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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "G" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)

Gaddis, Levi D.  Merna Postal Card  06/04/1915 
Gage, Estella Eldora  Arnold Sentinel  01/19/1933  77
Gaines, E.H.  Mason City Trans  01/08/1914 
Gaines, Elbert H.  Ansley Argosy  01/08/1914 
Gaines, Elmer  Arnold Sentinel  10/21/1937 
Gaines, Mrs Nora E.  Arnold Sentinel  09/28/1933  weds L. P. Rose of Arnold 
Gaither, Adeline (Mrs)  Mason City Trans  10/19/1916  nee Swigart
Gaither, T. S. Mason City Trans  02/25/1926 & 03/04/1926 
Galbreath, Arva Mae  Sargent Leader  02/19/1942  weds Albert Dawe of Burwell 
Galbreath, Opal Irene  Sargent Leader  04/06/1944  weds Dick Shelton
Galbreath, Wayne  Sargent Leader  01/08/1942  weds Doris Granger 
Gallaher, inf. of Elmer  Sargent Leader  09/11/1919 
Gallaher, Mrs. Charles  Sargent Leader  06/11/1931  nee Mary Etta Twombley
Gallaher, Mrs. Elmer  Sargent Leader  10/11/1923  Died in childbirth.  See Birtie Blanche DeBusk.  Age 24.
Gallington, Maude E.  Arnold Sentinel  04/05/1979 
Galloway, Mrs. Mrytle  Sargent Leader  01/14/1937  (Comstock and Merna) See 1/21/37
Gambie, Malinda Mary  Arnold Sentinel  12/14/1933  76, Mrs. Lewis Kimberling, 6 kids 
Gardner, Charles C.  Sargent Leader  05/10/1934 
Gardner, Della Rose  Sargent Leader  08/14/1941  of AZ weds J.D. Chadwick of Tombstone 
Gardner, Fern  Sargent Leader  07/17/1941  Weds Winslow Rainbolt
Gardner, Thomas  Mason City Trans  01/10/1929 
Gardner, Thomas G.  Arnold Sentinel  01/09/1929  90,  Civil War vet, Westerville 
Garman, Mrs. E.P  Arnold Sentinel  10/17/1928  88, nee ? aunt of several Arnold folk
Garner, infant  Sargent Leader  12/18/1941  son of Wilbert Garner, near Brewster 
Garner, John T. Sargent Leader  10/21/1937  age 65, obit 
Garner, Virgene  Sargent Leader  01/04/1940  infant of Wilber and Gladys Garner 
Garniss, Ellen (Drewery) Ansley Herald  12/17/1915 
Garniss, Glen  Sargent Leader  08/12/1943  age 4, barrel churn 
Garniss, Mrs. John  Ansley Herald  01/26/1935  Mrs. John Garniss, nee Elizabeth Jane  Collier
Garniss, Thomas  Ansley Herald  05/17/1923  Estate Notice 
Garrett, Rebecca    Sargent Leader  05/30/1912  Mrs. Frank Anderson
Garringer, Charles  Arnold Sentinel  09/19/1929  weds Velma Shepard, teacher 
Garringer, Trov  Loup Vall Queen  02/24/1916  age 5, son of John Garringer, Lodi 
Garringer, Troy  Callaway Courier  02/24/1916 
Garris, George  Sargent Leader  02/23/1939  age 51, obit in March 2 issue 
Garris, George  Sargent Leader  02/23/1939  age 51, obit in March 2 issue 
Garris, Lucille  Sargent Leader  04/10/1941  Weds Wm George Probert 
Garris, Luella  Sargent Leader  01/14/1943  weds Lyle Gibson 
Garris, Morris  Sargent Leader  06/27/1940  Weds Evalyn Amos 
Garris, Solomon F.  Sargent Leader  07/26/1945  93  see obit 8-2-1945 
Garrison, Frank  Sargent Leader  10/17/1935  Callaway merchant with Sargent relatives
Garrison, Fred  Sargent Leader  11/18/1943  weds Mrs. Clements
Garrison, Lynn  Sargent Leader  07/04/1940  Weds Margaret Case
Garrison, Mrs. Frank  Sargent Leader  03/26/1931 
Garrison, Roy A. Sargent Leader  04/11/1946  of Taylor weds Mrs. Lucille Brown of Miss. 
Garton, Stella  Sargent Leader  07/09/1914  Mrs. Eli Olson 
Garver, K.R.  Sargent Leader  12/20/1923  Airplane stunt man, died in accident.
Gasemann, Chas. Comstock News  10/20/1911 
Gates, Evelyn  Sargent Leader  02/22/1945  weds Jay Welsh 
Gates, Guy  Ansley Herald  09/24/1915 
Gates, H. E.  Sargent Leader  09/15/1927 
Gates, Mrs. Howell  Merna Messen.  02/13/1920 
Gates, Mrs. Lilias Ann  Ansley Herald  03/09/1922  nee West, Mrs. Albert C. Gates 
Gates, Stillman  Sargent Leader  08/21/1919 
Gates, Wm. Ansley Herald  02/24/1921 
Gates, Wm.  Anselmo Enterpr  02/24/1921 
Gatis  Anselmo Enterprise  03/15/1918  Son of Howe Gatis 
Gatliff, Addison Wm. Sargent Leader  04/29/1920 
Gatliff, Evelyn  Sargent Leader  10/20/1938  age 24 
Gatliff, Mrs. Charles  Sargent Leader  03/08/1934 
Gatliff, Mrs. Wm.  Sargent Leader  08/19/1937  see Mrs. Jason Evans 
Gatliff, Sarah (Stone)  Sargent Leader  08/26/1937  dau of John & Ann Stone, wife of Wm Gatliff, 7 children 
Gatliff, Wm. Sargent Leader  02/14/1918 
Gauge, W.P.  Comstock News  12/09/1920 
Gawley, Thomas R.  Sargent Leader  06/21/1928 
Gebhardt, Mrs. Fred  Ansley Chronicle  12/29/1905  Father of Mrs. Fred  Gebhardt 
Gebhart, Conrad  Ansley Herald  08/11/1921 
Gebhart, Mrs. Fred  Ansley Argosy  07/02/1914  Susie (Weston) Gebhart 
Geesman, Mrs. E. A.  Ansley Herald  03/05/1925  nee Talbot, Elizabeth Ann/ item 
Gehrman, Albert  Arnold Sentinel  01/05/1933  weds Pearl Koening 
Gehrt, Jacob Julius  Ansley Herald  07/09/1936 
Geiser,  Rachel L. Arnold Sentinel  10/15/1931  weds Herman H. Campbell of Anselmo 
Geiser, Dixie  Arnold Sentinel  09/10/1924  weds Geo Ralston in KS, to live in Kearney 
Geiser, Emery  Sargent Leader  10/24/1918 
Geiser, Irene  Arnold Sentinel  01/16/1929  weds Harry Redfern
Geiser, Jacob  Sargent Leader  04/11/1935 
Geiser, Mabel  Arnold Sentinel  05/09/1923  weds Loyd Smith at Broken Bow 
Geiser, Mrs Barbara  Sargent Leader  04/12/1945  death notice, age 94, Arnold 
Geiser, Mrs. Barbara  Sargent Leader  04/19/1945  Nee Miller 
Geiser, Ruth  Sargent Leader  03/09/1916  child of Charles Geiser 
Geiser, Wilber LaVerne  Arnold Sentinel  06/01/1933 
Gemar, Sarah Arnold Sentinel  07/15/1925  weds Wm. Weidenbach
Gentry, Angie  Ansley Herald  09/18/1919  nee Angie Thorn
Gentry, Angie Mason City Trans  09/25/1919  nee Thorn
Gentry, Annabel  Ansley Herald  01/22/1942  Mrs. Slater 
Gentry, Ella  Ansley Herald  03/14/1929  Mrs. Geo. Crist 
Gentry, Mary Jane  Ansley Herald  12/20/1918  Mary Jane Christ 
Gentry, Wm. Ansley Herald  10/01/1931 
Genung, Infant  Anselmo Enterprise  03/12/1915  Child of C. T. Genung
George, Mrs. Abbie M.  Ansley Chronicle  12/06/1901
George, Cora  Mason City Trans  08/08/1918  Mrs. Cora Morgan 
George, Howie W. Mason City Trans  02/11/1926 
George, John  Ansley Herald  09/28/1950 
George, Mr.  Ansley Chronicle  04/05/1907  died at Gibbon, dau. is Mrs. J. B. Houts 
George, Mrs. Sophia  Ansley Herald  03/30/1950  Mrs. John (nee Kaelin) George 
George, Robert A.  Sargent Leader  06/02/1916 
Gettier, Ellen Mary  Sargent Leader  04/16/1942  Mrs. John Fisher   p.3  91 
Getty, Mrs. Rebekah  Sargent Leader  01/22/1925  age 76 
Gettys, Edna Mae  Arnold Sentinel  05/07/1931  weds Cyrus E. Spelts of Omaha 
Gettys, Rev. W.W.  Ansley Herald  07/25/1935 
Gettys, Wilber  Loup Vall Queen  11/02/1916  age 16, football game exertion--see editorial in paper of 11-2-16, page 7 
Gettys, Wilbur  Ansley Herald  11/03/1916 
Gharring, O.W.  Arnold Sentinel  07/04/1923  weds Beryl Brown 
Gibbens, Ed  Sargent Leader  09/12/1935  see obit in 9-19-35 
Gibbens, Genevieve  Sargent Leader  10/01/1942  Mrs. Carl Clay  age 23 
Gibbens, Gloria Mauren  Sargent Leader  10/23/1941  weds Oscar Swick 
Gibbens, Kyle Robert  Sargent Leader  11/27/1930  son of Jeff Gibbens 
Gibbens, Marie Ruby  Sargent Leader  09/23/1920  infant 
Gibbens, Thomas Jeff. Sargent Leader  09/11/1941  obit, age 59 see also 9-4 
Gibbins,  Ansley Herald  09/17/1915  Brother of J. A. Gibbins 
Gibbons, inf. of W. H.  Sargent Leader  03/23/1917 
Gibbons, Marian E. Sargent Leader  01/11/1945   weds Joeseph J. Horky
Gibbons, Mrs. Ed  Sargent Leader  06/03/1926 
Gibbons, Mrs. Edmund  Sargent Leader  05/09/1912  nee Tilda Young 
Gibbons, Edward C.  Mason City Trans  08/20/1925 
Gibbons, Mrs. Mary  Comstock News  12/02/1920  see also Dec 9 
Gibbons, Mrs. Walter   Sargent Leader  11/23/1944  of Wescott, see Sylvia Marie Havlik
Gibson,  Robert  Ansley Herald  11/09/1917 
Gibson, Ella Ruth  Ansley Herald  09/21/1933  Mrs. Lester Gibson 
Gibson, Gertie  Ansley Herald  01/19/1933  nee Crandall 
Gibson, James Lou  Sargent Leader  09/11/1919 
Gibson, Leroy  Sargent Leader  07/03/1941  Weds Elinor Smith 
Gibson, Lyle  Sargent Leader  01/14/1943  weds Luella Garris 
Gibson, Lyle Odell  Ansley Herald  07/17/1919  child 
Gibson, Marcia  Sargent Leader  04/01/1937  See Campbell 
Gibson, Mrs. George W.  Sargent Leader   09/13/1934  nee Marietta Wright
Gibson, T. C.  Ansley Chronicle  01/29/1904 
Gibson, Wm. Mason City Trans  02/19/1919 
Giddings, Joseph M. Ansley Herald  08/20/1931  Joseph Montague Giddings 
Giddings, Julia Zidna  Ansley Herald  03/01/1923  nee Sperry, Mrs. Joseph Giddings 
Gideon, Melvin  Sargent Leader  05/17/1945  weds Evylyn Wells 
Giersdorf, Julia Ann  Arnold Sentinel  06/28/1979 
Giese, Herman  Mason City Trans  07/24/1924 
Giffin, Mrs. Lydia  Loup Vall Queen  10/12/1916  nee Roderick.  wife of John W Griffin see also 26 Oct 1916 
Gift,  Donovan  Arnold Sentinel  07/06/1927  weds margaret Schroeder 
Gilbert, Mrs. Catherine  Arnold Sentinel  06/17/1937  nee Osborne 
Gilbert, Miss Iva   Arnold Sentinel  08/15/1928  weds Lloyd Heldenbrand
Gilbert, Winton M.  Arnold Sentinel  02/01/1979 
Gilchrist, Minnie A.  Ansley Herald  12/13/1923  Mrs. Frank Fitzpatrick
Giles,  G. S.  Arnold Sentinel   08/10/1927  weds Alice Aydelotte
Giles, Winfield Scott  Arnold Sentinel  06/10/1925  82, m. Ida Burgan, 14 kids 
Giles, Woodie Mack  Sargent Leader  10/09/1941  weds Emma Altig 
Gilfert, Henry  Sargent Leader  01/02/1941  age 60 
Gilfert, Herald  Sargent Leader  05/01/1941   Weds Una Christiansen
Gill, Blanche  Mason City Trans  04/01/1926 
Gill, Ellen  Arnold Sentinel  11/30/1933  89, m. Wm. Harding, 2 kids, b. England 
Gill, Fredrick J.  Arnold Sentinel  04/05/1922 & 04/19/1922  Killed in action 1918 obituary 4-19 
Gill, Harry Raymond  Arnold Sentinel  11/22/1979 
Gill, Hazel  Sargent Leader  05/04/1944  weds Wendell Brass 
Gill, Mrs. H.R.  Arnold Sentinel  05/29/1929  nee Mary Susanna Barnes 2 kids 
Gill, Mrs. Thomas  Arnold Sentinel  01/20/1926  nee Anna E Walker 
Gill, Nellie  Sargent Leader  03/30/1939  nee Nellie Roda Vance, age 71 Gates 
Gill, Patrick Henry  Sargent Leader  01/08/1942  obit, age 57 
Gill, Sarah  Mason City Trans  07/08/1920  Mrs. Rolf Gill, Joseph E. Hazlette
Gillett, Mrs. Elden  Arnold Sentinel  01/04/1928  nee Margaret Daugherty, aka Mrs Sam Beaver 
Gillett, Margaret Jane  Anselmo Enterpr  01/13/1928  nee Daugherty, Mrs. Samuel Beaver, Eldon Gillett 
Gillette, Julia  Ansley Argosy  12/23/1909  Julia Hare 
Gilmore, Ethel  Oconto Register  09/22/1911 
Gilmore, Mary  Callaway Courier  06/05/1913 
Gilmore, Rachl A.   Loup Vall Queen  08/30/1917  weds Larence E. Booker
Gilmore, Ruth  Sargent Leader  04/25/1918  Mrs. Reuben Manning 
Gilmour, Robert  Sargent Leader  09/25/1941  see also 10-2 and 10-9 issues, gunshot 
Gingrich, Aaron  Arnold Sentinel  10/27/1921  of Gothenburg
Gion, Emma  Arnold Sentinel  08/13/1924  weds Harry Beltz 
Gion, James P.  Arnold Sentinel   03/16/1939  14 Mar 1919 (in Days Gone By column)
Gion, Joseph  Arnold Sentinel  12/12/1929  Gandy 
Gion, Joseph O.  Arnold Sentinel  12/19/1929  75, m. L. Bonner & A. Buckley 
Given, Esther B.  Merna Messenger  02/07/1929   Mrs. James L. Stratton
Given, Mansel P.  Merna Messen.  10/27/1916 
Givens,  Lillian  Arnold Sentinel  02/08/1922  Mrs. Franklin Anson, 58 1 dau, Ivy Samuelson 
Givens, Mrs. James  Arnold Sentinel  12/23/1920  nee Martha Frazier, aka Mrs. C.J. Correll 
Gladd, N.T.  Arnold Sentinel  01/08/1931  husb of Sarah, lawyer 
Gladson, Velma  Arnold Sentinel  08/10/1927  age 2, dau of mm James Gladson 
Gladson, Wm. P.  Sargent Leader  04/09/1914 
Glass, Frederick Mich.  Comstock News  12/24/1914  child 
Glass, Reuben E.  Ansley Chronicle  10/20/1905 
Glassy, M. H.  Sargent Leader  10/17/1929 
Glaze, Agnes   Arnold Sentinel  01/23/1929  weds Edward Dowse
Glaze, Charles Butler  Arnold Sentinel  01/04/1928  68, husb of Clara Johnson, 7 kids 
Glaze, Miss Agnes  Arnold Sentinel  12/05/1928  weds Edward L. Dowse of Arnold 
Glazier, Bert  Sargent Leader  12/13/1934 
Glazier, Lois  Sargent Leader  06/30/1921 
Glazier, Lois Louisa  Comstock News  06/30/1921 
Gleason, Esther  Ansley Herald  09/18/1919 nee Russell, Mrs. Wm. Gleason
Gleason, Fannie  Ansley Herald  01/31/1929   Mrs. Augustas  Stuckey, also 2-7
Gleason, W. M.  Ansley Herald  02/08/1918 
Gleason, William Marcus  Ansley Argosy  06/11/1914 
Glen, P.C.  Arnold Sentinel  10/07/1920  ditch cave in  at Broken Bow 
Glessner, Ellen N. Mason City Trans  02/03/1921  Mrs. Jacob Miller 
Glover, ?  Comstock News  05/03/1912  father of Mrs. P.D.Glover at Campus, Illinois 
Glover, Floreen  Arnold Sentinel  12/16/1925  weds Dean Eastman 
Glover, Irma Amelia  Ansley Herald  09/08/1932  Mrs. Fay (nee Mattley) Glover 
Glover, Mrs Mary  Ansley Herald  10/20/1927  nee Johnson 
Glover, Mrs. H.B.  Sargent Leader  10/20/1938  see Johnson, Alice Cordelia  76 
Glover, Mrs. P.D.  Comstock News  05/14/1914  see 5/21 - nee Augusta Lower
Glover, Mrs. Samuel L.  Sargent Leader  11/13/1924  see Martha Dunn 
Glover, Percy  Ansley Herald  01/19/1950 
Glover, Samuel  Sargent Leader  07/11/1918 
Glover, Samuel  Ansley Herald  07/19/1918 
Gobel, Andrew J.  Ansley Argosy  05/11/1911 
Gobel, Mrs. Lucinda  Ansley Argosy  10/17/1912 
Goble, Howard  Sargent Leader  02/05/1942  weds Norma Harvey in San Diego 
Godown, Elizabeth  Merna Messenger  02/06/1930  Mrs. Guy Godown 
Godwin, Lois  Sargent Leader  06/30/1932  Mrs. Lois Wykoff 
Goehring, Eldon  Sargent Leader  08/05/1926 
Goehring, Miss Viola  Sargent Leader  07/11/1935  auto accident 
Goehring, Peter   Sargent Leader  01/15/1925  age 67, dau is Emma Mann of Burwell
Goehring, Phoebe  Sargent Leader  12/06/1923  Phoebe Sehau,  Married Peter Geohring in Germany. 
Goerndt, Anna  Arnold Sentinel  12/30/1925  weds Maurice Troyer see 1-13 
Goin, Byron, Mrs.  Sargent Leader  07/19/1928  nee Anna Daman 
Golay, Max  Arnold Sentinel  07/10/1930  age 16, drown in Gothenburg lake 
Golbert, Charles  Sargent Leader  10/26/1939  heart attack, age 67 
Golter, Blaine Andrew  Arnold Sentinel  03/01/1979 
Golson, Charley  Sargent Leader  07/16/1942  obit  age 61   see also 7-9-42 
Golson, Frank  Sargent Leader  03/20/1941 
Golson, Mrs. Alice  Sargent Leader  12/21/1922 
Golson, Mrs. Charles  Sargent Leader  06/17/1937  of Brewster, age 51, see Ethel Miller 
Goodell, Jeanne  Arnold Sentinel  12/11/1930  weds Wayne Ervin 
Goodenow, A. J.  Arnold Sentinel  07/03/1930  obit 7-10, 64, m J. Auble, 5 kids 
Goodenow, Attie Ione   Arnold Sentinel  08/29/1929  weds Roy Fox
Goodenow, Dewitt C.  Merna Postal Card  02/02/1917 
Goodenow, Melvin  Arnold Sentinel  10/31/1929  weds Naomi Clark 
Goodman, Genevieve  Arnold Sentinel  08/12/1925  weds Lt. Mason E Westcott 
Goodman, Genevieve  Arnold Sentinel  09/12/1929  weds Earle Albert Russell 
Goodman, Juliet   Oconto Register  03/25/1915  See Mrs. Gilbert Guyle
Goodman, Juliet  Sargent Leader  03/25/1915   Mrs. Juliet Guyle
Goodrich, Clive  Sargent Leader  04/01/1915  nee Conklin 
Goodrich, Emma   Sargent Leader  08/01/1940  Mrs. Emma McCray 
Goodrich, Erwin W.  Sargent Leader  02/01/1934 
Goodrich, Mrs. E. W.  Sargent Leader  03/03/1927  nee Emily R. McGrew 
Goodrich, Mrs. J. L.  Comstock News  04/08/1915 
Goodwalt, Charley  Mason City Trans  07/01/1926 
Gordon, Bonnie F. Arnold Sentinel   06/12/1929  weds Francis Mahaffie
Gordon, Melville  Sargent Leader   05/02/1935  former editor of Sargent News
Gordon, Mrs. Martha  Callaway Courier  05/09/1912  aunt of E. L. Cleveland, died last Thur. 
Gordon, Mrs. Martha  Callaway Courier  05/09/1912 
Gordon, Mrs. Mary  Arnold Sentinel  02/10/1926  of Sutherland, dies 
Gordon, Robert  Loup Val. Queen  07/09/1914 
Gordon, Mrs. Robert  Callaway Courier  10/21/1915 
Gordon, Mrs. Robert Loup Vall Queen  10/21/1915  nee? 
Gordon, Rosella (Patrick)  Merna Postal Card  04/05/1912 
Gordon, Sadie  Loup Vall Queen  02/15/1917  weds Orin Fosmo 
Gordon, Sam  Loup Vall Queen  03/01/1917  death notice, TB, 
Gordon, SusanMinerva  Ansley Herald  11/27/1919  Susan Minerva Casteel 
Gore, Grace (Lanphear)  Ansley Herald  01/23/1919  Mrs. Oscar Gore 
Gorham, Harold  Sargent Leader  10/09/1941  weds Mrs. Frona Davis of Morrill 
Gorman, Harry  Arnold Sentinel  02/23/1933   weds Velma Sell
Gorman, Harry E.  Arnold Sentinel  03/23/1933  infant son of mm Harry Gorman 
Gormley, Rebecca  Loup Vall Queen  11/11/1916  see Mrs. Chas Whaley, age 64 also see McFate, Wm. 
Gosselin, Lee  Ansley Herald  01/31/1929 
Gosslin, Mrs. Deborah  Ansley Herald  07/09/1931 
Gould, Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  01/15/1914  Mrs. John T. Doak 
Gould, Gladys Eileen  Mason City Trans  02/25/1926  5 days old, dau. of Ed Gould 
Goulet, James  Mason City Trans   06/16/1921
Gouley, Mrs. James  Mason City Trans  09/11/1924 
Govaerts, Louise  Sargent Leader  07/25/1940  age 62 
Gowan, Cora Adell  Ansley Herald  01/21/1932  Mrs. J.T. (nee House) Gowan, also in 1-28-1932 
Gowin, Alice  Ansley Chronicle  05/08/1903  weds John Coleman at Litchfield 
Grabert, Carl F.  Merna Postal Card  11/08/1912 
Grabert, Carl F.  Merna Postal Card  08/06/1915 
Grady, Delia Mary  Sargent Leader  01/04/1945  see Mrs. Leininger 
Graf, Mrs. John  Ansley Herald  04/02/1936  Meta ? nee Huss 
Grafton, Mary A. Arnold Sentinel   02/17/1921  79, Mrs Daugherty.  momof Mrs. S. Beaver
Graham, Francis M.  Merna Postal Card  11/08/1912 
Graham, Hugh  Callaway Courier  01/19/1913 
Graham, Josephine  Arnold Sentinel  04/14/1932   Mrs. John Allen Pierce, 10 kids, 78
Graham, May (Stewart)  Merna Postal Card  09/24/1915 
Graham, Mrs. Maude  Arnold Sentinel  10/27/1926  weds C. D. Tittinger 
Graham, Roy  Arnold Sentinel  10/30/1919  weds Wilma Lee also see story 11-6  unusual 
Grainger, Mable  Sargent Leader  01/22/1920 
Granger, C. A.  Sargent Leader  10/13/1921 
Granger, Doris  Sargent Leader  01/08/1942  weds Wayne Galbreath of Taylor 
Granger, Grandma  Sargent Leader  07/16/1936  see Matheson, Marion Miranda, Mrs. Charles Granger. Age 85 
Granger, Zella  Sargent Leader  02/13/1941  Weds Loy Hersh 
Grant, Mrs. W. D.  Arnold Sentinel  11/23/1933  nee Calista Collins, 75,  one son, one dau 
Grantham, Eliza  Sargent Leader  05/21/1931  Mrs. Eliza Clark 
Grantzinger, Mrs. Joseph  Merna Messenger  10-4-1928  nee Jessie Pollard 
Grantzinger, Margaret  Merna Messenger  05/29/1930  nee Kern, Mrs. Nickolas Jaquot, Mrs. Charles Grantzinger 
Grautman, Henry J. Arnold Sentinel  07/12/1934   75, m Mary Haenel, 1 dau
Gravely, Geniveve  Ansley Herald  01/19/1928  Mrs. George (nee Perkins) Gravely 
Gravely, Mrs. George  Sargent Leader  021/26/1928   nee Genevive M. Perkins
Graves, Charles N. Sargent Leader  03/27/ 86 
Graves, Grace  Sargent Leader  05/04/1939  nee Brewer.  Mrs. Charles Graves 
Graves, Ira  Callaway Queen  02/11/1915 
Graves, Mary Jane  Sargent Leader  03/14/1940  aka Mrs. Mary Troxel, age 88, 
Gray, Charley  Arnold Sentinel  07/07/1921  killed at Shelton, train 
Gray, James K.  Mason City Trans  05/15/1924 
Gray, John  Ansley Herald  12/31/1915 
Gray, John   MasonCity Trans  01/06/1916  also in 1-13-1916
Gray, Mrs. Wm. Jr.  Arnold Sentinel  06/28/1979 
Green Susan  Mrs.  Sargent Leader  04/11/1929  nee Brown, also Mrs. Lewis Waterbury 
Green, Clyde  Sargent Leader  09/19/1940  page 4, age 55,  Broken Bow 
Green, Edna DeEtta  Arnold Sentinel   09/11/1919  weds Wm. Hewit in Lincoln, farm on Table
Green, Eleanor R.  Sargent Leader   12/21/1944  weds Douglas Duane Kraus of Taylor
Green, Emma Gene  Ansley Herald  10/04/1923  Emma Gene Worden - Mrs. Geo. Clinton 
Green, Glen  Oconto Register  03/01/1912 
Green, John   Sargent Leader  01/15/1942  weds Lucille Hazelton
Green, Lucille Marie  Sargent Leader  05/10/1945  weds Edward Briswalter 
Green, Martha A. Mason City Trans  12/23/1920  nee Morris, Mrs. E. M. Green 
Green, Matilda  Ansley Argosy  07/09/1908  Mrs. Sager 
Green, Mrs. Marie  Sargent Leader  05/15/1941   nee Marie New
Green, Mrs. Sam  Comstock News  03/25/1910 
Green, Mrs.Emma Callie  Ansley Herald  03/30/1939  nee May, Mrs. Green 
Green, T.D.  Ansley Argosy  08/19/1909  father of Mrs. C.J.Stevens, also in 8-12- 
Green,Dorothy L. Sargent Leader  01/25/1945  weds Edward Hass 
Greene, Frank   Sargent Leader  08/15/1940  marriage Elaine Whitmus
Greenstreet, Dorwyn  Sargent Leader   11/04/1943  weds Mary Jean Dow
Greenstreet, Dwane  Sargent Leader  01/25/1940  marriage in Calif to Virginia Dow 
Greenwood, Emma  Comstock News  05/10/1912  see Henderson, Mrs. Walter 
Greer, Sabina  Callaway Courier  09/04/1913 
Gregorie, Martha  Mason City Trans  02/26/1925 
Greibel, Magdalena  Sargent Leader  11/25/1943  obit.  Wife of Glen R. Brown 
Gressley, Ralph  Sargent Leader  12/23/1920 
Griebel, Jerome  Sargent Leader  06/12/1930 
Griebel, Lee  Anselmo Enterpr  03/21/1924 
Griebel, Leo M.  Sargent Leader  03/20/1924  Shotgun accident.  Obit 3/27.  Age 31. 
Griebel, Mary  Sargent Leader  06/02/1916  Mrs. Bert Smith 
Griebel, Mrs. Sedonia  Sargent Leader  02/06/1936  see Keveline, Sedonia.  Age 87.  see obit 2-13-36 
Griebel, Robert  Sargent Leader  04/11/1946  p.2  WWII fatality 
Grierson, Art  Ansley Herald  05/07/1942 
Grierson, Marie  Ansley Herald  11/04/1926  married Carl Mills at Taylor, NE 11 July 1926 
Grieve, Nancy Jane  Ansley Herald  05/23/1929  Mrs. Simon S. (nee Grieve) Guthrie 
Griffen  Callaway Courier  08/21/1913  2 year old son of Charles Griffin 
Griffin, Dollie  Loup Vall Queen  03/08/1917  weds Louis Hunnel of WY 
Griffin, Lydia R.  Ansley Herald  10/20/1916  Probate 
Griffin, Mary E.  Ansley Herald  08/22/1916  Mary E. Mason 
Griffis, Lloyd  Arnold Sentinel  12/17/1924  weds Ruth Edith Peterson of Etna 
Griffith, A. C.  Callaway Courier  04/09/1914 
Griffith, A. C.  Loup Val. Queen  04/16/1914 
Griffith, George A. Sargent Leader  10/19/1939  age 85, obit 
Griffith, Mark  Sargent Leader  08/22/1918 
Griffith, Mary  Loup Vall Queen  07/06/1916  weds Geo. Lincoln 
Griffith, Mary  Anselmo Enterpr  04/24/1924  nee Price, also Mrs. Teahon, Mrs. Thomas Griffith 
Griffith, Rhoda Olice  Sargent Leader  02/18/1943  Mrs. C. H. Fenstermacher 
Grim, Cora Belle  Sargent Leader  11/03/1938  see Mrs. W.P. Gresham, 69, 5 kids 
Grim, Henry Elmer  Sargent Leader  11/17/1932 
Grim, Mardell  Arnold Sentinel  11/21/1929  weds Thomas C. Russell 
Grim, Mrs. Oliver  Arnold Sentinel  11/18/1925  age 27, nee Inez Richardson 
Grimes, Mrs. T. C.  Sargent Leader  05/12/1927 
Grimes, Mrs. T.C.  Arnold Sentinel  05/04/1927  66, nee Ettie Currie 
Grimes, T.C.  Sargent Leader  07/15/1937  age 78, County Superintendent 
Grint, Howard  Sargent Leader  05/11/1939  Weds Joan Webster 
Grint, Howard  Sargent Leader  12/26/1918 
Grint, Inez  Sargent Leader  07/24/1924  see Pierce 
Grint, John E.  Sargent Leader  03/18/1937  See obit 3-25.  Age 79.  (Sargent) 
Grint, Kenneth  Sargent Leader  03/14/1946  weds Marie Parish 
Grint, Miss Ada  Sargent Leader  05/19/1932 
Grint, Norman  Sargent Leader  05/17/1945  weds Merlene Pulliam dau of Floyd Pulliam 
Grisham, Mrs. W.P.  Sargent Leader  11/03/1938  see Cora Belle Grim, 69, wife of William 
Grisham, Wm. P.  Sargent Leader  02/08/1945  83, father of Mrs Eva Anderson 
Groendyke Laura  Arnold Sentinel  06/10/1925  weds Marshall Ross 
Groff, Clarinda  Sargent Leader  09/22/1927  nee Orvis, also Mrs. L. Pope 
Groff, Jacob  Sargent Leader  08/25/1921 
Groom, Louis F.  Sargent Leader  10/27/1927 
Groom, Mrs. Mary  Sargent Leader  03/19/1936  called "Molly."  Mrs. Lew Groom 
Gross, Edna  Arnold Sentinel  02/22/1928  weds Roy Lewis 
Gross, Elsie Belle  Ansley Herald  10/07/1926  Mrs. Earl E. Gross, nee Orchard
Gross, Evelyn Lucille  Ansley Herald  11/15/1934  Mrs. Eugene Smith, nee Gross
Gross, Geo.  Ansley Herald  11/24/1932  also in 12-1-1932 
Gross, infant   Comstock News  12/28/1916  infant of Stanley
Gross, Mary Pearl  Ansley Herald  02/21/1929  nee Magner, Mrs. Whitney Gross 
Grossman, Minnie  Comstock News  10/06/1921  Mrs. Chas. Bach 
Groves, Decy H.   Ansley Argosy  01/09/1913  Mrs. George Baker
Grubb, Mattie  Anselmo Enterpr  8-14-1925  Mrs. Wm. H. Baird 
Gruber, Frank  Sargent Leader  04/17/1919 
Gruber, infant of John   Sargent Leader  11/06/1919 
Gruber, John, Sr.  Sargent Leader  09/16/1926 
Gruber, Mrs. John  Sargent Leader  10/30/1919  nee Lucy TePoel 
Gubser, Ellanor  Mason City Trans  03/01/1923  nee Maseberg 
Guggemos, Benedict  Sargent Leader  06/02/1921 
Guggenmos, Mark  Sargent Leader  11/12/1940  age 64 
Guggenmos, Mrs. Mary  Sargent Leader  10/27/1938 
Guildford Comstock News  08/30/1912  brother of Mrs. James Guilford 
Guilford, Ed  Comstock News  12/31/1909 
Gundy, Naomi Grace  Ansley Herald  07/02/1931  Mrs. Geo. W. Gundy, nee Tate 
Gunkemyer, Carl F.  Sargent Leader  10/29/1936 
Gunnarson, Oscar   Sargent Leader  04/30/1936  West Union, Age 86 
Gunter,  Mrs. Mildred A. Arnold Sentinel  07/11/1928  weds John T. Taylor 
Gunter, Beulah Belle  Arnold Sentinel  11/21/1923  infant dau of Guy Gunter 
Gunter, Clara  Arnold Sentinel  03/10/1921  weds Val Sanderson 
Gunter, Owen  Arnold Sentinel   08/01/1923  killed by falling wall, husb of M. A. Spain, 35
Gunther, Marion  Arnold Sentinel  08/24/1927  85, Civil War vet
Gunther, Owen  Anselmo Enterpr  08/03/1923 
Gunthrie, Fritz  Ansley Chronicle  06/12/1903 
Gustafson, Mrs Frank  Sargent Leader  03/26 & 04/02/1925  nee Swenson, 52, burned, 
Gustafson, Mrs. Charles  Sargent Leader  06/20/1935 p.4 see Moore, Alice 
Gustafson, Wilber  Sargent Leader  03/26/1942  weds Lucille Nims 
Guthrie, Ida M.  Mason City Trans  01/24/1929  Mrs. Ida M. McAdams 
Gutherie, Ida M.   Arnold Sentinel  01/23/1929  Mrs. James H. McAdams
Guthrie, Irma L. Mason City Trans  03/27/1919  nee Fielding, Mrs. Louis Guthrie 
Gutherie,Samuel Smith  Mason City Trans  01/06/1916 
Guthrie, Nancy Jane  Ansley Herald  05/23/1929  nee Grieve, Mrs. Simon S.  Guthrie 
Guthrie, S. T.  Ansley Herald  01/07/1916 
Guthrie, Samuel Smith  Ansley Herald  01/14/1916 
Guthrie, Wm. Preston  Comstock News  08/11/1921 
Gutler, Gail C. Loup Vall Queen  09/09/1915  weds Lela Poston of Finchville 
Guyle,  Mrs. Walter  Sargent Leader  05/02/1912  Annetta Grace Johnson 
Guyle, Gilbert  Sargent Leader  04/23/ 1912 
Guyle, Juliet  Sargent Leader  03/25/1915  nee Goodman 
Guyle, Mrs. Gilbert  Oconto Register  03/25/1915 
Guyle, Mrs. Walter  Sargent Leader  3/21 & 05/02/ 1912 
Guyton, Floyd  Merna Messenger  06/26/1919 

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