History of DeWitt
Cuming County, Nebraska

DeWitt is the site of the first permanent Cuming County settlement. Benjamin B. Moore and his family settled there in 1857. An Omaha townsite company laid out the town of DeWitt and had an established post office by February 3, 1858. Following a hotly contested election in 1858, DeWitt lost the county seat to West Point by a vote of 12 to 7. The post office was discontinued May 26, 1871.

Today, the native sod cemetery is all that remains of DeWitt. The size of the cemetery seems to be one planned for a growing town and community. The graves are scattered in no organized manner. There is one large plot in the center with other graves, some in small groups, some in rows. The cemetery, restored and cleaned by the Cuming County Historical Society, in preparation for designation as a Historical Site, is often prey to vandalism of the markers.

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