; leader 4-H Beef Club in Cheyenne Co since 1935; mbr Sidney sch bd Dist 1 since 1929; Rotary; bd mbr Meth Ch since 1916; Rep; hobby, travel; res Sidney.

   O'NEIL, JOHN HUGH: Investment Broker; b Gothenburg, Neb June 22, 1887; s of James I O'Neil-Winifred M Burns; ed Gothenburg; Creighton U; m Carey C Hartway Feb 8, 1921 Sidney; d Winifred Margaret, Rosemary L; 1910 with P F Collier Co, Omaha; 1911-13 with CB&Q RR, Omaha; 1913-18 with Noble M Anderson Gothenburg; 1918-30 ptr in HartParr Co, Sidney; 1930- in investment bus; 1918 in SATC Lincoln; Amer Leg; past grand knight KC 4th degree: bd mbr St Patricks Cath Ch; res 1442 Linden, Sidney.

   OSBORN, CHARLIE JOE: Retired Farmer & Stockman; b Montgomery Co, Ill June 20, 1862; s of Samuel Osborn-Lydia Kendrick; ed Montgomery Co Ill; m Iva L Bewley Nov 2, 1883, Hillsboro Ill; s Leo Earl, Sidney R (dec), Maynard W, Jesse R, Clifford J; d Tina Ruth (dec), Viola (Mrs N S Miller); 1885-1921 rancher & stockraiser Cheyenne Co Neb; 1921-ret; 1893-94 Cheyenne Co clk & clk of dist court; past mbr dist 77 sch bd; Farmers Union, past bd mbr, past state pres, past mbr natl bd; past dir Farmers Union Co-op Ins Co, Omaha; helped org farmers livestock& grain commissions throughout middlewest; Meth Ch; hobby, cabinet work; res 917 Maple, Sidney.

   OSBORN, MAYNARD WALDO: Auto Dealer; b Cheyenne Co, Neb July 16, 1888; s of Charles J Osborn-Iva L Bewley; ed Cheyenne Co; m Winifred Bixby 1908 Sidney, Neb; d Ruth (Mrs Harold Dolph), Jean Helen (Mrs Arthur Mudge); m Jessie L Huff Dec 11, 1923 Sidney; 1904-12 journeyman painter & contractor in Wyo, Colo & Neb; 1907-10 owner & mgr Osborn Paint & Glass store, Sidney Neb; 1910-12 with Brennen Drug store, Alliance; 1913- owner & mgr M W Osborn Motor Co, Sidney; 1928-29 traveled in Europe, Asia & Africa; C of C; Lions; Neb Aut Dlrs Assn, dir since 1937; Sidney Country Club; AF&AM; 32o Shrine; past chancellor comm KP 98; hobbies, Indian artifacts & saddle horses; off 1136 Illinois; res 1106 Maple, Sidney.

   PANKAU, JOSEPH BERNARD: Physician & Surgeon; b Doniphan, Neb Jan 3, 1910; s of John P Pankau- Mary ___; ed Doniphan HS; Creighton U, MD 1925; Phi Chi; m Margaret Miller Nov 7, 1936 Denver Colo; 1925-26 interne St Margarets Hosp, Kansas City, Kas; 1926-27 prac med Kimball; 1927-28 prac med McCook; 1928- prac med, Dalton; 1928- owner & mgr of Pioneer Memorial Hosp, Dalton; mbr bd of health; past pres Cheyenne-Kimball-Deuel Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Episc Ch; res Dalton.

   PETERSON, ANDREW CLAIR: Banker; b Deuel Co, Neb Nov 19, 1899; s of Andrew Peterson-Tillie Ellison; ed Deuel Co & Chappell; Grand Island Bus Coll; in Mae Lowder Aug 17, 1924 Broken Bow; d Barbara Ruth, Shirley Mae; 1918-21 with Chappell State Bank; 1921- cash First State Bank, Lodgepole; city clk since 1923; pres sch bd since 1932; AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobby, photography; res Lodgepole.

   PETTIBONE, MILTON ESBY: Dentist; b Iowa Co, Ia Sept 24, 1882; s Of Byron Pettibone-Emma Mahannah; ed Iowa Co; Creighton U, DDS 1909; m Maude Davis Sept 14, 1910 Madison; 1909-11 dentist, Butte; 1911-20 dentist, O'Neill; 1920- dentist, Sidney; 1937- instr in gold foil study club, Denver; past secy & pres Western Neb Dental Soc; ADA; AF&AM; Presby Ch; hobbies, scientific dentistry; off 828 10th Ave; res 1145 King, Sidney.

   PINDELL, ISAAC LEE: County Clerk; b Laconia, Ind Feb 10, 1888; s of James W Pindell-Mary C Steepleton; ed Laconia Ind; Transylvania U, Lexington Ky BA; Kentucky U; U of Chicago; m Editha B Sixta Aug 1922 Schuyler; d Jacqueline E; 1915-16 prin of Central Sch, Somerset Ky; 1916-17 prin Sidney HS; 1920-34 P M Sidney; 1934-36 editor & publisher of Cheyenne Co Record, Sidney; 1935 Cheyenne Co clk; during World War 1918-19 in 355th inf Co K 89th div AEF; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; AF&AM; hobby, books; off Courthouse, res 1312 10th Ave, Sidney.

   PORTER, ROBERT JAMES: Oil Dealer; b Lincoln, Neb Aug 13, 1889; s of William Porter-Anna Seivers; ed LBC; m Sadie Johnston 1919 Sterling (dec); d Lois; m Sigrid Montgomery June 1933, Littleton Colo; 1906-13 with Kilpatrick Bros & Collins, Beatrice; 1914-20 with Marshall Oil Co, Marshalltown Ia; 1920- owner & opr Porter Oil Co, Sidney; during World War 1917-19 served in QMC; AF&AM; off 1401 10th Ave; res 1333 10th Ave, Sidney.

   RADCLIFFE, CLAYTON SAMUEL: Lawyer & Stockman; b Ogallala, Neb Mar 16, 1889; s of Mack Radcliffe-Bertie Gast; ed Sidney HS; U of N, LLB 1913; Delta Upsilon, Phi Delta Phi; m Myrna Swatzlander May 1918 Sidney; d Josephine, Barbara; 1913- prac law Sidney; 1915-20 Cheyenne Co atty; 1914 rancher, stock raiser & buyer, Cheyenne Co; Western Neb Bar Assn; Neb St Bar Assn; Sidney Country Club; AF&AM; BPOE; chmn of Cheyenne Co Dem Central Com; hobby, horses; off 834 10th; res 1031 Linden, Sidney.

   REEVES, KENNETH EVERETT: Clergyman; b Billings, Mont Feb 10, 1909; s of Roy E Reeves-Lucille I Walker; ed York HS; Hastings Coll, BA 1931; Auburn Theological Seminary, BTh 1934; London England Sch of Economics; Pi Gamma Mu; m Helen Richmond Capen Oct 27, 1934 Indianapolis Ind; s David C; 1934- pastor Dalton Presby Ch; pres Lodgepole Valley Ministerial Assn; hobbies, boys, athletics; res Dalton.

   ROBISON, BRITTON F: Editor and Publisher; b Iowa Falls, Ia Oct 17, 1867; s of R F Robison-Eliza Ann ___; ed Marshalltown Ia. HS; m Anna Fleming July 2, 1900 Shenandoah, Ia, (dec); s Ralph C (dec), Fred L; d Mrs. J A Fischer, Mrs. J M Jensen, Mrs. Andy Stark, Mrs. Phil Quinn; KP; off & res Lodgepole.

   ROCHE, RILEY EDWARD: Physician & Surgeon; b Friend, Neb May 16, 1891; s of Edward W. Roche- Katherine Riley; ed Scottsbluff; Kimball; Creighton U, MD 1916, PhG 1911; Phi Rho; m Julia Schulte Aug 20, 1919 Elgin; s Jason B; 1911 with Fred Morgan Drug store, Kimball; 1916-17 interne Douglas Co Hosp, Omaha; 1919- phys & surg,, Sidney; past Cheyenne Co phys; 1934- owner & mgr of Roche Hosp, Sidney; 1917-19 during World war with base hosp 81, San Antonio Tex, Camp Pike base hosp, Little Rock Ark, disch as capt in MRC; 1934- mayor, Sidney; Cheyenne Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Lions; Country Club; KC, past dist dep, Panhandle dist; hobby, golf; res 1646 Maple, Sidney.

   SCHERER, RALPH LIPE: Auto Dealer; b Cheyenne Co, Neb June 23, 1893; s of John N Scherer-Etta A Lipe; ed Cheyenne Co & Denver Colo; m Claire Armuth June 23, 1914 Dalton; s John H; d Marguerite R (Mrs. William Schwarz), Mary E (Mrs Everett Dahlinger), Frances C; 1914-27 rancher, Morrill Co; 1927- ptr & mgr of Scherer-Blome Chevrolet Co, Dalton; 1937- mbr town bd; Cath Ch; hobby, travel; res Dalton.

   SCHULTE, MRS GRACE McINTOSH: Homemaker; b Sidney, Neb; d of James J. McIntosh-Mary Ann Kelly; ed Sidney; 4 years Duchesne Coll: Omaha; m B W Schulte Oct 19, 1939; 1903-18 with father as asst cash Amer Bank, Sidney; 1918- owner & mgr various holdings in Cheyenne Co: Sidney Country Club; coun of Cath Women; Kings Daughters; hobby, executive work; father came to Neb from Cornwall, Canada 1869, mother came to Neb from Va; res 816 Illinois Sidney.

   SHERRERD, EARL SCOTT: Optometrist; b Wood River, Neb Oct 2, 1889; s of Samuel A Sherrerd-Cora Shick; ed Wood River HS; Hastings Coll; McCormick Med Coll, Chicago, OD 1911; m Elizabeth Crist Mar 3, 1920 Denver; s Marvin C, Robert Samuel; 1911-17 optometrist, Wood River-, 1917- optometrist & owner & mgr gift shop, Sidney; during World war 1917-18 with depot brigade Camp Funston; Amer Leg; Rotary, past pres; AF&AM; Presby Ch; hobby, photography; off 932 10th; res 1515 Maple, Sidney.

   SCHULZ, WILLIAM: County Sheriff: b Adair Co, Ia July 25, 1894; s of Otto Schulz-Christina Leuers; ed Adair Co, Ia; m Laura Lowe Feb 16.


Who's Who
1916 Madison Co, Ia; d Wilma, Lucille, Ada; 1915-20 farmer in Madison Co, Ia; 1920-29 with Griswold Recreation Parlor, Sidney; 1929-30 Cheyenne Co dep sheriff; 1930- Cheyenne Co sheriff; Neb & Colo Sheriffs & Peace Ofcrs Assn; IOOF; off Courthouse; res 1145 Elm, Sidney.

   SHAW, GUY SUMMERFIELD: Farmer; b York Co, Neb Mar 28, 1880; s of John Shaw-Hester Denny; ed York Co; m Maud Huffman Feb 21, 1906 York; d Ruth (Mrs. Walter S Cork), Esther Jane; 1901-13 farmed York Co; 1913- farmer, Cheyenne Co; past mbr dist 33 sch bd; 1930- Cheyenne Co commr; Farmers Union; Meth Ch; res 1530 Jackson, Sidney.

   SHEAFF, JOHN JAMES: Clergyman; b Plymouth, England Aug 9, 1889; s of George Sheaff-Elizabeth Pengelly; ed in England: m Violet Venning Sept 6, 1915 Plymouth, England; s Norman G, Alfred Roy, Francis Eugene; 1908-14 probationer Wesleyan Meth Ch, England; 1920 transferred to Neb Conf of Meth Ch, 1920-26 pastor Meth Chs, Crounse & Malcolm; 1926-34 pastor, Epworth Meth Ch, Lincoln; 1934- pastor of Meth Ch, Sidney; 1914-20 with British Navy as an artificer; Lions; C of C; OES; IOOF; AF&AM: RAM; KT; Meth Ch; hobby, metal work; res 1034 King, Sidney.

   SIMODYNES, JOSEPH: Owner Recreation Parlor; b Wahoo, Neb Feb 18, 1889; s of James Simodynes-Mary Novatny; ed Wahoo Neb; m Grace Virginia King Oct 11, 1914 Sidney; d Betty Jean; 1907-17 professional & semi-professional baseball player Neb St League: 1917- owner & mgr of Simodynes Rec Parlor Sidney; during World war 1917-19 with AEF 89th div stationed at Saarburg, Germany & Grand France, army of occupation; Amer Leg; VFW; dir Sidney Country Club; C of C; hobbies, hunting, fishing; off 1009 Illinois; res 1007 6th Ave, Sidney.

   TAYLOR, KATHRYN ALLEN: Homemaker; b Freeport, Ill July 3, 1894; d of Edward H Allen-Mary Gertrude DeWalt; ed Freeport Ill HS 1911; registered nurse St Lukes Hosp, Chicago; m Dr James Rudolph Taylor Feb 12, 1919 Sioux City Ia (dec); d Gertrude Anne, Harriett Louise; formerly lab technician Wabash RR Hosp, Decatur Ill; 1919 until husband's death anethist & gen supvr in his hosp; OES, past ofcr; PEO, past pres several years; hobbies, gardening, outdoor life; res 1645 Illinois, Sidney.

   THOMAS, DWIGHT ROY: Lumber Dealer; b Council Bluffs, Ia Aug 24, 1883; s of Henry Burt Thomas-Julia Woodbridge; ed Tabor & Garden Grove Ia; Capitol City Bus Coll, Des Moines; m Elizabeth Frederick July 15, 1905 Riverdale; s Gerald F, Weldon H, LaVerne D; d Maxine Elizabeth; 1903-19 mgr for Gilchrist Lbr Co in Poole, Oconto & Overton; 1919-21 owner & mgr of Thomas-Daul Lbr Co, Overton; 1921- pres & gen mgr Thomas Lbr Co, Sidney; past mbr sch bd; mbr city coun since 1933; Rotary, ch mbr; Sidney Country Club; past master AF&AM 267: Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting & golf, res 731 Illinois, Sidney.

   TOBIN, FRANK BENJAMIN: Retired; b Nebraska City, Neb Oct 14, 1872; s of Michael H. Tobin-Fannie Bourlier; ed Nemaha Co; m Elizabeth Walters Oct 5, 1898 Rock Springs, Wyo; s Harold F, Gordon R, Kenneth (dec); d Elizabeth (dec), Hazel (dec); 1881 came to Sidney; 1893-1896, 1897-1915 with Doran & Tobin, Sidney; 1896-97 with UP RR, Rock Spring, Wyo; past police judge, Sidney; Episc Ch; res 1140 King, Sidney.

   UPTEGROVE, EDWARD LOVELL: Land Owner; b Lincoln Co, Mo Apr 12, 1875; s of Edward L Uptegrove- Elizabeth McKinsey; ed Middletown & Watson Mo; Brownville; PSTC 1897; m Laura Kime June 1, 1900 Unadilla (dec 1930); d Mary Elizabeth; Margaret Alma; 1898 supt of schs, Virginia; 1899 supt of schs, Weston; 1899-1907 owner & mgr Corner Drug store, Peru; 1907-10 rancher Cheyenne Co; 1910-35 owner & mgr Uptegrove Farm Impl Co, Sidney; 1918 Cheyenne Co food administrator; past Sidney mayor, two terms; past pres sch bd dist 1; first chmn Cheyenne Co AAA program; Farmers Union; past pres Rotary; past pres Sidney Country Club; AF&AM, 32o; Shrine; Rep, past chmn Cheyenne Co Central Com; Presby Ch; hobby, fishing; res 1505 Linden, Sidney.

   WALFORD, JOHN ALBERT: Retired; b Peoria Co, Ill Feb 25, 1863; s of Charles Walford-Martha Gregg; ed Peoria Ill; Adams Co Ia; 1886 came to Cheyenne Co; 1886- farmer and rancher Cheyenne Co; past pres Dalton Bank; mbr sch bd dist 19 30 years; Presby Ch; Rep; res Dalton.

   WASEM, LOUIS: County Treasurer; b Madison Co, Ill Nov 21, 1864; s of Phillip Wasem-Mary ___; ed Madison Co, Ill; Johnson Comml Coll, St Louis Mo; in Verna Underwood April 7, 1892 Sidney; 1886- 90 homesteaded Cheyenne Co; 1890-1918 with Doran & Tobin, Sidney; 1918-32 with Cheyenne Co Trading Co, Sidney; 1932- Buffalo Co treas; Neb Assn of Co I Treas; IOOF; off Courthouse; res 1131 King, Sidney.

   WORDEN, ERNEST DURWARD: Cashier Freight Office; b Conquest N Y Mar 31, 1880; s of James Franklin Worden-Margaret Ann Snyder; ed Cheyenne Co; m Gertrude Sanders Aug 30, 1904 Sidney; d Elizabeth Margaret (Mrs C J Jolliff); 1898- cashier, UP RR, freight depot, Sidney; 1911- dir Sidney Fed Savings & Loan Assn; 1917- mbr lib bd;; Brotherhood of Railway & Steamship Clks, Freight Handlers, Express & Station Employes; past pres Sidney Country Club; MWA: AOUW; Cath Ch; res 551 Illinois, Sidney.


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