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This cemetery is also known as the McCaslin or Bradburn cemetery.  It is located in what is known as Rose Valley, Section 8, Township 17, Range 19 (Garfield Precinct) - east ofBroken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska - partly on land owned (in 1998) by Charles McCaslin.  It is not accessible from the road.  Many of the graves that were in this cemetery have been moved to other cemeteries.  Those still there are:

Bradburn, Mark, died January 21, 1899, Aged 69 years, 2 months, 3 days

Bradburn, daughter of Lewis and Alice Bradburn,  born May 3, 1892 - died April 27, 1908  "A precious one from us has gone; A voice we loved is stilled; A place is vacant in our home, which
never can be filled."

Daughterty, Sarah E., wife of H. B. Daughterty, died March 8, 1901, Aged 43 years, 10 months, 15 days

Kopp, Mary, wife of G. W. Kopp, died September 6, 1892, Aged 37 years, 3 months, 1 day

Kopp, Lulu H., daughter of W. M. and L. E. Kopp, died March 31, 1892, Aged 18 days

Kopp, Margaret T., wife of D. S. Kopp, died on March 22, 1896, Aged 62 years, 8 months, 10 days

McCaslin, Joseph E., son of J. W. McCaslin, died Jan 21, 1890, Aged 1 year 23 days

McCaslin, (other McCaslin graves to north end of cemetery, unmarked now.

Some of the Polkinghorn family were buried here, some reinterred elsewhere, some may remain.  Some of the Dodd family were buried here and were later disinterred and buried in Broken Bow

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