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    We would like to extend our heart-felt thank you to the Helpful Homemakers Club of Ansley for all of their hard work in transcribing the information and sharing it with the genealogy community in this format.  Gail Reed is the Ansley cemetery sexton and can be reached at the following e-mail address:
    To use this index, find the name of the person you are looking for.  When you click on the name it will take you to the section of the cemetery in which they are buried.  This way you can see others who are buried in the same area of the cemetery.  You can either scroll through the section to find them or use your browser's "find" option.  The accuracy of the information in this index cannot be guaranteed and some individuals listed may be living.  If a living person is listed here, it is because they have a headstone erected at the cemetery.


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?, ?
?, ?
Adams, Elsie 
Adams, J
Akin, Alice
Akin, Orville
Akin, Warner
Akin, William
Albert, Gladys
Alexander, Betty J 
Alexander, Boyd M 
Alexander, Cathy June 
Alexander, Janice L 
Alexander, Robert G 
Allen, Cleo
Allen, Jerry
Allen, Sandra
Allen, Walter
Allprin, Ruby
Amsberry, Adaline
Amsberry, Almyral
Amsberry, Charles
Amsberry, Charley
Amsberry, Dora
Amsberry, Emma
Amsberry, Emma
Amsberry, Emma
Amsberry, Ethel
Amsberry, Gussie
Amsberry, Infant
Amsberry, Infant
Amsberry, James
Amsberry, Jane
Amsberry, Jim
Amsberry, LaVern
Amsberry, Lucille
Amsberry, Lyman
Amsberry, Lyman
Amsberry, Malissa 
Amsberry, Marsena
Amsberry, Mary
Amsberry, Mary
Amsberry, Mary
Amsberry, Marylin
Amsberry, Max
Amsberry, Maxine
Amsberry, Norton
Amsberry, Ora
Amsberry, Raleigh
Amsberry, Rollie
Amsberry, Sadie
Amsberry, Steven
Amsberry, Viola
Amsberry, William 
Amsberry, Zackie
Amsberry, Zelma
Anda, Daisy
Anderson, Alberta A 
Anderson, Amy P 
Anderson, Anna
Anderson, Arthur J 
Anderson, Blanche E
Anderson, C
Anderson, Charlotte
Anderson, Clara
Anderson, Danny 
Anderson, David
Anderson, Donny 
Anderson, Earl F 
Anderson, Gwendollyn
Anderson, Harold
Anderson, Harvey J 
Anderson, Ival
Anderson, James
Anderson, James 
Anderson, Jeanette
Anderson, Mabel
Anderson, Margaret 
Anderson, Margaret 
Anderson, Marjorie
Anderson, Mary A 
Anderson, Melvin D 
Anderson, Mont 
Anderson, Vianne B 
Anderson, Walter L 
Anthony, Clarence
Applegarth, Adaline
Applegarth, Eleanor
Applegarth, Reuben
Arehart, Elmer
Arehart, Floye
Arehart, Henry
Arehart, Rose
Armour, Benjamin
Armour, Benjamin
Armour, Chas.
Armour, Effie
Armour, Elizabeth
Armour, Emma
Armour, Etta
Armour, Homer
Armour, Josiah
Armour, Kenneth
Armour, Thaddeus
Armstrong, Frank
Armstrong, Mamie
Arnold, Albert
Arnold, Charles
Arnold, Hattie
Arnold, Mary
Ashworth, Frank
Ashworth, Matilda
Ashworth, W
Avey, Clifford H 
Avey, Electa F 
Avey, Herbert J 
Avey, Ralph 
Baalhorn, Minnil
Baby Harley 
Baby Leroy 
Baillie, Jessie
Baillie, Raymond
Baker, Arthur
Baker, Dicy H 
Baker, George 
Baker, Gladys
Baller, Herman 
Baller, Lottie 
Barber, Harry W 
Barks, Annetta
Barks, Arthur
Barks, Frank
Barks, Frank
Barnett, Mary
Barr, Ethel B 
Barr, Harry E 
Barr, Ione 
Barrows, Florence
Barry, Myrtle
Beach, Kossuth
Beavers, Harold W 
Beavers, Harold W 
Beck, Doris E 
Beck, James "Buddy" D 
Begg, W
Bellinger, Gary O 
Bellinger, Helen T 
Bellinger, Janette A 
Bellinger, Merritt L 
Bellinger, Olin A 
Bellinger, Vella M 
Bellinger, Warren E 
Bellinger, William A 
Bennett, Barton
Bennett, Geneva
Bennett, Sarah
Berger, Della
Berry, Elizabeth
Berry, Thomas
Betts, George 
Betts, Rhoda 
Billings, Sandra
Bliss, Anna
Blowers , Elma
Blowers , Thomas
Bollwitt, Roma V 
Borcherding, Blanche (Kaelin)
Bose, Alan
Bose, Carl
Bose, Darlene
Bose, Donald
Bose, Hasel (Curts)
Bose, Henry 
Bose, Nellie 
Bose, Tillie
Bose, William
Bouma, Mary
Bouma, May E 
Bouma, Riemer 
Bouma, V
Bowen, Geneice "Ginny" A 
Boyd, Charles E 
Boyd, Elizabeth 
Boyd, Elmer L 
Boyd, Faye E 
Boyd, Gertrude R 
Boyd, John W 
Boyles,  Charles
Boyles, Claude
Boyles, Daisy
Boyles, Dale
Boyles, Harriett
Boyles, Ida
Boyles, Jacob
Boyles, Jessie
Boyles, Judith
Boyles, Minnie
Boyles, Sterling
Boyles, W
Brakeman, Agnes M 
Brakeman, Floyd A 
Breeden, Cordelia (Scott)
Breeden, Roy D 
Breiner, Charles E 
Breiner, Isabelle L 
Brisbin, Betty
Brisbin, Hank
Bristol, C
Bristol, Clarence
Bristol, Dean
Bristol, Dorothy L 
Bristol, Edith
Bristol, Emily
Bristol, Ernest M 
Bristol, George B 
Bristol, Hazel J
Bristol, Lawrence B 
Bristol, Lois(Welte)
Bristol, Lola M 
Bristol, Marguerite (Staab) F 
Bristol, Maxine
Bristol, N
Bristol, Norman
Bristol, Philip
Bristol, Roscoe B 
Bristol, Stella
Britain, K
Britain, Virginia
Broman, Flossie M 
Brooks, Catherine
Brooks, Edith
Brooks, Harland
Brooks, Hiram
Brooks, Ida
Brooks, Jerry
Brooks, Washington
Brown, Bertie E 
Brown, Nancy
Brown, Nellie
Brown, Pearle L 
Brown, U G 
Brown, William
Brush, MD, John Hobart 
Brush, Louise (Mackey)
Bubak, Anton J 
Bubak, Clara 
Bubak, Frank 
Bubak, Henry
Bubak, Ina (Brink)
Bubak, Irene P 
Bubak, James W 
Bubak, Matka
Bubak, Maude L 
Bubak, Otec
Bubak, Thomas R 
Bull, George
Burcham, Alta 
Burcham, Russel W 
Burdett, Louisa
Burdett, Willie
Burdick, Alice
Burdick, Alma
Burdick, Bertha
Burdick, Bertha
Burdick, Dwight
Burdick, Elizabeth
Burdick, Harry
Burdick, Harvey
Burdick, Joseph
Burdick, Leo
Burdick, Leona
Burdick, William
Burget, Mary E 
Burke, Mrs. William
Burnett, John
Burnett, Lucinda
Burnham, Dessie A 
Burnham, Harry M 
Burnham, Thomas L 
Burns, Dale L 
Burns, Edith M 
Burns, Elizabeth
Burns, Hulbert
Burrows, Adell
Burton, Bessie W 
Burton, Frank 
Busic, Ellen
Busic, Wallace
Butler, Allen L 
Butler, Aurcelia P 
Butler, Clara
Butler, Edwin
Butler, Harry
Butler, Irene
Butler, Louise A 
Butler, Margaret
Butler, Paul S 
Butler, Robert G 
Calvert, Alta 
Calvert, George W 
Calvert, Horatio Seymour 
Calvert, Lydia Belle 
Campbell, Richard
Cannon, Erva 
Cantrall, Iris Ruth 
Carland, Ella L 
Carland, Ruth P 
Carlson, Carl
Carlson, Kermit
Carlson, Ruth
Carnine, Twila B 
Carothers, John H 
Carothers, Mary (Wallar)
Carr, Elsie E 
Carr, James
Carr, Jay M 
Carr, Minnie
Carter, Arthur
Carty, Catherine
Case, Andrew H 
Case, Carl H 
Case, Charles A 
Case, Earl R 
Case, Edith M 
Case, Florence E 
Case, Ioa I 
Case, Iola R 
Case, Paul H 
Casey, Janet E 
Casey, Luther L 
Cassel, Cecile M 
Cassel, George Y 
Cassel, Joseph William
Cassel, Mary E 
Chandler, Alice
Chandler, Charles
Chandler, Dixie (Burns) J 
Chandler, Edna
Chandler, John
Chandler, John
Chandler, Lloyd
Chandler, Lucille 
Chandler, Melissa
Chandler, Sarah
Chaney, Clara E 
Chaney, Duane
Chaney, Ione
Chaney, John A 
Chartraw, Bonnie Gene 
Chartraw, France 
Check, Space
Chelewski, Mable M 
Chelewski, Ned E 
Cheney, Richard
Chingren, Vern 
Chrisman, Infants 
Chrisman, Lester E 
Chrisman, Patricia C 
Chrisman, Virginia M 
Clark, Chas
Clark, J. William 
Clark, Vida (Comer)
Clay, Kizzie
Clay, Lemuel
Clay, Leslie
Clay, Margaret (Dolen)
Clay, Mary (Rucker)
Clay, Rose
Clay, William
Cleveland, Edward
Cleveland, Pearl
Cleveland, Ruth
Clinger, MaryAnn
Clinger, Melvin
Clingerman, Amos
Clingerman, Edward 
Clingerman, Florence
Clingerman, George
Clingerman, Mabel (Bennett)
Coburn, Mina
Coffman, Bessie J 
Coffman, Edgar M 
Coffman, Frances E 
Coffman, Hazel B 
Coffman, James E 
Coffman, Lloyd J 
Coffman, Lucy I 
Coffman, Maggie 
Coffman, Oran J 
Coffman, S Rex 
Cole, L (Fretz) Marie 
Cole, Ray W 
Collier, Alexander 
Collier, Myrtle (Richtmyer)
Collins, Nellie (Burke)
Comer, Relford S 
Comstock, Addison L 
Comstock, Bernice J 
Comstock, Edith
Comstock, Edward
Comstock, Francis
Comstock, Ivan
Comstock, John
Comstock, Rodney
Comstock, Truman
Conger, Mildred L 
Conger, Robert L 
Cook, Dora Mae 
Cook, Hazel Dawn 
Cook, Sarah Edith 
Cook, Thomas M 
Cooper, Neffie L 
Copsey, George 
Copsey, William
Corbin, Paula L 
Cordis, George
Cordis, Sophie
Cover, John
Cox, Florence E 
Cox, Frank M 
Craig, Glea
Crawford, Martha (Hiser)
Crist, Francis M 
Crist, John A 
Crist, Mary B 
Cross, Dorothy J 
Cross, Ernest D 
Cross, Infant 
Cross, Maria A 
Cross, Nettie J 
Cross, Orvil K 
Cross, William J 
Crouch, Alice B 
Crouch, Clyde W 
Crouch, Harvey
Crouch, Katie
Crouch, Maxine
Crow, Arthur F 
Cummins, Dorothy M 
Cummins, Herbert H 
Cummins, Minnie A 
Cunningham, Gwen
Cunningham, Lester
Curry, Maggie
Curtis, Agnes J 
Curtis, Cloyd O 
Curtis, Emaline
Curtis, Ford S 
Curtis, Helen
Curtis, Hiram 
Curtis, Hiram Sr.
Curtis, June
Curtis, Kate 
Curtis, Lester W 
Curtis, Mary Alice 
Curtis, Merle E 
Curtis, Parcy M 
Curtis, W
Curtis, W , Jr. S 
Dady, Ivan G 
Dady, Patricia L 
Dahmer , Elmer
Daily, Agnes
Daily, Charles
Daily, John
Daniels, Austin G 
Daniels, Elizabeth A 
Daniels, Emma A 
Daniels, Ernest J 
Daniels, John 
Daniels, Meredith Libbie 
Daniels, Thomas T 
Daughtery, Otis 
Davies, James
Davis, Byrle "Buck"
Davis, Charles
Davis, Charles 
Davis, Edwin
Davis, Edyth
Davis, Floyd
Davis, George
Davis, George
Davis, George
Davis, Grace
Davis, Hannah
Davis, Harold
Davis, Henry
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Kate 
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary
Davis, Nellie
Davis, Oscar
Davis, Sophia
Davis, W
Davis, William
Dawson, Ida
Day, Marietta L 
Deaver, Claude 
Deaver, Edna L 
Deaver, Emma
Deaver, Labon 
Deaver, Nathan 
Denny, John
Derman, Herman W 
Derman, Herman W 
Derman, Olga D 
Dewey, Bertha
Dewey, Catherine Elaine 
Dewey, Della
Dewey, Elizabeth
Dewey, Emma
Dewey, Forrest Lee 
Dewey, Frank
Dewey, Fred E 
Dewey, George
Dewey, Henry
Dewey, Joyce Ann 
Dewey, Margaret
Dewey, Marticia 
Dewey, Rose Anna 
Dewey, Verner
Dittmar, Elizabeth L 
Dittmar, Joseph F 
Dittmer, Berton
Dittmer, Dorothy
Dittmer, Earl
Dittmer, Kenneth
Dittmer, Lillie
Dittmer, Mildred
Dobesh, Amil
Dobesh, Amil Arthur 
Dobesh, Anton K 
Dobesh, Anton P 
Dobesh, Arthur J 
Dobesh, Bertha A 
Dobesh, Clara E 
Dobesh, Cleo
Dobesh, Frank
Dobesh, Grace (Jewell)
Dobesh, Jo Ann 
Dobesh, Kara Marie 
Dobesh, Leslie F 
Dobesh, Lillian 
Dobesh, Marie (Jelinek)
Dobesh, Marie A 
Dobesh, Mary
Dobesh, Mary 
Dobesh, Melvin
Dobesh, Minnie
Dobesh, Tom 
Dobson, Martha 
Dobson, W E 
Donelson, Arthur
Donelson, Emma
Donelson, Jared C 
Donelson, Rebecca E 
Downing, Ethel
Draper, Charles
Draper, Effie (Clay)
Draper, Lindel
Draper, Robert
Draper, Robert Mae 
Dunlevy, Anna (Escher) Laura 
Dunlevy, Simeon Crawford
Dunning, Herbert P 
Dunning, Maude L 
Duryea, Minnie (White)
Duxstad, Anna

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