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Researchingby Mail

Without a doubt, the best way to research at the CCHS is to come to the museum yourself and let our curator or volunteers help get you started. 
If a trip to Broken Bow is out of the question, or if you only need one or two basic facts, perhaps we can help you through the mail.

Research Fees:

  • $5 each for simple obituary lookups. Results will be mailed (or when possible emailed) to you.
  • $10 per hour for more complex searches for information.
There is some flexibility with this schedule, but as we are a cash-poor but spirit-rich Society, we rely chiefly on donations and research income to maintain the museum and to continually grow our research library. Nothing inspires us like generosity.

Please make your request as complete and specific as you can. Include names, places and dates, along with a clear statement of what information you need. (If you ask simply, "Do you have any information on my grandfather Bill Smith?" we won't be able to help.  If, on the other hand, you write, "I need to know when, where, and to whom William Henry Smith of Sargent, NE was married, probably in the spring of 1912," we'll do our best to send you a complete account of his wedding.)
Mail your request to:
Custer County Historical Society, Inc.

Post Office Box 334
Broken Bow NE 68822

Or email your request to:

If our search and/or reply takes much more time or involves many copies and/or more postage, we may ask you to pay additional fees.
Sorry, but we cannot loan any of our research materials for use outside the museum.  
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