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Colfax Co., NE - 1996 Deaths (Colfax Co. Press) NEGenWeb Project
1996 Deaths Reported in the Colfax County Press

KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS: b = born; d = daughter; s = son; m = married

ABRAHAM, Lewis, 88: b July 17, 1907, Colfax County, to Jacob and Anna (Stibal) Abraham; m Emma Kehrli, Aug 24, 1946; d Sharon Oltmer, Connie Young; died Mar 26, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

ALDER, Charles D, 39: b May 16, 1957, Creighton, to Harold and Marcella (Chocholousek) Alder; m Pat Marshal, June 15, 1974, Yankton, South Dakota; s Greg; d Marsha Sander, Michelle; died Nov 4, 1996; burial Riverside Cemetery

ANDERSON, Arthur T, 81: b Jan 30, 1916, Prague, to Henry T and Olga (Vavak) Anderson; m Amelia Dolph, Dec 15, 1935, Seward; s Ardon; d Ardith Schutte, Alice Staroscik, Ramona Brannon; died Mar 29, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

ARKFELD, Rick (Father): died bef Oct 17, 1996; burial St Patrick's Cemetery, Battle Creek

ARNESON, Brittiny Morgan, 1: b Sept 20, 1995, York, to Ed and Kelly (Cisler) Arneson; died Oct 24, 1996, Ogallala; burial Ogallala Cemetery

ASCHE, Edward, 91: b July 13, 1904, Leigh, to John and Alvina (Wurdeman) Asche; m Louise M Becker, Nov 26, 1929, Howells; s Robert J, Richard E, Edward T "Tom"; died Apr 1, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

AYRES, Eleanor, 80: b July 28, 1916, Leigh, to Adolph and Mary (Mrnsy) Zabka; m John Ayres; s John Jr; d Denise Calhoun; died Oct 2, 1996, Bellflower, California; burial Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, California

BAHNS, John Herman, 94: b Aug 18, 1902, rural Clarkson, to Theodore and Anna (Navrkal) Bahns; m Marie Molacek, Feb 9, 1926, Leigh; s Marvin, Melvin; died Aug 18, 1996, Schuyler; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

BARR, Robert A, 46: b Mar 13, 1949, Norfolk, to Kermitt and Ethylmae (Bolzell) Barr; m Donna Hansen, Mar 7, 1970, Stanton; d Tiffany; died Feb 14, 1996, Omaha; burial Evergreen Memorial Park, Omaha

BARTAK, Esther, 90: b Feb 1, 1906, Stanton, to Samuel and Frances (Matthews) Pont; m Rudy Bartak, Dec 26, 1930; s Jerry; d Sharon Quackenbush, Caryle Donscheski; died Mar 6, 1996, Lincoln; burial Crown Hill Cemetery, Madison

BARTAK, Robert C, 77: b Nov 22, 1918, Stanton County, to Charles and Bessie (Vlasek) Bartak; m Evelyn Prchal, Dec 11, 1945, Schuyler; s Robert, Ronald, David, Gary; d Diane Scheffler, Donna Wurdeman, Deb Koenig; died Sept 21, 1996, Madison; burial Crown Hill Cemetery [Madison?]

BARTH, Russell Vernon: b July 6, 1925, Broken Bow, to Charles and Evelyn (Nicholas) Barth; m Florence Dempsey, Sept 4, 1948, Mystic, Connecticut; d Sandra Wayne, Joanne Izzo; died Mar 17, 1996, Niantic, Connecticut

BAUMERT, Louis Frank, 89: b Oct 19, 1906, rural Howells, to Joseph and Agnes (Steffensmeier) Baumert; m Clara Stangel, Aug 22, 1933, Howells; s George, Ron, Lambert; died Sept 19, 1996, Schuyler; burial St Peter and Paul's Cemetery, Howells

BAYER, Mary Margaret, 58: b Dec 16, 1937, New York, New York, to __ Johnson [?]; m Dean Charles Bayer, Oct 24, 1981, Hollywood, California; died June 16, 1996, Panorama City, California; burial Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California

BAZATA, Delvan M, 62: b Apr 22, 1933, Howells, to Frank R and Blanche (Diesterhaupt) Bazata; m Agnes Vering, Nov 20, 1956, Howells; s Dan, Doug; d Debbie Brabec; died Mar 23, 1996; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

BECKER, Bart M, 90: b Oct 12, 1906, Schuyler, to Peter and Lizzie (Clemens) Becker; m Emma Busch, June 20, 1939, Schuyler; s Pete, Bart; d Mary Snitily, Ann, Monica Choca, Geralyn McGourty; died Oct 13, 1996, Papillion; burial Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, rural Schuyler

BEHMER, Clara M, 100: b Aug 29, 1895, Stanton County, to Gustave and Martha (Gnirk) Kollath; m Otto E Behmer, Feb 6, 1916, Hoskins; s (3); died May 26, 1996; burial St Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, Norfolk

BELINA, Theresia M, 92: d Marie Wolkow; died Sept 1996; burial St Wenceslaus Cemetery, Dodge

BERGERS, Bernice, 64: b Apr 14, 1932, Sassaway, West Virginia, to Alfred and Janavie Holmes; m Donald Bergers; s Duane, Robert A, Kenneth E; died Dec 20, 1996, Schuyler; burial Greenwood Cemetery, Greenwood

BILLERBECK, Emelia "Millie", 89: b Dec 7, 1906, Fort Wayne, Indiana, to G H and Freida (Magnussen) Hofius; m Eugene Billerbeck, Aug 20, 1932, Hadar; d Doris Ostwald; died Oct 16, 1996, Boulder, Colorado; burial Snyder Cemetery

BLESSEN, Jay G, 21: b June 3, 1974, Columbus, to Gary and Judy (Korte) Blessen; died Apr 27, 1996, Norfolk; burial St John's Lutheran Cemetery, rural Columbus

BOLDT, Ella L, 87: b Jan 31, 1909, Norfolk, to Anton and Bertha (Neitzke) Villnow; m August B Boldt, Dec 8, 1929, Noroflk; s LaVaughn, Delwyn, Robert, Marlen; died May 31, 1996, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

BOWERS, Steven, 30: b July 20, 1966, Norfolk, to Clarence and Loretta (Jindra) Bowers; died Aug 19, 1996, Norfolk; burial Prospect Hill Cemetery [Norfolk?]

BRDICKO, Sylvia Emma, 99: b Mar 19, 1897, Morse Bluff, to Frank and Anna (Peckanec) Sobeslavsky; m Joseph Brdicko, Jr, Jan 26, 1922, Clarkson; s Lamar; d Annetta Wallick; died June 10, 1996, Clarkson; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

BROCK, Lydia, 91: b Dec 14, 1904, Lincoln, to Jacob and Kathryn (Harding) Ditter; m F W "Bill" Brock, Feb 18, 1925, rural Leigh; s LaVern; d Edna Hoessel, Nadine Hillen; died Oct 13, 1996, Clarkson; burial St Pauls' Cemetery, rural Leigh

BROWDER, Alisha Marie, 13: b Feb 11, 1983, Cambridge, to Bonnie Bunning; died Sept 9, 1996, Clarkson

BRUHN, Donald J, 65: b July 4, 1930, Stanton County, to Marcus and Dora Bruhn; died bef Apr 27, 1996; burial Stanton Cemetery

BURENHEIDE, Margaret, 86: b July 4, 1909, Leigh, to Herman and Meta Marie (Rieck) Bahns; m Fred Burenheide, Feb 5, 1929, Leigh; s Allen; d Mary Ann Doernemann, Nadine Sailer, Alice Rolf, Kathleen Ernesti; died Apr 14, 1996, Dodge; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

CANTLON, Eugene R "Gene", 83: b Apr 1, 1913, Ettrick, Wisconsin, to Richard and Mary Jane (Crogan) Cantlon; m Kathleen Kennedy, Feb 7, 1946, Armstrong, Iowa; s Gary; d Janet Mira, Joanne Terry; died Oct 2, 1996, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

CECH, Marvin Joseph, 59: b July 15, 1936, Howells, to Lada and Louise (Belina) Cech; m Joan Nickolite, May 27, 1961, Columbus; s Greg, Todd, Tim, Andy; d Tammy; died May 9, 1996, Columbus; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

CECH, Vera Rebecca, 93: b July 27, 1902, Osceola, to Amos and Minnie (May) Elledge; m Emil C Cech, Oct 18, 1927, Des Moines, Iowa; died June 12, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

CHLEBOUN, Lily, 86: b Aug 1, 1910, Stanton County, to John and Josephine (Sindelar) Fisher; m Fred James Chleboun, Sept 20, 1932; s Roger Lee, Eugene Gerald, Dale David; d Donna Faye Ward, Karen Kay Lyons; died Sept 5, 1996, Norfolk; burial Pilger Cemetery

CHUDOMELKA, Lois Elaine, 71: b Sept 2, 1925, rural Scribner, to Herman G and Alma (Witte) Suhr; m Thomas C Chudomelka, Dec 21, 1947, Hooper; d Sandra Travnicek; died Oct 9, 1996, Largo, Florida; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

CLAUSEN, Florence, 93: b May 25, 1902, near Leigh, to Peter and Wilhemina (Rolf) Glandt; m Olie R Clausen, Jan 20, 1925, Council Bluffs, Iowa; s Duane, LaVern; d Bonnie Converse, Nadine Dieckman; died Feb 1, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

CONNELLY, Thomas P, Sr, 67: b Aug 28, 1928, Omaha, to John and Jasmine (Knapp) Connelly; m Betty Jones, Jan 11, 1952, Omaha; s John, Thomas Jr; d Elizabeth Janousek; died Aug 21, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

CORKLE, Richard, 64: b July 6, 1931, Norfolk, to Charles and Mildred (Torpy) Corkle; m Jean Martin, Feb 23, 1953, London; s Martin; d Margaret Stoffer, Maureen Johnson, Amy Gall; died Feb 20, 1996, Omaha

CRANSTON, Linda S, 44: b Sept 11, 1951, Humphrey, to Marvin and Helen (Ritter) Kratochvil; m Terry E Cranston, July 26, 1971, Junction City, Kansas; s Robert; d Rebecca Pauly; died Aug 21, 1996, Grand Island

CUBA, Helen V, 88: b Nov 15, 1907, Duncan, to Joseph and Vera (Ziemba) Swerczek; m John W Cuba, Feb 14, 1924, Krakow; s Leonard, Richard; d Genevieve, Evelyn Birkel, Helen Dinges, Phyllis Roth; died Apr 19, 1996, David City; burial Valley View Cemetery, Genoa

CUBA, Isadore F, 84: b July 17, 1912, Silver Creek, to John and Mary (Zelazny) Cuba Sr; m Veronica Ksiazek, Apr 8, 1947; s Fred, Junior; d Mary Anne Bramble, Kay Borden; died Dec 13, 1996, Hastings; burial Parkview Cemetery, Hastings

CUMMING, Mildred Mae, 94: b June 21, 1902, St Edward; m Robert D Cumming, Sept 12, 1923, Schuyler; s Lyle; d Nila Munson; died Nov 27, 1996, St Edward; burial Evergreen Cemetery, St Edward

DAVIDSON, Verone Gruenther, 84: b Platte Center; m Garrison Davidson; s Garrison H Jr, Thomas M, Allen R; d Linda Hurst, Bonny Bardellini, Gail; died June 22, 1996, Oakland

DAVIS, Michael J, 28: b Dec 16, 1967, Columbus, to Norman and Jane (Studnicka) Davis; died June 21, 1996, Omaha; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

DeGROOT, William, 72: b Mar 3, 1924, Madison, to Anton and Mildred (Hansen) DeGroot; m Eileen Lintner, Sept 18, 1947, Columbus; s Norman, Tom; died Nov 25, 1996, Norfolk; burial Crown Hill Cemetery [Madison?]

DEICHMANN, George H, 84: b Apr 21, 1912, rural Leigh, to Arthur and Anna (Mueller) Deichmann; m Alice Reininger, Feb 7, 1934, Leigh; d Bernice Busteed, Mona Moje; died Mar 1997; burial Leigh Cemetery

DeWISPELARE, Donald, 53: b Nov 23, 1942, David City, to Frank and Anna (Novak) DeWispelare; m Patricia A Coufal, July 16, 1963, Brainard; s Dean; d Deanne Kabourek, Dawn; died Oct 4, 1996, David City; burial St Mary's Cemetery, David City

DIRKSCHNEIDER, Blanche, 89: b Aug 19, 1906, rural Howells, to Frank and Rose (Kovar) Evert; m Alois Dirkschneider, Nov 25, 1925, Howells; s Delvin, Robert; d Jeanette Vavrina, Sharon Richey; died Feb 25, 1996, West Point; burial St Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

DOERNEMAN, Wilbur H, 67: b Nov 16, 1928, Cuming County, to Theodore and Amelia (Schlautman) Doerneman; m Lavaine Uher, May 4, 1949, Howells; s Duane, Ron, Keith, Dale; d Sharon Shaffer, Denise Humlicek, Jolene Doerneman; died Feb 11, 1996, Lincoln; burial St Aloysius Catholic Cemetery, Aloys

DOHSE, Ella M, 86: b July 16, 1909, Colfax County, to James and Anna (Pojar) Dlouhy; m Adolph Dohse, Feb 24, 1930, Colfax County; s Delvin; d Delma Magsamen; died June 2, 1996, Dodge; burial Schuyler Cemetery

DOLEZAL, Charles, 89: m Marie; s Robert; died bef Nov 27, 1996; burial St John's Cemetery [Omaha?]

DONSCHESKI, Ruby M, 91: b Aug 25, 1905, Madison County, to George and Marie (Andersen) Willoughby; m George Donscheski, Sept 26, 1928, Madison; d Donna Ritter; died Nov 5, 1996, Clarkson; burial Crown Hill Cemetery, Madison

DOSTAL, James E "Gene", 54: b Oct 7, 1941, Howells, to James and Tillie (Semerad) Dostal; m Adeline Bohac, Aug 1, 1964, Touhy; s Jamie, Jared; d Kay Lynn Machacek; died Jan 23, 1996, Omaha; burial St Francis Cemetery, Wahoo

DOWNEY, John Patrick (Rev), 81: b Aug 16, 1914, Newcastle, to John Patrick and Mary Elen (Dougherty) Downey; died Aug 5, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

DUNKER, Caroline "Carrie", 89: b May 15, 1907, Drine, near Kladna, Czechoslovakia, to Fredrick and Josephine (Hrabejet) Dietrich; m William R Dunker, Oct 6, 1926, Stanton; s Laurance, Gordon, Robert; d Mary Van Heufeln, Elaine; died June 15, 1996, Fremont; burial Schuyler Cemetery

DUNKER, Lillian A, 87: b Apr 2, 1909, near Howells; m Riemal Dunker, Feb 7, 1934, Stanton; s Byron; d Carol Boerrigter, Lois Beck, Linda Ferguson; died May 7, 1996, Fremont; burial Memorial Cemetery, Fremont

DVORAK, Anna F, 86: b Feb 11, 1910, rural Clarkson, to Frank S and Frances (Urban) Novotny; m Frank H Dvorak, Jan 15, 1934, Clarkson; s Frank; d Dorothy Moore, Doris Svik; died Sept 14, 1996, Columbus; burial Clarkson Catholic Cemetery

DVORAK, Herman S, 85: b Jan 3, 1911, Colfax County, to John J and Blazina (Folda) Dvorak; m Martha Novotny, Sept 26, 1939, Clarkson; s Norman, Rolland; died Dec 19, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

DVORAK, Joseph V, 94: b July 3, 1901, near Dodge,t o Anton and Ann (Mestl) Dvorak; m Elizabeth Wisnieski, July 1, 1927, Dodge; s Ernest, Joseph; died May 18, 1996, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

DVORAK, Robert C, 74: b June 3, 1921, Colfax County, to Luduslav and Anna (Vavra) Dvorak; m Marcella Severyn, July 27, 1948, Schuyler; s Michael, Joseph; d Joan Salak, Jean Bouc, Judy Eller, Jane, Janet; died Apr 28, 1996, Schuyler; burial Wilson Cemetery, rural Schuyler

ECKSTEIN, Antoinette, 81: b June 10, 1914, Saunder County, to Anton and Frances (Hamerdla) Reznicek; m Joseph C Eckstein, June 1, 1936, Omaha; s Joseph; d Betti Podany; died Jan 18, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

EDGAR, Alice, 100: b June 26, 1896, rural Rogers, to John and Antonia (Hobza) Perrin; m Everad Edgar, Apr 20, 1921, Schuyler; d Marilyn McIntire; died Oct 19, 1996, Hastings; burial Schuyler Cemetery

EISENMENGER, Ralph, 89: b June 21, 1906, Humphrey, to Michael and Mary (Pelle) Eisenmenger; m Eleanor Folz, Aug 26, 1930, Humphrey; s Len, Paul, David, Ervin, Larry; d Margie Zach, Leona Hastreiter, Dorothy Shanle, Alice Labez, Phyllis Albright, Elaine Chohon, Mary Lou Nienaber, Helen Weidner; died May 25, 1996, Norfolk; burial St Francis Catholic Cemetery, Humphrey

ENOS, Frances Belle: b 1907, Stanton, to George A and L Belle Enos; died Dec 21, 1996, Portland, Oregon; burial Salem (Oregon) Belcrest Memorial Park Cemetery

FECHNER, Bess, 87: m Albert Fechner; died Dec 4, 1996, Sun City, Arizona; burial Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Lincoln

FENDRICK, Deborah Ann, 41: b Aug 4, 1955, Schuyler, to Alvin J and Rose (Madr) Slegl; m Richard Fendrick, June 12, 1982, Schuyler; s Joe Svasek; died Aug 29, 1996, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

FENDRICK, Helen, 81: b Sept 29, 1914, rural Clarkson, to Anton and Annie (Maliha) Fendrick; died Mar 19, 1996, Fremont; burial St Mary's Cemetery, Wilson, rural Clarkson

FORBES, Helen, 90: b Mar 22, 1906, Stanton County, to David C and Dell (Cornwell) Spangler; m Elton B Forbes, 1937; d Jane Dell Forbes; died May 11, 1996, Sun City, Arizona; burial Stanton Cemetery

FOY, Charles J (Chic), 85: m Rita; s Larry, Marvin; d Janet Dunker, Marlene Johnson; died bef Mar 30, 1996; burial St Leos Cemetery, Snyder

FREIBERG, Louise M "Lucile", 102: b Apr 22, 1893, Telbasta, to Henry and Louise (Meyerhenry) Voge; m William Freiberg, Feb 18, 1920, Red Wing, Minnesota; s Robert; d Joyce Meilike; died Mar 23, 1996, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

GAUGHEN, Emma Olivia, 65: b June 4, 1931, Howells, to Joseph and Pauline (Hajek) Vacha; m J LaVerne Gaughen, Nov 22, 1949, Howells; s John, Pat; d Colleen Clayton, Cathi, Chris, Jeanette Williams; died Oct 29, 1996, Grand Island; burial Aurora Catholic Cemetery

GAUGHEN, John LaVerne "Vern", 68: b Aug 21, 1927, Schuyler, to Edward "Butch" and Lucille (Pollard) Gaughen; m Emma Vacha, Nov 22, 1949, Howells; s John, Pat; d Coleen Clayton, Chris, Cathi, Jeanette Williams; died May 1, 1996, Aurora; burial Aurora Catholic Cemetery

GREWEK, Irene F, 88: m Lambert D Grewek, June 6, 1928, Dodge; s Donald; died Jan 11, 1996, Fremont; burial St Leo's Catholic Cemetery, Snyder

GRONENTHAL, Mary Ann, 81: b Aug 19, 1915, Humphrey, to Frank and Mary (Miller) Fischer; m Lawrence Gronenthal, Nov 21, 1938, Newport, Kentucky; s Larry; d Donna Brunnert, Doris Kaup, Janie Arnold; died Dec 19, 1996, Lincoln; burial St Patrick/St Joseph Cemetery, rural Platte Center

GROSS, Ida M, 100, b Oct 13, 1895, near Clarkson, to John and Anna Swoboda; m August Gross, Apr 26, 1922, Omaha; s Arthur Frances Gross; d Arlene Baird; died May 9, 1996, Central City; burial Central City Cemetery

GROULIK, Roma O, 81: b Feb 10, 1915, Clarkson, to Louis and Hermie (Rayman) Kabes; m Lud J Groulik, Apr 2, 1933, Papillion; died May 14, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

HAHN, David D, 56: b June 27, 1940, Fremont, to Clarence J and Lillian (Bukacek) Han; m Su-Zann Hollingshad; ss, Steven; sd, Paula, Lisa; died Dec 27, 1996, New York City; burial Elizabeth Cemetery, Colorado

HAJEK, Ina E, 79: b Aug 23, 1917, Mead, to Owen and Hildur (Sward) Sullivan; m Hugh Johnson; m Bernard J Hajek, Dec 2, 1963, Thedford; step-s Ron Hajek, John Hajek; died Sept 8, 1996, Verdigre; burial Highland Cemetery [Lynch?]

HAMATA, Elden "Pike" V, 82: b Aug 20, 1914, Schuyler, to Peter and Mary (Mastny) Hamata; m Viola Kucera, Nov 23, 1937, Schuyler; d Marlene Eckert; died Sept 1, 1996, Columbus; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

HANKINS, Walter, 84: b May 13, 1912, Stanton County, to John and Augusta (Weigle) Hankins; m Selma Svenson, Oct 21, 1937, Fremont; s Doug, Wayne; died Nov 14, 1996, Stanton; burial Bega Cemetery, near Stanton

HARPER, Anna Margaret, 87: b Dec 21, 1908, Orent, South Dakota, to Christ and Margaret (Wofel) Bake; m Joseph R Meier, Feb 19, 1390, West Point; m ___; died Mar 24, 1996, West Point; burial Mount Hope Cemetery, West Point [part of obituary missing]

HARTFORD, Martin Philip, 63: b Nov 8, 1932, Pierce, to Edwin and Ada (Reihart) Hartford; m Alyce Hester, May 9, 1954, Norfolk; d Diane Doorenbos, Julie Showalter, Marla Sigor; died Sept 22, 1996; burial Stanton Cemetery

HASKIN, Ronald C, 41: b Jan 28, 1955, Plainview, to Raymond and Rena (Brandt) Haskin; died June 15, 1996; burial West Cedar Valley Cemetery

HASKINS, Robert Lee "Bobby": b Oct 16, 1966, Columbus, to Kenneth and Yvonne (Moore) Haskins; died Sept 29, 1996, Clarkson; burial Roselawn Memorial Cemetery, Columbus

HASSLER, Leo A, 76: b Feb 10, 1920, rural West Point, to Charles and Josephine (Beyer) Hassler; m Frances Renner, Feb 3, 1944, rural West Point; s Kenneth, Daniel; d Mary Mostek, Vernell Ernesti; died Oct 30, 1996, West Point; burial Olean Sacred Heart Cemetery, rural Dodge

HAVEL, Rose, 99: b July 27, 1898, Clarkson, to Joseph and Catherine (Jonas) Pavel; m James Havel, June 27, 1920, Clarkson; s Raymond; d Ruby Kruntorad; died July 30, 1996, Neligh; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

HEIMANN, Raymond B, 86: b May 2, 1910, near West Point, to Frank and Theresa (Kluthe) Heimann; m Gertrude Kampschneider, Jan 14, 1936, Olean; s Donald, Robert; d Elaine Burger, Janice Suter; died May 13, 1996, Fremont; burial Calvary Cemetery [Fremont?]

HEINOLD, Adolph W, 86: b Nov 29, 1909, Stanton, to John and Marie (Hartman) Heinold; m Laura Keenan, Jan 29, 1936, Stanton; s LaVerne; d Marilyn Siecke; died July 27, 1996, Omaha; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park, Norfolk

HEITZ, Elaine, 70: b Dec 8, 1926, Schuyler, to Frank and Louise (Lorenzen) Heun; m Jim Heitz, Sept 10, 1947, Schuyler; d Eileen Hrouda, Jody Stiers; died Dec 14, 1996, Schuyler; burial Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Schuyler

HELLBUSCH, Clarence E, 81: b Mar 4, 1915, Humphrey, to Rudolf and Lucy (Hagelman) Hellbusch; m Elaine Franzen, July 7, 1936, Leigh; d Norma Gertsch; died Aug 22, 1996, Columbus; burial St John's Lutheran Cemetery, rural Columbus

HEUERMAN, Verona, 80: b May 3, 1915, near Pilger, to John and Clara (Stigge) Broekemeier; m Rudolph F Kudlac, Feb 7, 1935, near Howells; m Walter H Heuerman, Dec 27, 1955, Wisner; s Kenneth Kudlac, Elden Kudlac, Dale Kudlac; d Wanda Monette, Carol Russman; died Mar 1, 1996, Fremont; burial St John's Lutheran Cemetery, near Howells

HILL, Gregory J, 40: b Nov 15, 1955, Norfolk, to William and Darlene (Wickert) Hill; died May 19, 1996, Kearney; burial Stanton Cemetery

HILZ, Dennis Charles, 56: b Howells, to Edward and Mayme (Vesely) Hilz; m Patricia; s Todd, Jeffery, Timothy White; d Jennifer, Lisa Davis; died Mar 1997; burial Arlington Memorial Park, Atlanta, Georgia

HOBEL, Joseph, 96: b June 23, 1900, Leigh, to Frank and Mary (Malena) Hobel; m Eva May Humphrey, Oct 10, 1923; died Aug 15, 1996, Tilden; burial Park Cemetery, Elgin

HOBZA, Rudolph L, 84: b Jan 28, 1912, rural Leigh, to Rudolph H and Pauline (Klinsky) Hobza; m Margaret Sander, Jan 28, 1941, Papillion; s Myron; d Marjorie Johnson; died May 3, 1996, Columbus; burial Leigh Cemetery

HOLLMANN, Leonhard A, 85: b Nov 2, 1911, rural Columbus, to Carl and Lucia (Luschen) Hollmann; m Berniece Lake, Mar 29, 1936, Madison; s Terry, Leonard, Clayton; d Carolyn Kasper, Vicki Schwartzer; died Nov 29, 1996, Bellwood; burial St Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, rural Leigh

HOLTMAN, Ervin, 85: b Oct 8, 1910, Arlington, to William and Emma (Lallman) Holtman; m Doris Robinson, Feb 18, 1946, Kansas; m Leona Jacke, July 29, 1974, Neligh; step-d Sandra Locke; died Apr 8, 1996, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

HOOKER, Joel (Doc), 61: b Oct 25, 1934, Parnell, Missouri, to Joel Edward and Margie Leslie (Mayfield) Hooker; m Jeanne Joyce, Oct 2, 1986; s Thomas, Christopher; d Amy, Robin James, Cindy Manning; died Feb 17, 1996, Springdale, Arkansas; burial St Joseph's Cemetery, Parnell, Missouri

HOPPE, Marilyn D, 66: b Feb 3, 1929, Columbus, to Albert and Gertrude (Fahnrich) Krumland; m Arlo Hoppe, Sept 24, 1969, Columbus; s James, Tom, Richard; died Jan 7, 1996, Schuyler

HOPPE, Peg, 78: b Oct 19, 1918, Clinton, Iowa, to Frank and Fern (McLarnan) Tooley; m Fred "Fritz" Hoppe, Mar 25, 1940, Columbus; s Frank, Fred, Diane Birkel, Mary Lou Kunneman, Betty Jo Kodad; died Nov 20, 1996, Lincoln; burial Holy Cross Cemetery, rural Schuyler

HOREJSI, Rose C, 82: b Sept 4, 1913, Clarkson, to Joseph T and Rose Marie (Krouzel) Sup; m Lambert Horejsi, Nov 7, 1940, Wayne; s David, Larry, Thomas; died Mar 8, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

HOUFEK, Agnes Mary, 86: b Dec 24, 1909, Leigh, to Gus A and Mary (Severin) Schlueter; m Gerlad A Houfek, June 1, 1931, Clarkson; s Gerald H; d Geraldine Brabec, Regina Gall, Mary Ann; died June 24, 1996, Schuyler; burial St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Leigh

HOUFEK, Joe M, 83: b May 8, 1912, rural Clarkson, to Joseph and Agnes (Dlouhy) Houfek; m Libbie Karel, 1933, Schuyler; m Fern Jensen, Sept 21, 1968, Omaha; s Joe A; died Mar 10, 1996, Lincoln; burial SS Cyril and Methodius Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

HOUFEK, Mary C, 79: b Apr 18, 1916, southwest of Clarkson, to Henry and Marguerite (Rolfs) Bahns; m Frank Houfek, July 16, 1940, Leigh; s David, Dennis; died Feb 22, 1996, Clarkson; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

HUBENKA, Marcella Ann, 70: b Aug 17, 1925, rural Howells, to Joseph F and Theresa (Vrba) Rehak, Sr; m Arnold Hubenka, Jan 9, 1955, rural West Point; s Joe, Elhart; d Sandra, Henrietta, Kathryn; died Aug 13, 1996, Omaha; burial St Mary's Cemetery, Leigh

HUISMANN, Gerhard A, Jr, 67: b July 25, 1929, Clarkson, to Gerhard and Martha (Stiener) Huismann, Sr; m Rose Ann Molacek, Mar 12, 1952, Clarkson; s Larry, Terry, Gary; died Nov 7, 1996, Norfolk; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

HUISMANN, Harold Henry, 63: b Dec 10, 1932, Clarkson, to Gerhard and Martha (Steiner) Huismann; m Irene C Matulka, Nov 24, 1953, Schuyler; s Kenneth M, Mark; died Oct 20, 1996, Omaha; burial Fort McPhearson National Cemetery, Maxwell

HUNKE, Alfred B, 80: b Mar 10, 1916, West Point, to Anton and Amelia (Schmidt) Hunke; m Alice Tully, Oct 8, 1940, Nort Bend; s Francis; d Margaret Peterson; died Apr 25, 1996, Stanton; burial St Henry's Catholic Cemetery, near Howells

HUNKE, Mary M, 90: b Nov 24, 1905, Aloys in Cuming County, to Joseph and Mary (Koemann) Niewohner; m Albert Hunke, Jan 27, 1926, Snyder; s Donald, Robert; died Apr 25, 1996, Dodge; burial St Michael's Cemetery [West Point?]

JAHRMARKT, Alfred F, 85: b Dec 20, 1910, rural Synder, to Friedrich "Fred" and Martha (Retke) Jahrmarkt; m Helena Tobola, Aug 24, 1936, Pender; s Frankie; d Marcine Juhl; died Mar 31, 1996, West Point; burial Bohemian National cemetery, Clarkson

JAHRMARKT, Helena M, 85: b Mar 20, 1911, south of Dodge, to James and Emma (Zastera) Tobola; m Alfred F Jahrmarkt, Aug 24, 1936, Pender; s Frankie; d Marcine Juhl; died Oct 27, 1996, Scribner; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

JANDA, Charles A "Cheena", 89: b Clarkson, to Charles and Rose Janda; m Irene Koudele, Apr 15, 1946, Clarkson; d Janet Rouillard; died July 1, 1996, Plainview, Minnesota; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JANDA, Joe H "Puddy", 88: b July 13, 1908, Clarkson, to Charles and Rose (Molacek) Janda; m Marcella Kratochvil, Nov 19, 1942, Schuyler; d Judy Blaker; died Oct 26, 1996, Schuyler; burial Clarkson Cemetery

JANECEK, Mary J, 107: b May 6, 1889, Dodge, to Anton and Eleanora (Jakl) Kriz; m Elhard Janecek, June 16, 1908, Fremont; m Frank A Janceck, 1949; s Albin, Floyd; d Milada Beaumont; step-s Eldon, William; step-d Irma Heimann, Marie Pospishil; died July 18, 1996; burial Bohemian National Cemetery [Dodge?]

JARESKE, Virginia, 54: b Nov 14, 1941, Raymondville, Texas, to Desmond and Allein (Sells) Carroll; s Greg, Tim; d Joy; died Mar 6, 1996, Omaha; burial Stanton Cemetery

JEDLICKA, Henry, 93: b Jan 4, 1903, Colfax County, to Karel and Frances (Maly) Jedlicka; m Gladys Mares, May 23, 1928, Schuyler; d Mrs William Slattery; died Jan 4, 1996, Clarkson; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JIROVEC, Richard John, 91: b Mar 30, 1904, rural Clarkson, to Vaclav and Bessie (Rybacek) Jirovec; m Emily Hladik, Feb 25, 1930, Clarkson; s Richard; died Jan 9, 1996, Dodge; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

JOHANNES, Christopher Lee, 12: b Dec 1, 1983, Sioux City, to Vernon W and Bonnie Lee (Ritter) Johannes; died May 31, 1996, Sioux City, Iowa; burial Creston Fairview Cemetery, Creston

JONAS, Charles V, 91: b Nov 22, 1904, Richland, to Charles and Pauline (Brodecky) Jonas Sr; m Rose Dvorak; d Charlotte Crosby; died July 20, 1996, Omaha; burial Holy Trinity Catholic Church at Heun, rural Clarkson

JUVA, Stanley, 86: b Oct 22, 1909, rural Clarkson, to John and Stazie (Brichacek) Juva; died Jan 10, 1996; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

KANE, Ann, 91: b May 14, 1904, Prague, Czechoslovakia, to Ferdinand and Frances Forchtner; m William Kane, June 26, 1926, Omaha; s Don, John; d Dolores Kropp, Linda Marshall; died Jan 16, 1996, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

KARASEK, Lillian B, 90: b Nov 2, 1905, Clarkson, to Joseph and Josephine Suchy; m Emil Karasek, Apr 7, 1925; s Milo E, Robert M, Charles F, Emil J, Joseph D; d Dorothy Piper, Lillian Gorham, Patricia Togashi; died bef May 1, 1996; burial Hillcrest Cemetery, Omaha

KAREL, Frank J, 71: b July 30, 1925, rural Stanton County, to Joseph and Emily (Mundil) Karel, Sr; m Norma Jindra, Apr 22, 1947, Clarkson; d Kathy McKown, Cynthia Lewallen; died Aug 8, 1996, Kansas City, Missouri; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

KASPER, Rudolph Ernest, 80: b Jan 8, 1916, Schuyler, to Frank and Anna (Knopf) Kasper; m Mae Lusche, June 16, 1937; s Dwight, Gary, William; died Nov 28, 1996, Omaha; burial Columbus Cemetery

KAUP, Clarence L, 57: b Dec 10, 1938, West Point, to Henry and Ella (Heimann) Kaup; m Doris Gronenthal, June 5, 1965, Platte Center; s Mark; d Janell, Janet, Cheryl, Vicki, Dawn; died Jan 14, 1996, Wisner; burial St Aloysius Catholic Cemetery, Aloys

KELLER, Phyllis, 68: b Raeville, to Aloys and Mary (Mackel) Moser; m Donald Keller, Apr 17, 1951, Raeville; s David, Francis, Pat, John, Charles, Kenneth, Jerry; d Marian Avrizu, Dee Johnson, Grace, Ruth Chestnut; died Jan 8, 1996; burial St Francis Catholic Cemetery, Humphrey

KING, Joseph A, 73: b Mar 28, 1923, Winnebago, to John and Mary (Menard) King; s Woodrow, Frank, Ron; d Rose Renner, Kathy Kaasch, Donna, Becky Petermann, Cindy Jameson; died July 12, 1996, Schuyler; burial Abie Cemetery

KLIMA, Evelyn A, 72: b Mar 2, 1923, Schuyler, to Rudolph and Libby (Krejci) Hobza; m Longin Sindelar, Sept 2, 1950, Tabor; m Frank Klima, June 4, 1971, Heun (rural Clarkson); d Marilyn Stubbert; died Aug 30, 1996, Omaha; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

KMOCH, Emma, 84: b Nov 1, 1912, rural Howells, to Thomas and Antonia (Drahota) Novotny; m James Kmoch, Apr 15, 1939, Howells; s James; died Nov 6, 1996, Schuyler; burial St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Leigh

KNIPPING, Rudolph, 71: b Nov 29, 1925, Howells, to Anton C and Josephine Kuzel Knipping; m Agnes; s Jeff; d Maureen Brew, Mary Kay Watkins, Geri Algya, Sandy Thoendel, Nancy; died bef May 23, 1996; burial Calvary Cemetery [Omaha?]

KNOBBE, Dennis C, 76: b Feb 28, 1920, near West Point, to Henry and Anna (Batenhorst) Knobbe; m Viola Ruskamp, June 18, 1946, West Point; s Donald, Thomas, Dean; d Kathy Schmaderer, Ann Prinz, Patricia Scharfen, Joyce Evert, Marla Linenberger; died Nov 14, 1996, West Point; burial St Michael's Cemetery [West Point?]

KOCI, Anton, 83: b Mar 31, 1913, Colfax County, to Anton and Bessie (Dusek) Koci Sr; m Althea Dunker, Aug 24, 1942, Schuyler; s Edward, Marvin; d Katherine Cahill, Elsie Divis, Donna Graus, Janet Renner, Margaret Thibodeux; died Aug 4, 1996, Clarkson; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KOCI, Rose L, 96: b July 8, 1899, Schuyler, to Joseph and Anna (Shavlik) Sedlacek; m Joseph Koci, May 26, 1925, Schuyler; s Bob; d Dorothy Brazda; died Apr 14, 1996, Wayne; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KOEHN, Bessie I, 90: b July 13, 1906, Garfield County, to August and Annie (Kment) Landerfield; m Dick Koehn, Mar 26, 1930, South Dakota; s Donald, Curtis, Jack Sr; died Sept 6, 1996, Dodge; burial Zion Presbyterian Cemetery, rural Clarkson

KOEHN, Jack D, 63: b Sept 6, 1932, to Dick and Bessie (Landerfield) Koehn; m Janey Sindelar, Aug 2, 1955, Dodge; s Jack Jr; d Peggy Brady, Pam Bellisbach, Jodie Podany; died Apr 5, 1996, Omaha; burial Zion Presbyterian Cemetery, rural Clarkson

KONICEK, Rudolph Joseph, 71: b Aug 9, 1924, rural Clarkson, to Joseph W and Martha (Janecek) Konicek; m Helen Malena, Dec 28, 1950, Heun; s Joe; d Judy Wurdeman, Jane Konicek; died Feb 15, 1996, rural Clarkson; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

KOSIBA, Leo J, 87: b Apr 18, 1909, Omaha, to John and Sophie (Rokus) Kosiba; m Theresa I Paprocki, Feb 12, 1946, Columbus; died Aug 13, 1996, Columbus; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

KOVAR, Libby, 97: b Dec 29, 1898, rural Pierce County, to Frank and Frances (Fojt) Seda; m Jerry Kovar, Aug 16, 1921; s Jerome W, Darrell; d Orpha Maldonado, Maxine Vlasak; died bef Nov 20, 1996; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park, Omaha

KOZA, Benjamin, 93: b Nov 2, 1902, Stanton county, to Frank and Anna (Takel) Koza; m Marie Severa, Nov 28, 1923; m Agnes Elstermeier, Jan 28, 1965, Norfolk; d Lenice Frank, Gladys Frank; died Mar 8, 1996, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

KRACL, Eloise L, 91: b Dec 15, 1904, rural Schuyler, to Charles G and Jennie (Layne) Hooper; m Frank Kracl, Sept 22, 1921, Schuyler; s Marlin, Lavern, Verlyn "Buck", Richard, Jack, Douglas, David, Darrel; d Betty Kohout, Elayne Henry, Evelyn Kuwitzky, Gladys Ekeland, Marilyn Foster; died Mar 28, 1996, Lincoln; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KRACL, Julia M, 96: b Apr 12, 1899, Schuyler, to John and Anna (Wacha) Jonas; m Thomas Kracl, June 21, 1922; s Ray, Gerold; d Florence Blanchard; died Feb 8, 1996, North Bend; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KRAJESKI, Clara C, 79: b Apr 20, 1916, Winside, to Albert and Louise (Dahm) Bronzynski; m Russell Krajeski, June 22, 1957, Wayne; step-s, Robert, Thomas; died Mar 13, 1996, Norfolk; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Norfolk

KRAMAR, Frank A, 78: b Aug 6, 1917, Schuyler, to Louis and Josephine (Bures) Kramar; died July 27, 1996, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KRATOCHVIL, Anna A, 80: b Dec 4, 1915, Weston; m Joseph Kratochvil, Apr 6, 1937, Dwight; s Gerald, Eldon; d JoAnn Benes, Carolyn Barry, Loretta Pillard; died Nov 13, 1996, Lincoln

KRATOCHVIL, Joseph Gerald, 83: b Feb 1, 1913, Agnew; m Anna Apr 6, 1937, Dwight; s Gerald, Eldon; d JoAnn Benes, Carolyn Barry, Loretta Pillard; died Dec 9, 1996, Lincoln; burial St Joseph Cemetery, Agnew

KREIKEMEIER, Frank: b Mar 11, 1917, rural West Point, to John and Agnes (Wiesen) Kreikemeier; m Alvina Knust, Nov 4, 1947, Howells; s Ronald, Norbert, John, Ray, Kenneth, Mark; d Mary Lou Nielson, Carol Praest, Dorothy Whited; died Aug 22, 1996; burial Olean Sacred Heart Cemetery, rural Dodge

KRIVOHLAVEK, Betty, 53: b Jan 24, 1942, Crete, to Frank and Elan (Westerman) Hoesche; m Otto Krivohlavek, Jr, Feb 14, 1970, Schuyler; d Michelle Petersen, Barbara Zrust; step-s Doug; step-d Janet Horak; died Jan 6, 1996, Osceola; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KRIZ, Albin J "Beanie", 88: b Mar 1, 1908, Linwood, to Anton and Frances (Karpisek) Kriz; m Julie Radhaus, July 12, 1953; s Ken, Dale; d Beverly Tomcak; died Nov 16, 1996, Omaha; burial St Mary's Cemetery, Linwood

KRIZ, Edna Mary, 98: b Sept 22, 1897, Clarkson, to Anna and Anton Faiman; m Edwin J Kriz, Feb 1922, Omaha; d Marilyn Stolley, Jacquelyn Herman; died bef May 30, 1996; burial Westlawn Memorial Park [Grand Island?]

KRULA, Mary, 95: b Oct 21, 1900, rural Clarkson, to Joseph and Barbara (Kratochvil) Faltys; m Joseph Krula, June 14, 1921, Columbus; s William; died Oct 19, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KRUPKA, Joseph L, 83: b June 27, 1913, Howells, to Joseph F and Emilie (Bohaboj) Krupka; m Philomena "Minnie" Gall, Feb 12, 1935, Howells; s Joseph, Melvin, Richard, Ronald, Duane, Kenneth, Eugene, Raymond, Glenn, Marvin, Larry; d Marlene Hegemann, Mae Rita Lund; died Aug 29, 1996, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

KUCERA, Adolph C, 88: b Jan 28, 1908, to John P and Mary (Nemec) Kucera; m Rachael Hoffman, June 1, 1930, Clearwater; m Sylvia Koudele, Nov 26, 1936; s Calvin, Alan; d Carolyn Jonas; died Feb 2, 1996, Clarkson; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KUCERA, Christina, 86: b Mar 26, 1910, rural Howells, to Joseph and Christina (Mathejka) Dvorak; m Rainold "R J" Kucera, Feb 28, 1939, Schuyler; died June 8, 1996, Schuyler; burial St John's Cemetery, Howells

KUCERA, William F, 82: b Dec 2, 1913, to Bohumil and Rose Kucera; m Maxine Roden; m Paula; s Thomas, William; d Rose, Linda; died Aug 22, 1996, Yuma, Arizona; burial Stonington, Connecticut

KUZEL, Julia, 98: b May 3, 1897, Colfax County, to Cyril and Marie (Popelka) Kuzel; died Jan 24, 1996, Dodge; burial Schuyler Cemetery

LACHNIT, Carole Jo, 69: b Oct 5, 1936, Howells, to Joseph and Irma (Karl) Marik, Jr; m Loren L Lachnit, June 28, 1958, Howells; s Craig, Steven; d Lisa Henry; died Jan 9, 1996, Omaha; burial Calvary Cemetery [Omaha?]

LACINA, Emil S, Jr, 70: b Apr 17, 1926, rural Clarkson, to Emil and Marie C (Bernasek) Lacina; m Christine Svoboda, Nov 22, 1967, David City; died Mar 29, 1997, Clarkson; burial Ss Cyril and Methodius Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

LANGHORST, Paul H, 61: b May 4, 1935, Dodge, to Frank and Catherine (Kaup) Langhorst; died July 13, 1996, Dodge; burial Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery at Olean

LARSEN, Einer, 86: b Dec 30, 1908, Skive, Denmark, to L C and Maria (Johanna) Larsen; m Hattie Lehman, Feb 12, 1939, Stanton; died June 28, 1996, Norfolk; burial Prospect View Cemetery, Pierce

LAUDENKLOS, Joseph R "Dusty", 73: m Helen; died Jan 1, 1996, Omaha; burial St Mary Magdalene Cemetery, Omaha

LEWIS, Doris Ann, 75: b Dec 31, 1920, Humphrey, to Ervin and Helen D (Bates) Lewis; died Jan 4, 1996, Clarkson; burial Humphrey Cemetery

LIEKHUS, Angie, 63: b Apr 24, 1933, West Point, to Henry and Mathilda (Hammerschmidth) Rolf; m Dale Liekhus, June 30, 1945, Monterey, rural West Point; s Steven; d Carol Pieper, Donna Kreikemeier, Jane Niewohner, Pamela Schlote; died Nov 11, 1996, Omaha; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

LITTLE, Elizabeth, 100: b Jan 28, 1896, Rogers, to John and Lena (Dahl) Arps; m George Harold Little, Sept 22, 1915, Rogers; s Ray, William; d Maxine Novak, Neona Borgelt; died July 17, 1996, Clarkson; burial Schuyler Cemetery

LOSEKE, Gordon H, 72: b June 25, 1923, Platte County, to Arnold and Frieda (Reick) Loseke; m Margaret Baumgart, June 24, 1978, Monroe; s Richard, Ronald; step-d Jan Danelly, Shirley Baumgart, Karola Baumgart; died Jan 29, 1996, Monroe; burial Humphrey City Cemetery

LUCHSINGER, Melinda, 87: b Sept 13, 1908, rural Columbus, to William and Mary (Mathis) Durkop; m Paul H Luchsinger, Jan 22, 1930, Columbus; s Paul W; died Aug 18, 1996, Schuyler; burial Columbus Cemetery

LUNDBERG, Howard F, 86: b July 17, 1910, Pingree, North Dakota; m Mildred Cinfel; s (4); d (1); died July 14, 1996, Mesa, Arizona; burial Mountain View Memorial Gardens, Mesa, Arizona

LUXA, Richard (Dick) L: b Aug 15, 1920, Howells, to Mr and Mrs Ludwig Luxa; m Marion Haas; s Robert; died July 1996; burial [Washington?]

MANAK, Elden John, 61: b Mar 10, 1935, rural Clarkson, to John and Jenny (Kucera) Manak; m Mary Blaha, Apr 7, 1959, Clarkson; s Keith, Kevin; d Sandy Wesson, Linda Nelson, Donnette; died Nov 4, 1996, Schuyler; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

MARES, Adaline E, 85: b Mar 8, 1911, rural Linwood, to George and Christine (Kracman) Dorsey; m Leo Mares, Feb 5, 1934; d Marlene Cech; died June 13, 1996, David City; burial Linwood Cemetery, rural Linwood

MAROTZ, Arthur E, 95: b Feb 6, 1901, Wayne County, to Emil and Bertha (Hargens) Marotz; m Hilda Schellpeper, Aug 5, 1931, Stanton; s Weldon; died Apr 4, 1996, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

MARXSEN, Barbara T, 62: b Oct 17, 1934, Omaha, to William and Emma (Messing) Markhofer; m Jack Marxsen, Feb 27, 1954, Columbus; s Jay, John, Steve, Jim, Rick; died Oct 24, 1996, Schuyler; burial Holy Cross Cemetery, north of Schuyler

MASTNY, Edward C, 75: b Apr 7, 1920, near Schuyler, to Anton and Milada (Meyer) Mastny; m Olga Bohaty, June 29, 1942, Schuyler; s Edwin E; died Feb 12, 1996, David City; burial David City Cemetery

MATOUSEK, Miriam E, 90: b May 26, 1905, Ansley; m Albin Matousek; died May 17, 1996, Fremont; burial Ansley Cemetery

MATTHIES, Dale E, 64: b June 23, 1931, Stanton, to Raymond and Ruth (Belmer) Matthies; m Louise Remington, Oct 3, 1988, Yankton, South Dakota; s Bradley, Ryan; d Jennifer; died Feb 5, 1996, Norfolk; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery [Norfolk?]

MAYER, Pauline L, 105: b May 11, 1891, Stanton, to Gustav and Louise (Newman) Fechner; m Frank E Mayer, Sept 4, 1917, West Point; d June Wallner; died Nov 22, 1996, Canton, South Dakota; burial Hills of Rest Memorial Park, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

MEISTER, John J, 86: b Dec 1, 1909, near Monterey, to Joseph and Anna (Welding) Meister; m Elizabeth Burger, Feb 11, 1931, Monterey; s Lawrence, Paul, Gerald, Roland; d Elaine Taylor, Henrietta Spizzirri, Georgene Black, Johnitta Guinzy; died Jan 21, 1996, Fremont; burial St Leo's Catholic Cemetery, Snyder

MEJSTRIK, Agnes A, 79: b Oct 31, 1917, Colfax County, to Joseph and Mary (Dolesh) Evert; m Ernest Majstrik, Apr 22, 1940, Heun; s Norman, Tom; d Marietta Mandel, Jeanette Fraudendorfer; died Dec 5, 1996, Columbus; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

MELCHER, Ted A, 53: b Nov 10, 1942, Norfolk, to Arden and Inez (Barr) Melcher; m Bette Osborn, Jan 18, 1964, Norfolk; s Chad, Mark; d Amy Caskey; died Aug 24, 1996, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

MENSIK, Mary M, 105: b Aug 15, 1891, abie, to Joseph and Katherine (Prochaska) Gruentrod; m Joseph M Mensik, Sept 11, 1913, Fremont; d Irene Love; died Dec 11, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

MESTL, Ronald G, 61: b Mar 31, 1935, Howells, to Gilbert J Mestle and Anna Marie (Karel) Mestl; m Joan M Pospichal, July 18, 1964, Omaha; s Robert R; died Oct 13, 1996; burial St Wenceslaus Cemetery, Dodge

MEWIS, Jim Lee, 51: b June 1, 1944, Norfolk, to Thurston and Delores (Siefken) Mewis; m Judene K Hausmann, Mar 12, 1966, Norfolk; s Jess James; d Kandee Kay; died Mar 24, 1996; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Norfolk

MEYER, Raymond, 89: b Jan 31, 1907, Howells, to John and Elizabeth (Christ) Meyer; m Stella Miller, Feb 21, 1933, Howells; s Noel; d Gail Sawyer; died Oct 19, 1996, Topeka, Kansas; burial Mount Hope Cemetery, Topeka, Kansas

MILLER, Amanda, 92: b July 1, 1904, rural Howells, to August and Anna (Geisel) Borgelt; m David Miller, Sept 28, 1922, Buffalo Creek; d Thelma Miller, Stella Volk; died Oct 27, 1996, Norfolk; burial St John's Lutheran Cemetery, Battle Creek

MILLER, Roger Fred, 55: b Apr 27, 1940, Shelby, to Fred and Marie (Kruse) Miller; m Judy Cech, Apr 23, 1966, Columbus; s Alan, Christopher, Daniel; died Mar 20, 1996, Omaha; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

MLNARIK, John J, 71: b July 23, 1924, rural Dodge, to John T and Agnes (Pospichal) Mlnarik; m Norma Wolff, Sept 25, 1945, rural West Point; s Glen, Thomas, Richard, Gerald, Walter; d Susan Reanier, Shirley Granaman, Diane, Judith Riley, Lisa Anderson; died July 6, 1996, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

MOSANSKY, Stanley L, 84: b Nov 16, 1911, near Clarkson, to Joseph and Mamie (Cech) Mosansky; died July 6, 1996, Madison; burial Alberry Cemetery, near Norfolk

MUEHLICH, Doug, 58: b Sept 19, 1937, to Howard Nobel and Arlene Charlett (Harbert) Muehlich; m Gladys "Dolly" White, May 7, 1960, Schuyler; d Jeanette Young, Jody Sykorka; died Jan 15, 1996, Lincoln; burial Schuyler Cemetery

MUHS, Esther "Tillie", 90: b Winner, South Dakota, to Gustav and Anna (Boeck) Lemke; m Walter Muhs, Mar 4, 1925, Sioux City, Iowa; s Walter Jr; d Myrthalean Novotny; died Sept 4, 1996, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

MUSIL, David R, 44: b Sept 27, 1952, Columbus, to Clarence and Eleanor (Novotny) Musil; died Oct 17, 1996; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

MUTH, Esther, 96: b Dec 4, 1899, Platte County, to John and Catherine (Inselman) Rosche; m Otto Muth, Feb 12, 1928, Columbus; d Luetta Asche, Edith Ahrens, Elna Holoubek; died Oct 5, 1996, Dodge; burial Christ Lutheran Cemetery, rural Columbus

NADRCHAL, Leonard R, 71: b Nov 17, 1924, rural Stanton County, to Frank and Agnes (Popelka) Nadrchal; m Lillian Luxa, Nov 26, 1946, Clarkson; m Mary Casey, Apr 12, 1991, Columbus; s Leonard F Jr, Vern, Tom, Dennis, Eugene; d LaVonne Brester; died Jan 8, 1996, Columbus; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

NADRCHAL, Marcelaine E, 73: b Jan 12, 1923, Colfax County, to Edward and Emma (Dohse) Bohac; m Lambert Nadrchal, Aug 27, 1940, rural Howells; s LaVern Sr; died Jan 17, 1996, Lincoln; burial Schuyler Cemetery

NAVRKAL, Opal J, 63: b June 30, 1932, Swett, South Dakota, to Leonard and Marie (Budin) Shuster; m Steven F Navrkal, May 15, 1954, Schuyler; s Steve, Gary; d Rosean Koehn; died May 25, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

NAVRKAL, Stanley, 87: b Apr 2, 1909, Colfax County near Clarkson, to Josef and Emma (Pokorny) Navrkal; m Rose Horejsi, Jan 5, 1931, Omaha; d Verna Barry; died May 21, 1996, Columbus; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

NEBOLA, Donald A, 66: b Feb 6, 1929, Leigh, to Adolph and Emma (Schlotzhauer) Nebola; m Doris Cernin, Dec 10, 1950, Clarkson; s Tim, Robert; died Jan 30, 1996, Omaha

NECHVATAL, John, 80: b Dec 1, 1915, Schuyler, to John L and Stazie (Vitek) Nechvatal; m Helen Krivohlavek, Sept 10, 1940, Schuyler; died Feb 25, 1996, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

NISSEN, Nora I, 91: b Mar 5, 1905, Pilger, to Stacy and Margaret (Taylor) Nelson; m William Nissen, Sept 19, 1923, Pilger; s Lyle, Stacy, Ivan; d Darlene Kumm, Lois Bristow, Betty Koehlmoos; died Sept 8, 1996, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

NOVOTNY, Dennis Eugene, 55: b Oct 18, 1941, Osceola, to William and Blanche (Bernt) Novotny; m Patricia Brokaw, Aug 6, 1977, Hebron; s Andrew William; d Sara Elizabeth; died Nov 7, 1996, Wilmington, North Carolina; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

NOVOTNY, Mary A, 81: m Anton Novotny; s Ronald; d Joyce Hoult, Mary Jean Hoult, Janice Novotny, Ann Louise Owens; died bef Nov 18, 1996; burial Graceland Park Cemetery [Omaha?]

NYKODYM, Gilbert Frank, Sr: b Dec 2, 1913, Stanton County, to Frank David Nykodym II and Mary Tomka Nykodym; m Edna D L Boldt, Apr 9, 1941: s Gilbert (Nick) II, James W, Kenneth A Kollath; died May 13, 1996, Norfolk; burial New Lutheran Cemetery [Norfolk?]

O'BRIEN, Ellen M, 101: b 1894, Norfolk; died Feb 1996, Clarkson

O'DONNELL, Ralph (Rev), 70: b Omaha; died bef Nov 20, 1996 [Pender?]

O'HARE, Raymond, 86: b Apr 6, 1910, to John and Anna (Gaughen) O'Hare; m Rita Kelly, Apr 1942, in Kansas; s Thomas, Richard; d Mary Love, Jeanette; died July 31, 1996, Lincoln; burial Holy Cross Cemetery, Schuyler

ONDRACEK, Mary B, 81: b July 13, 1914, Stanton County, to Frank R and Anna (Barta) Molacek; m Clarence Ondracek, June 16, 1945, Papillion; s (3); died Jan 15, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

ORR, Bertha Blanche, 84: b Mar 26, 1912, Howells, to Amos and Emily Studnicka; m James Orr, Jan 26, 1942, San Luis Obispo, California; d Kathleen; died July 24, 1996, Columbus; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Howells

ORTMEIER, Margaret, 65: b July 12, 1931, Dodge, to Frank and Gertrude (Kaup) Klitz; m Wilbert Ortmeier, Dec 28, 1960; s Mark; d Jane Stratmann; died Sept 23, 1996, Omaha; burial St Leo's Catholic Cemetery, Snyder

OTRADOSKY, Robert J, 58: b Mar 4, 1938, Schuyler, to Edward and Rose (Divis) Otradosky; m Masako Koniki, Oct 15, 1966, Tokyo; died July 30, 1996, Schuyler

PADRNOS, Robert A, 76: b June 7, 1919, Howells, to Frank and Mary (Dolezal) Padrnos; m Madeleine Meyer, June 1959, Lincoln; died Feb 13, 1996, Owatonna, Minnesota; burial Owatonna Memorial Cemetery, Owatonna, Minnesota

PAPER, Henry G, 77: b Apr 6, 1918, Leigh, to Henry and Alvina (Herbst) Paper; m Winifred Bailey, Apr 29, 1942, Schuyler; s Thomas; d Barbara Ann Klein; died Feb 6, 1996, Columbus; burial Columbus Cemetery

PARKERT, Irene, 62: b Aug 12, 1933, Clarkson, to Louis and Mildred (Nadrchal) Vlach; m Howard Parkert; died May 23, 1996, Bakersfield, California

PAVLIK, Rudolph F "Junior", Jr, 54: b Apr 18, 1941, Verdel, to Rudolph and Tillie (Dobrichovsky) Pavlik, Sr; m Carolyn Prokop, Feb 1, 1961; s Thomas, Christopher, Cory; died Mar 7, 1996; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park, Norfolk

PAWLEY, Dorothy J, 63: b June 5, 1933, rural Webster, to Patrick and Martha (Rumery) Emanuel; m Dwayne Pawley, Dec 9, 1953, Fremont; s Raymond; d Galen Legband, Beth Dietrich; died Nov 29, 1996, Fremont; burial Memorial Cemetery, Fremont

PEITZMEIER, Donald, 70: b Apr 27, 1926, Dodge, to Joseph and Rose (Nagengast) Peitzmeier; m Evelyn Knust, Feb 9, 1948, Howells; d Cynthia Hausmann, Cheryl Peitzmeier, Kathy Meyer, Barb Hedges; died Nov 21, 1996, West Point; burial St Michae's Cemetery [West Point?]

PELAN, Frances, 90: b Apr 2, 1906, Czechoslovakia, to Frank and Albina Divis; m Alois Pelan, Jan 20, 1925, In David City; d Lillian Shanahan; died July 19, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

PERSKE, Nathan L "Nate", 73: b Feb 20, 1923, Pilger, to Otto and Clara (Glasier) Perske; m Darlene Anderson, 1964, Las Vega, Nevada; s Lester; d Judy Rogers, Karla; died Dec 28, 1996 [Colorado?]; burial Grandview Cemetery [?]

PETERS, Bernice M: b June 6, 1906, Pilger, to Grant and Sarah Jane Perkins; m Geroge B Peters, Jan 28, 1937; s George Jr; d Judy Sliwinski; died Dec 29, 1996, Scottsdale, Arizona

PETERS, Winifred, 73: b Aug 11, 1922, Colfax County, to Patrick and Hilda (Lorenzen) Kelly; m Jack Peters, Feb 5, 1942, Dublin; s Larry; d Patricia Valish; died July 31, 1996, Schuyler; burial Holy Cross Cemetery, Schuyler

PETERSON, Robert L, 69: b July 22, 1926, Laurel, to Elmer and Elna (Kardell) Peterson; m Annabelle Stoltenberg, Feb 20, 1949, Carroll; s David, Steven, Russell; died June 3, 1996, Stanton; burial Elmwood Cemeter, Carroll

PIEPER, John B, 92: b to William and Elizabeth (Kassmeier) Pieper; died Aug 27, 1996, Dodge [partial obit only]

PLUHACEK, Anthony (Rev), 73: died bef June 11, 1996; burial Calvary Cemetery, Omaha

POHLMAN, Olga, 85: b May 14, 1911, Stanton, to Reinhard and Emma (May) Schellpeper; m Walter Pohlman, June 1, 1938, Pierce; s Bryce, Meredith; d Shelia; died July 12, 1996, near Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

POKORNY, Irene Helen, 92: b Jan 6, 1905, Schuyler, to Anton M and Anna (Knapp) Salak; m Joseph J Pokorny, July 29, 1923, Schuyler; s Robert, Dennis; died Mar 26, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

POLODNA, Milo L "Mike", 73: b Oct 13, 1922, rural Stanton County, to Charles and Antonia (Vrbicky) Polodna Sr; m Mildred Coufal, Sept 14, 1949, near Howells; s Gary, Roland, Joseph; d Mary Rethwisch; died July 5, 1996, Schuyler; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

POSPICHAL, Lad, 83: s Jim, Bill; d Joan Mestl; died bef Apr 25, 1996; burial in Dodge

POSPICHAL, Lillian B, 90: b Jan 21, 1906, north of Clarkson, to Joseph and Emily (Stodola) Pospichal; died Feb 22, 1996, Dodge; burial Clarkson Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

POSPISHIL, Christine, 90: b July 11, 1905, Howells, to Joseph and Frances (Kutin) Hledik; m Elhardt Pospishil, Nov 21, 1925; s Louis, Marvin, Norman; d Mrs. Lavern Greunke, Norma Young; died Mar 25, 1996, Wayne; burial Greenwood Cemetery [Wayne?]

PROBST, Douglas, 49: b Oct 24, 1946, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Lester and Shirley Probst; s Troy; d Shantel, Krissa; died Feb 29, 1996, rural Nickerson; burial Calvary Cemetery, Fremont

PRUCHA, Philomena "Minnie" Rose, 85: b Aug 30, 1910, rural Howells, to Conrad and Dorothea (Pieper) Knust; m Ernest Prucha, Oct 18, 1932; s Gary; d Carol Lightfoot, Janet Schofield; died Jan 24, 1996, Santa Rosa, California; burial St John's Cemetery [Howells?]

PULTINEVICIUS, Juozas "Joe", 74: m Ruta; s Frank, Monas, Paul, Joseph, Peter; d Ruta Snipes, Suzanna Gilbert; died bef June 5, 1996; burial St John's Cemetery [?]

RAABE, Marvin H, 81: b Jan 29, 1915, Stanton, to Emil and Antonia (Fullner) Raabe; m Kathryn Lammli, Aug 31, 1951, Omaha; died May 21, 1996; burial Stanton Cemetery

REZNICEK, Gary L, 50: b Jan 28, 1946, Howells, to Ernest and Wylma (Dostal) Reznicek; m Dianne; s Jeff; d Laura, Emily; died May 25, 1996

RICHTER, Paul V, 79: b Aug 18, 1916, Stanton, to Herman and Lillie (Colander) Richter; m Lois Follette, Apr 18, 1947, Stanton; s Gary; d Kathy Wieland; died July 16, 1996, Norfolk; burial Bega Cemetery

RICHTIG, Scott, 21: b Nov 28, 1974, Schuyler, to Thomas and Debra (Adams) Richtig; died May 14, 1996, Phoenix, Arizona; burial Schuyler Cemetery

ROBERTSON, Dolores M, 79: b Apr 1, 1917, near Dodge, to Joseph and Caroline (Rhode) Doernemann; m James Robertson, Sept 9, 1939, Omaha; died Sept 3, 1996, Fremont; burial Ridge Cemetery, Fremont

ROGERS, Wesley D, 58: b Apr 18, 1938, Linsmore, Louisiana, to Coy and Roby (Robinson) Rogers; m Shirley Wacker, May 2, 1959, Carson City, Nevada; s Dalton, Randall; d Cindy Sprigler, Kimberly Denker, Tammey Maguire, Stacy Weitfeld; died July 27, 1996, West Point; burial Bloomfield City Cemetery

ROMIG, Florence L, 91: m Roy Romig; died bef Apr 26, 1996; burial Hillcrest Cemetery [Omaha?]

ROUBAL, Bohumil "Bo", 79: b Oct 9, 1916, near Howells, to Emil and Emma (Hajek) Roubal; m Ludmilla Nemec, 1946, Tabor; s Roger; died Mar 25, 1996, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

ROUL, Evelyn, 73: b June 2, 1923, Garner Iowa, to Fred and Martha (Katterhanry) Simons; m Emil Roul, Dec 13, 1943, Garner; s Richard, Lambert; d Roma; died July 3, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

RUZICKA, Roy J, 82: b Jan 6, 1914, Dodge, to Joseph and Irene (Meyer) Ruzicka; m Helen Foster, 1939, Omaha; d Mikell Kunkle, Ramona Pancioli, Lynne Sheldon; died May 7, 1996, Ann Arbor, Michigan

SALAK, Vlasta R: b June 30, 1907, Colfax County, to John and Mary (Sinkula) Janecek; m Russell D Salak, Aug 17, 1926; s John R; d Joan McPhee, Sister Jeanine Salak RSM; died Mar 26, 1996, St Louis Park, Minnesota; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SCALPH, Gilbert E, 84: b Oct 3, 1911, Madison County, to Ira and Luella (Olson) Scalph; m Eveline Holmes, 1950; m Leona Plenske, Mar 16, 1986, Stanton; d Doris Frederich; died Feb 27, 1996, Stanton; burial Plainview Cemetery, Stanton

SCHAECHER, Charles, 49: b Mar 31, 1947, Humphrey, to Joe A and Eleanor F (Ottis) Schaecher; m Marjorie Kay Ingalsbe, Aug 3, 1968, Battle Creek; d Sherri Ditter, Deborah Avery; died July 14, 1996, Norfolk; burial St Francis Catholic Cemetery, Humphrey

SCHIEFELBEIN, Thelma M: b Feb 15, 1913, New Castle, to Anna and Alexander Coyner; m __ Bell; m Faye Schiefelbein; m __ Bishop; s Clayton Bell, Lloyd Bell; died Oct 10, 1996, Lincoln

SCHLAUTMAN, Edward J, 92: b Feb 27, 1904, rural Howells, to Edward and Mary (Renner) Schlautman Sr; m Josephine Bazata, Feb 24, 1930, Howells; died Mar 11, 1996, Dodge; burial St John's Cemetery, Howells

SCHLAUTMAN, Frank O, 86: b Mar 5, 1909, Howells, to Theodore and Barbara (Schafers) Schlautman; m Evelyn Limbach, Oct 23, 1940, Howells; s Dallon, Duane; d Yvonne McGarry, Marilyn Spence, Linda Evans, Patricia Thalken; died Jan 4, 1996, Fremont; burial St Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

SCHNECKLOTH, Wilma Maria Augusta, 84: b May 25, 1912, rural Wausa, to Julius and Olga Thiedich Bumann; m Lloyd Henry Schneckloth, Jan 30, 1938; s Roger; d Janet Sixta, Beth Renae; died Nov 2, 1996, Osmond; burial Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Osmond

SCHNOOR, John H, 83: b Mar 27, 1912, Osmond, to Henry and Gertrude (Peitzmeier) Schnoor; m Mary Konvalin, Feb 20, 1936, Howells; step-s Aaron Faltin; step-d Margaret Buss, Eunice Kokrda; died Mar 8, 1996, Fremont; burial St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Osmond

SCHROEDER, Ernst, 97: b June 1, 1899, near Richland, to Herman and Lena (Muenster) Schroeder; m Lillie Benning, Dec 23, 1925, near Shell Creek, Platte County; s LeRoy; d Lillian; died July 12, 1996, Columbus; burial Roselawn Cemetery, Columbus

SCHROEDER, Helen S, 89: b May 7, 1907, Clarkson, to James and Bessie Jirovec; m Carl Schroeder, Jr, June 9, 1936, Schuyler; died July 29, 1996, Clarkson; burial Roselawn Memorial Cemetery, Columbus

SCHROEDER, Paul, 87: b Mar 24, 1908, Wisner, to John and Anna (Meyer) Schroeder; m Angeline Stewart, Oct 10, 1929; m Alma (Spreen) Wubbenhorst, Aug 22, 1987; s Keith; d Lois Conrad; step-d Darlene Webster, Wanda Sramek; died Jan 14, 1996, Wisner; burial St Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Wisner

SEBERGER, Brenda, 16: died bef June 26, 1996

SEDLACEK, Evelyn Pauline, 83: b Feb 12, 1913, rural Clarkson, to John F and Pauline (Cinfel) Musil; m James Sedlacek, Jr, May 17, 1940, Omaha; died June 17, 1996, Clarkson; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

SEDLICKY, Rainold, 91: b Mar 5, 1905, Linwood, to Leonard and Mary (Walla) Sedlicky; m Dorothy Sutherland, Aug 10, 1937, Schuyler; d Sharon Hand; died July 19, 1996, Lincoln; burial Linwood Hill Cemetery

SEVERA, Olga, 92: b to Anton and Antonia Indra; s Gordon; d Jean Dowling; died bef Apr 20, 1996; burial Forest Lawn Cemetery, Omaha

SHANLE, Norman B, 69: b Mar 10, 1927, Lindsay, to Rudolph and Elizabeth (Wiese) Shanle; m Helen Jasper, Apr 29, 1952, Platte Center; s Gerald, Dale, Roger, Brian; d Shirley Sueper, Deline Groteluschen, Sally Witler, Norma Presiter, Tami; died Apr 27, 1996, Lindsay; burial Holy Family Catholic Cemetery, LIndsay

SIEBRANDT, Irene, 89: b Apr 5, 1907, Beemer, to Otto and Bertha (Beerbohm) Doescher; m Edgar Siebrandt, Oct 3, 1931, Stanton; s Bob, (1); d Luella Rathke; died Apr 8, 1996, Norfolk; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Norfolk

SIEMS, Glen W "Skip", 76: b Dec 21, 1991 [sic], Snyder, to Bettus and Pauline (Deitz) Siems; died Jan 27, 1996, Fremont; burial Snyder Cemetery

SKOVSENDE, Leo, 61: b June 22, 1934, Pilger, to Niels and Esther (Jorgensen) Skovsende; m Shirley Hagerman, Jan 12, 1957, Ainsworth; m Kathryn (Meyer) Andersen, Sept 9, 1983, Pilger; s Jim; d Cindy Rauch, Margie Heller, Amy; step-s Greg Andersen; step-d Deb Addison, Ann Demerath; died Jan 5, 1996, Norfolk; burial Pilger Cemetery

SLAVIK, Odelia C, 75: b Dec 9, 1920, Dodge, to Frank A and Gertrude (Miller) Schrage; m Arnold Slavik, Oct 9, 1944, Dodge; d Betty J Peterson, Irene K Kinzer; died June 18, 1996, Columbus; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SLEGL, Anna Rose, 70: b Mar 12, 1926, Colfax County, to John and Veronica (Simodines) Madr; m Alvin J Slegl, Oct 29, 1946, Schuyler; d Diane Steager, Gail Plasek, Deb Fendrick; died June 10, 1996, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SMEALL, Anastasia J, 101: b Apr 21, 1894, near Dodge, to Sebastian and Barbara (Johannes) Sladovnik; m Paul G Smeall, Nov 15, 1915, Dodge; s Paul; d Frances; died Mar 14, 1996; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

SNOVER, Amanda A, "Mandy", 90: b Jan 24, 1906, rural Snyder, to Fred D and Emma (Hamann) Klintworth; m Sylvester Snover, Aug 27, 1924, Fremont; s Clayton, Mark; d Phyllis Dockweiler, Judy; died Jan 27, 1996, Scribner; burial Woodland Cemetery, North Bend

SOBESLAVSKY, Gleen Otto, 70: b May 4, 1925, Clarkson, to Otto F and Bessie (Bos) Sobeslavsky; died Jan 14, 1996, Clakrson; burial Bohemian National Cemetery [Clarkson?]

SOUSEK, Vivian V, 85: b Sept 10, 1911, Clarkson, to Frank and Josephine (Kastanek) Tobias; m John Sousek, rural Clarkson; s Dennis, John; d Eleanor Loseke, Doris Busse; died Mar 27, 1997, Omaha; burial Sousek Cemetery, rural Clarkson

SPALE, David A, 52: b May 14, 1944, Columbus, to Albert and Emma (Kuzel) Spale; m Janet Becker, May 16, 1964; s Mike, David Jr; d Shannon Roop, Michelle Zamrzla, Brandy; died May 31, 1996, Lincoln; burial Lincoln Memorial Cemetery

SPENCE, Jess L "Bud", Jr, 67: b Mar 17, 1928, Omaha, to Jess L and Velma (Royce) Spence Sr; m Lucille Greaser, Sept 21, 1950, Schuyler; s Bret; d Janet Heikus; died Feb 7, 1996, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SPENCE, John R, 57: b June 22, 1939, Norfolk, to Rolland and Beulah (Sayers) Spence; m Orlene Colbenson, May 2, 1964, Norfolk; s Jason; d Sherece, Dana Putters; died Oct 7, 1996, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

SPREEN, Henry F, 90: b Jan 18, 1906, Stanton County; to Fritz and Gustav (Heermann) Spreen; m Lela Miller, Jan 12, 1931, Howells; d Lavon Schrant, Thais Fauver; died Feb 28, 1996, Norfolk; burial Pilger Cemetery

STARA, Raymond F, 87: b Apr 22, 1908, Bruno, to Vaclav and Anna (Dobry) Stara; m Marie Riha, Jan 3, 1932, David City; s Ronald; d Donna Docekal; died Feb 28, 1996, Schuyler; burial St Anthony's Catholic Cemetery, Bruno

STECHER, Sally, 81: b Aug 19, 1914, West Point, to Frank and Lucy (Pospishil) Horak; m Adolph Stecher, Jan 19, 1933, David City; s Louis; d Joan Drake; died Mar 31, 1996, West Point; burial Bohemian National Cemetrey, near Dodge

STIEREN, Hilburt "Hip", 70: b July 6, 1925, Dodge, to Anton and Mary (Rolf) Stieren; m Madonna Dora, June 1952; m Elizabeth Thomas, Aug 1959; m Janice Chromy, Aug 25, 1962; d Anne Claussen, Vicky Shonka, Stacy Cropp; died Mar 29, 1996, Fremont; burial Killian Cemetery, west of Morse Bluff

STOPAK, Elizabeth K, 78: b Aug 25, 1918, Fullerton, to Frank and Caroline (Lesiak) Knopik; m Louis J Stopak, Apr 14, 1937, Fullerton; s Clifford, Robert; died Oct 12, 1996, Columbus; burial Fullerton Cemetery

STUDNICKA, Bertha E, 77: b Feb 22, 1919, rural Howells, to Frank adn Gertrude Miller Schrage; m Rudolph Studnicka, Apr 7, 1942, Olean; s Rudy R, Mark, Dwain; d Jane Davis, Doris; died Dec 24, 1996, Omaha; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

STUDNICKA, Frank, 77: m Rose Marie; s Donald; died bef June 3, 1996; burial Calvary Cemetery [Omaha?]

STUTZMAN, Glen, 78: b Oct 28, 1917, Beemer, to Leander Edward and Lydia (Wittrig) Stutzman; m Catherine May Sage, July 7, 1944, Reno, Nevada; s Jerry, John Ed, Douglas; d Shelly Hanly; died Mar 4, 1996, Rogers; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SVIK, Magdalene: m Joe Svik; s Terry, Curtis; d Rita Dvorak; died bef Apr 17, 1996 [part of obituary missing]

SWEENIE, Helen S, 93: b June 4, 1903, to John and Sophia (Severa) Steinberger; m William Sweenie, Aug 3, 1938; died Oct 17, 1996, David City; burial Schuyler Cemetery

TERPSTRA, Alice F, 95: b Mar 8, 1901, rural Howells, to Frank and Frances (Taborsky) Husak; m Richard Terpstra, 1964, Schuyler; step-s, Dick H, Bruce, David; step-d Della Dumas, Violet Smith; died Sept 6, 1966, Schuyler; burial Zion Cemetery, rural Clarkson

TOMASEK, Loren J "John", 44: b July 20, 1952, Columbus, to Joseph and Adella (Manak) Tomasek; m Shirley Siegert, Oct 12, 1974, Pilger; s Paul, John; d Saira; died abt Aug 12, 1996, rural Pilger; burial Prospect Hill Cemetery [Norfolk?]

TOMES, Roma Marie, 87: b Jan 22, 1909, Clarkson, to Louis and Mary (Cinfel) Faltys; m Rudolph R Tomes, June 30, 1942, Clarkson; s Robert; d Mary Louise; died June 21, 1996, Clarkson; burial Clarkson Cemetery

TUCEK, Margaret E, 92: b Mar 16, 1904, Central City, to John and Katherine (Farrell) Sellar; m Albert P Tucek, Feb 24, 1925, Columbus; s Albert Jr; d Mary Jo; died Nov 30, 1996, Clarkson; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

ULRICH, Irma, 79: b Dec 4, 1916, Dodge, to Conrad and Mary (Pietzmeier) Eikmeier; m Wendelin Ulrich, Sept 4, 1937, Olean; d Lavaine Prinz; died May 13, 1996, Beemer; burial St Michael's Cemetery [West Point?]

VanAMPTING, Wilhelmina D, 98: b July 1, 1897, Zaddam, Holland, to Joahn and Johanna (Jensen) Helmes; m Bernard A VanAmpting, Oct 16, 1928, Bellwood; s Aloysius, Joseph; d Josephine Druppel, Wilhelmina Ottis, Mary, Martha Barker; died May 13, 1996, Madison; burial St Leonard's Catholic Cemetery, Madison

VERBA, Sophia C, 87: b May 8, 1908, Howells, to Conrad and Caroline (Laur) Kipping; m Frank Verba, Apr 27, 1927, Howells; s (1), Neil; died Apr 17, 1996, Schuyler; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

VITEK, Dorothy, 62: b Dec 18, 1933, in Dodge, to Gus Sr and Philomena Stigge; m Mel Vitek, June 10, 1952, Dodge; s Dennis, Duane; d Doris Mani, DeeAnn McGill, Donna Arrington; died Aug 9, 1996, Nevada

VITEK, Mel, 74: m Dorothy Stigge, June 10, 1952, Dodge; s Dennis, Duane; d Doris Mani, DeeAnn McGill, Donna Arrington; died Aug 9, 1996, Nevada

VLASEK, Rudolph, 97: b Nov 6, 1898, near Dodge, to Anton and Katherine (Hartl) Vlasak; m Rose Marie Novotny, Oct 1, 1924, Howells; s Rudy; died Jan 24, 1996, Osmond; burial Elmwood Cemetery

VOBORIL, Antoinette "Toni", 89: b Apr 27, 1907, Abie, to Frank and Christiene (Pacula) Husak; m James C Voboril, Oct 30, 1935, Abie; s Robert; d Gladyce Kremlacek; died May 21, 1996, David City; burial Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery, Abie

VODVARKA, Joseph, Sr, 87: b Jan 31, 1909, near Dodge, to Ferdinand and Josephine (Svoboda) Vodvarka; m Marie Cisler, June 4, 1940, Stanton; s Joe L, Edward; died Feb 26, 1996, Dodge; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, rural Dodge

VRBICKY, Angela S, 74: b Sept 30, 1921, West Point, to William and Mary (Wordekemper) Ritter; m Frank J Vrbicky, Aug 20, 1947; s Tom, Ron; d Mary Wise; died July 29, 1996, Omaha; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

WAAK, Arthur C, 84: b Jan 17, 1912, Schuyler, to John Henry and Mary (DeBower) Waak; m Genelle Huhn, Oct 12, 1937, rural Schuyler; s Donald, Dennis; d Genean Jorgenson, Mary Ann Cudly; died Oct 21, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

WAGNER, Anna M, 97: b July 8, 1898, rural Howells, to Stephen and Agnes (Aschauer) Rueschhoff; m Emil J Wagner, May 17, 1922, Olean, rural Dodge; d LaVera Granity; died Feb 8, 1996, Sierra Vista, Arizona; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

WALKER, Susan Marie, 48: m Gary "Jess" Walker; d Crystal; died Oct 12, 1996, Des Moines, Iowa; burial Highland Memory Gardens, Des Moines, Iowa

WASENIUS, Carl "Vic", 76: b July 29, 1920, Stamford, to Arthur and Beulah (Noren) Wasenius; m Mary Jane Warrick, Jan 10, 1945, Stamford; m Alice Stubbs Adden, June 10, 1962, Oxford; s Vaughn, Brent; step-s Devin Adden; died Nov 14, 1996, Omaha; burial Deaver (Bethel) Cemetery, southwest of Stamford

WEISER, Ella C, 94: b May 7, 1901, rural Creston, to Daniel and Bertha (Beitel) Weiser; died Apr 21, 1996, Columbus; burial St Bonventure Cemetery, Columbus

WELCH, Claude E, (Dr), 89: m Phyllis; s Claude Jr, John; died Mar 12, 1996, Massachusetts

WENDT, Katherine, 87: b May 21, 1908, rural Leigh, to George and Emma (Thalken) Reininger; m Walter Wendt, June 23, 1926, Leigh; s Earl, Leonard, Wallace, LaVern; died Jan 26, 1996, Clarkson; burial St Paul's Lutheran Cemetery, rural Leigh

WERKMEISTER, Darrell, 68: b Sept 5, 1927, Nickerson; m Lelia Harsch, 1948; d Jennette Drake, Debbie Johnson, Kathy Davis; died bef Mar 9, 1996

WIDHELM, Louise P, 74: b Apr 17, 1921, Dodge, to John and Mary (Throener) Ruskamp; m Raymond Widhelm, June 11, 1946, Olean; s Ronald; d Kathy Martindale; died Mar 29, 1996, Fremont; burial St Wenceslaus Cemetery, Dodge

WIECHEN, Ernest R, 93: b Oct 31, 1903, rural Leigh, to Herman and Elsie (Wordeman) Wiechen; m Alvina Meyer, Aug 11, 1930, rural Columbus; s Harold; died Nov 15, 1996, Clarkson; burial Zion Cemetery, Leigh

WIESE, Bernard "Ben", 91: b Mar 22, 1905, rural Howells, to Anton and Mary (Baumert) Wiese; m Eleanor Knust, May 6, 1930, rural Olean area, near Dodge; s Father Melvern, Wilfred, Maynard; d Dianne Nadrchal; died May 29, 1996, Dodge; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

WIESE, Margaret C, 86: b July 25, 1909, near Leigh, to Bernard and Anna (Fritton) Wolken; m Victor Wiese, Feb 14, 1950; s Roger; d Sharon Thor; died Jan 18, 1996, Norfolk; burial St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Leigh

WILSON, Evelyn, 72: b Mar 24, 1924, Stanton County, to Lafe and Dora (Frank) Wilson; died Nov 26, 1996, Hebron; burial Stanton Cemetery

WOLFE, Patricia, 48: b June 12, 1947, Columbus, to James and Helene (Wasko) Hampl; m Daniela A Wolfe, Feb 1, 1969, Schuyler; s Drew; d Wende; died Mar 9, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

WRIGHT, Judith M, 54: b Aug 20, 1941, Stanton, to Earl and Marie (Bruhn) Schwartz; m Lawrence Wright, Apr 22, 1959, Long Beach, California; s Michael, Larry; d Sherie; died June 20, 1996, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

WYRE, Freler, 68: b June 24, 1927, Kentwood, Louisiana, to Levi and Mandy (Atkins) Wyre; m Ricarda Zacarias, 1961, Philippines; s LeRoy; died Jan 31, 1996, Omaha; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

YORKE, Madge I, 91: b May 1, 1905, Stanton, to Andrew and Maude (Strope) Olson; m Allan Yorke, July 2, 1930; d Dorothy Dolezal, Margaret Rasmussen, Sharon Oertel; died May 31, 1996, Lincoln; burial Washington Memorial Park, Seattle, Washington

ZABKA, George, 72: b Nov 24, 1923, Clarkson, to George D and Josie (Libra) Zabka; m Bernadine Ketteler, June 28, 1949, Petersburg; s Keith, Brian, Dan; d Jane Meis, Pauline McCoy, Connie Nation; died Apr 30, 1996, Grand Island; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Petersburg

ZOUBEK, Frank, 95: b Jan 13, 1901, rural Colfax County, to Emil and Antonia (Vavra) Zoubek; m Emily L Sedlacek, Sept 4, 1929, Lincoln; d Eleanor Pacas, LaVerna Brichacek; died Oct 20, 1996, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

ZRUST, Albina J, 102: b Jan 6, 1894, Colfax County, to Albin Fajman and Anna (Makousky) Fajman; m John M Zrust, July 15, 1913; s William H, John A; d Helen A Krauer, Alice M Teply; died Dec 8, 1996, Dodge; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

ZRUST, John R, 86: b Nov 28, 1909, rural Clarkson, to John F and Anna (Severa) Zrust; m Lillyan Novak, Feb 25, 1933, rural Howells; s Lonnie; d Janet Horak; died Jan 22, 1996, Clarkson; burial Bohemian National Cemetery [Clarkson?]

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