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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "F" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)

Fagan, Mrs. Anna  Merna Postal Card  10/01/1915 
Faharty, John W.  Arnold Sentinel  02/02/1927  weds Anna Catherine Madkley 
Faherty, Cathryne Ann  Arnold Sentinel  09/05/1928  age 1, dau of Tom Faherty see 9-12 obit 
Faherty, Mrs. John  Arnold Sentinel  01/13/1938  nee Sarah Jane Clancy d. 08 Jan 1918 (in days gone by column) 
Fahrenbacker, Mrs. Edith  Mason City Trans  04/29/1920  nee McAllister
Fairbank, Walter D. Arnold Sentinel  06/24/1920  weds Hazel Alexander 
Fairfield, Gerald  Mason City Trans  10/23/1918 
Fairfield, Ivan Geo.  Mason City Trans  10/04/1917  child
Fairley, Sarah C.  Sargent Leader  08/12/1920  Mrs. Amaziah Baldwin 
Faith, Will  Sargent Leader  11/16/1939  see obit 11-30-39. died in El Monte, CA 
Fales, Ellis W.  Sargent Leader  06/27/1940  age 73, auto wreck injuries 
Fales, Tressa  Sargent Leader  10/21/1943  weds Calvin Gatliff 
Fall, Nancy M.  Merna Postal Card  06/21/1912  aka Nancy M. Cory, aka Mrs. D. W. Cory 
Falmen, G. M.  Sargent Leader  04/24/1919 
Fanning,Grace Elizabeth  Ansley Herald  06/15/1933  nee Fanning, Mrs. Southard 
Fanning, Nancy  Arnold Sentinel  02/02/1939  4 Feb 1919 (in Days Gone By column) 
Farley, James E.  Sargent Leader  02/25/1932 
Farley, Monroe  Sargent Leader  04/04/1929 
Farley, Mrs. Monroe  Sargent Leader   09/18/1913  nee Lovina Wheeler
Farley, Porter  Sargent Leader  04/04/1929 
Farley, Robert  Sargent leader  02/08/1934 
Farmer, Geo. W.  Merna Postal Card  08/08/1913 
Farquham, Floyd  Arnold Sentinel  09/12/1929  weds Gladys Miller, teacher in Arnold 
Farrah, mary Alice  Loup Vall Queen  01/20/1916  see Mrs. J.M. Savidge   see obit 1-27 
Farrel, Ralph N.  Ansley Argosy  07/04/1912  of Callaway 
Farrell, Jack  Ansley Herald  01/14/1916 
Farrell, Laura Jane  Ansley Herald  07/24/1930  Mrs. Michael (nee House) Farrell 
Farrell, Ralph  Callaway Courier  06/20/1912 &  06/27/1912 & 06/30/1912 
Farrell, Webster M. Sargent Leader  05/16/1940  age 85 
Farrington, Jane Ann  Mason City Trans  07/09/1925  Mrs. Lester Hill 
Farris, Francis Decatur   Ansley Herald  11/09/1939  also in 11-16-1939
Farritor, Alice  Anselmo Enterpr  10/21/1927  Mrs. Edward Williams 
Farritor, Ann  Mrs.  Merna Messen.  04/08/1921 
Farritor, Eileen  Sargent Leader   11/21/1940  Weds Robert V. Kleeb
Fauss, C. Mason City Trans   07/13/1916
Fauss, Elva  Mason City Trans  01/04/1934  nee Keeney 
Fawcett, Sarah Ann  Ansley Herald  07/15/1926  Mrs. Andrew Allen 
Fay, Emmeline  Sargent Leader  03/25/1926 
Fay, Nathan E.  Sargent Leader  11/27/1919 
Fay, Stephen  Sargent Leader  05/23/1935 
Fears, Jim  Ansley Chronicle  07/13/1906 
Feiska, Ida Sophia  Anselmo Enterpr  05/25/1923  Mrs. Sherman Parkison 
Fejt, Ann Francis  Arnold Sentinel  06/25/1924  weds Everet L. Marrs of Arnold 
Fell, Charlotte  Mason City Trans  01/25/1934  Charlotte Wise 
Fellows, Alma E.  Sargent Leader  05/24/1928  nee Alma Elizabeth Whited 
Fellows, Carol  Sargent Leader   12/13/1945  weds Clifford Stevens
Fellows, Mrs. Henry  Sargent Leader  11/03/1932  nee Ella Norton 
Fenimore, Sidney Kay  Merna Messen.  12/22/1916 
Fenner, Isaac Eli  Mason City Trans  03/22/1923 
Fennimore, father  Merna Postal Card  09/21/1917 
Fenstermacher, Inez  Sargent Leader  12/27/1945   weds Mr. Carol Wilson
Fenstermacher, Margaret Sargent Leader  12/20/1928 
Fenstermacher, Mrs. C. H. Sargent Leader  02/18/1943  nee Rhoda Olive Griffith
Fenstermacher, Dr. Rob't.  Sargent Leader  12/02/1943  weds Edith Nelson 
Ferdinand, Boss  Merna Record  5/22/1914 
Ferguson, J.L.  Comstock News  10/12/1916 
Ferguson, James Clinton  Ansley Herald  07/23/1942 
Ferguson, John   Sargent Leader  02/21/1924  Age 77
Ferguson, Mrs. Floyd  Sargent Leader  02/07/1935  see Turner, Lois 
Ferree, Mrs. I. E.  Sargent Leader  03/18/1937 p. 8 
Ferretor, Jennie   Sargent Leader  09/29/1938  see Mrs. Albert McGregor
Ferris, Edna  Sargent Leader  07/20/1933  Mrs. L. R. A. Condit 
Ferris, Mrs. Wm. Sargent Leader  12/08/1927  nee Emiline Huntley 
Ferritor, Margaret Mrs.  Sargent Leader  04/19/1928 
Fessenden, Martha, Mrs  Merna Messen  10/27/1916 
Fetherston, Joe  Anselmo Enterprise  02/05/1915 
Fickenscher, E. George   Arnold Sentinel  12/10/1924  weds Mrs. Anna Meader of Oregon
Field, Ethel   Oconto Register  09/22/1911  See Ethel Gilmore
Fielding, Abbie May  Mason City Trans  06/07/1928 & 06/17/1928  Mrs. Winfield A. Haddix
Fielding, Irma Leona  Mason City Trans  03/27/1919  Mrs Louis Guthrie 
Figgens, Elizabeth  Callaway Courier  01/23/1916  See Mrs. Elizabeth Cameron 
Filmer, Anna Laura  Loup Vall Queen  06/10/1937  nee Mann, age 77, wife of Wm Filmer , mother of 6 
Filmer, Blanche  Arnold Sentinel  02/06/1929  Mrs. robert Thorn, 42, auto wreck 
Finch, "Aunt" Sarah  Arnold Sentinel  07/08/1920  nee Sarah Ann Moore, 83   see obit 7-15 
Finch, Fay G. Arnold Sentinel  10/24/1921  weds Ruth McFarland in Columbus, NE
Finch, John  Arnold Sentinel  06/08/1933  life story, il. Arnold pioneer 
Finch, John Samuel  Arnold Sentinel  02/29/1928  age 4, son of mm Fay finch 
Finch, Wayne  Arnold Sentinel  02/12/1931   weds Catherine Francois
Finch, Wm.  Arnold Sentinel  01/06/1938  & 01/13/1938 
Fine, Ruth A.  Anselmo Enterpr  01/20/1921  wed Geo. C. Richardson
Finkle, Mrs. Frank  Arnold Sentinel  10/22/1924   death notice, Colorado
Finley, Anita  Sargent Leader  09/11/1941  weds Harry c. Purcell of BBow 
Finley, Doris  Sargent Leader  03/23/1939  Weds Paul Hartley 
Finley, Edgar T. Sargent Leader  04/12/1945  age 70
Finley, Fred  Sargent Leader  12/11/1930 
Finley, James D.  Sargent Leader  08/23/1934 
Finley, James D., Jr. Sargent Leader  10/18/1945  weds Agnes Mullen 
Finley, Jessie  Sargent Leader   10/04/1934  Mrs. Raymond Blunk
Finley, Jimmie  Sargent Leader  09/05/1935  age 7,   auto accident 
Finley, Luther  Sargent Leader  03/30/1939  dies in California, see also 4-27-1939 issue 
Finley, Mrs. Ed  Sargent Leader  01/28/1915 
Finley, Mrs. Frank  Sargent Leader  08/30/1945  Minnie Irene Slagle 
Finley, Mrs. Fred  Sargent Leader  09/21/1922  nee Lillie May Roe 
Finley, Mrs. James  Sargent Leader  11/18/1920  nee Julia Dillman 
Finley, Mrs. Ralph  Sargent Leader  12/14/1939  death notice 
Finley, Mrs. Ray   Sargent Leader  06/13/1940  see Inez Marie Uhlman, age 28, pneumonia
Finley, Orion  Sargent Leader  10/22/29/14 
Finley, Ray  Sargent Leader  01/26/1939  Weds Inez Uhlman 
Fiscus, Mrs. John Sr.   Ansley Argosy  03/24/1910  also in 3-31-1910
Fisher,  Callaway Courier  06/26/1913  Baby of Phillip Fisher 
Fisher, Edna  Sargent Leader  05/04/1939  Weds Roscoe Livermore 
Fisher, John  Sargent Leader  03/30/1939  Weds Ruth McCaslin 
Fisher, Mrs. Ellen Mary  Sargent Leader  04/16/1942  nee Gettier.  Mrs. John M.Fisher 
Fisher, Wanda Merle  Sargent Leader  01/06/1938  age 7 months 
Fisk, James Alberto  Ansley Herald  03/27/1924 
Fiske, Harold  Anselmo Enterpr  07/09/1920 & 07/16/1920  child 
Fitzgerald, Benj. B.  Comstock News  03/24/1911 
Fitzgerald, Eleanor F.  Ansley Herald  04/05/1928  Mrs. Charles  Mytton 
Fitzgerald, Sarah  Sargent Leader  04/16/1914  Mrs. Murmoth Buckbee 
Fitzpatrick, Minnie  Ansley Herald  01/24/1924  Estate notice 
Fitzpatrick, Minnie A.  Ansley Herald  12/13/1923  Mrs. Frank (Gilchrist) Fitzpatrick 
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. George  Sargent Leader  01/17/1935  see Thostesten, Florance, see obit in 1-24-35 
Fitzpatrick, William C.  Ansley Herald  06/19/1924  William Clinton, also item in 6-5-1924 
Flagg, Julia (Mrs.)  Mason City Trans  04/30/1914  nee Bowen 
Fleener, Laura  Ansley Herald  03/09/1933  Mrs. Laura Thomas 
Fleishman, Con  Anselmo Enterprise  01/24/1919 
Fleishman, Conrad  Merna Messenger  02/14/1919 
Fleishman, Frank M.  Merna Record  07/03/1914 
Fleming, Dorothy  Sargent Leader  07/18/1918 
Fleming, Leona  Sargent Leader  04/25/1940  Weds Carl Ruppel 
Fleming, Mrs. Robert  Sargent Leader  01/30/1941  Ora May Fleming, 70 of Taylor 
Fleming, Mrs. Robert W. Ansley Argosy  10/03/1912 
Fleming, Ray  Sargent Leader  08/31/1939  see obit 9-7 
Flemming, William F. Sargent Leader  03/04/1943  age 55, Loup County 
Fletcher, Charles J.  Sargent Leader  03/31/1938  age 68,  death notice 
Fletcher, J. N.  Sargent Leader  10/11/1934 
Fletcher, Jessee  Sargent Leader  04/15/1943  54 of Milburn  see obit 4-22-43 
Fletcher, Oscar (Mrs)  Mason City Trans  03/16/1916 
Fletcher, Viola (Mrs)  Mason City Trans  02/25/1926  d.3-3 at Greeley Co. burial in M C 
Flickler, Billy  Arnold Sentinel  12/10/1924  horse crushed him 
Flint,  Blanche  Loup Vall Queen  12/28/1916  weds Ryun Asa 
Flint, Arthur   Arnold Sentinel  10/29/1931  weds Estelle Dillon
Flint, Leonard  Arnold Sentinel  02/07/1979 
Flood, Emma  Merna Postal Card  02/21/1913  aka Mrs. M. L. (Emma) Knapp, aka Emma Akey 
Florida, Charles E. Sargent Leader  09/03/1942  of Comstock, lightning  age 79 
Floyd, Myrle  Arnold Sentinel  09/25/1930  weds Doris Atkins 
Fluck, Addie  Sargent Leader  02/11/1943  age 80, see Mrs. Addie Roe 
Flushman, Frank  Anselmo Enterprise  07/03/1914 
Flynn, John  Mason City Trans  10/01/1925 
Flynn, Mrs. John  Mason City Trans  07/14/1921  nee Olmstead
Fodge, Elmer  Quincy  Merna Messen  12/16/1921 
Foley, Daniel  Merna Messenger  02/08/1918  aged 78 of Laurel, MT. 
Foley, daughter Merna Postal Card  10/18/1912  little (daughter of) Ed 
Foley, Jean Katherine  Sargent Leader  05/11/1944  weds Thomas B. Murray 
Foley, Louise  Anselmo Enterprise  10/18/1912   Daughter of E. J. Foley
Foley, Mollie  Merna Messenger  12/27/1918  aka Mrs. John (Mollie) Jackson, Laurel, MT. 
Foley, Mrs. P. T.  Merna Messenger  05/30/1919  of Gilette, Wyoming 
Foliart, Wesley  Ansley Chronicle  01/27/1905  brother of Mrs. C. D. Dewey 
Folney, Frances  Arnold Sentinel  02/25/1932  weds Willis Kilmer 
Foote, infant Merna Messen  03/17/1922  infant ofRex
Foral, Mrs. Matt  Sargent Leader   05/04/1933  nee Kriz
Foran, Dominic  Anselmo Enterpr  03/25/1921 & 04/01/1921 
Foran, Rose   Arnold Sentinel  03/31/1926  Mrs. August Michele, 49
Foran, Rose  Anselmo Enterpr  04/02/1926 
Forbes, Anna C.  Arnold Sentinel  06/25/1924  Mrs. John Zeimes, 3 kids, age 73 
Ford, A.H.  Sargent Leader  11/05/1942  obit  age 82 
Ford, Albert  Sargent Leader  03/16/1939  age 65 
Ford, Albert  Sargent Leader  05/03/1928 
Ford, Emerson  Ansley Argosy  01/19/1911 
Ford, , mother of Ida SargentLeader  02/23/1928  Milissa (Hopper) Heard 
Ford, Martha Isabelle  Sargent Leader  12/30/1920  child 
Ford, Mary Elizabeth   Sargent Leader  08/17/1933  Mrs. Ed Jameson
Ford, Mrs. Charley   Sargent Leader  07/05/1934  nee Lula Mae Kenyon
Ford, Mrs. Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  05/26/1921 
Ford, Mrs. Julian  Arnold Sentinel  08/22/1928  nee Schmitz 
Ford, Mrs. Martha   Sargent Leader  04/08/1943  see obit 4-15, nee Roberts
Ford, Mrs. Wm H.  Sargent Leader  01/06/1921  nee Rhoda Purdy 
Ford, Wanda  Sargent Leader  02/08/1940   Weds Dean Schuyler
Ford, Wm Henry  Sargent Leader 09/21 & 10/03/1912 
Forester, Harold  Sargent Leader  08/24/1939  Weds Buelah Hill 
Forman, Andrew Anselmo Enterpr  07/13/1928 
Forney, Elmer E.  Merna Postal Card  07/11/1913 
Forney, P. F.  Merna Messenger  11/06/1930 
Forrest, Robert  Ansley Chronicle  12/22/1905 
Forrester, infant  Arnold Sentinel  12/13/1924  dau of mm Oliver Forrester of Milburn 
Forrester, Mrs. Geo  Arnold Sentinel  01/16/1930  nee Jenkins, 8 kids, see 1-23 
Forte, Mrs. Jay  Sargent Leader  03/19/1936  see Johnson, Doris.  (Ansley) 
Fortik, Anton  Ansley Herald  11/25/1937 
Fortik, John  Ansley Herald  01/12/1950  also in 1-26 
Fortik, Josephine  Ansley Herald  04/19/1930   Mrs. Lewis Kulhanek
Fosmo, Orin C. Loup Vall Queen  02/15/1917   weds Sadie Gordon
Foster, Bertha  Ansley Chronicle  02/22/1907   Mrs. Bertha Salliday
Foster, Ed  Sargent Leader  02/14/1946  auto accident in Idaho see 2-21-46, age 70 
Foster, Fanny  Ansley Chronicle  07/21/1905  child of Perry Foster 
Foster, Frank  Sargent Leader  07/17/1930 
Foster, Geo.  Mason City Trans  03/12/1925 & 03/19/1925 
Foster, Helen  Sargent Leader  01/13/1944  weds Charles Harbel 
Foster, Ira M. Mason City Trans  12/14/1916 
Foster, Kenneth  Arnold Sentinel  11/28/1929  weds Laura Owen at Gandy 
Foster, Lee  Arnold Sentinel  05/19/1932  weds Marie Simpson of Arnold 
Foster, Lloyd  Sargent Leader  01/04/1940  age 74 
Foster, Loyd Donald  Sargent Leader  12/04/1924  15 months old, son of Earl Foster 
Foster, Mary J. Mason City Trans  02/04/1915  Mrs. Weaver
Foster, Mathew R.  Anselmo Enterprise  01/10/1913 
Foster, Mathew R.  Sargent Leader   01/16/1913
Foster, Mrs. L.A.  Mason City Trans  03/06/1913 
Foster, Mrs. Loyd  Sargent Leader  05/04/1939  nee Ray, Sarah Francis 
Foster, Mrs. O. H. Ansley Herald  07/06/1917  nee Mary E. Wright 
Foster, Mrs. O.B.  Ansley Argosy  08/03/1909  nee Waxham, Adelide V., also in 8-19- 
Foster, Nellie  Ansley Herald  09/23/1920  Mrs. Frank Carr 
Foster, Orilla  Ansley Herald  01/22/1920  Orill (Foster) Bradford 
Foster, Orlando H.  Ansley Herald  10/27/1932 
Foster, Perry  Mason City Trans  11/18/1926 
Foster, Perry  Ansley Herald  11/18/1926  also in 12-2-1926 
Foster, Sarah Ellen  Ansley Herald  11/23/1939  Mrs. Perry (nee Comer) Foster
Foster, Theodore  Merna Messen.  10/01/1920  wed to Ama Barton at Kewanee, Ill  Sept 4/20  
Foster, Walter C.  Mason City Trans  10/30/1924 
Foutch, Glenn  Mason City Trans  01/09/1919 
Fowler, Charles H.  Ansley Herald  04/14/1921 
Fowler, Charles H.  Ansley Herald  06/02/1921  Estate 
Fowler, Clarence C.  Sargent Leader  12/22/1938  63, former miller, husb of Ida Boetter, 2 kids 
Fowler, Eleanor  Ansley Herald   08/13/1915  Mrs. Charles Fowler
Fowler, Eliza  Ansley Herald  11/16/1933  nee Jacobs, Mrs. Fowler 
Fowler, Florence A. Ansley Herald  01/02/1929  Florence Adeline Fowler 
Fowler, Mark  Arnold Sentinel   06/25/1931  seds Hyuldred Davies
Fowler, Polly  Ansley Chronicle  06/08/1906  Mrs. Polly Roper 
Fowler, William H.  Sargent Leader  02/11/1937   Age 77.  (Walworth & Sargent)
Fowlie, Peter  Ansley Herald  01/11/1918 
Fox, daughter   Ansley Herald  11/20/1919  daughter of Edward Fox
Fox, Arthur  Arnold Sentinel  04/03/1929  weds Nora Dailar 
Fox, Byron Lee  Arnold Sentinel  11/16/1933  infant of mm Walter Fox, Garfield Table 
Fox, Catherine  Arnold Sentinel  06/10/1937 & 06/24/1937  nee Miller, Mrs. Cyrus Fox 
Fox, Charles Edgar  Ansley Herald  03/02/1939 
Fox, Cyrus Dean  Arnold Sentinel  10/21/1925  age 1, son of Ed. 
Fox, Emma  Ansley Argosy  07/22/1909  nee Anthony, Mrs. Tom Fox 
Fox, Inf.dau.of Lawence  Ansley Herald  03/20/1930 
Fox, infant  Merna Messenger  11/21/1919  3 yr old dau of Edward 
Fox, Laurence  Ansley Herald  12/13/1934  also in12-20-1934 
Fox, Mary  Sargent Leader  03/04/1937  Age 14.  Auto accident. 
Fox, Mrs Mary Ruth  Ansley Herald  06/19/1924  nee Brown 
Fox, Mrs. Theodore B.  Oconto Register  02/25/1915 
Fox, R.G.  Sargent Leader  07/01/1937  Sheriff's father, age 79, Myrtle Precinct 
Fox, Robert  Mason City Trans  03/13/1919 infant 
Fox, Robert B.  Ansley Argosy  03/26/1914 
Fox, Robert John  Ansley Herald  06/24/1937 
Fox, Roy  Arnold Sentinel  08/29/1929  weds Attie Ione Goodenow, Garfield 
Fox, Roy  Sargent Leader  11/12/1914 
Fox, Theodore B.  Oconto Register  08/27/1914 
Fox, Thomas  Ansley Herald  10/21/1926 
Fox, Tom  Mason City Trans  10/21/1926 
Fox, Walter   Arnold Sentinel  02/23/1933  weds Elva Brown
Fox, Wilma Maxine  Merna Messenger  11/28/1919  baby daughter of Chas. E. Fox 
Foy, Gladys  Sargent Leader  06/27/1940  Weds Claude Blakeslee, Wyo 
Fraker, Roy  Arnold Sentinel  10/06/1921  weds Bertha Herman 
Francis, James F.  Merna Postal Card  05/18/1917 
Francois, Catherine  Arnold Sentinel  02/12/1931  weds Wayne Finch 
Franek, Mrs. Frank  Sargent Leader  04/30/1931  nee  Melch 
Frank, Edna  Sargent Leader  07/24/1930  Mrs. Frank Potts 
Frank, John H.  Sargent Leader  07/19/1934 
Franklin, Eunice  Mason City Trans  12/01/1921 
Franklin, Grace B. Mason City Trans  11/14/1918  nee Whisman, Mrs. Fred J. Franklin 
Franklin, Mary Ellen  Arnold Sentinel  01/11/1934  53, Mrs. Joseph Caudle, 3 kids 
Franklin, Norma Ione  Mason City Trans  04/17/1919  child 
Franklin, Wm.  Ansley Argosy  06/09/1910 
Franssen, Herman J.  Arnold Sentinel   09/27/1979
Fraser, Clara  Ansley Herald  12/30/1920 
Frasier, Mrs. Lola Ann  Ansley Herald  01/29/1942  nee Hosford
Frasier, Virginia (Mrs)  Mason City Trans  05/14/1914  nee Allen 
Frazee, Willis E.  Merna Messenger  06/26/1930 
Frazer, Mrs. Allen T. (Jennie Everett)  Merna Record  05/15/1914  aka Mrs. Geo. T. Allen, 
Frazey, Sarah  Ansley Herald  05/04/1917  nee Amsberry 
Frazey, Sarah (Mrs)  Mason City Trans  05/03/1917  nee Amsberry
Frazier, Lewis  Ansley Chronicle  05/03/1907 
Frazier, Martha  Arnold Sentinel  12/23/1920  81 Mrs. James Givens & Mrs C.J. Correll 
Frederick, Edward  Loup Vall Queen  01/27/1916  weds Mabel McClure 
Freeberg, Gustaf  Mason City Trans  03/31/1921 
Freel, Elsie  Arnold Sentinel  04/09/1931   weds Clyde Miller of KS
Freeland, Truman  Sargent Leader  10/06/1938  early surveyor,  86 
Freeman, Chas.  Comstock News  11/17/1921 
Freeman, Gene  Sargent Leader  07/17/1941  age 9 of Long Pine 
Freeman, George  Sargent Leader  05/03/1917  Weds Hazell Zeller at Taylor 
Freeman, Jackson  Sargent Leader  03/02/1922 
Freeman, Julia  Anselmo Enterpr  12/09/1927  Mrs. Hubert Leonard 
Freeman, Monroe  Sargent Leader   02/27/1936  age 79
Freeman, Mrs. C. H.  Oconto Register  11/05/1914 
Freeman, Mrs. Charles  Sargent Leader  03/03/1938  see Orvis, Mrs. James.  nee Sturdevant, Anna
Freeman, Ora Joan  Sargent Leader  11/21/1940  nee Ora Joan Pense, Milburn 
Frees, Einan O.  Arnold Sentinel  02/02/1939 
French, Laura M.  Ansley Herald  11/15/1928  nee French, Mrs. Wm. Corey 
French, Peter  Sargent Leader  11/06/1924  age 85, see 11/13 
French, Peter  Mason City Trans  11/13/1924 
French, Robert E.  Ansley Herald  02/17/1927 
French, Robert. E. Arnold Sentinel  02/16/1927  77 
French, Sadie  Ansley Herald  03/04/1926  Estate notice 
Fretz, Mrs. Ed  Comstock News  11/02/1922  see also 11/ 9/ 1922  Annie Hoffman,
Fretz, Mrs. Edwin Sargent Leader  11/02/1922  nee Annie D. Hoffman 
Friend, Margaret  Ansley Herald  07/26/1923  Mrs. James Anderson 
Fries, M. L.   Sargent Leader  01/21/1937
Fritz, Anna  Sargent Leader  04/07/1921  daugjhter of Charles 
Fritz, daughter  Anselmo Enterpr  04/15/1921  12 year old dau. of Clark Fritz 
Frosh, Fred  Arnold Sentinel  02/08/1928  weds Lenore DeWitt 
Frosh, Geo Fredrick  Arnold Sentinel  02/04/1932  infant son of mm Fred T. Frosh 
Frost,  Alexander  Sargent Leader  08/19/1920 
Frost, Frank  Sargent Leader  08/21/1919 
Frost, Helen  Sargent Leader  12/07/1939  Weds Vincial Huss 
Frost, Magdalena  Sargent Leader  04/18/1940  nee Hytrek, age 84, see 4-25 
Frost, Otis  Anselmo Enterpr  07/23/1926 
Frost, Wilhelmina   Sargent Leader  02/12/1931  Mrs. H. Edward Sanders
Fruehwald, Hilbert  Sargent Leader  03/23/1944  weds Ruth Virginia Melham 
Fuller, Arthur   Sargent Leader  10/09/1941  see obit 10-16   Idaho truck accident
Fuller, Benjamin  Sargent Leader  03/11/1943  see obit 3-18  age 81 
Fuller, Edward S.  Comstock News   09/16/1915
Fuller, Ella May  Ansley Herald  08/24/1939  Mrs. Layfette Roblee 
Fuller, Everett   Loup Vall Queen  03/08/1917  weds Ruth Haefele 3-3
Fuller, John B. Sargent Leader   12/15/1938  Comstock
Fuller, Martha Lovina  Sargent Leader  02/18/1932  Mrs. M. L. Petet 
Fuller, Sarah Isabell   Sargent Leader  05/18/1922  Mrs. John A. Kenyon
Fuller, Sarah M.  Comstock News  06/03/1911   see Mrs. Elias Fuller, nee Richeson
Fuller, Wayne  Arnold Sentinel  03/01/1922  8 year old son of mm Al Fuller, swing hit him 
Fulton, Grace  Sargent Leader  10/04/1923  See Barta 
Fulton, Reed  Sargent Leader  05/19/1921 
Fulton, Reed Worth  Sargent Leader  07/01/1920 
Fulton, Willard  Sargent Leader  10/16/1913 
Fults, Mrs. Mae  Ansley Herald   04-15-1926  nee Harris
Funke, Mrs, Jack  Sargent Leader  6/27/1935  see Hall, Irene;  see Pfrehm, Irene;  see Hank, Irene 
Furman, Nancy (Mrs)  Mason City Trans  04/09/1914  nee(Lytle),Metz,stepmother of Mrs ML Lamb 
Furrow, Mildred  Sargent Leader  11/23/1939  Weds J. Bryon Tockey 

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