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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "N" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)

Nafzinger, Bertha  Arnold Sentinel  02/06/1924  weds Claire Day  see also 2-13-1924 
Nafzinger, Bethel   Arnold Sentinel  03/30/1927  weds Vernon Day
Nafzinger, Harold  Arnold Sentinel  10/08/1931  weds Beulah Simpson 
Nafzinger, Harold  Arnold Sentinel  02/09/1933  21, m Beulah Simpson, no kids 
Nafzinger, Marion E.  Arnold Sentinel  10/24/1929  28, m. Esther Jurgens, no kids 
Nansel,  Chas. Arnold Sentinel  01/08/1920  weds Hazel Meads 
Nansel, Charles  Arnold Sentinel  05/28/1931  weds Mildred Mason 
Nansel, Dortha  Arnold Sentinel  04/22/1925  infant dau of mm Chas. Nansel 
Nansel, Gerald R.  Arnold Sentinel  10/27/1926  infant son of Roy Nansel 
Nansel, Harry  Arnold Sentinel  11/26/1931  weds Leta Joy 
Nansel, Helen  Arnold Sentinel  06/05/1930  weds John Jarmin of Arnold 
Nansel, Jessie Frank  Arnold Sentinel  05/20/1920  age 2, son of mm Frank Nansel has 7 siblings 
Nansel, Lillian  Arnold Sentinel  12/30/1925  weds Marshall Meads 
Nansel, Lloyd  Arnold Sentinel  05/11/1927  weds Lois Avers 
Nansel, Miss Cecil M. Arnold Sentinel  08/28/1919  weds Mynor A. Smith 
Nansel, Mrs. Frank  Arnold Sentinel  02/20/1924  36, childbirth, 10 children, nee McFate 
Nansel, Mrs. Godfrey  Arnold Sentinel  10/26/1927  nee Sarah Elizabeth McCreary, 69 
 Nansel, Ray  Arnold Sentinel  03/29/1979 
Nansel, Roy  Arnold Sentinel  09/25/1919  weds Mrs. Jessie Howard, phone operator 
Nansel, Vera  Arnold Sentinel  01/15/1920  weds Ben Magnusson at Gandy 
Narragon, Banche  Arnold Sentinel  09/08/1926  weds Wm Patterson 
Narragon, Carrie  Oconto Register  12/28/1916  See Carrie Scott 
Narragon, Delbert  Ansley Chronicle  10/16/1903 
Narragon, L. J.  Oconto Register  08/   /1913 
Narragon, Lanning L.  Mason City Trans  02/23/1928 
Narragon, Mrs. Lloyd  Arnold Sentinel  10/06/1938  nee Lola Lorraine Yingling 
Narragon, Mary  Oconto Register  04/17/1919 
Naugle, John F.  Sargent Leader  03/13/1919 
Naylor, Mrs Bertha  Mason City Trans   01/28/1915  nee Browning, Mrs. J. C. Naylor
Naylor, Carol Jean  Loup Vall Queen  06/24/1937  age 5, auto accident, dau of mm Harry Naylor (nee Swink) 
Naylor, J. C.  Arnold Sentinel  05/22/1919  weds Ruth Snodgrass of Callaway 
Naylor, Jane  Loup Vall Queen   10/26/1916  to wed Chas. Carothers see also 12-14-1916
Nedbalek, Joseph  Sargent Leader  07/20/1933 
Needham, A. L.   Arnold Sentinel  11/06/1930  weds McKenzie, Ethel B.
Needham, A.H.  Arnold Sentinel  03/24/1921 & 03/31/1921  father of F.E. Needham, 89, Oregon 
Needham, Frank E.  Arnold Sentinel  10/13/1932  66, m. Hattie Burke, 1 dau 
Needham, Mattie  Arnold Sentinel  09/29/1938  Mrs. Keith Walker 
Needham, Rosemary  Arnold Sentinel  07/13/1933  weds Emerson Claude Wright 
Needham, Ruth  Arnold Sentinel  01/06/1921  weds Blake Spencer of Kansas City 
Neff, Pearl Lucille  Ansley Herald  10/24/1935   Mrs. Brown
Negler, Ardis  Ansley Herald  07/15/1920  child 
Negley,  Ansley Argosy  06/25/1908  daughter. of  S. F.Negley
Negley, Ella Gunn  Ansley Herald  11/01/1918 
Negley, Samuel F.  Ansley Herald  07/13/1939 & 07/20/1939 
Neidt, Vena Gene  Ansley Herald   12/24/1929  married Dean Cannon at North Platte, NE
Neil, Mrs. Capitola M. Sargent Leader  10/14/1943   weds Loyd T. Moore
Neilsen, Annie  Arnold Sentinel  04/16/1924  weds Ernest W. Marrs of Arnold 
Nekuda, George Sargent Leader  07/13/1941  Weds Myra Huffman 
Nekuda, Lamere  Sargent Leader  05/20/1943  weds Claire Dlugosh of Scotia 
Nekuda, Leonard   Sargent Leader  01/24/1946  weds Domicella Zulski
Nekuda, Lyle DeWitt  Sargent Leader  10/03/1935  age 1 year 
Nekuda, Mrs.  Comstock News  03/20/1914 
Nekuda, Mrs. Fred  Sargent Leader  12/08/1938  see Tillie Cadek.  see 12-29-38 
Nelms, George  Ansley Herald  04/12/1918 
Nelms, Martha   Ansley Herald  12/31/1915  Martha Belcherf
Nelms, Wm. Ansley Argosy  01/07/1909 
Nelsen, Audley  Arnold Sentinel  03/17/1921   weds Andy Nelson
Nelson, Virginia Rose  Arnold Sentinel  12/07/1927  infant of Nels Nielsen 
Nelson, Aleck  Sargent Leader  11/28/1929 
Nelson, Mrs. Aleck  Sargent Leader  12/08/1927 
Nelson, Andy   Arnold Sentinel  03/17/1921  weds Audley Nelson
Nelson, Anthon  Arnold Sentinel  09/03/1931  weds Norma Nelson, see 9-10 
Nelson, Antonia Mason City Trans  08/07/1919  Mrs. Stender 
Nelson, Bernadine J.  Arnold Sentinel  05/12/1926  infant of mm Willis Nelson 
Nelson, Bert  Arnold Sentinel  03/06/1929  Buckley,WA
Nelson, Mrs. C. Swanson  Ansley Herald  05/11/1917  Mrs. Charles Swanson of Comstock 
Nelson, Caddie  Mason City Trans  06/03/1920  Mrs. Wirt Whitney 
Nelson, Mrs. Carl  Sargent Leader  01/09/1936  age 70,  see Swanson, Huldah Dorthea 
Nelson, Chas. J.  Mason City Trans  06/12/1924 
Nelson, Christina  Arnold Sentinel  04/14/1921  weds Bernard Eastburn 
Nelson, Clara A.  Arnold Sentinel  03/08/1979   nee Enstrom
Nelson, Clara Lucille  Ansley Herald  12/01/1927  Mrs. J. Dee Chandler 
Nelson, Mrs. Clinton  Arnold Sentinel  08/17/1927   nee Emma J. Wall, 6 kids
Nelson, David  Comstock News  09/15/1913  son of Carl 
Nelson, Mrs. Don -Edna  Arnold Sentinel  05/23/1933  21, killed by tornado 
Nelson, Earl D.  Arnold Sentinel  12/29/1926  weds Hazel Burk 
Nelson, Edith  Sargent Leader  12/02/1943  weds Dr. Rob't. Fenstermacher 
Nelson, Edward B.  Ansley Herald  11/21/1935 
Nelson, Frank  Arnold Sentinel  12/16/1920  weds Mary C. Lorng of Table, NE 
Nelson, George Harold  Comstock News  01/08/1920 
Nelson, Gladys  Arnold Sentinel  04/11/1928  age 17, dau of mm Albin Nelson 
Nelson, Glenn  Arnold Sentinel  04/15/1920  age 3, son of mm Lauritz Nelson illness 
Nelson, Hanna  Mason City Trans  12/05/1918  nee Anderson 
Nelson, Helen Marie  Ansley Herald  10/21/1920  child 
Nelson, Mrs. Henry  Arnold Sentinel  10/19/1933  nee Mary Ellis, 75,   6 kids 
Nelson, Herman  Arnold Sentinel  05/03/1934  weds Alice Albee 
Nelson, Hulda  Loup Val. Queen  10/29/1914  Mrs. Edward Oman 
Nelson, infant  Arnold Sentinel  12/17/1924  child of mm Wm. Nelson of Elim Valley 
Nelson, Mrs. J. P.  Mason City Trans  06/31/1928 & 07/05/1928  Anna Marie Nelson
Nelson Jr., Jesse Jewell  Ansley Herald  09/10/1942  child 
Nelson, Mrs. John  Sargent Leader 02/20/1930  nee Huldah Banks 
Nelson, Kenneth   Arnold Sentinel  12/26/1928  weds Ruby Windholm
Nelson, Lauritz  Arnold Sentinel  09/24/1931 
Nelson, Lauritz   Arnold Sentinel  09/24/1931  53, m Selma Oman, 7 kids
Nelson, Mrs. Lou  Arnold Sentinel  02/17/1938 & 03/10/1938  nee Harrison 
Nelson, Mrs. Louis  Sargent Leader   02/18/1937  See  Mrs. Anna Louise Hvezda.  Auto accident.
Nelson, Lucile  Loup Vall Queen  04/20/1916  dau of mm John Nelson, infant 
Nelson, Lucile Clare  Callaway Courier  04/20/1916  Infant 
Nelson, Maggie  Loup Vall Queen  02/22/1917  weds William Lyons, Mildale 
Nelson, Mary C. Mason City Trans  11/25/1920  Mrs Canute Lee 
Nelson, Nancy Olive  Ansley Argosy  07/31/1913  nee Hawk
Nelson, Nettie   Arnold Sentinel  03/26/1924  weds Geo Hess of Table
Nelson, Miss Norma  Arnold Sentinel  09/03/1931  weds Anthon Nelson of Spannuth 
Nelson, Oscar  Arnold Sentinel  01/06/1926   weds Mrs. Lottie Olsen
Nelson, Paul  Sargent Leader  03/04/1937  Age 30.  (Douglas Grove) 
Nelson, Pearl  Arnold Sentinel  03/07/1923  weds Lavern Strasburg, Garfield Table 
Nelson, Roy  Sargent Leader  06/04/1925  age 12, horse accident, Callaway, son of Nels Nelson 
Nelson, Roy  Arnold Sentinel  06/10/1925  12,  horse dragged 
Nelson, Ruby  Arnold Sentinel  05/02/1928  weds Louis Townsend 
Nelson, Miss Ruth  Arnold Sentinel  03/13/1930  weds Walter Eagle 
Nelson, Sadie  Ansley Argosy  02/18/1909  Sadie Roper, card of thanks in 3-4-1909 
Nelson, Sandra Karen  Arnold Sentinel  11/18/1937  infant of Car Nelson 
Nelson, Sarah Amelia  Arnold Sentinel  05/16/1928 & 05/23/1928 29, teacher, dau of mm Victor Nelson
Nelson, Selma  Arnold Sentinel  12/13/1924  weds John Marsh of Holly, CO 
Nelson, Mrs. Selma  Arnold Sentinel  10/12/1933  weds Mr. Andrew Sorensen of CA 
Nelson, son  Callaway Courier   07/04/1912  boy was born to N. M. Nelson famliy
Nelson, Wm. I.  Ansley Herald  04/30/1931 
Nemeskal, Peter  Comstock News  02/17/1921 
Nesiba, Dorothy  Sargent Leader  02/07/1946  weds John Platek 
Neslon, Lena  Sargent Leader  01/31/1935  see obit in 2-14-35 see Tegmeier, Mrs. W.C. 
Neth, John  Ansley Chronicle  11/29/1901 
Neth, Mrs. Sebastian  Arnold Sentinel  12/02/1925  about 65, 7 kids 
Neuman, John  Mason City Trans  10/31/1918 
Neve, George  Merna Postal Card  05/12/1911 
Neve, Mrs. Henry  Merna Messenger  11/22/1928  nee Alma E. Stevens 
Neve, Mathew  Merna Messenger  11/22/1918 
Neve, Sarah  Arnold Sentinel  08/09/1922  77, Mrs. William Simpson 
Neves, John  Merna Messen.  02/25/1921 
Nevill, Alice  Ansley Argosy  11/26/1908  nee Alice Nevill, Broadbent, Eggelston
New, Marie  Sargent Leader  05/15/1941  see Mrs. Marie Green 
Newbecker, Caroline E. Sargent Leader  07/30/1936  Mrs. Caroline Sweet, age 86 
Newbecker, Clara  Sargent Leader  11/15/1928 
Newbecker, Clara  Ansley Herald  11/22/1928 
Newbecker, Dr. Minerv  Sargent Leader  08/26/1920  Minerva Newbecker 
Newbecker, Florence Josephine Sargent Leader  07/08/1937  of Taylor, age 83
Newbecker, George  Sargent Leader  04/01/1943  age 85 
Newbecker, Mrs. Geo.  Sargent Leader  04/02/1931 
Newbecker, Pierce  Sargent Leader  11/19/1914 
Newbern, Lee  Arnold Sentinel  06/24/1920  pioneer, 65, husb of Angelina Pierce no kids 
Newburn, John F.  Arnold Sentinel  03/09/1933  72
Newburn, Oliver  Arnold Sentinel   12/16/1937
Newburn, Perry  Arnold Sentinel  07/11/1929 
Newburn, Perry E.  Arnold Sentinel  07/18/1929   6, large strong bachelor
Newcomb, William  Sargent Leader  08/19/1943  Comstock, age 89 
Newcomb,Bessie Louise  Ansley Herald  11/08/1918 
Newcombe, Comstock News  02/15/1917  infant of Arthur Newcombe
Newell,  Miss Mary   Arnold Sentinel  12/21/1927  Hastings college girl
Newkirk, Wm. Arnold Sentinel  02/29/1928  Gandy, 44, husb of R. McCain, 3 kids 
Newland, Mary  Anselmo Enterpr  01/28/1921  Mrs. Walter Scott 
Newman, Della May  Arnold Sentinel  03/02/1939 
Newman, Doris  Sargent Leader  11/18/1943  weds Teddy Calkins 
Newman, Harley Marvin  Ansley Herald  02/22/1923  infant 
Newman, Idris  Arnold Sentinel  12/01/1926  weds Walter Peterson (see 12-29) 
Newman, John  Arnold Sentinel  08/20/1924  husb of Mary McDonald, 3 kids, 75 
Newman, Mrs. John  Arnold Sentinel  11/10/1926   nee Mary J. McDonald
Newman, Mary Elizabeth Anselmo Enterpr  05/19/1927 & 05/20/1927 Mrs. Isaac Bell 
Newman, Theresa  Arnold Sentinel  04/15/1925  weds Donivan Kellenbarger 
Newman, Verne  Arnold Sentinel  10/02/1930  weds Louise Bay 
Newman, Wm. Edward  Arnold Sentinel  08/24/1927 84 
Newton, Chas.  Mason City Trans  04/23/1925 
Newtson, Lorena  Sargent Leader  02/07/1946  weds Alfred Millsap 
Nice, Angie Etta  Ansley Herald  03/31/1932  Mrs. Wm.D. Nice 
Nice, Stephen S.  Ansley Herald  10/06/1932 
Nichelson, Frank  Loup Val. Queen  09/24/1914 
Nichelson, Mrs. Will  Callaway Courier  05/01/1913 
Nicholas, Ruth  Mason City Trans  06/16/1921 & 07/21/1921 nee Martin, Mrs. John T. Nicholas
Nichols, Mrs. Ben  Ansley Herald  04/24/1930 
Nichols, Mrs. C.C.  Loup Vall Queen  03/29/1917 & 04/05/1917 nee Margaret Ella Stagers,  aka Mrs. Perry Demoss 
Nickelson, Addie  Loup Val. Queen  05/07/1914  married Wm. Johnson in Kearney 5-7-1914 
Nickelson, Ben  Loup Val. Queen  06/04/1914 
Nickerson, Ermina L.  Sargent Leader  04/25/1935  see Reynolds, Ermina L. 
Nickolson, Howard  Callaway Queen  02/25/1915   son of Ed Nickolson
Nicks, Hazel  Sargent Leader  06/17/1943   weds Allen Dunbar
Nicodemus, Ronnel  Mason City Trans  02/20/1919  infant 
Nicols, Lester  Mason City Trans  03/05/1927 
Niedt, Dorothy  Sargent Leader  12/20/1945  weds Ellis Millsap 
Niedt, Homer  Sargent Leader  02/22/1945  weds Lois Millsap 
Nielsen, Henderikke  Mason City Trans  10/20/1927  Mrs. Peter Wind, Mrs. Magnus Stender 
Nielsen, Henrietta   Arnold Sentinel  02/22/1922  weds Charence Croghan
Nielson, Dale  Arnold Sentinel  02/16/1933  child of Nels and Florence Nielson 
Nielson, Dennis Lee  Arnold Sentinel  09/30/1937  infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Nels Nielson 
Nierstheimer, Velma  Sargent Leader  09/05/1940  Weds Frank Reed 
Niles, J. A.  SargentLeader  02/14/1929 
Niles, James A.  Mason City Trans  02/21/1929 
Niles, Lloyd  Sargent Leader  06/21/1923 
Nims, Lucille  Sargent Leader  03/26/1942  weds Wilber Gustafson 
Noberg, David N. Loup Val. Queen  05/07/1914  married  Bessie Schreyer in Kearney 5-7-1914 
Noble, Sabina  Callaway Courier  09/04/1913  See Sabina Greer 
Noble, William M.  Anselmo Enterprise  01/10/1913 
Noonan, Thomas  Sargent Leader  0729/1937  age 98, Civil War vet 
Norall, Irene  Arnold Sentinel  07/17/1930  weds Ralph Alexander 
Norbury, Thos. Loup Vall Queen  07/29/1915 
Norcross, Ross  Arnold Sentinel  10/17/1921  weds Essie Haskell 
Norcutt, Roger  Loup Vall Queen  07/22/1937  age 17, son of Mrs. Ira Turley nee Evelyn Doxsee 
Norden Sr.,  John Fred  Ansley Herald  10/23/1930 & 10/30/1930 
Norden, Dessie Irene  Ansley Herald  07/18/1929 
Norden, Henry  Ansley Herald  12/01/1938 
Norden, Mrs. Fred  Ansley Herald  05/11/1917 & 05/18/1917 nee Lohman, Anna C. 
Nordin, Lillian  Arnold Sentinel  06/21/1934  21, lip pimple,  obit 7-5 
Nordon, Fred  Arnold Sentinel  10/30/1930  of Ansley, carbon monoxide 
Nordstrom, Olaf  Sargent Leader  12/28/1944  81 
Noren, Gustav  Arnold Sentinel  12/28/1927  61, husb of Anna Larson,no kids.  See 2-1-28 
Norgard, Marcele  Arnold Sentinel  04/10/1930 & 04/17/1930  child of mm A. H. Norgard
Norris, Ellen Gertrude  Arnold Sentinel  01/18/1934  weds Clyde Olen Bowers 
Norris, Horatio N.  Sargent Leader  07/24/1930 
Norris, Willis  Arnold Sentinel  03/24/1921  cousin of Chas. Leach, dies in WY 
Norrish, Emily C.   Arnold Sentinel  04/15/1925  nee Mrs. J.E. Paine
Norsworthy, Dorothy   Arnold Sentinel  07/07/1926  weds Harry Peterson 
Norsworthy, Roscoe  Arnold Sentinel  01/02/1929  weds Gayle McFarland 
Northey,  Abraham  Sargent Leader  02/12/1931 
Northey, Abe's  son  Sargent Leader  09/04/1913  Card of Thanks 
Northey, Harriet  Sargent Leader  03/12/1931  Mrs. Ankney 
Northey, Robert  Sargent Leader  04/14/1927 
Northouse, Ed  Arnold Sentinel  02/05/1931  Hershey, NE 
Norton, Ella  Sargent leader  11/03/1932  Mrs. Henry Fellows 
Norton, Ulyssa E.  Sargent Leader  04/06/1922  Mrs. F. S. Morris 
Novak, Barbara  Sargent Leader  12/26/1940  Mrs. Frank Codr,  age 81 
Novatue, Mrs. Joe  Anselmo Enterpr  05/11/1928 
Noyes, Nettie  Sargent Leader  11/04/1926  Mrs. Orrin Howland 
Noweles, Mrs. J. D.  Arnold Sentinel  11/03/1938 

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