Colfax Co., NE - 1993 Deaths (Colfax Co. Press) NEGenWeb Project
1993 Deaths Reported in the Colfax County Press

KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS: b = born; d = daughter; s = son; m = married

ABRAHAM, Lillian J, 81: b Apr 2, 1912, Clarkson, to Edward and Katherine (Patava) Loukota; m Edward Abraham, Apr 30, 1934, Clarkson; s Robert; d Joan Chesley, Janet Werner; died Dec 3, 1993, Fremont; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BABCOCK, Christopher E, 6: b Mar 22, 1987, Schuyler, to Dale E and Sherry Mueller Babcock; died Dec 26, 1993; burial Rose Hill Cemetery [?]

BABCOCK, Thelma, 80: b Dec 17, 1912, Colfax County, to Fred and Bertha (Dehmlow) Legler; m Floyd T Babcock, Jan 25, 1933, Central City; s Robert, Leonard D; died Oct 26, 1993, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BAHNS, Jacob "Jake" H, 11: b Mar 22, 1982, Schuyler, to Walter and Polly (Ament) Bahns; died June 28, 1993, Schuyler; burial Sts Cyril and Methodius Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

BAILEY, Charles "Chuck", 32: b Feb 23, 1961, Port Hueneme, California, to LeROy and Shirley (Hester) Ciesinski; s Nathan; died Dec 6, 1993, Omaha; burial Shelby Cemetery

BALAK, Adolph F, 94: b Feb 10, 1899, Howells, to Vencil and Mary (Marik) Balak; m Theresa Mendlik, Sept 12, 1922, Dodge; m Eleanor Petty, Feb 9, 1979, Clarkson; s Vernon; d Alice Placek; died Dec 27, 1993, Beemer; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, rural Howells

BARCEL, Donald N, 65: b Feb 21, 1928, Schuyler, to Anton and Mary (Prochoska) Barcel; m Bonnie L Klug, Mar 7, 1946, Manhattan, Kansas; s Larry, Kurt, Barton James (B J); d Toni Rae Anderson, Donna Foutch, Raejean Pfeifer; died Nov 1, 1993, Lincoln; burial Roselawn Cemetery, Columbus

BARTA, Francis F, 87: b May 5, 1906, Czechoslovakia, to Frank and Frances Hubacek Faiman; m Charles J Barta, Feb 25, 1926; died May 17, 1993; burial Hillcrest Cemetery, Omaha

BAUMERT, Joseph F, Sr, 90: b July 2, 1903, Howells, to Fred and Juliana (Liekhus) Baumert; m Theresa C Shanle, Sept 30, 1925, rural Howells; s Joseph, Donald, Dennis; d Evelyn Baumert, Theresa Prichard; died Nov 17, 1993, Lincoln; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

BEED, Melanie Rennae, 15: b July 2, 1978, West Point, to Vaughn and Rennae (Duhsmann) Beed; died bef Aug 18, 1993; burial St John's Lutheran Cemetery, rural Scribner

BELSKY, Anthony "Tony": b May 30, 1979, Fremont, to Larry and Kathy Belsky; died bef Dec 29, 1993; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

BOCK, Anna, 75: b June 7, 1918, Leigh, to Emil and Rosalind Grotelueschen; m Reinhold Bock, Aug 4, 1946, rural Columbus; s John, Arden; d Carmen Covington, Doris Minor, Nadine Lann; died Dec 2, 1993, Readlyn, Iowa

BUGGI, Louis F, 80: b Nov 14, 1912, rural Columbus, to Frank and Mary (Stachura) Buggi; m Elaine E Huismann, Nov 17, 1948, Columbus; s John, Jerry, Gene, Randy, Dan; d Joan Treadway, Debbie, Dianne, Mary, Kathy Blessen, Lori Neumann, Lisa Shanle; died Oct 11, 1993, Omaha; burial St Bonaventure Catholic Cemetery, COlumbus

BURESH, Frank, Sr, 92: b Aug 1, 1900, Novi, Hradi, Podhorany, Czechoslovakia, to Josef and Anna (Franek) Buresh; m Emma Bleckwehl, Aug 5, 1925, rural Howells; s LeRoy, Frank Jr, Robert; d Jeanette Timmermann; died May 16, 1993, Schuyler; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, rural Dodge

CARROLL, Daphne, 69: b to __ Sup; m Charles Carroll; s Brian; d Colleen, Theresa Maxwell; died Nov 1993

CERNY, Agnes P, 89: b Feb 29, 1904, Czechoslovakia, to Joseph and Anna (Grim) Zemann; m Joseph Cerny, Dec 23, 1948, Clarkson; died Dec 15, 1993, Norfolk; burial Clarkson Bohemian Cemetery

CHLEBOUN, Lamar: b to James and Mary Chleboun; died August, 1993

CHUDOMELKA, JoAnn, 63: b June 26, 1930, rural Clarkson, to Emanuel and Olga (Cech) Kopietz; m Donald Chudomelka, Aug 4, 1949, Clarkson; s Douglas; d Jocelyn Hoge, Holly Dodge [?]; died Dec 12, 1993, Dodge; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Dodge

CHUDOMELKA, Josephine, 90: b Jan 15, 1903, near Dodge, to Ferdinand and Josephine (Swoboda) Vodvarka; m Louis Chudomelka, Nov 23, 1926, Dodge; s Donald, Allan Sr; died Oct 16, 1993; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, near Dodge

CLARK, Clarence E, 96: b Dec 5, 1896, Dodge County, to Adelbert and Linnie (Montgomery) Clark; died June 19, 1993, Tilden; burial Glencoe Cemetery, rural Dodge

CONRAD, Marie, 86: b Feb 25, 1907, Platte County, to Martin Luther and Mable Ida (Hinkle) Kilgore; m Max John Conrad, June 4, 1923, Council Bluffs, Iowa; d Lois Ann Stubbert; died Dec 17, 1993, Columbus; burial David City Cemetery

COOK, Charles R, 26: b June 14, 1967, Norfolk, to Leo and Dorothy (Schwindt) Cook; m Dawn Glassmeyer, Aug 22, 1992, Norfolk; died Nov 26, 1993 [Norfolk?]; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Norfolk

COUFAL, Ernest R, 76: m Tillie; d Connie Bohaty; died bef Sept 15, 1993

DASENBROCK, Herbert H, 87: b Mar 18, 1906, rural Leigh, to Heinrick and Anna (Jenny) Dasenbrock; m Helen Callies, Aug 8, 1930, Leigh; s Richard, Wilbur; d Jeanne Went, Ann Podraza; died Dec 12, 1993, Columbus; burial Leigh Cemetery

DAVIS, Mable A, 89: b Oct 9, 1903, Callaway, to George and Rose (Martin) Griffith; m Oscar Davis, Oct 8, 1921, Broken Bow; s Max, James, Oscar (Jerry); died Occt 2, 1993, Nebraska City; burial Schuyler Cemetery

DEITLOFF, Willard R "Jim", 61: b Nov 23, 1932, Pierce, to William and Ella (Hellmers) Deitloff; m Barbara Ellenburger, June 15, 1952, Norfolk; s Craig; d Mindy Hunter, Staci Daniel; died Dec 27, 1993, Norfolk; burial St Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, Norfolk

DENNEY, Robert O, 82: b Jan 23, 1911, Stanton County, to Grant and Mattie (Wilson) Denney; m LaVern Wood, May 27, 1932, Papillion; d Carole Lou Armbruster, JoAnne Schellpeper, Sharon Wolff, Mary Benson, Nannette Neuhaus; died July 14, 1993, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

DICKE, Nathan, 14: b Nov 9, 1978, Columbus, to Paul and Diane (Liebig) Dicke; died Aug 14, 1993, rural Creston; burial St Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, near Leigh

DINSLAGE, Henry J, 89: b July 31, 1904, West Point, to Henry and Elizabeth (Schuetze) Dinslage; m Melinda Doescher, West Point; s Roger; d Jolene Heller, Valdene Kai; died Dec 24, 1993 [West Point?]; burial St Michael's Cemetery [West Point?]

DONE, Joseph, 82: b Feb 1, 1911, to Jim and Elizabeth Done; m Helen Dohnalek, Juy 28, 1942, Neligh; s Dennis, Kenneth, Douglas; d Shirley Oborny, Beverly Skolnik, Lucie Dean; died June 8, 1993, rural Madison; burial Erychleb Cemetery, rural Stanton

DVORAK, Lillian T, 79: b Sept 25, 1913, Linwood, to Andrew and Emma (Pavel) Reznicek; m George J Dvorak, Dec 27, 1933, Clarkson; s George, James; d Rosane Stonacek, Doris Helfrich, Mary Oltmans, Annie Shouse, Jolene Kulus; died Aug 19, 1993, Lincoln; burial Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Shelby

EHLERS, Tillie A, 81: b Sept 28, 1912, Stanton, to Max and Rose (Kant) Eckert; m Carl Ehlers, June 20, 1937, Winside; d Karen Cornett; died Dec 13, 1993, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

ELLIS, Mary Ellen, 73: b Aug 31, 1920, Stanton County, to Harold and Zula (Matheson) Burtwistle; m Edwin Ellis, Sept 25, 1942, Oxford, Ohio; died Oct 6, 1993, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

EMMONS, Mel, 82: m _; d _; s Don Goeden; died July 1, 1993, Lincoln; burial Lincoln Memorial Cemetery

ERYCHLEB, Shari L, 21: b Sept 12, 1971, Norfolk, to Joseph Jr and Sandra (Heckman) Erychleb; found dead Sept 11, 1993, near Sioux City; burial Erychleb Cemetery [?]

FREIBERG, Irin E, 88: b May 25, 1904, Stanton, to Gustave and Ida (Maas) Freiberg; m Jaunita Bower; m Thelma Wheeler, 1977; s Alan; d Karen Musolf; step-s Ronnye Tattershall; died May 20, 1993, Independence, Kansas; burial Stanton Cemetery

GADDIE, Chester V, 83: b July 17, 1910, Bucklin, Missouri, to Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hayes) Gaddie; m Anne M Cox, July 17, 1934, Grand Island; s Chester E, Don; d Betty Quinn, Sharren Bohac, Clara Hammel, Glenda; died Nov 28, 1993, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

GARRISON, Edna, 88: b Dec 1, 1904, Clarkson, to William and Odelia (Zabka) Wilbur; m Myrle DeLancey, July 1923, Greeley County; m Glen Garrison, Oct 6, 1937; s Myrle DeLancey, Jim, Gene, Dick; step-s Dwain; d Evelyn Whitlake, Dorothy Watson, Betty DeLancey; died Sept 22, 1993, Fullerton; burial Fullerton Cemetery

GOETSCH, Lydia Ella, 85: b Jan 21, 1908, Stanton County, to Reinhart and Emma (May) Schellpeper; m August Goetsch; s Paul; d Euphrosyne "Effie" Larson, Polly Unekl; died Oct 12, 1993, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

GRONINGER, Pearl Clara, 67: b May 8, 1926, rural Leigh, to Jake and Sophie (Brock) Schmidt; m Eldon Groninger, June 6, 1948, Leigh; s Philip; d Sheila, Jacquelyn Fendrick, Marcia; died May 12, 1993, Omaha; burial St Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, rural Leigh

HAMEL, Margaret, 88: b Oct 30, 1905, Elgin, Illinois, to Carl and Martha (Wherle) Becker; m Dwight Hamel, Dec 1926, York; s Darwin, Donald, Millard; d Eileen Clements; died Dec 8, 1993, Dodge; burial St Peter's Catholic Cemetery, Fullerton

HAMERNIK, Joseph K, 68: b July 4, 1924, Fremont, to Joseph and Libble Tlustos Hamernik; m Olga Marie Bilek, Sept 23, 1951, Clarkson; s David, Lyle; died June 10, 1993, Omaha; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

HASLOP, Vlasta M, 81: b May 4, 1912, Stanton, to Frank and Emma (Zastera) Dubsky; m Donald A Haslop, July 7, 1959; died Dec 11, 1993, Washington, Indiana; burial Stanton Cemetery

HAVEL, Emma, 90: b May 20, 1903, rural Snyder, to Paul and Frances (Havelka) Faltin; m Anton Havel, June 29, 1926, Dodge; d Magdalen Nelson, Marie Burger; died Dec 27, 1993, West Point; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

HERMES, Albert J, 83: b July 16, 1910, rural Clarkson, to George and Anna (Walla) Hermes; m Helen Novak, Oct 2, 1947, Clarkson; s Albert Jr; died Sept 5, 1993, Leigh; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

HOCKEMEIER, Emily, 88: b May 19, 1905, rural Clarkson, to Phlip and Mary (Basta) Swoboda; m Otto Hockemeier, 1926, Schuyler; died Nov 18, 1993, Schuyler; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

HOLLATZ, Leo, 83: b Apr 7, 1910, Humphrey, to John and Johanna (Fugger) Hollatz; died June 9, 1993, Madison; burial St Francis Catholic Cemetery, Humphrey

HOWELL, Alfreda E: b 1913; died June 27, 1993; burial Mount Vernon, Missouri

HROUDA, Robert J, 67: b Sept 28, 1925, Stanton, to Robert and Marie (Fisher) Hrouda; died Aug 12, 1993, Osceola; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

INDRA, Robert, 82: b Sept 23, 1910, rural Clarkson, to Emil and Antonia (Zastera) Indra; m Agnes Lacina, Aug 20, 1934, Schuyler; d Lylus Franzen; died Sept 17, 1993, Clarkson; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

JENKINS, Donna Rae, 40: b Oct 26, 1993 [sic], Norfolk, to Leo and Martha (Wipperling) Mewis; m Larry Jenkins, Apr 16, 1992; d Heather Schneider, Kristin Emery; step-d Linda LaRouche, Lori Sullivan, Julie Hadcock, Carol Hodges; died Nov 17, 1993; burial Prospect Hill Cemetery [Norfolk?]

JINDRA, Eman "Emil" Eldimire, 84: b Dec 26, 1909, to Adolph and Anezke (Hradec) Jindra; m Albina Cervenka, May 26, 1936, Colome, South Dakota; died Dec 26, 1993, Pierce; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Norfolk

JINDRA, Louise M, 74: b Mar 1, 1919, Colfax County, to John F and Hattie (Tuma) Casey; m Edward Jindra, Oct 3, 1945 [Schuyler?]; died Dec 24, 1993, Schuyler; burial Holy Cross Cemetery, Schuyler

JONAS, Marie M, 89: b Sept 13, 1903, rural Beemer, to Joseph and Emma (Vitner) Kral; m Bernard Jonas, Nov 24, 1920, Schuyler; s Bernard C; d Evelyn Podany; died July 24, 1993, Dodge; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

JORGENSEN, Lois E, 63: died June 27, 1993; buried Council Bluffs, Iowa

JUVA, Steve J, 76: b July 31, 1917, Clarkson, to John and Stazie (Brichacek) Juva; m Wilma Glodowski; s Steve Jr; d Sharon, Karen; died Oct 26, 1993, Omaha; burial Calvary Cemetery, Omaha

KABES, Edith L, 82: b May 1, 1911, rural Wilson, south of Clarkson, to Karl and Frances (Maly) Jedlicka; m Lad Kabes, Oct 2, 1929, Schuyler; s Leonard, Don; d Marjorie Wiese, Marcella Suchan, Janice Rueschhoff, Elaine Snyder; died July 14, 1993, Clarkson; burial Sts Cyril and Methodius Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

KAMPSCHNEIDER, Leonard H, 79: b June 11, 1914, near Dodge, to Ferdinand and Theresia (Liekhus) Kampschneider; m Roma M Bart, Jan 17, 1939; s Lumir, Larry; d Donna Steffen, Carol Weber, Diane; died Dec 22, 1993, Omaha; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

KAMRATH, Keith, 46: b May 23, 1946, to Erwin and Anna (Schwarz) Kamrath; died Sept 15, 1993, San Francisco, California

KASSMEIER, William H, 82: b Nov 5, 1910, Dodge, to John and Elizabeth (Liekhus) Kassmeier; died June 19, 1993, Beemer; burial St Michael's Cemetery [West Point?]

KAUP, James R, 14: b Aug 31, 1978, West Point, to Donald H and Darlene Kaup; died Aug 8, 1993, Schuyler; burial SS Cyril and Methodius Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

KAUP, Karrie Ann, 15: b Dec 26, 1977, West Point, to Tim and Jeanette (Pieper) Kaup; died bef Aug 18, 1993; burial St Michael's Cemetery, West Point

KAUTZMAN, Leo E, 82: m Lois Ellison, Apr 12, 1935, Sioux City, Iowa; s Jon, Tim; d Gwen; died Oct 6, 1993, Stanton

KENNEDY, Lois Miriam, 79: b Nov 30, 1913, Shelby, to Anna Burritt and Matthias Pike; m Marshall E Kennedy, Oct 17, 1937, Wheatland; s James Edward, Thomas Blair; died Sept 30, 1993; burial Mountain View Cemetery [Riverton, Wyoming?]

KLUTHE, Jeffrey, 36: b Oct 1, 1956, West Point, to Francis and Shirley Kluthe; m Bernadette Nosal, Oct 20, 1978, Yankton, South Dakota; s Jesse, Nicholas; died Sept 27, 1993, rural North Bend; burial Woodland Cemetery [North Bend?]

KOLIHA, Edward S, 78: b Feb 18, 1915, Colfax County, to Alois and Emma (Sinkula) Koliha; m Dorothy Schrage, Jan 26, 1937, Olean; d Donna Sobota; died May 28, 1993, Butler County; burial Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery at Heun

KONICEK, Agnes, 93: b Nov 14, 1900, Heun area, Colfax County, to Vaclav and Libuse (Folda) Jonas; m __ Konicek; s Stanley, Richard; d Doris Pokorny; died Dec 26, 1993, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KOSOWSKI, Lester, 92: b May 10, 1901, Schuyler, to Anton and Victoria (Sobczyk) Kosowski; s Steve; d Jo Ann Mendenhall; died Oct 4, 1993; burial Holy Cross Cemetery, Schuyler

KOZA, Libbie J, 88: b June 15, 1905, rural Clarkson, to James and Juliana (Kabesh) Stonacek; m Emil Koza, Feb 28, 1923, Stanton; d Romona Strope; died Dec 12, 1993, Centerville, Iowa; burial Stanton Cemetery

KREJCI, Anna, 100: b July 30, 1892, Howells, to James and Katie Kucera; m Anton Krejci, Jan 11, 1916, Howells; d Wilma Schrage, Emma Broekemeier; died May 28, 1993, Schuyler; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

KUBR, John Edward, 96: b Mar 4, 1897, Linwood, to George and Cathleen (Tichy) Kubr; m Mary Hajek, June 30, 1931, O'Dell; s John; died Sept 23, 1993, Schuyler

KUCERA, Gabriella "Ella", 73: b Jan 22, 1920, rural Clarkson, to James W and Rose A (Novak) Barta; m Anton Kucera Jr, May 22, 1944; s Jesse, Richard; d Gayedene Jindra, Marilyn Jindra; died Dec 27, 1993, Columbus; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

KUESEL, Minnie E, 89: b Sept 3, 1903, Stanton County, to Carl and Emilie (Weichenthal) Blattert; m Fredrick Marotz, Sept 5, 293, Sioux City, Iowa; m Emil Kuesel, June 17, 1942, Stanton; s Donald; d Delores Wegner, Bernice Marotz; died June 18, 1993, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

LARSEN, Glen K, 55: died bef Aug 25, 1993, east of Columbus

LECHTENBERG, Anna K, 97: m Joseph Lechtenberg; s Victor; d Agatha Baumert, Rita Molletta; died Sept 15, 1993, Omaha

LEHMAN, Irene G, 69: b Dec 27, 1923, West Point, to Victor and Mary (Achoff) Eilers; m Leonard Lehman, May 8, 1961, Spencer; s Larry, Ron, Richard, Jerry, Terry, Rick; d Patty Holtman, Janice Utecht; died Sept 16, 1993, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

LEHMAN, James D "Jim", 63: b July 23, 1930, Hettinger, Adams County, North Dakota, to Adolph and Augusta (Dobberpuhl) Lehman; m Ruth Kumm, Dec 26, 1954, Osmond; died Sept 2, 1993, St Joseph, Missouri; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park [Norfolk?]

LEHMAN, Mardell, 68: b June 15, 1925, Plainview, to Isam and Esther (Nielsen) Barrett; m Raymond Lehman, Sept 11, 1943, Yuma, Arizona; s Raymond Jr; d Judy Tappe, Deiadre Hilkemann; died Sept 22, 1993, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

LIERMANN, Vernon "Curly", 64: b Jan 7, 1929, rural Beemer, to Paul and Anna (Gentele) Liermann; m Marlene Eggers, June 26, 1955, Beemer; s Cal, Craig; d Cindy Petz, Chris Herink, Cara Ahrens, Cathy Schroeder; died Aug 6, 1993, Omaha; burial Zion Cemetery, Leigh

LIMBACH, Darlene, 58: b Mar 13, 1935, Howells; m Richard Limbach, Apr 24, 1956, Howells; s Michael, Rick; d Linda Welling, Lisa Main, Nancy Ronnau; died June 24, 1993, Morse Bluff; burial Woodland Cemetery, North Bend

LODL, Elizabeth, 88: b June 22, 1905, rural Howells, to Jan and Antonia (Podhorsky) Cerny; m Stanley Lodl Sr, 1932, Heun; s Stanley; died Oct 9, 1993; burial Holy Trinity Cemetery, rural Clarkson

LOGAN, Ardith A, 54: b Jan 4, 1939, Stanton, to Everett and Evelyn (Hoeffner) Cowell; m Michael E Gildea, Jan 3, 1959; m Gary A Logan, June 18, 1985; s Mark Gildea, Scott Gildea, Todd Gildea; d Lori Beckard, Susan Gildea, Amy Logan; died Nov 16, 1993, Norfolk; burial Stanton City Cemetery

LOPOUR, Mary, 85: b Oct 12, 1907, rural Clarkson, to Joseph J and Anna Kotan Vesely; m Frank Lopour, Sept 8, 1942, Clarkson; s Ronald; died June 6, 1993, Clarkson; burial Sts Cyril and Methodius Catholic Cemetey, Clarkson

LOSEKE, Lyda M, 79: b Oct 18, 1913, Platte County, to Henry and Jennie (Bruhn) Koch; m Elmer H Loseke, Oct 28, 1936, Columbus; d Karen Pinkley, Nyla Miller; died Sept 21, 1993, Schuyler; burial Roselawn Cemetery, Columbus

LUETKENHUS, Elsie M, 84: b Nov 22, 1908, Cornlea, to Theodore and Anna (Hauck) Huettner; m Herman Luetkenhaus, Jan 8, 1934, Cornlea; s Norman, Lorus, Earl; d Jane Vlcek, Bernice Pfeifer, Kay Keller, Marilyn Olmer; died Sept 15, 1993, Schuyler; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

MAAS, Jeannie K, 52: b Apr 1, 1941, Norfolk, to Clarence and Zona (Barr) Armbruster; m C Tom Maas, Sept 16, 1961, Stanton; s Brad; d Teresa, Karla; died Dec 27, 1993, rural Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

MARIK, Irma, b July 17, 1915, near Heun in Colfax County, to Adolph and Christian (Dolezal) Karel; m Joseph F Marik, Apr 21, 1936, Heun; s Joe; d Carole Lachnit; died Oct 27, 1993, Omaha; buried St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

MASTNY, Rynold "Rynie", 71: b Aug 9, 1922, Colfax County, to John and Mary (Sterba) Mastny; m Libbie Ann Cech, Sept 10, 1947, Heun; s Brian; d Denise Miller; died Dec 29, 1993, Schuyler; burial Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Heun, rural Clarkson

MATTHIES, Lester F, 75: b Oct 10, 1918, Cuming County, to Herbert and Anna (Vyborny) Matthies; s Blake, Michel; step-s Harold Johnson, David Johnson; died Nov 8, 1993, Sumpter, Oregon; burial Cascade Mountains, Oregon

MATTHIES, Marie Anna, 87: b Sept 1, 1905, Heralec, Czechoslovakia, to Joseph and Anna (Gregory) Odvarka; m Ralph Matthies, Feb 6, 1926, Omaha; s Duane Sr, LeRoy; d Dorothy Charipar, Delores Perina, Lucille Mundil; died Aug 1, 1993, Clarkson; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

MEJSTRIK, Herman J, 71: b Mar 1, 1922, Howells, to James of Mildred (Wasko) Mejstrik; m Opal Kolar, Feb 18, 1946, Tabor, near Howells; s Dave, Jim; d Judy Scully; died Sept 11, 1993, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

MESCH, Robinette, 67: b Sept 2, 1926, Stanton, to Walter and Pauline (Anders) Schilling; m George Mesch, Oct 19, 1946, Stanton; d Deanna; died Sept 5, 1993, Lincoln; burial Stanton Cemetery

MEYER, Robert, 31: b Mar 10, 1962, West Point, to Earl and Dorothy (Schroeder) Meyer; m Charlene Bernt, Sept 7, 1991, Columbus; s Eric; died June 24, 1993, rural Genoa; burial Valley View Cemetery, Genoa

MISEK, Charlotte Ann, 56: b Dec 16, 1936, Howells, to Rudolph F and Emma (Poledna) Misek; died June 26, 1993, Omaha; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

MLNARIK, Paul, 35: died bef Aug 18, 1993, near Bridgewater, South Dakota

MODROW, Margaret V, 73: b Sept 23, 1919, Meadow Grove, to Laurence M and Minnie (Halsey) Kaufman; m Harold Modrow, July 19, 1940, Walthill; s Roger; d Marilyn Nordeen; died June 22, 1993, Omaha; burial Prospect Hill Cemetery, Norfolk

MOEHNERT, Harold Elvin, 83: b Sept 17, 1909, Madison County, to Emil and Ida (Tetzlaff) Moehnart; m Jean Hill, Apr 11, 1936, Fremont; died May 23, 1993, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

MOHNSEN, Sylvia Mae, 91: b May 16, 1902, Schuyler, to __ Sulc; m Ernest F Mohnsen, Feb 19, 1924, Council Bluffs, Iowa; d Delores Harley, Shirley Kluthe, Betty Bendig; died bef Aug 11, 1993

MOLACEK, Rudolph Frank, 72: b Aug 10, 1920, rural Howells, to Rudolph J and Mary (Konsel) Molacek; m Elaine Brabec, Nov 30, 1957, Clarkson; s Wayne; d Karen Ortmeier; died May 9, 1993, rural Howells; burial St John's Cemetery, Howells

MOSER, Richard J, Sr, 68: b Jan 19, 1925, rural Humphrey, to Joseph and Angela (Melcher) Moser; m Germaine Mausbach, June 2, 1952, Norfolk; m Bernadette Bahns, June 2, 1973, Clarkson; s Richard Jr, Charles, Nicholas, Michael, William; d Terese Anne, Mary Anne Classen; died Sept 25, 1993, Norfolk; burial St Francis Catholic Cemetery, Humphrey

NEMEC, Elsie, 74: b Jan 13, 1919, Stanton, to Fred and Marie (Prusa) Dohnalek; m James Nemec, Sr, Sept 9, 1942, Neligh; s Jim; d Elsie Houdek, Helen "Liz" Witkowski, Rose Nemec, Mary Vetrano; died Dec 10, 1993, Norfolk; burial St Leonard's Cemetery, Madison

NICHELSON, Willard, 62: b to __ and Bertha Nichelson; m Rose Marie __; s Don, Tim; d Ann Brodecky, Kathy Pospisil; died Dec 21, 1993, David City; burial Ashland Cemetery

NIEWOHNER, William, 91: b May 30, 1902, Monterey, to Joseph and Mary (Koemann) Niewohner; s Joe, Daniel, Irwin, Leo, Virgil, Bernie; d Mary Ann Kluthe, Marcie Ortmeier, Betty Cech, Rosemarie McNamara, Rita Ortmeier, Jan Batenhorst; died Aug 6, 1993, Dodge; burial St Leo's Catholic Cemetery, Snyder

NOVOTNY, Adele A, 86: b Apr 5, 1907, rural Howells, to Emil and Rose (Pinker) Novotny; died Nov 11, 1993, Los Angeles, California; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

NOVOTNY, Evelyn: m Richard Novotny; s Gerald, Raymond, Keith; d Dorothy Bahns; diedAug 7, 1993, Sand Diego, California; burial Howells Cemetery

NOZICKA, Julia M, b Colfax County, to Julius and Marie Opratril Kudera; m Ernest Nozicka, Oct 2, 1993, Wahoo; d Angela Vest, Margaret Schweizer, Eleanor Sedlak, Joyce Pracko, Judith Foust, Elizabeth Smith; step-d Leatha Shimerka, Joyce Greenlund; died Dec 5, 1993, David City

ORTMEIER, Katherine, 90: b June 10, 1903, near West Point, to Joseph and Mary (Hardes) Kreikemeier; m Anton Ortmeier, Jan 26, 1927; s Roman, Vincent, Gilbert, Raymond; d Mildred Uher, Patricia Svoboda; died Dec 13, 1993, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

PAPE, Gerald "Jerry", 58: b Oct 3, 1934, Omaha, to Alfred and Leona (Blackford) Pape; m Ruth Eckerman, Oct 1, 1953, Council Bluffs, Iowa; s Scott; d Cindy Schaf, Linda Hegr; died Aug 13, 1993, Omaha; burial Leigh Cemetery

PARR, Edwin H, 72: b Dec 22, 1920, Dodge, to Bernard and Margaret (Burenheide) Parr; m Myra Sila, Feb 11, 1947, West Point; s Kenneth; d Maxine Turner, Judith Ross, Irene Thomsen, Rita Kluck, Judean; died Oct 6, 1993, Fremont; burial St Michael Cemetery, West Point

PETRICEK, Emil C, 82: b Aug 12, 1911, near Howells, to Joseph and Mary (Minarik) Petricek; died Oct 5, 1993, Schuyler; burial St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Tabor

POSPISIL, Anna M, 83: b Dec 26, 1909, Howells, to Emanuel and Anna Karel; m Jerry Pospisil, Apr 13, 1936, Clarkson; s Jerry J; d Ann Mary Stenberg; died bef July 28, 1993; burial Holy Cross Cemetery, Billings, Montana

PRIBNOW, Elmer, 78: b June 3, 1915, Cuming County, to Christ and Anna (Galster) Pribnow; m Rose Marie Sellhorst, Feb 16, 1944, Olean; m Rosalind Pickett, Aug 27, 1990, Schuyler; s Steve; d Karen Kubker; died Oct 25, 1993, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

PRUSA, Emma S, 93: b Mar 3, 1900, rural Howells, to Joseph K and Anna (Dvorak) Semerad; m Rudolph J Prusa, Nov 26, 1918, rural Howells; s Leonard, Joe; d Elaine Drain; died Sept 5, 1993, Dodge; burial St John's Cemetery, Howells

PTACEK, Audrey T, 50: b July 3, 1943, near Dodge, to Emil and Anna (Vogltance) Maresh; s Randall, Anthony; d Marietta Ptacek; died Nov 13, 1993; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

QUALSETT, Ellen Ann, 74: b Jan 8, 1919, St Paul, to Robert and Elnora Helen (Christensen) Armstrong; m Harold Olaf Qualsett, June 1, 1941, St Paul; s Richard, Robert; died Sept 9, 1993, Lincoln; burial Schuyler Cemetery

RACEK, James A, 15: b Oct 4, 1977, Fremont, to Robert and Wilma Racek; died May 19, 1993; burial Killian Cemetery, Morse Bluff

RAYMOND, Sidney Jerome (Rev), 65: m Gladys; s James, Scott, Curtis; d Miriam Mattax, Mary Henderson; died Nov 1993, Corpus Christi, Texas

RENNER, Richard H, 43: b Jan 21, 1950, Omaha, to Ervin and Dolores (Lodes) Renner; s Daniel; d Michelle; died May 28, 1993, Omaha; burial St Peter and Paul Cemetery, Howells

RIDDER, Mary I, 86: b June 8, 1907, Howells, to Hugh and Josephine (Kander) Butterfield; m Anton Ridder, Feb 9, 1926, Howells; s Dean; d Ann Burtwistle, Norma Jean Locke; died June 11, 1993, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

RISCH, Marie Frederika, 92: b Feb 1, 1901, Haskins, to George B and Magdalena (Heilmann) Goeller; m Fred Risch, Dec 31, 1930, Norfolk; s Kermit; d Doris Clatanoff; died Nov 15, 1993, West Point; burial Bohemian National/Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Howells

ROUSEY, Ardath H, 67: b Leigh to Ernest and Flossie Held; m James Rousey, Dec 13, 1948; s James; d Debra Koch, Susanne Armstrong; died June 24, 1993

ROWELL, Kenith W, 28: b Jan 4, 1965, Amarillo, Texas, to Jimmy and Carolyn (Matson) Rowell; m Patty Mundil, Apr 16, 1985, Clarkson; s Christopher; d Candace; died Sept 6, 1993; burial Westlawn Memorial Park Cemetery [Grand Island?]

SANDER, Ida M, 88: b Mar 7, 1905, Creston, to Fred H and Elizabeth (Harnapp) Sander; died Aug 22, 1993, Genoa; burial Roselawn Cemetery, Columbus

SANDER, Josephine L, 92: b Oct 11, 1900, near Humphrey, to Otto and Alma (Goetz) Wendt; m Ernst Sander, Feb 27, 1924, near Leigh; d Evelyn Adams, Jo Ann DeVries; died Oct 5, 1993, Omaha; burial Creston Fairview Cemetery

SAYERS, Helen T, 61: b Aug 23, 1931, rural Howells, to Joseph and Theresa (Vrba) Rehak; m Edwin Sayers, June 24, 1951, Howells; s Edwin Jr, Tony, Jake, Brian; d Jean Vondra, Janel Vrba; died July 17, 1993, Clarkson; burial Sts Cyril and Methodius Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

SCHAFFER, Clara E, 82: b Dec 20, 1910, Ewing, to Frank and Rosa (Weckrley) Vandersnicht; m Conrad Schaffer, June 19, 1934, O'Neill; s David; d Rose Ann Grenier, Frances Seymour, Alice Welty, Kay Michener; died Oct 17, 1993 [Grand Island?]; burial Calvary Cemetery, O'Neill

SCHELLPEPER, Esther Emma, 92: b Feb 25, 1901, near Hoskins, to Otto and Bertha (Guse) Raduenz; m Karll Schellpeper, Dec 20, 1925; s Merlin; d Betty VanErt, Adeline Pettitt, Velma Baker, Elaine Bermel; died June 1, 1993, Osmond; burial Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Hoskins

SCHROEDER, Emma S, 81: b July 10, 1911, rural Clarkson, to Gerhard and Emma (Dehmlow) Menke; m Carl W Schroeder, May 23, 1933, Leigh; s Dennis; d Marc_ Foltz, Lorraine Held; died July 4, 1993, Madison; burial Leigh Cemetery

SCHULZ, Delbert, 80: b Mar 30, 1913, Pilger, to Julius and Gesine (Schwarting) Schulz; m LaVanda Broekemeier, Feb 1, 1934, rural Wisner; s Robert, Michael; d Gloria Vogel; died June 19, 1993, Norfolk; burial Prospect Hill Cemetery [Norfolk?]

SCHUTT, Shayne Leland, 31: b Jan 27, 1962, Tilden, to Wayne and Anne (Brown) Schutt; m Jerene Carney, Dec 21, 1984, Schuyler; s Jeffery, Joseph; d Christina, Alicie Dietz; died Sept 23, 1993; burial Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Tilden

SHOCKER, William Howard, 80: b Dec 5, 1913, Stanton, to John P and Clara (Penn) Schocker; died Dec 24, 1993, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

SHUSTER, Donna, 60: b June 30, 1933, to Henry and Thresa (Kimble) May; m Rudy Shuster, Sept 18, 1951, Schuyler; s Eddie; d Sherry Westphalen; died Aug 20, 1993, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SIECKE, Eric W, 84: b Mar 23, 1909, Wisner, to Theodore and Elizabeth (Renner) Siecke; m Delilah Melcher, Feb 11, 1936, Norfolk; m Winona Bruhn, 1948, Long Beach; d Barbara Wagner; died May 29, 1993, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

SIMERL, Rose, 92: b Nov 12, 1900, near Howells, to Vaclav and Frances (Mrna) Simerl; died Aug 22, 1993, Norfolk; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

SINDELAR, Agnes, 69: b July 14, 1924, Wilson area, Colfax County, to Frank J and Antonia (Dworak) Kudera; m James V Sindelar, Sept 22, 1948, Heun, rural Clarkson; s James F; d Diane Leick; died Sept 18, 1993, Fremont; burial St Mary's Cemetery, Tabor, rural Howells

SKODA, Lloyd Joseph, Sr: b Apr 14, 1921, Clarkson, to Joseph and Blanche (Makousky) Skoda; m Hazel Lee Smith, Apr 13, 1946, Omaha; s Lloyd Joseph Jr, Larry James; d Beverly Ann Wagner, Charlotte M; died July 18, 1993, Mobile, Alabama; burial Pine Crest Cemetery [Mobile, Alabama?]

SMITH, Albert, 83: b Mar 23, 1910, Clinton, Missouri, to Allen and Alberta (King) Smith; m Eva Frank, Aug 30, 1929, Madison; m Elvera Wilson Clark, Aug 2, 1954, West Point; s Allen; d Helen Wassenaar, Ina Gemelke, Elsie Schultz; died June 1, 1993, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

SOBOTA, Joseph J, 83: b Dec 28, 1909, rural Howells, to Joseph and Anna (Brichacek) Sobota; m Julia Cech, Sept 10, 1935; s Gene; died June 11, 1993, Schuyler; burial Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery at Heun

STEFFENSMEIER, Helen E, 82: b Dec 31, 1910, rural West Point, to Frank and Christina (Winkamp) Heimann; m Edward Steffensmeier, Apr 4, 1934, West Point; s Gene, Joseph; d Donna Doernemann, Janet Beran; died bef Aug 25, 1993; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

SYDOW, Leonard H, 78: b Jan 3, 1915, Stanton, to Henry and Minnietta (Tieman) Sydow; m Esther Roenfeldt, Aug 21, 1943, Stanton; s Larry, Jerry, Garry, Mike; d Jackie Severa, Cindy Fischer; died Aug 5, 1993; burial Stanton Cemetery

TENNANT, H S, 98: b Apr 23, 1895, Tukeego, Iowa, to Henry and Clara (Cash) Tennant; m Zira Van Pelt, Dec 2, 1916, Omaha; s (1); died Sept 2, 1993, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

TEPLY, Emma, 96: b Mar 20, 1897, rural Clarkson, to Joseph and Josephine Kocanda Najmon; m Adolf Teply, Oct 15, 1912; d Martha Pauley, Alfreda Havelka, Marcella Coufal; died May 28, 1993, Harlan, Iowa; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

TWOREK, Esther V, 68: b Apr 27, 1925, Humphrey, to William and Erna (Thomas) Steiner; m Joseph P Tworek, May 1, 1946, Humphrey; s Paul, Bill, Tom; d Carol Hobza, Joanie Zoucha, Jennifer Whitefoot, Becky Oppliger; died Dec 9, 1993, David City; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

VAVRA, James A, 85: b Sept 28, 1907, rural Clarkson, to Frank and Katherine (Trunec) Vavra; died June 15, 1993; burial Schuyler Cemetery

VESELY, Joseph E, 79: b Aug 28, 1913, rural Clarkson, to Joseph J and Anna Kotan Vesely; died July 6, 1993 [Clarkson?]

VESELY, Lillian, 85: b Dec 12, 1907, Howells, to Martin and Katherine (Fassbinder) Mikes; m Lumir Vesely, May 3, 1938, Howells; d Norma Davis; died Aug 1, 1993, David City; burial Fremont Memorial Cemetery

VODVARKA, Marie, 81: b Aug 20, 1912, Nova Kdyna, Czechoslovakia, to Joseph and Teresie (Majchar) Cisler; m Joseph Vodvarka Sr, June 4, 1940, Stanton; s Joe Jr, Edward; died Sept 20, 1993, Scribner; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Dodge

VRZAK, Frank A, 82: b Oct 28, 1911, Schuyler; m Jerrie Jonas, Nov 1, 1993 [sic], Schuyler; s Frank; d Colleen Stuebinger; died Aug 10, 1993, Schuyler; burial Holy Trinity Cemetery, Heun

WACHA, Mildred, 79: b Nov 17, 1913, Richland, to John C and Lotie (Keller) Will; m Thomas E Wacha, Apr 22, 1932, Schuyler; s Kennith, Thomas III; died Nov 16, 1993, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

WATCHORN, Eda, 89: b Oct 26, 1903, Russia, to John and Pauline Beitz; m Arthur Watchorn, Apr 8, 1934, Norfolk; s Arlo; d Arlene Gnirk, Ardith Schueth; died July 20, 1993; burial Leigh Cemetery

WEBB, Martha, 97: b May 17, 1896, Stanton County, to Julius and Amelia (Janke) Thieman; m Fred Webb, Nov 13, 1917, Stanton; d Janice Daniel, Betty Daniel, Marcella; died Sept 27, 1993, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

WEITZEL, Chan H, 73: m Grace; s Robert, Richard; died May 15, 1993; burial Seward Cemetery

WELCH, Russell E, 77: b July 30, 1916, Pueblo, Colorado, to Russell and Ida (Monroe) Welch; m Gwen Miller, July 29, 1941, San Francisco, California; s Russell, Daniel; d Kathleen Sauer; died Oct 23, 1993, Lincoln; burial Stanton Cemetery

WENKE, Margaret E, 76: m Adolph Wenke; step-s Robert, Bill; step-d Harriett Campbell; died Aug 9, 1993, Lincoln; burial Stanton Cemetery

WORTMAN, Rolad, 36: b to Ray and Vernell Wortman; died bef Aug 18, 1993, near Bridgewater, South Dakota; burial St Michael's Cemetery, West Point

ZRUST, Vincent J, 78: b May 8, 1915, rural Clarkson, to Joseph and Anna (Prokopec) Zrust; died Dec 2, 1993, Dodge; burial Clarkson Catholic Cemetery

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