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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "E" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)

Eagle, Walter  Arnold Sentinel  03/13/1930  weds Ruth Nelson 
Eastburn, Mrs. Frank H. Arnold Sentinel  03/24/1938 & 03/31/1938  nee Hattie Louise  Marshall
Eastburn, Roland B. Arnold Sentinel  07/14/1926  age 2, son of Charles & Alta 
Easthan, W. B.  Mason City Trans  05/03/1934 
Eastman, Dean   Arnold Sentinel  12/16/1925  weds Floreen Glover
Eastman, George  Ansley Chronicle  09/20/1907 
Eaton, Harold Harvey  Ansley Herald   02/02/1922  child
Eberle, Blanche  Arnold Sentinel  11/18/1925  weds Allen Snyder 
Eberle, Wallace  Ansley Herald  07/31/1930 
Eddy, Mrs. Helen  Arnold Sentinel  04/01/1937 & 04/18/1937 
Eddy, Marshall S.  Mason City Trans  12/16/1924 
Edeal, Hattie Julia  Arnold Sentinel  05/24/1934  53, Mrs. L.C. Cross, 2 sons 
Edminsten, W. F.  Arnold Sentinel  12/16/1937 & 12/22/1937 
Edmisten, Leslie  Oconto Register  11/29/1912  son of Wm Edmisten 
Edmonds, Ida  Ansley Herald  01/11/1923  Mrs. Ned Patton 
Edson, Warren M.  Mason City Trans  03/29/1934 
Eggelston, Sarah E. Ansley Herald  12/19/1929  Sarah Elizabeth (nee Broadbent), Eggleston, Klitzman
Eggleston, Elmer  Ansley Herald  03/23/1950 
Eggleston, Mrs. Elmer  Ansley Herald  10/05/1933  also in 10-12-, Ollie Agnes nee Leisure 
Eggleston, Mrs. Elmer  Arnold Sentinel  10/05/1933  55, auto accident 
Eggleston, P.G.  Arnold Sentinel  12/28/1927  bachelor, 56 
Eisenhauer, August  Arnold Sentinel  01/25/1934  59
Elder, Laura  Anselmo Enterpr  02/11/1921  Laura Winchester 
Elder, Lyle  Anselmo Enterpr  04/07/1922 & 04/14/1922 
Elder, Olive   Arnold Sentinel  07/11/1928  weds Leon Aunspaugh
Elison, Agnes May   Ansley Herald   05/15/1930  Mrs. John A. Daily, nee Elison 
Elison, Calvert Clayton Mason City Trans 01/23/1919  child 
Elison, Charles Stout  Ansley Herald  08/03/1922 
Elison, Laura A. Mason City Trans  08/28/1913 
Elison, Mj. C.S.  Mason City Trans  08/05/1922 & 08/10/1922 
Elliott, Coreal A.  Mason City Trans  05/22/1922  nee Hurd, Mrs. Henry Elliott 
Elliott, Henry  Mason City Trans  10/08/1925 
Elliott, mother of Mrs. E. Ansley Herald  03/19/1925  mother of  Mrs. Rude 
Elliott, Thomas F.  Ansley Herald  09/09/1926 
Ellis, A. E.  Mason City Trans   11/25/1926
Ellis, Alice May  Ansley Herald  04/30/1942  Mrs. Burdick 
Ellis, Marian  Arnold Sentinel  03/21/1928   weds Leo Campbell
Ellis, Mary  Arnold Sentinel  10/19/1933  75, Mrs. Henry Nelson,  6 kids 
Ellis, Mrs. Harvey  Ansley Herald  06/08/1950 
Ellis, Newton  C.   Arnold Sentinel  09/02/1925  weds Marjorie Milligan
Ellis, Sarah (Mrs Albert)  Mason City Trans  03/05/1914  nee Patterson, also in 3-12-14 
Elliston, Richard  Mason City Trans  12/18/1913 
Eloe,  Ansley Herald  12/08/1938  baby of Edwin Eloe 
Eloe, Richard  Ansley Herald  03/07/1935 
Elwood, Mrs. Jeanette  Ansley Herald  11/16/1922  nee Davidson, Mrs. J.M. Elwood 
Embree, F. C.  Arnold Sentinel  11/24/1932  Merna 
Embree, Mrs. Hederick  Merna Messenger  07/03/1930  nee Altona Myers 
Empfield, Mrs. Jane  Callaway Queen  02/18/1915  nee Pittman 
Engleman, Olon  Arnold Sentinel  03/11/1925   weds Blanche Yarrington
English, Lucinda Eliz  Arnold Sentinel  03/06/1930  47, m. Linn S. Downing,  5 kids, Lulu 
English, Mary Mason City Trans  02/23/1922  nee Hickey
English, Wm Mason  City Trans  09/27/1917 
Enstrom, Clara A.  Arnold Sentinel  03/08/1979  Mrs. Nelson 
Enyart, Logan  Oconto Register  11/15/1912 
Enyart, Capt. Logan  Callaway Courier  11/14/1912 
Epp, Mrs. D. D.  Mason City Trans  05/21/1925 
Erickson, Miss Jewel  Arnold Sentinel  10/19/1933  weds Melvin Pedroli of Nevada 
Erickson, Ruby  Arnold Sentinel  07/11/1929  weds Thor Robertson 
Erickson, Russell Mathis  Mason City Trans  02/23/1922 
Ervin, Ben  Arnold Sentinel  04/06/1933  76,  see obit 4-13, m. Mary Tabor, 10 kids 
Ervin, Bernice  Arnold Sentinel  07/04/1928  weds Frank Clark of St Louis 
Ervin, Kemp  Arnold Sentinel  05/30/1928  son of mm S B. Ervin OBIT 6-6-28 
Ervin, Opal  Arnold Sentinel  06/17/1925  weds harold Holback 
Ervin, Wayne  Arnold Sentinel  12/11/1930  weds Jeanne Goodell 
Erxleben, Augusta  Mason City Trans  05/26/1927  Mrs. Augusta Rusler 
Essley, Vern  Arnold Sentinel  11/27/1930  weds Christine Morrison 
Estate, Domini Foran  Anselmo Enterpr  05/19/1921 
Estendatter, Mali  Mason City Trans  03/17/1921  Mrs. Ole Lund 
Esthy, Mrs. Lola  Mason City Trans  03/20/1913  Mrs.Oscar Esthy 
Euh, Nickolas  Mason City Trans  08/19/1926 
Evans, Charles H.  Mason City Trans  06/02/1927 
Evans, child  Arnold Sentinel  02/08/1928  4 year-old son of A.T. Evans of Gandy 
Evans, Mrs. Jennie E.  Mason City Trans  07/08/1926 nee Martin
Evans, Madge  Arnold Sentinel  02/02/1939 
Evenoldson, Alice  Arnold Sentinel  12/12/1929  weds Lauren Dillon 
Everett, E. O.  Arnold Sentinel  04/12/1934  50, B.Bow,  5 dau, 1 son 
Exley, Joseph  Sargent Leader  05/10/1934 
Exley, Mary  Sargent Leader  03/12/1942  obit,  married name Mary A. Leach 
Exley, Mrs. Orin  Sargent Leader  08/25/1938  Lorena Juanita Phillips, age 21, child birth 
Exley, Nora  Sargent Leader  02/26/1942  married name Norma Wright, age 63 
Exley, Orval  Sargent Leader  07/28/1938   Died of cancer in Colorado
Exley, Orval Malvin  Sargent Leader   08/04/1938  age 55,  obit

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