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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "H" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)

Hackbarth, Bertha Dorothy  Anselmo Enterpr  04/02/1920  nee Arndt, Mrs. Carl Hackbarth 
Hackbarth, Carl Gottieb  Anselmo Enterpr  12/04/1925 
Hacker, James Rob't. Arnold Sentinel s  03/24/1926  42, obit, m. Winnie Sheet
Haddix, Abbie May  Mason City Trans  06/07/1928  nee Fielding.  Mrs. Winfield A. Haddix 
Haddix, Bernice  Mason City Trans  02/25/1926  daughter of Newton Haddix 
Haddix, Calvin  Mason City Trans  04/01/1915 & 04/08/1915  
Haddix, Caroline  Mason City Trans  02/13/1919  nee Watkins, Mrs. Scott Haddix 
Haddix, Darius Henry  Ansley Herald  01/28/1937 
Haddix, Irene  Ansley Herald  04/30/1936  Mrs. Wm. W. Holmes 
Haddix, W.Scott  Mason City Trans  01/11/1917 & 01/18/1917 
Hagadorn, Pauline A. Arnold Sentinel  08/31/1933   weds Morris Wenquist
Hager, Alta  Arnold Sentinel  01/11/1979  Mrs. Hall 
Hagin, Don  Ansley Herald  12/06/1928 & 12/13/1928 
Hagin, Dan  Mason City Trans   12/13/1928
Hagler, Dewey   Arnold Sentinel  10/27/1932  weds Gertrude Blowers
Hagler, infant  Arnold Sentinel  09/03/1931  son of mm Wm. Hagler 
Hagler, Lauretta  Arnold Sentinel  09/28/1933   weds Oakley Weatherly
Hague, Dorcas Eliz.  Arnold Sentinel  02/08/1928  Mrs. Henry Leo 
Haight, Ernest B.  Arnold Sentinel  09/05/1928  weds Isabelle Hooper 
Haines, Harriett M. Mason City Trans  12/23/1920  nee Summers, Mrs. Wm. S. Haines 
Haines, Ida  Mason City Trans  09/05/1918  Mrs.John L. Morgan
Haines, Maggie H.  Ansley Herald  04/19/1923  nee Stover, Mrs. B. F. Haines 
Haines, Mrs. George  Ansley Herald  09/02/1937 
Haines, Wm. S.  Ansley Herald  12/21/1922 
Haines, Wm. S.  Ansley Herald  06/04/1925  Estate Notice 
Haining, Donna Rae  Ansley Herald  03/05/1936 
Haish, Alice  Anselmo Enterpr  06/03/1927 
Haitt, Marie M.  Arnold Sentinel  11/26/1931  Mrs. James E. Dunn, 9 kids 
Hajek, Mary G. Mason City Trans  04/02/1914 & 04/09/1914  Mrs.Joseph Jelinek,also in 
Hall, Alta  Arnold Sentinel  01/11/1979  nee Hager 
Hall, child of Peter  Mason City Trans  12/18/1913 
Hall, Mrs. Eliza  Mason City Trans  09/02/1926 
Hall, Mrs. Elizabeth  MasonCity Trans  08/24/1916  Mrs. Wm. Hall 
Hall, John A. Mason City Trans  10/22/1914 
Hall, Mrs. Frank  Mason City Trans  01/06/1916 
Hall,  Verona  Arnold Sentinel  05/09/1928  weds Verle A. Brown of Chicago
Hallman, Frank  Ansley Herald  01/09/1929 
Hallman, Mary Janet  Ansley Herald  11/23/1939  Mrs. Frank Hallman, nee Collier
Halouska Miss Alta L.  Arnold Sentinel  01/18/1934   weds Everett L. Metheny
Halouska, Darrel LaRoy  Arnold Sentinel  02/16/1933  child of mm I. J. Halouska 
Halouska, Frank  Arnold Sentinel  03/20/1930  weds Bertha Andre 
Halouska, James   Arnold Sentinel  07/02/1931  85,  m. Anna Cable, 7 kids
Halouska, John  Arnold Sentinel  04/16/1931  weds Mrs. Clara Mason 
Halouska, Julia  Arnold Sentinel  05/06/1925  weds E.J. Seaney 
Halouska, Minnie   Arnold Sentinel  09/09/1925  weds Kenneth Johnson
Halouska, Mrs. James  Arnold Sentinel  03/14/1928  83, nee Anna May ??   5 kids 
Halouska, Ray  Arnold Sentinel  05/01/1930  weds Irma Mae Conrad 
Halouska, Robt. W.  Arnold Sentinel  08/15/1928  weds Margaret Barnard of Honolulu 
Halstead, Mae  Arnold Sentinel  10/12/1933  weds Mr. Keelen Ledbetter 
Halverstadt, Clarence E.  Arnold Sentinel  02/25/1937 
Hamilton, Alice  Arnold Sentinel  04/15/1925  weds Anton E Christensen 
Hamilton, Arle  Arnold Sentinel  07/13/1927  weds Delbert Kirk 
Hamilton, Lester Leroy  Mason City Trans  08/21/1913  child 
Hamilton, Linnie A.  Ansley Herald  02/15/1923  Mrs. Charles Cox  
Hamilton, Lowell  Arnold Sentinel  03/02/1927  weds Gesina Behman of IN 
Hamilton, Mrs. Ann  Arnold Sentinel  07/25/1928  87, nee, Mary Ann Stephens 
Hammans, Dora  Arnold Sentinel  06/09/1938  nee Taylor 
Hammond, Cecil  Arnold Sentinel  02/05/1931  weds Clara Christensen 
Hammond, Cecil Raymond Arnold Sentinel  05/03/1979 
Hammond, Duane D. Arnold Sentinel  08/17/1933  infant son of mm Cecil Hammond 
Hammond, Edith Rachel  Mason City Trans  02/18/1915 
Hammond, Larry Lynn   Arnold Sentinel  05/20/1937  child
Hammond, Lloyd  Mason City Trans  06/11/1925 
Hancock, Robert V.  Oconto Register  01/26/1912 
Hanke, August J.  Merna Messenger  08/01/1929 
Hanley, J. T. -Rhodes  Ansley Chronicle  07/11/1907  J. T. Hanley - Belle Rhodes at Lincoln 
Hanley, Jack  Ansley Herald   06/20/1929  married Hazel Hendrick at Loup City NE
Hanley, James  Arnold Sentinel  07/02/1931  weds Dessie Robinson (see 7-9) 
Hanlon, Jane H.  Mason City Trans  07/01/1926  Mrs. Jane Mooney 
Hanna, Mrs. Clark  Mason City Trans  02/17/1916 
Hanna, Dr. Edgar Aaron  Ansley Herald  09/01/1932 
Hanna, Mrs.   Ansley Herald  08/08/1935  mother of Hazel Holub
Hanna, Neola  Arnold Sentinel  02/01/1979 
Hanna, Mrs. Oscar  Arnold Sentinel   12/14/1933  45 of Purdum,  burned
Hanna, Mrs. Virginia M. Ansley Herald  09/08/1927  Mrs. Dale Hanna 
Hanna, Ralph  Arnold Sentinel  11/12/1931  25, auto wreck, not married 
Hannawald, Frank Owen  Merna Messenger  03/27/1930 
Hannawald, Nettie  Mason City Trans  11/15/1917  Mrs. Meek
Hansen, Christiane M.   Arnold Sentinel  01/11/1928  Mrs. John H. Johnson, 73, 9 kids 
Hansen, Christina P.  Arnold Sentinel  03/19/1931  Mrs. Morris Morrison, b 1882, 6 kids 
Hansen, John  Mason City Trans  03/14/1918  2 obits same 
Hansen, Martha  Mason City Trans  01/28/1915 
Hansen, Walter  Callaway Courier  01/04/1912 
Haper, Wm. Mason City Trans  05/13/1915 
Harbeck, Ms. Henena Sr  Ansley Herald  05/28/1942  Ms. Henry Sr. (nee Harbeck) Hein 
Harbert, Lewis W.  Arnold Sentinel  03/29/1934  64 
Harbert, Walter-Wright  Ansley Argosy  11/21/1907  Walter Harbert-Kate Wright marriage 
Hardin, Ben  Arnold Sentinel  07/21/1932  78, m. Edna Sprague,  see 7-28 
Hardin, Bert  Arnold Sentinel  09/02/1925  brother of Ben. 
Hardin, Emily  Arnold Sentinel  10/21/1925  Mrs. Dyer 
Hardin, Homer   Arnold Sentinel  02/05/1931  weds Martha Headon
Hardin, Leora  Arnold Sentinel  01/12/1933  41, un-married good whistler 
Hardin, Mrs. Mary L. Arnold Sentinel  08/22/1929  of Gandy 
Harding, Mrs. Wm. Arnold Sentinel  11/30/1933  89, nee Ellen Gill, 2 kids 
Hare, ?  Arnold Sentinel  10/21/1927  mother of Principal/coach C.H. Hare 
Hare, Mrs. Clara  Arnold Sentinel  12/30/1937 
Hare, George B.  Ansley Herald  05/28/1925 
Hare, Geo. B.  Mason City Trans  05/28/1925 
Hare, Leeta  Ansley Chronicle  08/30/1907 
Harker, Mattie  Mason City Trans  06/07/1923  Mrs. H. L. Crosby 
Harmon, Mrs. Catherine  Mason City Trans  03/13/1924  nee Ward, Mrs.  J. H. Moody 
Harmon, Elisha Cain  Ansley Herald  10/27/1927 
Harp, Marth Ann  Ansley Herald  04/26/1934  Mrs. Marion G. Harp, nee Bivens
Harrell, Garland  Arnold Sentinel  07/18/1929  weds Margaret Weinlie of Denver 
Harrell, Leila  Arnold Sentinel  03/11/1925  weds Cecil Pearce 
Harrell, Mrs. Letha A.  Arnold Sentinel  08/31/1927   weds Levi Booth in Colo
Harris, Chester Wm.  Ansley Herald  05/12/1938 5-26-1938, as Wm Chester Harris 
Harris, Frank  Arnold Sentinel  02/15/1934   bro of R. J., dies in OK, 70
Harris, Frank  Mason City Trans   09/29/1921
Harris, Fred W.  Ansley Herald  06/25/1936 
Harris, Herma  Ansley Herald  03/16/1939   Mrs. Lawson
Harris, Mae  Ansley Herald  04/15/1926  Mrs. Mae Fults 
Harris, Mrs. Anna J.  Arnold Sentinel  10/20/1932  30, shot, 2 kids, nee Peterson 
Harris, S. B. Mason City Trans  09/16/1915 
Harris, Mrs. S. B.  Mason City Trans  11/11/1915 
Harrison, Charles Edgar  Mason City Trans  06/30/1921 
Harrison, Mary Jane  Anselmo Enterpr  06/13/1924  1-Thomas Busby, 2-James Lindly 
Harrison, Wm. H. Mason City Trans  11/20/1913 
Harshberger, H. C.  Oconto Register  03/01/1912 
Hart,  ?  Arnold Sentinel  09/24/1931  bro of Charles H. Hart 
Hart, Charles Henry  Arnold Sentinel  09/15/1938 
Hart, Dorothy Mae  Arnold Sentinel   07/23/1931  weds Harold J. Tatman
Hart, Marion  Arnold Sentinel  08/14/1930  weds Lois Wright 
Hart, Mildred  Arnold Sentinel  01/11/1928  weds John Lake at Scottsbluff 
Hartman, Fidelis Pauline  Arnold Sentinel  09/09/1937  baby 
Harwager, Henry  Arnold Sentinel  10/09/1930  of Kearney & Beatrice 
Harwager, Isla  Arnold Sentinel  07/04/1929  weds earl Haught--see 7-11-29 
Haskell, "Cap" Riley   Arnold Sentinel  03/16/1933  75, m. Lillian Audier, no kids 
Haskell, J. D.   Arnold Sentinel  03/16/1927  big death notice, pioneer
Haskell, James Daniel  Arnold Sentinel  03/23/1927  obit, 73, m Cora Wilcher, 7 kids, big story p.3 
Haskell, James Don  Arnold Sentinel  01/07/1932  age 7, 3rd child of mm R.K. Haskell 
Haskell, Laura Hazel  Arnold Sentinel  01/27/1938  Mrs. Truman Hienton 
Haskell, Mills  Arnold Sentinel  05/26/1926  age 1, measles, dau of Fritz Haskell 
Haskins, Mrs. Grace   Arnold Sentinel  01/30/1929  nee Grace Main
Hastings,  Ansley Herald  01/13/1938   child of Donald Hastings
Hastings, Mildred  Loup Valley Que.  10/17/1917   dau. of Earl Hastings
Hastings, Mrs. Nina  Ansley Herald  05/29/1924  nee Nina May Rosentrader 
Hauck, Jacob  Mason City Trans  08/08/1918 
Haught, Dr. Frank  Arnold Sentinel  05/20/1925  weds Belle Keller 
Haught, Earl  Arnold Sentinel  07/04/1929  weds Isla Harwager  -- see 7-11 
Haught, Joseph E.   Arnold Sentinel  06/30/1932  75, m Julia Porter, 6 kids
Haught, Lester  Arnold Sentinel  01/21/1932  weds Jewel Clark of Brewster 
Haught, Virgil  Arnold Sentinel  09/12/1929  weds Margaret Downing 
Haumong, Mrs. Jules   Arnold Sentinel  09/12/1929  death note
Hawk, Carrie  Ansley Herald  10/05/1933  Mrs. Henry Martin 
Hawk, Charles Wesley  Ansley Herald  01/07/1943 
Hawk, Madia  Ansley Herald  03/17/1927  married Geo McCullogh on Mar.9 in Kearney 
Hawk, Mason Ray  Ansley Herald  11/17/1938  Ray 
Hawk, Meredith Elbert  Ansley Herald  04/07/1932 
Hawk, Mrs. Chas.  Ansley Herald  12/18/1924  Rose Etta Berry 
Hawk, Mrs. Electa  Ansley Herald  10/07/1937  nee Johnson, Mrs. Charles Chapman, Hawk 
Hawk, Mrs. F.P.  Ansley Herald  12/23/1937 & 12/30/1937 nee Anna Blowers  
Hawk, Mrs.Addie A. Ansley Herald  03/02/1922  nee Coen, Mrs. Mason Hawk 
Hawk, Mrs.Emeline  Ansley Herald  12/31/1925  Mrs. Wm. W. Hawk, nee Woodward
Hawk, Orrin W.  Ansley Herald  01/13/1938 
Hawk, Mrs. Will  Mason City Trans  01/03/1929  nee Chase 
Hawkins, Ruth  Arnold Sentinel  10/31/1929  weds Orval Kruser 
Hayes, Louise  Anselmo Enterpr  03/16/1923  Mrs. Thomas J. Winchester 
Hays, Marion Gregory  Ansley Herald  06/04/1936 
Hays, Milton  Arnold Sentinel  06/20/1928  weds Bessie Line 
Hays, Miss Vera  Arnold Sentinel  11/10/1932  weds Thomas K. Blomquist 
Hays, Susie  Arnold Sentinel  11/14/1928  Mrs. Susie Devine 
Hays, Will  Arnold Sentinel  10/22/1931  50+, dies in CA 
Hayslip, Thomas  Ansley Herald  07/15/1926  item 
Haysock, Frank L.  Mason City Trans  04/14/1927 
Hazlett, Sarah Mason City Trans  07/08/1920  Mrs. Rolf Gill, Joseph E. Hazlette (2nd mar) 
Heacock, Elizabeth M.  Ansley Herald  10/09/1936  Mrs.Wm. F. Standlea, nee Elizabeth Marinda Heacock
Headon, Martha Arnold Sentinel  02/05/1931  weds Homer Hardin 
Heafele, Herbert   Arnold Sentinel  08/24/1927  weds Lilias Livingstone
Heapy, Geo. Mason City Trans  07/08/1915 
Heath Kathy Lynn  Ansley Herald   01/05/1950  infant
Hebble, Detlef  Merna Messenger   01/03/1929
Hedges, Charles K.  Arnold Sentinel  03/19/1931  weds Valerie Worrell 
Hedges, Miss Ruth  Arnold Sentinel  11/14/1928  weds Forest Roby 
Heenan, David  Mason City Trans  05/08/1913 
Hefferman, William  Sargent Leader  03/19/1936 
Hein, Arthur  Ansley Herald  05/29/1924  marries Flora Zimmerman at Council Bluffs 
Hein Sr., Mrs. Henry Sargent Leader  06/04/1942  of Ansley,  80  no obit 
Hein Sr., Mrs. Helena  Ansley Herald  05/28/1942  Mrs. Henry Hein Sr., nee Harbeck 
Hein, Roger Sargent Leader  07/01/1943  weds Eleanor Johnson 
Heiniger, Anna Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  05/27/1937  See Mrs. Anna E. Kleeb, born in Switzerland. 
Heinz, Mrs. John  Sargent Leader  08/20/1936  see Hosek, Besse  (Arkansas) 
Heiss, Sarah  Callaway Courier  01/30/1913  See Sarah Mottinger 
Heist, Mrs. Mary  Comstock News  05/27/1922 
Helberg, Marie   Arnold Sentinel  07/01/1937  Mrs. Arthur Blint Lydia
Helberg, Mrs. Ralph  Arnold Sentinel  09/02/1937 & 09/16/1937  nee Dorothy Ohlson 
Helberg, Mrs. Ralph   Loup Vall Queen  09/09/1937 & 09/16/1937  death notice  5 children obit nee Anna Dorthy Ohlson, age 40
Heldenbrand, Lloyd  Arnold Sentinel   08/15/1928  weds Miss Iva Gilbert
Helgerson, Mrs. Henry  Sargent Leader  06/30/1916 
Hellen, Walter H.  Arnold Sentinel  09/12/1929  bro of Mrs. C.H. Sanderson, IA editor 
Heller, Mrs. David  Sargent Leader  09/07/1939  heart attack, nee Ailsa Amos 
Helmick, Mrs. Harold  Sargent Leader  05/30/1935  see Stockham, Lottie.   see obit in 6-6-35 
Helmkamp, Chester  Sargent Leader  06/26/1941  Weds Wilma Howard 
Helmkamp, Mrs. Geo. Arnold Sentinel  09/07/1933  in CA, mom of Mrs. Ed Fox 
Helms, Christopher Dodge  Ansley Herald   03/30/1939 
Helms, Dorcas  Ansley Herald  12/04/1930 & 12/11/1930  Mrs. C.D. Helms, nee Holeman)
Helms, Geo. W.  Ansley Herald  07/20/1950 
Hemphill, Harry  Ansley Herald  02/19/1916  Esther Leona Carty at Grand Island-marriage 
Henderson, twin Comstock News  09/07/1916  see 9/14/1916  one of twins of Leslie Henderson 
Henderson, Emma  Comstock News  05/10/1912  Mrs. Walter Henderson, nee Greenwood 
Henderson, Frank  Arnold Sentinel  06/19/1930   weds Florence Rempley of Arnold
Henderson, John F. Comstock News  05/14/1914 
Henderson, Miss Sadie  Sargent Leader  10/31/1918 
Henderson, Mona  Comstock News  12/28/1920  marriage, see Emry Stanley 
Henderson, Mrs. John  Oconto Register  07/15/1911 Died  
Henderson, Myrtle (Mattie)  Sargent Leader  06/26/1924  age 38, Comstock, obit 7/3 
Henderson, Wilbur  Sargent Leader  10/24/1918 
Hendrick, Hazel  Ansley Herald  06/20/1929  married Jack Hanley at Loup City NE 
Hendricks, Maude  Callaway Courier  11/25/1915  See Maude Pearce 
Hendricks, Maude F.  Loup Vall Queen  11/25/1915  age  50,  see Mrs. O.D. Pearce 
Hendricks, Mrs. Edith  Sargent Leader  11/28/1940  nee Edith Hall 
Hendrickson, Chas.  Sargent Leader  09/24/1931 
Hendrickson, Frank  Sargent Leader  05/09/1929  son of Charles 
Hendrickson, Inez Sargent Leader  10/31/1918  infant of Charles Hendrickson 
Hendrickson, Minnie  Sargent Leader   12/13/1934  Mrs. Grant Carpenter
Hendrickson, Mrs. Carrie L  Sargent Leader  10/27/1938 
Hendrickson, Sarah M.   Sargent Leader  04/28/1921  Mrs. John Dye
Hendrickson, William  Sargent Leader   09/09/1937  death notice
Henion, Delbert Dwain  Ansley Herald  08/04/1932 
Henke, Fred  Merna Messenger  06/27/1919 
Henne, Lillian D.  Merna Messenger  03/07/1929 
Hennesey, Mrs. Mattie  Arnold Sentinel  08/10/1933  of G.E. 
Henrickson, Carrie  Sargent Leader  02/04/1915 & 02/11/1915  Mrs. Tolif Olson 
Henry, Della May  Arnold Sentinel  03/02/1939  nee Newman 
Henry, Elmer Guy  Arnold Sentinel  11/03/1938  son of J. W. Henry d. 24 Oct 1918 (in days gone by column) 
Henry, Fern Etta  Arnold Sentinel   02/10/1921  child of mm Ira Henry of Garfield Table
Henry, Ira  Callaway Queen  02/25/1915  wed Aleta Anderson at Kearney, NE. 
Henry, James O. Loup Vall Queen   06/07/1917  weds Karine Marie Westman, Stop Table
Henry, Josephus Wm. Arnold Sentinel  06/08/1927  84, m. Margaret Atwood, 9 kids 
Henry, Mrs. Margaret C.  Callaway Courier  07/22/1912 
Henry, May  Arnold Sentinel  12/28/1927  weds John Malm of Gothenburg 
Henry, Miss Grace  Arnold Sentinel  02/22/1934  weds John Weber 
Henry, Mrs. B. F. Sargent Leader  02/06/1936  see Dentler, Hannah Maria.   Age 86.  (Loup County) 
Henry, Mrs. John    Arnold Sentinel  12/22/1926  nee Mary Ann Bardrick
Henry, Mrs. John  Ansley Herald  12/23/1926  item 
Henry, Mrs. Margaret C.  Callaway Courier  07/25/1912 
Henry, Thomas G. W.  Arnold Sentinel  03/24/1938 
Henshew, father of Ray  Ansley Herald  07/13/1922  father of Ray Henshew 
Herbert, Mrs. Martha G. Arnold Sentinel  01/26/1933  84, nee Martha Simms 
Herman, Bertha  Arnold Sentinel  10/06/1921  weds Roy Fraker in Denver 
Herman, Magdelen Schultz Mason City Trans  02/22/1934 
Herman, Mildred  Ansley Herald  01/11/1923  nee Herman, adopted by Roy Waters 
Hermanson, Russell Peter  Merna Postal Card   06/16/1916  infant
Herndon, Gayle  Arnold Sentinel  11/16/1933  weds Rilda Dailey 
Herrick, Loren  Arnold Sentinel  01/02/1929  19, Broken Bow, wreck 
Herrmann, Anna Mary  Arnold Sentinel  08/10/1927   weds Dr. C. B. Morgan
Hersh, Loy E.  Sargent Leader  02/13/1941  Weds Zella Granger 
Herzog, Mary Rose   Arnold Sentinel  04/21/1938  Mrs. Beckler
Hess, George  Arnold Sentinel  03/26/1924  weds Nettie Nelson of Miller 
Hesselgesser, Mrs. Rob.  Sargent Leader  11/15/1917  nee Emma Jane McGinnis 
Hesselgesser, Robert  Sargent Leader   02/15/1940  age 85
Hesselgesser, Sarah J.   Sargent Leader  03/05/1914  Mrs. Ernest Morris
Hesselgesser, Solon  Sargent Leader  10/27/1938  husb of Blanche Wolcott, GI car man 
Hewer, Joe  Callaway Courier  04/09/1914 
Hewitt, Wilson  Mason City Trans  07/17/1924 
Hickenbottom,  Leslie  Loup Vall Queen  06/07/1917  weds Anna Lewis 
Hickenbottom, Florence  Ansley Herald   12/13/1918  nee Sherbeck
Hickenbottom, Joanna  Ansley Herald  03/17/1938  Mrs. Jensen 
Hickenbottom, Rolla  Arnold Sentinel  02/11/1915  weds Frances Schreyer 
Hickenbottom, Sarah Grace Ansley Herald  08/24/1950  Mrs. Sarah Grace Culton 
Hickenbotton, Lora  Arnold Sentinel  09/15/1921  10 month-old dau of mm R. C. Hickenbotton 
Hickey, Chris  Anselmo Enterpr  04/29/1927 
Hickey, Jeremiah  Anselmo Enterpr  10/03/1919 & 10/10/1919 
Hickey, Mary  Mason City Trans  02/23/1922  nee Hickey, Mrs English 
Hickman, Doris Mae  Sargent Leader  10/07/1943  weds John Gill 
Hickman, Guy  Comstock News  10/19/1922 
Hickman, Guy H.  Sargent Leader  10/19/1922 
Hickman, Homer B. Sargent Leader  01/20/1944 
Hickman, Marguerite  Sargent Leader  11/23/1939  Weds Thomas Walkin in GI 
Hickman, Mrs H. V.  Sargent Leader 7  01/14/1937  (New Helena and Denver)  See 1/21/3
Hicks, Elizabeth  Loup Vall Queen  03/15/1917  age 19, appendix 
Hicks, Francis  Sargent Leader  03/07/1940  Weds Gus Anderson 
Hicks, Frank  Sargent Leader  11/25/1937  shooting accident, age 22, see obit 12-17 
Hicks, Frank   Sargent Leader  07/01/1926  50th wedding anniversary
Hicks, Frank L.  Sargent Leader  03/30/1939  age 89 
Hicks, Gerald  Arnold Sentinel  11/28/1928  weds Miss Leona Lauer of Arnold 
Hicks, Mrs. Ann E.   Merna Messenger  03/01/1918
Hicks, Mrs. Vina E. Sargent Leader  01/11/1945  90, Vina E. Weller 
Hicks, Richard  Arnold Sentinel  05/07/1931  weds Garaldine Wiester of Kearney 
Hienton, Mrs. Truman  Arnold Sentinel  01/27/1938  nee Laura Hazel Haskell 
Hienton, Trueman  Arnold Sentinel  08/02/1922  weds Laura Hazel Haskill, to live in Lincoln 
Higgins, Mary Jane  Anselmo Enterpr  03/20/1925  nee Higgins, Mrs. Daniel Allen 
Higgins, William P.  Sargent Leader  11/29/1934 & 12/06/1934 s
High,Charles  Sargent Leader  09/13/1945  weds Zelma Cooley 
Hildebrandt, Christian H. Ansley Herald  01/29/1924  Christian Henry Hildebrandt 
Hilderbrandth, C. H.  Mason City Trans  01/29/1925 
Hilgert, Sylvester  Sargent Leader  07/26/1945 
Hill, Alice L. Anselmo Enterpr  12/09/1927  nee Orton, Mrs. Millard Hill 
Hill, Buelah   Sargent Leader  08/24/1939  Weds Forester, Harold
Hill, Charles D. Comstock News  01/18/1912 
Hill, Clara  Ansley Herald  11/12/1915  Mrs. Thomas Palmerj 
Hill, Dorothy Ann   Sargent Leader  02/26/1925  see Mrs. Geo. Davis, see Rittenhouse, of Grand Island
Hill, Isabelle Crawford  Ansley Argosy  02/13/1913  Mrs. Alexander Wright 
Hill, John J.  Comstock News  02/27/1914 
Hill, Laura Bell  Sargent Leader  06/08/1944  81, see Laura Rainier 
Hill, Lester B. Mason City Trans  02/12/1920  Civil War Vet. 
Hill, Mrs. Lester  Mason City Trans  07/09/1925  nee Jane Ann Farrington
Hill, Miss Wilma  Loup Vall Queen  06/10/1937  weds Leonard Zeorb 
Hill, Mrs. Sarah  Sargent Leader  08/15/1918 
Hill, Nancy L. Loup Vall Queen  08/03/1916  see Mrs. Frank Booth, 72, mother of 6, Callaway 
Hill, Samuel Craig  Ansley Herald  06/02/1932 
Hill, Sennett A.  Arnold Sentinel  10/21/1925 
Hill, Thomas W.  Merna Postal Card  11/12/1915 
Hill, Vernon  Ansley Argosy  04/24/1913 
Hill, Wm. Arnold Sentinel  12/10/1931  79, m Rachael Beckman, 4 kids 
Hilton, inf. son of Geo.   Ansley Chronicle  02/15/1907 8 months old
Himes, Emma  Anselmo Enterpr  06/29/1923  Mrs. Emma Shoemaker 
Himmelright, Ella  Mason City Trans  04/29/1927  nee Morris 
Himmelright, Mrs. Louisa  Mason City Trans   08/28/1913  nee Billings, Mrs. Thomas Himmelright
Himmelright, Thomas J. Mason City Trans  01/08/1920 
Hinds, Ida Elnora   Arnold Sentinel  12/22/1932  Mrs. Truman Sherman
Hiner, Mina A.  Merna Record  01/15/1915  aka Mina A. Thomas 
Hines, Willie  Arnold Sentinel  09/10/1924  age 14, drowned, grandson of  W.K.Tabor 
Hinkley, Mrs. John  Ansley Chronicle  04/07/1905 
Hinkley, Russell  Ansley Chronicle  05/17/1907 
Hinz, Catherine  Sargent leader  10/04/1934  Mrs. John Buhlke 
Hinze, Wilhelmina  Sargent Leader  06/10/1915  Mrs. Wilhelmina Becker 
Hipsley, Charlse  Arnold Sentinel  06/05/1929  80 
Hircock, Raymond Wesley  Merna Postal Card  02/02/1917 
Hiser, James H.  Ansley Herald  05/11/1939 
Hiser, Josephine Ansley Herald  08/11/1921  nee Popejoy, Mrs. James H. Hiser
Hiser, Mattie  Comstock News  05/19/1911  see Mrs. Everett Crawford 
Hiser, Perry  Ansley Herald  09/14/1917 & 09/21/1917 
Hively, David  Sargent Leader  03/18/1937 
Hively, Hezekiah  Ansley Argosy  06/03/1909 
Hlava, Fred  Mason City Trans  01/10/1924 
Hlava, Fred  Anselmo Enterpr  01/04/1924 
Hnlin, W.S.  Arnold Sentinel  07/07/1921  weds Bernice Rusk 
Hoage, Charles Mason City Trans  04/08/1914  married Emily Kessler in Litchfield
Hoage, Mrs. Walter   Mason City Trans  01/26/1925  died at Havelock, buried at Ravenna
Hoar, Charles E.  Comstock News  03/10/1921 
Hoar, Charles E.  Sargent Leader  03/10/1921 
Hoblyn,  Ansley Herald  03/24/1932   Infant of Frank Hoblyn
Hockom, A.J.  Ansley Herald  09/14/1950 
Hockom, Mrs. Fred  Ansley Herald  04/27/1939 
Hodge, Alice  Ansley Herald  03/16/1933  Alice Annette Hodge, Paine (nee Cheesebrough)  
Hodgin, Clarissa  Arnold Sentinel  11/08/1979 
Hodgin, Mary Evelyn  Arnold Sentinel  02/28/1933  weds Elvin Rader 
Hodson, Adrian  Ansley Herald  12/14/1933  Rev. 
Hodson, Fannie A.  Ansley Herald  04/05/1934  Mrs. Adrian Hodson, nee Wright 
Hoffman, A. G.  Arnold Sentinel  11/03/1938 
Hoffman, Absalon F.   Arnold Sentinel  10/21/1920  grave located
Hoffman, Annie  Comstock News  11/09/1922  see Mrs. Ed Fretz 
Hoffman, Annie D.  Sargent Leader  11/02/1922  Mrs. Edwin Fretz 
Hoffman, Cornelius  Arnold Sentinel   07/28/1938  d. 28 Jul 1918 (in days gone by column)
Hoffman, Henry  Comstock News  04/13/1922  Civil War vet 
Hoffman, Henry H. Sargent Leader  04/13/1922 
Hoffman, Mrs. C.A.  Arnold Sentinel   01/10/1923  nee Katherine Pease  81, six children
Hogg, Henry, Sr.  Ansley Chronicle  10/28/1904  good obit. 
Hogg, Infant  Ansley Chronicle  05/06/1904  infant of Henry Hogg 
Hogg, Mrs. Mary  Ansley Herald  04/23/1936  Mrs. Henry Hogg, nee Riddell 
Hogue, Hattie A.  Merna Postal Card  11/10/1911  aka Hattie Moore 
Hogue, Mrs.  Ansley Herald  07/15/1926  sister of J.D. Knapp 
Hogue, Wm. E.  Merna Messenger  04/12/1918 
Hohman, John Edward  Comstock News  06/23/1921 
Hohman, Theodore  Sargent Leader   09/01/1938  Wood's Park
Hohman, Vernon  Sargent Leader  10/01/1942  of KS, weds Waldretta Engleman of Kearney 
Holback, Harold  Arnold Sentinel  06/17/1925  weds Opal Ervin 
Holcomb, Stella  Arnold Sentinel  03/01/1934   Mrs. L. E. Kirkpatrick
Holdeman, Mrs. J.W.   Arnold Sentinel  07/30/1924  nee ?  8 children
Holden, Hatley  Comstock News  04/12/1912 
Holden, Jessie  Arnold Sentinel  11/07/1923  weds Lawrence Talmadge of Arnold 
Holden, Mrs. Hattie  Comstock News  01/13/1911 
Holden, Mrs. Lottie  Arnold Sentinel  06/16/1938 & 06/23/1938  nee Blakeslee
Holden, Robert  Arnold Sentinel  06/10/1925  67,  m Lottie Blakeslee 5 kids 
Holeman, Dorcas  Ansley Herald  12/04/1930 & 12/22/1930  Mrs. C.D. Helms 
Holeman, Emily  Sargent Leader  11/18/1918  Mrs. O. E. Moorman 
Holeman, Grover Allen  Ansley Herald  12/15/1938 
Holeman,  Ansley Chronicle  01/18/1907  infant of R.J. 
Holeman, John Henry H.  Ansley Herald  12/03/1931  John Henry Harrison Holeman 
Holeman, Myrta May Ansley Herald  12/01/1921  Myrta May Raybourn 
Holeman, Reuben A.  Ansley Herald   01/18/1918
Holeman, Susan   Ansley Herald  09/08/1916  S. Cunningham
Holinger, Dorothea  Mason City Trans  02/14/1929  Mrs. Dorothea Schultz 
Holland, Gerald  Ansley Herald  09/14/1950 
Hollenbeck, Andrew  Ansley Argosy  05/30/1912 & 05/23/1912 
Hollenbeck, Andrew  Ansley Herald  02/12/1925 
Hollenbeck, Andrew  Mason City Trans   02/19/1925
Hollenbeck, Geo.  Ansley Herald  02/28/1929 & 03/07/1929 
Hollenbeck, Geo.  Mason City Trans  02/28/1929 
Hollenbeck, Georgia  Ansley Herald  07/11/1929  married Doug Mills July 5th at Ord NE 
Hollenbeck, Mildred L.  Ansley Herald  08/22/1935  Mrs. Sundstroms 
Holley, John Albert  Ansley Herald   03/05/1936
Holley, Josephine P. Ansley Herald  02/01/1934  Mrs. Geo. E. Holley, nee Tucker 
Holley, Mary Josephine  Ansley Herald  11/03/1921 
Holley, Minnie  Ansley Chronicle  08/11/1906 wed to Ira Starks at Loup City  
Holley, Mrs.  Ansley Chronicle  10/16/1903 nee Foster
Holliday, Grace  Arnold Sentinel  05/23/1928  16, dau of mm Wm. Holliday 
Holliday, Tom  Arnold Sentinel  03/04/1925  Civil War vet 
Holliday, Tom  Mason City Trans  03/12/1925 
Hollingshead, Arvilla J. Comstock News  08/03/1922  child 
Hollopeter, Molly J. Sargent Leader  04/11/1946  married names Craven and Bowen 
Holm, Dora  Mason City Trans  06/17/1915  nee Holm, Mrs. Meier 
Holm, Mrs. Herman  Ansley Herald  07/05/1934 
Holm, Mrs. Herman   Arnold Sentinel  07/05/1934  Mason City, auto wreck
Holman, Rubie May  Ansley Argosy  07/29/1909  child 
Holmes,  Mrs. Sarah  Sargent Leader  08/05/1926 
Holmes, Darel Lee  Sargent Leader  05/02/1940  infant son of Darel and Lela Holmes 
Holmes, Charlie Melion  Ansley Herald  01/17/1919 
Holmes, Darel  Sargent Leader  07/13/1939  Weds Lela Swick 
Holmes, Eddy  Sargent Leader  11/19/1936 (Milburn)   Age 72 
Holmes, Geo. Merna Postal Card  07/28/1911 
Holmes, John B.  Ansley Herald  12/21/1922  notice of Estate 
Holmes, John R.  Ansley Herald  07/19/1918 
Holmes, Mary Alice  Ansley Herald  12/21/1922 
Holmes, Mrs. Irene  Ansley Herald  04/30/1936  Mrs. Wm. W. Holmes, nee Haddix
Holmes, Stella  Ansley Herald  04/02/1936  nee Carlisle 
Holmes, Ted  Sargent Leader  07/09/1945  weds Lucile Huss 
Holoun, Louis J. Sargent Leader  05/23/1940 & 05/30/1940 age 58, killed in horse runaway 
Holoun Sr., Louis J.   Sargent Leader  05/22/1941  mention of death 
Holoun, Mary  Comstock News  07/23/1992  see Mary Bailey 
Holoun, mother of Joe  Sargent Leader  04/08/1920  Mrs. Valasek 
Holster, Ann  Mason City Trans  03/03/1921  nee Warrington, Mrs. John F. Holster 
Holster, Fred  Mason City Trans  07/01/1926 
Holt, Charles  Arnold Sentinel  03/30/1939  30 Mar 1919 (in Days Gone By column) 
Holt, Elva Arlette  Sargent Leader  06/01/1922  Mrs. John Crownover 
Holt, Floyd  Arnold Sentinel  06/18/1931  weds Catherine Pinnell 
Holt, Geo. Arnold Sentinel  09/08/1926  weds Bernetha Bryan 
Holt, Mra. Eliza  Arnold Sentinel  08/18/1926  78, nee Eliza Matilda Swenson 
Holt, Noma  Arnold Sentinel  01/05/1933  weds Harry E. Wells of Stapleton 
Holt, Ruth Hilder  Arnold Sentinel  04/13/1939  9 Apr 1919 (in Days Gone By column) 
Holtz, Imogene  Ansley Herald  08/02/1928 
Holub, Emil  Ansley Herald  01/21/1937 
Holy, Charles  Sargent Leader  09/03/1931 
Holzinger, Mrs. Margurit  Comstock News  03/03/1911 
Honeycutt, Mrs. Jake   Sargent Leader  06/15/1944  Estelle R. Watson
Hoobler, Bessie   Sargent Leader  08/22/1940  married to Clyde Drake
Hoobler, Elva Pearl  Sargent Leader  06/01/1944  see Mrs. Elmer Dunbar, age 58 
Hoobler, Francis  Sargent Leader  07/06/1922 
Hoobler, Jacob  Sargent Leader  02/18/1937  See obit 2-25,  Age 89
Hoobler, Melvin  Sargent Leader  08/10/1933 
Hoobler, Mrs. George  Sargent Leader  03/27/1913  father of Mrs. George Hoobler died 
Hood, George  Mason City Trans  02/13/1913 
Hood, Leonard Leroy  Arnold Sentinel  05/31/1979 
Hooper, ?  Arnold Sentinel  08/24/1927  mother of Rev. Hooper
Hooper, Isabelle   Arnold Sentinel  09/05/1928  weds ernest B. Haight
Hoover, Albert Preston  Ansley Chronicle  09/30/1904 
Hoover, May  Loup Val. Queen  05/14/1914  wed Addison DePuy in N. Platte 5-4-1914 
Hopkins, Emma  Ansley Herald  07/02/1925  Mrs. T. T. Daniels
Hopkins, Floyd  Arnold Sentinel   07/21/1921
Hopple, Margaret May  Merna Messenger  03/07/1919  aka Margaret May Pirnie, aka Mrs. Orlonzo Hopple 
Hora, Anna  Merna Messenger  03/01/1918 
Hora, Miss  Anna  Loup Vall Queen  02/17/1916  age 17, drown in Dismal river, teacher.  See 20 APR 1916 issue for Body Found 
Horak, Joe Frank  Sargent Leader  11/03/1932 
Horak, Milan  Sargent Leader  02/19/1942  weds Luella Ohmberger 
Horkey, Irene  Sargent Leader  07/30/1942  weds Ivan Mauler in Chicago 
Horkey, Lorene  Sargent Leader  08/31/1944  weds Corporal Willie J. Morse in Omaha 
Horky, Arnold Allen  Sargent Leader  11/12/1931   son of Joseph Horky
Horky, Joseph  Sargent Leader  11/26/1936   see obit 12-3-36.  Age 43, Auto Accident.  (Cummings Park)
Horky, Joseph  Sargent Leader  01/11/1945  weds Marian Gibbons 
Hormer, Charles  Loup Valley Queen 07/07/1937 
Horn, Benjamin F.  Arnold Sentinel  01/01/1931  86, never married "Uncle Ben" 
Horn, Helen  Oconto Register  03/07/1918  See Helen Redfern 
Horn, J.F.  Arnold Sentinel  03/21/1923   father of  W.R.   Fremont
Horn, Louisa    Ansley Herald  02/09/1950  Mrs. Burdette
Horn, Mary Alice  Ansley Argosy  11/14/1912  infant 
Horn, Miss Hester  Arnold Sentinel  05/19/1932  weds Bernard L. Clinebell 
Horn, Mrs. ?  Arnold Sentinel  01/24/1923  mother of Wil Horn,  Fremont 
Horn, Norman R.  Arnold Sentinel  05/17/1979 
Horn, Norman R. Arnold Sentinel  05/24/1934  weds Eleanor Kellenbarger 
Horner, William  Sargent Leader  07/29/1939  age 64 
Hosek, Besse  Sargent Leader  08/20/1936  see Heinz, Mrs. John  (Arkansas) 
Hosek, Frank  Sargent Leader  04/08/1943  age 86 
Hosford, Hannah  Ansley Chronicle  01/03/1902  Mrs. Richtmyer 
Hosford, Lola Ann  Ansley Herald  01/29/1942  nee Hosford, Mrs. Frasier 
Hoskell, James Daniel  Mason City Trans  03/24/1927 
Hoskin, Dr. E. C.  Arnold Sentinel  12/15/1938 
Hoskin, Eliza Jane  Callaway Courier  09/02/1915 
Hoskin, Eliza Jane  Loup Vall Queen  09/02/1915  61,  mother of Dr. E.C. Hoskin 
Hoskin, Mrs. Dr. E. C.  Callaway Queen  03/18/1915 
Hoskin, Mrs. E. C.  Oconto Register  03/25/1915 
Hoskins, Virgil  Arnold Sentinel  03/29/1934  weds Roberta Imboden 
Hostick, Clarence Francis Merna Postal Card  02/03/1911 &  02/10/1911  baby 
Hostick, Mrs. Minnie  Merna Messen.  10/20/1916  nee Taylor,  Mrs. Oscar Hostick 
Hostick, Oscar M.  Merna Messenger   03/21/1929
Hotchkiss, Hugh Neal  Sargent Leader  05/13/1943  weds Dorothy Ruth DeBusk 
Hough, Miss Dorothy  Arnold Sentinel  08/18/1932  14, lightning 
Houghton, Eliz. Ann  Arnold Sentinel  02/22/1928  Mrs. E.H. Banner 
Houghton, Florence  Arnold Sentinel  06/08/1927  weds Dale Shaw 
Houghton, John  Arnold Sentinel  06/22/1933  family story, il 
Houghton, Sophia  Arnold Sentinel  04/14/1921  Mrs John Houghton, nee Sophis Bartlett
Houloun, Lilly  Sargent Leader  03/23/1939  Weds Philip Kaufman 
House, Bradford  Ansley Argosy  10/31/1912 & 10/24/1912 
House, Bradford  Ansley Herald  04/14/1916 & 03/31/1916 
House, Cora Adell  Ansley Herald  01/21/1932 & 01/28/1932 Mrs. J.T. Gowan 
House, Dora R.  Ansley Herald  08/10/1939  Mrs. E.C. Moody 
House, Isabel  Ansley Herald  04/03/1919  Isabel Harpster 
House, Laura Jane  Ansley Herald  07/24/1930  Mrs. Michael Farrell 
House, Mrs.  Ansley Chronicle  03/08/1907  married in Renfren, Okla to Bert Kimball 
Housel, Charles  Ansley Chronicle  05/03/1907  mar. Georgia Begg at Porkerdburg IA 
Housel, Frank B.  Ansley Herald  04/30/1942 
Housel, Gardner  Ansley Herald  11/15/1928 & 11/29/1928 
Housel, Gardner  Mason City Trans  11/22/1928 
Housel, Mary Jane  Ansley Herald  09/14/1933   nee Cook, Mrs. Housel
Housel, Mrs. C. L.  Ansley Herald   06/25/1936
Housel, Walter  Ansley Herald  03/10/1916  child 
Houser, Mrs. Rachel  Ansley Argosy  05/02/1912 
Houska, Mrs. Frank  Comstock News  05/03/1917 
Houston, Della  Anselmo Enterpr  06/04/1926  nee Houston, Mrs. Thomas Russell 
Houts, Charity Mabel  Ansley Herald  10/22/1942  nee Houts, Mrs. Williams 
Houts, Pearl   Sargent Leader  12/31/1936  see Millsap, Mrs. J. Lee.  Age 50.   (West Union)
Hovey, Mrs. Orpha  Ansley Argosy  10/26/1911 
Hovie, Conrad  Sargent Leader  11/25/1937  of Comstock, age 56, husb of Grace Gilford 
Hovie, Mrs. Grace  Sargent Leader  12/14/1944  p.8  weds Gaylord Johnson in Calif 
Hovie, Thomas  Comstock News  07/26/1912 
Howard,  Ethan B.  Sargent Leader 09/19/1918 
Howard, Elva  Sargent Leader  05/17/1934  Mrs. Guy P. Hyde 
Howard, Florence Irene  Sargent Leader  04/18/1912  infant of Roy Howard 
Howard, Heli W.  Comstock News  02/17/1916 
Howard, Imo  Sargent Leader  11/01/1934  child 
Howard, Mrs. Jessie  Arnold Sentinel  09/25/1919  weds Roy Nansel 
Howard, Mrs. W.S.  Sargent Leader  11/02/1939 nee Annie Laure Bradley, age 73 
Howard, Wilma   Sargent Leader  06/26/1941  Weds Chester Helmkamp
Howarth, Elizabeth Jane  Ansley Herald  06/06/1935  Mrs. Henry Rigby 
Howe, Mrs. Guy   Sargent Leader  02/25/1915  nee Alta Tunnison
Howe, Ralph Alroy  Ansley Herald  01/12/1933 
Howell, Sen. R.B.  Arnold Sentinel  03/16/1933  of Omaha 
Howland,  Rosetta  SargentLeader  02/27/1913  Mrs. Russell 
Howland, Charles  Sargent Leader  05/30/1940  age 83 
Howland, Lottie  Sargent Leader   11/06/1930  Mrs. Ash
Howland, Mrs. Charles Sargent Leader  03/06/1930  
Howland, Mrs. Orrin  Sargent Leader  11/04/1926 nee Nettie Noyes
Hoy, Elsie Susana  Arnold Sentinel  05/12/1938 & 05/19/1938  nee Amerman 
Hoy, Franklin P.  Arnold Sentinel  01/26/1939  23 Jan 1919 (in Days Gone By column) 
Hoy, Mrs. Frank P.  Arnold Sentinel  05/12/1938 & 05/19/1938  nee Elsie Susana Amerman 
Hoy, Loretta  Arnold Sentinel  01/18/1934  weds Harry Carlson 
Hruza, Joe  Arnold Sentinel  10/23/1930  murdered bachelor 
Hubbard, Archie  Arnold Sentinel  08/29/1929  weds Ora Bailey at Co. Fair, publically 
Hubbard, Merve  Sargent Leader  09/06/1917 
Hudson, Geo. Wm. Arnold Sentinel  05/21/1924  father of Mrs. Jack Davis, 61, 10 kids 
Hudson, Lillian Mae  Arnold Sentinel  09/15/1932  Mrs. Arthur Peterson, 36, 2 kids 
Hudson, Mrs. Geo. Arnold Sentinel  10/27/1921  nee Genevieve F. Richardson, 61 
Huffman, Dale   Arnold Sentinel  12/22/1932  weds Marguerite Main
Huffman, Emma  Loup Vall Queen  07/29/1915  weds Joseph VanEman age 56 of Callaway 
Huffman, Gertie  Sargent Leader  11/16/1939  Weds Lawrence Davidson of Cheyenne 
Huffman, Lucinda Anne  Callaway Courier  03/28/1912  nee Carter
Huffman, Myra  Sargent Leader   07/13/1941  Weds George Nekuda
Huffman, Roy  Arnold Sentinel  12/09/1937 & 12/16/1937 
Huffman, Sarah E.  Ansley Herald  06/25/1925  Mrs. Thompson, Baker, nee Huffman 
Huffman, Walter LeRoy  Sargent Leader  07/12/1923 
Hufmann, Goldie  Arnold Sentinel  01/09/1929  weds Donald Bertran 
Huges, Charles  Sargent Leader  17/24/1941  of Burwell 
Huges, Mrs. Charles  Sargent Leader  05/04/1939  of Burwell   obit. mother of Mrs. C.O, Felix 
Hughes, Bessie  Arnold Sentinel   01/27/1926  weds Walter Rockwell
Hughes, Charles  Sargent Leader  08/07/1941  death story 
Hughes, Clara Anna  Mason City Trans  02/06/1919  Mrs. Samuel Weaver
Hughes, Jessie  Arnold Sentinel  03/02/1927   weds  Mr. Stephens  ??
Hughes, Mrs. Gus  Arnold Sentinel  05/14/1931  of Gandy
Hughes, Marion  Mason City Trans  11/17/1921 
Hughey, Thomas H.  Arnold Sentinel  02/08/1922  73,  husb of Sarah Botts, 10 kids 
Hughs, Glaldys  Arnold Sentinel  02/01/1928  age 27, unwed 
Hulbert, Mr.  Ansley Chronicle  02/27/1903  of Westerville 
Hulet, Mrs. W.W.  Ansley Herald  03/28/1935 
Hume, John  Oconto Register  04/06/1912 
Humes, Raymond  Arnold Sentinel  10/06/1921  18 months old, son of mm Frank Humes 
Humphrey, A.R.  Sargent Leader  12/17/1937 
Humphrey, Mrs.  Ansley Chronicle  11/14/1902  sister of  John Sims 
Humphrey, Opal  Loup Vall Queen  06/10/1915  weds Oral Bolton 
Hunnel, Louis  Loup Vall Queen  03/08/1917  Weds Dollie Grifin 
Hunnel, Mrs. Mary  Arnold Sentinel  07/22/1937  Mrs. Hiram Roten 
Hunsberg, Katie  Mason City Trans  08/31/1922  nee Hunsberg, Mrs. Bramer 
Hunse, Mrs. Dolphine  Arnold Sentinel  09/19/1928  weds Henry E. Banille 
Hunse, Waldermar  Arnold Sentinel  01/09/1929  weds Mary Shaw 
Hunse, Walter  Arnold Sentinel  04/15/1925  49, suicide 
Hunt, Doris Lucille  Ansley Herald  04/29/1937  daughter of Wm. Hunt 
Hunt, Elsie Lois  Sargent Leader  04/29/1943  23, not married 
Hunter, Virginia  Sargent Leader  08/17/1944  weds Henry DeBusk in Alliance 
Huntley, Emiline  Sargent Leader  12/08/1927  Mrs. Wm Ferris, also Mrs. Fred Best 
Huntley, Geo. C.  Arnold Sentinel  03/29/1934  67, OR, m. Mary Kirchgestner, 1 son 
Huntley, Hazel  Arnold Sentinel  09/26/1928  7,  dau of George Huntley see obit 10-10 
Hurd,  Ansley Argosy  05/27/1909  inf. dau. of James Hurd
Hurd, Coreal A. Mason City Trans  05/22/1922  nee Hurd, Mrs. Henry Elliott 
Hurlbert, Rosie  Sargent Leader  03/14/1946  see Mrs. Ben Lundy & Rosie Carpenter 65 
Hurlburt, Mrs. David  Sargent Leader  11/12/1936   see Rogers, India Siloam
Hurlburt, Mrs. J. G.  Ansley Herald  01/04/1918 
Hurlburt, Rev. J.G.  Ansley Herald  02/08/1934 
Hurlburt, Samuel  Sargent Leader  09/03/1942  72 
Hurley, Horace Keith   Merna Messen  09/09/1921  baby
Hurley, Howard Wayne  Ansley Herald  05/15/1919  infant 
Hurt, Wm Charles   Sargent Leader  06/26/1941  Weds Kathryn Longacre
Huss, Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  07/29/1926  nee Lench, Mrs. Michael Huss 
Huss Sr., Joe Sargent Leader   02/13/1941  age 74
Huss, Lucile Merle  Sargent Leader  07/09/1945  weds Ted Holmes 
Huss, Melvin Sam  Sargent Leader  03/14/1946  weds Evelyn May Ashton 
Huss, Meta  Ansley Herald  04/02/1936  Mrs. John Graf 
Huss, Vincial  Sargent Leader  12/07/1939  Weds Helen Frost 
Huss, Wm.  Ansley Argosy  02/27/1913 
Huss, Wm.  Mason City Trans  02/27/1913 
Hussey, Fred   Anselmo Enterpr  11/09/1923 
Hutchens, Effie  Arnold Sentinel  02/11/1925  weds Carl Glen Welty 
Hutchens, Mrs. Joel  Arnold Sentinel  02/15/1928  nee Flora May Moore, 62, 10 kids 
Hutches, Matilda Ann  Ansley Herald  07/14/1921  nee Casteel
Hutchins, A.C.  Sargent Leader  01/23/1941  auto crash 
Hutchins, Ella May  Mason City Trans   07/26/1928
Hutchins, Ernest  Arnold Sentinel  06/18/1931  weds Fay Sutton 
Hutchins, Fern   Mason City Trans  03/03/1927  Mrs. Gary Van Winkle
Hutchins, Mary P.  Sargent Leader  03/01/1934  Mrs. Herman Carter 
Hutchins, Viola  Loup Vall Queen  07/29/1937  weds Kenneth Seaney 
Hutchinson, Donald  Arnold Sentinel  12/26/1929  weds Helen Morris aka Pinnell 
Hutchinson, Thomas  Arnold Sentinel  06/19/1930  weds Blanche Stonesipher 
Hutchison, Elsie E.  Arnold Sentinel  09/19/1928  weds Edward Clark 
Hutchison, Hattie  Arnold Sentinel  09/04/1930  weds Orie Simpson of Arnold 
Hutchison, Jake  Arnold Sentinel  10/10/1929  weds Peggy Koch 
Hutchison, Thomas  Arnold Sentinel  09/04/1919  weds Edith Imboden 
Hutt, Harold  Sargent Leader  05/23/1940  a pilot in California 
Hutt, Mrs. Steven  Loup Vall Queen  12/21/1916  nee Hulda Krokstron, age 50 
Hvesda, Maggie   Comstock News  12/20/1917  see Maggie Mathouser
Hvezda, Albert  Sargent Leader  07/09/1945 
Hvezda, Maggie  Sargent Leader  12/20/1917 
Hvezda, Maton  Comstock News  12/15/1921 
Hvezda, Matons  Sargent Leader  12/24/1921 
Hvezda, Mrs. Anna Louise  Sargent Leader  02/18/1937  See Nelson, Mrs. Louis.   Auto accident. 
Hvezda, Mrs. Dorothy  Sargent Leader  07/29/1926 
Hyatt, Alice  Ansley Herald  06/08/1950  Mrs. J. C. Crawford 
Hyatt, Bert  Ansley Chronicle 03/01/1907  married in G.I.  to Alpie Hatfield 
Hyatt, Garnet  Ansley Herald  11/19/1925 
Hyatt, Irene  Ansley Herald   03/10/1927  married Gerald Russell in Kansas Monday.
Hyatt, James  Merna Messenger  12/28/1917 
Hyatt, James  Merna Postal Card  11/28/1917 
Hyatt, Joe   Ansley Herald  08/30/1923
Hyatt, Joseph  Ansley Herald  04/03/1924  Estate notice 
Hyatt, Joseph S. Mason City Trans  06/04/1914 
Hyatt, Loraine  Ansley Herald  02/26/1920  nee Severance, Mrs. Abraham Hyatt
Hyatt, Melinda   Ansley Herald  03/11/1930  nee Hyatt, Mrs. Parmeter
Hyatt, Pearl Tena  Sargent Leader  01/23/1936  see Sanders, Mrs. Loyd.  See obit 1-30-36 
Hyatt, Perry  Ansley Herald  02/03/1927 & 02/10/1927  item
Hyatt, Perry  Mason City Trans   02/10/1927
Hyatt, Stephen D.  Merna Postal Card  12/05/1913 
Hyde, Charles Vincent  Sargent Leader  05/05/1927 
Hyde, Dallas  Sargent Leader  04/25/1946  weds Phyllis Walker 
Hyde, Lois  Sargent Leader  06/05/1941  Weds Walter Wilken 
Hyde, Mrs. Ettie V. Sargent Leader  05/02/1940  of Almeria, age 80 see Ettie Cheesman 
Hyde, Mrs. Guy P.  Sartgent Leader  05/17/1934  nee Elva Howard 
Hytrek, Magdalena  Sargent Leader   04/25/1940  see Magdalena Frost, age 84, see 4-18

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