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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "L" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)

Labart, Ross  Ansley Herald  03/14/1929  married Ione Kimball in Grand Island, NE 
Laborde, Eliza M.  Mason City Trans  09/02/1926  Mrs. Eliza M. Shaffer 
Lackey, Geo. R. Mason City Trans  07/30/1914 
LaClair, Bula  Ansley Herald  10/30/1919  Bula (Culver) Ball-Mrs Simeon 
Lacy, Delmar  Arnold Sentinel  11/28/1928  27, hanging suicide, Sargent 
Lacy, Delmar  Ansley Herald  12/06/1928 
Lacy, Delmer  Sargent Leader  11/29/1928 
Lacy, William E.  Sargent Leader  03/18/1937  See obit 3-25.  Age 65. 
Lade, Raymond  Arnold Sentinel  01/14/1932  weds Lottie Williams 
Laird, Miss Ruth  Arnold Sentinel  05/11/1933   weds Dr. A.G. Burnham, see 6-1-33
Lake, John  Arnold Sentinel  01/11/1928  weds Mildred Hart 
Lakeman, Florence  Sargent Leader  12/23/1920 
Lakeman, Florens  Anselmo Enterpr  12/30/1920 
Lakeman, Mrs. Jake  Sargent Leader  12/01/1938  auto accident story, fatal 
Lakeman, Peter  Sargent Leader  01/05/1917 
Lamb, Ira  Sargent Leader 08/01/1940  age 84 
Lamb, Mrs. Anna Marie  Callaway Courier  01/22/1914  Mother of Mrs. Peter Pierce 
Lamb, Dora  Mason City Trans  01/09/1919  Mrs. Chase 
Lamb, Rae  Loup Vall Queen  01/04/1917  3 yr old dau of mm Harry Lamb 
Lamb, Silas  Mason City Trans  06/24/1926  father of M.L. Lamb
Lambert,  Edith  Arnold Sentinel  11/30/1921  weds W. Trigg Dailard of Omaha 
Lambert, Frank  Sargent Leader  06/15/1939  Weds Mrs. Mary J. Vanek 
Lambert, Lillian  Ansley Herald  07/15/1926  married Art Dobesh at Central City
 Lambert, mother of Geo.  Ansley Herald  04/20/1927 
Lamm, Minnie M.  Arnold Sentinel  06/23/1932  76, Mrs.Peter H. Pearce, 4 kids, see Pierce 
Lammers, Arthur  Arnold Sentinel  10/31/1923  weds Ethel Yarrington of Arnold 
Lammert, Henry  Callaway Courier  02/13/1913 
Landers,  James  Sargent Leader  06/05/1913 
Landis, Mrs. Lennis  Arnold Sentinel  02/17/1926   nee Tanner, suicide
Landis, Simon J.  Callaway Courier  01/23/1913 
Landry, Raymond   Arnold Sentinel  05/10/1934  13, horse fell, Stapleton
Lane Susan Elizabeth  Arnold Sentinel  08/22/1928   Mrs. John Samuel Bailey, 66, 2 sons
Lane, A.A.  Comstock News  08/22/1913  
Lane, Ed  Arnold Sentinel  03/20/1929    62, suicide
Lang, Blanch  Loup Vall Queen  07/15/1915  weds Geo. Edwards of Merna 
Lang, child  Arnold Sentinel  08/10/1927  age 2, son of mm J.M. Lang 
Lang, Donald  Ansley Herald  06/02/1930 
Lang, James Gillman  Arnold Sentinel  08/06/1924  weds Oma Yeck 
Lang, Mrs. James  Mason City Trans  12/04/1919 
Lang, J. R.  Mason City Trans  01/18/1922  Anniversary
Lang, Mrs. J. R.  Ansley Herald  12/04/1919 
Lang, Howard  Mason City Trans  07/12/1928 & 07/19/1928
Lang, Mary  Sargent Leader  03/10/1938   see Mary McKee, age 75
Lang, Sister of Mrs. William  Callaway Courier  11/07/1912 
Lange, Carl  Loup Vall Queen  06/07/1917 & 06/14/1917  weds Elsie Murphy 
Lange, Sophia  Loup Val. Queen  02/19/1914 & 03/05/1914  nee Lange, Mrs. Chris Rookstool 
Lange, Mrs. Theodore  Callaway Courier  01/13/1916 
Lange, Mrs. Theodore  Loup Vall Queen   01/13/1916  nee?  born in Denmark, 8 children
Langer, Herman  Mason City Trans  06/29/1922 & 07/06/1922 
Lanke, Mr. H. A. Sargent Leader  07/04/-1940  died in Illinois    see also 7-11 
Lanphear, B.E.  Ansley Herald  06/05/1924  item 
Lanphear, Ezra  Ansley Chronicle  12/01/1905  good obituary 
Lanphear, Grace  Ansley Herald  01/23/1919  Mrs. Oscar Gore 
Lanum, baby of Dennis  Ansley Chronicle  09/1906 
Lanum, Dennis  Ansley Chronicle  03/11/1904  child 
Lanum, Hazel   Ansley Chronicle  12/23/1904  infant daughter of Dennis L. Lanum
Lanum, Hester J.  Ansley Herald  10/01/1931  Mrs. J.F.  Lanum, nee Davis
Lanum, Joel  Ansley Herald  04/06/1922 
Lanum, Mrs. Rufus  Ansley Herald  02/14/1919 
Larimer, Frank  Anselmo Enterpr  07/01/1921 
Larkin, Myron N.  Arnold Sentinel  06/15/1927   weds Charlotte McFarland
Larrick, Richard  Sargent Leader  01/08/1942  weds Jean Day 
Larsen, Harold  Sargent Leader  01/16/1941  28, nephew of Bill Helmkamp, falling tree 
Larsen. Mrs. Pete  Sargent Leader  01/21/1943   nee Christina Larsen, also Mrs. Olsen
Larson, Algot  Arnold Sentinel  11/14/1928  50, South table, see obit 11-21-28 
Larson, Miss Alma  Arnold Sentinel  02/27/1924  42, born in Sweden 
Larson, Anna  Arnold Sentinel  04/29/1937  Mrs. Olaf Olson 
Larson, Axel Victor  Arnold Sentinel  04/22/1937 
Larson, Carl  Arthur  Arnold Sentinel  06/19/1929  age 6, son of Gus & Lillie Larson 
Larson, Gust   Arnold Sentinel  10/13/1926  58, m. L. Moberg, 4 kids
Larson, John  Ansley Herald  04/23/1942 
Larson, Louis  Arnold Sentinel  01/05/1933  55, suicide 
Larson, Mary   Mason City Trans  3-29-1923  Mrs. Charles Larson
Larson, Matilda  Arnold Sentinel  03/18/1937 & 03/25/1937  Mrs. Charley Johnson 
Larson, Nils C.  Sargent Leader  05/26/1920 
Larson, Oscar  Ansley Herald  04/24/1919 
Larson, Ray  Arnold Sentinel  06/14/1934  weds Mildred Johnson, last page 
Larson, Ruth  Sargent Leader  08/03/1939   Weds Rob't. Dyke  see also 9-10 issue
Larson,Altlouise Sophia  Ansley Herald  02/21/1919  child 
Laska, Lillian  Sargent Leader  10/28/1943  19 
Lathrop, Dr. Mason  Arnold Sentinel  06/29/1927  weds Sigrid Sandwall 
Lathrop, Mrs. Anna   Arnold Sentinel  01/26/1922  of  CA, grandmother of Mrs. Tom Watkins
Latimer, Horace  Arnold Sentinel  05/27/1920  father of Rudy, Ross, and unnamed dau 
Lattin, Walter  Loup Vall Queen  07/07/1937  weds Mable Blixt 
Lauer, Emily  Merna Record  01/02/1914  aka Mrs, Adam Bauer 
Lauer, Harold  Merna Messen.  08/11/1916  baby
Lauer, Mrs. Henry Merna Messen.  03/05/1920 
Lauer, Miss Leona  Arnold Sentinel  11/28/1928  weds Gerald Hicks of Fremont 
Lauer, Nettie  Arnold Sentinel  06/02/1926  weds Roscoe Kilmer 
Lauer, Victor  Merna Postal Card  02/07/1913  baby of W. Lauer 
Laughlin, Nellie  Sargent Leader  05/10/1945  Mrs. James E. Werber 
Laughran, Mrs. James  Mason City Trans  11/29/1928 
Laughran, Ruth  Sargent Leader  01/01/1942   weds Robert A. Smith
Lauridsen, Mrs. C. B.  Mason City Trans  12/11/1924 
LaValley, Caroline W.  Arnold Sentinel  12/21/1927  55, Mrs. Wesley L. Monroe, 7 kids, see 12-14 
Lawson, Candace  Ansley Herald  10/01/1931  Mrs. Ben Brody 
Lawson, Frank E.  Ansley Herald  01/16/1936 
Lawson, "Grandpa" 
Mason City Trans  09/27/1923 
Lawson, Lucretia C. Ansley Herald 09/15/1932  Mrs. W. T. (Lucretia Colista  Allphin) Lawson 
Lawson, Mrs. Herma   Ansley Herald  03/16/1939  Mrs. Lawson, nee Harris
Lawson, Ray  Ansley Herald  09/18/1924  marries Mae Curtis at Gering, NE 
Lawson, William T. B.  Ansley Herald  09/20/1923  Civil War Veteran 
Lawson, Wm. T. B.  Ansley Herald  02/28/1924 
Lay, Mrs. T. R.  Sargent Leader  02/01/1923 
Layman, Alvin C. Arnold Sentinel  05/05/1932  weds Ruby Wood 
Layton, John  Arnold Sentinel  03/13/1929  weds Vesta Chilcote 
Layton, Leo Royal  Arnold Sentinel   07/07/1921  18, son of mm O.H. Layton
Layton, Nellie  Arnold Sentinel  11/26/1924  weds Earl Province of Oconto 
Layton, Shirley Joann  Arnold Sentinel  03/23/1933  age 1, dau of mm John Layton 
Layton, Wm. Arnold Sentinel   10/06/1921  Arnold soldier killed in war, son of O.H.
Layton, Wm. Albert  Arnold Sentinel  01/05/1939  died 1918 (in "Days Gone By" column) 
Lazotte, Mary  Mason City Trans  11/01/1923  Mrs. Charles Lazotte 
Leach, A. Q.  Ansley Herald  07/28/1921 
Leach, Carrie  Arnold Sentinel  01/01/1920  weds Harley Whitford of Arnold 
Leach, Charles  Arnold Sentinel  11/04/1920  weds Ruby Mae Ballenger 
Leach, Don LeRoy  Sargent Leader  02/26/1920  infant
Leach, Dottie Marie  Sargent Leader  03/11/1920  child of Ray Leach 
Leach, Edward Preston   Sargent Leader  03/16/1939  age 81
Leach, Eloise  Sargent Leader  09/16/1943  weds Steve Haumont 
Leach, Erma  Arnold Sentinel  12/12/1923  weds Ferris A. Denny at Denver 
Leach, Erma  Arnold Sentinel  07/31/1930  Mrs. Faris Denney, 32, 2 kids 
Leach, Harvey Edward  Ansley Herald  04/19/1934 
Leach, Irene  Sargent Leader  03/25/1943  weds Paul Bleach 
Leach, J. Van  Arnold Sentinel  07/30/1931  weds Edna Blessing 
Leach, John  Arnold Sentinel  07/23/1931  weds ? Denver girl 
Leach, Mary  Sargent Leader  03/12/1942  obit, Mary Ann Exley, age 80 
Leach, Mary Ada  Sargent Leader  11/19/1942  weds Hugo Edgar Windolph 
Leach, Mrs. Dell  Ansley Herald  01/24/1924 
Leach, Ray  Sargent Leader  04/27/1944  see obit May 4, 1944   age 59 
Leach, Samuel  Arnold Sentinel  06/09/1921  weds Viola Shaw 
Leach, Sarah  Arnold Sentinel  09/06/1922  weds Jesse B. Lester of Colorado 
Leach, Willard  Ansley Herald  09/04/1930 
Leach, Winifred  Sargent Leader  09/28/1939  Weds Kenneth Russell 
Leap, Clarence Jefferson  Sargent Leader  01/07/1943  age 53 
Leap, Leroy  Sargent Leader  10/07/1937  age 78 
Leavens, Rex Raymond   Arnold Sentinel  06/15/1927  weds Eula Black
Ledbetter, J.A.  Sargent Leader  11/24/1938 
Ledbetter, James Arthur  Sargent Leader   12/08/1938  57, Kearney
Ledbetter, Mr. Keelen  Arnold Sentinel  10/12/1933  weds Mae Halstead 
Ledbetter, Mrs. Jacob  Sargent Leader  12/08/1938  53, auto accident in Colo, Nee Leep? 
Lee, Elizageth A.  Arnold Sentinel  03/12/1931  Mrs. John H. Tabor, 1 son, 82 
Lee, Erma  Sargent Leader  03/28/1940  Weds Harold Brown 
Lee, Mrs. Floyd   Sargent Leader  02/11/1937  See Pointer, Doris Marie, after whom Doris Lake was named.
Lee, Jerry J.  Arnold Sentinel  06/18/1931  weds Marjorie Ellen Weathers 
Lee, Joseph  Ansley Herald  07/27/1917  of Arnold 
Lee, Leonard    Ansley Argosy  06/30/1911  baby
Lee, Louis  Mason City Trans  09/16/1915 & 10/17/1915 
Lee, Margaret  Mason City Trans  04/08/1914  Mrs  Plott, sister to Canute Lee 
Lee, Mrs. Mary C.  Mason City Trans  11/25/1920  nee Nelson, Mrs. Canute Lee 
Lee, Wilma  Arnold Sentinel  10/30/1919  weds Roy Graham  also see 11-6 issue 
Leech,  Mrs.Anna D.  Ansley Herald  08/28/1924  nee Risley 
Leech, Corydon  Ansley Herald  12/02/1920 
Leep,  Mrs. W. J.   Sargent Leader  11/02/1922  nee Emma Milburn
Leep, Clinton  Sargent Leader  06/06/1940  Weds Lucille Slingsby 
Leep, Emma  Anselmo Enterpr  11/03/1922  nee Milburn, Mrs. W. J. Leep 
Leep, father of Mrs. Oral  Anselmo Enterprise  11/22/1918 
Leep, Gertrude  Sargent Leader  02/20/1936  Milburn
Leep, Jennie  Sargent Leader  05/05/1932  Mrs. Henry Pfrehm 
Leep, Kenneth  Sargent Leader  03/09/1944  weds Betty Haig 
Leep, Leroy  Sargent Leader  03/26/1931  Golden Wedding Anniversary 
Leep, Mary Ann (Grandma)  Sargent Leader  04/16/1925 & 04/30/1925  Mrs. Sam Leep, 88, Milburn, see Mary Ullom 
Leep, Spencer John  Sargent Leader  03/26/1942  76, milburn,  page 2 
Leep, Thad  Sargent Leader  05/13/1937  SE of Milburn, heart attack, brother of Spence Leep. 
Leep, Mrs. Thadeus  Anselmo Enterpr  07/21/1922  nee Rosie Carpenter 
Leep, Mrs. W. J.  Anselmo Enterpr  11/03/1922  nee Emma Milburn 
Leep, Wm. "Jeff"  Sargent Leader  02/25/1926 
Lefle, Sadie E.  Ansley Herald  10/09/1936  Mrs. Baillie 
Leggett, Mrs. H.D.  Sargent Leader  06/04/1942  wife of Ord Quiz Publisher, age 70 death note 
Lehane, Julia  Sargent Leader  08/23/1934  Mrs. Simon N. Lysinger 
Lehman, Joy  Arnold Sentinel  01/18/1928  weds Floren (Slim) Brumbaugh 
Lehmanowsky, Bertha  Anselmo Enterpr  11/12/1926  nee White
Lehmkuhler, Fred J.  Arnold Sentinel  05/10/1934  56, m. Izora Said, 2 dau, Mrs. Crawley 
Lehmkuhler, Henry  Arnold Sentinel  02/20/1929  75, m. Elizabeth Imboden, 8 kids 
Lehmkuhler, Laura  Arnold Sentinel  03/14/1928  weds Clayton Crawley 
Lehner, Michael  Arnold Sentinel  08/08/1923  weds Loma Lewis 
Leibert, Don  Sargent Leader  10/04/1945  weds Helen Kapecky 
Leibert, Donna  Sargent Leader  04/05/1934  child 
Leibert, Ernest E.  Sargent Leader  12/29/1921 
Leibert, Henry  Sargent Leader  05/22/1941  age 85 
Leibert, Mrs. George  Sargent Leader  07/01/ & 07/08  see Cora Roach, age 58 
Leininger, Mrs. Delia  Sargent Leader  12/28/1944  see obit 1-4-1945  Delia Mary Grady 
Leininger, Philip Henry  Sargent Leader  09/27/1928 
Leist,  Cordelia  Ansley Herald  12/06/1934  Mrs. Joseph F. (nee Leist) Russell 
Leisure, Alpha  Sargent Leader  11/16/1939  death note, Anselmo, 11-23 for obit  age 65 
Leisure, Charles  Sargent Leader  12/01/1938  Anselmo   age 68 
Leisure, Ollie Agnes  Ansley Herald  10/05/1933  also lin 10-12-, Mrs. Elmer Eggleston 
Leisure, T. A.  Anselmo Enterpr  05/23/1924 
Leitch, Mrs. Rob't. Arnold Sentinel  11/21/1929   former Arnold resident
Leitch, Rob't. Arnold Sentinel  04/29/1925  85 
Leland, Mrs. Harry  Arnold Sentinel  02/28/1923  nee Dorothy Olive Moffitt, 25 
Lemmel, Phil  Arnold Sentinel  07/31/1919  weds Lyda Douglas 
Lemon, Mary Alice  Comstock News  01/11/1914  child of Frank 
Lench, Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  07/29/1926  Mrs. Michael Huss 
Lenhart, Sarah Ann  Mason City Trans  10/02/1913  Mrs. Duke. 
Lenstrom Sr., John  Sargent Leader  09/30/1943  see obit 10-7 Leader 
Lenstrom, Mildred  Sargent Leader  05/02/1918  infant
Leo, Hans  Wm. Arnold Sentinel  08/27/1931  79 m. Dorcas Hague, 11 kids 
Leo, Joseph  Merna Postal Card  07/27/1917 
Leo, Leona Esther (Cash)  Merna Messenger   11/15/1918
Leo, Mrs. Henry  Arnold Sentinel  02/08/1928  nee Dorcas Eliz. Hague, 67, 11 kids 
Leonard Sr., Hubert  . Anselmo Enterprise  11/22/1912 
Leonard, James  Arnold Sentinel  07/12/1934  weds Lila Jarmin 
Leonard, Julia  Anselmo Enterpr  12/09/1927  nee Freeman, Mrs. Hubert Leonard
Leonard, Lila  Arnold Sentinel  05/10/1979 
Leonard, M. M.  Anselmo Enterpr  05/03/1921  wed Rose M. Lowe at St. Joseph, Missouri 
Leonard, Mrs. M. M.  Merna Messenger  11/21/1919 
Leonard, Mattie  Anselmo Enterpr  11/14/1919 & 11/21/1919  nee McGlade, Mrs. Michael Leonard 
Lepant, Mrs. P. Anselmo Enterpr  02/28/1926 
Lesch, Margaret Jane  Ansley Herald  10/27/1932  also in 11-3, Mrs. Geo. W. Watson 
Lester, Cora  Arnold Sentinel  09/17/1914  weds Archie Robinson of Arnold 
Lester, Eldora  Arnold Sentinel  06/17/1925  weds Orlo O. St. John 
Lester, J. B.  Arnold Sentinel  05/02/1928   of MO, formerly of Arnold
Lester, Jesse B.  Arnold Sentinel  09/06/1922  weds Sarah Leach of Arnold, to live Cherry Co.
Lester, Joe  Arnold Sentinel  11/21/1928  weds Miss Eleanor Schneider 
Lester, Mayne  Arnold Sentinel  07/11/1929  weds Verna Shaw 
Levers, Elizabeth  Mason City Trans  02/01/1923  Mrs. Wm. H. Mercer 
LeVoy, Alvina Mae   Sargent Leader  10/25/1945  weds Robert E. Vose
Lewanowski, Leonard  Arnold Sentinel  05/25/1933  age 15, cistern, son of mm Paul 
Lewin, N.A.  Sargent Leader  09/09/1937  age 58 of Arcadia, death notice 
Lewin, Wayne  Sargent Leader  03/13/1941   Weds June Simpson
Lewin, William H. Comstock News  04/29/1910 
Lewis  Anselmo Enterprise  01/24/1919 & 01/31/1919  Youngest son of J. F. Lewis 
Lewis,  Merton J  Arnold Sentinel  07/05/1934  69,  obit 7-12, m Estelle Newman, 1 dau 
Lewis, Anna   Loup Vall Queen  06/07/1917  weds Leslie Hickenbottom
Lewis, Anna Elizabeth  Anselmo Enterpr  07/30/1926  nee Brechbul, Mrs. Wm. H. Lewis 
Lewis, Charles  Callaway Courier  01/06/1916 
Lewis, Charles  Loup Vall Queen  01/06/1916  age 52, Callaway 
Lewis, Clara  Arnold Sentinel  11/11/1920  weds Fred Bryan 
Lewis, Dean   Arnold Sentinel  03/13/1930  3, child of mm Ivan Lewis
Lewis, Douglas  Sargent Leader  03/23/1944  weds Barbara McGillivray 
Lewis, Dwight Arnold Sentinel  09/01/1926  infant son of John & Lillie Lewis 
Lewis, Eleanor Porritt  Sargent Leader  02/25/1943   see Mrs. John Cail,  obit
Lewis, Miss Elva  Arnold Sentinel  12/19/1929  weds Fred McFarland of Lex 
Lewis, Fritz  Arnold Sentinel  10/23/1930   weds Margaret Pierce
Lewis, Geo. W.  Arnold Sentinel  01/20/1938 
Lewis, Grace  Anselmo Enterprise  03/12/1915  See Mrs. Jesse Alexander 
Lewis, Ivan  Loup Vall Queen  06/07/1917  weds Hazel Kelsey 
Lewis, Jessie C.  Sargent Leader  11/01/1917 
Lewis, Mrs. Julia  Ansley Herald  08/24/1917  nee Allen, Mrs. Wm. Lewis 
Lewis, Lawrence  Ansley Chronicle  10/05/1906 
Lewis, Mrs. Lizzie  Loup Vall Queen  09/06/1917  weds Charlie Blodgett 
Lewis, Loma  Arnold Sentinel  08/08/1923  weds Michael Lehner 
Lewis, Mabel  Loup Vall Queen  06/14/1917  weds Beryl Slade 
Lewis, Mabel  Arnold Sentinel  07/11/1928  weds Clayton Dailey 
Lewis, Mable  Sargent Leader  07/03/1941  Weds Ralph Petet 
Lewis, Mary  Loup Vall Queen  07/22/1937  age 73,  Mrs. Hiram Roten , mother of 2 
Lewis, Mary Eliz.  Sargent Leader  03/15/1928  Mrs. Thomas W. Williams 
Lewis, Maud Eliza  Arnold Sentinel  04/06/1927  Mrs. Herman R. Klump, 6 kids 
Lewis, Miss Mary Ann  Arnold Sentinel  10/12/1933  weds Darr Ricker 
Lewis, Mrs. Mert  Arnold Sentinel  04/14/1932   nee Lucinda Jane Drew, 68, 13 kids
Lewis, Mortimore  Sargent Leader  03/24/1921 
Lewis, Norma Rose  Arnold Sentinel  03/01/1934   weds Jared Leslie Tryon
Lewis, O.T.  Arnold Sentinel  03/15/1922  father of E. Lewis of Callaway 
Lewis, Otto  Arnold Sentinel  05/14/1931  weds Della Waters of Cozad 
Lewis, Ralph J.  Arnold Sentinel  03/04/1937 
Lewis, Roy  Arnold Sentinel  02/22-1928  weds Edna Gross 
Lewis, Susan  E.  Merna Messen.  7/28/1916  nee McGee,  Mrs. Wilbur G. Lewis 
Lewis, Wm. Henry  Arnold Sentinel  09/16/1937 & 09/23/1937 
Lidgett, Frances  Arnold Sentinel  12/16/1920  79, Mrs J.M. Judkins, 8 children 
Lile, father Margaret  Ansley Herald  06/02/1921  Wm. Keith Miller 
Liles, Mrs. Margaret  Callaway Courier  12/17/1915 
Liles, Mrs. Margaret  Loup Vall Queen  12/16/1915  nee ?   wife of James Liles 
Lilly, Robert  Ansley Herald  07/21/1916 
Liming, Carol Rose  Sargent Leader  03/29/1945  weds Homer E. Livermore 
Lincoln, Geo. Loup Vall Queen  07/06/1916  weds Mary Griffith 
Lindell, Alice  Arnold Sentinel  06/13/1928   weds Donald J. Dotson
Lindell, Edward  Arnold Sentinel  05/31/1934  weds Ruth Beauchamp at Stella, NE 
Lindell, Viola  Arnold Sentinel  12/17/1931  weds Floyd Butler 
Linder, Annabelle  Arnold Sentinel  01/23/1929  25, suicide, unmarried 
Linder, Gale Leroy  Sargent Leader  11/09/1933 
Linder, Joseph H.  Arnold Sentinel  03/10/1926  67, Broken Bow 
Lindholm Jr., Mrs. Walt, Arnold Sentinel  04/17/1930  nee Loie L. Simpson, 4 kids,  G.I. 
Lindholm, Mrs. Walter   Arnold Sentinel  03/22/1934  nee Chestine Sophia Peterson, 67,  9 kids
Lindholm, Myrtle  Arnold Sentinel  11/14/1928  weds Walter Anderson of Gothenburg 
Lindholm, Roy   Arnold Sentinel  03/14/1928  weds Edith Atkins
Lindley,  Merna Postal Card  08/22/1913  infant of Bert 
Lindley, Albert  Anselmo Enterpr  01/07/1924 
Lindley, Charles Albert  Merna Messen.   03/18/1921  child
Lindley, Clarence Albert  Anselmo Enterpr  03/11/1921  son of Floyd 
Lindley, Fred Gilmore  Anselmo Enterpr  10/30/1925 
Lindley, James  Anselmo Enterpr  09/18/1925 
Lindley, Mrs. James  Mason City Trans   07/17/1924
Lindly, Mary Jane Anselmo Enterpr  06/13/1924   nee Harrison, 1-Thomas Busby, 2-James Lindly
Lindquist, Myran   Oconto Register  08/24/1911  Buried @ Lomax
Lindsey, Martha Jane  Merna Postal Card  07/07/1916   aka Martha Jane Ridenour
Line, Bessie  Arnold Sentinel  06/20/1928  weds Milton Hays 
Linkenbeard, Carl   Sargent Leader  07/15/1937  age 12 of Valentine, See Shelborne. snow smothered
Lite, Charles  Ansley Herald  10/13/1938 
Litsey,  Mrs. Eula  Arnold Sentinel  11/21/1923  dau of mm A.B Lewis, no children 
Livermore,  Sargent Leader  08/14/1913  Infant of G. E. Livermore
Livermore, Floy  Sargent Leader  02/22/1923 
Livermore, Homor  Sargent Leader  03/29/1945   weds Carol rose Liming
Livermore, Lucille  Sargent Leader  05/30/1940  carbon monoxide accident age 17 editor's dau 
Livermore, M.A.  Comstock News  10/19/1916 
Livermore, Merwyn  Sargent Leader   01/14/1937  Age 11.
Livermore, Millard  Sargent Leader  10/06/1916 
Livermore, Mrs. M. F.  Sargent Leader  11/10/1921  nee Sophia Estella Hatch 
Livermore, Robert  Sargent Leader  06/12/1919  son of Fay Livermore 
Livermore, Ronald  Comstock News  08/15/1913  baby of G.E. 
Livermore, Roscoe  Sargent Leader  05/04/1939  Weds Edna Fisher 
Livermore, Vernon  Sargent Leader  12/19/1918 
Livermore, Wanda  Sargent Leader 09/11/1941  weds Leslie Warnken in Lex 
Livermore, Weldon  Sargent Leader  09/16/1943  death notice  see obit 9-23 age 66 
Livingston, Barrak  Arnold Sentinel  03/02/1927  anniv story 
Livingston, Ella Belle  Arnold Sentinel  11/06/1930  55, Mrs. Geo Stevenson 
Livingstone, Lilias   Arnold Sentinel  08/24/1927  weds Herbert Heafele
Lliva, Mrs. Frank  Comstock News  03/23/1916 
Lloyd, Walter  Arnold Sentinel  06/07/1934  63, drowns in cistern,
 Lockhart, Emma  Ansley Herald  01/28/1916  Emma Maus 
Lockhart, James L. Comstock News  03/23/1916 
Lockhart, Mrs. Ray  Ansley Argosy  02/01/1912  Vera Myers 
Lodge, Blanche Gertrude  Anselmo Enterpr  12/08/1922  Mrs. Blanche Shaw 
Lofing, Elizabeth  Ansley Herald  03/06/1930  nee Lofing, Mrs. Arthur Lusk 
Loftness, Oline  Sargent Leader  01/12/1933  Mrs. Ottun
 Loftus, Ellen  Sargent Leader  12/02/1915  Mrs. Ellen TePoel 
Logan, Marshall  Arnold Sentinel  01/04/1934  child of Patrick and Dr. Elsie Logan 
Logan, Mrs. Mabel Ina  Sargent Leader  12/27/1945  obit, widow of Dr. Dr. S. Logan 
Loghry, George  Sargent Leader  04/22/ & 05/13  Age 19, born at Doris, NE.    Son of Walter, Lyman,NE 
Loghry, Mrs. Emily  Sargent Leader  10/21/1920  nee Van Houten,  Mrs. Orvis 
Loghry, Mrs. Pearl  Sargent Leader  12/26/1935  see Williams, Pearl  age 47 
Lohman, Anna C.  Ansley Herald  05/11/1917  nee Lohman, Mrs. Fred Norden. also in 5-18-1917
Lohr, Dan  Merna Messenger  11/26/1918 & 11/20/1918  died at McAllen, TX. 
Lohr, Mrs. Ross Merna Messenger  11/29/1918 & 01/03/1919  aka Ruth Mabel White 
Lonergan, Simon J.  Arnold Sentinel  09/30/1926  Broken Bow pioneer 
Lonerzan, S. J.  Mason City Trans  09/30/1926 
Long, Clifford C.  Sargent Leader  01/15/1942  weds Thelma Wasson of Kansas City 
Long, Clifford C.  Arnold Sentinel  01/16/1930  weds Cleo Robertson 
Long, David D.  Merna Postal Card  08/30/1912 
Long, Ella   Arnold Sentinel  12/08/1926  weds Clarence Kilmer
Long, James R.  Ansley Herald  03/05/1942  also in 3-12-1942 
Long, John P.   Arnold Sentinel  04/02/1931  weds Mrs Evyline Pirnie
Long, John Plummer  Arnold Sentinel  06/16/1938 
Long, Mrs. M. M.  Sargent Leader  01/05/1928 
Long, Melvina  Arnold Sentinel  10/13/1932  Mrs. Rev. Chas Kilmer, 77 
Long, Mrs. John  Arnold Sentinel  08/15/1929  64, nee Mary S. Mills, 3 kids 
Long, Viola  Arnold Sentinel  07/21/1921  weds Floyd Hopkins 
Longacre, Kathryn  Sargent Leader  06/26/1941  Weds William charles Hurt 
Longfellow, Mrs. Ebenezer  Merna Postal Card  01/12/1912  aka Rachel Longfellow, aka Rachel Wiley 
Longfellow, Rachel  Merna Postal Card  01/12/1912  aka Rachel Wiley, aka Mrs. Ebenezer Longfellow 
Longmore, Glen B. Loup Vall Queen  05/27/1937  weds Cora Chesley 
Longmore, Hallie H  Loup Vall Queen 09/21/1916  wife of J.A. Shaffer
Longmore, Louis  Arnold Sentinel  10/03/1929  weds Carrie Corley 
Longmore, Mrs.  Mason City Trans  09/14/1916  nee Longmore, Mrs. Joseph Shaffer. 
Longmore, Mrs. Lew  Arnold Sentinel  06/27/1928  nee Schreyer, dau of Alfred 
Longmore, Mrs. Louis  Arnold Sentinel  07/18/1928  nee Mary Etta Schreyer, 5 kids 
Longmore, Mrs. Martha Mason City Trans  11/30/-1922  nee Runyan 
Longmore, Sarah A. A. Anselmo Enterpr  11/04/1924  nee Longmore, Mrs. John Riggs 
Longmore, W. B.  Callaway Courier  04/24/1913 
Longmore, Wm. B. Mason City Trans  03/27/1913 
Look, Mrs.Ella Balcome  Sargent Leader  08/23/1917  
Loomis, J.S.  Sargent Leader  02/05/1925   age 62 of Madison Square
Loomis, Mrs J. S.  Sargent Leader   04/25/1935  see Jones, Alice.   See obit in 5-2-35 LEADER
Loonie, Harry F. Sargent Leader  04/08/1943  weds Neva Amos 
Lorkosky, Michael  Sargent Leader  06/07/1945  of St.Paul 68, publisher 
Lorkowski, Ed  Sargent Leader  12/13/1923 
Lorng, Mary C. Arnold Sentinel  12/16/1920  weds Frank Nelson of Table,  NE 
Loucks, Hazel  Mason City Trans  11/28/1912 
Louden,  Ansley Herald  11/24/1916  infant of U. S. Louden
 Louder, J.  Loup Vall Queen  07/20/1916  70
Louder, James  Ansley Herald  07/21/1916 
Loughran, James R.  Sargent Leader  10/28/1943  Milburn, 19 
Loury, Hattie Mason City Trans  01/07/1922  nee Thompson
Loury, Mrs. Victor  Mason City Trans  06/07/1928 
Lovejoy, Frank E.  Sargent Leader  06/07/1945  see obit 6-14-45 
Lovejoy, John  Sargent Leader  05/05/1916 
Lovejoy, Margaret  Sargent Leader  07/23/1942  weds Oscar O. Berg in OR 
Lovejoy, Mrs. John H.  Sargent Leader  12/28/1933  nee Alice McAllister 
Lovitt, Frank S.  Arnold Sentinel  06/12/1919  murdered in Kearney 
Lowder, Allison  Ansley Herald  10/24/1929  nee Clark 
Lowder, J.  Callaway Courier 07/18/1916 
Lowder, James  Comstock News  07/27/1916  see also 8/3/1916 
Lowder, James  Mason City Trans  07/21/1916 
Lowder, Wm. Clary  Ansley Herald  01/05/1928 
Lowe, Eunice  Callaway Courier  06/19/1913  See Eunice Cornish 
Lowe, Mrs. Roy  Arnold Sentinel  12/29/1921  of Callaway, nee? 
Lower, Augusta  Comstock News  05/21/1914  see 5/14  -  see Glover, Mrs. P.D. 
Lowery, James Monroe  Mason City Trans  01/09/1913 
Lown, Orval  Anselmo Enterpr  11/27/1925 
Lowrey, Monroe  Ansley Argosy  08/29/1912 
Lowry, James Monroe  Ansley Argosy  01/09/1913 
Lowry, Victor E.  Mason City Trans  02/12/1925 
Loy, Freeman  Ansley Herald  04/23/1925 
Loy, Frieman  Mason City Trans  04/23/1925 
Loy, Jennie Gay  Sargent Leader  04/10/1941  see also 4-17, Mrs. M.L. Bobbitt 
Loy, John Wm.  Ansley Herald  03/30/1933 
Loy, Mrs. Mary  Ansley Herald  02/17/1922  Mrs. Wm. Loy 
Loyd, Verna  Sargent leader  09/01/1932  Mrs. Ted Sanford 
Lozier, Naomi  Loup Vall Queen  10/07/1937  weds Rev. Frank Schroeder at Decatur, IL 
Lucas, Dr. Vorhees  Arnold Sentinel  04/04/1928 
Lucas, Floyd  Arnold Sentinel  06/16/1921  weds Edith Haumont of Broken Bow 
Lucas, Mabel Merie  Arnold Sentinel  07/12/1922  weds Hugh Barclay,  Oregon Attorney 
Lucas, Mable   Arnold Sentinel  01/25/1928  Mrs. Hugh Braclay of Oregon, no kids
Lucas, Sinclair   Arnold Sentinel  06/12/1930  weds Susan Barr of KS
Luce, Isaac D.  Merna Postal Card  10/08/1915 
Luce, Mary Virginia  Merna Messen  05/19/1922  nee Perry,   Mrs. Samuel Luce 
Luce, Miss Achsah A. Arnold Sentinel  07/27/1933 76 
Luce, Samuel M.  Merna Messen.  06/04/1920 
Luce, Samuel M.   Arnold Sentinel  06/05/1920  near Merna, 4 sons, 3 dau
Lucnks, Sarah  Merna Postal Card  09/15/1911  aka Mrs. Wm. McCombs, aka Sarah Johnson, 
Lucus,  Mrs. Floyd  Arnold Sentinel  06/21/1922  nee Haumont, dau of Jules,  obit 7-5-22 
Luei, Mrs Joseph  Sargent Leader  04/06/1944  nee Dollie E. Strunk age 76 
Luke, Viola  Oconto Register  02/  /1920 
Lummus, Georgis  Arnold Sentinel  03/08/1922  to wed Chas. S. Reed of Arnold see 4-12 
Lumpkin, Margaret Maria (Kent)  Merna Postal Card  09/10/1915 
Lund, Dorothy  Ansley Herald  01/24/1929  Mrs. Theodore Lund, nee Olsen 
Lund, Mrs. Dorothy  Mason City Trans  01/10/1929 
Lund, Edwin  Mason City Trans  04/21/1921 
Lund, Edwin T.  Ansley Herald  04/14/1921 
Lund, Mali  Mason City Trans  03/17/1921  nee Estendatter, Mrs. Ole Lund 
Lund, Ole  Ansley Chronicle  10/17/1902 
Lundstrom, Mrs. Lud   Ansley Argosy  03/23/1911  nee Nellie Dolphin
Lundy, Lloyd Albro  Sargent Leader  01/14/1943  weds Allene Bell 
Lundy, Mrs. Ben  Sargent Leader  02/19/1942  see Maude Mosetta Kenyon,  age 65 
Lundy, Mrs. Ben  Sargent Leader   03/14/1946  65, Rosie Lilulla Carpenter aka Mrs. Hulbert
Lundy, Mrs. Ben  Sargent Leader  08/25/1932  nee Grace Barnes 
Lure, Thelma Cecilia  Merna Postal Card  03/07/1913  daughter of A. L. 
Lusk, Mrs. Elizabeth  Ansley Herald  03/06/1930  nee Lofing, Mrs. Arthur Lusk 
Luther, Grandma  Mason City Trans  06/10/1926 
Luther, Howard Raymond  Ansley Argosy  10/12/1911  Baby 
Luttick, Henry  Arnold Sentinel  05/21/1931  78, m. Sophia Luebbert, 5 kids 
Lutz, Mable  Comstock News  11/11/1915  see also Bennett, Mrs. her cousin? 
Lutz, Miss  Mable  Loup Vall Queen  11/18/1915  auto accident.  See Bennett 
Lybarger, Abbie L. Mason City Trans  02/17/1921  nee Weast
Lybarger, Henry  Mason City Trans  07/03/1924 
Lybarger, Olive A.  Mason City Trans  11/17/1927  Mrs. Birb Wilson 
Lydia, Mrs. Arthur Blint  Arnold Sentinel  07/01/1937  nee Marie Helberg 
Lynn, Milton  Sargent Leader  02/14/1946  weds Wilma Shires 
Lyon Mrs. Grace  Sargent Leader  11/29/1945  sister of Clyde Metcalf  see obit 12-6 
Lyon, Elonia  Sargent Leader  02/26/1931  nee Marsh 
Lyon, Fred   
Sargent Leader  02/10/1938  death notice 
Lyon, Jeanne  Sargent Leader  05/18/1939  Weds Roland Hale (just out of high sch) 
Lyons, Frank  Arnold Sentinel   11/29/1922  60, father of Mrs Len Alfred of Arnold
Lyons, Wm. Loup Vall Queen  02/22/1917   weds Maggie Nelson
Lysinger, Donal Dean  Sargent Leader  06/07/1934  baby 
Lysinger, Laddie  Sargent Leader  08/22/1940  Weds Virginia Perrin 
Lysinger, Nick  Mason City Trans  07/23/1928  wed Marguerite Kimball at Alliance, Ne. 
Lysinger, Richard  Ansley Herald  03/12/1925  married Thelma Kimball on 7 Mar at Phillipsburg,KS 
Lysinger,  Mrs. Simon     Sargent Leader  08/23/1934  nee Julia Lehane
Lytle, Nancy  Mason City Trans  04/09/1914  nee(Lytle), Metz, Furman-step Mrs M. L. Lamb 

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