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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "J" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)

Jacks, Francis M. Loup Vall Queen  04/27/1916  age 74, Indiana 
Jacks, Francis M.  Callaway Courier  04/27/1916 
Jacks, Lucinda  Loup Vall Queen  11/30/1916  see Mrs. Sam James age 82 
Jackson, Inez  Arnold Sentinel  03/17/1921  weds Fay Catterson 
Jackson, James  Oconto Register 
Jackson, John  Mason City Trans  08/20/1925 
Jackson, John O.  Mason City Trans  01/08/1914 
Jackson, Lena  Sargent Leader  11/24/1932  Mrs. A. T. Wood 
Jackson, Mary Jane  Arnold Sentinel  04/06/1927  Mrs. James Dare, 62, 
Jackson, Mathew  Ludwig Mason City Trans  4-8-1926 
Jackson, Mattie  Sargent Leader  10/16/1941  age 71, nee Mattie Cooper, Indiana 
Jackson, Mrs. John  Merna Messenger  12/27/1918  aka Mollie Foley Jackson, of Laurel, MT. 
Jacobs, Cora  Ansley Herald  10/20/1921  of New Helena 
Jacobs, Cora Leona  Anselmo Enterpr  10/28/1921 
Jacobs, Eliza  Ansley Herald  11/16/1933  nee Jacobs, Mrs. Fowler 
Jacobs, Florian  Mason City Trans  01/10/1924 
Jacobs, Florian  Anselmo Enterpr  01/18/1924 
Jacobs, Laura  Anselmo Enterpr  03/18/1927  nee Teal, Mrs. Francis Jacobs 
Jacobsen, Ole  Mason City Trans  08/21/1913 
Jacobson, Charles  Arnold Sentinel  07/20/1933  64, obit 7-27, m A. Anderson, 4 kids 
Jacobson, John A.  Callaway Queen  03/18/1915  wed Bettie C. Anderson at Kearney, NE. 
Jacobson, Ruby A. Arnold Sentinel  10/27/1932  weds Mr. Kim Cole 
Jacobson, Ruth Viola  Arnold Sentinel  04/03/1930  weds Ferald Da Lynn Johnson 
Jacquot, Mrs. Margaret  Merna Messenger  05/29/1930  nee Kern, Mrs. Charles Grantzinger, Mrs. Nickolas Jaquot 
Jacquot, Mary Ann  Arnold Sentinel  06/30/1926  Mrs. Geo. Milligan, 55, Anselmo, 5 kids 
Jacquot, Nicholas  Merna Postal Card  06/30/1911 
Jaeger, Forrest  Arnold Sentinel  09/15/1932  weds Clara Michele 
Jaeger, Norma Jean  Arnold Sentinel  06/07/1934  infant of mm Forrest Jaeger of G. I. 
Jambor ?  Comstock News  06/20/1913   see Satherwait, Frances
James, David  Ansley Herald  10/26/1917 & 10/19/1917 
James, David R.  Ansley Herald  02/1927  Estate notice in issue between 2-10 and 3-3 
James, Elizabeth Amanda  Sargent Leader  12/10/1936  see Wolcott, Mrs. Elizabeth.  See obit 12-17-36. (Almeria) 
James, Elmer F.  Ansley Herald  11/04/1920 & 10/28/1920 
James, Guy  Loup Vall Queen  10/04/1917  weds  Morrison, Miss Helen 
James, J. M.  Arnold Sentinel  05/08/1929  82, auto accident 
James, Mrs. Sam  Loup Vall Queen  11/30/1916  nee Lucinda Jacks 
James, Rose  Mason City Trans  11-28-1918  nee James, Mrs. Wm. F. Davis 
James, Roy  Ansley Herald  07/10/1919 
James, Roy  Oconto Register  07/03/1919 
James, Roy  Sargent Leader  07/10/1919  of Oconto 
Jameson,  Mrs. Ed  Sargent Leader  08/17/1933  nee Mary Elizabeth Ford "Mamie" 
Jameson, Asenith  Sargent Leader  08/03/1933 
Jameson, John D.  Arnold Sentinel  03/20/1930  child, son on mm J.H. Hameson 
Jameson, Maud E.   Sargent Leader  04/17/1919  Mrs. Maud E. Shively
Jamison, T. F.  Sargent Leader  03/29/1934 
Janesofky, Joe  Sargent Leader  12/03/1931 
Janesofosky, Mrs. Pete  Arnold Sentinel  11/10/1932  death note, see 11-17, nee Mary Kuklis 
Janesofsky, Barbara  Sargent Leader  07/20/1939  death note  See Mrs.Frank Parkos page 4 
Janesofsky, Emma Mary  Sargent Leader  01/01/1942  Mrs. William Weinman, age 45 
Janesofsky, Joseph  Sargent Leader  10/31/1918 
Janesofsky, Mrs. Peter  Sargent Leader  11/17/1932  nee Mary Kuklis 
Janesofsky, Peter  Sargent Leader  04/27/1933 
Jaquot, Mary Ann  Anselmo Enterpr  07/02/1926  nee Jaquot, Mrs. Milligan 
Jared, Allen E.  Arnold Sentinel  12/26/1928  husb of Mattie Cox, 8 kids 
Jarmin, Bernice  Arnold Sentinel  01/30/1930  weds Dean Kelly 
Jarmin, Beryle  Arnold Sentinel  11/09/1927   weds James Monroe
Jarmin, John   Arnold Sentinel  06/05/1930  weds Helen Nansel
Jarmin, Miss Lila  Arnold Sentinel  07/12/1934  weds James Leonard of Arnold 
Jarmin, Mrs. Charles  Arnold Sentinel  10/10/1929  nee Eliza Annis Piper 
Jarred, A. J.  Ansley Argosy  10/03/1907 
Jaynes, Mrs. Henrietta  Merna Messenger  05/17/1930  nee Powell, Mrs. Albert Jaynes 
Jeardoe, Lyle Eugene  Sargent Leader  12/16/1926  infant 
Jeffers, Lucille  Sargent Leader  04/08/1920  Mrs. Edgar Evans 
Jeffords, C. H.  Arnold Sentinel   04/19/1934  75, 2 sons, 2 dau, m Mary Price
Jeffries, Mrs. Wm.  Ansley Chronicle  04/07/1905 
Jelinek, John  Comstock News  03/22/1917 
Jelinek, Marie  Ansley Herald  07/15/1920  nee Marie Dibelka 
Jelinek, Marie  Mason City Trans  02/21/1924  Mrs. Franz Kobl 
Jelinek, Mary  Ansley Herald  10/25/1923  Mrs. Frank Dobesh
Jelinek, Mrs. Mary G.  Mason City Trans  04/02/1914 & 04/09/1914  Mrs.Joseph  Jelinek, nee Hajek
Jenison, F.O.  Sargent Leader   11/11/1937 p. 4 obit
Jenkins, Emma  Sargent Leader  11/28/1940  aka Mrs. Brannon, nee Masters 
Jenkins, Harriet Clifford  Arnold Sentinel  01/23/1930  Mrs. Geo. Forrester see 1-16 
Jenkins, Ray  Arnold Sentinel  03/08/1934  71, 2 sons, 2 dau 
Jenkins, Raymond  Sargent Leader  05/12/1927  son of Lyman 
Jenkins, Raymond  Ansley Herald  05/05/1927 
Jenkins, W.F.  Ansley Argosy  04/28/1910 
Jenness, Sarah  Ansley Argosy  12/21/1911  Sarah Wiggins 
Jennings, John Aaron   Mason City Trans  03/04/1926  d 2-21 at Sumner
Jennings, Sarah Retta  Ansley Herald  01/20/1921  Mrs. Edward E. Robinson 
Jensen,  ?  Comstock News  08/02/1917  infant daughter of Chris Jensen 
Jensen, A. P.  Sargent Leader  02/07/1929 
Jensen, child  Arnold Sentinel  09/19/1928  age 4, son of mm Harold Jensen of St. Paul 
Jensen, Chris  Sargent Leader  01/31/1935 
Jensen, Cresten  Ansley Argosy  05/15/1913 
Jensen, Glen I.  Arnold Sentinel  10/21/1921  infant son of mm Otto Jensen 
Jensen, Helen  Sargent Leader  07/25/1917 
Jensen, Hilga  Arnold Sentinel  10/30/1930   weds Reuben Widholm
Jensen, Margaret D.  Arnold Sentinel  08/24/1927 & 08/31/1927  age 1, dau of mm Neil P. Jensen 
Jensen, Mildred  Sargent Leader  11/26/1942  weds Frank Speer 
Jensen, Mrs. Arthur H.  Arnold Sentinel  07/06/1933  28, nee Lydia ?
 Jensen, Mrs. Joanna  Ansley Herald  03/17/1938  nee Hickenbottom 
Jensen, Mrs. Nels  Arnold Sentinel  11/28/1929 
Jensen, Mrs. Otto   Arnold Sentinel  12/05/1929  nee Myrtle Draper
Jensen, Mrs. W. D.  Sargent Leader  04/06/1922  nee Edith Wirsig 
Jeppson, Ethel  Ansley Herald  03/10/1927  nee Ross, Mrs. Adrian Jeppson 
Jewell, L.A.  Ansley Argosy  03/04/1909 
Jewell, Rosa Grace  Ansley Herald  05/28/1931  Mrs. Chas. Brakeman 
Jewell, Tommy  Ansley Herald  02/06/1936 
Jilg, Floria  Mason City Trans  11/02/1922 
Jodeman, Henry  Arnold Sentinel  10/17/1929  Gandy 
Joedeman, Fred A.  Loup Vall Queen  08/28/1917  57,  no children 
John, Reese  Sargent Leader  07/18/1935  a judge 
John, Cecil  Comstock News  10/05/1916 
John, Edna Comstock News  09/28/1916  infant of C.M.R. John 
John, Gladys  Sargent Leader  04/25/1929 
John, Joseph  Sargent Leader  03/31/1932 
John, Miss Cecil  Sargent Leader  09/29/1916 
John, Mrs. Julia  Sargent Leader  02/27/1941  nee Julia McPheeters, age 72 
John, Raymon S.  Comstock News  02/15/1917 
Johns, Alexander Leroy  Comstock News  01/14/1915  see also 1/21/1915 
Johnson, Abbie (Mrs. P. M.)  Mason City Trans  06/17/1920  sister to Mrs. John Sims/ explosion-see 6-24-20 
Johnson, Achilles Douglas Merna Messenger  04/04/1929 
Johnson, Alice Cordelia  Sargent Leader  10/20/1938   see Mrs. H.B. Glover ,  age 76 
Johnson, Miss Agnes  Arnold Sentinel  01/02/1930  weds Albert E. Rosentrater 
Johnson, Anna C. Mason City Trans  02/26/1920  nee Ostrand, Mrs. Harlie Johnson
Johnson, Anna Sophia  Arnold Sentinel  01/16/1929   Mrs. Lars M. Blixt, 6 kids
Johnson, Annetta Grace  Sargent Leader  05/02/1912  Mrs. Walter Guyle 
Johnson, C. E.  Ansley Herald  03/07/1935 
Johnson, C.T.  Arnold Sentinel  08/27/1924 
Johnson, Carrie  Sargent Leader  04/16/1931  nee Larson 
Johnson, Mrs. Charley  Arnold Sentinel  03/18/1937 & 03/25/1937  nee Matilda Larson 
Johnson, Christiana  Arnold Sentinel  08/31/1933  weds Henry  F. Olson 
Johnson, Clarence  Arnold Sentinel  05/23/1928  weds Ruth Scott of Central City 
Johnson, Darlene  Arnold Sentinel  05/04/1939 & 05/11/1939 
Johnson, Donald W.  Sargent Leader  04/09/1942  of Dunning 
Johnson, Doris  Sargent Leader  03/19/1936  see Forte, Mrs. Jay.  (Ansley) 
Johnson, Dwight E.  Ansley Herald  10/18/1928  Dwight Edgar 
Johnson, Edwin Jasper  Anselmo Enterpr  11/07/1924 
Johnson, Eleanor  Sargent Leader  07/01/1943  weds Roger Hein 
Johnson, Electa  Ansley Herald  10/07/1937  nee Johnson, Mrs. Charles Chapman, Hawk 
Johnson Elmer D. Ansley Herald  01/14/1943 
Johnson, Elsie  Merna Messenger  03/20/1930  nee Juker 
Johnson,  Emma   Loup Vall Queen  06/24/1915  weds Wilber VanCleave
Johnson, Emily J.  Arnold Sentinel  11/07/1928  56, never married 
Johnson, Ethel  Arnold Sentinel  01/01/1920  weds Floyd Dawson 
Johnson, Ferald DaLynn  Arnold Sentinel  04/03/1930  weds Ruth Viola Johnson 
Johnson, Francis M.  Sargent Leader  04/27/1924  Zeke Johnson's father 
Johnson, Frank E.  Arnold Sentinel  02/25/1915  24, pneumonia 
Johnson, Mrs. G. H.  Arnold Sentinel  06/18/1931  death note, obit 6-25 
Johnson, Mrs. G. Herbert  Arnold Sentinel  06/25/1931  nee Julia Albina Mikkelson, 48, 2 dau 
Johnson, Gaylord  Sargent Leader  12/14/1944  p.8 weds Mrs Grace Hovie 
Johnson, Gustof H.   Arnold Sentinel  06/23/1932  weds Theresa Melton
Johnson, Happalona  Comstock News  10/08/1914   see Mrs. Wirt Shoemaker
Johnson, Harry  Sargent Leader   04/02/1942  age 51
Johnson, Helen  Sargent Leader  09/04/1941  weds Bertel Carlson 
Johnson, John C.   Arnold Sentinel  05/31/1934  weds Mrs. Oma Burnham
Johnson, Mrs. John C.  Arnold Sentinel   11/03/1932  funeral
Johnson, John H.  Arnold Sentinel  07/01/1925  m. C. Hansen, 9 kids 
Johnson, Mrs. John H.  Arnold Sentinel  01/11/1928  nee Christiane M. Hansen, 73 
Johnson, John M.  Sargent Leader  04/06/1922 
Johnson, Julius  Sargent Leader  06/24/1937  of Round Valley 
Johnson, Mrs. Julius  Sargent Leader  03/16/1922 
Johnson, Kenneth  Arnold Sentinel  09/09/1925  weds Minnie Halouska 
Johnson, Louise  Arnold Sentinel  06/17/1925  weds Floyd Pease 
Johnson, Loyd   Sargent Leader  01/15/1942  weds Rubie Ralls
Johnson, Loyd  Sargent Leader  12/27/1945  weds Evelyn Klanecky in OR 
Johnson, M.A.  Ansley Herald  06/13/1929  Merritt Addison Johnson 
Johnson, Miss Mable  Arnold Sentinel  05/24/1934  weds James T. Andre 
Johnson, Margart L.  Arnold Sentinel  02/16/1933  weds Mr. Armon Francis Rogers of IL 
Johnson, Martin Clarke   Sargent Leader  06/22/1944  WWII fatality
Johnson, Mary  Ansley Herald  10/20/1927  Mrs. Glover
Johnson, Mrs. Mary  Sargent Leader  07/17/1941  83, see Mary Ann McGrath 
Johnson, Mrs. Mary  Sargent Leader  02/08/1945  Mary Ethel Chrisman, age 54 
Johnson, Mary A.  Arnold Sentinel  04/05/1979 
Johnson, Mary Jane  Ansley Herald  02/04/1937  Mrs. Wm. Barnett 
Johnson, Maude  Merna Postal Card  05/14/1915  nee Brotherton
Johnson, Mervin  Anselmo Enterprise  10/26/1918 
Johnson, Mildred  Arnold Sentinel  10/08/1931  weds Adrian Ohlson(see 10-15) 
Johnson, Mildred  Arnold Sentinel  06/14/1934  weds Ray Larson , last page 
Johnson,  Nels  Ansley Herald  05/31/1918 
Johnson, Omar  Sargent Leader  12/25/1941   weds Dorothy Carr
Johnson, Orville  Sargent Leader  09/09/1916 
Johnson, Raoph  Arnold Sentinel  10/05/1933  B.Bow mayor 
Johnson, Reuben  Ansley Chronicle  05/01/1903  see 4-13-1903 
Johnson, Mrs. Reuben  Ansley Chronicle   12/23/1904
Johnson, Robert  Sargent Leader  07/25/1940  Weds Wilma Shively of Walworth 
Johnson, Ruth   Arnold Sentinel  02/25/1932  weds Elmer Anderson
Johnson, S. T.  Sargent Leader   03/17/1938  death notice, see obit in March 24 Leader
Johnson, Sarah  Sargent Leader  02/20/1941   page 5, death notice
Johnson, Sarah (Lucnks)  Merna Postal Card  09/15/1911   aka Mrs. Wm. McCombs
Johnson, Sarah B.  Ansley Chronicle  07/20/1906   Mrs. John H. Brown
Johnson, Sarahette  Ansley Herald  09/27/1928  Mrs. G.C.  Johnson, nee Comstock
Johnson, Seth  Ansley Chronicle  04/10/1903 
Johnson, Steven  Arnold Sentinel  02/01/1934  44, 1 son, 1 dau 
Johnson, Mrs. Swan  Arnold Sentinel  10/09/1930  91, nee Agnes Klingstrom 
Johnson, Mrs. T. M.  Arnold Sentinel  11/26/1931  Garfield Table 
Johnson, Vendl  Arnold Sentinel  11/12/1924 weds Gabriel Oman 
Johnson, Miss Ve?ra   Loup Vall Queen  10/18/1917  weds Paul McClean, will farm west of Oconto
Johnson, Vivien  Arnold Sentinel  04/26/1934  weds Kenneth Steele 
Johnson, Mrs. W. C.   Loup Vall Queen  08/24/1916  see 8-31 Lodi,  wife of Chas. nee Louisa Cornish
Johnson, Wm. Loup Val. Queen  05/07/1914  married Addie Nickelson in Kearney 5-7-1914 
Johnson, Wm. Henry  Arnold Sentinel  10/20/1932  infant son of mm Hans L Johnson 
Johnston, ?  Comstock News  10/14/1917  mother of Harve Johnston, in Mo. 
Johnston, Andrew B.  Mason City Trans  12/24/1925 
Johnston, Emma  Mason City Trans  06/07/1934  Mrs. A. B. Johnston 
Johnston, Hannah J.  Arnold Sentinel  03/05/1931  Mrs. John Andre, 73, 14 kids 
Johnston, James W.  Arnold Sentinel  12/19/1929  75, m. Sarah Andre, 5 kids 
Johnston, Louise  Oconto Register  08/21/1916 
Jones, Alice  Sargent Leader  04/25/1935  see Loomis, Mrs. J.S.   obit in 5-2-35 
Jones, Dr. J. J.  Sargent Leader  12/27/1928 
Jones, Elizabeth R.  Sargent Leader  10/23/1924  see Elizabeth Adams, age 87 
Jones, Harrison M. Loup Val. Queen  04/02/1914  married 3-8-1914 at Alma NE to Ruby Achen 
Jones, Iba  Sargent Leader  10/14/1926  Mrs. Valentine Smith 
Jones, John  Ansley Herald  08/21/1919 
Jones, Katheryne  Arnold Sentinel  09/05/1929  weds Laverne E. Claudson 
Jones, Mrs. L. R.  Ansley Chronicle  01/18/1907 
Jones, L. R.  Ansley Argosy  10/20/1910 
Jones, Mary  Oconto Register  01/11/1917  See Mary Thomas 
Jones, Mary E.  Loup Vall Queen  01/11/1917  see Mrs. James Thomas aka Mrs. Harvey McMurtry 
Jones, Mary Emiline  Mason City Trans  10/04/1928  Mrs. John H. Wynne 
Jones, Nellie Minerva  Callaway Courier  08/19/1915 
Jones, Nellie Minerva  Loup Vall Queen  08/19/1915  age 7, typhoid-pneumonia 
Jones, Nelson E. Arnold Sentinel  03/10/1926  60, obit, m.Mattie Joslyn
Jones, Orrin  Ansley Herald  05/24/1934  at Litchfield 
Jones, Orrin  Mason City Trans  05/24/1934 
Jones, Rash L.  Arnold Sentinel  10/21/1937 
Jones,Wendell L.  Ansley Herald  10/12/1922  also in 11-2-1922 
Jonsson, Anna  Arnold Sentinel  03/06/1929  Mrs. Erik Olofson (John?) see 2-27 
Jordan, Edward F.  Sargent Leader  09/29/1927 
Jordan, Florence   Arnold Sentinel  01/06/1926  weds Dr. Frederick Blumer
Jorgensen, Thorvald  Arnold Sentinel  12/22/1938 
Joy, Donald Richard  Arnold Sentinel  05/31/1934  weds Elsie Mabel Allen 
Joy, Helen Julia   Ansley Herald  07/19/1923  Helen Julia Knapp
Joy, Leta  Arnold Sentinel  11/26/1931  weds Harry Nansel 
Joy, Marjorie  Arnold Sentinel  02/25/1932  weds Frank Monroe 
Joyner, John Jay  Merna Postal Card  09/12/1913 
Judge, James R.  Oconto Register  05/27/1915 
Judge, James Sr.  Mason City Trans  05/20/1915 
Judge, Royal   Sargent Leader  05/23/1940  married to Vera Daily
Judge, Ruth Annabell  Anselmo Enterpr   07/31/1920  child
Judkin, Violet  Arnold Sentinel  07/02/1924  weds Oscor Anderson of Callaway 
Judkins, Lilace Alvina  Arnold Sentinel  01/05/1927  Mrs. R. E. Williams, 50, 13 kids 
Judkins, Mrs. J. F.  Arnold Sentinel  02/21/1923  nee ?  53
Judkins, Mrs. J. M.  Arnold Sentinel   12/16/1920  nee Frances Lidgett, 8 kids
Judkins, Mrs. Wm. Arnold Sentinel  01/22/1931  nee  Olive N. Moffitt, 64,  3 kids 
Judkins, Wm. H.  Arnold Sentinel  01/28/1937 
Juker, Elsie  Merna Messenger  03/20/1930  Mrs. Elsie Johnson 
Jump, Mary Jane  Anselmo Enterprise  08/21/1914   See Mrs. C. W. Bohart
June, Elmer Scott   Arnold Sentinel  05/25/1927  57, m Ethel Harmon, 1 kid
Junget, Ellen  Sargent Leader  02/20/1941  Weds Tommy Codr in Calif 

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