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Colfax Co., NE - 1997 Deaths (Colfax Co. Press) NEGenWeb Project
1997 Deaths Reported in the Colfax County Press

KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS: b = born; d = daughter; s = son; m = married

ADAMS, Arthur "Mike", 88: b Oct 18, 1908, Center Point, to James Adams and Mona Waldo; m Dorothy Demaree, Apr 23, 1939, Stanton; d Catherine Jackson; died June 29, 1997, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

ADDINK, Norma, 45: b Mar 20, 1952, Columbus, to Stanley and Mildred (Podany) Stodola; m John Addink, May 15, 1971, Wakefield; s Ken; d Jamie, Sarah; died Nov 20, 1997; burial Wakefield Cemetery

ANDERSON, Michelle, 28: b Sept 24, 1969, Arkansas Pass, Texas, to Daniel and Mary Ann (Johnson) Christensen; m Eric Anderson; d Brooke, Ashley, Emily, Sarah, Rachel; died Oct 2, 1997, Omaha

ASCHE, Arthur, 95: b Apr 7, 1902, Leigh, to John and Alwina (Wurdeman) Asche; died Nov 22, 1997, Omaha; burial Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Leigh

ASCHOFF, Ernest, 89: b Aug 30, 1908, West Point, to Henry and Clare (Hutemann) Aschoff; m Hildegard Kluthe, Sept 27, 1933, Olean; s Jerry, Tom; d Antonella Luebbert, LaVerna Bureheide; died Oct 7, 1997, Dodge; burial Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

ATKINS, Floyd Marion, 101: b Nov 20, 1895, Stanton, to Charles E and Anna J (Skala) Stinebaugh; m Walter C Atkins, Feb 27, 1923, Norfolk; s John, Roy; d Joanna Griffith, Hazel; died Sept 24, 1997, Grand Island; burial Burkett Cemetery, Grand Island

BAHNS, David A, Sr, 60: b Apr 30, 1937, Colfax County, to Henry and Agnes (Reichmuth) Bahns; m Delores Lashley, June 8, 1959, Leigh; s David Jr, John, Sam; d Deborah Sunderman, Lorelei Frederickson, Nancy, Kristy; died June 19, 1997, Tulsa, Oklahoma

BAHNS, Dennis, 71: b June 13, 1925, Leigh area, to Henry F and Emma (Lapour) Behns; m Marcella Schmid, Sept 20, 1949, Schuyler; died Apr 23, 1997, Stanton; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BAIRD, Robert G, 83: b Oct 25, 1913, near Central City, to David McClellan and Annie Mills Baird; m Arline Gross, June 2, 1946, Clarkson; s Rex; died Feb 13, 1997, Grand Island; burial Central City Cemetery

BALDWIN, Robert, 70: b Apr 10, 1926, Opportunity, to Frank and Louisa (Stark) Baldwin; m Irene Schultz, Nov 6, 1947, Norfolk; s Jane [sic], Rev Mark, Mike; died Feb 22, 1997, Norfolk; burial Hillcrest Cemetery, Norfolk

BARNAS, George, 77: b Feb 22, 1920, Pender, to Anton and Frances (Kafka) Barnas; m Eleanor A Walla, Aug 26, 1948, Clarkson; s Gregory, Steven, Charles; d Catherine Sire, Patricia Wolfe, Mary Lou Barnas, Barbara Svoboda; died Dec 27, 1997, Lincoln; burial Wilber Czech Cemetery, Wilber

BARNES, Annette M, 28: b to Joan Riverea and Robert Leal Jr; m Michael J Barnes, Oct 7, 1995; died July 12, 1997, California; burial Gate of Heaven Cemetery [Sunnyvale, California?]

BART, Scholastica (Sally) E, 90: b Feb 1, 1907, near Howells, to Joseph and Antoinette (Tillman) Bayer; m Louis Bart, Feb 23, 1945, Seattle; s Glenn; died Sept 10, 1997, Aurora, Colorado; burial Fairview Cemetery, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado

BAUMERT, Gregory A, 82: b Jan 7, 1915, to William and Elizabeth (Stratman) Baumert; m Philomena Holub, July 29, 1947, Dodge; s Greg; died June 4, 1997, Omaha; burial St Wenceslaus Cemetery, Dodge

BAUMERT, Tracey M, 16: b Aug 17, 1981, Norfolk, to Robert and Diane (Lueschen) Baumert; died Oct 22, 1997; burial Beltz Cemetery, rural Stanton

BAZATA, Melvan D, 63: b Apr 22, 1933, Howells, to Frank and Blanche (Diesterhaupt) Bazata; m Janet Rueschoff, June 15, 1956, Fremont; m Margaret Vering, Sept 30, 1972, Howells; d Robin Summerville, Denise Stumpe, Melanie; died Mar 10, 1997, Omaha; burial St Leo's Catholic Cemetery, Snyder

BECKER, Laura, 90: b Apr 14, 1907, Stanton County, to Louis Melcher and Bertha (Schwanke) Melcher; m Richard Becker, June 23, 1929, Stanton; s Burton, Richard; died Sept 5, 1997, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

BECKER, Rudy, 83: b Nov 28, 1913, Schuyler, to Peter and Lizzie (Clemens) Becker; died July 31, 1997, Schuyler

BERG, Martha, 85: b Jan 4, 1912, Howells, to Adolph and Besse (Prucha) Folda; m Theodore Berg, 1945, Chicago, Illinois; died Mar 11, 1997, Stanton; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BLATTERT, Emogene, 95: b Nov 4, 1901, Lock Springs, Missouri, to Eugene and Sally (Miller) Robinson; m Clinton Miller, Dec 18, 1919, Wayne; m R F "Ruch" Blattert, Feb 18, 1945; s Duane, (1); d (1); died Apr 4, 1997, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

BLUM, Loyola, 82: b Aug 28, 1915, North Bend, to Michael and Alice (Shanahan) Kelly; m Edward Blum, June 25, 1950; d Susie Abramson; died Nov 28, 1997, Kimball; burial Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

BODE, Raymond B, 80: b Oct 4, 1916, Raeville, to William and Frances (Fangman) Bode; m Delores Klein, Oct 16, 1945, Raeville; s Joseph, Ralph, Roger, Ronnie; d Marilyn Reestman, Janice Henn, Joyce Reestman, Jeanette Theim, Donna Brester, Doris, Laurie; died Mar 3, 1997, David City; burial St Bonaventure Catholic Cemetery, Raeville

BOETTCHER, Leo, 81: b May 21, 1915, Columbus, to Wilhelm L and Dora (Rohweder) Boettcher; m Phyllis Dahlberg, Dec 12, 1953, Schuyler; died Mar 1, 1997, Columbus; burial Columbus Cemetery

BOHAC, Emma, 94: b Nov 11, 1902, Howells, to John and Mary (Ruzicka) Dohse; m Edward Bohac, Mar 1921, Schuyler; d Marcelaine Nadrchal; died Oct 1, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BOHUSLAVSKY, Mary R, 97: b June 11, 1899, Brainard, to John and Katherine (Pohl) Mazanec; m James Bohuslavsky, Feb 21, 1921, Brainard; s Gene, Richard, LaVern, Dennis; d Delores Mares, Donna Griffin; died Jan 29, 197, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BOSSARD, Thelma, 76: b July 13, 1920, to Alwin and Minnie (Karel) Axen; m Walter (Mike) Bossard, June 26, 1943, Lomita, California; d Patricia Fisher, Linda Rose; died Jan 5, 1997, Laguna Hills, California

BOUREK, Henry, Sr, 73: b Mar 19, 1924, Clarkson, to Anton and Mary (Richtig) Bourek; m Geraldine Houfek, Aug 16, 1953, Stanton; s Henry Jr, Gerald, Tony; d Deb Knopf, Kathy Eaton; died Dec 6, 1997, West Point; burial Clarkson National Cemetery, Clarkson

BRAUNER, Merlyn J, 72: b Sept 14, 1924, rural Leigh, to John and Elsie (Wurdeman) Brauner; m Vera Christensen, Feb 1, 1951, rural Lindsay; s Lyle, Dana; d Karen Zaruba; died Sept 1997, Lincoln; burial Rosenborg Cemetery, rural Lindsay

BRICHACEK, Brittany Lynn, 5: b Feb 16, 1991, Schuyler, to Gene and Paula (Saalfeld) Brichacek; died Jan 10, 1997, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BRICHACEK, Eleanor L, 75: b May 2, 1922, rural Clarkson, to Joseph and Josephine (Zvacek) Prchal; m Leonard J Brichacek, Jan 10, 1942, Omaha; died Dec 13, 1997, Omaha; burial Forest Lawn Cemetery, Omaha

BRICHACEK, Frank A, 88: b Oct 25, 1908, Heun area of Colfax County, to Frank L and Anna (Pospishil) Brichacek; m Christine M Sindelar; died Mar 18, 1997, Schuyler;a burial Heun Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, rural Clarkson

BROWN, Katie Kristine, 9: b Mar 29, 1988, Schuyler, to David and Debra (Salak) Brown; died Nov 22, 1997, rural North Bend; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BROWN, Mary Christine, 15: b Apr 24, 1982, Schuyler, to David and Debra (Salak) Brown; died Nov 22, 1997, rural North Bend; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BRUHN, Kyle Robert, 1 month: b Aug 19, 1997, Columbus, to Robert Brandt and Jan (Bruhn) Macdonald; died Sept 17, 1997, Omaha; burial Leigh Cemetery

BRUNE, James F, 61: b Nov 2, 1935, rural Dodge, to Emil and Theresa (Kreikemeier) Brune; m Dorothy Cech, Dec 27, 1960, rural Clarkson; s Brian, Rick, Douglas; d Jodene Schmidt; died June 10, 1997, Fremont; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

BRUNKEN, Milton, 83: b Feb 2, 1914, rural Columbus, to John and Marie (Brunken) Brunken; m Louise M Lohr, Apr 10, 1939, Grand Island; s Carl, Louis, Richard; d Fern Boldt, Irene Johnston, Marrianne Longnecker, Karen Tholen, Sharen; died Mar 19, 1997, Central City; burial Shell Creek Baptist Cemetery, rural Columbus

BRUNS, Elsie Mae, 95: b May 3, 1902, Elk City, to Willis Grey and Leonora (Jackson) Purchase; m Louis Bruns, Feb 25, 1919, Schuyler; d Weta Motycka, Ruby Fendrick; died Dec 10, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BUDIN, Alice C, 96: b Sept 21, 1901, Omaha, to Anton and Marie (Swoboda) Karel; m James A Budin, Feb 25, 1919, Fremont; s Robert, Lloyd; d Helen Schlichtemeier; died Dec 18, 1997, Clarkson; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

BURTON, Mildred "Mili", 90: b May 21, 1907, Czechoslovakia, to Frank and Anna (Starrman) Jirsak; m Ralsph Burton, 1942; died Oct 13, 1997, Omaha; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

BURTWISTLE, Samuel Sr, 84: b Aug 7, 1912, Stanton, to Harold and Zula (Matheson) Burtwistle; m Dorothy Fuchs, Mar 12, 1941, Madison; s Sam Jr, Scott; d Jane Remm; died Apr 22, 1997, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

BUSCH, Jeffery C, 30: b May 8, 1966, Omaha, to Robert and Noreen (Faltin) Busch; died Mar 5, 1997, Stanton; burial St Henry's Catholic Cemetery, rural Howells

BUSCH, Ralph C, 81: b Oct 13, 1915, near Howells, to John and Helen (Imsick) Busch; m Dolores Yosten, Oct 6, 1937, Wisner; s Burdette (Corky), Dean; d Jeanette Jindra, Doris Ternus; died July 6, 1997, Neligh; burial St Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

BUSS, Leona, 88: b Nov 11, 1909, rural Platte Center, to Edward and Mathilda (Peterson) Arndt; m Henry Buss, Jr, Apr 22, 1931, rural Platte Center; s Henry "Hank"; d Kathryn, Marylyn Bicknell, Carylyn Runge, Zona Doerr; died Nov 18, 1997, Columbus; burial Roselawn Cemetery, Columbus

CALLIES, Gordon H, 73: b Aug 5, 1924, Leigh, to Henry and Lillian (Malasek) Callies; m Bonnie Holiday, May 29, 1947, Omaha; m Betty Ray, 1981, Omaha; d Karen Diggens, Cindy Chambers, Annette Rogons, Dawn Callies, Jennie Cummins; step-s Michael, John Ray; died Oct 17, 1997, Omaha; burial Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Omaha

CASTKA, Josephine, 95: b Apr 16, 1901, rural Howells, to Joseph and Anna Sterba Castka; died Jan 8, 1997, Dodge; burial Zion Cemetery, rural Clarkson

CECH, Lillian A, 84: b Feb 10, 1912, Colfax County, to Joseph and Antonia (Jura) Sindelar; m Engelbert Cech, Feb 8, 1932, Schuyler; d Patricia Worden; died Jan 3, 1997, Columbus

CECH, Theofil J "T C", Jr, 63: b Jan 21, 1934, Clarkson, to Theofil Sr and Agnes (Reznicek) Cech; m Betty Niewohner, 1955, Snyder; m JoAnn (Samuelson) Bohm, May 6, 1989, Stanton County; s Richard, Randy, Roger; d Renee Sand; died Nov 14, 1997, Norfolk; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Norfolk

CECH, Theofil J "T C", Jr, 63: b Jan 21, 1934, Clarkson, to Theofil Sr and Anges (Reznicek) Cech; m Betty Niewohner, 1955, Snyder; m JoAnn (Samuelson) Bohm, May 6, 1989, Stanton County; s Richard, Randy, Roger; d Renee Sand; died Nov 14, 1997, Norfolk; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Norfolk

CERV, Vlasta Marie, 84: b Mar 26, 1913, Madison, to Frank and Emma (Pavlis) Pulisek; m Albert Cerv; d Marlene Rhodus, Marilyn; died June 15, 1997, Omaha; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

CHILCOAT, Bernice E, 96: b Nov 27, 1900, Arlington, to David and Oradell (Cornwell) Spangler; m Edwin Chilcoat, June 6, 1923, Omaha; s Robert E Sr, William D; died June 26, 1997, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

CHLEBOUN, Anna, 89: b June 14, 1908, Stanton County, to John and Josephine (Sindelar) Fisher; m Ernest Chleboun, Apr 23, 1929, Stanton County; s Ernie; d Irene Allison, Pat Burns, (1); died June 24, 1997, Wheat Ridge, Colorado; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

CHLOPEK, Joseph S, 87: b Mar 23, 1910, Polk, to Francis and Adeline (Podraza) Chlopek; m Evangeline Mitera, May 23, 1945, St Edward; s Jerry, Jim; d Paula Young, Joanna, Mary Jo Ebner, Theresa Varner; died Apr 1, 1997, Richland; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

CIHACEK, Rose A, 81: b Feb 6, 1916, Schuyler, to Frank and Rose (Fendrich) Moravek; m George R Cihacek, Aug 27, 1940, Schuyler; s Don; d Lorraine Rook; died June 11, 1997, Columbus; burial St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Linwood

CISLER, Elsie, 79: b Sept 15, 1917, Pilger, to Herman and Augusta (Tiejen) Kilchenmann; m Joseph Cisler, Dec 24, 1942, Stanton; s Richard, Larry; d Janet Hartman; died May 17, 1997, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

CODR, Donald J, 56: b Feb 7, 1941, Linwood, to Cyril and Josephine (Gruntorad) Codr; m Marie Divis, Aug 19, 1972, Schuyler; d Nicole, Robin; died Sept 1, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

CONNERLEY, Claire I, 86: b Aug 11, 1911, Yuma, Colorado, to Frank and Mae (Betts) Connerley; m Delma Rhea, Apr 7, 1930, Ogalalla; s (1); d Carol DeBower; died Aug 14, 1997, Schuyler; burial Purple Cane Cemetery, Rogers

COUFAL, Velda, 62: b July 17, 1934, Colfax County, to Robert and Freida (Ehlers) Sayers; m Millard Coufal, Aug 30, 1952, Howells; s David, Gene; d Laure Petersen; died May 29, 1997, Schuyler; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

DANIEL, Janice H, 78: b Nov 11, 1918, Leigh, to Fred and Martha (Thieman) Webb; m Raymond C Daniel, Mar 26, 1939, Stanton; s LeRoy, Terry, Ronny; d Judy West; died Feb 23, 1997, Lincoln; burial Stanton Cemetery

DANIELS, Darlene M, 68: b Nov 26, 1928, rural Clarkson, to John L and Elbie P (Hajek) Armstrong; m Herb Daniels, Feb 16, 1950, Leigh; s Mike, Dana; d Laurel Krause, Roslyn Cinfel, Paulette Marr, Andrea; died July 30, 1997, Omaha; burial Bohemian National Lutheran Cemetery, rural Howells

DANIELS, John F (Rev): b Sept 13, 1908, Leigh, to Fred and Maria (Piontek) Daniels; m Dorothy; s John, Mark, Joel F; died bef Feb 26, 1997; burial Ft Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas

DEICHMANN, Lavern F, 69: b Apr 16, 1928, Colfax County, to Ernest and Wilma (Dobes) Deichmann; died Dec 25, 1997, Ponca; burial St Paul's Cemetery, rural Leigh

DENNEY, Esther C, 98: b Dec 28, 1898, Stanton County, to Charles and Martha (Zander) Moritz; m Charles Denney, June 9, 1920, West Point; s Ronald, Dale; died Jan 18, 1997, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

DENNEY, Viola M, 79: b May 5, 1918, Pierce County, to Otto and Elsie (Greene) Voss; m Virgil W Denney, Aug 13, 1938, Pierce; d Pat Baker; died Dec 5, 1997, Omaha; burial Prospect Hill Cemetery [Norfolk?]

DeWISPELARE, Olive "Ollie", 64: b Apr 30, 1933, near Brainard, to George and Helen (Lanc) Horacek; m Leonard DeWispelare, Nov 6, 1951, Brainard; s Dennis, Gery; d Linda Holt; died Oct 25, 1997, David City; burial St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, David City

DiMAURO, Marianna, 78: s Antonino "Tony"; died bef Apr 4, 1997; burial Calvary Cemetery, Omaha

DOERNEMAN, Amelia "Molly", 94: b Jan 14, 1903, Howells, to Edward Sr and Mary (Renner) Schlautman; m Theodore Doerneman, Sept 8, 1920; s Marvin, Reuben, (2); d Joyce Schlickbernd; died Mar 3, 1997 [Beemer?]; burial St Aloysius Cemetery, Aloys

DROTT, Mary Jean, 63: b Apr 18, 1934, Stanton County, to Lumir and Clara (Wecker) Husak; m Carl (Bill) Drott, June 24, 1956, Stanton; s Russell, Keith; d Twila Brown; died Dec 27, 1997, Omaha; burial Stanton Cemetery

ENGEL, Helen M, 93: b Jan 23, 1904, Colfax County, to John and Lena (Luchsinger) Klug; m Siebert W Engel, Apr 19, 1922; s Robert; d Mary Jane Mueller; died Dec 22, 1997, Columbus; burial Roselawn Cemetery, Columbus

ERNESTI, Marie B, 83: b Nov 27, 1913, West Point, to Clem and Mary (Buse) Ernesti; m Gilbert Ernesti, Jan 29, 1936, West Point; s Gilbert Jr, Marvin; d Janith Casey, Julie Meister, Arlene Woerdemann, Karen Schroeder, Verena Ridder; died Jan 5, 1997, Fremont; burial St Aloysius Cemetery, rural West Point

EVANS, Harold Frank, 80: b Apr 30, 1917, Newman Grove, to A Ray and Estella M (Romig) Evans; died June 6, 1997, Stanton; burial Mount Hope Cemetery, West Point

EWERT, David Adrian, 48: b June 17, 1949, Columbus, to Adrian and Gloria (Proskovec) Ewert; m Colleen Murphy, Apr 18, 1970, Columbus; died Sept 1, 1997, San Ramon, California; burial Columbus City Cemetery

FAIMAN, Alyce L, 76: b Apr 17, 1921, Colfax County, to Harold and Lucille (Valish) Malloy; m Milo Faiman, Sept 20, 1942, Reno, Nevada; died June 17, 1997, Schuyler; burial Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Schuyler

FALTYS, Marvin S, 73: b June 9, 1924, Clarkson; to Frnak and Beatrice (Telecky) Faltys; m Evelyn M Payzant, July 8, 1945, Schuyler; s Roger, Douglas; died Oct 29, 1997, Lincoln; burial Schuyler Cemetery

FEHNCKE, Alyce C, 64: b Mar 16, 1932, Columbus, to Leo Matt and Josephine (Ryba) Czarnick; m Delmer Fehncke, June 2, 1951, Genoa; s Tim, Terry; d Chris Kamm, Cynthia Maslonka; died Feb 13, 1997, Omaha; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

FENDRICK, Melvin, 76: b July 12, 1921, Colfax County, to Vincent and Julia (Maliha) Fendrick; m Ruby Bruns, Apr 17, 1945, Leigh; s Rick; d Connie Muhl; died Aug 6, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

FIALA, Bertha, 100: b Oct 13, 1897, Howells, to W C and Anna (Laux) Stangel; m Joseph P Fiala, June 22, 1920 [Howells?]; s Charles, Daniel, (2); d Marguerite Dostal, Joan Baumert; died Dec 18, 1997; burial Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

FISHER, Joseph R, 85: b July 7, 1912, Stanton County, to John and Josephine Sindelar Fisher; m Adeline Sperl, Aug 27, 1940, Clarkson; s Eddie; d Rose Mary; died Sept 17, 1997, Clarkson; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

FLYNN, Helen J, 78: b Feb 28, 1919, Clarkson; m Edwin H Flynn; s Richard M; d Jacqueline A Hanson, Kathleen Jo Dickerson; died Sept 23, 1997, Indianapolis, Indiana; burial Oaklawn Memorial Gardens, Indianapolis, Indiana

FRERICHS, Milan, 60: b Mar 23, 1937, Pilger, to Herbert and Virgie (Burris) Frerichs; m Judy Strudthoff, 1958; m Marie Blocker, 1961; m Judy Strudthoff, 1963; m Shirley Topp, 1985; s Brad, Dean; d Sandi Nelson, Cindy Milligan; ssc Lisa Larson, Chuck Larson, Nicole Vahle; died June 7, 1997, Norfolk; burial Pilger Cemetery

FRICKE, Eleanor, 86: b to Adolf and Anna Fillipi; ss Merrit Fricke; sd Marilyn Campbell; died Aug 19, 1997 [California?]

FRY, Cindy, 30: b July 22, 1967, Columbus, to Viola and Greg Zeleny; m Richard Fry II, June 26, 1988, San Luis Obispo; d Cherish; died Sept 20, 1997, Van Nuys, California

GERRARD, Mary, 89: b Feb 6, 1907, Columbus, to Charles and Louise (Benning) Reinke; m Garrett Gerrard, Oct 7, 1936, Columbus; s LeRoy; d Shirley Vrba, Bonnie Bolton, Lois Penwell, (1); died Jan 11, 1997, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

GILLUM, Jean Ann, 56: b May 27, 1940, Stanton, to Frank and Florence (Prokupec) Adams; m Robert Gillum, Jan 23, 1960, Lincoln; s Daniel; d Dana Dalfis, Deanne Ingersol; died Jan 28, 1997; burial Michigan Memorial Cemetery [Romulas, Michigan?]

GLASER, Henry G, 96: b Sept 14, 1900, Winside, to Leonard and Ida (Gehrke) Glaser; m Ella (Schrader) Hamilton, May 1948; died July 12, 1997, Stanton; burial Pilger Cemetery

GOELLER, Henry, 90: b Oct 1, 1907, rural Pilger, to George and Magdalena (Heilman) Goeller; m Milada Holub, June 1, 1941, Omaha; s Dallas, Gaylen; d Flavian Gilster, Rhonda Williams, Coleen Koehler, Leueen Whipking, Starla Schleicher, Mitzi Brunesteau, Holly McClure, Crystal Tannehill; died Nov 30, 1997, Norfolk; burial St Matthew Cemetery, rural Wisner

GROTELUESCHEN, Elmer, 75: b July 30, 1921, Colfax County, to William and Clara (Johannes) Grotelueschen; m Elizabeth Gdowski, Sept 9, 1951, Columbus; m Margaret Dvorak, Mar 26, 1988; d Karen Dvorak; ss, Vladimir Dvorak, Jan Dvorak, Tom Gdowski; sd Melissa Hart, Kathy Uhling, Ellie Doughty; died June 14, 1997, Columbus; burial St Bonaventure Catholic Cemetery, Columbus

HAKE, Herbert H, 79: b Aug 1, 1917, rural Creston, to Siegfried and Anna (Boning) Hake; m Emma Brauner, May 8, 1944, Creston; s Allen, Ervin, Dennis; d Arlene Hamernik; died Jan 25, 1997, Clarkson; burial Fairview Cemetery, Creston

HAKE, Leo H, 76: b Sept 17, 1921, Creston, to Siegfried and Anna (Boning) Hake; m June Clark, Apr 14, 1945, Fort Carson, Colorado; s Leon, Charles; died Nov 13, 1997, Arvada, Colorado; burial Roselawn Memorial Park, Columbus

HANKINS, Mae, 86: b Mar 14, 1911, Snyder, to Robert and Clara (Moelle) Peltzer; m Alvin Hankins, Sept 25, 1930, Madison; s Charles; died Apr 6, 1997, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

HANSEN, Fred, 93: b Jan 16, 1903, Stanton County, to Rasmus and Serena (Bartelsen) Hansen; m Marie Gadeken, Aug 19, 1929, Council Bluffs, Iowa; s Howard; d Gloria Parizek, Jeanne Jackson; died Jan 11, 1997, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

HANSEN, Robert H, 70: b Dec 25, 1926, Stanton County, to Harry and Florence (Svenson) Hansen; m Thais Chapman, Oct 11, 1945, Norfolk; s Landon, Robert; died Oct 1997, burial Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery [Norfolk]

HASENKAMP, Anna, 104: b Nov 21, 1892, Dodge, to Frank and Augusta (Loewe) Schlect; m William Hasenkamp, Feb 15, 1912 [Beemer?]; s Arlen, (1); d Lavina Kersten, Luella Kersten, Walinda Doescher, Eileen Kvols, (2); died June 20, 1997, Beemer; burial Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, rural Beemer

HAVRDA, Emil, 87: b Sept 6, 1909, Colfax County near Howells, to Vincent and May (Krajicek) Havrda; m Mary Ann Dlouhy, Sept 4, 1934, Howells; s Duane; died June 4, 1997, Columbus; burial Schuyler Cemetery

HEFTI, Margurita C: b July 22, 1949, Boston, to Neal and Chiara Luisa (Bertocci) Hefti; m James Lava, Feb 4, 1978, Boston; s Jesse Wayne, Joshua Samuel, Gabriel Paul; died Dec 13, 1997, Evanston, Illinois; burial Sunappe, New Hampshire

HEGR, Robert E, 70: b July 31, 1927, rural Clarkson, to Jaroslav H and Katherine (Skranka) Hegr; m Edwina Mohnsen, May 14, 1946, Schuyler; d Bonnie Cech; died Nov 17, 1997, Columbus; burial Leigh Cemetery

HEKRDLE, Robert, 75: b Aug 3, 1921, rural Stanton County, to Anton A and Antonia (Simerl) Hekrdle; m Naomi Carroll, Dec 18, 1948, Madison; s John, Dale; died Mar 16, 1997, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

HIEMER, Lorraine, 68: b Sept 14, 1929, Howells, to Charlie and Edith (Sumption) vais; m Max Hiemer, Oct 24, 1948, Columbus; s Randy; d Bonnie, Diana; died Nov 16, 1997, Lincoln

HILL, William R, 70: b July 15, 1927, Stanton, to Curtis and Bessie (Peltzer) Hill; m Mary Louise Zernik, Feb 27, 1971, Stanton; s Dr Odie, Curt, Max, Timothy; d Beverly Hill, Maureen Falcone, Deanna Redfern, Joan Hill, Jackie Hill; died Sept 17, 1997, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

HINNERICHS, Gilbert, 80: b Dec 2, 1916, rural Wakefield, to Herbert and Lena Reuter Hinnerichs; m Nina Peterson, Aug 9, 1939; m Martha Deets, Feb 19, 1977; s Harlan, Terry, Dallas, Mike; died Sept 6, 1997, Norfolk; burial Beta Cemetery, rural Stanton

HLEDIK, Edna May, 81: b Oct 30, 1915, rural Ewing, to Lewis and Bertha Lorenz Schober; m Emil O Hledik, Apr 3, 1940, Ewing; s Emil Jr; d Lillian Williams, Bertha "Berti", Frances Montgomery; died Apr 3, 1997, Columbus; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

HOCKEMEIER, Clarence R, 77: b Apr 22, 1919, Leigh, to Harry and Bertha (Polenz) Hockemeier; m Marie Dencklau, Apr 9, 1944, Vincent; s Rudy; d Phyllis Miller; died Jan 2, 1997, Ames, Iowa

HOLLINGSWORTH, Jesse, 80: b June 14, 1917, Greenville, South Carolina; m Hilda Podany, Apr 11, 1943; s Don, Gary; d Susan Grose; died Dec, 1997?; burial Jan 3, 1998 [Orlando, Florida?]

HUISMAN, Herman J, 70: b Mar 7, 1927, Clarkson, to Gerhard and Martha (Steiner) Huisman; died bef Aug 1, 1997; burial Holy Cross Cemetery

INDRA, John A, 68: b Nov 1, 1928, rural Clarkson, to Theodore and Bessie (Zastera) Indra; died May 3, 1997, Dodge; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

JACKSON, Rex Jerald, 74: b Apr 29, 1923, Ulyssess, to Jesse and Hannah (Decker) Jackson; m Deloris Ostermeier, June 17, 1945; m Marcelene Putjenter Oertwich, Nov 24, 1967; s Jerry Jackson, Russ Jackson, Bill Oertwich, Rod Oertwich, Doug Oertwich, Randy Oertwich; d Jeannette Kassmeier, Judy Sutter, Beverly Schmidt, Sharon Erickson, Pat Jackson, Nancy Paul; died Aug 22, 1997, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

JAKUB, Leola "Lee", 70: b May 22, 1927, Oconee, to Henry and Rosa (Bock) Jacobs; m Edward J Jakub, Nov 17, 1945, Clyde; s Edward Eugene, James, Jerome, Carol, Terry; d Alice Kastanek, Janell Brichacek; died Nov 21, 1997, David City; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JANECEK, Floyd S, 78: b Sept 2, 1919, Dodge, to Elhart and Mary (Kriz) Janecek; m Martha Emanuel, Aug 25, 1943, Snyder; d Nancy Leeper, Mary Heineman, Joanne Thomas; died Dec 25, 1997, Fremotn; burial Calvary Cemetery, Fremont

JANOUSEK, Margaret "Marge", 58: b Dec 2, 1938, Boone County, to Alois and Philomene (Borer) Brenneis; m Leonard Janousek, Aug 17, 1957, North Bend; s Dave, Dan, Doug; died May 21, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JANOUSEK, Mildred M, 76: b Mar 20, 1920, Colfax County, to Joseph and Agnes (Strudl) Stehno; m Stephen Janousek, Nov 11, 1941, Clarkson; s Dean; d Betty E Jedlicka; died Jan 27, 1997, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JAROSKA, Emma M, 86: b Nov 17, 1910, Clarkson, to Joseph D and Josephine (Teply) Teply; m Joseph J Jaroska, Feb 9, 1932, Albion; s Donald, Jerome, Miles; died Oct 16, 1997, Norfolk; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

JEDLICKA, Frank (F E), 91: b Oct 18, 1906, Colfax County, to Anton and Katherine (Konopik) Jedlicka; m Adela Svec, Feb 10, 1931, Schuyler; s Frank R (Butch); d Catherine Novacek; died Dec 31, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JEDLICKA, Longin, 88: b July 5, 1909, Schuyler, to Karel and Frances (Maly) Jedlicka; m LaVerna Hefti, July 7, 1936, Schuyler; d Sheryl Ayers, Marilyn Meier, Donna Suhr, Linda Robertson; died July 14, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JENSEN, Blanche M, 80: b Dec 24, 1906, rural Dodge, to Wencil and Nettie (Bartosh) Miklas; m Corlis Roberts, Jan 25, 1929; m Art Jensen, July 29, 1944; s Harold "Dick" Roberts; d Dorothy Lodes, Mary Wiley; step-s Don Jensen; died Nov 30, 1997, Dodge; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, rural Dodge

JENSEN, Gale R, 48: b to James S and __ Cech; s Greg, Brett; d Sheila; died bef July 10, 1997; burial Calvary Cemetery, Eagle Grove

JENSEN, Gale R, 50: b Oct 2, 1946, Central City, to Raymond and Anita Rodysill Jensen; m Linda Cech, Aug 5, 1972, Clarkson; s Greg; d Sheila; died July 7, 1997, Eagle Grove, Iowa; burial Calvary Cemetery, Eagle Grove, Iowa

JENSEN, Leo, 75: b Sept 8, 1922, Pilger, to Louis and Frede (Christensen) Jensen; m Arlene (Podany) Heller, Mar 15, 1991, Wisner; step-d Cindy Dohren; died Nov 24, 1997, Stanton; burial Pilger Cemetery

JENSEN, Lowell M, 88: b Nov 3, 1909, Crestwell, Oregon, to James and Hattie (Wollschlager) Jensen; m Guelda Shirley, June 30, 1943, Norfolk; died Dec 8, 1997, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

JILEK, Emil, 89: b May 4, 1907, rural Clarkson, to Joseph and Josephine (Zrust) Jilek; m Ida Lopour, Feb 9, 1932, Clarkson; died Apr 17, 1977, Schuyler; burial Zion Presbyterian Cemetery, rural Clarkson

JINDRA, Jimmy, 75: b Apr 31, 1921, Clarkson, to Adolph and Agnes (Hradec) Jindra; m Alma Podliska, Jan 16, 1945, Howells; s Leslie; died Jan 26, 1997, Clarkson; burial Clarkson Catholic Cemetery

JOHNSON, Alice D, 100: b Nov 29, 1896, Blackhawk, South Dakota, to Jackson and Anna (Rooth) Diehl; m Ray Johnson, Sept 23, 1918, Ladysmith; s (1); d Arllys Hansen, Yvonne F Best, Barbara Henry; died July 5, 1997, Stanton; burial Bega Cemetery, rural Stanton

JOHNSON, Sue, 76: b June 28, 1921, Oyster Bay, New York, to Charles and Clementine (Minicozzi) Abbate; m Barney W Johnson, Sept 27, 1945, Parish; s Bob, Jeff; died Dec 21, 1997, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KAREL, Lambert E, 86: b Aug 2, 1910, Heun, to Vaclav and Mary (Lodl) Karel; m Vlasta Cimfel, Aug 22, 1939; s Larry; d Mary Crain, Victoria Hammond, Jolene; died July 18, 1997, Schuyler; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

KAREL, Margaret J, 95: b Aug 30, 1901, Whitesville, Missouri, to William F and Catherine (Deaton) Varner; m Robert Imus, 1946; m Joseph E Karel, Nov 6, 1954; s Robert; d Helen Ott; died Mar 6, 1997, Fremont; burial Calvary Cemetery, Fremont

KASIK, Emil J, 92: b Sept 28, 1904, rural Colfax County, to Vaclav and Mary (Herink) Kasik; m Catherine Moser, Apr 10, 1929, Scribner; s Emil Jr, Lawrence, Marvin, Robert, Gerald, (1); d Shirley Wagner, Carolyn Brichacek; died bef May 20, 1997; burial Wilson Cemetery, rural Clarkson

KEYES, Clara, 71: b Sept 3, 1926, Howells, to Peter and Rose (Bogner) Limbach; m David Keyes, Mar 7, 1946, California; s Glen; d Bonnie Conlen; died Nov 25, 1997, Carson City, Nevada; burial U.S. Marine Cemetery, Carson City, Nevada

KIMBLE, Lucille, 97: b May 16, 1899, Colfax County, to Anton and Jennie (Shorney) Valish; m Harold "Hod" Malloy, Jan 4, 1919, Fremont; m Alfred Kimble, Jan 25, 1956, Hyannis; d Alyce Faiman; died May 3, 1997, Schuyler; burial Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Schuyler

KLEIN, Mildred F, 85: b Oct 17, 1912, North Bend to __ Mundy; m Anthony Klein, May 23, 1935; s Anthony Jr, Francis, Thomas, Marty, Jerry, Joe, (1); d Rita Williams, Agnes Ortmeier, (1); died Dec 19, 1997, West Point; burial North Bend Cemetery

KNUST, Elizabeth, 91: b June 13, 1906, Howells, to Frank and Caroline (Baumert) Eusterbrock; m William Knust, Feb 16, 1926, Howells; d Verna Luebbert, Lenore Wieler, Jeanette Kinsel, Arlene Kersten, (1); died June 22, 1997, West Point

KNUTSON, Herbert M, 76: b Nov 17, 1920, Louisville, to Charles and Fern Grassman Knutson; m Doris Farris, Nov 20, 1949, Albion; died Jan 18, 1997, Albion; burial Rose Hill Cemetery, Albion

KOBUS, Emily Ann, 73: b Feb 22, 1924, Tarnov, to Stanley and Cecelia (Paprocki) Szudlo; m Leonard P Kobus, Feb 12, 1947, Columbus; s Larry, Lyle, Lavern, Leonard s Jr; d Luanne Boesch; died Oct 12, 1997, Columbus; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

KOCH, Marlon, 54: b Nov 16, 1942, near Creston, to Ernest and Helena (Thalken) Koch; m Rosemary Moseke, June 12, 1965, Madison; s Jay, Darin; d June, Danelle; died Feb 14, 1997, Norfolk; burial St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Leigh

KOEHLMOOS, Adolph G, 81: b Apr 10, 1916, near Pilger, to Henry and Elise (Dahlkoetter) Koehlmoos; m Lorraine Hilbers, July 6, 1942, Pilger; s Leon, LeRoy; d Franceil Parde, Marlene Clausen, Phyllis Lindsay; died Apr 26, 1997, Wisner; burial Pilger Cemetery

KOKRDA, Freancis J, 79: b Aug 11, 1918, Omaha, to James and Anna (Kuncl) Kokrda; m Marie De Wulf, Apr 22, 1946, Cedar Rapids; s Robert, Richard; d Mary Jo Schulte, Kathy Medelman, Terry Alexander; died Jan 29, 1997, Omaha; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

KOLIHA, Beatrice E, 91: b Dec 24, 1905, Howells, to Josef and Petrolina (Benes) Palas; m William Koliha, Nov 23, 1948, Cumberland, Wisconsin; died Nov 29, 1997, Cresco, Iowa; burial Saratoga Cemetery, Saratoga, Iowa

KONZ, Helen R, 78: b Aug 10, 1918, Atwood, Kansas, to John and Amelia (Bartosovsky) Cech; m Rudolph Konz, Jan 25, 1949; s Larry, Ron, (1); d Charlene Wilson, Anita Eller; died May 28, 1997, Newman Grove; burial Holy Family Catholic Cemetery, Lindsay

KRAUS, Ella, 96: b Jan 13, 1901, Schuyler, to John and Ellen (Butler) McReady; m Fred C Kraus, Jan 30, 1931, Schuyler; s Delaine, Carrol, David; d (1); died Apr 30, 1997, Fountain Vllaey; California; burial Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Schuyler

KREIKEMEIER, Duane H, 46: b Aug 15, 1950, West Point, to Leroy and Arlitha (Dirkschneider) Kreikemeier; m Debra Bremmer, Oct 12, 1971, Omaha; s Jeffrey, Justin; died May 29, 1997, Omaha; burial Snyder Cemetery

KRIVOHLAVEK, John F, 47: b Nov 19, 1950, Columbus, to John C and Lillian (Bohac) Krivohlavek; m Marcy Jisa, June 17, 1972, Schuyler; s Bo, Seth, Jamie; died Dec 25, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KRUEGER, Charlotte E, 72: b Aug 6, 1925, Colfax County, to Charles and Delma (Schultz) Trofholz; m LeRoy Krueger, Mar 18, 1946, Columbus; s Tim, Wayne, Leroy Jr; d Connie Ohnemus, Lori Pickinpaugh, Lynn Wemhoff; died Sept 16, 1997, Columbus; burial Baptist Cemetery, rural Platte Center

KUCERA, Adolph F, 86: b Mar 6, 1911, rural Howells, to James and Barbara (Sindelar) Kucera; died June 10, 1997, Columbus; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery Howells

KUNHART, Josephine, 93: b Aug 18, 1903, rural Howells, to Bohomil and Antonia (Havrda) Ruzicka; m Joseph R Kunhart, Jan 23, 1922, rural Clarkson; d Irene Koza, (1); died Apr 17, 1997, Columbus; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Howells

KUSH, Ted, Jr, 55: b Aug 27, 1941, Tarnov, to Ted and Evelyn (Paprocki) Kush; died July 25, 1997 [Colorado?]

LaBENZ, Denny J, 54: b Jan 14, 1943, Norfolk, to B J and Ann M (Korth) LaBenz; m Barbara A Krings, Oct 27, 1979, Tarnov; d Mikala, Brooke; died Aug 2, 1997, Columbus; burial St Francis Catholic Cemetery, Humphrey

LACINA, Marie Catherine, 90: b June 11, 1906, rural West Point, to Jerome and Christina (Janecek) Bernasek; m Emil Lacina, Sr, Sept 9, 1925, Schuyler; s Lumir, Larry (2); d Dorothy Houdek, (2); died Apr 18, 1997, Dodge; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

LAKE, Robert R, 77: b Apr 29, 1920, Creston, to Roy and Ethel (Postle) Lake; m Evelyn R Gernstein, Apr 22, 1944, Temple, Texas; s Robert W, Don; d Pat Asche, Janet Benson; died Dec 6, 1997, Omaha; burial Leigh Cemetery

LANGHOFF, Ilene M, 77: b Mar 14, 1919, Saunders County, to Charles Roland and Bertha Mae (Thompson) Bishop; m Elwin W Langhoff, Aug 9, 1942, Fremont; s Charlie; d Marilee Menke, Sandi Bair; died Mar 13, 1997, Littleton, Colorado; burial Memorial Cemetery, Fremont

LAPOUR, Ann, 81: b May 29, 1915, near Leigh, to Vaclav and Anna (Spulak) Novak; m John Lapour, Jan 18, 1934; s John, Jerry, Tom; died Feb 9, 1997, Norfolk; burial Crown Hill Cemetery [Madison?]

LASH, Everette L, Sr, 66: b Jan 28, 1931, Mason City, to William and Viola (Gillett) Lash; m Ann Mae Wagner, June 6, 1953, Columbus; s Everette Lee Jr, Chuck; d Debra, Tempy Kay Halsey, Tamara Sue Lindberg; died Aug 14, 1997, Columbus

LEITZKE, Reuben E, 81: b July 20, 1916, Stanton, to Frank and Emma (Kortje) Leitze; m Charlotte Bergman, July 29, 1944, Sioux City, Iowa; d Karen Christiansen; died Dec 10, 1997, Omaha; burial New Lutheran Cemetery [Norfolk?]

LENTZ, Burt E, 40: b Sept 16, 1956, Fot Campbell, Kentucky, to Walt and Jean Lentz; m Susan Abromski, July 16, 1987, Longmonst, Colorado; s Jeremiah; d Heather; died June 15, 1997

LIEKHUS, Dean H, 58: died May 24, 1997, Bellevue; burial St John's Cemetery, Bellevue

LITTY, Ena, 82: b June 12, 1914, Clarkson, to Jesse and Antonia (Suplak) Miller; m Leonard Litty, Mar 3, 1935, Glenwood, Iowa; s Lance, Darrell; d Kay LeDeoux, Lea Fekete, Doreen Frauenhoffer; died Jan 1, 1997, Jacksonville, Florida; burial Deland Memorial Gardens, Deland, Florida

LOSEKE, Mary, 80: b May 23, 1916, Leigh, to Joseph and Anna (Cerny) Prokop; m Louie Loseke, Feb 14, 1940, Boonesville, Missouri; s Mike; d Carolyn Wersching, Jean Davis; died Mar 31, 1997, Omaha; burial Roselawn Cemetery, Columbus

LUEDKE, Marilyn, 42: b July 10, 1954, Norfolk, to Waldo and Mary (Zurcher) Podany; m Terry Luedke, Nov 7, 1977, Littleton, Colorado; s Mitchell; d Alisha Jacobsen, Hillary; died June 5, 1997, Norfolk; burial Wisner Cemetery

LUEKE, Edward W, 94: b Aug 20, 1903, Colfax County, to Carl F and Mina (Went) Lueke; m Agnes Pavel, Feb 17, 1939, Ewing; d LouAnn Rochford; died Sept 9, 1997, Schuyler; burial Calvary Cemetery, rural Columbus

LUXA, Rose M, 80: b May 29, 1917, rural Howells, to Frank and Anna (Trojan) Kucera; m Joseph Luxa, Sept 23, 1939, Madison; died Sept 10, 1997, Omaha; burial Hillcrest Cemetery, Omaha

MAKOUSKY, Vlasta Catherine, 90: b June 28, 1906, Howells, to Frank and Katharine (Havel) Ulihrach; m Frank J Makousky, June 25, 1929, rural Clarkson; d Karen Paben; died Mar 10, 1997; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

MALENA, Adella, 93: b Sept 28, 1904, rural Clarkson, to Anton and Anna (Houfek) Korecky; m Anton Malena, Feb 8, 1997 [sic], Clarkson; s Robert; d Helen Konicek, Alice Garvey; died Sept 28, 1997, Clarkson burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

MARES, Olga, 80: b Apr 30, 1917, Linwood, to Frank and Josephine (Mensik) Ustohal; m Victor Mare, Aug 10, 1940, Schuyler; s Gale, Lee; d Joyce Bieber; died Nov 12, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

MARESH, Hattie M, 93: b July 22, 1904, near Dodge, to Joseph and Mary (Hanzl) Maresh; died Dec 21, 1997, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

MARIK, Helen, 81: b May 31, 1915, Dodge, to Vaclav and Anna (Bazata) Uher; m Rudolph Marik, Oct 10, 1939, rural Howells; s Larry, Randy; d Marlene Svoboda; died Jan 16, 1997, Fremont; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

MARSOUN, Anna, 100: b Dec 13, 1896, near Stanton, to Anton and Katherine (Hartl) Vlasak; m Henry Vlach; m Anton Marsoun, 1941; s Ron, Al, Donald, (1); died Aug 13, 1997, Schuyler; burial St Wenceslaus Cemetery, near Dodge

MARTENSEN, Tammy, 31: b Jan 30, 1966, Columbus, to Delmer and Lorna (Brock) Martensen; died Nov 2, 1997, Columbus; burial Roselawn Cemetery, Columbus

MASON, Harry C (Retired Rear Admiral), 80: b Omaha, to Harry and Gladys Mason; m Mary Elizabeth; m Jean Coward; s Larry C; d Jane Anne Poole, Linday Murphy, Carol; died June 6, 2997, Durham, North Carolina

MATEJKA, Albert J, 78: b Sept 27, 1919, Dodge, to William and Sophie (Dusek) Matejka; m Margaret Branson, Aug 23, 1948; d Lynne Krempin; died Dec 29, 1997, Lincoln; burial Hillcrest Cemetery, Omaha

McMAHON, Verna M, 97: b Sept 5, 1899, Stanton, to George and Rose (Carroll) Pugh; m Charles McMahon, June 4, 1921, Omaha; s George, Charles; d Eloise Plummer, Rosemary Knigsley; died Apr 22, 1997, Sun City, Arizona; burial Stanton Cemetery

MEWIS, Leo Marvin, 73: b Jan 15, 1924, Stanton, to Charles and Clara (Anders) Mewis; m Martha Wipperling, July 29, 1950, Pierce; d (1), Bonnie Atkins, Sharon Klug, Linda Waltke; died Jan 16, 1997, Norfolk; burial Prospect Hill Cemetery [Norfolk?]

MEYER, Rose, 76: b June 5, 1921, Columbus, to Mike Francis and Victoria (Shostak) Ryba; m Gerald Meyer, July 21, 1941, Schuyler; died Oct 11, 1997, Columbus; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

MICHAELS, [Mrs. Leonard], 80: died June 15, 1997, Salinas, California

MILLER, Richard E, 23: b July 16, 1973, Norfolk, to Dallas and Eufrosina "Percy" (Payumo) Miller; m Cindy Ridder, Sept 4, 1996, San Diego, California; d Brittnee; sd Kaela Redden; died June 24, 1997, San Diego, California; burial Fort McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell

MOEHNERT, Arthur M, 86: b June 28, 1911, Madison, to Emil and Ida (Tetzloff) Moehnert; died Nov 24, 1997, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

MOLACEK, Stella, 90: b Nov 16, 1906, rural Howells, to James and Anna (Opyar) Dlouhy; m William Moolacek, Nov 9, 1931, Omaha; s Marvin, Dean, Gary; d Patricia Brown, Ann Marie Gasper; died July 24, 1997, Dodge; burial Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

MORAVEK, Joseph, 84: b Aug 8, 1912, Schuyler, to Anton and Josephine (Kotoucek) Moravek; m Marie Koubik, Apr 12, 1939, Schuyler; d Lillian Anderson; died Mar 3, 1997, David City; burial Schuyler Cemetery

MOSS, Alma Victoria, 90: b Oct 27, 1906, to Peter and Josefina (Jakobsen) Benson; m Noah Spencer Moss, July 17, 1924; s Ronald; d Bette Wiese; died Jan 1, 1997, Stanton; burial Stanton City Cemetery

NADRCHAL, Frank Joseph, 69: b June 1, 1928, Stanton County, to Frank and Agnes (Popelka) Nadrchal; m Elaine (Behrens) Cattau, Oct 12, 1952, Columbus; m Marion (Monteforte) Jasper, Aug 16, 1980, Columbus; s Randy; d Cindy Vandenberg; sd Cynthia Reese, Sharon Healy; died Aug 27, 1997, Duncan; burial Roselawn Memorial Cemetery, Columbus

NAJMON, Clarence (Clancy), 69: b Nov 13, 1928, Clarkson, to William Najmon and Emma (Nadrchal) Najmon; m Mary Ann Hajek, Sept 16, 1957; d Susan Kerl, Mary Burgess, Nita Herrea; died Dec 6, 1997, Geneva; burial St Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Geneva

NEESEN, Christina, 91: b Feb 8, 1906, West Point, to Casper and Katherine (Surman) Wordekemper; m Anton Neesen, Jan 18, 1928; s Valerie, Hilary; d Lorraine Schlautman; died June 5, 1997, West Point; burial St Michael's Cemetery [Weset Point?]

NEUHAUS, Andy Joe, 19: b Aug 17, 1978, Columbus, to Richard Delton and Peggy (Schmid) Neuhaus; died Nov 16, 1997; burial Columbus Cemetery

NEUHAUS, Andy Joe, 19: died Nov 1997

NICKOLITE, Helen S, 69: b Aug 27, 1928, Silver Creek, to Charles and Catherine (Stanczyk) Laska; m Virgil "Judd" P Nickolite, Apr 12, 1955, Duncan; s Jason, Lee, Paul, Roger, Thomas, John "Jack", Roland, Neil; d Karla Eickmeier, Kristine Herout; died Dec 16, 1997, Columbus; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

NOSAL, Dennis, 63: b Oct 9, 1934, Ravenna, to Stanley and Kathryn Nosal; m Patricia; s David; d Denise Johnson, Anne Ehlers, Elizabeth; died bef Dec 20, 1997; burial Lincoln Memorial Park

NOVAK, Clara May, 71: b May 21, 1925, Schuyler, to Arthur C and Emma (Svoboda) Stuefer; m Ed Novak, June 3, 1942, Schuyler; s Ron; d Connie Balhorn; died Jan 26, 1997, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

NOVOTNY, Joseph J, 91: b Sept 22, 1905, rural Clarkson, to Anton and Mary (Sousek) Novotny; m Libbie Brabec, Oct 22, 1929, Clarkson; d Carolyn Massey, Dorothy Luksic, Gladys Bath; died June 17, 1997, Clarkson; burial Holy Trinity Cemetery [Heun?]

OCEGUERA, Eleazar, 43: b Oct 20, 1953, Mexico, to Jesus and Catalina (Alvarez) Oceguera; s Eleazar Jr; d Vanessa; died June 2, 1997, Columbus

ODVODY, Betsy, 69: b Mar 30, 1928, Linwood, to Frank and Sylvia (Urban) Datel; m Leonard Odvody, Nov 15, 1957, North Bend; d Beverly Hurner; died Apr 20, 1997, Schuyler; burial National Cemetery, Prague

PAPROCKI, Heliodore "Dores", 80: b Mar 24, 1917, Tarnov, to John and Constance (Lassek) Paprocki; m Celestine "Sally" Hemmer, Lindsay; s Tom, Charles, Andy; d Victoria Kent; died Nov 27, 1997, Madison; burial St Michael's Catholic Cemetery, Tarnov

PIEPER, Elmer T, 68: b Feb 7, 1929, Howells; m Darlene Konsel, Apr 7, 1953, Howells; s James, Jay; d Robin Charleston, Rhonda Pfeifer; died Sept 25, 1997, Fremont; burial Calvary Cemetery, Fremont

PLUHACEK, Sister Mary Lillian, 80: died Dec 28, 1997, Minot [North Dakota?]

PODANY, Mary, 72: b Jan 11, 1925, Battle Creek, to John and Capitola (Thrasher) Zurcher; m Waldo Podany, Sept 7, 1948, Ely, Nevada; s Warren, Thomas; d Kathleen Koehlmoos, Sally Kolar, (1); died July 19, 1997, Wisner; burial Stanton Cemetery

POHLMAN, Alfred A, 77: b Oct 27, 1919, to Louis and Rosetta (Froehlich) Pohlman; m Adeline Klawoon, Jan 14, 1942, Madison; s Roger, Ronald; died Mar 5, 1997, Norfolk; burial Stanton City Cemetery

POHLMAN, Alice, 78: b Apr 29, 1919, Cuming County, to William and Bertha Strudthoff; m Louis Pohlman, Jr, June 11, 1941, Wisner; s Lonnie; d Loretta Olson; died Oct 21, 1997, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

POKORNY, Adolph, 89: b May 30, 1907, Heun area, to Jerry and Mary (Dlouhy) Pokorny; m Leona Folda, June 18, 1934, Howells; s John E, James J, A Jay, Chris; d Judeth Hoppe; died Jan 9, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

POKORNY, Evelyn, 88: b June 25, 1909, Dodge, to Frank and Josephine (Vlach) Bartosh; m Stanley Pokorny, May 27, 1930, Schuyler; s Jim, Robert, Harry; died Aug 14, 1997, Dodge; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

POKORNY, Leona F, 87: b Jan 5, 1910, Howells, to Adolph and Bessie (Prucha) Folda; m Adolph J Pokorny, June 18, 1934; s John E, James J, A Jay, Jeff, Jerry; d Janet, JoEllen, Judeth Hoppe; died Dec 1, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

POKORNY, Lucille, 81: b Aug 13, 1915, Omaha, to Ernest and Minnie Adams; m Gerald Pokorny, July 14, 1934, Schuyler; s Bob, Jim; d Virginia Connelly, Geraldine Dean, Nancy Murray; died Jan 13, 1997, Columbus; burial Schuyler Cemetery

PONT, Eileen E, 98: b Apr 1, 1899, Norfolk, to John and Sarah (Mullen) Brown; m Nathan Pont, June 10, 1926; d Patricia Witzka, Mary Smith; died Dec 24, 1997, [California?]; burial Holy Cross Cemetery, Ponona, California

PRESCOTT, Madelene L, 81: b Mar 18, 1916, Stanton, to Clifton and Bertha (Pangard) Alkire; m Jessie Prescott, Apr 22, 1938, Stanton; died Nov 29, 1997, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

PROKOPEC, Katherine, 82: b Sept 13, 1915, Trippe County, South Dakota, to John and Emma (Wainscott) Karmann; m Joseph Prokopec; s Eddie; died Nov 28, 1997, Central City; burial Sts Cyril and Methodius Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

PTACEK, Clara M, 71: b Nov 30, 1925, Linwood, to Frank J and Clara (Pospichal) Barcel; m Frank Ptacek, Jan 14, 1948, Abie; died May 8, 1997, David City; burial David City Cemetery

QUICK, Margaret, 87: b Oct 26, 1909, York, to Edward and Gertrude (Funk) Johnson; m Charles Quick, May 29, 1935, Papillion; died Jan 14, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

REARDON, Mildred "Millie", 62: b Sept 29, 1934, Remsen, Iowa, to Nick and Frances (Bohlke) Kenkel; m Tom Reardon, Mar 12, 1966, Jackson, Minnesota; s Tim, Todd; died Aug 23, 1997, Lincoln

REICHMUTH, Brother marion J "Richie", S J, 73: b June 14, 1923, Leigh, to Frank and Ella (Herink) Reichmuth; died Feb 23, 1997, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; burial Jesuit plot at Holy Rosary mission, Pine Ridge

REIGLE, Frank A, 84: b Dec 2, 1912, rural Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania, to Ralph and Myrtle (Mateer) Reigle; m Laura M Ewell, Sept 5, 1948, Suffield, Ohio; s John, David, Robert; died June 21, 1997, Clarkson; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

REINECKE, John M, 71: b Apr 22, 1925, Norfolk, to Lloyd and Ferne (Mattison) Reinecke; m Margaret Sfoboda, Sept 15, 1947, Schuyler; s David, Jeff; died Feb 11, 1997, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

REMM, Esther L, 84: b July 3, 1913, Colfax County, to Joseph J and Emma (Faltys) Nadrchal; m Frank J Svoboda, Nov 17, 1931, rural Howells; m Howard Remm, Dec 8, 1979, Clarkson; s Frank E, Joseph J, Robert L, David G; d Betty Glodowski, Joan Smejkal, Dorothy Brichacek; died Sept 13, 1997, Lincoln; burial Clarkson Cemetery

RESTEA, Susann C, 86: b Jan 22, 1910, Howells, to H D and Mayme (Busch) Myers; m Dan Restea, May 1952; died Mar 10, 1997, Schuyler

RHEAD, Gary Lee, 56: b June 12, 1941, Beresford, South Dakota, to Floyd Oliver and Maxine (Adams) Rhead; m Dorothy Ellen Haynes, Dec 19, 1970, Huron, South Dakota; s Benjamin; d Brittany; died Nov 20, 1997, Schuyler; burial Canton, South Dakota

RITTER, Bernadette C, 85: b Nov 4, 1912, West Point, to William and Mary (Wordekeper) Ritter; died Dec 15, 1997, West Point; burial St Boniface Cemetery, Monterey

ROSSOW, Warren Bill, 55: b Feb 28, 1942, Lakefield, Minnesota, to Oren E and Hazel (Hass) Rossow; d Becky Isbrandtsen; died July 6, 1997; burial Schuyler Cemetery

RUSKAMP, Kenneth D (Cornbore), 60: b Jan 22, 1937, Omaha, to Lawrence H and Evelyn (Koehler) Ruskamp; died Sept 29, 1997, Omaha; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

RUZICKA, Mildred, 88: b Sept 23, 1908, rural Dodge, to John and Julia (Mitchell) Ladehoff; m Adolph Ruzicka, Mar 20, 1929, Dodge County; s Robert; died Feb 23, 1997, Schuyler; burial Woodland Cemetery, North Bend

SALAK, Jeff, 41: b Dec 26, 1955, Schuyler, to Charles E and Wilma (Langhoff) Salak; died June 26, 1997, Elmhurst, New York; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SALAK, Jeff, 41: b to Charles and Wilma Salak; died June 26, 1997, Elmhust, New York; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SALAK, Mildred, 85: b May 11, 1911, Colfax County, to John and Mary (Sinkula) Janecek; m Richard D Salak, Oct 7, 1930, Schuyler; d Bobby Schmid, Debby Brown; died Jan 26, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SCHAECHER, James H, 61: b Sept 18, 1935, Madison, to Albert H and Mae E (Schmuchaer) Schaecher; m Marlee J Fitch, Nov 7, 1964, Rock Island; s David; d Jamie Calvert; died Mar 1, 1997, Davenport, Iowa; burial Rock Island National Cemetery, Rock Island, Illiois

SCHELLPEPER, Hazel I, 94: b Nov 8, 1903, near Stanton, to Samuel and Frances (Matthews) Pont; m Harold Schellpeper, June 16, 1926, Madison; s Ronald; d Veryl Jackson; died Dec 29, 1997, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

SCHLECHT, Joseph E, 88: b Sept 24, 1908, near Dodge, to John and Sophia (Brazda) Schlecht; m Leonore Behling, Feb 17, 1931, Beemer; s Lester, Lloyd, Larry; foster-s Dennis Lichtenburg; d Lillian Heller, Lanise McDermott; died Apr 21, 1997, Madison; burial Crown Hill Cemetery [Madison?]

SEEFELDT, Emma B, 93: b Dec 20, 1903, Stanton County, to Herman and Emma (Koch) Neumann; adopted by Herman and Bertha Koch; m Rev Walter Seefeldt, Nov 14, 1923, Stanton; d Betty Karre, Carolyn Stanley; died Nov 29, 1997; burial Stanton Cemetery

SHYMKEWICH, Bessie E, 89: b Nov 13, 1907, Stanton, to Charles and Cora (Brown) Sheldon; s Dale; died Apr 26, 1997, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

SIECKE, Frieda, 91: b Mar 9, 1906, Stanton County, to Otto and Mary (Wagner) Kuehn; m Fred Siecke, Jan 1, 1935, Pilger; d Pearl Kander; died Apr 4, 1997; burial Stanton Cemetery

SINDELAR, Albin J, 74: b Dec 23, 1922, Howells, to Mike C and Mary (Svitak) Sindelar; m Alice Dvorak, Apr 12, 1944, Heun; s Albin; d Angela Powell, Adeline Hanel, Ann Brester; died Feb 9, 1997, Omaha; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

SINDELAR, Inez R, 80: b Jan 21, 1917, Colfax County, to Andrew and Minnie (Schroeder) Legler; m Longin E Sindelar, Jan 16, 1940, Schuyler; s Rainold, Tom, Terry; died Sept 2, 1997, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SINDELAR, Joseph, Jr, 83: b Apr 4, 1913, Richland, to Joseph and Emily (Abraham) Sindelar; m Albie Fendrick, Sept 18, 1934, Schuyler; s Gerald, Ronald, Allen; d Julia Hembd, (1); died Mar 13, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuylera Cemetery

SINDELAR, Wilma A, 85: b Nov 12, 1911, Leigh, to John and Anna (Janecek) Hobza; m Bohous Sindelar, Sept 16, 1930, Schuyler; d Mary Ann Kracl; died Mar 14, 1997, David City; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SINNETT, Ann M, 85: b May 31, 1911, Domazlice, Czechoslovakia, to Peter and Margaret (Vitek) Duffek; m Eric E Sinnett, Sept 8, 1937, Clarkson; s Tom; d Nora Eckert; died Jan 14, 1997, Fremont; burial Memorial Cemetery, Fremont

SMATLAN, Joseph M, 87: b Feb 6, 1910, Schuyler, to Joseph and Emma (Bartunek) Smatlan; m Gladys Stone, Jan 2, 1937, Schuyler; s Joseph A, Emerson E "Ed"; d Donna Dale; died Apr 26, 1997, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho; burial Forest Cemetery

SMITH, John T, 69: b Nov 23, 1929, Platte County, to John and Peggy (Lawrence) Smith; m Eunice Ostrander, Mar 31, 1951, St. Louis; s Dennis; d Deborah Litjen, Coni Kretz; died Nov 24, 1997, Columbus; burial Bellwood Cemetery

SPALE, Elva M, 82: b May 17, 1914, Leigh, to Joseph and Rose Mary Fajman; m James L Spale, Sept 30, 1937, Leigh area; s Doug; d Rosemary Schwartz; died Jan 12, 1997, Norfolk; burial Leigh Cemetery

SPANO, Marie H, 86: b Mar 3, 1911, Stanton County, to Albert and Pauline (Newmann) Pilger; m Reginald Spano, June 4, 1933, West Point; d Phyllis Butterfield; died June 21, 1997, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

SPENCE, Mary, 85: b Jan 29, 1911, Richmond, Missouri, to Henry and Maud (Austin) Schneider; m Lynn Spence, oct 16, 1936, Madison; s Maurice, Terry; died Jan 28, 1997, Omaha; burial Stanton Cemetery

STANGEL, Frank George, 82: b Apr 9, 1915, Hartington, to George and Katie Stangel; m Aileen V Feichtinger, Jan 27, 1937; s Robert; d Janet Cook, Nancy; died June 24, 1997

STANLEY, John Loren, 76: b May 14, 19921, rural Big Springs, to Cecil and Jane (Armstrong) Stanley; m Helen Ruth Hefti, Jan 6, 1945, Fort Campbell, Kentucky; s Greg, John R; d Jane Benzel, Betty Seim; died Nov 6, 1997, Denver, Colorado; burial Big Springs Cemetery

STARLIN, Gerald W, 60: b June 24, 1936, Vallisca, Iowa; m Marcella Blum, Jan 21, 1956, Heun; s Rodney, Greg; d Susan Workman, Tammy Fiala, (1); died Jan 15, 1997, David City; burial Schuyler Cemetery

STEFFENSMEIER, Vincent, 71: b Dec 31, 1925, Cuming County, to Bernard and Julia (Renner) Steffensmeier; m Marie Schlickbernd, Apr 28, 1949, Beemer; s Marvin, Roger; d Marlene Spitz, Linda Stecher, Barbara Prochaska, LaVone Kreikemeier, Denise Brester; died Aug 9, 1997, West Point; burial Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Olean

STEJSKAL, Josephine R, 103: b Mar 19, 1894, near Beemer, to Frank and Mary (Hruby) Kafka; m Frank Stejskal, Apr 10, 1917, West Point; s (3); d Marilyn Martinsen; died Dec 13, 1997, Albion; burial Rose Hill Cemetery [Albion?]

STEPAN, Frank, 81: b Feb 14, 1916, Lidgerwood, North Dakota, to Anton Sr and Minnie Stepan; m Mary Jankowski; s Robert; d Christine; died Nov 13, 1997, Nashua, New Hampshire; burial St Louis de Gonzague Cemetery [Nashua, New Hampshire?]

STODOLA, Adeline M, 82: b Jan 17, 1915, rural Leigh, to John and Stacey (Dolezal) Richtig; m Albin Stodola, Jan 17, 1933; s Don, Leonard; died June 11, 1997, Stanton; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

STOLTENBERG, Leo, 76: b Oct 22, 1921, Fremont, to Andrew and Mary (Costello) Stoltenberg; m Clara Brown, Apr 22, 1946, Fremont; s Marty; d Pat Anderson, Linda Jirovsky, Sue Virgil; died Nov 28, 1997, Fremont; burial Calvary Cemetery, Fremont

STRONG, Melvin E A, 77: b Mar 26, 1919, near Oconee, to William and Anna (Brockemeier) Strong; m Carol Belgum, Mar 5, 1946, near Oconee; s Richard, Gary, Gale; d Sharon Meyer; died Feb 25, 1997, Columbus; burial Valley View Cemetery, Genoa

STUBENROUCH, John Sr: died July 8, 1997

STUEFER, Gladys, 88: b Nov 7, 1908, Columbus, to Christian and Mary (Stupfel) Abts; m Jack Steufer, May 23, 1925; d Jacqueline Marler; died July 19, 1997, San Bernardino, California; burial St Bonaventure Catholic Cemetery, Columbus

STUEFER, Jack, 82: b Nov 7, 1908, Colfax County, to Arnold and Melinda (Rice) Steufer; m Gladys Abts, May 23, 1925; d Jacqueline Marler; died Dec 9, 1990, San Bernardino, California

SUVA, Marcella M, 82: b Apr 4, 1914, rural howells, to George and May (Hronek) Pinker; m Rudolph W Suva, Aug 1941, Howells; s Richard, Ronald; d Mary Jane Rosenthal; died Feb 18, 1997, Schuyler; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

SVOBODA, Ida, 90: b Oct 31, 1906, Snyder, to John and Elizabeth (Wolsleger) Meyer; m Rudolph Frank Svoboda, May 29, 1929, Howells; s Rudy V; d Darlene Prochaska; died May 2, 1997, Schuyler; burial Zion Presbyterian Cemetery, rural Clarkson

THALKEN, Walter, 78: b Sept 5, 1919, rural Clarkson, to Henry and Lena (Christ) Thalken; m Delora Teply, Jan 20, 1944, Clarkson; s Duane; died Oct 4, 1997, Columbus; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

TOMCAK, Robert D, 66: b June 7, 1931, Prague, to Louis and Anna (Belik) Tomcak; m Beverly Kriz, Sept 16, 1952; s David, Danny, LeRoy, Bobby, Tim, Scott; died Dec 24, 1997, Linwood; burial St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Linwood

TUMA, Leona M, 85: b Jan 31, 1912, rural Howells, to Joseph and Marie (Spulak) Vrba; m Lumir J Tuma, May 19, 1928, Wayne; s Daniel, Dean; d Jeanie Schmidt; died Oct 29, 1997, Clarkson; burial St John's Cemetery, Howells

UHER, Bohumil, 84: b Mar 5, 1913, Dodge, to William and Leokadia (Kajzler) Uher; m Luella Hruby, Feb 12, 1935; d Patricia Kreikemeier; died Dec 22, 1997, Fremont; burial St Wenceslaus Cemetery, Dodge

ULRICH, Frank, 77: b Aug 13, 1920, West Point, to August and Mary (Heiman) Ulrich; m Hermines Meister, Apr 29, 1947, Monterey; s Mark, Marvin; d Connie Nebuda, Mary Harstick, Margie Costanzo, Norma Wiese, Dorothy Westergren, Joan Mastney; died Nov 14, 1997, rural Howells; burial Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

URBAN, Adolph, 78: b Feb 1, 1919, rural Clarkson, to Joseph and Anna (Kotrch) Urban; m Olga Lerch, Apr 25, 1954, Leigh; died Apr 16, 1997, Columbus; burial Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Howells

URBAN, Anna, 91: b Sept 10, 1905, rural Clarkson, to Joseph and Anna (Kotrch) Urban; died July 27, 1997, Schuyler; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

USTOHAL, Gladys, 83: b Jan 18, 1913, Brainard, to Anton and Ludmila (Kracman) Spatz; m Albin Ustohal, June 9, 1936, Brainard; d Ann Marie Pelan, (1); died Jan 5, 1997, Clarkson; burial St Mary's Cemetery, Linwood

VACHA, Elaine M, 52: b July 6, 1944, Olympia, Washington, to Lumir J and Helen (Musil) Vacha; died Mar 2, 1997, Harbor City, California; burial Ridge Cemetery, Fremont

VACHA, Helen A, 77: b July 19, 1920, Clakrson, to Emil and Agnes (Fayman) Musil; m Lumir Vacha, Dec 13, 1942, Dodge; d Elaine M; died Nov 27, 1997, Fremont; burial Ridge Cemetery, Fremont

VAKINER, Clifford C, 74: b Feb 9, 1923, rural Dodge, to Carl and Selma (Schweitzer) Vakiner; m Alice Woerner, Aur 17, 1947, West Point; m Vernice Schnoor Killingsworth, Oct 1, 1966, Fremont; s Clifford E Vakiner, Russel A Vakiner, Jerry R Killingsworth, Randall Lee Killingsworth; d Vicki Smeal, Cathy Groene, Cindy Vrba, Sheri Ann Killingsworth; died May 25, 1997, Scribner; burial Snyder Cemetery

VanACKEREN, David, 74: b Feb 20, 1923, Humphrey, to William and Sophie (Lubischer) VanAckeren; m Rita Schrage, Feb 21, 1946, Olean; d Kathy Wilson, Susie Arlt, Mary Bek, Ann Schaecher; died May 9, 1997, Humphrey; burial St Francis Cemetery, Humphrey

VanACKEREN, Sister Rosalie: b Aug 7, 1904, to Aegidius John and Anna Kleve VanAckeren; died Dec 7, 1997, Sansbury [Kentucky?]; burial St Catharine Cemetery, Kentucky

VANDERKOLK, Russell J, 79: b May 6, 1917, Octavia, to Geroge Edward and Margaret (Burkholder) Vanderkolk; m Lucille Dollison, Oct 27, 1943; m Margaret Prest Bundgaard, Sept 16, 1987, Columbus; s James; d Patsy Fittje, Sheryl Block; ss Eric Bundgaard, Chris Bundgaard, Mark Bundgaard; sd Elizabeth Wicks; died Apr 14, 1997, David City; burial David City Cemetery

VERCOE, Mary E, 91: b July 15, 1906, rural Carthage, South Dakota, to John and Elizabeth (Humphrey) Leighty; m Harry D Anderson, June 11, 1929; m Ernest Vercoe, Oct 17, 1974; s Glen Anderson, Willard Anderson, Daniel Anderson; d Laura Underwood; died Oct 2, 1997, Columbus; burial Restlawn Memory Gardens, Huran, South Dakota

VOBORIL, Esther K, 85: b Jan 14, 1912, Kearney, to Fred and Mary (Bahns) Lorenz; m George Krutz; m John Voboril, Feb 10, 1941, Clarkson; s Lyle Krutz; died Nov 23, 1997, Shcuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

VOEGLER, Dean W, 84: b Mar 4, 1913, Dodge, to William and Johanna (Meier) Voegler; m Lillian Pinker, Feb 19, 1946, Howells; s Darrel, (1); died June 28, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

VOMACKA, Milo Joe, 62: b May 1, 1935, rural Schuyler, to Josef and Vlasta (Roul) Vomacka; m Virginia Minor, Feb 11, 1996, Clarkson; died Oct 12, 1997, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

VONDDRUSKA, Joseph J, 86: b Jan 20, 1911, Howells, to John and Antonia (Sindelar) Vondruska; m Lucille Sudik, Sept 1, 1936; s Joe, Jim; d Blanche Dworak; died Apr 27, 1997, Schuyler; burial Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Heun

VONDRUSKA, John, 89: b Jan 29, 1907, Howells, to John F and Antonia (Sindelar) Vondruska; died Jan 13, 1997, Columbus; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, Howells

VRBA, Ludmila M, 89: b Oct 1, 1907, rural Clarkson, to Joseph J and Katherine Dudycha Sedlacek; m Jerry Vrba Sr, Jan 31, 1933, Schuyler; s Jerry J; died Aug 24, 1997, Clarkson; burial Wilson Cemetery, rural Clarkson

WAIN, Antonia, 103: b Oct 16, 1894, rural Clarkson, to John H and Katherina (Hamernik) Zrust; m Clifton Stanley Wain, Sept 12, 1929, Chicago; d Doris Prazak; died Dec 14, 1997, Clarkson; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

WEHRER, Kennard F, 59: b Feb 8, 1938, Stanton County, to Leonard and Clara (Hendrichs) Wehrer; m Arlys Dolesh, Apr 2, 1959, Clarkson; s Rodney, Lonnie; d Kendra Wehrer; died Oct 17, 1997, Columbus; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

WELSTRUSKI, Frank, 78: b June 9, 1918, Clarkson, to Joe and Paulene (Kodelka) Weltruski; died May 29, 1997, St Edward; burial St Edward Catholic Cemetery

WENDT, Bertha, 92: b Feb 8, 1905, near Hoskins, to August and Theresa (Miller) Miller; m John Wednt, Aug 5, 1922, Wayne; d Millie Bishop; died Apr 29, 1997, Stanton; burial Pilger Cemetery

WIESE, Dorothy, 82: b Sept 6, 1915, West Point, to Frank and Teresa (Kluthe) Heimann; m Hubert Wiese, Oct 4, 1948, West Point; s Mark, Brian, Chad; d Yvonne Wiese, Susan Wiese-Lacy, Shirley Wiese, Renee Council; died Sept 25, 1997, Canton, South Dakota; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

WIESE, Lillian B, 95: b June 14, 1901, rural Dodge, Cuming County, to Simon and Valburga (Hampl) Chudomelka; m Anton B Wiese, May 29, 1934, Omaha; s Anthony A; d Maureen Schorn; died Apr 3, 1997, Dodge; burial Tabor St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, rural Howells

WISNIESKI, Edwin A, 78: m Mary; d Marian Ruhl; died July, 1997; burial Calvary Cemteery [Omaha?]

WISNIESKI, Patrick F "Peter", 47: b Aug 11, 1950, West Point, to Hubert and Edna (Wolff) Wisnieski; m Diana Semerad, Dec 29, 1973, Tabor; s Brian; d Dara; died Aug 12, 1997, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

WOEPPEL, Robert E, 85: b Stanton, to Gustav and Myrtle Woeppel; m Bonnie L Woeppel; s Robert E; d Patricia Disenhouse; died Nov 7, 1997, Kansas; burial Chapel Hill Cemetery [?]

ZAPPALO, Frank Dennis, 80: b Mar 7, 1907, Omaha, to Guiseppe and Nancy (Magno) Zappalo; m Elinor Zabawa; s Joel; died Nov 8, 1997, Bellevue, Washington; burial Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, Washington

ZELINGER, Libbie Ann: b July 18, 1906, Stanton County, to Mr and Mrs Anton Hartl; m Charles Zelinger; s David, Charles Jr, Arvin; d Liby, Virginia; died Feb 5, 1997

ZRUST, Adeline, 73: b June 5, 1923, rural Howells, to Joseph and Rosie Marik Houdek; m James K Zrust, Nov 26, 1940, Schuyler; d Inez M Dlouhy; died Jan 6, 1997, Columbus; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

ZRUST, Marie C, 85: b Jan 19, 1912, Ulysses, to Anton and Magdelena (Mayer) Krauer; m Emil Uher, Apr 9, 1929; m William H Zrust, Aug 5, 1949, Clarkson; s Donald Uher; died Feb 8, 1997, Green Bay, Wisconsin; burial Bohemian Naitonal Cemetery, Clarkson

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