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Colfax Co., NE - 2008 Deaths NEGenWeb Project
2008 Deaths Reported in the Schuyler Sun

KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS: b = born; m = married; sc = surviving children; dc = deceased children; ssc = surviving step-children; dsc = deceased step-children

ADAMS, Carol R, 65: b Aug 1, 1942, Dodge, to Milo A and Luella (Kriz) Ruzicka; m John E Adams, Nov 12, 1966, Schuyler; sc Dawn Dwyer, Deborah, Denise White; ssc Russell Adams; died Mar 25, 2008 [Easton, Kansas?]; burial Easton Cemetery [Kansas]

ALBERS, Stephen F, 64: b Dec 15, 1943, Omaha, to William and Mary (Johns) Albers; m Sharon Monaghan, May 22, 1980, Bellevue; sc Tony Monaghan, Adam Ferris, Jesse Albers, Stephen R Albers, Angel Albers; died June 25, 2008, Lincoln; burial Prague National Cemetery, Prague

ALDRICH, Leo L, 89: b Sept 8, 1919, to Ray and Ethel (Gibson) Aldrich; m Lucille Zeilinger, Apr 10, 1948, North Bend; sc Larry, Marvin, Melvin; died Sept 18, 2008, David City; burial David City Cemetery

ARPS, A Dean, 74: b Dec 9, 1933, Schuyler, to Fred and Esther (Stoltenberg) Arps; m Marilyn J Loseke, May 24, 1958, Schuyler; sc Michael, Mitch; died Aug 25, 2008, Fremont; burial Memorial Cemetery, Fremont

ASCHE, Helen D, 94: b Oct 14, 1914, near Leigh, to Fred and Mary (Hockemeier) Herbst; m LaVern Asche, Aug 30, 1936, Leigh; sc Marlene Dvorak, Marva Dowty; died Dec 11, 2008, Clarkson; burial Zion Cemetery, Leigh

BAHNS, Nettie, 105: b Sept 22, 1902, Wilson Community, to James and Rose Horejsi; m Ed Bahns, rural Schuyler; sc LaVaine Fajman, Rose McElligott, Jean Peterson, Leonard, Donald; died Mar 11, 2008, Modesto, California; burial at El Cajon, California

BAILEY, Dennis E, 70: b May 28, 1938, Schuyler, to Morris E and Geraldine (Douglass) Bailey; m Marjorie A Schultz, Feb 14, 1970, Shuyler; sc Michelle Parks, Todd; died Dec 26, 2008, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BAILEY, Martha M, 73: b Nov 24, 1935, Omaha, to Manuel and Paul (Zapien) Alba; sc Wesely Wilson; died Nov 30, 2008, Lincoln

BARTOSH, Helen, 84: b Nov 2, 1923, rural Ames, to Hans and Anna (Glindemann) Gerths; m Franklin G Bartosh, Feb 23, 1949, Fremont; died May 5, 2008, Grass Valley, California; burial Scribner Cemetery

BAUMERT, Joan, 80: b Jan 20, 1928, Howells, to Joseph and Bertha (Stangel) Fiala; m Egon Baumert, June 21, 1949, Howells; sc Father Frank, William, Randy, Phil, Dean, Mark, Marie Zrust; died Dec 22, 2008, Dodge; burial SS Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery [Howells?]

BAUMERT, Joseph H, 78: b May 11, 1930, Howells, to Joseph F and Theresa (Shanle) Baumert; m Karla Speckmann, Jan 23, 1960, Columbus; sc Debbie Braun; died June 15, 2008; burial All Saints Cemetery, Columbus

BELINA, Edwin L, 62: b Apr 8, 1946, Norfolk, to Edward and Julia (Dostal) Belina; died Sept 5, 2008, Norfolk; burial Clarkson Cemetery

BELL, Chris Elmer, 90: b Apr 9, 1917, near Richland, to John and Katie (Miller) Bell; m Mary Krula, Apr 15, 1944, Schuyler; sc Judy Cordes, Eileen Booth, Kathy Walters, Christine Liebschwager, Alnetta Mueller, Dean; died Jan 7, 2008, David City; burial Calvary Cemetery, rural Columbus

BELL, Mildred H, 94: b July 2, 1914, Saunders County, to Frank and Frances (Stejskal) Hoffman; m C William Hiner; m Timothy J Spencer; m Robert Bell; ssc James Spencer, Mary Schriefer; died Nov 3, 2008, Fremont; burial Calvary Cemetery, Omaha

BENESCH, Lenor F, 87: b Apr 26, 1921, Edholm, to Emanuel and Frances (Liskovec) Benesch; m Geraldine Abraham, Aug 7, 1951, Schuyler; sc Kevin, Curtis; died Sept 22, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BENESCH, Shirley, 76: b Sept 7, 1932, Blue Springs, Missouri, to Homer and Blanche (Nelson) Emerson; m Loran E Benesch, Mar 15, 1952, Papillion; sc Michael, Mark; died Dec 21, 2008, Columbus; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BERGT, Ervin, 82: b Oct 17, 1925, Colfax County, to Erich and Gertrude (DeBower) Bergt; m Pearl Sumner, Nov 26, 1947, Schuyler; sc Evelyn Hempy, Eileen, Elgin, Eugene; died Feb 21, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BLACK, Frances, 88: b Jan 27, 1920, rural Scribner, to Charles and Flora Belle (Bunn) Black; died Feb 14, 2008, West Point; burial Glencoe Cemetery, rural Dodge

BLAZEK, Leona, 91: b Dec 5, 1916, Dodge County, to John and Julia (Mitchell) Ladehoff; m Melvin Edward Blazek, May 5, 1940, Schuyler; died Apr 7, 2008, Fremont; burial Schuyler Cemetery

BRABEC, Norman, 37: b Aug 3, 1971, West Point, to Lumir J and Patricia (Novacek) Brabec; m Katrina Williamson, Mar 26, 1996, Jacksonville, Arkansas; sc Katilin, Nathanial; died Oct 21, 2008, Little Rock, Arkansas; burial Clarkson Catholic Cemetery

BRANNEN, Lucille A, 90: b Oct 18, 1917, St Paul, to Walter and Victoria (Mikolayck) Wilson; m Clair Brannen, June 24, 1941, St Paul; sc Tony, Patrick, Joyce Stalians, Clarice Lake, Sandra Mahoney, Rita Lenning, Kay Kadavy, Mary Wehenkel, Renee Nickolite; died Apr 15, 2008, David City; burial St Mary's Cemetery [David City?]

BRESTER, Gilbert, 84: b July 7, 1924, Cuming County, to Louis and Mary (Krienert) Brester; m Margaret Engbarth, Jan 9, 1952, Adrian, Minnesota; sc Duane, Jerome, Russell, Mariette Hellerich; dc Mary Ann, Paul, Kenneth, Arlene; died Oct 29, 2008, West Point; burial SS Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

BRESTER, Matthew Paul, 36: b Cozad and adopted Feb 17, 1972 by Richard and Shirley Brester; m Michelle Wall, Dec 26, 1997, Omaha; sc Abigail, Joshua, Caleb, Owen, Emily; died Feb 10, 2008, Omaha

BRODECKY, Anne, 94: b July 13, 1914, rural Dodge in Cuming County, to Anton and Anna (Mestl) Dvorak; m Emil J Brodecky, Jan 23, 1934, Dodge; sc Ann Wallace, James; dc Tony, Bob; died July 8, 2008, Dodge; burial Lincoln Memorial Park [Lincoln?]

BROWN, Virginia Ann, 81: b Mar 24, 1927, St Edward, to E W (Jerry) and Olga (Dietz) Verhaege; m Duane I Brown, Oct 24, 1946, St Edward; sc Timothy, Susan; dc Margaret Ann, Mark, Jerry; died July 29, 2008, Village of Oak Creek, Arizona

BYERS, Sam A, 83: b Mar 5, 1925, Osceola, to Donald R and Joyslyn (Snider) Byers Sr; m Dorothy Belz, Aug 3, 1943, Columbus; sc Timothy, Bill; died Mar 29, 2008, David City

CAKL, Vlasta Marie, 99: b Sept 7, 1908, Tabor area of Colfax County, to Adolph and Rose (Nykodem) Dostal; m William "Bill" Cakl, Sept 1, 1931, Tabor, rural Howells; sc Duane, Eileen Childerston; dc Dennis; died June 26, 2008, Dodge; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery [?]

CALLAHAN, Jody K, 48: b Apr 1, 1959, Sioux City, to Robert E and Shirley L (Kai) Oberg; m Terry "T.C." Callahan; sc Ryan, Eric; died Feb 9, 2008, Dakota City; burial St Mark's Lutheran Cemetery, rural Pender

CARLSON, Richard "Pat", 43: b Mar 17, 1965, Sutherland, to Leslie "Red" and Dorlas (Peters) Carlson; died Sept 22, 2008, Columbus; burial Roselawn Memorial Cemetery, Columbus

CASARRUBIAS, Maria Del Socorro, 52: b June 26, 1955, Chichihaulco, Guerrero, Mexico; m Sergio Ocanas; died Apr 14, 2008, Schuyler; burial Chichihaulco, Guerroro, Mexico

CECH, Zachary, 20: b Apr 18, 1988, Kearney, to John and Julie (Pycha) Cech and Ange Willard; died Sept 9, 2008; burial Clarkson National Cemetery

CHRIST, Doran, 88: b Aug 6, 1920, Stanton County, to August and Rose (Zastera) Christ; m Lola Mae Ruzicka, Aug 11, 1942, rural Howells; sc Lee, Judy Nemec; dc Wayne; died Sept 17, 2008, Dodge; burial Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Howells

CHUBB, Mildred B, 85: b Nov 2, 1922, rural David City, to Anton L and Stacie (Sabata) Svoboda; m Glenn Chubb, May 6, 1940, Appleton; sc Larry, Shelly Garrison, Connie Sievert, Donna Stanley; dc Duane; died Feb 17, 2008, David City; burial St Mary's Cemetery, David City

CHUDOMELKA, Jerry, 80: b Oct 3, 1927, Nebraska; m Jean Jackman, June 11, 1949; sc Jerry Michael, Jane Jackson, Jeanne Carpenter, Jill Escalante; died Jan 13, 2008, Mission Viejo, California

CINFEL, Lawrence E, Jr, 52: b Aug 21, 1955, Schuyler, to Laurence and Helen (Luxa) Cinfel; m Sherrie Schedin, Apr 11, 1981, Pendleton, Oregon; sc Jon, Ryan, Travis, Tiffiny; died Feb 10, 2008, Clarkson

CODR, Donald W, 75: b Feb 7, 1933, rural Ulysses, to Rudolph and Marie (Vogeltanz) Codr; m MaryLou Hladky, Jan 21, 1956, Utica; sc Ken, Bob, Alan, Cindy Benes, Deb Vandenberg, Karen Smaus, Becky Kresha, Lisa Karel; died Sept 20, 2008, David City; burial St Wenceslaus Cemetery, Bee

COSTELLO, Charlotte, 88: b Sept 20, 1919, Dodge County, to William F and Effie (Sink) Grogan; m Thomas P Costello, Feb 15, 1947, North Bend; sc Effie Jane Caldarola, Thomas P III, John G; dc William F; died May 4, 2008, Omaha; burial St Patrick Cemetery, Clyde

CUDA, Kenneth C, 59: b Nov 10, 1948, Columbus, to Joseph and Anna (Dudek) Cuda; m Patricia Seidel, Nov 26, 1983, Columbus; sc Lloyd, Lynne, Laura; died Jan 28, 2008, rural Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

CUDABACK, Mabel Etta, 69: b May 5, 1939, Paxton, Illinois, to Earl and Dorothy (Ratliff) Patton; m Ronald Lewis Cudaback, June 7, 1958, Champaign [Illinois?]; sc Wanda Seckman, Linda Ferguson, Debra Streblow, Mary Lockner; died May 9, 2008, Columbus; burial Columbus Cemetery

DAUEL, Bessie, 93: b Apr 21, 1913, Rescue, to Joseph D and Rosalie (Kliment) Haba; m William C Dauel, Aug 24, 1936, Ithaca; sc Rosalie Frana, Katherine Stanek, William, Eugene; died Apr 13, 2008, David City; burial Union Cemetery, Malmo

DeBOWER, Florence, 104: b June 19, 1903, Colfax County, to Carl and Mary (Schindler) Kramer; m Walter F DeBower, Dec 31, 1924, rural Schuyler; sc Donna Behmer, Dean; died Mar 4, 2008, Lincoln; burial Schuyler Cemetery

DICKEY, Donald D, 65: b Jan 25, 1943, Leigh, to Joseph and Jeroma (Juva) Dickey; sc Paul, Darla, Donna Hall; died Apr 13, 2008, David City

DIRKSCHNEIDER, Adrian F, 92: b Nov 5, 1925, West Point, to Frank and Margaret (Batenhorst) Dirkschneider; m Melvajean Wagner, Aug 3, 1948, Dodge; sc John, Patrick, Carol Johnson, Mary Jo Hegy; died July 14, 2008, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

DITZLER, Donald, 83: b Oct 11, 1925, David City, to W B "Jack" and Florence (McCracken) Ditzler; m Doris Northway, Apr 6, 1947, David City; sc Jeff; dc Jack, Penny; died Dec 18, 2008, Omaha; burial Edholm Valley Cemetery

DIVIS, Helen L, 87: b Aug 16, 1920, Edholm, to Albert and Mayme (Hajek) Havel; m William E Divis, May 6, 1941, Schuyler; sc William A, Robert J, Jerry, Susan M Proskovec, Marcia Wagner; died Jan 7, 2008, Sun City, Arizona; burial St Francis Cemetery, Wahoo

DIVIS, Martha U, 81: b Oct 21, 1926, Abie, to Frank and Rose (Stara) Bartunek; m Thomas Divis, Dec 27, 1951, Abie; sc Alton, JoAnn Hlavac, Caroline Forstrom, Doris Redler, Lori; died Aug 13, 2008, David City; burial SS Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Abie

DOLEZAL, Richard, 77: b Mar 31, 1931, Weston, to Max and Rose (Jirovsky) Dolezal; m Marilyn Moran, May 25, 1953, Weston; sc Randy, Tim, Sandy Bogner, Pam Houdek; died Apr 19, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

DOSTAL, Helen, 72: b Nov 13, 1935, Columbus, to Edward F and Anna M (Oborny) Humlicek; m Dennis Dostal, Sept 7, 1965, Abie; sc Donna Salzman, Sharon Wordekemper, Steve; died Mar 18, 2008, West Point; burial St Mary's Cemetery, Tabor

DRAHOTA, Irma M, 97: b Nov 9, 1911, Abie, to Joseph and Mary Roh; m Lumir W Drahota, Apr 25, 1936, Abie; sc Ann Nordin, Barbara Sugden, Irma Jean Farrell, Lumir James; died Nov 26, 2008, Fremont; burial Calvary Cemetery, Fremont

DRUEPPEL, Harold N, 81: b Aug 9, 1926, St Bernard, to Joseph and Clara (Collins) Drueppel; m Josephine Van Ampting, June 29, 1948, Lindsay; sc Norbert, Donald, Raymond, Richard, Harold, Tony, Marty, Dan, Mary Miratsky, Cathy, Ann Harding, Theresa; died Feb 11, 2008, Schuyler; burial Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Schuyler

DUBSKY, Janet V, 78: b Sept 17, 1929, to Lars and Signe (Martenson) Johnson; m Jerry Dubsky, Jan 27, 1946; sc Joe, Jay, Jeff, JaNae Smith, JaNel Farnsworth-Dumbrill, Jana Hale; died Feb 21, 2008, David City; burial Schuyler Cemetery

DURKOP, Mabel, 93: b May 12, 1914, rural Platte County, to Louis and Helena (Oltman) Dicke; m William Durkop, May 2, 1954, rural Columbus; sc Dennis; died Feb 19, 2008, Columbus; burial Roselawn Memorial Cemetery, Columbus

EATON, Dorothy G, 68: b Jan 24, 1940, Cumberland, Maryland, to William David and Wilma Grace (Schaefer) Newberrey; m Benjamin F Eaton, Nov 24, 1957, Westminster, Maryland; sc Ben Jr, Richard, Martin, Gary, Cindy Stevenson; dc William D "Bill"; died Nov 30, 2008, Columbus; burial Killian Cemetery, near Morse Bluff

ECKSTEIN, Joseph D, 66: b Mar 6, 1942, Schuyler, to Joseph Cyril and Antoinette (Reznicek) Eckstein; died Apr 3, 2008, David City; burial Schuyler Cemetery

EDIC, Jay H, 54: b Jan 31, 1954, Columbus, to Leon H and Inez L (Bisson) Edic; m Rose M Iwan, May 31, 1975, Fullerton; sc Sharon Joy E; died Aug 27, 2008, Richland; burial Roselawn Memorial Cemetery, Columbus

EGGERS, Olga, 90: b Dec 27, 1917, rural Howells, to Paul and Augusta (Broekemeier) Renner; m Alvin "Butch" Eggers, rural Howells; sc Marlene Liermann, Lanina Condon, William D "Bill"; died Dec 3, 2008, Clarkson; burial Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Leigh

EIFERT, Mary, 63: b Jan 8, 1945, Fremont, to Rudy and Sophia (Heywood) Stangel; m Robert Eifert, Mar 17, 1972; sc Ellen Taylor, Thomas; died Apr 23, 2008, Texas

ENGEL, Leonard, 89: b June 13, 1918, Colfax County, to Louis P and Marie (Wasko) Engel; m Elsie Slavik, Oct 14, 1945, Fremont; died May 18, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

ERNST, Carl Ray, 85: b Apr 15, 1923, Columbus, to Albert and Nellie (Michener) Ernst; m Virginia Krzycki, Nov 29, 1947, Columbus; sc Judy Morrison, Mike, Barbara Repking, Pat Sindelar, Denise, Mary Tracy, Andy, Jenny Early; dc infant son; died July 17, 2008; burial St Charles Memorial Gardens, St Charles [Missouri?]

FENCL, Josie, 94: b Dec 2, 1913, Linwood, to John and Mary (Nemec) Kucera; m George Fencl, Nov 23, 1937, Clarkson; sc Elaine Kliment; died Mar 22, 2008, David City; burial Abie National Cemetery

FENDRICK, Diane M: b Mar 31, 1954, Schuyler, to Harold and Roseline (Kroenke) Dostal; raised by her grandparents Frank and Mary (Pieper) Kroenke; m Gilberg "Gib" Fendrick, May 19, 1979, Dodge; sc Tracy, Katherine; died July 22, 2008, Omaha; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

FENDRICK, Theresa, 42: b Oct 27, 1965, Schuyler, to Frank and Valdene (Sayers) Svoboda; m David L Fendrick, Sept 17, 1983, Howells; sc Jacqueline, Zachary; died Sept 9, 2008; burial Zion Cemetery, rural Clarkson

FIGGNER, Leo, 83: b Aug 2, 1924, Colfax County, to Joe and Bertha (Strudl) Figgner; died Feb 3, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

FOSMER, Agnes M, 88: b Sept 9, 1919, Howells, to Adolph and Mary (Hagemann) Behrens; m Alfred Fosmer, Oct 4, 1941, Illinois; sc Richard, James, Michael, Mary; died Aug 6, 2008; burial Calvary Catholic Cemetery [Omaha?]

GALL, Stefanie, 24: b June 29, 1983, Omaha, to John and Donna (Harms) Gall; sc Daphnie Gall, Philip Osgood Jr; dc Emmalee, Jordan; died Feb 24, 2008 [Nevada, Iowa?]; burial Clarkson Catholic Cemetery

GASPARINI, Mary Ann, 59: b Apr 15, 1948, to Ernest and Rose (Suva) Harms; m Mario Gasparini, Nov 19, 1977, Chicago; sc Francesca, Matthew; ssc Diane Forbes, Mark Gasparini; died Apr 11, 2008, Omaha; burial Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Olean

GLODOWSKI, Charles, 73: b Feb 22, 1934, Rogers, to Charles and Anna (Bobusid) Glodowski; m Marian Winther, Dec 15, 1956, Omaha; sc Lori Ann Muhle; died Jan 15, 2008, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

GLODOWSKI, Evelyn, 85: b Feb 16, 1923, Clarkson, to Frank and Antonia (Mastny) Lopour; m Adolph J Glodowski, May 17, 1943, Clarkson; sc Donald, Donna Lane; died Feb 26, 2008, Clarkson; burial Schuyler Cemetery

GONZALEZ, Orlando, 45: died July 12, 2008; burial Schuyler Cemetery

GRADO, Kristie Lynn, 52: b May 7, 1956, Cozad, to Vernon and Darlene (Weber) Sweet; m Shon Grado, July 14, 1983, Norton, Kansas; sc Shawn Sweet; Aaron Sweet; died Aug 8, 2008, Omaha; burial Gothenburg Cemetery

GRECO, Marcella D "Marcie", 90: b Apr 23, 1917, Geyer, Montana, to John A and Philomena (Vogel) Parr; m Frank Greco, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; sc Allen Andersen; died Feb 19, 2008, Fremont; burial St Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

GREEN, Stanley Robert, 86: b July 22, 1921, Horrinck, Iowa, to Robert and Alice (Stataler) Green; m Sylvia Frances Molacek, Oct 19, 1946, Schuyler; sc David, Dennis, Bennett; died May 7, 2008, Elk River, Minnesota; burial Lakewood Cemetery, Crosy [Minnesota?]

GROBAREK, Lorrayne C, 85: b Rising City; m Joseph F Grobarek; sc Doriene Prorak, Joseph; died May 24, 2008; burial Town of Maine Cemetery, Park Ridge [Illinois?]

GROENE, Gertrude, 96: b Aug 17, 1911, near Aloys, to Ferdinand and Margaret Stieren Groene; died Aug 10, 2008, West Point; burial St Aloysius Catholic Cemetery

GRUBAUGH, Richard H, 90: b Nov 18, 1917, Linwood, to Roy and Anna (Havel) Grubaugh; m Carol Rolofson, Aug 20, 1940, Wahoo; sc Algene "Genie" Briese; dc Dorothy Romshek; died Jan 19, 2008, David City; burial St Mary's Cemetery [David City?]

GRUENKE, Marcella, 78: b July 5, 1929, Howells, to Joseph and Bessie (Suplak) Honcik; m Graymond Gruenke, Apr 2, 1950, Fremont; sc Michael, Rodney; died Mar 26, 2008, Fremont; burial Memorial Cemetery, Fremont

GUYNAN, Rita, 80: b Mar 14, 1928, rural Rogers, to John J and Margaret (Heavican) Guynan; died Dec 31, 2008, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

HAHN, Merle E, 81: b Mar 20, 1927, Schuyler, to George and Florence (Matzen) Hahn; m Bertha Kudrna, Feb 10, 1951, Las Vegas, Nevada; died June 17, 2008, Arlington, Texas; burial Dallas/Fort Worth National Cemetery, Grand Prairie, Texas

HANSEN, Walter, 82: b May 30, 1926, rural Neligh, to Carsten and Frieda (Schmidt) Hansen; m Evangeline "Dolly" Furstenau, Mar 30, 1949, Tulsa, Oklahoma; sc Lyle, Dennis, Steve, Trish Montgomery, Susan Hansen, Teresa Walters; died Nov 10, 2008, Neligh; burial Laurel Hill Cemetery, Neligh

HARBISON, LaVern "Boone", 62: b Sept 2, 1945, Creighton, to Clarence and Dorothy (Larkin) Harbison; m Barbara Foster, July 17, 1970, South Sioux City; sc Dorothy, "Winnie" Chaparro; died Mar 6, 2008, Columbus; burial Schuyler Cemetery

HASKIN, Charles "Squeak", 63: b Sept 12, 1944, Hastings, to Charles and Rosalee (Ritchie) Haskin; m Nadine _; sc Kris; ssc Stephen Harlow, Darold "Oscar" Matthews, John Matthews; died Feb 25, 2008, Omaha

HASSLER, Frances H, 90: b Mar 5, 1918, rural Cuming County near Aloys, to Leo and Katherine (Pohl) Renner; m Leo A Hassler, Feb 3, 1944; sc Kenneth, Daniel, Mary Mostek, Vernell Ernesti; dc Duane; died May 14, 2008, Fremont; burial Sacred Heart Cemetery, Olean, rural Dodge

HAY, Bernard Francis, 88: b Dec 27, 1919, Trenton, to Eli and Rose (Hrouda) Hay; m Evelyn; sc Bernard, Bonnie Luckey, Barbara Sandvick; died Nov 30, 2008, Omaha; burial St James Cemetery, Trenton

HEAVICAN, Adelle, 86: b Sept 22, 1922, Fremont, to Louis and Katherine (Muller) Perrin; m Joseph P Heavican, June 12, 1945, Colfax County; sc Eugene, Charles, Veronica Englett, Teresa Raines, Raymond, Joseph M, Elizabeth Mallory, Rebecca; died Oct 17, 2008, Schuyler; burial St Patrick's Catholic Cemetery, rural Rogers

HEDELL, Elaine, 62: b June 2, 1945, Fremont, to Ewald and Ida (Heinssen) Groppe; m Dwaine Hedell, Oct 6, 1968, Hooper; sc Lynette Mandl, Steven; died May 21, 2008, Lincoln; burial Mount Hope Cemetery [West Point?]

HEESE, Kenneth E, 81: b Aug 25, 1927, Dodge, to William and Elizabeth (Beaumont) Heese; m Erlaine Swanson, Aug 28, 1965; died Aug 28, 2008, Schuyler; burial Memorial Cemetery, Fremont

HEITZMAN, William "Bud", 76: b June 27, 1931, Emerson, to Lloyd and Christy (Anderson) Heitzman; m Lorraine Muhle, July 17, 1955, Schuyler; sc Terri Jelinek, Tami Comte; died Jan 18, 2008, David City; burial Schuyler Cemetery

HELD, Betty L, 77: b May 30, 1931, Boone County, to Elmer and Elise (Loseke) Busse; m Jerald Held, Jan 17, 1948, Leigh; sc Linda Bare, Deborah, Jamie Wiese, Harlan; dc Teresa; died Dec 12, 2008, Stanton; burial Leigh Cemetery

HERLING, Bonnie, 66: b June 11, 1942, Alliance, to William and Gladys (Rezac) Veeder; m Dennis Herling, Aug 10, 1963, Newman Grove; sc Sheryl Langdon, Kristine Vickery, Jennifer Hazel, David; died Nov 23, 2008, Clarkson burial Leigh Cemetery

HILLEN, Lillian, 81: b Aug 4, 1927, near Leigh, to Fred and Anna (Schmidt) Daniels; m Vernon Hake, Mar 2, 1947, Leigh; m Lawrence Hillen, June 5, 1987, Leigh; sc Wayne Hake, Dianne Hake Tucker, Marcia Hake Karel, Gloria Hake Wiemer, Michelle Hake Jebens; ssc Glen Hillen, Lois Franzen; dc Gary and Vernon Hake; died Nov 12, 2008, Columbus; burial Zion Cemetery, Leigh

HLADKY, Blazena, 88: b Dec 27, 1919, Schuyler, to William and Hedvika (Krula) Mastny; m James W Hladky, Apr 17, 1940, Schuyler; sc Bill, Luann Vavricek; died Oct 2, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

HOGENDORN, Merle D, 89: b Jan 31, 1919, rural Leigh, to John and Elsie (Glandt) Hogendorn; m Elvira "Ellie" Asche, Apr 8, 1947, Leigh; died Aug 30, 2008, Clarkson; burial Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Leigh

HOLLMANN, Jerry J, 62: b Dec 3, 1945, Columbus, to Helmuth and Wilma (Jindra) Hollmann; m Diane Volsicka, Apr 17 [?], Leigh; sc Jim, David; ssc Terry Mendlik, Rhonda Gerald, Yolanda Clinch; died Mar 30, 2008, Stnaton; burial Leigh City Cemetery

HOLLMANN, Lillian J, 87: b Jan 5, 1921, Stanton County, to Thomas and Mary (Volse) Hekrdle; m Melvin H Hollmann, Feb 6, 1945, Columbus; sc Corinne Dupsky, Dean; died Sept 7, 2008, Madison; burial Leigh Cemetery

HORAK, Anna M, 98: b July 4, 1909, Rogers, to Joseph and Annie (Blazek) Ruzicka; m Adolph Horak, Feb 26, 1930, rural Howells; sc Donna Mae Meredith, Linda Ann Varejcka; died June 14, 2008, Hickman; burial Schuyler Cemetery

HRABAK, Francis Howard, 95: b Dec 29, 1912, Dodge, to Charles and Bessie (Krull) Hrabak Jr; m Catherine Kelly, Sept 5, 1953; died Mar 2, 2008, Federal Way, Washington

HUNKE, Alice C, 89: b Sept 7, 1919, Schuyler, to Joesph and Nellie (Riley) Tully; m Alfred Hunke, Oct 8, 1940, Clyde, rural North Bend; sc Francis, Margaret Peterson; died Dec 23, 2008, Stanton

HUSS, Joseph "Joe", 50: b Apr 3, 1958, Spencer, Iowa, to Charles and MaryAnn (Hoffrichter) Huss; died Nov 9, 2008, Schuyler; burial Holy Cross Cemetery, Schuyler

IBACH, Gary L, Sr, 68: b Dec 30, 1939, near Cumro, to Lee and Helen (Knajdl) Ibach; m Karen; sc Crystal, Gary L Jr; died July 23, 2008, rural Ansley; burial Mason City Cemetery

JEDLICKA, Marvin, 73: b Sept 25, 1934, Colfax County, to Adolph and Vlasta (Novotny) Jedlicka; m Shirley Kracman, Apr 24, 1957, Heun; sc Jay, Jolene Kassmeier; died Aug 25, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

JOHANSEN, Margaret Ann, 84: b Sept 25, 1923, near Pender, to Harold and Florence (Van Valin) Palmer; m Francis Edward Johansen, Aug 24, 1941, Valley; sc Mary Ann Hritz, Kay Hollman, Jeanne Fendrick, Carol Wieneke, Jack; died July 9, 2008, Springdale, Arkansas; burial Fayetteville National Cemetery, Fayetteville [Arkansas?]

JOHNSON, Lester H, 84: b Nov 9, 1924, Bertrand, to Joe and Ellen (Sjbolm) Johnson; m Verla Olson, Aug 29, 1948, Loomis; sc Larry, Donald, Douglas, Gene; died Dec 21, 2008, David City

KALISEK, Matilda, 89: b Aug 20, 1918, rural Clarkson, to John and Mary (Suchan) Mastny; m Rudolph Pacas, 1940; m James Kalisek, 1957; died Aug 11, 2008, Dodge; burial Clarkson National Cemetery

KAREL, Vlasta E, 99: b Dec 24, 1908, rural Howells, to Joseph and Pauline (Benes) Palas; m William Karel, Feb 8, 1927, Stanton; sc Bill, Edwin, Stanley, Marcella Hoffman; dc Arlene Nechodom; died Mar 28, 2008, St Edward; burial Clarkson National Cemetery

KAUP, Richard L, 81: b Aug 3, 1927, Dodge, to Fred and Catherine (Wieneke) Kaup; m Bernice Dirckschneider, Jan 13, 1949, Snyder; sc David, Richard "Dick", Timothy, Robert, Thomas, Ned; died Aug 13, 2008, Fremont; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

KEEFE, Margaret, 93: b Oct 8, 1915, Schuyler, to Chase and Fanny (Davis) Finley; m John J Keefe, Oct 8, 1940, David City; sc Rev John, Patricia Freund, Dennis, Tom, Terry, Mike; died Nov 3, 2008, Lincoln; burial Calvary Cemetery, Lincoln

KIENBAUM, Nancy R, 65: b May 21, 1942, Fremont, to Herman and Ruth (Loukota) Chudomelka; m Nile Kienbaum, June 11, 1960, Snyder; sc Kim Krienert, Gina Metshke; dc Troy, Jamie; died Mar 18, 2008, Scribner; burial St Peter's Cemetery, Snyder

KLEIN, Annie, 84: b July 4, 1923, Bellwood, to Emil and Leona (Roelandts) DeBaets; m Anton "Tony" Klein, Feb 3, 1947, Ulysses; sc Louis, Richard, Lena Gipfert, Leona Zegers, Marie Bruegger, Theresa Dion; died Jan 25, 2008, David City; burial St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus

KLUCK, Elsie, 106: b Apr 29, 1902, rural Schuyler, to Joseph and Mary (Cerny) Krejci; m Milton W Kluck, Feb 18, 1925, Council Bluffs, Iowa; sc Mary Lou Chastain; dc M Duane; died Nov 5, 2008, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KLUTHE, Elizabeth, 100: b Jan 20, 1908, Olean area, Colfax County, to Joseph and Gertrude (Dirkschneider) Kassmeier; m Ludwig N Kluthe, Oct 8, 1930, Olean, rural Howells; sc Lambert, Leonard, Loretta Baumert, Lorraine Gall, Eileen Cada; died Oct 11, 2008, Dodge; burial SS Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Howells

KMENT, Martha M, 88: b Mar 26, 1920, Columbus, to Joseph and Mary (Votova) Viglicky; m Joseph T Kment, Apr 25, 1940, Schuyler; sc Alden, Richard, Arnold, David, Donald, Marlene Hartman, Irene Starkey, Joann Colfack, Lorraine Moore, Sally Roh; dc Joey; died July 17, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KNECHT, George Alvin, 72: b Nov 9, 1936; m Jean; sc Robert, Wade, Glen, Bill; died Nov 14, 2008, Pacheco, California; burial Memory Gardens Memorial Park, Concord, California

KNECHT, James M: b to George and Frances (Kral) Knecht; m Rosemary; ssc (3); dc Michael; died June 1, 2008, Clayton, California; burial at sea

KNIEVEL, Edna, 78: b Feb 15, 1930, rural West Point; m Edwin Knievel, May 11, 1957; sc Dale, Susan Bockelman, Bonnie Styskal, Carol Polacek; died Mar 5, 2008, West Point; burial St Michael's Cemetery, West Point

KONSEL, Allyn Francis, 68: b July 4, 1939, to John J and Vlasta (Dlouhy) Konsel; m Ellen Hunke, Feb 27, 1960, rural Howells; sc Garry, David, Denise Telecky, Janene Hoffman, Leanne Ruskamp; died Apr 22, 2008, Wisner; burial St Henry's Catholic Cemetery, rural Howells

KONSEL, Vlasta, 98: b Mar 27, 1909, rural Howells, to Francis "Frank" and Emma Evert Dlouhy; m John J Konsel, Nov 6, 1928, Howells; sc Darlene Pieper, John F, Allyn; died Jan 22, 2008, Dodge; burial St John Nepomucene Cemetery, rural Howells

KRACL, Frank E, 92: b Aug 7, 1915, Colfax County, to Stanley and Emily (Hobza) Kracl; m Florence Schmidt, Sept 29, 1938, near Richland; sc Diana Bohac, Mary Lou Jedlicka, Ed, Allan, Jim; died Apr 9, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KRACL, Larry, 58: b Sept 6, 1949, Columbus, to Marlin and Arlene (Zoubek) Kracl; died May 9, 2008, Greeley, Colorado; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KRAJICEK, Elsie E, 82: b Sept 15, 1925, Clarkson, to Joseph and Anna (Cerny) Hejtmanek; m Frank J Krajicek, Jan 28, 1947, Clarkson; sc Bonnie Nations, Cheryl Bang; died Mar 3, 2008, Loveland, Colorado

KRATOCHVIL, Jim, 73: b Apr 10, 1934, Clarkson, to Frank and Antonia (Polodna) Kratochvil; m Sharon Lee Sup, May 14, 1960, Clarkson; sc Neal, Mike, Mark; died Jan 30, 2008, Lincoln; burial Clarkson Catholic Cemetery

KREIKEMEIER, Margaret M, 86: b May 25, 1922, rural Howells in Cuming County, to Joseph and Margaret (Ebbers) Schlautman; m Aloysius "Al" Kreikemeier, Nov 11, 1948, Dodge; sc Patricia Reinhardt, William, Melvin, James, Edward; dc Janice McNeil; died Aug 12, 2008, Dodge; burial St Boniface Cemetery, Monterey, rural West Point

KRENK, Darlene M, 76: b July 8, 1932, rural Bruno, to Theodore "Ted" and Albina (Brtek) Sedlacek; m Clarence Krenk, June 14, 1956, Bruno; sc David, Galen, Carol Schoenhofer; died Nov 2, 2008, David City; burial SS Peter and Paul Cemetery [Abie?]

KREPEL, Leonard, 82: b Nov 7, 1925, rural Leigh, to Henry and Josie Krepel; m Correnne "Corky" Moural, June 12, 1949, Schuyler; sc Doris Rogers, Leon, Larry, Gary, Ron; dc Joyce Shockley, Jerry; died June 1, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KROEGER, Marvin, 89: b May 8, 1918, rural Leigh, to Edward and Anna (Nitz) Kroeger; m Betty Price, Sept 22, 1946, St Edward; m Opal (Tietgen) Timperley, Oct 5, 1984, Alvardo, Minnesota; sc Mike, Scott; ssc Donna Campbell; died Feb 10, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KRUEGER, Vernon F, 86: b June 6, 1922, rural Firth, to Fred and Anna (Hartwig) Krueger; m Elsie; sc Charlotte Herling, Chuck; died Oct 6, 2008, Adams; burial Lincoln Memorial Park

KRZYCKI, Cathy, 57: b Aug 28, 1951, Pender, to James and Winifred (Jahde) Welsh; m Don Krzycki, Oct 30, 1976, Pender; sc Kelly Xavier, Phillip; died Aug 29, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

KUCERA, Agnes, 93: b Nov 30, 1914, Rescue, to Joseph and Rosalie (Kliment) Haba; m Edward T Kucera, Nov 24, 1942, David City; sc Geraldine Polacek, Karen Kment, Loretta Patchen, Jeanette Blake; died Sept 16, 2008, David City; burial Linwood Hill Cemetery

KULHANEK, Sophie, 94: b Aug 28, 1914, rural Cuming County, to Frank B and Bessie T (Kucera) Sindelar; m Joseph R Kulhanek, Jan 31, 1933, Howells; sc Gene; dc Joseph M; died Sept 20, 2008, Clarkson; burial St John's Nepomucene Catholic Cemetery, Howells

KUMPF, Lilas M, 75: b Mar 14, 1933, Leigh, to Edward and Leona Mae (Linn" Franzen; m Clarence C Kumpf, June 9, 1953, Leigh; sc Dale, Susan Eikmeier; died Aug 31, 2008, Leigh; burial Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Leigh

KUNCL, Joe R, 81: b June 26, 1926, rural Prague, to Anton and Rose (Vavak) Kuncl; m Darline Lorenc, Sept 29, 1956, Linwood; sc Theresa Musilek, Annie Havlovic; died May 21, 2008, Lincoln; burial St John's Cemetery, Prague

LADEHOFF, Ruth, 71: b June 28, 1936, Colfax County, to Walter and Mary (Janousek) Blum; m Richard "Bud" Ladehoff, July 25, 1955; sc Fred, Richard, Tim, Alan, Dwain; died Mar 9, 2008, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

LAMBRECHT, Paul, 63: b May 24, 1944, Schuyler, to George and Helen (Legler) Lambrecht; m Janet Ochsner, Jan 18, 1964, Vermilion, South Dakota; sc Dean, Diane Gall; died Jan 22, 2008, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

LAWRENCE, Carol, 60: b Nov 2, 1948, Quincy, Illinois, to Cecil and Virginia (Glassford) Rumsey; m Michael Lawrence, Jan 25, 1965, Palmyra, Missouri; sc Michele Hackler, Deann Hosea, Anita Gomez; died Nov 19, 2008, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

LERCH, Ronald E, 66: b Feb 15, 1942, Omaha, to Edwin and Pelegia Lerch; m Virginia; sc Veronica, Ron Jr, Laura Hoeft, Connie Dittmer; died bef May 15, 2008; burial Bellevue Cemetery

LIEKHUS, Pauline, 95: b June 4, 1913, near Olean, to Joseph and Gertrude (Dirkschneider) Kassmeier; m Francis Liekhus, Apr 24, 1946, Olean; sc David, Kathy Rausch; died Nov 19, 2008, Schuyler; burial Sacred Hearet Catholic Church Cemetery, Olean

LIMBACH, Lawrence, 72: b July 20, 1925, Colfax County, to Peter and Rose (Bogner) Limbach; m Sally Montgomery, Feb 15, 1987, Reno, Nevada; sc Denise Depue, Keith, Greg, Renee Mikan, Darren; died May 27, 2008, Omaha

LINENBURG, Inez, 90: b Feb 27, 1917, Schuyler, to Herman and Ida (Loptein) Linenburg; died Jan 19, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

LODL, Evelyn, 77: b Dec 10, 1930, near Clarkson, to Otto and Mary (Silacek) Hradec; m Lambert Lodl, Apr 26, 1951, Heun, rural Clarkson; sc Lynn Harms, Kathleen; died Aug 18, 2008, Lincoln; burial Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Heun, rural Clarkson

LUCHSINGER, Mable A, 89: b Feb 20, 1919, Columbus, to Henry and Anna (Morkert) Keller; m Herbert Luchsinger Sr, June 3, 1936, Columbus; sc Herbert Jr, Carol; dc infant son; died Sept 28, 2008, Columbus; burial Roselawn Memorial Cemetery, Columbus

MA'AE, Cheryl Ann: b Oct 17, 1946, McCook, to Wanda Lavonne (Warren) Walters and Harrison Everett Walters; m Vevesi Ma'ae; sc Patrick; died Dec 19, 2008, Honolulu, Hawaii

MACH, Helen D, 95: b Feb 8, 1913, rural Prague, to August and Mary (Ourada) Kaspar; m Rudolph Mach, Apr 6, 1935, Prague; sc Irma Wilt, Donna Ostry, Mary Ann Polivka; died Apr 30, 2008, Wahoo; burial Prague National Cemetery, Prague

MAHLIN, Helen E, 90: b Jan 24, 1918, rural Bellwood, to Parker and Inez Antonia (Neisner) Ostrander; m Marion Mahlin, Nov 6, 1934, Wayne; sc Diane Epp; dc Donald; died Nov 5, 2008, David City; burial David City Cemetery

MARDOCK, Virginia, 87: b Sept 9, 1921, Omaha, to Walter and Mary (Michka) Kolacny; m Donald P Mardock, Sept 22, 1938, Council Bluffs, Iowa; sc Sally A Mardock Murad, William M, Donald M, Patrick J, Kathi Jo Robinson, Barry; died Dec 6, 2008, Columbus; burial Schuyler Cemetery

MARIK, Emma M, 91: b Feb 26, 1917, rural Howells, to Nick and Anna (Madurajski) Podliska; m Edward J Marik, Jan 9, 1945, Howells; died May 18, 2008, West Point; burial St John Nepomucene Cemetery, rural Howells

MASON, Urban Cecil, 79: b Feb 8, 1929, Reliance, South Dakota, to Cecil J and Mina (Spader) Mason; m Ruth; sc Mary Nieman, Janice Ondracek, Darrell, Michael; died July 2, 2008, Omaha; burial National Cemetery, Sturgis, South Dakota

MASTNY, Johnny F, 89: b Dec 21, 1918, Colfax County, to John and Mary (Sterba) Mastny; m Almarine Roether, Jun 19, 1946; died Feb 21, 2008, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

MATSON, Rose M, 68: b Dec 30, 1939, Dodge, to Stanley and Marie (Kalisek) Cerny; m Warren Matson, Apr 23, 1960, Albion; sc Duane, Alan, Lee; died Sept 11, 2008, Fremont; burial Clyde Cemetery, rural Rogers

MAYHEW, Ernest "Ernie", 88: b Feb 23, 1920, Ulesburg, Colorado, to Elmer and Caroline (Muhle) Mahew; m Jean Balmer, Dec 28, 1953, Schuyler; sc Kim, Carmen Sedlacek, Rick, Doug; died Nov 9, 2008, Loveland, Colorado; burial Linwood Cemetery

MEJSTRIK, Karen Lynn, 51: b to Robert E and Evelyn F Pierce; m Patrick J Majstrik; sc Noah, Anna, Jared; died June 6, 2008; burial Resurrection Cemetery, Omaha

MEYSENBURG, Eva A, 98: b June 23, 1909, Bellwood, to Peter and Rose Mary (Hilger) Hiller; m Paul John "PJ" Meysenburg, Apr 23, 1929, Bellwood; sc Gerald, Jack, Norbert; died Mar 18, 2008, David City; burial SS Peter and Mary Cemetery, rural Bellwood

MICK, Gerald A, 67: b Aug 24, 1941, Silver Creek, to Joseph and Lydia (Gabel) Mick; m Patricia J Raric, Oct 31, 1964, rural Bellwood; sc Jene' Thyren, Lyne' Rerucha, Andre' Mick; died Oct 9, 2008, David City; burial Pleasant View Cemetery, Butler County

MIHULKA, Elden, 84: b July 2, 1924, Colfax County, to Frank and Mary (Pokorny) Mihulka; m Wylma Klima, Feb 1954; died Sept 14, 2008, Omaha; burial Schuyler Cemetery

MOORE, Vivian, 97: b Feb 24, 1911, Bellwood, to Ubbe and Margery (McGaffin) Nantkes; m James L Moore, July 3, 1934, Papillion; sc Keith, Sherryl Kment; died Apr 3, 2008, Dodge; burial Bellwood Cemetery

MOORE-SAUER, Mary, 93: b Apr 9, 1915, Park, Kansas, to Paul and Elizabeth (Ochs) Kaiser; m Joseph Richard Moore, Aug 4, 1941, Park, Kansas; m Peter Sauer Jr, Feb 14, 1986, Rose Hill, Kansas; sc Edith Iwan, Brendan Moore, Raymond Moore, Albin Moore; dc Mary Beth Svitak; died Aug 28, 2008, Columbus; burial Holy Cross Cemetery, Schuyler

MORBACH, Dorothy, 83: b Nov 18, 1924, Raymond, to David and Ruby (Scott) Legler; m Harry Lee Morbach, Nov 18, 1944, Marietta; sc David, Joseph, Doll Hamata, Sheila Lyons, Kimberly Claiborne; died Nov 6, 2008, David City; burial Presentation Cemetery, rural Bellwood

MRSTIK, Gertrude, 89: died Oct 2008; burial Schuyler Cemetery

MUHLE, Andrew, 21: b July 8, 1987, Schuyler, to Mike and Deb (Blum) Muhle; died before July 23, 2008; burial Schuyler Cemetery

NECHVATAL, Agnes, 96: b Sept 26, 1911, Lidgerwood, North Dakota, to Anton and Minerva (Isper) Stepan; m Bohumil J Nechvatal, Sept 27, 1932, rural Clarkson; sc Dorothy Urbanek; died Mar 8, 2008, Clarkson; burial Schuyler Cemetery

NEMEC, Lillian, 83: b July 21, 1924, Stanton County, to Anton and Mary (Smejkal) Vrbicky; m Leonard Nemec, Feb 6, 1946, Clarkson; sc Gary, Glen "Chester", Gale, Joyce Vrbicky; died Feb 20, 2008, West Point; burial St Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Tabor, rural Howells

NEUHAUS, Lucille, 86: b Dec 9, 1921, Bennington, to Peter and Minnie (Wiese) Wulf; m Harold Neuhaus, Mar 1, 1941, Omaha; sc Sharon Kracl, Shirley "Jean" Petersen, Richard; died Apr 23, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

NEUJAHR, Alice M, 85: b Feb 10, 1923, rural Staplehurst, to Ernst and Marie (Ahrens) Bek; m Reuben Neujahr, June 8, 1941, Staplehurst; sc Ken, Sandra Peterson; dc Steven; died Oct 30, 2008, Omaha; burial Seward Cemetery, Seward

ODVODY, Michael G, 52: b Dec 24, 1956, Fremont, to George and Charlene (Tawney) Odvody; died July 12, 2008; burial Woodland Cemetery, North Bend

OLMER, Edwin R, 86: b July 5, 1922, Columbus, to John and Stella (Eisenmenger) Olmer; m Rose Mary Noonan, Sept 29, 1948, rural Lindsay; sc Marvin, Melvin, Kenneth, David, Dale, Virginia Fehringer, Judy Spale, Jeanette Korth, Mary Sonderman; dc Joseph; died July 21, 2008, Omaha; burial St Francis Cemetery, Humphrey

ONDRACEK, Agnes R, 95: b Oct 16, 1913, Walthill, to Emil and Frances (Urbanec) Bohaboj; adopted by Frank Prokop; m Anton J Ondracek, July 19, 1941, Clearwater; sc Myron; died Dec 7, 2008, Syracuse; burial Schuyler Cemetery

OVERSHAW, Victor H, Sr, 79: b Feb 24, 1928, Oakdale, to Oscar and Agnes (Sonnenfelt) Obershaw; m Bertha Milliken, July 30, 1950, Neligh; sc Peggy Roder, Lori Tweedy, Debby Hernandez, Teresa Svoboda, Victor A, Chris, Roger, Paul; dc Timothy; died Feb 3, 2008, Lincoln; burial St Mary's Cemetery, Tilden

PARR, Audrea May Beryl, 85: b Nov 1, 1922, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to John and Jennie James; m Victor Parr; sc Victor T, Gerald, Donald, Eric, Helen Fosmer, Roseann Svitak, Linda Sandos, Laura Thorson; dc Donna Mae; died Feb 20, 2008; burial Mount Hope Cemetery, Omaha

PECA, Charles F, 80: m Alice; died Apr 4, 2008, Mesa, Arizona

PETERSEN, Brody Dayne, 4 months: b July 6, 2008, Omaha, to Tim and Angie Petersen; died Nov 5, 2008, Omaha; burial Evergreen Memorial Park, Omaha

PETERSEN, Larry, 78: b Mar 7, 1930, Ivanhoe, Minnesota, to Peter and Anna (Andersen) Petersen; m Nathelle Wirt, Jan 22, 1955, Breckenridge, Minnesota; sc Darcy Kurger, Tom, Lance; dc Bryon; died Sept 5, 2008, Omaha

PIEPER, Betty, 52: b Jan 24, 1956, West Point, to Francis and Margaret (Stalp) Heimann; m Dave Pieper, Apr 23, 1977, Snyder; sc Cindy Reichmuth, Brian, Karen, Emily, Chris; died Sept 22, 2008, Omaha; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, Dodge

PIEPER, Paul, 92: b June 29, 1915, rural Dodge, to William and Elizabeth Kassmeier Pieper; m Monica Heavican, June 12, 1940, Dublin, rural Schuyler; sc Paul W, Jim, Mary Katherine Guenther, Margaret, Alice Brown; died Apr 20, 2008, Omaha; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

POKORNY, Vlasta F, 86: b Mar 8, 1922, Omaha, to Frank J and Helen (Kral) Stech Sr; m Joseph Pokorny, May 30, 1940; sc Larry; died Oct 26, 2008, Columbus; burial Schuyler Cemetery

POLACEK, Beatrice M, 98: b Mar 15, 1909, Bruno, to Robert and Mary (Divis) Stava; m Adolph Polacek, June 30, 1931, Bruno; sc Gary, Rita Chapek; dc Eldon; died Mar 3, 2008, David City; burial St Anthony de Padua Catholic Cemetery, Bruno

POLLARD, Mary, 100: b July 16, 1907, Heun area of Colfax County, to Anton and Tillie (Ciha) Jonas; m James W Pollard, July 20, 1937, Heun, rural Clarkson; sc Genelle Rosenbaum; died Apr 14, 2008, Scribner; burial Schuyler Cemetery

PRAEST, Andrew, 82: b Sept 29, 1925, rural Dodge in Cuming County, to Gerhard and Mary (Buschkamp) Praest; died Aug 19, 2008, Pierce; burial St Aloysius Catholic Cemetery, Aloys

PRAZAK, Elsie, 94: b Nov 1, 1913, Leigh, to John and Emma (Stejkal) Barta; m Vincent Prazak, Apr 18, 1933, Schuyler; sc Robert, Adeline Demas; died Apr 24, 2008, Clarkson; burial Clarkson National Cemetery

RAMUSSEN, Jay Alden, 79: b Feb 21, 1928; m Dalyce _; sc Jamie Mehl, Jana Nichols; died Feb 7, 2008, Florida

RATHJE, Linda L, 49: b Sept 24, 1959, David City, to Glenn and Luella (Way) Marquis; m Keith Rathje, May 15, 1981, Rising City; sc Travis, Tom, Liz; died Nov 22, 2008, Rising City; burial Faith West Cemetery, rural Rising City

RERUCHA, Anna J, 89: b Apr 11, 1918, Appleton, to Adolph and Antonia (Svoboda) Samek; m John J Rerucha, Sept 14, 1946, Appleton; died Jan 17, 2008, David City; burial St Anthony's Cemetery, Bruno

REZNICEK, George B, 87: b Aug 4, 1920, rural Dodge, to Andrew and Emma (Pavel) Reznicek; m Lillian Fendrick, Mar 2, 1943, rural Leigh; sc Phyllis Novacek, LaVonne Novak, Donna Leonard, Pauline Reznicek, Sandra Sautter; died July 23, 2008 Fremont; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

ROWLAND, Nathan J, 7 weeks: b Jan 3, 2008, Fremont, to Adam and Stephanie (Timm) Rowland; died Feb 23, 2008, Fremont

RUESCHHOFF, Erwin, 72: b Apr 26, 1936, Howells area, to Gerhard and Bertha Rueschhoff; m Bernardine; sc David, Bernard, John, Pam Terzlaff; died June 26, 2008; burial Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, Gretna

RUPPRECHT, Agnes, 82: b Sept 22, 1926, Stanton County, to Henry and Mary (Schlautman) Ridder; m Richard Rupprecht, May 18, 1954, rural Howells; sc Diane Hooper, Linda Ritter, Ron; died Oct 12, 2008, rural Clarkson; burial Clarkson Catholic Cemetery

RUSKAMP, William "Bill", 94: b Cuming County, to Joseph and Anna (Grosserhode) Ruskamp; m Veronica "Verna" Ernesti, Oct 4, 1939, rural Wet Point; sc Alan, Jim, Don, Jeanene Renter, Carol Foy, Diane Ruskamp, Linda Pruss, Mary Eckstein, Doris Nickolaison; dc Darlene Ruskamp; died June 17, 2008, West Point; burial Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery [rural Dodge?]

SAFARIK, Tillie M, 100: b to __ Bazata; m Frank Dirkschneider; m Joseph Safarik; sc Joyce Lohner; dc Eugene Dirkschneider; died bef Mar 17, 2008; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SAUSER, Darlene, 90: b Dec 24, 1917, Dodge County, to Fred and Cristena (Landerfeld) Ladehoff; m Joseph Sauser, July 21, 1944, North Platte; died Sept 23, 2008, North Bend

SAYERS, George L, 82: b June 20, 1926, rural Leigh, to Roy and Elsie (Hejtmanek) Sayers; died Oct 11, 2008, Omaha; burial Leigh Cemetery

SCHMID, Melvin M, 87: b July 9, 1920, rural County County, to Martin and Martha (Oltman) Schmid; m Dorothy Gossman, June 19, 1954, rural Columbus; sc Marsha Marshall, Sherri Schneider, Holly, Marty, Scott; died Jan 27, 2008, David City; burial Calvary Cemetery, rural Columbus

SCHMIDT, Ervin, 53: b Sept 23, 1954, Schuyler, to Glenn and Henrietta (Foust) Schmidt; sc Christopher, Jesse, Jodi; died Mar 4, 2008, Linwood

SCHMIT, Rose A, 98: b Jan 5, 1910, Bruno, to Frank and Ann (Hlavac) Husak; m William Kozisek, 1929; m Peter Schmit, 1961; sc LaVerne Kozisek, William Kozisek, Eugene Kozisek, Maxine Bredahl; ssc Donald Schmit, Orville Schmit, Lorene Kallenbach; dsc Eugene Schmit, Dorothy Moyer; died May 24, 2008, David City; burial St Anthony's Cemetery, Bruno

SCHULTZ, Delmar, 71: b Oct 9, 1937, Prague, to James and Bessie (Novak) Schultz; m Doris Thiem, Sept 12, 1959, Howells; sc Donna Pearson, DeAnn Zessin; died Nov 12, 2008, Lincoln; burial St Mary's Cemetery, David City

SEDLAK, Robert, 58: b Apr 2, 1950, Columbus, to James and Evelyn (Svec) Sedlak; m Janice, 1992; ssc Chris Herrick; died May 20, 2008; burial Fort McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell

SELLHORST, Bernice P, 74: b July 25, 1933, West Point, to Stephen and Teresa (Dinslage) Blome; m William A Sellhorst, Apr 18, 1955, West Point; sc David, Glenn, William J, Andrew, Jay, Lori Rauber, Nancy Welzenbach; dc Jeffery; died Mar 18, 2008, Howells; burial Sacred Heart Cemetery, Olean

SIERKS, Doris F, 82: b Dec 9, 1925, Wagner, South Dakota, to A Z and Mary Vondracek; m Sterling Sierks, Feb 10, 1946, Maryville, Kansas; sc Terri Tten, Janet Hultstrand, Debra Williamson; died Aug 4, 2008, Fremont

SINDELAR, Arley A, 81: b rural Cuming County to James and Mary (Chudomelka) Vcelik; m Louis V Sindelar, Feb 26, 1946, Dodge; sc David, Roland, Susan Brandt; died Jan 11, 2008, Howells; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

SKODA, Julie Marie: b Oct 3, 1915, rural Schuyler, to Mary Antionette Chmelka Slvaik and Frank Anton Slavik; m James Martin Skoda, Sept 11, 1935, rural Schuyler; sc Karen Jean Nelson, Sandra Kay Barklow; died Jan 12, 2008

SPECHT, Blanche, 86: b Dec 25, 1921, rural Clarkson, to Frank J and Antonia (Dworak) Kudera; m Ralph E Specht, Oct 15, 1946, Schuyler; sc David, Arlys Pacas, Arden, Gaylen, Carol Harris; died Dec 2, 2008, Schuyler

SPENNER, Paul J, 82: b May 11, 1925, rural West Point, to Ignatius and Anna (Risse) Spenner; m Rita Maresh, Aug 25, 1953, Dodge; sc Tom, Kathleen Boehninger, Mike, Diane Spenner, Mar[?], John, Bob, Elaine Ruskamp, Jackie Hansen; died Mar 6, 2008, rural West Point; burial St Michael's Cemetery, West Point

STEENBOCK, Ronald, 55: b Feb 11, 1953, Council Bluffs, Iowa, to Lester W and Arlu (Koenig) Steenbock; m Nancy Nielsen, June 17, 1983, Omaha; sc Brook, Niki Nielsen, Denise Spilinek, Shannon; died Dec 19, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

STEFFENSMEIER, Anton Bernard, 95: b Apr 15, 1913, Monterey, rural West Point, to John and Mary Birchem Steffensmeier; riased by his stepmother Augusta Emmels Steffensmeier; m Marie Kneuver, Sept 25, 1945, Monterey; sc Sister Betty Steffensmeier, Marlene Pietz, Mary Hart, Richard; dc Michael, Leonard; died Apr 21, 2008, Fremont; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

STELLA, Evelyn R, 84: b July 2, 1923, Wahoo; m Joseph Stella; sc Steven, Kris and Jim Olesen [?], Nancy Steenbock; died June 28, 2008, Schuyler; burial Westlawn-Hillcrest Memorial Park, Omaha

STOLTENBERG, Hilda, 89: b Dec 21, 1918, to Harry and Amanda (Kuester) Renner; m Dennis Stoltenberg, July 30, 1940; sc Jean Schacher, Fran Luxa, Phyllis Wanderer, Brock; died July 15, 2008, Norfolk; burial St John's Lutheran Cemetery, rural Howells

STRONG, John E "Buddy", II, 60: b July 4, 1947, Litchfield, Illinois, to John and Olga (Buskohl) Strong; raised by uncle and aunt LaVere and Elvira Heller; died July 3, 2008, Omaha; burial Memorial Cemetery, Fremont

SVATORA, Lloyd, 80: b Jan 5, 1928, Colfax County, to Peter and Anna (Kasik) Svatora; m Lorene Shonka, June 12, 1951, Schuyler; sc Linda, Leslie, Leroy; died Mar 9, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

SVIK, Alice, 87: b Sept 7, 1920, Stanton County, to Emil and Hermie (Rosicky) Cimfel; m Frank E Svik, Feb 17, 1943, Clarkson; sc David; died Apr 1, 2008, Lincoln

SWANSON, Milton, 83: b Apr 9, 1925, Richland, to Norman and Evelyn (Muehlich) Swanson; m Angela Johnson, Apr 3, 1945, Columbus; sc Kathy Burt, Joan Laird, Kristi Yungdahl, Jim; died Apr 18, 2008, Columbus; burial All Saints Cemetery, Columbus

TELECKY, Matilda, 95: b Mar 12, 1913, rural Clarkson, to Frank and Antonia (Mastny) Lopour; m Raymond Telecky, Mar 5, 1935, Clarkson; sc Dennis; dc Dorothy Mae, Ardith Matilda, Marvin Roy; died Nov 28, 2008, Lincoln; burial Clarkson National Cemetery, Clarkson

THEISEN, James J, Dr: b Oct 12, 1934; m Anita L; sc James J Jr, Diane T Kohout; died Oct 21, 2008, Omaha; burial Resurrection Cemetery [Omaha?]

THIEM, Agnes, 91: b Dec 1, 1916, rural Dodge, to Joseph and Anna Mikes; m Adolph Thiem; sc Larry; died May 31, 2008, Fremont; burial St Leo's Catholic Cemetery, rural Snyder

THROENER, Rose, 91: b May 12, 1917, rural Monterey, to Joseph and Theodora (Stieren) Frickenstein; m Rudolph Throener, Mar 27, 1951; sc Mary Kay Hagerty, Victor; died May 29, 2008, Dodge; burial St Boniface Cemetery [Monterey?]

TICHOTA, John E, 74: b Apr 29, 1933, Howells, to John and Emma (Wragge) Tichota; m Rose Marie Vering, May 29, 1965, Howells; sc Ken, Tom, Kathy, Ron, Mary Prusa; dc Randy; died Feb 13, 2008, Dodge; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, rural Howells

TOMEK, Francis E, 72: b June 5, 1936, to Frank and Elsie (Roh) Tomek; died June 19, 2008, Lincoln; burial St John's Cemetery, Prague

TOMEK, Mitchell Edward, 15: b Jun 18, 1992, Columbus, to Mike and Denise (Kroeger) Tomek; died Feb 21, 2008, Bennet; burial Schuyler Cemetery

TOMKA, Helen, 95: b Apr 30, 1912, Dodge, to Joseph and Anna (Maresh) Kresl; m Emil Tomka, Nov 17, 1931; sc Lois Pilmore, Judith Hurd, Norman, Jim; died Jan 8, 2008, Fremont; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

TONDL, Rose Marie, 71: b May 28, 1937, Broken Bow, to John and Anna Tondl; died Oct 15, 2008, Lincoln

TORSON, Adam Ralph, 81: b Feb 4, 1927, Cedar Rapids, to Vincent and Hedwig (Zelasney) Torson; m Shirley Ann Nordeen, Dec 9, 1950, Albion; sc Denise Tschantre, Cindy Slusarski, Melody Drueppel, Barbara Iwan; died Oct 21, 2008, Columbus

TROFHOLZ, Velda, 86: b June 2, 1921, Butler County, to Frank and Annie (Palensky) Shoultz; m Earl Trofholz Jr, Nov 1, 1942, Pierce; sc Dana; died Jan 30, 2008; burial Schuyler Cemetery

TROYER, Cody James, 8: b Apr 2, 2000, West Point, to Nick and Amy (Harstick) Troyer; died June 18, 2008, West Point; burial St Anthony's Catholic Cemetery, St Charles, rural West Point

TULLY, James P, 82: b May 6, 1925, Columbus, to Joe F and Nellie (Riley) Tully; died Jan 7, 2008, Dodge; burial St Patrick Cemetery, Clyde

TULLY, Joseph J, 86: b May 5, 1922, Schuyler, to Joseph F and Nellie (Riley) Tully; m Alice Brodecky, June 22, 1949, Heun, rural Clarkson; sc Pat; died June 7, 2008, Dodge; burial St John's Catholic Cemetery, rural Howells

TUMA, Edwin Emil, 77: b Schuyler, to Emil Joseph and Eva (Zoubek) Tuma; m Irma Irene Kassal; sc Susan Lynn Findlay, Jacqueline Annette Tuma; died Jan 22, 2008, Clarksville, Arkansas

VACHA, Blake Logan, infant: died July 28, 2008

VAN ARSDEL, Richard C, 74: b May 12, 1933, Sidney, Iowa; m Maitte _; sc Mark, Quain, Lyna Fowler, Dori Kroeger; died Mar 21, 2008, Sarasota, Florida

VANEK, David W, 63: b Aug 16, 1944, Schuyler, to William M and Rose L (Zeleny) Vanek; m Laura Kirkland, June 21, 1969; sc Steven, Barry, Michael; died May 26, 2008, Schuyler; burial Schuyler Cemetery

VENTEICHER, Monica, 79: b Dec 2, 1928, Elgin, to Henry and Anna (Thiele) Venteicher; died Apr 11, 2008, Elkhorn; burial St Joseph's Catholic Cemetery [Pierce?]

VISTERCIL, Jerry, 87: b Apr 15, 1920, rural Roberts [Idaho?], to Fred James and ? Vistercil; m Mary Herzong, May 31, 1953, Imperial Beach, California; sc Charles, Sharon Pyle, Elaine Tobin; dc Betty; died Mar 1, 2008, Twin Falls, Idaho; inurnment at Greewood Cemetery, San Diego [California?]

VITAMVAS, Arthur James, 83: b Aug 29, 1924, Linwood, to Jams J and Anges (Divis) Vitamvas; m Mabel Alice Glodowski, Nov 20, 1946, Clarkson; sc Jim, Rich, Gary, Dean; died Aug 19, 2008, Schuyler; burial Lincoln Memorial Park

VLACH, Libbie, 82: b Dec 31, 1924, Tabor area of Colfax County, to Adolph and Rose (Nykodem) Dostal; m Ed Vlach, Oct 16, 1945, Tabor, rural Howells; sc Jim, Kate Dirkschneider; died Aug 25, 2008, Dodge; burial St Wenceslaus Catholic Cemetery, rural Dodge

VODEHNAL, Milo J, 84: b Aug 10, 1923, Stanton County, to John and Mary (Karel) Vodehnal; m Mary Ellen Krula, Aug 25, 1949, Schuyler; sc Ruth Uher, Alden; died July 12, 2008, Stanton; burial Clarkson National Cemetery

VYHLIDAL, Ann B, 81: b Jan 9, 1927, Schuyler, to Eman and Anna (Ustohal) Kovar; m Adolph J Vyhlidal, Feb 15, 1945, Cedar Hill; sc Edward, Mark, Dorothy Davenport; died Apr 10, 2008, Fremont; burial Cedar Hill Cemetery, near Morse Bluff

WAAK, Janet LeAnn, 66: b Apr 8, 1942, Denver, Colorado, to Johnie "Jack" and M Arlene (Nelson) Cassel; m Don Waak, Apr 1963, Schuyler; sc Ken, Eric, Luann; died Aug 24, 2008, Norfolk; burial Columbus Cemetery

WACHAL, Richard R, 77: b June 29, 1931, Richland, to Edward and Albie (Jedlicka) Wachal; m Colleen Novacek, Dec 29, 1952, Schuyler; sc Richard D, Gary, Genelle Kluck, Renee Hancock; died Aug 7, 2008, Fremont; burial Schuyler Cemetery

WAGNER, Fern "Polly", 92: b July 31, 1915, DeSoto, Wisconsin, to Glen and Grace (Wakefield) Bartholomew; m Kermit Wagner, Sept 7, 1933, Topeka, Kansas; sc Joanna Cheney, Janet Weerts; died Feb 22, 2008, Schuyler

WARD, Helen, 90: b Nov 23, 1917, St Paul, Minnesota, to Anton and Hermina (Ipsa) Stepan; m John Ward, Aug 16, 1941, Reno, Nevada; sc Carrol Mickley, Betty Vermeer, Linda Downing, John; ssc Jack; dc infant son; died Aug 19, 2008, Lincoln; burial Clarkson National Cemetery

WESTADT, Robert D, 62: b Apr 10, 1946, Central City, to Rev Dale and Lois (Ankeny) Westadt; died Apr 11, 2008, Schuyler; burial Concord Dixon Cemetery, Concord

WISNIESKI, Gerald R, 65: b Oct 26, 1942, Dodge, to Richard and Elizabeth (Borgemeyer) Wisnieski; m Nona Snyder, Aug 1, 1970, Columbus; sc Jeri Ingemansen; died Apr 13, 2008, Fremont; burial St Joseph's Catholic Cemetery

WITHERS, Betty P: b May 3, 1927, Howells, to George and Lillian (Karel) Peitzmeier; m Langhorne P Withers; sc Langhorne Putney Jr, Eillison James, Sandra Ann von Elten, Leslie Withers Pinkston; died Jan 10, 2008; burial Arlington National Cemetery

WOEHL, Colton Matthew, 5 months: b Feb 6, 2008, Omaha, to Ryan Woehl and Brandy Lynch; died July 19, 2008, Sioux Falls, South Dakota; burial Memorial Cemetery, Fremont

WOLSLEGER, Emma, 94: b July 31, 1913, rural Dodge, to Alois and Adela (Pospishil) Kriz; m Harry W Wolsleger, Oct 8, 1931, Fremont; sc Janet Meyer; dc Jean Peters; died Mar 8, 2008, Dodge; burial St Peter's Lutheran Cemetery, Synder

WOODS, Fred M, 88: b May 26, 1920, Schuyler, to Fred M and Frances (Krivohlavek) Woods Sr; m Phyllis L Stoltenberg, May 7, 1949, Schuyler; sc Donna Thiles, Roxanna McLaughlin; dc Michael Malloy; died May 27, 2008, Butler County; burial Schuyler Cemetery

ZRUST, Magdalen M, 78: b Nov 19, 1929, Howells, to Peter and Rose (Bogner) Limbach; m Jerry E Zrust, June 29, 1950, Howells; sc Dorine Rehak, Gary; died Apr 7, 2008, Schuyler; burial SS Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, rural Howells

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