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Custer County Farmers & Ranchers

Surnames T to Z

|Name                Location      ||Name                Location      |
|Tabey, Prince       Stop          ||Waters, Jacob       Westerville   |
|Tackley, P          New Helena    ||Watson, A C         Custer        |
|Tate, B A           Pilot         ||Watson, E C         Manchester    |
|Talbott, B J        Janesville    ||Watson, Frank       Algernon      |
|Taline, John        Delight       ||Watson, J J         Arnold        |
|Taline, Peter       Delight       ||Watts, H C          Westerville   |
|Tappan, D           Janesville    ||Wayne, H S          Westerville   |
|Taylor, C A         Arnold        ||Wayne, N            Douglas Grove |
|Taylor, John        Pilot         ||Weaver, H           Algernon      |
|Taylor, Fulton      Dale          ||Weaver, Samuel      Algernon      |
|Taylor, F W         Algernon      ||Weaverling, C L     Broken Bow    |
|Taylor, James       West Union    ||Webb, Henry         Broken Bow    |
|Taylor, John        Janesville    ||Webb, W E           New Helena    |
|Taylor, Newton      Myrtle        ||Webb, Thos          Algernon      |
|Taylor, Robt        West Union    ||Webb, W H           Algernon      |
|Taylor, Theo        Georgetown    ||Webster, Henry      Lee Park      |
|Taylor, Wm          Broken Bow    ||Webster, Jas W      Olax          |
|Taylor, Wm          Broken Bow    ||Webster, J W        Westerville   |
|Tean, Thos          Dale          ||Webster, L E        Sargent       |
|Teay, John          Dale          ||Webeter, L O        Westerville   |
|Teller, Gotleib     West Union    ||Wehling, Jno        High          |
|Turpening, Ira      Delight       ||Weimer, D S         Merna         |
|Therbald, Horace    Sargent       ||Weiner, F           Arnold        |
|Thistle, Wm         Westerville   ||Weiter, John        Delight       |
|Thoma, Elwood       Broken Bow    ||Welch, Moray        Broken Bow    |
|Thomas, A H         Arnold        ||Welch, Noah         Delight       |
|Thomas, A W         New Helena    ||Welch, Wm           Broken Bow    |
|Thomas, Chas        Merna         ||Wellman, W          Westerville   |
|Thomas, Geo         Sargent       ||Wells, A M          New Helena    |
|Thomas, Henry       Broken Bow    ||Wells, A M          Merna         |
|Thomas, Isaac       Delight       ||Wells, Troy         Arnold        |
|Thomas, Jas O       Custer        ||Welsh, Jas          Georgetown    |
|Thomas, Jos W       Sargent       ||Wendemuth, Jno      Sargent       |
|Thomas, Louis II    Tufford       ||Wenner, D F         Cliff         |
|Thomas, Ruben       Sargent       ||Werber, Jno C       Longwood      |
|Thomas, Thos F      Sargent       ||West, Allen         Eri           |
|Thomas, Wm C        Sargent       ||West, John          Westerville   |
|Thomas, Wesley      Broken Bow    ||West, J N           Cliff         |
|Thomas, Wm          Broken Bow    ||Westbrook, A        Douglas Grove |
|Tomison, Levi       Longwood      ||Westbrook, C        Douglas Grove |
|Thompson, A         Douglas Grove ||Westcott, C         Douglas Grove |
|Thompson, D         Douglas Grove ||Westcott, Kate      Myrtle        |
|Thompson, Geo       Dale          ||Westervelt, Jos     Westerville   |
|Thompson, Jno       Douglas Grove ||Wetherbee, D        New Helena    |
|Thompson, N C       Westerville   ||Weverka, Martin     Sargent       |
|Thompson, R H       Myrtle        ||Whaley, Elias       Jefferson     |
|Thompson, S         Douglas Grove ||Whaley, Emery       Delight       |
|Thompson, W D       Westerville   ||Whipple, Bernard    Custer        |
|Thompson, W H       Arnold        ||Whipple, Candis     Delight       |
|Thompson, Wm        Custer        ||Whipple, David      Olax          |
|Thornburn, Chas     Custer        ||Whipple, H          Douglas Grove |
|Thornburn, Joseph   Custer        ||Whipple, Nelson     Custer        |
|Thornton, W W       Westerville   ||Whipperman, Fred    Triumph       |
|Thurman, J D        Olax          ||Whitaker, Jos       Battle Bend   |
|Thurman, J L        Olax          ||White, A E          Arnold        |
|Thurston, Fred      Douglas Grove ||White, A J          Broken Bow    |
|Thurston, J M       Sargent       ||White, J C          Custer        |
|Tickle, Geo         Delight       ||White, Thos J       Broken Bow    |
|Tillson, Jas        Broken Bow    ||White, Thos         West Union    |
|Timbrel, B          Eudell        ||Whitehead, Jas      Delight       |
|Tingley, F S        Arnold        ||Whitehead, Thos     Algernon      |
|Tobee, A P          Algernon      ||Whitcomb, G W       Douglas Grove |
|Tobias, Immanuel    Phillipsburg  ||Whitney, Chas       Algernon      |
|Tobias, Israel      Phillipsburg  ||Whitney, Moses      Georgetown    |
|Tochton, F          Stop          ||Whitsell, Jos       Broken Bow    |
|Todd, Thos          Myrtle        ||Whittmeyers, C      Douglas Grove |
|Tofflemeyer, Sol    Sargent       ||Whittmeyers, J      Douglas Grove |
|Toliver, John       Phillipsburg  ||Wickham, Isaac      Myrtle        |
|Tooker, R C         Myrtle        ||Widanan, D W        Cliff         |
|Towne, L            Douglas Grove ||Wilbur, Gilbert     Broken Bow    |
|Towsley, Chas       Westerville   ||Wilcher, J M        Arnold        |
|Towsely, P M        Broken Bow    ||Wilcher, Josiah     Arnold        |
|Tracey, A M         Eudell        ||Wilcox, Francis     Lodi          |
|Trant, Joseph       Arnold        ||Wilde, Gustave      Sargent       |
|Trindel, John       Sargent       ||Wilkinson, Jno      Westerville   |
|Triplet, Clark      Westerville   ||Willes, C W         Broken Bow    |
|Trout, Samuel       Dale          ||Willhoit, E         Eri           |
|Troyer, Jack        Triumph       ||Williams, C G       Westerville   |
|Troyman, J          Broken Bow    ||Williams, D M       Longwood      |
|True, E             Westerville   ||Williams, Edwin     Sargent       |
|Truesdale, John     Dale          ||Williams, Geo       Georgetown    |
|Truesdale, Moses    High          ||Williams, G M       New Helena    |
|Trumpter, Frank     Algernon      ||Williams, Harry     Algernon      |
|Tryers, John        Myrtle        ||Williams, J         Phillipsburg  |
|Tubbs, Caroline     Arnold        ||Williams, T T       Broken Bow    |
|Tubbs, C C          Arnold        ||Williamson, C       Broken Bow    |
|Tubbs, J O          Arnold        ||Williamson, J D     Cliff         |
|Tucker, Newman      Eudell        ||Willis, Jno A       Sargent       |
|Tufford, E B        Tufford       ||Willshire, J H      West Union    |
|Tufford, Isaiah     Tufford       ||Wilson, James       West Union    |
|Tufford, Martin V   Tufford       ||Wilson, Jos         Westerville   |
|Tullis, David       Lodi          ||Wilson, L           Broken Bow    |
|Turpin, Al          Westerville   ||Wilson, Martin      Algernon      |
|Twigs, Jas L        Sargent       ||Wilson, R           Broken Bow    |
|Twist, S R          Delight       ||Wilson, Travis      Broken Bow    |
|Tyle, Perry L       Eri           ||Wilson, Thos        Westerville   |
|Tyler, Wm A         Broken Bow    ||Wilson, W H         Algernon      |
|Tylor, Amos         Westerville   ||Wilson, Wm          Delight       |
|Ulman, Ole          Douglas Grove ||Wilson, Wm          Janesville    |
|Upham, Amos         Douglas Grove ||Wiltse, S J         Tufford       |
|Utterbach, J C      Janesville    ||Wind, Peter         Algernon      |
|VanAlstine , W H    Lee Park      ||Windman, A          Eri           |
|VanAntwerp, Frank E Lodi          ||Winslow, Jno A      Lodi          |
|VanBrunt , R        Dale          ||Winter, Chas        Olax          |
|Vandenberg, M E     Douglas Grove ||Wise, Fred          Broken Bow    |
|VanDeventer , T     Westerville   ||Wise, J H           Douglas Grove |
|VanDuyn, Thos       Westerville   ||Wise, S H           Custer        |
|Vaneck, John        Dale          ||Wiseman, J P        Olax          |
|VanHorn , John      Cliff         ||Wisener, Edw        Triumph       |
|VanLandingham,  A H Myrtle        ||Withrow, Isaac      Westerville   |
|VanOrsdell, _____   Sargent       ||Wittenger, John     Eri           |
|VanRipper , Adison  Delight       ||Wolcott, L M        Phillipsburg  |
|VanVleck , W C      Georgetown    ||Wolen, W            New Helena    |
|Vallean, H          Broken Bow    ||Wolenstock, J       Cliff         |
|Vallean, M E        Merna         ||Wolk, C             Broken Bow    |
|Varney, Edgar       Westerville   ||Wonch, Isaac        Triumph       |
|Vessels, J S        Dale          ||Wonderland, Peter   Merna         |
|Vincent, Thos       Delight       ||Wodenhall, Frank    Sargent       |
|Vistruf, A C        Merna         ||Wood, B             Jefferson     |
|Voght, John         West Union    ||Wood, B S           Westerville   |
|Vose, Chas J        Jefferson     ||Wood, Jas           Dale          |
|Vose, Isaac         Merna         ||Wood, J E           Westerville   |
|Vose, John          Merna         ||Wood, T E           Eudell        |
|Vose, J W           Broken Bow    ||Woodard, M J        Westerville   |
|Vulkner, Henry      Eudell        ||Woodard, Thos       Westerville   |
|Wabel, James        West Union    ||Woodruff, D         Georgetown    |
|Wabel, John         West Union    ||Woods, J R          Broken Bow    |
|Wachter, Otto       Broken Bow    ||Woods, Jesse        Round Grove   |
|Wagner, P M         Douglas Grove ||Woods, Jos A        Sargent       |
|Wait, Jas F         Broken Bow    ||Woods, Joshua       Georgetown    |
|Wakelin, Henry      Broken Bow    ||Woods, Wm           Custer        |
|Wakely, Joe         Westerville   ||Woodward, J         Triumph       |
|Walford, Paul W     Myrtle        ||Woodward, S O       Eri           |
|Walker, A J         Arnold        ||Woodworth, A S      Westerville   |
|Walker, Edmund      Longwood      ||Woody, W H          Westerville   |
|Walker, Jos H       Sargent       ||Woolridge, W H      Douglas Grove |
|Walker, Jno L       West Union    ||Wooly, W B          Westerville   |
|Walker, M           Janesville    ||Worden, Jno         Broken Bow    |
|Walker, S C         Georgetown    ||Work, Jacob F       Broken Bow    |
|Wallace, Robt       Delight       ||Worley, E H         Douglas Grove |
|Wallace, W A        Eri           ||Worth, G            Dale          |
|Wallace, Wm J       West Union    ||Wrestler, J         Cliff         |
|Wallsen, Geo        Sargent       ||Wright, C           Broken Bow    |
|Walters, E J        Douglas Grove ||Wright, H A         Georgetown    |
|Walters, Geo        Douglas Grove ||Wright, J E         Eri           |
|Walton, C B         Sargent       ||Wright, Jas F       Broken Bow    |
|Walton, Frank A     Myrtle        ||Wright, S W         New Helena    |
|Walton, J H         Douglas Grove ||Wright, Thos C      Eri           |
|Walton, P A         Douglas Grove ||Wymore, Phil        Triumph       |
|Wambsgout, Louis    Lodi          ||Yockey, G W         New Helena    |
|Wamsley, L B        West Union    ||Yocum, Fred         Algernon      |
|Wanek, Joseph       Sargent       ||York, Hiram         Eri           |
|Waracek, Jacob      Phillipsburg  ||Young, Chas         Douglas Grove |
|Ward, C M           Algernon      ||Young, Jas          Eri           |
|Ward, Z P           Eudell        ||Young, M F          Custer        |
|Ward, M R           Custer        ||Young, Simon P      Olax          |
|Wardrobe, Jas       Merna         ||Zachery, Chas       Cliff         |
|Wareham, Orlando    Pilot         ||Zahler, Frank       Phillipsburg  |
|Warman, Jno V       Myrtle        ||Zane, W E           Cliff         |
|Warneham, Wm        Battle Bend   ||Zerlien, Peter      Triumph       |
|Warren, Winfield E  Merna         ||Zimmerer, F         Olax          |
|Waterbury, H S      Westerville   ||Zimmerman, E        Algernon      |
|Waters, Frank       Westerville   ||                                  |
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