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Here's a partial list of the titles in our collections which are available for your use. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are also offered for sale. See Publications for information on ordering books and audio cassettes from CCHS.
Bullet Anecdotes of Custer County by 100 Contributors, Custer County Chief
Bullet Butcher, Solomon D: Indexed Microfiche of Photographs, Nebraska State Historical Society
Bullet Civil War Veterans, Custer County, Nebraska by Gerald E. Sherard, Privately Published, Lakewood, CO
Bullet Dale Cemetery (St. Andrews) by Ida A. Smith, Typescript 1964
Bullet Dale Valley Boy: 1909-1912* by Orlonzo Guy Bamett, 1983
Bullet History of Custer County, Nebraska by W. L. Gaston and A.R, Humphrey, Western Publishing, Lincoln, NE, 1919
Bullet Index to the 1880 Census of Custer County, Nebraska by Catherine Strombo, Typescript (circa 1970)
Bullet Ladder of Rivers, the: The Story of I.P. (Print) Olive* by Harry E. Chrisman, Sage Books, Denver, 1926
Bullet Lost Trails of the Cimarron by Harry Chrisman, Sage Books, Denver, 1961
Bullet Nebraska: Our Towns, Central and North Central, Second Century Publications, Seward, NE, 1989
Bullet One-Thousand-One Most Asked Questions about the American West by Harry Chrisman, Swallow Press Ohio University Press, Athens, OH, 1982
Bullet Pictorial History of the Sandhills, edited by Dorothea Wiese Rogers
Bullet Pioneer History of Custer County, Nebraska, with which is combined Sod Houses of the Great American Plains by Solomon D. Butcher (several printings)
Bullet Prairie Visions: The Life and Times of Solomon Butcher* by Pam Conrad, Harper Collins Children's Books, NY, 1991
Bullet Sod House, The by Cass G. Barns, University of Nebrsaka Press, 1930, reprinted by Bison Books, 1970
Bullet Sod Walls: The Story of the Nebraska Sod House* by Roger L. Welsch, Purcells, Inc., Broken Bow, NE, 1968
Bullet Sod-House Frontier: 1854-1890, The by Everett Dick, PhD, Johnson Publishing Co, Lincoln, NE 1954
Bullet Solomon D. Butcher: Photographing the American Dream* by John E. Carter, University of Nebraska Press, 1985
Bullet Standard Atlas of Custer County Nebraska compiled and published by Geo. A. Ogle and Co., Chicago, 1904
Bullet Tumbleweed Tales: Volumes 1 & 2, Purcell Printing, Broken Bow, 1965 (*Volume 1) 
And many others--including atlases, platt books, Nebraska histories, histories of neighboring counties, geologic surveys, family histories, historic business and telephone directories.
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