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Abart, Frank1261915 and prior
Abart, Frank19811936 thru 1945
Abart, Henry61915 and prior
Abbott, Chauncey191915 and prior
Abbott, Chauncy10741916 thru 1925
Abbott, Goldie M.44341966 thru 1975
Abels, Emm W.19301926 thru 1935
Abraham, Albert541915 and prior
Abraham, Anna38791966 thru 1975
Abraham, EmmaP84/641976 thru 1985
Abraham, Frank19991936 thru 1945
Abraham, Ida43621966 thru 1975
Abraham, Jacob19971936 thru 1945
Abraham, JerryPR86-301986 thru 1995
Abraham, John41351966 thru 1975
Abraham, Marie14061916 thru 1925
Adams, Elizabeth27001946 thru 1955
Adams, Ernest M.37091956 thru 1965
Adams, Israel6311915 and prior
Adams, Levi M.17071926 thru 1935
Adams, Mary Jane29921956 thru 1965
Adams, William C.23631936 thru 1945
Addleman, Bert36681956 thru 1965
Ahrens, Agnes E.PR85/531976 thru 1985
Ahrens, Alfred H.45091966 thru 1975
Ahrens, ElmerPR86/581986 thru 1995
Ahrens, Josephine D.PR94-251986 thru 1995
Ahrens, WIlliam J.39861966 thru 1975
Akins, Caroline21691936 thru 1945
Albert, Bessie May22221936 thru 1945
Albert, LeRoy M.PR94-481986 thru 1995
Albert, Miles L.21381936 thru 1945
Albert, William14681926 thru 1935
Albertson, Alexander12861916 thru 1925
Albracht, Leonard J.41931966 thru 1975
Albracht, Leonard John40361966 thru 1975
Albro, Helen I.PR93-241986 thru 1995
Allen, Andrew M.181915 and prior
Allen, Dessie H.17711926 thru 1935
Allen, Emma C.6191915 and prior
Allen, Eva M.22981936 thru 1945
Allen, Loren A.23571936 thru 1945
Allen, Nellie A.36591956 thru 1965
Allen, Samuel C.14001916 thru 1925
Allen, William I.20581936 thru 1945
Ammons, Pearl32721956 thru 1965
Anderson, Arthur T.PR97-251996 -
Anderson, Claus19221926 thru 1935
Anderson, Hans Christian9501915 and prior
Anderson, Harold E.PR88-641986 thru 1995
Anderson, Iral V.31531956 thru 1965
Anderson, Lulu17301926 thru 1935
Anderson, Martin L.41621966 thru 1975
Anderson, Paul G.42941966 thru 1975
Anderson, Peter E.20431936 thru 1945
Annan, William11541916 thru 1925
Armstrong, Elbie43331966 thru 1975
Armstrong, Emmett W.P82/241976 thru 1985
Armstrong, Lester aka John Lester29281946 thru 1955
Arnold, Arthur J.37311956 thru 1965
Arnold, Ella C.22051936 thru 1945
Arnold, John E.8611915 and prior
Arnold, John Peter18381926 thru 1935
Arps, Fred43061966 thru 1975
Arps, Hans E.36751956 thru 1965
Arps, Margaret F.41141966 thru 1975
Arps, VernonPR89-721986 thru 1995
Asche, Bertha33321956 thru 1965
Asche, Carl30471956 thru 1965
Asche, Clara44261966 thru 1975
Asche, EdwardPR96-191996 -
Asche, Ella41471966 thru 1975
Asche, John A.21121936 thru 1945
Asche, John G.10621916 thru 1925
Asche, LeonardPR86/391986 thru 1995
Asche, Mabel18391926 thru 1935
Asche, William A.37261956 thru 1965
Aspinall, Bernice A.PR90-501986 thru 1995
Aspinall, Harold T.28911946 thru 1955
Aspinall, William171915 and prior
Atchinson, John F.21915 and prior
Atkins, Walter CecilPR89-51986 thru 1995
Atkisson, Ruby M.42751966 thru 1975
Aukerman, Arenas aka A. A.20891936 thru 1945
Aukerman, Lizzie39531966 thru 1975

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