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The Photos below were found in the old Custer County files.

The Hilton Family

Mrs. David Hilton from near Weissert was so embarrassed that they still lived in a sod house that in spite of Solomon Butcher's arguments she refused to have the family pose in front of the soddie. Still, as was the custom, she wanted the family to pose in front of their proudest possessions--so she made the men carry her heavy pump organ out into the yard for the shooting.

The Robert Speaks Family
Picture taken about 1889 of Robert S Speaks and Sarah Hester Taylor Speaks and their children.
This picture is taken in front of their sod house.
The three girls were all born in Nebraska. The family had returned to Ohio by June 1900, in time for the census that year.

The Cover Family
Note the sod roof on Jacob Cover's homestead between Mason City and Ansley. These roofs held out most of the rain, at least during the storm. The dripping continued sometimes two days after a good rain had stopped. You can see a corner of the bed through the open doorway.  In July 1913 the Mason City Transcript reported that Jacob, who had been a member of Company E, Twenty-first Pennsylvania Cavalry, "heard the Rebel yell, . . . heard President Wilson's address. . .and shook hands with him" at the July 4th Gettysburg "big reunion of the Blue and Gray."

Edward Royce

Edward Royse, secretary of the State Banking Board, was born in Marion county, Iowa, March 7, 1858. He received his education in the public schools of his native county and at an early age learned telegraphy and for some years was engaged in railroading as an operator and station agent. He came to Nebraska in 1878 and for a time was located at Brownville, then at Peru, and later Aurora, moving from the latter place to Broken Bow, in Custer county, in 1884, where he retains his residence and where he has been engaged in the banking .business. Mr. Royse served as Deputy Commissioner of Public Lands and Buildings 1895-96. In January. 1901, he was appointed secretary of the State Banking Board to serve for a term of two years and in January, 1903, he was reappointed to serve in the same official capacity for another two year term. He was the chairman of the Republican County Central committee of Custer county from 1898 to 1900 inclusive. He was one of the presidential electors in 1900, and accompanied the other electors to Washington with the Nebraska returns for McKinley and Roosevelt. The carrying of the vote to Washington by all the electors of the state, was the occasion for much comment at the time, and is unparalleled in the history of presidential elections, and was on account of the victory for McKinley in carrying Nebraska, the home state of the Democratic presidential candidate, W. J. Bryan. Mr. Royse was married March 2, 1880, to Miss Addie Gates, of Brownville, and has a family consisting of one son and one daughter. Mr. Royse served as mayor of Broken Bow two successive terms, elected both times by the Republicans.

The Eubank Family

Reverend E. Eubank is said to have preached the first Christian sermon in Custer County. The family also figured prominently in the school system--he was the first County Superintendent of Schools, and his wife was among the county's first teachers. This photograph is included through the generosity of the Nebraska State Historical Society's Curator of Photographs, Mr. John Carter. The other samples of Solomon Butcher's work in our gallery were reproduced from prints owned by CCHS.

Daniel and Lavina (Shepherd) Hargan

Children of Daniel and Lavina (Shepherd) Hargan
Delia - seated in center (Fidelia);  Martha - seated on floor - front (Martha Almira);  Emma - seated on floor - at Martha's left (Emma J.); 
Rachel - on knees (Rachel Jane);  Lela - standing (Lela May);  Frank - standing next to tree  (Homer Frank);  John - standing next to Frank (John Henry)

Hargan Family Photos courtesy of Jerry and Sherida Childers.

This is the Carey William Kay family.

His wife is Mary Walling Kay, their daughter, Blanche is standing near the corner of the house while Michael Welch's grandfather, Homer is in the dress with the dog. Homer was born in Broken Bow in 1883 and he looks about 4-5 yrs old so Michael suspects this photo was taken about 1888.

Photo courtesy of Michael V. Welch

Art Pulliam

Art Pulliam of the Sargent area in Custer County not only had a newer rifle than his neighbors, he was a better shot. Coyotes are among the most difficult animals to hit, and although the predators were plentiful at the turn of the century, bagging two in a day was especially noteworthy and would no doubt be the topic of conversation around pot bellied stoves for several weeks.

The Rawding Family

Sylvester Rawding's house near Sargent, Nebraska as it appeared in 1886. A dark spot above Rawding's right eye was a wound he got fighting with the Union Army in the Civil War. Eventually Rawding's stepson was deeded the homestead and promptly threw Rawding off the place.

Redfern Table School: 1910

Front Row L to R
Willie Smith, Mervin Williams, Harold Williams, Harold Milligan, Merle Williams, Theresa Frandsen, Emily Wilcox,
Carrie Helmuth, Gay Helmuth, Anna Frandsen, Dora Helmuth, Stella Smith, Lillie Helmuth, Daisy Helmuth, Freddie _____?.
Second Row L to R
_____? Williams, James Lynch, Clara Wilcox, Catherine Lynch, Anna Helmuth, Leonard Smith, Ignatious Lynch, Harley Smith, Fred Smith
Back Row L to R
Tillie Helmuth, Myrtie Smith, Edgar Wilcox, Leora Smith, Teacher Mary Gilmore, George Helmuth, Johnny Helmuth.
This photo comes from the family of Anna and Theresa Frandsen and was submitted by Mary Montgomery. Estimated to be around 1910. Mary's mother (Anna Frandsen) was born in 1901 and she appears to be about 9 years old or so.

The Shores Family

Jerry Shores, a former slave, claimed a homestead near Westerville in Custer County.

The Speese Family

Jerry Shores' brother, Moses Speese, was also a former slave. Both the Shores and the Speese families stayed in Custer County for years, Moses later becoming the well known chef at Broken Bow's widely acclaimed Arrow Hotel.

Rufus Twist 1895-1974
Sandra Sanchez

Newman & Marrs Families

Photos Courtesy of Sandra Sanchez

Vern Emery Newman 1911-1958

Floy Newman holding child Lucile Frosh 1900-1971

Causby Augusta Marrs 1880-1939

Lucy Ann Marrs 1876-1956

Mary Emaline Marrs 1889-1979

Millie Elizabeth Marrs 1872-1944

Rufus Regan Marrs 1848-1917

Quinton Marrs 1874-1919

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