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Colfax Co., NE - Howells Journal Misc. 1933 Obits
Miscellaneous Obituaries Reported in the Howells Journal (1933)

Mrs. Marie Bohata Enjoyed Good Health For Over Ninety Years
    A long and useful life ended when death laid its seal upon the brow of Mrs. Marie Bohata, who died last week, February 7th, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jos. K. Suchan, where she was fatally stricken a month before. She was given devoted care by her granddaughter, Miss Agnes Stanek of Omaha, a trained nurse, and by her daughters, Mesdames Jos. K. Suchan, J. E. Sindelar and Frank Stanek and Mrs. Frances Novak of Clarkson. To her was given a life of a score more years beyond the usually allotted span and her death removes the head of a four-generation group of which she held the venerable place as great-grandmother, being survived, besides her children, by 14 grand-children and 12 great-grandchildren.
    As Marie Novak the departed was born 90 years ago the 10th of last September, in 1842, at Opatovice, Kraj Caslav, Okres Kutna Hora in Czechoslovakia. There she was married to Mr. Frank Peroutka, and upon his death was left with their four children, of whom Mrs. Frank Stanek lives in this community, Joseph Peroutka, at Hartington, Mrs. Frances Novak at Clarkson, and Mrs. Anton Havel at Snyder. Some years later she married Joseph Bohata and the two daughters born to this union, Mrs. J. E. Sindelar and Mrs. Jos. K. Suchan, make their home in Howells. In 1889 the family came to this country and settled on a farm north of Dodge, but some years later moved to a farm 14 miles north of Howells. Twenty-five years ago Mr. Bohata bought a comfortable home in west Howells and for nine years he and his wife enjoyed surcease from active labor as they traveled the sunset trail together. In 1918, on the 14th of June, the husband answered the death summons and the last years of Mrs. Bohata’s life were spent with her daughters, Mrs. Suchan and Mrs. Sindelar.
    Mrs. Bohata was blessed with a strong constitution and thus she was enabled to assist in home duties and find pleasure in her surroundings, both indoors and out. In fact, she was in very good health up to the time of her illness and her eyesight so keen that she was able to read without the aid of glasses. Ambitious and hopeful, a devout adherent to the Catholic faith she found much in life to live for. Hers was a long life, full of joys and varied interests, although often she walked the weary path of tribulation, but she lived to realize her dreams of America which she fostered in her youth and saw wonderful changes for she was privileged to spend almost a century to witness the marvelous developments in the greatest period of wonderful achievements on land and sea and in the air.
    The funeral was held last Friday morning. Rev. J. Drbal, her pastor, conducted a brief service at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Suchan and also officiated at requiem mass at St. John’s Nep. Church, two grandsons of the departed, Joseph and Paul Suchan, having served as altar boys. Rev. Drbal concluded the rites at the tomb in the family plot in St. John’s cemetery where rest also the remains of Mr. Bohata, and both sleep the endless sleep in their adopted land far from the scenes of their early life.
    Those from away who were here for the funeral were Messrs. Joseph Peroutka and Jos. Sidak, jr., of Hartington, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Havel, of Snyder, Miss Agnes Stanek of Omaha, Mrs. Frank Srb of Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Vaclav Kmoch and son of north of Leigh and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Srb and Mrs. Anton Odvarka, sr., of Clarkson.
[Howells Journal, Friday, February 17, 1933 - submitted by Laurel Baty:]
Frank Stanek Succumbs After Long Period of Failing Health
    Mr. Frank Stanek, for twenty-six years a resident of this community, has joined the silent majority, having crossed the border into the Beyond on Tuesday, April 11th, at the family home two and a half miles southwest of Howells. For some months past he has been gradually failing in health, and has been bedfast for several weeks, but his condition was not considered serious until last Friday when complications developed which hastened the end. During the latter part of his illness his daughter, Miss Agnes Stanek of Omaha, a trained nurse, assisted in caring for him.
    A review of his life dates back to 1864, when he was born at Opatovice, county of Caslav, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, his parents having been Vaclav and Frances Stanek (nee Hrabanek). The days of his youth were spent in Bohemia, and he was married there, at Uhlirske Janovice in 1886 to Miss Marie Peroutka. Four years later, in June, 1890, they came to America and settled on a farm in Nebraska near Dodge, coming to this community in 1907, which has been their home ever since. He has followed the business of farming, worked hard, took a warm interest in his family and was esteemed among his fellowmen as an honorable man and upright citizen. In speaking of him, a gentleman who lived as a neighbor to him for many years, said he always found him friendly, kind and obliging. He was a man of many admirable traits, not the least of which was generosity, and all who had business dealings with him found him “four square.”
    Besides the widow, the departed is survived by two sons, Frank F. of Parshall, N. D. and Joseph of Fairfax, S. D., and three daughters, Mrs. C. E. Fellows of Gregory, S. D., Mrs. Henry Wubbenhorst of Herman and Miss Agnes Stanek of Omaha. Also by two brothers, Mr. James Stanek of Leigh and Mrs. Jaroslav Stanek of Walthill and twelve grandchildren. And to those who mourn is extended the condolence of many friends—especially saddened is the bereaved wife, as the mantle of sorrow has fallen over her shoulders for the second time in the past two months, her mother, Mrs. Mary Bohata, having finished her life’s work which was sealed with death’s benediction on February 7th. The departed was reared in the Catholic faith and the closing rites were conducted by Rev. J. Drbal, pastor of St. John’s Nep church. Because of the succession of holy days at the close of this week, the funeral was held yesterday afternoon. Rev. J. Drbal officiated at a brief service at the home at 1:00 o’clock, which was continued at the church. The holy rites were concluded with the burial service at the tomb in St. John’s cemetery where the remains were laid to rest, and where also sleep in death his parents, his father having passed on in 1896* and his mother February 25th, 1925. Those who carried the remains of their friend to his last resting place were Messrs J. R. Novak, John Stracek, Adolph Bures, Joe Vacha, Frank Belina and Bohumil Bohaboj. Besides his home and church affiliations, Mr. Stanek also held membership in the Z. C. B. J. lodge.
[Howells Journal, April 14, 1933, page 1 & 5, columns, 2 & 1 - submitted by Laurel Baty:]

* Frank Stanek’s father, Vaclav Stanek, died in Bohemia according to his mother, Frances Stanek’s obituary. Frank Stanek’s tombstone gives a date of birth of 1864 but his naturalization papers state he was born in “Oppatovice, Province of Bohemia, Austria October 1, 1860.” His death certificate also gives the 1864 year of birth, as does the 1900 Census.

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