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Clay County Newspapers 

Inventory* of Clay County, Nebraska Newspapers
_The Clay County Sun_, Clay Center, NE [1884-1978]
_The Clay County Republican_, Clay Center, NE  [1892-1921]
_Clay County Progress_, Clay Center, NE  [1892-??]
_Clay County Gazette-Democrat_, Clay Center, NE  [1887-??]
_The Clay County Leader_, Clay Center, NE  [1962-1976]
_The Deweese Booster_, Deweese, NE  [1915-1918]
_Clay County Register_, Edgar, NE  [1891-1893]
_The Edgar Index_,  Edgar, NE  [1898-1900]
_The Edgar Post_, Edgar, NE  [1884-1921]
_The Edgar Sun_, Edgar, NE  [1900-1976]
_The Edgar Weekly Times_, Edgar, NE [1879-189?]
_Fairfield Auxiliary_, Fairfield, NE  [1911-1965]
_The Fairfield Herald_, Fairfield, NE [1877-1907]
_The Fairfield Independent_, Fairfield, NE [1902-1917]
_The Fairfield Messenger_, Fairfield, NE [1892-1901]
Fairfield News_, Fairfield, NE [1877-??]
_The True Light_, [1898-1900]
_Glenville Bee_, Glenville, NE [1899-1905]
_The Glenvil Globe_, Glenvil, NE  [1915-1918]
_Glenville Surprise_, Glenville, NE  [1895-1895]
_The Harvard Courier_,  Harvard, NE [1885-1976]
_The Clay County Journal_,  Harvard, NE  [1879-??]
_The Sutton Register_, Sutton, NE [1880-1942]
_The Sutton News_, Sutton, NE [1886-1936]
_The Clay County Globe_, Sutton, NE [1875-1880]
_Clay County News_, Sutton, NE  [1942-???]
_The Sutton Advertiser_, Sutton, NE  [1887-1892]
Editor/Publisher:     Dr M V Clark, pub

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2. Inventory of Microfilm for Newspapers, Nebraska State Historical Society, January 1998 
21 January 1998


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