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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "K" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)

Kabel, Mrs. Arnold  Comstock News  07/29/1910 
Kaelin, Blanche  Ansley Herald  06/03/1937  nee Reed, Mrs. Burke Kaelin, Borchding 
Kaelin, Burkhardt  Anlsey Herald  04/06/1922 & 04/13/1922  "Bert"
Kaelin, George  Ansley Argosy  01/11/1912 
Kaelin Sr., Joe Sargent Leader  11/19/1942  death mentioned p.4, Weissert funeral 
Kaelin, Joseph M.  Ansley Herald  11/19/1942 
Kaelin Jr. , Mrs. Joe  Ansley Herald  02/03/1930  nee Cole 
Kaelin, Sophia  Ansley Herald  03/30/1950  Mrs. John George 
Kalkowski, Herbert  Sargent Leader   08/24/1939  Weds Arlene Williams
Kamarad, Evelyn  Sargent Leader  11/18/1943  weds James Proskocil 
Kamarad Sr., John  Sargent Leader  10/12/1944  72 
Kaohn, Mrs. August   Sargent Leader  03/17/1932  nee Emma Koch
Kapecky Helen Marie  Sargent Leader  10/04/1945  weds Don Leibert 
Karker, D. H.  Ansley Chronicle  04/03/1903 
Karker, Dora   Ansley Herald  07/06/1933  nee Karker
Karnes, Mary   Merna Postal Card  07/25/1913  see also Williams, Mary
Kaspar, Mrs. John  Sargent Leader  10/05/1939  death notice 
Kaufman, Philip  Sargent Leader  03/23/1939  Weds Lilly Holoun 
Kaupp, Christ  Arnold Sentinel  06/29/1927  age 91 
Kavanda, James  Sargent Leader  07/16/1942  weds Violet Russell 
Keating, Merna  Merna Messen  05/05/1922   nee Dunning
Keefer, Will  Arnold Sentinel  08/08/1928 
Kehler, Charlotte Sargent Leader  11/16/1933  Mrs.  John Covalt 
Kehler, Merlin  Sargent Leader  05/15/1930 
Kehler, Mildred  Sargent Leader  06/20/1940  Weds John Peterson, Wyoming 
Kehoe, Esther  Sargent Leader  02/11/1937  Influenza 
Keill, Catherine  Merna Postal Card  01/28/1916 
Keim, Glenn  Ansley Argosy  04/23/1908  child 
Kellenbarger, Eleanor  Arnold Sentinel  05/24/1934  weds Norman R. Horn 
Kellenbarger, Marjorie  Arnold Sentinel  05/15/1930  weds Harold Sheridan of G-burg 
Kellenbarger, Mary J.  Merna Postal Card  11/04/1917  aka Mary J. Beals 
Kellenbarger, Maude  Anselmo Enterprise  09/06/1912 
Kellenbarger, Maude Ethel  Merna Postal Card  09/05/1912  aka Mrs. Willie Kellenbarger, Taylor
Kellenbarger, Mildred  Arnold Sentinel  06/14/1934  weds Ralph Mason, p. 1 & 6 
Keller, Belle  Arnold Sentinel  05/20/1925  wed Dr. Frank Haught 
Keller, John  Ansley Argosy  02/01/1912 
Keller, Margaret  Ansley Herald  05/28/1920  see 5-20-20 Margaret Thompson 
Kelley, ?   Comstock News  12/23/1915  husband of Mable (Shanks) Kelley
Kelley, Elisabeth  Merna Messen.  02/13/1920  nee Carey,  Mrs. R. J. Kelly 
Kelley, Lenore  Merna Postal Card  06/22/1917 & 06/29/1917 
Kelley, Mary  Ansley Argosy  10/27/1910  Scotland/nee Wright, Mrs. Edward Kelley 
Kelley, Mrs. Lou  Arnold Sentinel  12/17/1924  nee Julia Mellinger 
Kelley, Ray  Ansley Herald  05/18/1939 
Kelley, Sarah   Ansley Argosy  09/27/1913  Sarah Taylor
Kelley, Timothy T.  Arnold Sentinel  04/18/1928  husb of Cleracy Copple, 4 kids 
Kellog, Mrs. Ben  Sargent Leader  07/14/1932  nee Marian Hazen 
Kellogg, Mrs. Carrie  Sargent Leader  06/04/1931  nee Bond 
Kelly, Dean  Arnold Sentinel  01/30/1930  weds Bernice Jarmin 
Kelly, infant of W. H.  Merna Messen.  09/08/1916 
Kelly, James Merna  Messen  02/03/1922 
Kelly,  Merna Postal Card  06/20/1913  4 year child of John 
Kelly, Mrs. Thomas   Merna Postal Card  03/10/1911  aka Grandma Kelly
Kelly, Ruth  Sargent Leader  07/15/1943  weds Vernon B. Trevellyan 
Kelly, Wm H.  Merna Messen.  12/10/1920 
Kelsey, Hazel  Loup Vall Queen  06/07/1917   weds Ivan Lewis
Kelsey, Mrs. L. L.  Ansley Argory  04/30/1908 
Kelshaw, Margaret  Sargent Leader  04/22/1943   weds Virgil Ohmberger
Kemp, Thomas J.  Sargent leader  07/14/1932 
Keniston, Charles  Ansley Chronicle  01/16/1903  wed Mary Hall, Victor, CO 1-16 
Kennason, Fern  Ansley Chronicle   08/02/1904  infant
Kennedy, Charles Henderson Ansley Herald  03/19/1931 
Kennedy, Joseph D.  Oconto Register  10/31/1918 
Kennedy, Josiah  Merna Postal Card  01/19/1917 
Kennedy, Mary A.   Sargent Leader  06/15/1922  Mrs. Wm. Cooney
Kennedy, Mary J.  Merna Postal Card  01/19/1917 
Kennedy, Mrs. Pat  Ansley Herald  01/31/1929  mother of Mrs. F. W. Carlin 
Kennengarger, Donivan  Arnold Sentinel  04/15/1925  weds Theresa Newman 
Kent, Margaret Maria  Merna Postal Card  09/10/1915  aka Margaret Maria Lumpkin 
Kent, Mildred   Arnold Sentinel  10/06/1932  weds Ross Brown
Kenyon, Edyth  Sargent Leader  05/29/1941  obit, 61, see Edyth Sutton, see page 3 Letter 
Kenyon, John A.   Sargent Leader  12/20/1923  See obit 12/27/23.  Age 68
Kenyon, Kate  Sargent Leader  01/28/1943  weds Ray Walker 
Kenyon, Lee H. Sargent Leader  09/03/1942  age 44 
Kenyon, Lula Mae  Sargent Leader  07/05/1934  Mrs. Charley Ford 
Kenyon, Maude  Sargent Leader  02/19/1942  see Mrs. Ben Lundy 
Kenyon, Mrs. John A.  Sargent Leader  05/18/1922   nee Sarah Isabell Fuller
Kenyon, Oscar  Sargent Leader  05/29/1919 
Kenyon, Ralph  Sargent Leader  05/20/1937  Obit 5/27.  Age 43. 
Kenyon, Wallace B.  Sargent Leader  08/07/1930 
Kepler, Jay Willis  Merna Postal Card  10/30/1915 
Kern, Chas.  Merna Postal Card  01/07/1916 
Kerr, James H.  Ansley Herald  12/17/1931  also in 12-31-1931 
Kessler, Emily  Mason City Trans   04/08/1914  married Charles Hoage in Litchfield 
Keveline, Sedonia  Sargent Leader  02/06/1936  see Griebel, Mrs. Sedonia.  Age 87. see obit 2-13-36 
Kewit, Andy  Arnold Sentinel  05/21/1924  dies in Omaha, owns Arnold properties 
Keyes, Robert N.  Sargent Leader  02/04/1937  See obit 2-11-73.  Age 61.  (Blue Mound, Sargent) 
Keyes, W. T.  Merna Postal Card  07/25/1913 
Keyes, Wallace T.  Callaway Courier  07/17/1913 &  07/24/1913 
Keys, Mrs. Robert  Sargent Leader  07/26/1934  nee Cecil  Willhoit 
Keyser, Melvin E.  Arnold Sentinel   02/08/1934  weds Clara Louise Schroeder of Dunning
Kidder, Frank  Sargent Leader  04/17/1913 
Kiewit,  William   Arnold Sentinel  09/11/1919  weds Edna DeEtta Green
Kiker, Benjamin Franklin  Sargent Leader  04/06/1944  91, Aurora, see obit 4-13-44 
Kiker, Claude   Sargent Leader  08/07/1941  Weds Genevieve Tunison
Kiker, Mary  Sargent Leader  10/21/1915 
Kiker, Mrs. Claude  Sargent Leader  02/13/1936 
Kilmer, Clarence  Arnold Sentinel  12/08/1926  weds Ella Long (see 12-15) 
Kilmer, Ethel  Arnold Sentinel  09/17/1924  child, drowned in tank 
Kilmer, Ethel Eliz.  Arnold Sentinel  09/24/1924  age 1, dau of mm Charles Kilmer, Jr. 
Kilmer, Franklin P  Arnold Sentinel  04/23/1924  68 husb of Laura ?   10 children 
Kilmer, Idris  Arnold Sentinel  08/08/1929  weds Mildred Birkby of Denver 
Kilmer, John  Callaway Courier  07/04/1912 
Kilmer, Lulu Eliz.  Arnold Sentinel  12/02/1925  Mrs. John Sullivan, 4 kids 
Kilmer, Margaret Ellen  Callaway Courier  06/05/1913  See Margaret Ellen Preston 
Kilmer, Mary   Arnold Sentinel  02/25/1932  weds Leonard Atterbury
Kilmer, Mrs. Charles  Arnold Sentinel  10/06/1932  77, obit 10-13, nee Melvina Long, 
Kilmer, Mrs. Franklin  Arnold Sentinel  01/25/1934  71, nee Laura _?_, 10 kids 
Kilmer, Mrs. John W.  Arnold Sentinel  05/31/1934  nee Paulina E. Close, 60,  7 kids 
Kilmer, Mrs. Paulina  Arnold Sentinel  05/24/1934  60, WY, 1 dau, 6 sons, Arnold & Weissert 
Kilmer, Robert Henry  Arnold Sentinel  03/13/1929  73, m McCraig 
Kilmer, Roscoe  Arnold Sentinel  06/02/1926  weds Nettie Lauer 
Kilmer, Salvenus  Arnold Sentinel  10/03/1929  weds Pearl Rutner 
Kilmer, Willis  Arnold Sentinel  02/25/1932  weds Frances Folney 
Kimball infant  Ansley Argosy  03/27/1913  infant of Bert Kimball 
Kimball, Bert  Ansley Chronicle  03/08/1907  married in Renfrew,Okla. to Mrs. House 
Kimball, Bertie Frank  Ansley Herald  09/16/1926  baby 
Kimball, Ione  Ansley Herald  03/14/1929  married Ross Labart in Grand Island, NE 
Kimball, James E.  Ansley Argosy  09/24/1908 
Kimball, Kendrick, W.  Ansley Herald   04/01/1926  Kendrick Willard Kimball
Kimball, Mrs Myra  Ansley Herald  04/23/1936  Mrs. Kendrick (nee Bourne) Kimball 
Kimball, Thelma  Ansley Herald  03/12/1925  married Richard Lysinger on 7 Mar. at Phillipsburg, KS.
Kimberling, Lewis  Arnold Sentinel  02/04/1925  hus of Mary Gamble, 7 kids 
Kimberling, Millie  Arnold Sentinel  02/15/1928  43, Mrs. Starr, 3 kids, dies in OR 
Kimberling, Mrs. Lewis  Arnold Sentinel  12/14/1933  76, nee Mary Malinda Gamble, 6 kids 
Kime, Mrs. John D.  Ansley Herald  06/22/1917 
Kimes, Mrs. Thomas  Arnold Sentinel  06/05/1919  suicide, New Helena 
Kindree, Mrs. (grandmother of)  Merna Postal Card  May or June 1912  also see Maupin, Mrs., at Cliff Hill 
Kine, Wm. Arnold Sentinel  08/31/1933  41, wreck, unmarried 
King, Clyde  Sargent Leader  10/23/1941  weds Ruth Palmer 
King, Elihu Mason City Trans  02/03/1916 
King, Elihu  Ansley Herald  02/04/1916
King, Frances  Sargent Leader  09/03/1942  weds Paul Wagner
 King, Guy  Merna Messen.  12/10/1920 
Kingery, Ursula M.  Ansley Herald  03/23/1925  Mrs. David Swancutt 
Kingman,  Arabell   Loup Vall Queen  05/24/1917  see Arabell Ricker
Kingsley, Jay  Loup Vall Queen  09/02/1937  death notice, of Cozad 
Kinnes, Mrs. T. M.  Merna Postal Card  07/02/1915 
Kinsey, Sarah Elizabeth  Ansley Herald  08/11/1932  Mrs.  John  B.Ramel 
Kintzler, Edward  Mason City Trans  02/01/1917 
Kirby, A. C.  Arnold Sentinel  01/21/1932   death note, 75
Kirchner, Marie  Mason City Trans   05/28/1914  Mrs. Joseph Suponchick
Kirk, C. S.  Oconto Register  06/28/1917 
Kirk, Delbert  Arnold Sentinel  07/13/1927  weds Arle Hamilton 
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. L.E.  Arnold Sentinel  03/01/1934  nee Stella Holcomb, 61 
Kirkpatrick,Lisa A. Ansley Chronicle  04/12/1907  Mrs. Liza A Wyncoop 
Kissell, Clyde   Sargent Leader  05/18/1944  weds  Albertha Shipley
Kissell, Mrs. Clyde  Sargent Leader  08/29/1940   nee Georgia Clemetine Probert 34
Kissell, Mrs. J.E.   Sargent Leader  05/11/1944  Mary Catherine Brenner
Kitterman, Sedonia   Arnold Sentinel  02/16/1927  Mrs. Frank Potter, 7 kids
Kittle, Rachel  Arnold Sentinel  12/29/1921  Mrs. Hamilton Weathers 4 kids 
Klanceky, Mrs. V.F.  Sargent Leader  06/06/1935  see Wachal, Barbara 
Klancky, Mary  Sargent Leader  01/08/1925  see Mrs. Lue Brim 
Klancky, Richard  Sargent Leader  09/19/1940  Weds Edythe Kluna 
Klanecky, Evelyn  Sargent Leader  12/27/1945  weds Lloyd Johnson, in Oregon 
Klanecky, Fred  Sargent Leader  01/01/1920 
Klanecky, Jimmy Dean  Sargent Leader  03/29/1945  child of Jim Klanecky 
Klanecky, Joe  Sargent Leader  01/02/1913 
Klanecky, Mrs. Mary  Sargent Leader  06/27/1935 
Klanecky, Mary  Sargent Leader  07/04/1935  see Benda, Mary 
Klanecky, Mrs. Carolina  Sargent Leader  10/01/1936 & 10/08/1936 see Klapal, Carolina,  age 75 
Klanecky, Mrs. John  Sargent Leader  04/11/1935 & 04/18/1935  see Tuma, Fannie
Klanecky, Wm. F.  Sargent Leader  12/21/1944  WWII fatality 
Klanek, Joe  Comstock News  01/03/1913 
Klapal, Alfred  Sargent Leader  12/21/1939  Weds Lorene Volf 
Klapal, Carolina  Sargent Leader  10/01/1936 & 10/08/1936 see Klanecky, Carolina.   Age 75 
Klapal, Eldon  Sargent Leader  08/02/1945  weds Patricia Pickett 
Klapal, Frank  Sargent Leader  04/30/1942  weds Stefka, Mildred Ann 
Klapal, Frank  Sargent Leader  07/14/1918 & 07/21/1918 
Klapal, Helen  Sargent Leader  02/04/1943  weds Louis Pesek, Jr 
Klapal, Joseph  Sargent Leader  07/26/1945  WWII fatality 
Klapal, Mrs. Marie   Sargent Leader  02/27/1936  see Sekera, Marie
Klapal, Victor  Sargent Leader  02/19/1942  weds Nadine Urban 
Klat, ?  child  Comstock News  02/20/1914  4 year old child of John Klat 
Klatt, Rudolph  Sargent Leader  01/07/1932 
Kleba, Mrs. Ben  Sargent Leader  01/27/1927  nee Metta Stubbe 
Kleeb, Anna Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  05/27/1937  nee Heiniger.  Age 81.  Mother of 10. Round Valley 
Kleeb, Ellen  Sargent Leader  08/01/1940  Weds Ed Burman 
Kleeb, Ethel  Sargent Leader  09/26/1940  Weds Carlos Schaper 
Kleeb, Robert V.  Sargent Leader  11/21/1940  Weds Eileen Farritor 
Kleeb, Stewart  Sargent Leader  01/16/1941  Weds Aleene Exley 
Kleeb, Wilma  Sargent Leader  10/01/1942  weds Bobby Raymond Sutton 
Kleffman, Bessie  Sargent Leader  09/18/1919 
Klein, Carl  Oconto Register  11/01/1917 
Klein, Hattie Leverna   Arnold Sentinel  11/29/1922  4 year-old dau of mm Charles Klein appendix
Klima, Ignatius  Comstock News  01/04/1923 
Klima, Ignatius  Sargent Leader  01/04/1923 
Klims, Ign. twins  Comstock News  02/13/1914  twins of Ign. Klims  see 3/20/1914 
Klindworth, Henry  Sargent Leader  03/11/1943  age 73 
Klindworth, Mrs. Peter  Sargent Leader  12/08/1938  see Kathryn Anna Vagta, age 71.   7 children 
Klingler, Mary E.  Sargent Leader  12/03/1931  Mrs. Leonard Owen 
Klingstrom, Agnes  Arnold Sentinel  10/09/1930  91, Mrs. Swan Johnson, 5 kids 
Klinkman, Louis   Arnold Sentinel  01/26/1933  Gandy
Klitzman, Doris Pauline  Ansley Herald  07/07/1921 
Klitzman, Frederic  Ansley Herald  06/18/1936 
Klitzman, Ruby Sarah  Ansley Herald  10/16/1930 
Klitzman, Sarah E. Ansley Herald  12/19/1929  nee Broadbent, Sarah Elizabeth ,Eggleston, Klitzman 
Klump, Carl Raymond  Merna Postal Card  08/13/1915 
Klump, Chas. Merna Postal Card   03/26/1915  died in Omaha, bro. of Jake Klump
Klump, Mrs. Herman Arnold Sentinel  03/30/1927  death notice, nee Maud Lewis 
Klump, Orvile  Merna Messen  02/03/1922 
Kluna, Edythe  Sargent Leader   09/19/1940  Weds Richard Klancky
Kluna, James  Comstock News  12/27/1912 
Kluna, John, Jr.  Comstock News  07/06/1916 
Kluna, Joseph  Comstock News  01/29/1920 
Kluna, Louise  Comstock News  07/26/1912  married at Loup city,   to  Lou Winkleman 
Kluna, Marie  Comstock News  03/15/1912  see Mrs. Fred Krajnik 
Kluna, Marie  Comstock News  01/10/1913  Notice of the death of Marie's brother 
Knapp, Caterhine Maxine Ansley Herald  08/06/1925 
Knapp, Ed  Sargent Leader  07/02/1942  see obit 7-9-42, age 69 
Knapp, Helen Julia   Ansley Herald  07/19/1923  aka Joy Knapp
Knapp, Macie  Ansley Chronicle  12/29/1905 & 12/22/1905 
Knapp, Mrs. Emma  Merna Postal Card  02/21/1913  Mrs. M. L. Knapp, aka Emma Akey, aka Emma Flood 
Knapp, Mrs. Mary E. Sargent Leader  06/14/1945  nee Mary Elsie Paxton 
Knight, John  D.  Sargent Leader  07/07/1938  died in Riverton, WY, see obit 7-21-38 
Knight, Mabel  Sargent Leader   06/29/1917
Knight, Margaret Walden  Sargent Leader  02/26/1942   Mrs. Jesse Pierce, see 2-19. age 70 
Knight, Marjorie Doris  Sargent Leader  11/25/1943  weds Franklin Ray Bell 
Knight, Minnie Lovenia  Sargent Leader  06/21/1945  Mrs. Alfred Pierce, teacher 
Knight, Wm. Arnold Sentinel  05/21/1931  Anselmo, 48 
Knox, Carl  Arnold Sentinel  02/08/1922  10 year old son of mm Frank Knox, pneumonia
Knox, Earl  Arnold Sentinel  04/17/1930  Oshkosh 
Knox, Earl   Ansley Herald  04/24/1930
Knox, Ruth  Arnold Sentinel  06/09/1921  weds Howard B. Stough 
Knudson, Mrs. Susan  Mason City Trans  02/19/1914 & 02/26/1914  
Knutzen, Reinhold  Sargent Leader  06/14/1945  brother of Henry, Wahoo, NE 
Koch Peggy  Arnold Sentinel  10/10/1929   weds Jake Hutchison
Koch, Belle Mary  Merna Messen.  07/21/1916  nee Dale,  Mrs. Andrew Koch 
Koch, Delphine  Arnold Sentinel  02/25/1932  12, dau of mm Ed H. Koch (Kotch) 
Koch, Elmer  Arnold Sentinel  04/26/1934  39, m. Helen Skeie, 2 dau, 1 son 
Koch, Emma  Sargent Leader  03/17/1932  Mrs. August Kaohn 
Koch, Henry  Merna Messenger  11/13/1918  of Cliff 
Koch, Marjorie  Arnold Sentinel  06/18/1931  weds Mentor A. Brown (see 6-25) 
Koch, Mrs. Andrew  Loup Vall Queen  07/13/1916  suicide, strychnine 
Koch, Thressa  Arnold Sentinel  02/02/1933  weds Nels Morrison 
Koehn, Joseph  Oconto Register  02/23/1912 
Koening, Miss Pearl  Arnold Sentinel  01/05/1933  weds Albert Gehrman of Merna 
Koerner, Mrs. Minnie  Sargent Leader  10/05/1944  nee Becker 
Koger, Mrs. Noah Merna Messenger  07/26/1918 & 07/05/1918  aka Nellie Wilson 
Koger, Orvin Guy  Merna Postal Card  05/04/1917  infant 
Kohe, Beulah Irene  Arnold Sentinel  10/02/1930  8 months, accident 
Kolbo, Mary C.  Loup Vall Queen  11/30/1916  see Mrs. Fred Moehlman, 67 
Kolby, Hans J.  Oconto Register  12/18/1919 
Kolby, Minnie Matson  Oconto Register  12/12/1918 
Koncel, John  Sargent Leader  03/27/1941  heart attack 60  see obit in 4-3-1941 issue 
Kongsberg, Mrs. Stan  Sargent Leader   02/28/1946  Roberta Strohl, her mom's was Opha Evans
Kopenhaver, Leathe  Ansley Herald  10/11/1918 
Korte, Jack  Ansley Herald  02/11/1937 
Kosmiski, Edwin  Sargent Leader  09/18/1941  weds Lillian Visek 
Kostelecky, ?  Sargent Leader  05/21/1925  the father of August Kostelecky 
Kotrc, Dennis  Sargent Leader  02/24/1944  child 
Koupal, Mrs. Frank  Sargent Leader  11/11/1937  of Ord.  Age 71 
Kovanda, James  Sargent Leader  03/22/1945  WWII fatality 
Krahulik, Verna Jean   Sargent Leader  06/25/1942  weds Joe Ruzicka
Krajnik, Mrs. Fred  Comstock News  03/15/1912  see Marie Kluna 
Kramer, Charly C.  Anselmo Enterprise  11/22/1918 
Kramer, Clifford  Arnold Sentinel  03/05/1931  weds Faye Brummett 
Kramer, Jacob  Sargent Leader  07/20/1922 
Kramer, John M. Arnold Sentinel  01/12/1933  59
Kramer, Mr. ?  Arnold Sentinel  05/02/1928  of Stapleton 
Kramer, Rosemond  Arnold Sentinel  11/19/1931  weds Howard Mapel 
Kratzer, Pearl  Ansley Herald   07/17/1930 & 07/24/1930 nee Ming
Kratzer, Rev. Willis  Ansley Herald  10/24/1935 
Kraus, Douglas Duane  Sargent Leader  12/21/1944  weds Eleanor Green of Sargent 
Krauser, Mrs. Myra  Arnold Sentinel  04/16/1931  suicide 
Krbel Mrs. Joe  Sargent Leader  01/31/1946  Frances Chalupa 
Krbel, Anna  Sargent Leader  12/04/1930  Mrs.  Anna Severa 
Krbel, Mrs. Rudolph  Sargent Leader  08/21/1913 
Krbel, Stazie  Sargent Leader  03/28/1940  Weds Anton Adamek 
Krenz, Carl Rudolph  Merna Messen  02/11/1921 
Kriegel, Albena  Sargent Leader  04/02/1931  Mrs. Clyde Roach 
Kriegel, Joseph  Sargent Leader  02/02/1933 
Krikac, Vencel, Sr.  Sargent Leader  04/13/1944  obit, age 77 
Kriz,  Sargent Leader  05/04/1933  Mrs. Matt Foral 
Kriz, Louise  Comstock News  09/09/1920  see Mrs. Rudolph Stefka, see 8/5/1920 
Kriz, Mrs. Anna  Sargent Leader  11/05/1936  see Polanek, Anna. see obit in 11-12-36 
Krokstron, Hulda  Loup Vall Queen  12/21/1916  see Mrs. Steven Hutt 
Kruml, Marta  Sargent Leader  12/28/1933  12 years old 
Kruml, Mrs. Jim  Sargent Leader  10/25/1934 
Kruser, Lewis Shannon  Arnold Sentinel  02/24/1921  33 pneumonia,  never married 
Kruser, Mrs. Alvin  Arnold Sentinel  01/13/1921  nee Elsie Marie Beyers.  3 kids 
Kruser, Orval  Arnold Sentinel  10/31/1929  weds Ruth Hawkins 
Kukenbach, ?  Sargent Leader  06/17/1943  see Mrs. Frances Rose, age 64 
Kuklis, Joseph  Sargent Leader  09/12/1935 
Kuklis, Mary   Sargent Leader  11/17/1932  Mrs. Peter Janesofsky
Kuklis, Mary  Arnold Sentinel  11/17/1932  Mrs. Pete Janesofosky, 57, 7 kids 
Kuklis, Mrs. Joseph  Sargent Leader  05/10/1923  nee Barbara Perta 
Kulha, Mrs. Mary K. Mason City Trans  09/13/1917 
Kulhanek, Fannie  Mason City Trans  03/08/1917 
Kulhanek, John  Ansley Chronicle  08/16/1907 
Kulhanek, Josephine  Ansley Herald  04/19/1930  nee Fortik, Mrs. Lewis  Kulhanek 
Kulhanek,Tannie  Ansley Herald  03/03/1917  Mrs. John Kulhanek 
Kunselman, Wesley  Sargent Leader  04/22/1926 
Kunz, Richard  Arnold Sentinel   07/28/1921  5 years old, son of mm Henry Kunz, illness
Kutchins, Victoria  Sargent Leader  02/17/1944  weds Herbert L. Sillivan 

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