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This cemetery is also known as Mt. Zion Cemetery.  It is located about 8 miles straight south from Arnold, Custer County, Nebraska, then two miles straight west, then about 1/2 mile south - on the Lincoln and Custer County, Nebraska lines, on the Lincoln County side.  The land was in the east end of the NE ¼ of Section 1, Township 15, Range 26.  It was probably donated to the Church of God by Edgar K. Howe who homesteaded on the land in 1883.  He was an elder and a missionary in the Church of God.  The cemetery was known for a long time as the Kilmer Cemtery or the Old Country Cemetery.  Originally it was made adjoining a sod Church of God building.  The building was first erected in 1883 when the main group of relatives emigrated there from Nemaha and Pottawatomie Counties, Kansas.  The Church had a sign "In God We Trust" and was known as the Mt. Zion Church of God and the Mt. Zion Cemetery.

Case, Dick, son of Alexander and Melissa Case, born November 4, 1887 - died November 23, 1910, "Only Sleep",  "Dearest brother, thou has left us, here, thy loss we deeply feel, but tis God who hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal"

Kilmer, "At Rest" and "In memory of Our Father and Mother"

Kilmer, Robert H.,  born December 22, 1829 (no death date), Aged 73 years, "Fallen Asleep";  Delilah, born July 27, 1829, Aged 79 years (no death date)

Kilmer, John,  born August 20, 1827 - died June 15, 1889, Aged 62 ys 9 ms 25 ds,  "In God We Trust"

Kilmer, Sadie R.,  born November 1, 1885 - died September 13, 1910,  Aged 24 ys 10 ms 13 ds,  "Farewell, my husband and children"

Rasler, Rex,  March 11, 1891,  "Sleep on, sweet babies, and take thy rest; God calls away, when He thinks best"

Rasler, Philip J.,  Born October 29, 1889 - died August 17, 1890

Rasler, Effie Louella,  born October 5, 1906 - died March 12, 1907

Wolfe, Bertie, died 14 Oct 1888, Age 3 ys 2 ms 14 ds

Also known to be buried in this cemetery, but with no markers:

Dehaven, Bulah, infant

Howe, Jerusha & Tommie

Kilmer,  Bertha Ellen, infant, dau. of George and Dora (Rasler) Kilmer

Kilmer, Charles Kilmer's daughter

Kilmer, Frank Kilmer's infant

Kilmer, 2 infants of Henry Kilmer

Kilmer, John, 20 Aug 1827 - 15 June 1889

Kilmer, Steven, infant, son of George and Dora (Rasler) Kilmer

Terpiman, Mrs.,  (this may be Mary, the wife of Ira Terpenning.  She was born 1840 in Ohio)

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