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Cuming County Business Listing

Transcribed by Jean Lambert

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Bancroft- Beemer - Bismarck - Monterey - St. Charles - West Point - Wisner
BANCROFT, on the line of the C., St. P., M. & O Ry., in the northeast portion of Cuming County, is a place of 400 people. The county seat is West Point, from which it is 19 miles distant and 15 miles north of Oakland. The town overlooks a splendid territory, stretching away for miles on either side. Large number of cattle are raised in this vicinity. The whole number, pastured a few miles north of the town, is not far from 40,000 head. The hotel is the Bancroft House, by J. H. Dohse. The Bancroft Independent is doing good newspaper work. The churches are the Baptist, the M.E. Church and the Catholic. The village is incorporated, contains a bank, Wells Fargo & Cos Express office and the W.U. Telegraph Co.

Bancroft Bank, J E, Turner, prop.
Bassinger O D, hardware
Bickfor J C, tinsmith
Blenkiron M. & Sons, lumber
Brayton J H , pub. The Independent
Bringe E N, genl. mdse
Cadwallader C., Dr., drugs
Carey, J E L, livery
Cook,John, barber
Crowell Lumber & Grain Co.
Dixon James, bakery
Dohse J  H, prop  Bancroft House
Dudley CW Mrs. , millinery
Farley Bernard, meat market
Fletcher S R, confectionery
Gessel George, shoemaker
Handberry Dave, saloon
Harvey E O, jeweler
Hjehn Niels, blacksmith
Independent (The) JH. Brayton, pub.
Janken C F, carpenter
Kelly & McKeegan, genl mdse
Lown A E Miss, milinery
Mehofffie Wm, genl mdse
Mackey B, saloon
Ockander Jacob, roller mills
Orr   CW , sta agt.
Park F H, live stock
Peavey F H & Co., grain
Peterson Christ, blacksmith
Peterson Frank, ins
Paratt G G., phys
Ransom Geo II, postmaster
Sengpiel John, agl implts, hardware
Schwedhelm Francis, genl mdse.
Stuht & Rossiter, drugs
Teisch J C, hardware
Tennes G E, sta, tel and ex agt.
Turner J E, prop Bancroft Bank
Valder C., blacksmith
Ward & Barber, real estate
Ward Wm, justice
Wilmot C P, plasterer
Zimmermann F., harness

BEEMER is a thriving town in the central part of Cuming County, on the F., E. & M.V.R.R. and has about 600 inhabitants. Its situation is a good one, surrounded by an intelligent and thrify farming population, the town is steadily improving. W.L. Dutcher has erected a fine brick building at the cost of $2, 500. Other building improvements during the past year have cost $25,000. A canning factory will soon be in operation. The Rock Creek Mills, three miles southeast, is a convenience to the farming community adjacent. The Bank of Beemer occupies a two-story brick building which cost $4,000. The Beemer Times, edited by E. L. Hunter, is a well conducted newspaper. The Methodist Episcopal is the only church organization.
Baker J L, grain, coal, lumber, Geo W. Fetter mgr.
Bank of Beemer, Charles J Hoflund pres., CE Hoflund, cashier
Beemer A D, real estate, prop town site.
Beemer Nursery, C R Prediger, prop.
Beemer Pharmacy, WL Dutcher prop, drugs, druggists’ sundries, paints, oils, etc.
Beemer Poultry Yards, R A Rhodes, prop.
Beemer Times L E Hunter, editor.
Brandt Carsten, hardware
Brandt H, saloon
Breetzke Robert, blacksmith
Briggs J.C, live stock
Briggs W S, agl implts
Buhk Henry, shoemaker
Carter & Allen, meat market
Clark H C, blacksmith
Decker Charles, drayman
DeWald Lewis, justice of the peace
DeWolf George W., genl mdse
Dutcher W.L. prop Beemer pharmacy
Elkhorn Valley House, Richard Harrison, prop.
Farran Mat, postmaster
Fetter Geo W., mgr J L Baker
Fox Wm., capenter
Fraser R M, genl mdse (stable)
Frink E P, livery, sale and feed
Gibbon W D, phys and surgeon
Hancer & Laughton, genl mdse
Harrison Richard, prop Elkhorn Valley House
Hoefer J, wagonmaker
Hoflund C E, notary
Hoflund & High, insurance
Hunter L E, editor Beemer Times, justice of the peace
Keller John, furniture
Krueger August, wagonmaker
Kuns Joseph, confectionery
Lauth E Mrs., millinery
Martin C D, boots and shoes
Murray Daniel, Barber
Neidemeyer Wm B., real estate
Rhodes F D, sta, tel and ex agt.
Rieck Odelia Miss, dressmaker
Schlechy, Charles P, hardware
Schlechy Gottleib, agl implts
Schroeder J, saloon
Schulz F V, harness
Shearer, J W, lumber
Tackaberry J W, tin smith

BISMARCK, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Cuming County, five miles west of Beemer.
MONTEREY, a postoffice in the southern part of Cuming County, eight miles from West Point, the seat of justice.
ST. CHARLES, a postoffice located on the Elkhorn River in the southern part of Cuming County, four miles south of West Point.
WEST POINT is the county seat of Cuming county and is situated on the east bank of the Elkhorn river in what has been called the “Garden Spot of the West.” It is a city of 3,000 inhabitants. It has good manufacturing interests, and is one of the best trading points in the state. The manufacturing interests comprise of a large brick yard run by water power, that turns out from 25,000 to 30,000 brick per day in season; a foundry , machine shop, planing mill, flouring mill, 150 barrels per day; a fence factory, the largest brewery in Northern Nebraska, a bottling works, two cigar fictories, and the largest creamery in the state. The water power is excellent and affords good opportunities for those wishing to locate, as it possesses over 1,000 horse power. The city is lighted by electricity, and has a fine system of water works. It has three solid banks; First National, capital $60,000, surplus $6,100, West Point National, capital $50,000, surplus $20,000 and the Nebraska State Bank. A fine hotel, The Neligh House, A A. Peterson, proprietor, who caters to the wants of the wear traveler in a sumptuous manner. Has good public buildings consisting of $40,000 court house and a $17,000 school house, also a $10,000 Catholic school house. It has seven churches, representing as many religious denominations, three English and one German newspapers. The Progress, The Republican , The Advertiser, and The Nebraska Volksblatt. It has the F. E. & M. V. R. R. a portion of the great Chicago Northwestern system, with good prospects for at least one more road in the near future - two new lines having been surveyed through the county and city recently. The city has an incorporated board of trade, and any communications addressed to the secretary will receive prompt attention.
Alderman Fank B, marble works
Arnold E L, painter
Artman Susan Mrs., millinery
Artman W R, ins.
Barnet James, painter
Bartels Charles, hardware
Bauman Otto, vice-pres West Point National Bank
Becknhauer Henry, livery
Black W A, cashier First National Bank
Breitinger Wm., saloon
Briggs Emory, justice
Bruner Uriah, atty
Bullock E N, dentist
Carston C H, wagonmaker
Cartano John, bakery
Clarke L, veterinery surgeon
Crawford J C Hon, vice-pres First National Benk, atty.
Cuming County Advertiser, M O Gentzke prop.
Dienslake John, blacksmith
Drahos Bros, saloon
Drahos Joseph, harnessmaker
Elkhorn Hoetl, M Knight prop.
Elliot James C., atty
Eslander John, blacksmith
Europa Hotel, J Fall, prop
Ezerman E M C, musical mdse
Fall J, prop Europa Hotel
First National Bank, capital $50,000, surplus $6,100  E.K. Valentine pres.,
    J C Crawford vice-pres., W A Black, cashier, R A Pollack, asst cashier.
Fischer Adolph, jewelry
Foeddeck Fred, blacksmith
Forrer & Bromer, saloon
Franse Thomas M, atty.
Frey C H, auctioneer
Garber John, carpetnter
Geist Fred, laundry
Geist W H, lightning rods
Gentzke A & P, millinery
Gentzke M O, prop Nebraska Volksbatt and Cuming County Advertiser
Goldsmith Bennett, genl mdse
Hachmeier Henry, shoemaker
Haeffelin Jacob, gunsmith
Hahn & Meister, agl implts
Hartwig C H, merchant tailer
Heiduk Anton, merchant tailor
Heistermann Conrad, coal
Herold K Mrs., meat market
Herse L., butter and eggs
Hill Joseph, groceries
Hirschmann C, hides, pelts, furs
Hoffman & Lax, saloon
Hughes M J, livery, sale and feed
Hunker H. & Bros, lumber and coal
Hymer J P, dry goods
Jankele Charles, saloon
Jansen Peter, feed stable
Kadish, E A, prop West Point Brewery
Kaelish & Summers, drugs
Kahn & Kahn, genl. mdse
King, J J, supt. West Point Creamery Co.
Kloke H J, saloon
Kloke R F & Co., real estate, loans
Kloke & Schwartz, furniture and undertakers
Knight Melton, prop Elkhorn Hotel
Koch Fred, soda water mfr.
Korb Bros, hardware
Krause F E, notary
Kuntz & Kerl, saloon
Lammers Herman, wagonmaker
Langer A J, prop, West Point Republican
Langer Anton, photographer
Larsen Niels, cashier West Point National Bank
Larsen N P, wagonmaker
Lee & Chubbuck, hardware
Lindale & Smith, groceries, stationery
Lininger & Metcalf, John Newlean, mgr. agl implts.
Losch J F, atty.
Lyon Finley, sta. tel and ex agt.
McKee Edward H, jeweler
McLaughlin Milton, atty.
Malchow Wm, well borer
Mannefeld Bernhard, boots & shoes
Medinger & Jacob, saloon
Meier John, merchant tailor
Melcher F. W. & Co, agl implts, grain, lumber and coal
Mewis F A, real estate
Miller & Bass, carpenters
Mohl Ferdinand, restaurant
Moodie, P M, atty, notary
Morganthaler P.R, real estate
Nebraska State Bank, pain in capital $25,000, R F Kloke pres,
    J L Baker; vice-pres, L Rosenthal, cashier
Nebraska Volksblatt, M O Gentzke prop
Neiburg A, painter
Neligh House (The), A A Peterson & Co. props
Neligh Valentine, painter
Neligh WTS, justice
Newlean John, mgr Lininger & Metcalf Co.
Noah & Geissler, cigar mfrs.
O’Sullivan Mary Mrs. postmistress
O’Sullivan PF, editor and prop West Point Progress
Oxford Charles Dr., drugs
Peters & Reed, abstracter, real estate, loans
Peterson A A & Co., props The Neligh House
Pfeiffer John, bakery
Popeshel John, restaurant
Psota Anton, drayman
Psota & Neligh, coal
Rebhausen George L., saloon
Remm Fred, carpenter
Reppert F G & Co., furniture
Reznechek A, cigar mfr.
Romine W M, dentist
Rosenthal Charles, genl mdse
Rosenthal L, cashier Nebraska State Bank
Rouser Frank, shoemaker
Rupp Christian, livery
Schairer J E, harnessmaker
Schlode Louis, wagonmaker
Schmid Theo, tinsmith
Schwenke Carl, blacksmith
Seidel H G, carpenter
Shephard L. B. & Co, grain, live stock
Sigel Carl, phys
Sonnerschein & Valentine, real estate
Stieren, Kleine & Jerman, genl mdse
Stockman C, bakery
Stuefer Wm, pres West Point National Banks, real estate, loans, ins.
Summers II S, physician
Sweet E N, attorney
Thietje Fred, meat market
Thompson Bros, drugs
Thompson Thomas D, phys
Tietz Carl, barber
Tummond Joseph, barber
Valentine E K Hon, pres First National Bank, atty-at-law, sergeant-at-arms Washington D.C.
Walter F,  carpeter
Weesner F J, meat market
Welding John, livery, sale, feed
West Point Board of Trade, capital $2,500,000  JC Crawford, pres.
     Otto Bauman vice-pres., LE Chubbuck, treas. R C Peters sec.
West Point Brewery, E A Kadish prop. (supt.)
West Point Creamery Co  J J King
West Point Electric Light Co, W E Krause, sec.
West Point Foundry and Machine Shops, Wobig & Swartz props.
West Point Land, Loan and Trust Co, R R Kloke, sec.
West Point Loan and Building Assn, WE Krause, sec.
West Point National Bank, capital $50,000, surplus $20,000 Wm. Stuefer pres.,
    Otto Bauman vice-pres. Niels Larsen cashier.
West Point Progress, PF O’Sullivan editor and prop.
West Point Republicn, A J Langer prop.
West Point Water Power and Land Improvement Co. H K Wilcox pres.,
    E K Valentine vice-pres. W H Murray, treas., mfrs pressed brick, flour and dealers in grain.
Wickman Wm, carpenter
Willgohs R J, tinsmith
Wobig & Swartz, props West Point Foundry and Machine Shop
Yoder Barolette C, agl implts.
Zacek M J, blacksmith
Zajicek Mary Miss, millnery

WISNER, is in the northwestern part of Cuming County, 16 miles from West Point, the county seat. It is also 90 miles from Omaha, on the main line of the F. E. & M. V. R. R., and has a population of 900. The building improvements made the past year amounted to $60,000. The roller mills here cost $15,000 and have a capacity of 75 barrels per day. The Elkhorn Creamery cost $4,500. The fine brick school-house cost $10,000. The growth of Wisner is steady and improvements are constantly being made. The First National Bank is the successor to the Wisner Bank, established in 1881 and has a capital of #50,000. The Chronicle newspaper has a large circulation. The churches are the Congregational, Methodist, Scandinavian Lutheran, German Lutheran and Catholic. A number of secret societies are well represented.

Armstrong & Co, genl mdse
Becher A, mgr Nye & Schneider Co.
Beebe SS, genl mdse
Breetzke August, blacksmith
Breetzke Wm, wagonmaker
Brill & Hough, agl implts.
Burr E L Miss, millinery
Butler House, Mrs. J C. Butler, prop.
Butterfield & Son, livery
Carmisnsky Simon, dry good, etc.
Castle Almon, genl mdse
Citizens State Bank, Henry Leisy pres. S Emley vice - pres, J H Emley, Cashier.
Crosby L R, mgr Powder River Live Stock Co.
Deily H D, cashier, First National Bank of Wisner
Dugan John, shoemaker
E L and T L Co, A R Graham & Co, genl agts.
Elkhorn Valley Creamery Co, C C McNish, pres, W Nicholson, treas.
Emley Bros., lumber, live stock
Emley & Perrine, drugs, genl mdse
Falk Otto H, blacksmith
First National Bank of Wisner, capital $50,000, A R Graham pres.,
    August Leisy vice-pres, H D Deily cashier
Foss B L, shoemaker
Graham A R, pres Fist National Bank of Wisner (A R Graham & Co.) livery sale and feed stable
Graham A R & Co, real estate loans and insurance, genl agts for the E L and T L Co.
Gruner August, meat market
Hans Emil, saloon
Harding Bros, genl mdse and prop Wisner Creamery
Harris H L, livery, sale and feed
Hendersen S., barber
Howe G W, drugs
Johnson J G, furniture
Kelly I L, restaurant
Kenower Geor F., ed and prop Wisner Chronicle
Kinzel Bros, hardware
Krake S S, carpenter
Kringel & Giddings, genl mdse
Lafferty J W, postmaster, justice
Leisy August, vice-res. First National Bank of Wisner
McNish C C, atty at law
Mansfield J R, live stock breeder
Meier John, clothing
Melcher J E, well borer
Mewis C F, agl implts
Nicholson Wm, gen mdse
Ney & Schneider Co, A Becher mgr. lumber, livestock, grain & coal.
Osterman P J, jeweler
Parks J Miss, dressmaking
Perrine Hale, prop. Wisner House
Powder River Live Stock Co, LR Crosby mgr. feeding ranch
Pritchard Harvey, phys
Riley Bruce, phys
Riley L, phys
Ringer E, sta tel and ex agt.
Roseman W F, dentist
Schaumann Lionel, wines, liquors, cigars and tobacco, St. Louis beer
Sears N C, lumber
Smith Robert, barber
Testman Mary Mrs. millnery
Toelle August G., salon
Wegner August, agl implts
Werk August, blacksmith
West F W & A J, grain
White A M, harness
Wilson, E W, harness
Wisner Chronicle, Geo F. Kenower editor and prop.
Wisner House, Hale Perrine, prop.
Wisner John, meat market

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