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This is a public cemetery and is accessible by a trail. Starting from Sargent, Custer County, Nebraska go south on Highway 183 for 11 miles, then turn east and go 1 mile through a pasture.

This cemetery is referred to by various names, but is most commonly known as the Swanson Cemetery or Swedish Baptist Church Cemetery.  At one time a Swedish settlement of immigrants lived here.  They erected a sod Swedish Baptist Church near the site of the cemetery and then later built a frame church.  Eventually the families moved away and services were no longer held in the church.  Later, some of the bodies were removed from the cemetery for reinterment elsewhere.  It is apparent that there are several unmarked graves in this cemetery or depressions left from former graves.  The following are the only tombstones in the cemetery:

Erikson, Jennie, wife of S. E. Erickson,  Sept 18, 1881 - June 18, 1944  (a plain stone, unmarked, is located to the northeast of this grave)

Swanson, Johannes, "Father",  July 22, 1845 - March 8, 1910, "Rest In Peace"

It is said that some infants and babies in the Nelson family were buried in this cemetery and some infants or children of other families also - they are not marked.Peterson

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