Colfax Co., NE - 1999 Deaths (Colfax Co. Press) NEGenWeb Project
1999 Deaths Reported in the Colfax County Press

KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS: b = born; d = daughter; s = son; m = married

ALVARADO-ORTEGA, Jose Gerardo, 18 months: b to Jose Alvarado and Awilmariel Ortega; died Jay 11, 1999, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

ARNOLD, Fred, 70: b Mar 21, 1929, Stanton, to Jay and Emily (Brdicko) Arnold; m Arlene Bengston, Aug 3, 1954, Uehling; s Tom; d Cathy Schock, Diane Maughan; died Mar 30, 1999, Lincoln; burial Schuyler Cemetery

ASPINALL, Michael H, 44: b Nov 23, 1954, Columbus, to Bernice (Thalken) Aspinall; died Apr 14, 1999, Norfolk; burial Leigh Cemetery

BARJENBRUCH, Clarence H, 87: b Aug 30, 1911, Leigh, to Henry and Alvina (Loseke) Barjenbruch; m Verna Asche, May 24, 1938, Leigh; s Dr Kenneth; d Carolyn Timmins; died May 18, 1999, Columbus; burial Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Leigh

BARR, Ethylmae, 84: b Feb 9, 1938 [sic], Stanton, to Charles and Kate (Minton) Bolzell; s; d Catherine Walmsley, Virginia Swoboda; died Apr 23, 1999, Stnaton; burial Stanton Cemetery

BAUMERT, Egon, 79: b Aug 20, 1919, Howells, to Frank and Theresa (Stefensmeier) Baumert; m Joan Fiala, June 22, 1949; s Rev Frank, Randy, Bill, Phil, Dean, Mark; d Marie Zrust; died Apr 15, 1999, Howells; burial Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

BAYER, Kevin Scott, 19: b July 12, 1979, York, to George and LeeAnn (MacDonald) Bayer; died Apr 21, 1999, Kansas City, Missouri; burial Mennonite Cemetery, Henderson

BLANKENAU, Richard J, 61: m Laurine; s Paul, Mark; d Renee, Andrea Jahn; died bef June 23, 1999, Omaha

BOHAC, Marie, 96: b Jan 23, 1903, Colfax County, to Vaclav and Anastsia (Oborny) Koliha; m Bill Bohac, Apr 29, 1929, Omaha; died Apr 5, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BRABEC, Bessie Ann, 85: b Apr 14, 1914, rural Clarkson, to Frank J and Josephine (Tejkl) Svik; m Anton J Brabec, Oct 21, 1941, Clarkson; died June 19, 1999, Shuyler; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

BRABEC, Vlasta M, 82: b Sept 5, 1916, rural Clarkson, to Jerry A and Stella (Hanel) Krofta; m Joseph A Brabec, Aug 29, 1940, Clarkson; s Dean J; d Donna Brabec, Patricia Tichota, Beverly Stava; died June 11, 1999, Clarkson; burial Ss Cyril and Methodius Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

BRICK, Father Daniel, 82: died May 8, 1999, Omaha; burial Calvary Cemetery, Omaha

BROWN, Jack G, 55: b June 7, 1943, East Los Angeles, California, to Jack and Stella (Swanson) Brown; m Euveda Fay Otto, May 17, 1974, Omaha; d Pam Frank, Anita Drahota; died May 9, 1999 [Norfolk?]

BURESH, Joseph J, 95: b Sept 25, 1903, Brainard, to Frank and Barbara (Eckstein); m Mary Ann Hladky, Oct 27, 1925, Covington, Kentucky; s Joe A, Francis, Rudolph; d Agnes Humlicek, Mary Ann; died May 27, 1999, Fremont; burial Cedar Hill Catholic Cemetery, rural Morse Bluff

BUSCH, Minnie, 94: b Feb 17, 1905, near Olean, to Joseph and Magdalene (Bauer) Peitzmeier; m Henry R Busch, Sept 9, 1930, Omaha; d Ellen Babb, Lois Seckman; died Mar 27, 1999, Dodge; burial Schuyler Cemetery

CECH, Aaron, 20: b Mar 4, 1979, Columbus, to Frank E and Bonnie (Hegr) Cech; died Mar 1999; burial Leigh Cemetery

CISLER, Frank J, 82: b Sept 1, 1916, Omaha, to Joseph and Theresa Cisler; m Elby Brabec, Sept 19, 1944, Camp Crowder, Missouri; s Chris; d Linda Hitt, Susie Harris; died Mar 3, 1999; burial Dry Creek Cemetery [Boise, Idaho?]

CRAIG, Betty, 86: b Apr 25, 1912, Colfax County, to Frank and Christine (Ceplecha) Tuma; m Norman Craig, 1935; s Ford; died Feb 22, 1999, Columbus; burial Leigh Cemetery

DANIELL, Alice, 84: b July 21, 1914, Spencer, to Herman and Lizzie (Wagner) Bentz; m Richard Daniell, Feb 26, 1939; s Tom; died May 11, 1999, Stanton; burial Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery, Norfolk

DANIELL, Pearl E, 105: b Feb 13, 1894, Stanton County, to Joseph and Lena (Callies) Vogel; m Harry "Edward" Daniell, Feb 25, 1914, Stanton County; died Feb 27, 1999, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

DATEL, Lillian, 87: b Nov 2, 1911, near Clarkson, to Frank and Mary (Vavin) Zrust; m Joe Stanek, June 24, 1930, Schuyler; m Frank Datel, Oct 22, 1960, Schuyler; d Loretta McEnearney, Marlene Riley; died Mar 10, 1999, Schuyler; burial Zion Cemetery, near Clarkson

DOLESH, Charles E, 83: b Dec 30, 1915, Stanton, to Charles and Barbra (Kouba) Dolesh; m Viola Klawonn, Oct 14, 1941, Norfolk; died Mar 5, 1999; burial St Matthew's Lutheran Cemetery, Meadow Grove

DRAPER, James R "Bob", 82: b Sept 5, 1916, Council Bluffs, Iowa, to Guy R and Mable (James) Draper; m Lois Ward, July 20, 1940, Council Bluffs, Iowa; s James; d Pat Chapman; died Apr 7, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

EICHBERGER, Minnie R, 89: b Aug 28, 1909, Howells, to Joseph and Margaret (Ebbers) Schlautman; m Elmer Eichberger, Apr 11, 1934, Howells; s Joe E, Vincent, Norman L, Donald; d Mary Ann Owen; died May 1999; burial Lincoln Memorial Park, Lincoln

EVANS, Frances Jan, 89: b Feb 6, 1910, Loup City, to Luther B and Lulu L (Keller) Milligan; m Samuel L Evans, Sept 14, 1931, Schuyler; d Merna Danaher, Elsie Stecki, Rita Beam, Beverly Garcia; died May 1, 1999, Blair; burial Edholm Valley Cemetrey, rural Schuyler

FLAMME, Marvin D, 70: b Aug 27, 1928, Council Bluffs, Iowa, to William and Jennie (Hull) Flamme; m Mary Podany, Jan 26, 1956, Schuyler; s Maynard, Mark; d Twila Alderson, Therese Baumert; died June 24, 1999, Omaha; burial [North Bend?]

FOLKEN, Arlene M, 75: b Nov 12, 1923, Schuyler, to Louis Clarence and Antonia Sophie (Henke) Folken; died Mar 25, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

FRICKENSTEIN, James, 46: b Jan 2, 1953, West Point, to Joe and Eleanor (Grof) Frickenstein; m Linda Wolff, Oct 14, 1972, rural West Point; m Laura Saager, Sept 1, 1990, Bloomington, Illinois; s Lloyd; d Tammi Poland, Brenda; died May 29, 1999, Rochester, Minnesota; burial St Aloysius Catholic Cemetery, rural West Point

GREISEN, Frances, 90: b Nov 17, 1908, Lindsay, to Peter and Camilla (Lachnit) Schmitz; m Frank W Bender, Nov 17, 1930, Cedar Rpaids; m Wilbert J Greisen, May 1, 1982, Rock island, Illinois; s Gene, Victor Bender, Mark Bender, Roland Bender, Gary Bender, Raymond Bender, Arthur Bender; d Janet Swoboda; step-s Don, Ron Keller, Steve; step-d Carolyn Polt, Joy Hillman, Michelle Loeffler; died Apr 16, 1999, Madison; burial Sacred Heart Cemetery, Cornlea

GROH, Theresa, 80: b Mar 11, 1919, Hastings, to John H and Norma M Hefti; m Harold Groh, 1937; d Sandra, Rebecca Mae; died June 17, 1999; burial Memorial Park Cemetery [Tulsa, Oklahoma?]

HANEL, Marjorie Mae, 70: b Nov 1, 1928, Leigh, to Otto and Elsa (Engelbart) Mackenstadt; m Leonard Hanel, June 21, 1948, Leigh; s Mark; d Barbie Fittje, Robin Fuhr; died June 1, 1999, Lincoln; burial Leigh Cemetery

HEALY, Joseph T, 80: b May 8, 1918, Rogers, to John J and Mayme (Heavican) Healy; m Eileen Grady, May 22, 1943, Dublin in rural Rogers; s Thomas, James, John, Robert; d Kathryn Cudly, Patricia Kassmeier; died Apr 26, 1999, Fremont; burial Holy Cross Cemetery, rural Schuyler

HEALY, Mabel L, 85: b Nov 20, 1913, Schuyler, to Herman and Annie (Kucera) Johnk; m Frank Healy, Jan 22, 1938, Schuyler; died May 14, 1999, Schuyler; burial Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Schuyler

HEGEMANN, Raymond, 76: b Sept 23, 1922, rural Howells, to Theodore and Dorothea (Pieper) Hegemann; m Arlene Fendrick, Nov 20, 1947, rural Schuyler; s Daniel, Dale, Donald, Darryl, Dean, Delwin; d Jeanette Collier, Shirley Dostal; died Apr 16, 1999, Dodge; burial Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

HEIMANN, Arlene A, 82: b Jan 4, 1917, rural Dodge, to Steven and Mary (Cejka) Chudomelka; m Richard Heimann, June 23, 1943, Snyder; s Marvin; d Mary Powers; died May 11, 1999, Fremont; burial St Leo's Catholic Cemetery, Snyder

HORST, Shirley, 70: b Aug 14, 1928, rural Stanton, to Arthur and Vernie (Zeng) Horst; died Apr 23, 1999, Beemer; burial Zion Lutheran Cemetery [West Point?]

HOUSER, Dennis Lee, 60: b June 6, 1938, Columbus, to Albert and Roxie (Fouts) Houser; m Joyce Lockner, Aug 31, 1991, Schuyler; step-s Ryan Lockner; died Mar 29, 1999, Schuyler

HRUSKA, Roman L, 94: b Aug 16, 1904, David City, to Joseph and Caroline (Dvorak) Hruska; m Victoria Kuncl, 1930; s Roman, Quentin; d Jana Fagan; died Apr 25, 1999, Omaha

JANECEK, Eldon M, 81: b June 29, 1917, rural Dodge, to Frank A and Julia (Vlach) Janecek; m Margaret Hanzel, June 1, 1943, Dodge; s Elliot, Kenneth; d Linda Grosserhode, Suzanne Kreikemeier; died Apr 10, 1999, Fremont; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, rural Dodge

JANOUSEK, Leonard, 68: b Nov 5, 1930, Clarkson, to Joseph and Anistazia (Koliha) Janousek; m Margaret Benneis, Aug 17, 1957, North Bend; s Dave, Dan, Doug; died June 22, 1999, Norfolk; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JAROSKA, Rudolph J, 70: b Oct 2, 1928, Fremont, to Rudolph and Mary (Bourek) Jaroska; m Dalrene Boubin, Aug 28, 1952, Clarkson; d Diane Malmberg, Karen Leth; died Apr 11, 1999, Norfolk; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery [Norfolk?]

JEDLICKA, Martin J, 97: b Nov 15, 1901, Colfax County, to Anton and Katherine (Konopik) Jedlicka; m Anna Cernin, Nov 23, 1927, rural Schuyler; d Dorothy Herink, Marcy Jenny; died Apr 10, 1999, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JOHANNES, Marcella, 95: b Oct 30, 1903, Appleton, to Anton and Katherine (Kovar) Svoboda; m Emil M Johannes, Jan 12, 1925, Council Bluffs, Iowa; s Richard; d Dorothy Lambrecht; died Apr 8, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JOLLY, Norma N, 83: b Oct 10, 1915, rural Howells, to Henry and Cecelia (Meier) Schlautmann; m M Patrick Jolly, Dec 21, 1940, Omaha; s Peter; died May 21, 1999, Beemer; burial St Henry's Catholic Cemetery, rural Howells

JONAS, Mary L, 90: b Sept 16, 1908, Schuyler, to John W and Anna (Wacha) Jonas; died Mar 23, 1999, North Bend; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JONAS, Mayme, 97: died Apr 17, 1999, Beatrice; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JUZEK, Charles, 79: b Sept 8, 1919, Colfax County, to William and Anna (Sloup) Juzek; died Apr 25, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KELLER, Charlotte L, 82: b Sept 17, 1916, Schuyler, to Allen and Ruth (Purchase) Cameron; m Guy W Keller, Oct 20, 1940, Craig, Missouri; s Harry, Gene; died June 27, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KENNEY, Emmet, 68: b Jan 13, 1931, Dodge, to Bernard V and Irene (Chapman) Kenney; m Shirley; s Emmet, Bernard, Sean; d Michelle, Colleen; died May 29, 1999, Omaha; burial Woodlawn Cemetery, North Bend

KODAD, Melvin, 73: b Oct 14, 1925, Schuyler, to Joseph Martin and Emily (Maca) Kodad; m Midge Saafeld, June 30, 1951, Grand Island; s Terry, Steve; died Feb 24, 1999, Schuyler; burial Roselawn Cemetery, Columbus

KOOPMANN, Hugo, 96: b Mar 8, 1903, Howells, to Gerhardt and Johanna (Wiese) Koopmann; m Elsie Hledik, Apr 20, 1933, West Point; s Gary; d LaVonne Munderloh; died May 12, 1999, Wisner; burial Wisner Cemetery

KOTALIK, Adolph John, 75: b Jan 8, 1924, Yankton County, South Dakota, to Joseph and Hattie (Vanecek) Kotalik; m Marjorie Belina; s Doug Davis, Joseph Kotalik; d Rose Kotalik; died Apr 3, 1999, Omaha; burial Sacred Heart Cemetery, Yankton, South Dakota

KOVARIK, Adeline: m Ernest Kovarik; Mar 8, 1999, Boynton Beach, Florida; burial Holy Trinity Cemetery, Heun

KUDERA, Adolph J, 72: b Mar 10, 1927, rural Clarkson, Colfax County, to Frank J and Antonia (Dworak) Kudera; m Delores Fichtl, Nov 10, 1953, Schuyler; s Allen; died Mar 19, 1999, Clarkson; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KUDRNA, Blanche M, 94: b Oct 27, 1904, rural Dodge, to Joseph and Agnes (Prusa) Mestl; m Adolph Kudrna, Aug 12, 1924; s Kenneth; d Doris Brannon, Inez Grahek, Edith McGuire; died May 22, 1999; burial Ss Cyril and Methodius Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

KUNHART, Joyce, 70: b May 26, 1929, Belgrade, to Leonard and Nell (Slifer) Legler; m Lloyd E Kunhart, May 26, 1953, Schuyler; s Mark; d Kerri Jo Krivhlavek; died Dec 30, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

LIEKHUS, Elizabeth, 98: b June 29, 1900, near Howells, to Conrad and Dorthea (Pieper) Knust; m Stephen Liekhus, Jan 30, 1922, Olean; d Arlene Smeal, Bernice Kreikemeier, Iona Laudenklos, Alyce Janata; died Apr 28, 1999, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

MARXSEN, Robert N, 74: b Nov 29, 1924, Rogers, to Frank and Edith (Paden) Marxsen; m Betty Pollard, Aug 12, 1952, Schuyler; s Ken, Frank, Dave, Ted; d Judy Healy, Jean Foy; died May 24, 1999, Rogers; burial Purple Cane Cemetery, northwest of North Bend

McDONALD, Shirley F, 69: b Feb 23, 1930, Gibbon, to Jim and Alyce Brogan; m Donald McDonald, 1951; s Jim, Don; d Sherri Spale; died May 31, 1999, Schuyler; burial Bellwood Cemetery

McKENZIE, Beatrice, 95: b Jan 16, 1904, Colfax County, to Anston and Lena (Gutschow) VanHousen; m Ronald McKenzie, May 11, 1927, Tekamah; s James; d Beatrice Cuda; died May 7, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

McLEISH, William N, 84: b Jan 9, 1915, Colfax County, to Andrew and Goldie (Newburn) McLeish; m Mary Bird, July 21, 1952, Schuyler; s Steve; d Kay Krupka; died July 1, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

MIELAK, Virginia F, 77: b Feb 1, 1922, Schuyler, to Rudolph and Sylvia (Buck) Salak; m Claud Wachholtz, 1942; m Harry Bargmann, 1964; m Michael Mielak, July 10, 1971, Albion; d Claudia Johnson; died Apr 17, 1999, Albion; burial Columbus Cemetery

MIKES, Joseph, Jr, 74: b July 30, 1924, rural Scribner, to Joseph and Anna (Riha) Mikes; died Apr 1, 1999, rural Scribner; burial Bohemian National Cemetery [Dodge?]

MUEHLICH, Violet M, 87: b Jan 6, 1912, Franklin County, to Evert and Ida (Gustafson) Frederick; m Harold Muehlich, May 24, 1934, Fullerton; s Don, Lee, Bob; d Karen deBrown; died Mar 2, 1999, Seward; burial Schuyler Cemetery

NECHVATAL, Bohumil J, 90: b July 3, 1909, Colfax County, to Joseph and Kristina (Pospisil) Nechvatal; m Agnes Stepan, Sept 27, 1932, Heun; d Dorothy Urbanek; died Dec 28, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

NELSON, Leon David, 51: b Apr 23, 1947, Norfolk, to Mildred and William David Nelson; died Mar 7, 1999, Dallas, Texas

NELSON, Roy E, Sr, 90: b Sept 29, 1908, Ceresco, to Earl and Dora Nelson; m Anne Horkey, Jan 17, 1933, Valparaiso; s Roy Jr, Louis; d Sharon Smith; died May 6, 1999, Schuyler; burial Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Schuyler

NIKODYM, Edward F, 91: b June 17, 1907, Geddes, South Dakota, to Frank and Frances (Tepley) Nikodym; m Adeline Rezac, Jan 30, 1930; s Jim, Dewayne; d JoAnn Clifton; died May 29, 1999, Red Cloud; burial Prospect Hill Cemetery, Norfolk

NOVOTNY, Emily Marie, 94: b Jan 1, 1905, rural Howells, to Vincent and Marie (Benes) Tresnak; m Robert F Novotny, Oct 30, 1928, Tabor, south of Howells; d Roberta Reznicek; died Feb 26, 1999, Clarkson; burial Clarkson Catholic Cemetery

OLSEN, Charles Alvin, 78: b Apr 15, 1921, Schuyler, to Alvin and Carrie May (Dworak) Olsen; m Elizabeth Novak, Dec 21, 1941, Schuyler; s Raymond; d Betty; died Dec 18, 1999, Bigfork, Montana

PASCHANG, John L (Most Reverend), 103: died bef Mar 24, 1999, West Point

PEPLINSKI, Gilbert A, 70: b Apr 2, 1929, rural Dodge, to adolph Sr and Anna (Buresh) Peplinski; m Evelyn Dolezal, June 15, 1948, Heun; s Allen; d Donna Sievers; died June 22, 1999, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

PESTEL, Clarence E, 80: b May 20, 1919, Cuming County, to Bernhard and Myrtle (Breitkreutz) Pestel; m Ruth Sasse, Dec 28, 1949, rural Stanton; s Loren; d Marjorie Zimmerman; died June 30, 1999, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

PETER, Mary, 76: b May 13, 1923, Atkinson, to Joseph and Anna (Kohle) Ramold; m Cyril Peter, Feb 15, 1944, Emmet; s Jim, Ed, Charles; d Sister May Joy, Carol Rotherham; died June 19, 1999; burial O'Neill Cemetery

PETERS, Marcella A, 78: b Nov 14, 1920, Colfax County, to Louis and Albina (Hlavec) Laudenklos; m Wilbert Peters, June 18, 1944; s Gary, Randy; died Mar 20, 1999; burial St John's Lutheran Cemetery, Hooper

PILMORE, Teresa C, 34: b Dec 7, 1964, to Richard and Carol (Helvick) Mammen; m Scott Weber, June 9, 1984; m Kirk Pilmore, Oct 10, 1998, Norfolk; s Travis Weber, Joshua Weber; d Brienna Renae Weber, Kaysha Weber; died Apr 25, 1999; burial Clatonia Cemetery

POHLMAN, Louis, Jr, 82: b Mar 19, 1917, Stanton, to Louis and Rosetta (Froehlich) Pohlman; m Alice Strudthoff, June 11, 1942, Wisner; s Lonnie; d Loretta Olson; died May 15, 1999, Stanton; burial Stanton Cemetery

POHLMAN, Rose, 65: b Oct 1, 1933, Stanton, to Lumir and Rose (Kvetensky) Hrouda; m Neal Pohlman, June 19, 1955, Stanton; s Lane; d Kimberley Bruhn; died Mar 4, 1999, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

POJAR, Gilbert, 84: b Nov 15, 1914, rural Dodge, to Joseph and Josephine (Kaspar) Pojar; m Milada Hanzl, Aug 18, 1936, Dodge; s Larry, James, Richard; died Apr 24, 1999, Norfolk; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

POJAR, Leonard J, 59: b May 15, 1939, Norfolk, to Rudolph and Martha (Karella) Pojar; m Arleen Koepke, Apr 20, 1963, Pierce; s Roger; d Shirley Lind, Linda Swenson, Martha Pojar, Carol Eddy, Nancy Korth; died May 10, 1999, Norfolk; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery, Norfolk

POSPICHAL, Beatrice H, 91: b Jan 8, 1908, rural Clarkson, to Joseph and Emily (Stodola) Pospichal; died May 9, 1999, Fremont; burial Clarkson Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

POULAS, Roma, 83: b June 9, 1915, Dodge County, to James Samuel and Augusta J (Johnson) McDuffee; m Edwin Vanicek, May 26, 1943, Schuyler; m Melvin Poulas, Nov 14, 1987, Schuyler; s Leonard Vanicek; d Leona Martens; died May 23, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

RIDDER, Dolores, 81: b Nov 22, 1917, Dodge, to Adolph and Bessie (Stecher) Everet; m Joseph Ridder, Aug 9, 1938, Goodland, Kansas; s Gerald; d Theresa Perry, Leona Meier; died May 15, 1999, West Point; burial St Michael's Cemetery [West Point?]

RUSKAMP, Sr Veronica "Ron": b Jan 28, 1924, Dodge, to Joseph and Anna (GrosseRhode) Ruskamp; died Apr 20, 1999; burial Mt Olivet, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

SCHEFFLER, Amelia E, 96: b Aug 17, 1902, Platte Center, to Henry and Kate (Hoesly) Walter; m Arthur F Scheffler, Dec 19, 1923, Creston; s John; d Helen Schwanebeck; died Apr 4, 1999, Madison; burial Fairview Cemetery, Creston

SCHELLPEPER, Stanley, 65: b Jan 27, 1934, Hoskins, to Arthur and Helen (Marotz) Schellpeper; m Faye Wiedeman, Aug 4, 1957; s Jeff, Tom; d Nancy Morfeld; died Apr 4, 1999, Norfolk; burial Stanton Cemetery

SCHNEIDER, Adeline, 88: b Oct 27, 1910, Colfax County, to Alfred and Rosie (Schindler) Loseke; s Duane, Myron, Alan; d Marjorie, Twila Henning, LuEtta Legler, Mary Krula, Lois Loseke, Linda; died Mar 22, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SCHUETH, Henrietta, 78: b Sept 26, 1920, Lake Andes, South Dakota, to Frank and Stella (Birger) Blaha; m John C Schueth, Oct 16, 1939, Tabor; s John, Leo, Joe, Bob, Mike; d Dorothy Sutherland; died July 4, 1999, Fremont; burial St Leo's Catholic Cemetery, Snyder

SEMRAD, Elsie, 81: b Feb 17, 1918, Abie, to John and Mary (Viglicky) Krca; m Emil V Semrad, Sept 15, 1937, Fremont; s John; d Joyce Houser, Judy Davis; died Mar 25, 1999, David City; burial Abie National Cemetery, Abie

SEVERIN, Archie, 85: b June 8, 1913, Leigh, to Henry H and Rosa (Rouderstorf) Severin; m Martha E Hamling, Dec 27, 1938, Papillion; s Clayton, Leon; d Jean Ponti, Norene Mikkelson, Gailya Roudebush; died Apr 1, 1999, Milton-Freewater, Oregon; burial Milton-Freewater Cemetery

SHURE, Dick, 76: b Dec 7, 1922, Columbus, to George and Adala (Dollarschell) Schure; m Janette G Albracht, Aug 22, 1945, Humphrey; s Rich, Jess; d Gayle Mausbach, Mitzi Vavrina, Louise Miksch, Sherry Mills; died Apr 12, 1999, Norfolk; burial St Francis Cemetery, Humphrey

SIXTA, Helen A, 83: b May 25, 1915, Stanton, to Joseph and Lillie (Walla) Richtig; m Stanely J Sixta; s Dave, Don; died Apr 22, 1999, Omaha; burial Catholic Cemetery, Clarkson

SKOGLUND, Sylvin O, 75: b Feb 27, 1924, Wausa, to Sidney and Ellen (Grant) Skoglund; m Lois Barbe, May 9, 1948, Stanton; s Charles, Terry; d Sandra Anderson; died Mar 9, 1999; burial Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery [Norfolk?]

STEFFENSMEIER, Marie H, 75: b Apr 8, 1924, Beemer, to Henry and Katherine (Dinslage) Schlickbernd; m Vincent Steffensmeier, Apr 28, 1949, Beemer; s Marvin, Roger; d Marlene Spitz, Linda Stecher, Barb Prochaska, LaVone Kreikemeier, Denise Brester; died May 2, 1999, West Point; burial Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Olean in rural Dodge

STEPANEK, Stanley, 90: b Apr 16, 1908, Howells, to Anton and Pauline (Hamacek) Stepanec; m Bessie Houdek, Jan 20, 1931, Howells; d Lorraine Zabka, Doris Griffitts; died Apr 12, 1999, Stanton; burial Clarkson Catholic Cemetery

SUNDERLAND, Melvin W, 56: b Dec 27, 1942, Denver, to William and Evelyn (Hemmingson) Sunderland; m Harriette Burda, Nov 22, 1971, Primrose; s Samuel William; d Jennifer, Joan, Suzanne Johnson; died May 25, 1999, Hayes Center; burial St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Primrose

THOMAS, Alvin, 77: b Mar 1, 1922, Humphrey, to Herman and Elsie (King) Thomas; m Eleanor Svehla, Sept 23, 1952, Colfax County; d Roxanne, Candice Trimble; died Mar 8, 1999, Tilden; burial Hope Cemetery, Newman Grove

THOR, Jackie, 66: b Jan 19, 1933, Omaha; raised by grandparents, Hugo and Emma Schweitzer; m John Thor; d Debbie Nesbitt, Brenda Lazano, Shelly Hilbert; died June 19, 1999, Papillion

THOR, Svend "Erik", 79: b Mar 1, 1920, Veedee, Denmark; m Irene Raabe, May 24, 1947, Stanton; s Glen; d Mary Bennett; died Mar 15, 1999, Fremont

TIMPERLEY, Lloyd Delbert, 90: b May 24, 1909, Stanton County, to Otis Timperley and Belle Green; m Evelyn Theil, Feb 12, 1933, Norfolk; s Darrel, Rance; d Joyce Fisher, Lois Stover; died June 24, 1999, Norfolk; burial Prospect Hill Cemetery, Norfolk

TOMKA, Jerome, 85: b Feb 14, 1914, near Dodge, to Joseph and Emily (Kajzler) Tomka; m Gladys Vrba, Feb 20, 1936, Howells; s Dennis, Donald, David; d Janet Pekarek; died Mar 16, 1999, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

VOLKER, Robert Arthur, Jr, 45: b Apr 23, 1953, Norfolk, to Robert Arthur and Betty Lou (Mussack) Volker, Sr; m Therese Henn, 1976, Battle Creek; died Mar 8, 1999, Clearwater, Florida

WACHA, Gene R, 66: b Nov 17, 1932, rural Clarkson, to Emil and Helen (Pokorny) Wacha; m Lucia Hollman, Nov 23, 1958, rural Columbus; s Randy, Jerry, Charles; d Susan, Jeanne; died June 13, 1999, rural Columbus; burial Christ Lutheran Cemetery, rural Columbus

WAY, Ivah M, 91: b Dec 7, 1908, Butler County, to Lesley and Mammie Amanda (Balliet) Harris; d Ruth Teply, Linda Knapp; died Dec 31, 1999, Schuyler; burial Rising Sun Cemetery, Rising City

WEBER, Brienna R, 9: b Aug 15, 1989, Lincoln, to Scott and Teresa C (Mammen) Weber; died Apr 25, 1999; burial Clatonia Cemetery

WELCH, Jeremy, 21: b June 13, 1977, Columbus, to Ben and Jean (Hensen) Welch; died May 7, 1999, Columbus

WELLMAN, Raymond A, 84: b June 21, 1914, Madison County, to Frank and Gertrude (Hoelsher) Wellman; m Theresa Schlautman, Oct 10, 1940, rural Howells; s Alvin, Ed, Ron; d Doraine Jedlicka, Elaine Kalisek; died Feb 24, 1999, Dodge; burial Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

WELLMAN, Toby, 27: b June 13, 1972, Fremont, to Edwin and Janet (Karel) Wellman; died June 19, 1999, Lincoln; burial St Rose of Lima Catholic Cemetery of Hooper

WILSHUSEN, Norman J, 82: b Mar 24, 1917, Hordville, to Otto and Laura (Stach) Wilshusen; m Esther Ernst, Mar 24, 1937, Schuyler; s Roger, James, Kermit; d Joyce Korte; died May 20, 1999, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

WIRKA, Lillian A, 80: b Aug 22, 1918, Prague, to Bohumil and Bozena (Sixta) Novak; m Laddie W Wirka, Aug 25, 1937, Wahoo; d Joyce Horak; died May 28, 1999, Hastings, Minnesota; burial Prague National Cemetery

WISNIESKI, Loretta A, 85: b Jan 22, 1914, Randolph, to William and Anna (Shoemaker) Burke; m Bennie Wisnieski, Feb 14, 1939, Coleridge; s James; d Margaret Vesely, Betty Ann Moreno, Dorothy Joy, Dolores Bristol; died Apr 24, 1999, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

ZRUST, Edward Anton, 78: b Apr 19, 1921, rural Clarkson, to Anton K and Anna (Lopour) Zrust; died July 3, 1999, Schuyler; burial Bohemian National Cemetery, Clarkson

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