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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "O" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)

O'Brien,  MasonCity Trans  01/13/1916  mother of A. O'Brien 
O'Brien, Mrs. Alfred  Mason City Trans  09/20/1928  nee McAllister
O'Conner, Thomas  Oconto Register  11/09/1916 
O'Keefe, Elizabeth  Arnold Sentinel  06/19/1929  weds Geo. Sullivan 
O'Neil, Edith  Anselmo Enterprise  05/10/1912
O'Neill, Harry E.  Mason City Trans  01/25/1928 
Oakes, W. H.  Mason City Trans  09/15/1927 
Oakley, Ida  Sargent Leader  11/26/1942  Mrs. E.R. Brown of St.Lake City 
Oathout, son of Fred  Ansley Herald  02/28/1924  resolution
Oberg, Ester  Sargent Leader  06/14/1928  Mrs. Lee Penny 
Oberg, Mrs. Anna  Sargent Leader  11/29/1945 & 12/13/1945 
Oberg, Mrs. Nels Olaf  Arnold Sentinel  01/07/1932  nee Mary Olson, 67, 6 kids
Ochsner, R. N.  Arnold Sentinel  07/06/1927  killed by lightning 
Ogden, Mrs. Mary  Sargent Leader  07/21/1932  nee Showalter 
Ogg, Edna Muriel  Callaway Courier  04/27/1916  Child 
Ogg, Edna Muriel  Loup Vall Queen  04/27/1916  age 7, dau of MM Curtis Ogg 
Ogren, Edla Maria  Ansley Herald  05/15/1930  Mrs. Olof Alfred Olson 
Ohlson, Adrian  Arnold Sentinel  10/08/1931  weds Mildred Johnson (see 10-15) 
Ohlson, Anna Dorothy  Loup Vall Queen  09/16/1937  Mrs. Ralph Helberg, age 40
Ohlson, Martha Sigrid  Arnold Sentinel  08/01/1928  45, Mrs. Frank Cole, 12 kids 
Ohlson, Mrs  Olof  Arnold Sentinel  02/13/1930  nee Brita Wall, 12 kids
Ohmberger, Dorothy Irene  Sargent Leader  03/30/1944  weds Wm. J. Moravec 
Ohmberger, Louis  Comstock News  01/04/1917 & 02/01/1917 
Ohmberger, Luella  Sargent Leader  02/19/1942  weds Milan Horak 
Ohmberger, Mr. & Mrs. Louie Sargent Leader  01/12/1917 
Ohmberger, Virgil  Sargent Leader  04/22/1943  weds Margaret Kelshaw 
Ohmberger, Will  Sargent Leader  02/04/1943 & 02/11/1943 death notice, see 1-28,  43 
Oldfather, Wayne  Arnold Sentinel  04/21/1932  weds Helen Majers  of Callaway 
Oliva, Joe  Arnold Sentinel  09/26/1928  weds Elnora Casper of Arnold 
Oliva, Mrs. Frank  Ansley Herald  03/17/1916 
Olive, Ira W.  Mason City Trans  09/13/1928 
Oliver,  Mrs. James  Arnold Sentinel  07/21/1932  death notice 
Oliver, Charles  Arnold Sentinel  12/05/1929  18, son of Milt Oliver, horse accident 
Oliver, Charles Paul  Arnold Sentinel  05/31/1934  77, m. Alice Wemple. no surviving relatives 
Oliver, James  Arnold Sentinel  09/19/1929  67, Mullen, m Ammie Williamson, 2 kids 
Oliver, Willard Arnold  Ansley Herald  07/17/1930 
Olmstead, F. M.  Anselmo Enterprise  12/06/1918 
Olmstead, Frank  Merna Messenger  12/13/1918 
Olmstead, Mrs. John  Mason City Trans  07/14/1921  nee Olmstead, Mrs. John Flynn
Olmsted, Ida C.  Sargent Leader  12/04/1924 & 12/11/1924  see Geo. Mann of Taylor, age 71 
Olofson, Charlotte  Arnold Sentinel  10/30/1930  weds Charles Wilcox 
Olofson, Mrs. John Erik  Arnold Sentinel  02/27/1929 & 03/06/1929 nee Anna Jonsson
Olsen, Mrs. Christian  Mason City Trans  09/22/1922 
Olsen, Christina  Arnold Sentinel  11/03/1926  89, Mrs. Nels Christensen 
Olsen, Dorothy  Ansley Herald  01/24/1929  Mrs. Theodore Lund, nee Olsen 
Olsen, Mrs. Lottie  Arnold Sentinel  01/06/1926  weds Oscar Nelson of Brady 
Olsen, Mrs. Tolaf  Sargent Leader  01/21/1943  see Mrs. Pete Larsen & Christina Larsen  75
Olson, Eric G.  Arnold Sentinel  12/28/1933  weds Alice C. Spratt 
Olson, Mary  Arnold Sentinel  01/07/1932  Mrs. Nels Obeg, 67,  6 kids 
Olson, Alma Marie  Merna Messen.  08/04/1916  baby of H. P. Olson
Olson, Annagreta  Ansley Herald  04/29/1920  child 
Olson, Charley  Sargent Leader  05/23/1918  weds Kate Van Kleek in Wyoming 
Olson, dau. of Oscar  Sargent Leader  06/28/1923  2 years old, drowned 
Olson, Donald Richard  Sargent Leader  06/01/1944  weds Nancy Walker Benton 
Olson, Dr. H. T.  Sargent Leader  11/25/37 & 12/02/1937 &12/17/1937 Early Sargent dentist 
Olson, Edla Maria  Ansley Herald  05/15/1930  nee Ogren, Mrs. Olof Alfred Olson 
Olson, Eric  Sargent Leader  04/18/1946  weds Amy Samples 
Olson, Ernest  Sargent Leader  04/16/1942  suicide  42 
Olson, Mrs. Fritz  Sargent Leader  01/09/1936  age 48, see Anderson, Anna Christine 
Olson, H. P.  Merna Messenger  12/13/1918 
Olson, Henry F.  Arnold Sentinel  08/31/1933  weds Christiana Johnson
Olson, James C. Loup Vall Queen  09/14/1916  79, husband of Marthina Peterson 
Olson, Kenneth Duane  Loup Vall Queen  05/27/1937  baby of mm Raymond Olson 
Olson, Mildred Eliz.  Arnold Sentinel  09/03/1931  Mrs. Clyde Preston, 3 kids
Olson, Olaf  Arnold Sentinel  07/14/1938 
Olson, Olaf Alfred  Ansley Herald  08/10/1933  maybe Olsson? 
Olson, Mrs. Olaf  Arnold Sentinel  04/29/1937  nee Anna Larson
Olson, Oscar  Loup Vall Queen  07/15/1915  weds Alice Poston of Milldale 
Olson, Richard  Arnold Sentinel  07/06/1933  weds Verle Morgan of Powell Canyon 
Olson, Stella  Sargent Leader  07/09/1914  Mrs. Eli Olson,  nee Garton 
Olson, Tina  Sargent Leader  01/19/1940  obit,  wife of A.H. Brooks, 
Olson, Mrs. Tolif  Sargent Leader  02/04/1915 & 02/11/1915  Carrie Hendrickson 
Oman, Alfred T.  Arnold Sentinel  01/08/1931  weds Rosie F. Osborn of Cozad 
Oman, Alice Dorothy  Arnold Sentinel  06/25/1931  Mrs Elof Blixt, 38, 2 kids 
Oman, Alvin  Arnold Sentinel  07/11/1929 & 07/18/1929 age 7, son of mm Nels Oman
Oman, Anna  Arnold Sentinel  08/09/1979 
Oman, Bina Arnold Sentinel  07/10/1919  nee Bina Clauson, wife of Peter Oman, 7 kids
Oman, Clarence  Callaway Courier  01/27/1916
Oman, Clarence  Loup Vall Queen  01/20/1916  age 22 son of C.A. Oman, pneumonia 
Oman, Ed  Loup Vall Queen  08/30/1917 & 09/13/1917  scalped in runaway accident 
Oman, Ed  Arnold Sentinel  09/09/1937  died 26 Aug 1917 (in days gone by column)
Oman, Elliott  Arnold Sentinel  11/20/1930  infant of mm Frank Oman 
Oman, Mrs. Ernest  Arnold Sentinel  04/03/1930  death notice 
Oman, Gabriel  Arnold Sentinel  11/12/1924  weds Vendl Johnson
Oman, Harry Leonard  Arnold Sentinel  03/02/1927  weds Lettie Frances Timm of Osceola 
Oman, Hulda  Loup Val. Queen  10/29/1914  nee Nelson, Mrs. Edward Oman
Oman, Lloyd  Arnold Sentinel  10/27/1926  weds  ? 
Oman, Otto  Arnold Sentinel  11/18/1937 
Oman, Rodney  Arnold Sentinel  05/07/1924  2 yr old son of mm Nels Oman 
Omey, Loyd  Ansley Chronicle  08/24/1906  child
Omsberry, Mary  Mason City Trans  05/26/1927  Mrs. Hiram Coffman
Orchard, Elsie Belle  Ansley Herald  10/07/1926  Mrs. Earl E. Gross 
Orchard, Shipton G. Ansley Herald  05/14/1931 
Ormsby, Harry L.  Mason City Trans  01/15/1925 
Orndt, Bertha Dorothy  Anselmo Enterpr  04/02/1920  Mrs. Carl Hackbarth
Orton, Alice L. Anselmo Enterpr  12/09/1927  nee Orton, Mrs. Millard Hill
Orvis, Bert  Sargent Leader  12/03/1942  age 60 
Orvis, Clarinda  Sargent Leader  09/22/1927  Mrs. Groff, also Mrs. L. Pope
Orvis, Clive Gerald  Sargent Leader  12/04/1919 
Orvis, Deo Virginia  Sargent Leader  10/29/1936  see Haner, Deo, Age 24.  (Wolworth & York) 
Orvis, Emily  Sargent Leader  10/21/1920  nee Van Houten, Mrs. Loghry 
Orvis, Henry  Sargent Leader  10/21/1920 
Orvis, James  Sargent Leader  04/18/1940  age 67
Orvis, Mrs. John R.  Sargent Leader  04/25/1929  nee Chaney Sweet 
Orvis, Laura  Sargent Leader  06/11/1931  Mrs. Elias E. Whaley 
Orvis, Lillie Belle  Sargent Leader  03/05/1936  see Semler, Mrs. Job.  Age 67 
Orvis, Mrs. James  Sargent Leader  03/03/1938 & 03/10/1938  nee Anna Sturdevant, aka Mrs. Charles Freeman 
Osborn, Mary  Loup Vall Queen  06/29/1916  weds Harold Dunn, editor of Stapleton paper 
Osborn, Rosie  Arnold Sentinel  01/08/1931  weds Alfred T. Osborn 
Osborne, Catherine  Arnold Sentinel  06/17/1937  Mrs. Catherine Gilbert
Osborne, David Martin  Callaway Courier  01/04/1912 
Osborne, Earl  Loup Vall Queen  06/14/1917  weds Edna McFate of Callaway 
Osborne, John W.  Anselmo Enterprise  05/03/1912 
Osborne, Sarah  Ansley Herald  11/12/1915  Mrs. Stephen B. Harris 
Ostergard, Howard  Callaway Queen  05/20/1915  son of Sam Ostergard
Osterhoh, Father  Ansley Herald  02/18/1916  Father of HenryOsterhoh
Ostilo, Baby  Ansley Chronicle  03/06/1903  son of Henry Ostilo 
Ostrand, Anna Caroline  Mason City Trans  02/26/1920  Mrs. Harlie Johnson
Ostrand, C.T.  Ansley Herald  01/02/1936 
Ostrom, Lawrence A.  Arnold Sentinel  01/02/1929  11, son of mm Emil Ostrom of Tallin Table 
Ostrom, Violet  Arnold Sentinel  04/05/1934  weds Harvard Crawford
Othout, Grace  Ansley Herald  06/17/1920  Grace (Othout) (Mattley) Campbell 
Ott, Etta Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  12/12/1929  Mrs. Melvin Poland 
Ott, Geo.  Mason City Trans  03/22/1923 
Ott, John C. Mason City Trans  06/09/1921 
Ottun, Marianna  Sargent Leader  01/23/1936 & 01/30/1936  Mrs. Sam Weinman, (Round Valley)
Ottun, Millie Mae  Sargent Leader  01/07/1943  weds Frank Ward Zatske
Ottun, Oline  Sargent Leader  01/12/1933  nee Loftness 
Ottun, Petrina  Sargent Leader  12/30/1926  Mrs.  Petrina Ellingson
Overgard, Miss Alma  Arnold Sentinel  12/28/1927  Oconto, 
Overgard, Christian  Loup Valley Queen  07/15/1937 
Overton, Franklin  Arnold Sentinel  06/11/1924  husb of Susan Jordan, 5 kids,  68 
Overton, Franklin  Anselmo Enterpr  06/13/1924 
Owen, Mrs. Charles Sargent Leader  01/26/1928 
Owen, Clara J.  Sargent Leader  01/26/1928  Mrs. Charles L. Owen 
Owen, Darryl Elton  Arnold Sentinel  10/12/1933  age 11, cave in 
Owen, Ellis, Jr.  Sargent Leader  01/07/1937 & 01/14/1937 Age 14. Pneumonia. 
Owen, Elmer  Comstock News  04/07/1911  married in Valley County to Ada VanCleave 
Owen, Enoch John  Ansley Chronicle  11/17/1905 
Owen, Harrison Mac  Arnold Sentinel  06/19/1919  80, husb of Mary Frizzelle & Ella Garringer 
Owen, Leonard  Sargent Leader  02/14/1935 
Owen, Lois Elaine  Sargent Leader  02/15/1945  weds Sgt. Frank R. Schvenfeld in Kearney  
Owen, Marjorie  Sargent Leader  08/09/1945   weds Alvin Elliott
Owen, Miss Laura   Arnold Sentinel  11/28/1929  weds Ken  Foster
Owen, Mrs. Grace  Ansley Herald  06/13/1929  Mrs. Enoch Owen 
Owen, Mrs. Jay  Sargent Leader  06/08/1939  nee Gladys Emma Smith, age 48 
Owen, Mrs. Leonard  Sargent Leader  12/03/1931  nee Mary Elizabeth Klingler 
Owen, twin infant girls  Sargent Leader  06/19/1924  parents were Mr. & Mrs. Earl Owen 
Owen, Woodrow  Arnold Sentinel  08/05/1937 
Owen, Woodrow H. Loup Vall Queen  08/05/1937  age 17, son of mm Harvey Owen, car wreck 
Owens, Cordova  Ansley Argosy  07/20/1911  Mrs. Dan Harris 
Owens, Eva   Sargent Leader  11/11/1920  Mrs. Frank Coday
Owens, John W.  Mason City Trans  05/22/1913 
Owens, Nancy  Mason City Trans  08/28/1913  Mrs. John Owens 
Owens, T.S.  Sargent Leader  12/17/1937  age 60 
Owens, Tom  Sargent Leader  07/29/1926 
Oxford, Marie  Sargent Leader  01/05/1933  Mrs. Blessing 

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