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Colfax County

Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block, 1890; Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.
CLARKSON, a village of 300 inhabitants in the northern part of Colfax county, on the Scribner and Oakdale branch of the F. E. & M. V. R. R. It is well located and surrounded by a good farming country, which is mostly tilled by industrious Bohemians. A spacious school building affords ample educational facilities. The Bohemian Lutherans have a good edifice for worship. Two elevators of 18,000 bushels combined capacity facilitate the handling of the grain crop.
Becker Joseph, hotel.
Braucht David & Son, live stock breeders.
Buck E H, sta, tel and ex agt.
Cibulka Joseph, saloon.
Fajman Joseph, hardware.
Fajman & Mundil, agl implts.
Fillipi Joseph, justice.
Fuller, Smith & Fuller, James Sazama mgr, lumber, grain, coal and live stock.
Gross Christian, bakery.
Hajek & Koci, blacksmith.
Hauel Joseph, carpenter.
Hershlag & Leifermann, carpenters.
Luke J A, stock breeder.
Mundil J M, postmaster, notary.
Nayman Frank, genl mdse.
Noh Henry, livery.
Noh John, live stock.
Nye & Schneider Co, John Blotz mgr, grain, lumber, coal.
Odverka Anton, shoemaker.
Pechanec John, carpenter.
Roether & Becker, saloon.
Rozmarin J & Son, genl mdse.
Thomas Joseph, genl mdse.
Wishard John A, horse breeder.

CURRY, a postoffice in the northern part of Colfax county 12 miles north of Schuyler.

Taylor H, postmaster.

EDHOLM, a side track in Colfax county, on the B. & M. R. R., four miles from Schuyler, the county seat.

Wright & Co, grain.

FULTON, a postoffice in the western part of Colfax county, 16 miles northwest of Schuyler, the county seat.

Cushman John, justice.
Langley James, groceries, postmaster.
Tzger John, blacksmith.

HEUN, a postoffice in the northern part of Colfax county, 12 miles north of Schuyler, the seat of justice.

HOWELLS, a Bohemian settlement in the northern part of Colfax county on the Scribner and Oakdale branch of the F. E. & M. V. R. R. It has a population of 300. There is a creamery in operation here on the co-operative plan. Churches are Catholic and Congregational, but no regular pastors as yet; a good newspaper is published here by H. E. Phelps, namely the Howells Journal.

Allen L A, prop Union House.
Bata Louis, harnessmaker.
Becker H, genl mdse.
Berry Ed, barber.
Bliss F C, livestock.
Bobisud Vaclav, shoemaker.
Bogner Baptist, furniture.
Boyden Wm, painter.
Brodecky Emil, genl mdse.
Busch F J, saloon.
Colfax County Bank, L F Folda cashier.
Colfax County Creamery Association, Joseph Prusa pres, J B Sindlar sec, genl mdse, creamery.
Cushman H, phys.
Dickey Bros, brick mfrs.
Dunkel B, prop Dunkel House.
Dunkel House, B Dunkel prop.
Fuller, Smith & Fuller, T H Sturdevant mgr, lumber, grain, coal and live stock.
Haas Louis, jewelry.
Hahn Peter, John Kovar mgr, gen mdse.
Hampl & Novak, hardware and agl implts.
Hershlag & Leifermann, carpenters.
Heun & Hrubesky, hardware & agl implts.
Howell Jessie Miss, millinery.
Howells Journal, H E Phelps editor and pub.
Jaroska B F, meat market.
Kavan James, genl mdse.
Kovarik Joseph, saloon.
Locke Q W, carpet weaver.
Mecklind J H, sta, tel and ex agt.
Menn August, restaurant.
Ney & Schneider Co, C E Beebe agt, grain, lumber, coal.
Pasek Frank, blacksmith.
Phelps H E, pub Howells Journal, real estate and ins.
Pinker V, shoemaker.
Rosh Paul, meat market.
Ross Bros, drugs.
Rudolphi A, physician.
Rudolphi E L, drugs and toys.
Schad Peter, auctioneer.
Sobota A, livery.
Union House, L A Allen prop.
Walker T W, postmaster, justice.
Zacek Joseph, blacksmith.

LEIGH is situated in the northwestern corner of Colfax county, on the Oakdale line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., 26 miles from the county seat, Schuyler. The surrounding country is a rich, black loam. The settlers are a thrifty class of farmers, mostly Americans and Germans. The town, although it is only four years old, has a population of 400. A number of substantial business and dwelling houses have been erected; also, a good school building which cost $4,000. There are here two banks, two grain elevators, two hotels, a lumber yard, a nursery, and other business enterprises suitable to the wants of the community. The Farmers and Merchants bank does a general banking business with an ample capital. N. H. Brown is the president, and J. H. Hamilton cashier. The Methodist and Congregational churches represent the religious element. The leading secret societies have associations here.

Anderson A C, florist, nursery.
Benedict H B, notary.
Birken L, barber.
Birken Wm J, prop Northwestern Hotel.
Buhman J F, genl mdse.
Cain J B, phys.
Chilson J H, agl implts.
Chrisman F A, meat market, prop Leigh Hotel.
Everett F J, atty.
Farmers and Merchants Bank, N H Brown pres, J H Hamilton cashier.
Fuller, Smith & Fuller, P McIntosh agt, lumber, grain, coal, live stock.
Gardanier W B, drugs.
Geer F H, phys.
Gooch H W Mrs, dressmaker.
Graves L V, ins.
Hagermeister Herman, shoemaker.
Hall J C, feed mill.
Hanegan Geo, livery.
Hendrickson C L, carpenter.
Holly J, genl mdse.
Hull G C, jewelrty, genl mdse.
Kloppoel C O, agl implts.
Lawrence M W, sta, tel and ex agt.
Leigh Hotel, F A Crisman prop.
Leigh World, Geo T Vandermeulen pub.
Lynn John, photographer.
Lynn Robt, restaurant.
McCurdy John, meat market, auctioneer.
McKee & Hendrickson, furniture.
Maple Valley Bank, C A Whiting prop.
Miller S Mrs, dressmaker.
Niccolls C C, boots and shoes.
Northwestern Hotel, Wm J Birken prop.
Nye & Schneider Co, H A Vail mgr, grain, live stock.
Peters & Johnson, agl implts.
Pieper C M, groceries.
Preiss F J, dry goods.
Smith F J, genl mdse (old town).
Staab John & Bro, hardware.
Strand G A, justice, ins.
Vandermeulen Geo T, justice, publisher the Leigh World.
Walling A M, notary, atty.
Walling W I, postmaster, books.
White & Son, blacksmiths.
Whiting C A, livery.

PRAHA, a postoffice in the northern part of Colfax county, 12 miles north of Schuyler, the county seat.

Sobota J F, postmaster.
Sobota Joe, justice.

RICHLAND, (Benton station), a village of 100 inhabitants in the southwestern part of Colfax county, on the Union Pacific Ry., eight miles west of Schuyler, in a rich grain producing section. The shipments of live stock, grain and hay from here are very large, and are increasing. A new elevator and a handsome store block have recently been completed. One hotel and a Methodist Episcopal church, Rev. W. Worley pastor.

Barnholdt Fred, hotel and livery.
Barrett F O, agent U P Ry, W U Tel Co, and W F & Cos Exp.
Mueller Otto, saloon.
Olbrich H E, genl mdse.
Price W T, postmaster, notions, confectionery.
Reisch Bros & Co, lumber, coal, grain and live stock.
Reynolds E D, agl implts, wagons, blacksmith and horseshoer.
Sanders G E, hay, flour, feed.
Stibal F V, boots, shoes.
Stibal John, genl mdse.

ROGERS, a station on the U. P. Ry., in the southeastern part of Colfax county, seven miles west of North Bend [sic], the county seat. Population, 60.

SANGCO, a postoffice in the eastern part of Colfax county, 18 miles northeast of Schuyler, the county seat.

SCHUYLER, the county seat of Colfax county, and a solidly prosperous town of some 2,700 inhabitants, the majority of whom are Bohemians. It is a local point on the Union Pacific Ry, 76 miles from Omaha. The B. & M. also has a line here from Lincoln. The surrounding country is closely cultivated and produces large crops. The land is well watered by the adjacent Platte river, and is good grazing land. Schuyler has large sorghum sugar works, flouring mills, a brewery, three banks of high standing and conservative methods, two good hotels, and four good newspapers. The Schuyler Loan & Trust Co. has done much toward building up the city, which now presents many really fine business blocks for a town of its size. The Schuyler National Bank building deserves especial mention on account of its beautiful and substantial appearance. The schools are spacious structures and amply supply the wants of the community. The court house is a substantial building, the roads and walks are well kept, and the water works, just completed at a cost of some $27,000, were planned and built with a view to the city's growth. The churches are Holy Trinity Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist Episcopal, Roman Catholic. The Adventist and German Lutheran denominations are also represented here and have good buildings.
CITY OFFICERS.-H. C. Wright, mayor; E. H. Phelps, clerk; J. A. Pence, treasurer; Joseph Zerzan, police judge.

Anderson J L, coal, stone, brick, ice.
Babcock Bros, agl implts, breeders of draft horses.
Barnes C G, phys and surgeon.
Becker A, cigar mfr.
Becker M, prop European Hotel.
Bednar M F, harness mfr.
Bernard A C, veterinary surgeon.
Bernard Bros, livery stable.
Bliss & Bliss, live stock.
Bohman M T, agl implts, real estate, ins.
Bolton Henry, dry goods, shoes.
Booth Bert, photographer.
Bradford Louis, lumber, coal.
Broulette J, marble works.
Brown J W, justice, atty.
Bryant Thomas, pres First National Bank.
Bunte H F, real estate loans, insurance and notary public.
Caleb John, clothing, boots, shoes, hats and caps.
Cameron House, W Cameron prop.
Cameron W, prop Cameron House.
Cannon C C, furniture, undertaking.
Cech J T, boot and shoemaker.
Chase C H, bakery, confectionery.
Chicago Lumber Co, J W Stewart mgr.
City Hotel, F Meyer prop.
Coles Theo, real estate.
Coombs W N, harnessmaker.
Crouch A D, blacksmith.
Crouch J B Mrs, millinery.
Doughty Geo R, atty, notary.
Dudek John, dry goods, groceries, genl mdse.
Dvorak & Dalezal, saloon, billiards.
Dworak J J, pumps and windmills.
Elias F, merchant tailor.
European Hotel, M Becker prop.
First National Bank of Schuyler, capital and surplus $75,000, Thos Bryant pres, N W Wells vice-pres, Morris Palmer cashier.
Fogg C P, prop The Fogg House.
Fogg House (The), C P Fogg prop.
Folda E F, ins.
Folda F, banker, live stock.
Ford T H, restaurant.
Gadsden James, farm loans.
Godenschwager F, hardware, stoves, agl implts.
Green D E, restaurant.
Green James, live stock.
Greenman E ?, county surveyor, city engineer.
Grimison & Thomas, attys.
Hampel R J, groceries, dry goods.
Havlovie John, agl implts, pumps.
Herald (The), H C Reinecke, editor and prop.
Hill & Mefford, livery stable.
Holub Bros, genl mdse.
Holub M L, boots and shoes.
Howard W T, editor and prop The Schuyler Sun. (See adv.)
Hrubesky Bros, blacksmiths and horseshoers.
Huck M M, watches, clocks, etc, magr Telephone Exchange.
Hughes & Son, groceries.
Jacobsen Jens, watches, clocks.
Janacek J, saloon.
Jenkins W S, painter.
Johnson J S, cashier Schuyler National Bank and notary public.
Kading & Martelle, blacksmiths.
Karich L, general store.
Klein E & Co, genl mdse.
Kolm F H, notary public.
Kopecky V, saloon.
Korpf Fred, live stock.
Lamhofer Edward Dr, drugs.
Langer A, pawnbroker.
Long Uriah, phys and surgeon.
Loukota A, merchant tailor.
McCullough S H, photographer.
McDowell D C, livery stable.
Mackintosh James, genl mdse.
Maly V, genl mdse.
Meyer F, prop City Hotel.
Mick Geo, genl mdse.
Miles J D, phys.
Milota W, saloon.
Mohr C J, carriage painter.
Molacek & Shonka, hardware, stoves.
Nebraska State Bank, capital $100,000, T F Cook pres, E F Kenney vice-pres, A Stedman cashier.
Nova Doba (Bohemian Democratic weekly), F K Ringsmuth editor and pub. (See adv.)
Novotny & Co, lumber, coal.
Ohrastel & Bartunek, furniture, undertakers.
Pacific Express Co, E H Phelps agt.
Palmer Morris, cashier First National Bank.
Parsons A M, groceries, crockery.
Pence J A, hardware, stoves.
Peterson & Miller, merchant tailors.
Phelps E H, agt B & R R, Pac Ex Co.
Pierson E Mrs, millinery.
Pollard J H, groceries, crockery.
Prokes Bros, meat market.
Quill (The), J C Sprecher prop.
Rees W W & Co, drugs, books.
Reinecke A F, real estate, ins.
Reinecke F C, insurance, loans, and real estate, also clerk district court. (See adv.)
Reinecke H C, editor and prop The Herald.
Reinecke H F, genl mdse.
Ringsmuth F K, editor and pub Nova Doba (Bohemian democratic weekly.)
Robinson G B, carpenter, builder.
Ross N W, books, news, stationery, convectionery, cigars and sewing machines. (See adv page 478.)
Russell H C, atty.
Safarik & Kubizek, drugs, glass.
Schaefer L A, phys.
Schmid Ciril, blacksmith.
Schrader Frank, agt U P Ry, Pacific Ex Co. W U Tel Co.
Schrader Frank Mrs, millinery.
Schuyler National Bank, capital $50,000 surplus $10,000, W H Sumner pres, M L. Weaver vice-pres, J S Johnson cashier.
Schuyler Sun (The), W T Howard editor and prop. (See adv pge. 476).
Sevcik F, blacksmith.
Schultz J A, confectinery.
Sidlacek J, saloon, billiards.
Simmons J M, notary public.
Sims D P, dentist.
Smith & Hookstra, meat market.
Smith L C, postmaster.
Smith N J, boots, shoes.
Sprecher J C, prop The Quill.
Stewart J W, mgr Chicago Lumber Co.
Stochl Louis, cigar mfr.
Sumner W H, pres Schuyler National Bank.
Sweazey G A, barber.
Telephone Exchange, M M Huck mgr.
True E L, dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, groceries, crockery, glassware.
Turrill Bros, fancy goods.
Van Closter J H & Co, dry goods, clothing.
Vanicek T, boots and shoes.
Wallace Geo, feed stable.
Weaver M L, vice-pres Schuyler National Bank.
Webber S C, clothing.
Wells G H, genl mdse.
Wells & Nieman, flour mills, grain and feed dealers.
Wells N W, vice-pres First National Bank.
White S N, hardware, stoves and tinware.
Whitman T W, atty, notary.
Williams M, harnessmaker.
Woetishek F J, phys.
Woods & Co, books, etc.
Woods H H, carpenter and builder.
Wright & Co, grain elevator and feed mill.
Zentmeyer Miles, atty.

SHELL CREEK, a postoffice in the western part of Colfax county, 12 miles northwest of Schuyler, the county seat.

WILSON, a postoffice in the western part of Colfax county, near the Platte county line, 21 miles northwest of Schuyler, the county seat.

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